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Uncommonly Rare, Undeniably Real

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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February 15, 2021 12:00 am

Uncommonly Rare, Undeniably Real

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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February 15, 2021 12:00 am

Uncommon courtesy; uncommon concern; uncommon control; these are all aspects of the most uncommon thing in the whole world: true love. Unlike other valuable possessions, true love is never hidden away in a safe or a lock-box or a vault. Instead it is constantly spending itself on others. Join Stephen in this message as he shows us why.

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Ladies and gentlemen, some guy and eventually die with a $20 gold coin in his safe and what good did it do him but to give him somehow the impression that he had spent his money well and now on something valuable because it was rare. Listen, the most valuable things in your life are indeed rare, but they are not kept in a safe. They are lived out in your life valuable things of the uncommon. As believers we need to cherish is uncommon but not in a way that the world uncommon courtesy uncommon concern, uncommon self-control. These are all aspects of the most uncommon thing in the whole world. True love.

Unlike other valuable possessions. True love is never hidden away in a safe or a lockbox or a fault.

Today Stephen Devi continues his series entitled true love with this lesson called uncommonly rare, undeniably since it was minted in 1933. One particular gold client has been stolen shipped to Egypt destroyed almost destroyed by fire twice and hidden for years.

It is the double Eagle $20 gold coin. An ounce of nearly pure gold. When it went up for auction just a few years ago. It sold for an amazing amount of money. It all started during the days of the Great Depression during the worst years of the depression.

People were hoarding of their gold out of fear.

It was undermining the nation's financial system.

As soon as Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president by Executive Order.

He took the United States off the gold standard and payment for anything but gold was now prohibited thousands of citizens exchanged there now worthless gold banks for cash only problem is somebody forgot to tell or send a memo to the US mint to stop making these gold coins, and they produced hundreds of thousands of these $20 gold coins until it that is until he got the memo and stopped all of the coins never left the minute they were melted down and that was the end of it all, except for 10 of them tend coins that the US men's chief cashier had stolen. Eventually, after a number of years the Secret Service were able to track down all of them but one the 10th and only remaining double Eagle had landed in the collection of the king of Egypt, a man who had an interesting pension for collections. He collected old aspirin bottles used razor blades, stamps, coins in 1952. This last double Eagle was to be returned to the US after this Egyptian king died. It never made it.

It's somehow disappeared again 45 years later it showed up in the hands of a dealer in 1966 claim to be the legitimate owner yet. I'm going to court and battling the US government over ownership of this coin during the court battle. The client was placed in what seemed to be a secure location of vault at the World Trade Center.

You can imagine, it just days before 9/11, it was moved to Fort Knox where the government agreed to release the coin and sell it at auction and split the proceeds with the dealer when it went up for auction and in the anonymous telephone bidder won the bid and purchased the $20 double Eagle coin for $7.6 million. Can you imagine $7 million for a $20 coin you'll never spend why the incredible value and frankly why all the interest that is spanned now, nearly a century, well, it's because it's one-of-a-kind. There's no other coin in the world like it rare things are treated differently than common thing that I believe it was the great theologian Mark Twain, who once said, if stones were rare and diamonds commonplace, we would be wearing rocks for jewelry and throwing diamond that stray dog. It's true that you're like me and you wouldn't spend any more than $20 for a $20 coin, the truth remains the more uncommonly rare something is the more valuable it becomes.

In first Corinthians 13. We have been exploring the rare sightings of genuine, authentic, uncommon love. We've contrasted thus far with the loves of the world, the passion for the media. The Eros the story day the folia of the world and we discovered the rare beauty of agape.

We have noted thus far, the absolute necessity of this kind of love. In fact, if we have amazing character qualities and ministry dynamic. If we do not have lovely might as well all just grab a Paris symbols and make a lot of noise right. By the way, I gotta tell you what I preach. The Dallas seminary preach these three messages and I don't think it's ever happened in chafer Chapel before but I played the symbols I played my symbol solo. They will forget me, but they will never ever forget the symbols though actually have a great great time. Next we began to explore how love acts in member verses 4 to 7 are not adjectives. They are 15 action verbs. This is not what love is.

This is what love does not. We've arrived in verse five where I was immediately struck by the simplicity of Love's activity. Let's take a few more words here action verbs tonight. Paul writes in verse five. Love does not act unbecomingly. It does not seek its own, it is not provoked.

These phrases are so down to earth description of the way love acts is so obvious here is in it. In fact, one of my friends would say this is not rocket surgery. That's deeper Sunday night you hang with me. Listen what is obvious to us is that this is rare.

These are the actions. These actions are are really like double Eagle coins. Not only are they rarely seen in public. They are becoming more and more uncommon in the church today. There hardly surfacing at all. These are expressions of selfless willful, committed, true love.

