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Sins in the Name of God

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 29, 2020 12:00 am

Sins in the Name of God

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 29, 2020 12:00 am

It’s one thing to justify sin – which our culture is constantly in the habit of doing – but it’s another thing to justify sin in the name of God. Many people today rationalize their sin by saying things like, “Well, God made me this way,” and in effect put the responsibility for their actions on God. But Stephen reminds us in this message that when the Day of Judgment comes, God won’t be standing on trial . . . we will.

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Manny wants to research and use embryonic stem cells in the harvest and sell.

Develop bodies of aborted babies in user tissue for medical purposes. Their argument, consider the cure that will come.

This will make it possible for others to be cured for others to live for those who died, who would argue that there are those that now will be able to live there are others will be able to be cured right the wrongs of the something that can call answers to simply says of the University condemnation.

Another thing to justify sin in the name of God.

Many people rationalize their sins by saying things like, well, God made me this way or certainly God wants me to be happy with her essentially doing is putting responsibility for their actions on God today Stephen reminds us in this message that when the day of judgment comes. God won't be standing on trial. We will welcome to wisdom for the heart. Stephen Bailey has a sermon for you, entitled sins in the name of God. Open your Bible to Romans three as we get started, Haddon Robinson wrote in focal point about the world's most complicated clock which stands in the town hall in Copenhagen took 40 years to build a cost more than $1 million. It is 15,000 moving parts 10 faces. The clock computes the time of day, as well as the days of the week, the month the years the movements of major planets for 2500 years. Some parts of this clock will not move until the 25th century. The intriguing thing Robinson wrote was that the clock is still not accurate. It loses 2/5 of a second every 300 years my watch from Walmart does the same thing, he goes on to say, like all clocks made by human hands. This timepiece in Copenhagen must be regulated by the most precise clock known to mankind. The universe itself. The astronomical clock made by the hands of God, with its billions of moving parts from Adams stars keep the most precise time and is never lost even one fifth of a second, never even in a century time so reliable are the movements of the universe that all time on earth can be measured against it. No words, God's created world is the standard Time.

When I read that I couldn't help but think of God's inspired word which is the standard for all of the life, life itself, as we have discussed can be measured by the Canon. The measuring reed of holy Scripture. It is never out of date. It is never out of step. It is never talk. The apostle Paul has declared the Jewish nation. Romans chapter 3 verses one and two at their highest privilege is been to be the recipient of this holy canon the holy words of God. However, Paul had explained in previous verses from Erling in the latter part of chapter 2 that even though the nation and Jews receive the words of God. They were not exempt from obeying those words even though they were sons of Abraham. They were still bound to keep the law. I like the way one commentator illustrated this truth. He told the story of the 21-year-old son of a European ambassador to the United States.

The young man was in repeated trouble with the law. In fact, on one occasion he was driving his car and he struck a pedestrian and killed her, and he was charged with vehicular homicide, at least initially wise, but when he claimed diplomatic immunity proved to his father was the charges were dropped. He was arrested four times in the space of about two years but each time he claimed diplomatic immunity and was released because the young man's father was an ambassador he could not be brought to judgment in this country for these offenses. Paul has been delivering the verdict of guilty to people who assume that in the end they would be protected by virtue of who their father was Abraham.

They were sons of the covenant sons of Abraham. Therefore, even if guilty of sin, they could claim this spiritual immunity from the charges in the charges by God would be dropped and the apostle Paul has now for these chapters been delivering the shocking news that the immoral man in the moral man of the religious man in the Jewish manner.

All I they are all guilty. It doesn't matter who they belong to. Where they've come from. It's a matter of the heart and everyone's heart is guilty and he will keep moving until he arrives at verse 23, where he will summarize it all and say for all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God moves us toward that end. In verse 23 of chapter 3.

Well, he's not quite there yet a Negro. We the next few verses very important verses the apostle anticipates any voices. Three more objectives that would come from his audience and he states them in the form of questions. There are about eight or nine questions in this paragraph will deal or sort of summarize them into three, giving the first question in the will look at the text. If God is going to judge you.

Does that mean he isn't keeping his covenant with Israel, thereby breaking his word. I look at chapter 3 verse three what then if some did not believe their unbelief will not nullify the faithfulness of God, will it.

