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Abraham and Islam

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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March 19, 2021 12:00 am

Abraham and Islam

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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March 19, 2021 12:00 am

Have you ever wondered how a religion so opposed to Christianity can have so much in common with it? Why do Muslims call Abraham their father even when they don't believe in the God of Abraham? In the message Stephen unveils the cunning and deceptive secrets which undergird the fastest growing religion in the world.


Therefore, be sure that it is those who are of faith who are sons of Abraham through him, there would come a blessing to all of the world and will not come true yes were told in the latter part of the New Testament the one-day people representing every tribe and tongue and people group. Every nation they will stand as it were, and give glory to this land who sits upon the throne and wealth dedicate to him all glory and honor and power and blessing. Jesus Christ, God descending in the flesh Bible teacher, everyone ever been saved was saved by faith in Jesus Christ were currently in a series looking at a man of great faith, a man named Abraham. We call him father Abraham, because in many ways, he is the father of the Christian faith. His faith was in the coming Messiah. Now there's another group that also considers Abraham as the father of their faith.

The followers of Islam were looking at that connection today and the lesson called Abraham and his peers.

Stephen with this important lesson from God's word in the sixth century 570 A.D. to be exact, a little boy was born in Mecca, even though he was distantly related to the Royal family to shame the particular branch of his family was fairly impoverished the newborn boy was named Mohammed after both of his parents died in his early years he was shuttled around from family member to family member until finally poor uncle took him in and raised in according to Mohammed's biographers. He was a normal Arab boy that enjoyed talking with the travelers who came by and the caravans and exploring desert caves. The only thing that was slightly unusual about his childhood was that he claimed to have angelic visitation at the age of 40. Mohammed claimed to once again be visited this time by the angel Gabriel. He would claim from that experience that he had been chosen by Allah as the next prophet and apostle does choice of words by the way, were very unique prophet and apostle. One author pointed out that there wasn't any tradition of prophets or apostles in the Arabian religion in the Middle East where he was raised. The term profit was more likely use within his clans in hopes of courting the Jewish people that he was in fact their next prophet and the term apostle was more than likely used in hopes of persuading Christians to follow him as well. Mohammed claimed that Gabriel had visited him and placed upon him the prophetic mantle, inspiring him with God's newest form of revelation, which is summarized and recorded in the two holy books they referred to as the Quran and the hate us.

At first Mohammed and his ministry preach to the Jewish people that he was God's newest prophet in the line of Abraham and Jesus. It's interesting to note that when Mohammed began his rise as a tribal leader in a self-proclaimed prophet that he adopted many Jewish customs, he adopted the Jewish dietary laws and the Jewish Saturday Sabbath he prayed toward Jerusalem in addition to this, and most interesting is that he prays the Old Testament Scriptures and the New Testament Scriptures, which by then been canonized for several centuries, and he referred to the Jews in the Quran as quote the people of the book" according to historians, Muslim and otherwise, and the actions that happen next became obvious that the Jewish merchants were not going to become his disciples and follow him.

He would not gain the power he wanted in Mecca and Medina. He decided to drop all observances of Jewish rituals change the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca. He dropped the dietary laws. Many of them.

He dropped the Saturday Sabbath in favor of the Friday Sabbath and he adopted many of the religious rites and ceremonies within Arabian paganism with which he had been raised.

Ultimately he began the war against the Jews to begin to fight them pillaging their villages and plundering their home.

There are secular texts that you can read like the Encyclopaedia Britannica, if you care to lie.

I actually use it. After spending all that money is good. The use of or something. I read along with Western historians and even Muslim scholars themselves attest to the fact the Mohammed gained his power and his wealth and his prestige by plundering and killing Jews as Mohammed's power and his leadership grew in Mecca and Madonna.

So did his religious views, they began to expand further views that were nothing more than a combination of Jewish tradition and the Bible stories in the Bible along with the well-known worship of the Arabian moon God. Sheehan, who was considered by the Arabs to be the chief deity among all of the deities.