As we work through these three verbs, we just call them. Three. Uncommon or three rare expression of love. The first is uncommon, courtesy Paul begins this verse by saying love does not act unbecomingly. You can translate this agape does not treat others rudely. One author translated love does not behave indecently in the Corinthian church, by contrast, they were selfishly overindulging at the love feasts we talked a little bit about that this morning, even to the point of drunkenness prescriptions 11, 20 to 22. They were suing one another for all sorts of things in chapter 6 verses 1 to 7. They were hogging the floor and taking over the assembly with their own personal agendas for screenings 1426. In fact, in verse 27 Paul even had to ask them to take turns speaking and not all at once, as they clamored to be heard. This was becoming then this unbecoming nature of love more and more rare. This uncommon expression of courtesy.

This is, ladies and gentlemen, frankly, put this is this is attacked fullness.

Someone said that tact is making people feel at home when you really wish they were one author wrote that this verb for rude or unbecoming.

Can Fay conveys the idea of of inappropriate dress, immodest dress, inconsiderate talk disregard for other people's time. Taking advantage of people running roughshod over others plans and interests inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex basic discourtesy and rudeness, and a general disregard for proper social conduct are all evidences of this one verb Paul would consider the opposite of true love. By the way, this phrase can referred then to being inconsiderate of how your behavior might affect somebody else. Even in the little thing. This has to do with the other manors are moms try to teach us. This is the the courteous nests the sensitivity to other people and Paul is is speaking in such as language. He says Lafayette is like that you can come down to earth in such basic ways just being sensitive and little things uncommon courtesies synonymous with true love Paul goes on in this text refer secondly to what will just call tonight uncommon concern. He writes in verse five.

Love does not act unbecomingly. It does not seek its own words. Love does not insist on its own way. Paul Connor brings out the rare coin in public view. The Corinthians is a time and time again they just weren't getting it. He said in chapter 10 I try to please everyone and everything I do, how not seeking my own advantage, but that of many doesn't mean he shelve the truth, it simply meant that when he got around Paul he tell you the truth in love, but he also wanted your best.

He wanted your advantage.

He wanted to promote you.

You want to talk about you wanted to help you. Was Paul he said in chapter 9. For though I am free. I have made myself a slave to all a few verses earlier in chapter 10. He challenged the Corinthians.

With this. Let no one seek his own advantage with that of another in here chapter 13. Love does not seek its own. There are two kinds of people in this regard. Those who insist upon their own privileges and those who never quite forget their own responsibilities. Those are always thinking of what life was them and those who never quite get over the fact that they owe life agape is rare because agape is uncommon concern for others, it is the selfless pursuit of another's blessing and the reason it is so remarkable is you rarely see it in public, selfless, self-effacing, self-promoting, self-sacrificing love but listen seeking your own which would be to flip this coin over. That's the law that that's that's within your rights. The most natural and human thing is to stand up for your own rights isn't here then is that rare unnatural acted goes against human feelings and reactions. This is the opposite of selfishness. Love the way Lenski penned this rather provocative statement in this particular commentary on this passage. He said this, if you can QR selfishness you replant the garden of Eden. True love is always unselfish and how easy to say right hand. How hard to live out that's why selfishness is as common as rocks and unselfish living is as rare as a double Eagle $20 coin and common courtesy uncommon concern for others.

Thirdly, uncommon control. Paul writes in this text. Love does not act unbecomingly does not seek its own, it is not provoked, you translate this love does not become cantankerous when disappointed in our ongoing throughout the white flag will gets worse when you find what he means. The Greek word is transliterated give us our work practices him fits of anger.

By the way can have a positive meaning. This provoking of the same word is used in Hebrews 1024 provoked one another on the love and good works, so that we can have a positive impact he's speaking of it in a negative passive sense that it is not provoked in the form of irritation you read this phrase and immediately everyone of us has to say, well, guilty. Who can live without being provoked right. It does no good.

By the way, in the face of this text to say well I lose my temper a lot, but it was over in a few seconds, so is a nuclear bomb rare love develops and grows into this demonstration of uncommon control. It's good to see it in public. Every once in a while it one author is really wrote about being on a flight were two young children were sitting near him been on most flights before they were arguing and fussing and quarreling and anyway the flight attendant knew exactly how to handle and she went over there seats and she smiled at them and she said what's all the squawking going on over here. The children grew quiet. She leaned over them and said in a serious voice. I must remind you this is a non-squawking flight and it worked. Paul is effectively saying true love views life as a non-squawking flight and is telling us to us grown-ups. And since it takes two people to have a provocation with the kind that he has in mind. Paul is saying you are to refuse to become the second person you read this phrase a lot does not provoked anything yet. All right Paul, you expect me to take the literally this verse is for people like apostles were dead people. They can't be provoked. This is a verse for Paul now again the secret to uncommon control is not that you have some sort of amazing self-control. This is spirit, Christ control Roy Lauren said to be mastered by this, love is the same as being mastered by Christ.

