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Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 23, 2020 12:00 am


Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 23, 2020 12:00 am

The event we come to in Luke 2:41-45 is much more than a sentimental lost-and-found story. It is a Messianic demonstration as pivotal to the gospel as Jesus’ later miracles, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. Join Stephen now to find out why.


As we belong to God through faith in his unique son and are profoundly marked our relationships with humility and deference grace because the truth is dawned in her own minds and hearts to God by faith in Christ is our father. We should be better spouses. We should be more honest employees we should be more diligent students we should be more obedient children, we should mean more gracious people because there's more to Jesus than just the story of the Nativity in this current series called beyond Bethlehem.

Stephen Davies is looking at the boyhood of Jesus because the early years of his life. Set the stage for all that he would do for us today.

Stephen takes us to the well-known event in Luke two were Mary and Joseph didn't know where Jesus was Jesus being in the temple was an early messianic demonstration that was pivotal to the gospel.

Stay with us, as Stephen explains why here on wisdom for the heart. Well, there was a season of great travel for Jewish people. In fact, they would have their calendars marked for late March early April. Every Jewish family would long for the opportunity go to Jerusalem.

Jewish law actually required that all men from the age of 13, and celebrate Passover in Jerusalem with a live close enough that they were to celebrate infects three festivals, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles was many of them couldn't and so they would celebrate another village. This signature feast of the Passover feast. The ceremonies would last about seven days and it's at this moment where we rejoin our study in the boyhood of Jesus Christ. This moment where Luke will give us another snapshot of something that happened to young Jesus. So take your Bibles and turn to Luke chapter 2 and verse 41, Luke 241. Now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover and when he became 12. They went up there. According to the custom of the feast money, pausing at the pause button for a moment. This is a sermon all of itself is one sentence I could preach a sermon on this alone, you're saying on again please don't, I won't, but let me at least open the window for you to look through and get another picture of the devotion and piety and love for God evidenced in the lives of Joseph and Mary need to understand that, according to the law, any Jewish male who lived beyond 15 miles of Jerusalem. Outside of that 15 mile perimeter. They were not required to come to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Passover.

It would be a long and expensive journey for them and you need to know then that Nazareth is 65 miles north of Jerusalem. So Joseph is well outside that 15 mile perimeter that would have required him so he didn't have to. But he wanted to. What insight into their dedication and to the worship that they wanted to exhibit the living God. Every single year. We don't have to. The law doesn't mandate that we do know, but we want to wheel soon we will and for this moment.

Joseph and Mary have taken this expensive and time-consuming. Several day round-trip journey in this year is especially significant were not told clearly that Jesus is not done with them before, but we are told he's with them this time tells us here that he is 12 years of age I was only a few months away from from full membership into the synagogue. The modern custom would be called the bar mitzvah.

The word bar means son mitzvah means a law or commandment so bar mitzvah means you become a son of the law that they would require than the Jewish young man to then keep the law on his own volition and his own desire so here's Jesus then normal 12-year-old he's brimming with curiosity and energy. His eyes are wide as he accompanies Joseph and Mary as they fulfill their their annual custom of celebrating the atoning work of God for the Passover lamb which by the way ladies and gentlemen leads us again. The great irony they are bringing the eternal deliver into Jerusalem to celebrate an earlier deliverance from bondage to the Passover lamb. What a moment this is Mary and Joseph are bringing the final Passover lamb to celebrate the feast of Passover lamb well the night here in this scene within the late many people would take to the streets for reunions with friends and acquaintances and family. Still others would wait for the opening of the doors of the Temple Mount to go in at midnight further worship and prayer in Jesus couldn't get enough.

Either look at verse 43.

