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Ordinary Saints

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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March 9, 2021 12:00 am

Ordinary Saints

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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March 9, 2021 12:00 am

What makes a person a saint? What earns someone such a significant title? Contrary to popular opinion, sainthood is not an award for the elite and pious; it is a gift to every child of God.

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All comes full circle began his letter by wishing the Philippians grace, not closes with the same theme running throughout the letter. Verse 23 the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit not in your circumstances. They may not change your trials, they may remain your afflictions.

They may continue grace, family influence and affect what you mean all that is now only your letter God's grace we ask you this. What do you deserve from God. You deserve to be his child and be used by him. Do you deserve his attention or his answers to your prayers. The reality is that God relates to us on the basis of his grace, not on the basis of what we deserve. This is one of the important lessons were going to see today your listening to wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi. This is the final lesson in the series entitled extravagant ways. Stevenson title this message ordinary Saints take your New Testament copy of Paul's letter to the Philippians, and let's turn one last time to the last chapter in the last few verses as we cover just the last few verses were going to sort of work is an outline the fact that Paul is addressing for different groups of people. The first group is the church of course in Philippi. Verse 21 greet every saint in Christ Jesus stuff about this is just customary for Paul. This is how he often wraps up his letters gives greetings senses affection.

In this phrase to these believers and he's doing this with the validity of now he'll say the same thing and in his letters first since the wrongly to the Roman believers. He ends it that way and to the Corinthians. Both of the letters we happen to have first and second Corinthians.

He ends at the same way. Although in those letters. He adds that phrase with a holy kiss with a holy greet one another with a holy kiss a greeting with a kiss wasn't inappropriate, was cultural was a lot like a hug or a big handshake to also maybe a slap on the back. It was in fact you can travel if you travel in and you got other assemblies that another Pro is really outside of this culture. They do this to this day kiss. Some countries with one cheek. Other countries, it's both cheeks and your will and I kissing their cheek tricks for kissing the air just on either side and when I go and preach. For instance, in South American countries where the messages are broadcast in Spanish and many of those countries, it will have a meeting or a rally or outreach of the church and afterward is a long line and it will take forever because it's a kiss on both sides of the face and and very very endearing affected. It is thought of in the study. My daughter Candace, our oldest daughter is married to Joy Heather get to go to an assembly this morning with their time there just wrapping it up and they will go into that assembly and everyone will greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks very affectionate, very kind, very gracious. Now hear this letter to the Philippians, Paul drops a holy kiss part out what fun is that he drops that part out just as greet one another and any does that. Probably because you need to say it were guessing more than likely as part of their culture to go do it anyway but I think there's something here. He may have left it out because in all his other letters.

If you look at the them carefully.

He's telling the assembly to greet one another so as you greet one another, just as you came in and I will greet each other maybe to handshake or hug. He's telling them to greet one another, but here in this letter with a context is established in chapter 1. He's telling the elders and the deacons.

More specifically, to do the greeting and he's emphasizing the verbal part of this affirmation he's stressing. In fact, the word every greet every one of them greet each and every member of the Philippian church. I want each and every one of them to receive from the leaders on my behalf. A warm, affectionate, verbal affirmation, as if to remind everyone of these dear faithful praying supporting church members that he loves them and that he prays for them and that he cares for them and he appreciates every single one of them would you notice what Paul calls them here. He writes greet every saint they might be tempted to think this just got easy that lies can be really short.

Only a few probably have arrived at this you know sainthood status and we frankly think that way because we been influence by centuries of erroneous teaching in the Reformation been clear everything up. The Western church the Roman Catholic Church in the eastern splendor of the, the, the Orthodox Eastern Orthodox church canonize is those rare individuals who are very remarkable have decades are a lifetime of some kind of service and even miracles attested to them and you got all that in your you know in your resume after your dad by the weekend be a singular life after your dad, you could be given the status of the St. burn candles do you venerate you my little statue in your likeness or whatever the Western churches right now in the process of doing that with Mother Teresa. She's been dead little over 20 years and already they are validating her in their quest to make her a saint with these the needed to miracles. One is a woman who claimed to have been healed by her photograph and she had a locket or pictures inside Teresa's victors inside and she claimed that she laid on the tumor in a beam of light came out of a locket and healed her.

And this is helped the Vatican from her candidacy for sainthood. Now I want to get off track or pay because what I really wanted his point out the fact that the even for us. We tend to think of saints as those amazing people in need of. They've arrived spiritual celebrities would be the saints, even outside the religious system out on the street people say you guys a saint. You know what a great guy that that girl is a gal is a saint. Were they saying there just, you know, and I am the perfection we were chance too many of us have a for starters you need understand at all what I just said about religion and what it requires has nothing to do with Scripture. It's all entirely completely man-made, not a shred of scripture over those that are canonize and arrive at the status of sainthood.