Again I go back to this may make sure that I have said it clearly enough, as were halfway through these verbs, agape is impossible.

It is not difficult.

It's impossible. That's why the fruit of the spirit is first and foremost, what love the Lord had already begun to reveal this radical control. This refusal to be provoked in difficult situations when he preached a sermon on every quickly want to go back to Matthew five would you just turn a very, very quickly. Matthew five verse 39. He brings up a couple of situations where you would get provoked and he's teaching his disciples to show restraint and control. They will learn is the control of the spirit of God. He says in verse 39 but I say to you, do not resist an evil person, but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also mean this is the only provocation is in it if somebody slaps you on the right cheek, turn and let them slap you again that most people misunderstand what Christ is saying they think this is referring to the letting somebody punch you in the face and interning and saying you can have one more shot before I put you in the hospital. Now that's not what Christ is saying this is effectively the same demonstration of control that Paul will refer to in first Corinthians 13 what I want to do.

I think the best way to teach this is to illustrate it physically, so I'd like to do is is I could get a volunteer to come appear that I could hit okay David, I saw that hand them on appear on Anna slap David in working to watch his response. Now if you look at your text. There's something very critical here. Jesus Christ specifically refers to being slapped on which cheek which cheek that now most of the world happens to be right-handed, right. So the only way that I can slap David on this cheek with his hand, is to do this right, that you're exaggerating this way right here and to turn the other cheek would mean that this person could give then back what this is referring to in Christ's day is one of the most insulting things you could ever do to anybody is taking your hand which represent your authority and dignity. Your personhood and give someone the back of it, so Jesus Christ is saying if somebody provokes you to that degree insults you, which is the point be willing to be insulted again and you would be willing when you thank you very much David what great self-control thank you very much to refuse to be provoked means the couple of things.

First of all, it means you are willing to forfeit personal dignity down further verse 41, another one that we would really understand whoever forces you to go 1 mile, go with him to.

Again, the generation of of the Lord, and of Paul would know immediately what he's talking about here. If somebody can tell you to go a mile, go with him to during these days, the law of the land gave the Roman soldier the right to impress any citizen or any alien Jew or Gentile into personal valet service, they could immediately impress anybody to carry their heavy gear hey you come appear carry my gear and Jesus said, you know, the most gracious thing somebody could ever do is go with them a mile that they had to anyway but it would be great is that they did mutter all millions around the word for the Latin word for for mile and baked. They considered a mile 1000 steps, and so that person that impressed in the service you can imagine, they often did it audibly. They began to count off as they walked carrying that heavy gear out of total frustration.

One to 34567 998 999,000 and and they could throw it down. You have been inconvenienced enough you've gone to the letter of the law. Jesus says look at your text again. If you're compelled to go 1 mile, go to.

Can you imagine the surprise of a Roman soldier you telling them look, I know you've impressed upon me to walk a mile and I have to by law, but I want you to know I serve a higher law, it is the law of love and love for Christ compels me to go another 1000 steps with your gear, which meant that he would walk 2 miles out of the way and 2 miles back 4 miles nevermind your afternoon plans love that refuses to be provoked is first willing to forfeit personal dignity and secondly willing to forfeit personal inconvenience which makes this so rare and precious instead of provocation. It is procession for 1000 more steps you went 1 mile you'll go 2 miles. This is where we get the phrase we still used to this day going the extra mile came right out of their this is indeed uncommon.

It is rare love, but it is undeniably real see he puts it down where we live in where we struggle and so when we respond with the love of Christ. It is immediately obvious that we are controlled by the spirit. Ladies and gentlemen, some guy is going to eventually die with a $20 gold coin in his safe and what good did it do him but to give him somehow the impression that he had spent his money well and now on something valuable because it was rare. Listen, the most valuable things in your life are indeed rare, but they are not kept in a safe. They are lived out in your life, especially this rare thing called true love demonstrates these uncommon expressions and common courtesy and common concern uncommon control with any of us not agree with Paul this is true love with that powerful illustration we bring today's lesson close.

I hope that image sticks with you and that you value what is truly precious in this life.

This is wisdom for the hearts with our Bible teacher, Stephen Devi, the lesson you just heard is called uncommonly rare, undeniably real. It comes from Stephen series in first Corinthians 13 called true love will be continuing through this series over the next several lessons.

If you joined us late today or if you missed the first four lessons in this series, you can go online and listen to the entire I also want you to be aware that Stephen has a booklet that came out of this series and it's also called true love you'll find that on our website or you can call us today at 86 648 Bible again.

That number is 86 648 Bible or 866-482-4253. Thanks again for joining us today. Please be with us next time.

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