The latter part of it in the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but his parents were unaware of it but supposed him to be in the minivan, so it is as it is the same idea, supposed him to be in the caravan. They thought he was with them. It was the custom of of the mothers and the children took to go in front in the caravan. Amanda to bring up the rear cenote would be left behind and then they gather at night reunite where they would camp out. Joseph thought Jesus was a Mary Mary thought Jesus was with Joseph Weber lost a child. Have you ever been lost. Still, the nervous tic because of it. This is dramatic and this is just any kid is the Messiah, honey. Do you know the Savior of the world is now II thought you had the Savior of the world.

We lost the Messiah CBS online or in the story about a mother forgetting to take her son home after birthday party Chucky cheese been there. I can understand he was an elephant Chucky cheese. I made all the more dramatic was that it was his birthday party and all the family and all the kids in the day they left and three minivans and then realized six-year-old Michael wasn't there among them employees found Michael wandering around the restaurant to close up at 10 PM. Don't feel sorry for him is inevitable as Chucky cheese. Doing so, she thought he was staying with his grandmother didn't even know he was missing until the next morning. That's one thing to lose your child not know it until he gets back to nothing to lose your child and know it and not know where he is is Mary and Joseph, that's that panic stricken moment you feel in the mall or you're supposed to pick them up and are not there in your heart begins to race hundred and 3040 times a minute text tells us here that they go scurrying around to look among relatives and acquaintances verse 44 they didn't find him and then it hit that we left him behind in Jerusalem that Artie traveled one day it'll take him another day to get back.

They spend most of that day looking for their hearts never stopped beating panic stricken fearful. The worst that happened in a city overflowing with more than a million visitors. There are some that think that this whole thing reflects on Joseph and Mary look at verse 45.

They did finally return to Jerusalem looking for and then after three days they found in the temple.

Something one commented wrong on and on about what bad parents they were thought he needs about four kids changes perspective.

I don't think is that all I think Mary and Joseph had perfect confidence that this responsible little boys is going anywhere. He supposed to be. This then leads others to wait a much more destructive conclusion that Jesus disobey, and like a little boy he ran away to join the circus so to speak, will that would contradict the record of Scripture.

In fact, that would violate the incarnation, the character of the unblemished lamb when it Hebrews 415 says he was tempted in every way, just as we are yet without what sin.

Hebrews 726 speaks of him as holy, blameless PR, set apart from sinners. He has a human nature but not a sin nature. Peter wrote that our Lord committed no sin. First Peter 222 John Rd. and in him is no sin. For some 35. He didn't die on the cross for his sins. He died there for hours because he's unblemished. You can pay the penalty is the final Paschal Lamb see the point is Jesus is a 12-year-old and is a normal 12-year-old and he gets focused on something in the world goes by something sinful and that and one father coming to me and he said this kind of thing happen to me. I was at the mall had my two little girls, one in each hand and my son behind minutes and the follow me to suggest that he and Willie walks down this long story short, he turned Renaissance not there panic.

He said I began to call Foreman to begin the search form and I found him in a little area sitting there watching a television. No thought of what this is done to his dad.

The panic and fear is a possible 412-year-old not understand what he's doing to his parents.

You did at least once or twice when you were 12.

Think about it. Jesus is fully God and yet he's fully here, a 12-year-old boy the Holy Spirit in this mystery in concert with Christ's divine nature will protect him from sinning but as a normal 12-year-old boy. He's able to fully embrace the human experience and the motion and learning curve which which includes making mistakes, stopping us to not thinking through consequences. As a 12-year-old sometimes do not do think about only asking was Jesus ever is a boy silly was he ever immature before he became mature. Did he ever do anything dangerous or was ever unaware or nave is demonstrating anything other than what it means to be 12 but something is happening, we need to understand it and ushering in a moment something is happening to this pre-bar mitzvahed son of God.

We have every reason is I show you to believe.

It is during this Passover. So, at least at this up to this point. Perhaps this week I believe there was spiritual revelation provided to Jesus by the spirit so that by the time Mary and Joseph finally catch up to them. He knew he knew he wasn't just any 12-year-old boy with a mom and dad little house carpentry business and I show you why will work her way through your link of the latter part of verse 46. For starters, he sitting in the midst of the teachers both listening to them and asking them questions. One author pointed out that the custom of Passover.