In other words, he's asking if God judges Aussies asking on behalf of his audience if he judges us, then would he be unfaithful to his promises would be lying when he said I will never cast you away. How can he then said many of us to how said that we were his people to good question. By the way did God erase his covenant with Israel because there were those who didn't believe in Christ as Messiah, will he in fact carry on as he promised, and eventually restore the throne of David and the land of the people and the kingdom on earth where he will sit on the throne and reign in the kingdom and beyond forever. Is he going to do that with a promise come true. That the prophet Zechariah declared in chapter 12 verse 10 where he said quoting God, I will one day pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication so that they will look on me whom they have pierced. This hasn't happened yet. This can happen to the church either out of the house of David were not in Jerusalem so the Jew is asking Paul look at to be judged by God is God and testing is off and he's gonna cast us off at any restore the throne and in the people to the land.

Let me pause long enough to say a few words in addressing this question will deal with it extensively. Later in Romans chapter 11, where Paul begins that chapter with the question. Has God rejected has God castoff has God abandoned his people and he says, God forbid, you might wonder are all Jews individually save them for all time. Because of his promises. Does the Jewish man or woman need to be saved through faith in Christ today is his special covenant relationship through these prophetic processes as a nation is that sort of overriding his need for Christ without was the confusion set up by chapter 2 of Romans that they now ask in chapter 3 of the Jew is guilty.

What is God save all those other promise. Certainly we will be all right.

We belong to Abraham.

So the question remains of the Jew today could be sent to hell, along with a Gentile and is God discarding his future promise to restore Israel only answer that by first of all, bringing your attention something you need to understand that is the difference between the future national salvation of Israel and the current present salvation of a Jewish person. The national salvation of the Jewish nation which will occur in the future is different than the salvation of the Jewish person today while God in the future will indeed establish the throne and in the kingdom and the land and revived the nation will do that in the future. Beginning with the tribulation.

He is in this what we call dispensation of grace. This age of the church. He is requiring faith, of all people in Christ, the one who was pierced, the Jew must be saved. Today, just as the Gentile must be saved today. That is by faith in Christ and that is Paul's point in verse nine look there. Romans chapter 3 says what. Then we better than they is a Jew better than a Greek or Gentile. Not offer we've already charge the both Jews and Greeks are all under sin skip ahead to verse 21. Look there, but now apart from the law the righteousness of God is been manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets, even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe. For there is no distinction what is immune is no distinction anything is no distinction between Gentile and Jew, there is no distinction for all of sin and all implied their fall short of the glory of God. Will God break his word go back to Romans three. Look at verse four Paul says, may it never be my translation reads it translated no way that's impossible, that couldn't happen in your translation reads God for the notice what Paul says next in verse four.

Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar literally let God be discovered as true. Let God be revealed as true, even though every man be discovered a liar as it is written that you may be justified in your words and prevail when you are judged. In other words, of all of humanity somehow gathered together and were able to vote on the character of God in all of humanity unanimously said God doesn't keep his word.

All of humanity will be found out to be lying. God will be the only one who will tell the truth, is the point to their first question in Paul's first answer, the faithlessness of Jew and Gentile alike reveals the faithfulness of God that leads us to the next objection that Paul anticipates in verse five but if our unrighteousness demonstrates or reveals the righteousness of God. What shall we say, the God who inflicts wrath is not unrighteous is he in other words, the disobedience of the Jews reveals the character of God. If the faithlessness of the Jew reveals the faithfulness of God. Why would God try to judge those that have simply revealed him to be faithful.

Doesn't sound fair is the point Paul goes on to say I'm speaking in human terms it is I'm speaking now from the vantage point of your own argument here is may it never be for otherwise how will God judge the world. I read you believe the God would judge the world.

Paul says if you say that since sin reveals the perfection of God, the Jews should go free than God would have to let every sinner know what go free. He would be unjust to allow some to go free and not others.

It would be unjust to punish some sinners and not all sinners since God will not do that with the world.

He will not do that with those that even the nation would want to see judged like Antiochus epiphanies on down through Hitler. Those who hate the Jews. Certainly God would have to render just judgment in declaring all sin to be wrong then Paul in verse seven encounters another argument. This one is will develop an true evil in its thought verse seven but if through my will you say the truth of God, abounded to his glory, why am I still being judged as a sinner. In other words, since sitting makes the glory of God more wonderfully apparent why not send all of our if sin highlights the grace of God, then let's live in the system so we can highlight the grace of God.