The church believes are let out of purgatory. That's man-made to according to the apostle Paul. This term, St. fact the term is hi Diaz, it means separated one holy means separated holy or something dedicated to or set apart, sanctified unto the means it's a reference not to special Christians. It's a reference to every Christian because every Christian has been separated on the God is one of his own. In fact, the term saint happens to be the favorite term of the apostle Paul for the believer. He uses that term for Christians 40+ time in his letters he addresses all the believers in Philippi.

The letter started by by writing to all the saints. Chapter 1 verse one and and including the overseers, elders and deacons so that the deacons, the elders, and every member of the assembly obviously implied and is there united with Christ by faith. They happen to be all of them are saints, saints, even to the problem written immature congregation in Corinth, Paul literally shrouds any doubt about this term because he writes to them, and he says you are saints by calling you are called a saint saint is not a superhero is not someone that has miracles connected to them or their photograph or whatever saint is anyone who is entered the life of Christ by faith in him alone affect you notice that the basis here. He writes in footing. Chapter 4 Paul clarifies greet every saint in Christ Jesus is your union with Jesus Christ your status immediately is sainthood here, St. right now saint because you got it all figured out. You are called saint because God called you to himself by faith in Christ and all who are in Christ are called saints special possession of God, by the way, there's nothing in Scripture that would encourage you or anybody to venerate her pesto eyes were burn candles or incense to pray to any pastor living saint that also is entirely man made saints are not people to be worshiped. Saints are people who worship the true and living God. I secondly Paul acknowledges a group of people here in his closing remarks.

The second group notice verse 21 greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren who are with me greet you as the brothers who are with me right now.

Just don't be left out of the greeting will say hello to express their affection and appreciation for you. Nepal doesn't mention here who they are. We do know putting a few pieces together.

This would've included Timothy in fact to go back to chapter 1 and verse one Paul makes Timothy, the co-author of this letter, there together writing this were also told in chapter 2 and verse 25. Paul is sending a pass for Titus to them from his side.

He's diesel and carrying the letter to the Philippians with him. This man really risked his life and his health serve Paul and the church.

As unto Christ, and there are others.

We could we could we could suppose that he doesn't mention them. He simply calls them, though. The point I want to make is this, he calls them brothers brothers in Christ, we happen to be in the same family because we belong to Christ. So who are you, your St. your St. you're also a brother or sister to all the other things in the family around you not only belong to God, we belong to each each other and we need to guard that perspective and to exalt Christ note is a big shot everybody as a brother or sister in the family that Paul acknowledges 1/3 group.

He writes the beginning of verse 22 all the saints greet you. The contact indicates Paul is including all the saints of the churches in his area here in Rome where he is under house arrest and let me just pause don't don't miss the graciousness of this man who is obviously motivated by the spirit of God.

Don't miss his gracious spirit. We've Artie learned in former studies of the believers in Rome and abandoned.

Even the church informally had written them off. Many of them believe he was imprisoned because he was getting what he deserved they were envisioning him they weren't caring for him. They were financially providing for him will be this gift from the Philippian believers that would pay his rent back to the truck stop here and said you and I wish there were some saints writing.

We greet you to. There aren't any that Stephen's epistle, he is bridge builder and how gracious he is.

He is building a bridge of these churches can walk across fellowship one day and with the best of intentions that I think with a rather optimistic spirit is as I read morning as I want to say this is that they could were not talking are there not talking to me some to speak for them that they want to send you greeting as well. How gracious is that all the saints here greet you to the fourth and final group.

Paul acknowledges makes an appearance in the text dimension of the universe. 22 of the saints, greet you, especially those of Caesar's household her.

Paul becomes a little bit more specific and at the same time not mentioning any names and more than likely that's for their own protection. It would be wise for Paul is an enemy of Caesar mirrors you to put in the death he's an enemy of the state is considered treasonous. He will not he will not worship any Lord, but the living Lord is to be wise for Paul, who is an enemy of Caesar to mention by name.

Friends of his who are evidently embedded within the administration of Caesar Zoe generically says I get this point across.

There are there are some saints that one agreed you to their work and for Nero effect would've been the same wonderfully encouraging the Philippi and the believers. There Paul is effectively saying their people getting saved right under Nero's nose that Paul comes full circle.

He began his letter by wishing the Philippians grace and I closes with the same theme. It's run throughout the letter.

Verse 23 the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit who are you, your St. separated one of the God is in choosing to whom you belong belong to God and his family. Your brothers and sisters what you have grace, it is grace capable to meet every need you have. In fact, I love the fact that he writes of this with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit that your circumstances they may not change your trials, they may remain your afflictions. They may continue but is grace can profoundly influence and affect what you meet all of that as it profoundly affects your spirit.

Grace grace is that unmerited undeserved favor from God. None of us earned our way in sweet testimony of this couple earlier came to faith in Christ, leaving their Amish community American-based religious system discovering that it's a gift and receiving by faith in Christ.