This is when the Sanhedrin, the teachers, the grand leaders. The august lawyers of liturgy and law. These 70 with the high priest would come out in public and they would openly discuss with whomever wanted to discuss with them matters of liturgy and law which is led several scholars that believe this is what's happening. He will be seated or standing as a little boy around these leaders the bonds the father's and he's perceptive.

He's quick and is thinking from the age of five to the age of 10, he's been immersed into the wall, he knows now by now. By the age of 12 that there are inconsistencies between the law of Moses and the way were living in now has a 12-year-old will do.

He'll say why are we doing that while we think, why, why do we go there who told us we had to do that. Why do we believe this in an act that way. He wasn't faking anything here.

He wasn't demonstrating omniscience. Those attributes will be demonstrated when he is older he has legitimate questions but he is a quick well studied mine in his perspective. In this scene is unique looks as they were amazed at his understanding and his answers, you could render that they admired his insight and wisdom knows Jesus is wise beyond his so what you have here in this scene is a sinless, intelligent, well studied, perceptive, and would set them apart was a uniquely illuminated by revelation God the father, 12-year-old boy and in right in the middle of this discussion with this august group of men Mary and Joseph finally catch up to them. They looked everywhere. Look at verse 48 when they saw him they were shocked his mother said to him, son, why have you treated us this way but hold your father and I have been anxiously looking for you. I love this. Thank God he put this part and she is a normal mother normal.

Never mind that Jesus is surrounded by the highest ranking officials in the nation's Hill. He's holding them spellbound right in the very reason why the world. No prayer. What are you thinking what you thought your father and I furloughing know I get you Nazareth.

The idea very normal sounds familiar to Mary did not have a halo around her head with perfect composure say oh, there you are son where we expected you in the temple when you finish your Q&A session will we would've done the same thing.

They lost their son knows where back in the city, spilling over with people for three days and haven't slept or eaten a bite.

Now get ready for the very first recorded words of Jesus in Scripture back up to verse 48 were Mary rebukes him saying your father and I have been anxiously looking and he said to them, why is it that you were looking for me. Did you not know that I had to be in my father's house literally, didn't you know that that I would be involved in the things of my father. One author illustrated the growth of his understanding would be like the glowing rays of sunrise that spill out at the dawning of the day little bit by little bit here at Passover. What a perfect time in the city of his father David. What a perfect time and place, God the father revealed to him that he was God the son when a given any data or detail.

All we know is that he says something he's never said to them before, and that is I got to be involved in things related to my father in this first recorded little speech of the Lord. He literally blows everybody's minds with this personally possessive reference to God as my father. He didn't get that of the Old Testament that was given him by revelation. Nobody talk like this God as father only appears 14 times in the entire Old Testament and never in relation from the lips of anybody as he's my father. My shepherd yes my God, yes.

Not my father.

Nobody said that but he is now at this moment.

Conscious of his person.

He's conscious of his relationship to his father and he is conscious of his mission and confused verse 50. They did not understand the statement which he had made to them and he innocently says I why are you looking for me. You could render that I thought you knew this already, is the idea. You of all people should have seen this coming, which means he had not said anything like this before. Mary and Joseph were confused.

Don't don't overlook the beauty of their testimonies is seen here as we look at it with with reality.

They have been to some degree confused since the very beginning they didn't have the Gospels as the writing to Jerusalem the road they didn't have the epistles to explain the incarnation, the Trinity would be a mystery. The Holy Spirit that title.

That phrase only appeared three times in the Old Testament so so here you have an angel coming to Joseph saying take Mary to be your wife. The child conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. Thanks. That really explains everything. I understand now customary you have a baby. How can that be never known a man.