Verse eight why not say is we are slanderously reported the Psalm claim that we say let us do evil that good may come. Paul was actually accused of teaching this is.

He taught that salvation was by faith alone, independent of good works is at all. You just want to live in sin so your teaching people that by living in sin that this free gift is just a measure of God's wonderful grace to go out and sin.

This gave rise to the heresy called antinomianism that is the belief that you just sin, more so than God can forgive more and by sending more God forgives more.

God's glory is revealed in that foolish thinking. In other words, of God is able to take our sin and bring good out of evil. Do we then give them all the evil we can insane hours in a watch to see what God does good when to be foolish to do something evil and wicked. Just you could experience something good. Imagine coming over more rights as any other day go well started a ton about why is that what killed my boss but coming home.

I asked God to forgive me and all sense of forgiveness that was so wonderful flawed logic is humanity wants to research and use embryonic stem cells able to harvest and sell.

Develop bodies of aborted babies in user tissue for medical purposes. Their argument, consider the cure that will come.

This will make it possible for others to be cured for others to live for those who died, who would argue that there are those that now will be able to live there are others who will be able to be cured right the wrongs of the something good can happen two years ago I read of a man in Europe it's already happened some stages. He was dying of kidney failure, they artificially inseminated his 16-year-old daughter with the help of her physician. Seven months into her pregnancy. The child was taken by C-section its kidneys removed and transplanted into the father and the infant was left to dive uremic poison. It's interesting that of all of the arguments the Paul answers and answer this one. He just simply says of the universe. Eight. The condemnation is what the condemnation is just high personally believe that this passage teaches a number of things about the nature of man. Before we put away next Lords. They get into the description of human nature. As Paul describes it as he moves toward the climax of telling us how to be saved from who we are. I believe the paragraph we just looked at implies several things about the nature of man. First of all, the mind of man creatively justifies his sin. Rather than admit his guilt is amazing how we as human beings have the ingenious ability to defend and rationalize arson everyone of us so unbelieving man creatively justifies sinfulness rather than admit his guilt.

I recently heard a female rock star who was asked about the way she dressed, or the lack thereof how it may be affecting young girls who idolize her. She responded by saying my mother taught me that God gave me my body and that are not to be ashamed of it's clever but it's wicked and is doubly wicked because she has attached the name of God to her sensuality the mind of man is extremely creative in coming up with things to justify sin. Another observation from this paragraph is this the heart of man goes further. It develops reasons to sin rather than reason not to. Not only is man able to defend the sin that is done is able to come up with reasons why ought to do more, read the newspaper. Look at what lengths mankind goes to in order to justify continuing to sin. Third, the verdict of man would find God guilty of sin, rather than acknowledge his own guilt for putting on a corner and were asked for reason we know we can get away with anything. Well, then that's the way God made me it's God's fault.didn' this door.

It's it's God's problem, not mine never heard anybody say this the way God made to God's full listened couple of months ago to 21 actress who was being interviewed she use this kind of argument. She said she did great passion she just was so upset she said it was so cruel for God to create something so beautiful as sexual intimacy between two people who love each other but then created diseases to accompany us. The logic of the world won't admit there sinfulness what they're doing is sinful and then when they admit they might be sinners.

After all, they need somebody to blame and sometimes they will even blame God's will to do here what can the believer glean from this paragraph. Is there anything for us is a lot we summarize by giving you three warnings that I have gleaned from this three warnings for the believer number one.

Be careful not to use God's grace to justify your lack of conviction and holy living. Just because you became a Christian doesn't mean that you no longer have the urge to sin and beyond that, the urge to find excuses for how many times he heard a believer say that's the way God made me Irish. I am, and that's mine in the book of Jude, the writer says of the believers were caught up in what theologians call this antinomianism. The belief that sin reveals God's glory and it crept into the church. Jude is writing in one attempt to get rid of it. They were believing that your to send all that you want. Forget conviction. Forget holy living. That sin glorifies God and corsets, false teaching that pandered to the nature of man, it's sort of like the contemporary teaching the day of health and wealth go after money, get all the money you can get because God wants you to have all the money you can have and that's a popular message is deceptive and wrong is antinomianism.