Grace is on deserved grace is not merited.

Grace isn't earned over long.

We have a perfect track record. Maybe I can pray to God today because of it. A couple of good days leading up to today and maybe he'll give me some attention.

Maybe I can reach and maybe listen to the week run that through our minds don't really deserve the pray to God today.

Are you kidding grace do we deserve to be used by God. Are you kidding grace unmerited unfailing undeserved love and favor from that he came across this news release just a byline in a newspaper, but it said all Lily offered was her name and she had a perfect record striver for the Houston school district and according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

She was going to receive an award for her safe driving your colleagues want to go along and cheer her on their very proud of her as as they should've been, and so they all piled on a Boston and to go to the award ceremony and and and Lily drove on the way to the award ceremony. Lily turned the corner to Charlie must been exciting and theirs are bantering about and flip the bus on its side, sending not only yourself. The 16 others to the hospital for minor emergency treatment, she had gone her entire career accident free and she's on her way to the award ceremony. Do you think she got that award, though she did not because you are on the committee. Though she didn't get it.

One author said it this way, award committees do not operate on the basis of grace. How did you receive this undeserved grace. Paul writes belongs to dispense through and by means of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything ties back to him to discover the sermon just reiterating how it all ties back to him effect, Paul will mention the Lord, the Lord Jesus Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ 40 times in this little letter back to him. Every responsibility of the believer. Every desire of the believer. Every benefit received by the believer. All that is summed up in what Christ does who Christ is or what Christ has given us or what Christ is going to do for us. Paul open this letter by writing that he was a slave of Christ. Chapter 1 verse one. His imprisonment was for the gospel advancement to glorify Christ. Chapter 1 verse 13 for Paul. Living was all about Christ. Chapter 1 verse one dying was nothing more than being with Christ. Chapter 1 verse 23 Paul exhorted of Libyan believers to adopt this humble attitude of Christ. Chapter 2 verse five to find their greatest joy in Christ chapter 3 verse three to eagerly anticipate the coming to wait eagerly for him Christ to come. Chapter 3 verse 20 to anchor their contentment. Anchor it to Christ to perform. Verse 13 to find their identity in Christ and all the grace they will need in their spirit for anything they face in Christ, N. Paul writes this letter occurs to me that his quill is dipped in the ink of grace and everything he writes spells out Lord Jesus Christ heard this from John Wofford is now the Lord, the president of Dallas were attended and Stanley to St. my professors.

The incident was recorded in the books that I've read by Chuck Swindoll the Chancellor of Dallas seminary, and he gives some specifics and I want to close our study with this Swindoll's book is entitled the grace awakening. It's a good book you ever read, and he writes I never knew Lewis Sperry chafer the founder of the seminary. I attended Dallas.

He died a few years before I begin my studies in 1959. Swindoll read some of my professors knew him well, and without exception they knew that he was an articulate defender of the doctrine of grace my mentors tells of the time when this dear man of God had concluded his final lecture and was lecturing on grace. It was a hot springtime afternoon in 1952. He was an older man 81 years of age he was teaching this particular semester which would be his last from a wheelchair. When he ended his comments. No one in the class moved classes over session was ended but no one moved to men I talked to her in the class. It was as though these young church leaders were basking in what they heard awestruck with the insights and enthusiasm regarding God's grace, then this gray-haired gentleman rolled his chair over to the door and as he flipped the light switch off the class spontaneously broke into thunderous applause. He wiped away tears. His head bowed and then he lifted one hand gesturing them to stop as a hush fell over the class. He spoke he spoke softly and unforgettably gentleman for over half my life I have been studying this truth and I am just beginning to discover with the grace of God is all about, and a few weeks later he was with the Lord. He was only beginning to discover the grace of God have to tell you and with you. We have studied this letter and I would have to say we are just beginning right to understand the grace of God who are you here, St. you didn't earn it, deserve it was given to you the status as a called out, separated 100 God said to whom do you belong to God for as many as received him, Christ, to them he gave the right to become children of God and yet a lot of brothers and sisters around here to get to know to encourage and what you have grace with we recognize it or not. Beloved, we are living under a lavish downpour of grace grace enough to meet every need grace enough to face every day until that day when we see Christ face-to-face and then and then the extravagance of his grace will begin to be unveiled in spectacular dimensions. We can imagine he is reserving incredible glory to reveal to us and he will forever maze grace always and forever define us. We are who we are and we are where we just a prelude forever is so in the meantime between now and don't forget that important. We conclude not only this lesson but this series you've tuned into wisdom for the heart.

The Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Stephen Davey, today's lesson is called ordinary Saints. It's the final lesson in a seven part series called extravagant grace. If you'd like to own this series on a set of CDs give us a call today call us at 86 640-858-6648 Bible more numerically.

It's 866-482-4253. As always you can listen to this series or on the wisdom international will be in Romans chapter 4 starting tomorrow.

So join us here on wisdom for the heart

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