Here's how it's going to happen. The Holy Spirit will come upon you. Shocking, as would be to their Jewish years in the old covenant, Jesus says he's in the temple involved in the things of father and what this tells us, tells us that Mary and Joseph were obedient to God in spite of being for the most part in the dark. How unlike me. I want to answers before I take the next it if it's your will. It's clear if it's not your will is confusing. They're going to remain confused by the way all the way up to and through most of his ministry. In fact, at one point in time is later born brothers and sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters to Mary and Joseph to come in Mark chapter 3.

Regards Russ that Anaconda taken away because they think he's lost his mind until the resurrection of Christ from the grave.

What is half-brothers writes a wonderful little book coaching Jesus Christ was 12 and a 12 he spoke with unbelievable determination go back did you not know that I had to be. I must be about my father's affairs or business.

The things of my father Hill talk like this throughout his ministry he will say I must preach the kingdom of God. Luke 443. I must go through Samaria to be a woman waiting for will come to the well he the son of man must suffer.

Luke 922 Zaki has come to train today. I asked, go to your house. 10 five.

I have other sheep I must bring also John 1016 the Son of Man must be lifted up, that whoever believes in him will have eternal life.

He preached in John three Jesus your father and I don't know you in his gracious but mild rebuke. Jesus responded to her complaint by effectively saying Joseph is not my father.

I know now who my father and knowing that means for the rest of my life can be occupied with thinking about the things of my father. Now, after all of that you would never imagine reading verse 51 and he went down with them and came to Nazareth and he continued in subjection to them you would expect to read. They continued in subjection to him. Or maybe you'd expect our universe like and Jesus moved into the temple and became the youngest priest in the history of Israel.

That's what you expect not. He went back to Nazareth and remain under their parental authority when obedience she knowing who he was didn't create pride or condescending error toward his peasant parents.

The dawning of the truth in his heart is mind did not make him less obedient, profoundly highlighted his obedience. The tense of the vertebra 51 and he Jesus continually responded to the authority of his parents listen because we belong to God through faith in his unique son and are profoundly marked our relationships with humility and deference and grace.

Because the truth has gone their own minds and hearts to God by faith in Christ is our father.

We should be better spouses. We should be more honest employees we should be more diligent students we should be more obedient children, we should be more gracious people. She lowers his earthly relationships will bear the fruit of his primary relationship. He is the unique son of God and he becomes a model for us who are also the children of God our earthly relationships should bear the fruit of that truth dawning in our hearts that we happen to have a relationship with our father as sons and daughters who we belong to should affect everything that belongs to us and when it doesn't we know it bothers us to see how far from the model we can muddle through. The model remains his life said I'm often reminded of what a Christian leader, an older man once told me he said the Christian life is not a lot of decision.

It's only one in that decision that one decision is. I will live my life for the glory of God. No matter when no matter where no matter what one decision with ongoing determination. One decision with daily application. A thousand different ways in here in the temple you have this life altering seen young Jesus makes a profound discovery by virtue of the Spirit's illumination and the godly decision that comes out of his mouth. I must give my life to the glory and pleasure of my father does that mean for Qubec to Nazareth and obey your parents means chores, means homework. That means growth spurts. That means temptation. That means difficulty in awaiting learning, growing, one decision will have ongoing determination is not going to appear for another 18 years. We have not one shred of revelation about what when he appeared he was the unblemished lamb of God who was now capable Reading and available to take away the sin, perhaps for us.

We can make a fresh commitment to the model you might be six 1626 4670s just one decision with daily application. I will devote myself to the things that please the father even in chores even even in relation no matter when no matter where no matter what no matter when no matter where in no matter what, we must be devoted to Jesus Christ. It's amazing to think that Jesus would humble himself and would live in submission to his early parents, Mary and Joseph, and in doing that, he modeled what you and I are to do there may be things that you should do, but you'd rather not do the example of Jesus is to humbly submit.

I'm so glad you joined us today.

This is wisdom for the heart. The Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stephen pastors a church here in Cary, North Carolina.

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