Jude reads this for certain people have crept into the church I noticed those were long before hand marked out for this condemnation on godly people who turn the grace of our God into lice sensuousness is a long word by sensuousness is basically the opposite of legalism. Both are devastating to any church, legalism, on one hand, has a long list of do's and don'ts you do those you don't do those. You can come here lice sensuousness on the other hand is thrown all the lists away. There are no convictions, no standards, not even any preferences and Paul in Romans three would be addressing the licentious crowd. They have nothing to offer the world because they would be so much like it more like the world you are is one man used to say the less you will impacted how many Christians would never do the big three. How many Christians would never do the dirty dozen will live on the edge of a non-distinctive compromising life and if there ever held accountable are questioned by it. They will say you must be a legalist. I'm under grace. How many in the church will watch ungodly movies and television, how many will surf the Internet for places it'll belong to Christian men will drink smoke with the crowd how many Christian women will dressing modestly in a way they know will get attention when they go to school, work, or even the church.

How many Christians will swear along with the crowd and I will laugh, or even tell the dirty jokes. How many will spend all their money on themselves and live for their next possession.

How many when confronted with this, would think we had a legalist in our midst. I'm under grace. My friend just might be ungodly and under grace.

At the same time that what you want. Don't use God's grace to justify your lack of holy stink of living.

Your lack of conviction. Be careful. Second of all, be careful not to use God's patience as an excuse for disobedience. Are you living for Jesus Christ is or something you should be doing thing you should be saying something you could be changing in a God want you to do it to say to change at the beginning, which is how I'm I'm just so glad that God is patient with me and I am by the way I want you to misunderstand me is patient with me, but is that an excuse for disobedience. Careful.

Finally, be careful not to use God's forgiveness is a reason to embrace sin. How often have you been tempted to sin and the thought has crossed your mind. Maybe it's a little one if there's ever such a thing a little. Send in the thought has crossed your mind. Well, I know God will forgive me. I know forgive me later and all you're doing is sitting in the name of God and to attach God's name to your sin to your rebellion to your stubbornness to your immodesty to your lack of character to your lack of conviction is to muddy the holy name of God and ultimately discredit his calls on earth church of our Lord Jesus Christ don't drag God's name into it. Don't use his forgiveness as a reason to overlook. I was talking to a couple to recently come to Christ she was expressing how sensitive she was becoming to even the smallest of sin is a wonderful thing to discover about yourself right. She gave one illustration. She said you know the phone rang. She said I was just getting ready to get into the shower and my husband called from the other room and said honey funds for you. She said the thought occurred and what I tell. I can't tell them like you still up in the I'm in the shower because I'm stepped in yet do I going step in and tell I'm not available or stay out and take the phone: I told her I love the dilemma in our lives comes. We are sensitive to anything that might not be a reflection of the holiness and purity, and honesty and character and righteousness of Christ. Peter wrote you church you are a chosen generation, you church are a royal priesthood, you church are a special people belonging to him that you might proclaim the praises of the one who called you out of dark living darkness that lifestyle into a marvelous light.

How different is your light from the darkness. You left to the light herein noticed Peter would not say you're a special people. So go live like you want to live always in your special people in the high and holy calling is that now you show forth the praises of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

So you live it you speak it you walk it Sharon you where do all of this to the glory of God the one ladies and gentlemen who perfectly ordered the universe to help us keep time and to keep our clocks synchronized with the heavens so much more so desires that we synchronize our lives to the purposes of heaven. That is our high and holy: don't sin in the name of God serve his name live on or uphold the wonderful righteous name. By so doing reflect his character is excusing their sin heading for condemnation have answer today's message is entitled sin in the name of God. It comes from a series out of Romans three called the depravity of man, the deliverance of God. This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Davey. Our offices close today. If you need to interact with us, please visit us Most of the information you might need is on that website you can replay today's lesson order the CD series access the digital download or you can visit our online resource center and if God leads you to support us with the year-end gift. You can do that as well that website again is wisdom online God work and you can go there anytime will also remind you that everything you can do on our website is also available on our app for your phone or tablet. Install the wisdom international Today. Thanks for listening. Join us tomorrow for more wisdom for the heart

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