Some 360 were worshiped during Mohammed's day will, according to numerous inscriptions discovered in North and South Arabia dating back to the time of Mohammed in an centuries earlier. The Arab name for the moon God. Shin had a title and his title was Ali law, which simply meant he was the greatest deity of all before Mohammed was even born. The name or title of this moon God would come to be known by his title was given the little boy is Eli shortening to Allah Arabs years before Mohammed's birth name their children Allah in honor of their most powerful deity the moon God worship was in ancient Middle Eastern days, right along with other astral warships like bail condemned in the Old Testament because it involved the worshiping of some heavenly being that they personified or gave or attributed I should say divine quality worshiped it as if it were a God what Mohammed did. That is very interesting in the seventh century during his lifetime, was that he began the unique kind of teaching with his fellow Arabs when he began to teach was that Allah was not one of many gods, but that Allah was the only God.

This unique form of monotheism, especially within his own people was unique to the unbelieving Arab they could still hold to Allah the moon God in their ceremonies and rites to the Jews and the Christians he would teach them that he was a monotheist that he was the worshiper of the one true God, and they could follow him as well. Interesting that the symbol of this worship was in his day the Christian moon the sliver of the moon that is barely visible to the human eye. During this particular phase of the moon and it is in any surprised in the symbol of Islam is the crescent moon the crescent moon sits on top of their mosques. The crescent moon is on the flags of Islamic nations say all that to say, the outset of our study today, you need to know that Allah is not Elohim is a different God entirely.

Just as the angel came to Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism and supposedly gave him new revelation and placed upon him the mantle of the newest prophet in the line of Abraham and Jesus, so also an angel came to Mohammed and delivered to him new revelation and the honor of being again the latest prophet of God.

I want to know personally I don't doubt that angelic beings visited these men, these men who would create religions that would lead millions of people away from belief in the deity of Jesus Christ. All I can do is give to you the same warning that Paul gave the Galatians, he wrote to them, but even if we or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed.

As we have said before. Alright so I say again now if any man is delivering to you a gospel contrary to what you received. He is to be accursed.

Galatians 18 will how attractive in our world is Islam today compelling as it Islam is the second largest religion today in the world. In England there more practicing Muslims than there are evangelical Christian, funded by their vast resources.

The Muslims are buying abandoned Anglican churches and converting them into mosques at such a rate that there are those outside of the Muslim belief system that leave England will be the first European Islamic or Muslim country and I don't doubt it.

I read recently that the legal situation is reached the point where the English Parliament was recently forced to rule that Muslims do not have to follow English common law when it comes to divorce. They can follow Islamic law. Instead, what about an American in our own culture, a mosque, or a worship center is completed at the rate of one every seven days.

There are more Muslims in America. Now that Episcopalians that entire denomination already.

There are 500 Islamic centers in the United States like the one in Washington DC, where it opens its doors daily to curious people who come in and who are graciously and kindly taught the art and philosophy and culture of Islam. What exactly is Islam. You need to understand the word Islam originally denoted heroism, the willingness to die in battle, and over the centuries that word slowly developed into meaning. Surrender or simply submission.

By the way, technically speaking, Islam does not claim to be a new religion formulated by Mohammed, but rather a continuation of all the decrees that God gave in his revelation through his prophets among those prophets.

Of course are Mohammed and Jesus. Perhaps you're thinking at this point what is this have to do with Romans you're probably thinking that archer. Well, one reason Islam believes that the very first Muslim was none other than Abraham and Islam looks to Abraham as their spiritual father why because Abraham surrendered to God. That is Islam. He submitted to the will of God. In fact, the Arabic noun form of the verb to surrender is Islam and Abraham surrendered to the will of God, thus becoming as it were the first Muslim in addition to that, given the fact that Muslims impact in intersect with the Western world every day.

It is impossible I believe to teach the book of Romans, and especially chapter 4 which delivers to us the life of Abraham without exposing the other religions and delivering to you what they teach about Abraham, for they believe he is there man of faith as well.

Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus were young pastors developing their churches. He said to them, to reprove them severely that they your audience may not pay attention to myths and commandments of men who turn away from the truth.

Men who profess to know God, but by their deeds. They deny him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed. Titus 113 to 16.

Several times Paul wrote to warn the believers of false teachers and false teaching. In fact, entire letters of the New Testament were given to simply expose and challenge the common false teaching of their day.

Those who would ultimately deny the grace of God and ultimately deny the deity of Jesus Christ just how important is Abraham today you need to know that Jews and Muslims and Christians all claimed that Abraham is in a way their founders so to speak that Abraham is there spiritual father. The Muslims believe they are related Abraham by virtue of Ishmael. They believe that Ishmael was offered by Abraham on the altar instead of Isaac and the God rescued Ishmael, Yasser Arafat's own liaison for religious dialogue has emphatically stated that Abraham belongs only to the Muslim Jews.

On the other hand, believe that Abraham belongs to them exclusively to them as the keeper of the covenant Christians are taught in the New Testament that we are sons and daughters of Abraham. Paul declared in Romans 411 Abraham is the father of those who believe was right all three could be wrong, but all three cannot be right.

Today I want to deal with the issue from the Islamic claimed Abraham I found it interesting that Mohammed dozens of times in the Quran told his followers to check out his teaching against the old and New Testament scriptures which have been canonized for centuries by the time he arrived to check out his teaching with the word that the Jews held and compare it to see if he was in fact contradicting if they had done so that they had evaluated the two inspired works of Islam, the hate of the Quran, which he claimed they should.

Islam would have never gotten off the dime, but instead it today is the second largest religion in the world. Mohammed had a mixed sense of the stories of the Bible. He would often retell them, putting them in the mouths of other people friends as he taught the flood occurred during the days of Moses. The Bible clearly teaches. It was during the days of Noah. He taught that Nimrod through Abraham into the fiery furnace instead of the three friends of Daniel and and that Abraham survived unharmed by the flames. Even though we know Nimrod lives centuries before Abraham. He taught that Moses his sister Miriam was the mother of Jesus instead of Mary taught that Jesus was not crucified, but that God placed upon Judas the likeness of Jesus that he mistakenly crucified Judas and he rescued Jesus by taking his good profit up to heaven. Obviously, that last part is not only a distortion of Scripture. But in effect, or effectively eradicates the gospel. It erases the gospel and the redemption of faith in the sacrificial atoning death and cross work of Jesus Christ so that he didn't die.

He wasn't buried and he didn't literally rise from the dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to understand that Islam is not just another word for worship of God. It is a different God. I think it's ironic, as Paul begins teaching in Romans four in verse three he says what do the Scriptures teach is about the layout. The truth of Abraham, and he says what is the Bible say. What do the Scriptures teach the Jews hold of the Scriptures.

The Muslims supposedly hold the Scriptures so the Christians will they teach will go back and see first of all me point out the revelation of God to Abraham with your Bibles. Look at Romans chapter 4 verse 19 without becoming weak in faith. He contemplated his own body. Now as good as dead since he was about 100 years old and the deadness of Sarah's womb. This is related of course to the promise of God that Sarah was conceived by him.

Verse 20 yet with respect to the promise of God. He did not waver in unbelief know it a second.

What exactly was the promise.

We need to understand that Paul clarifies for us what the promise was if you turn right for a couple of books to get the Galatians and look at Galatians chapter 3 verse 16. Galatians 316 delivers this stunning announcement to the Jewish people of Paul's day, and to the Muslim people of our day as he writes these interesting words rather startling word. Now he writes the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed.

He does not say antecedent is referring to many people but rather to one end to your seed will who is the seed without looking further is an Isaac is that the promise the Jews would say yes.

Is it Ishmael and those that would come from him. The Arabs Islamic faith would say yes. He says very clearly in the Scriptures, and to your seed that is Christ, here is the promise to Abraham from you. Abraham will, descendents. This is the seed it is Jesus Christ.

In other words, the Messiah, Abraham will do send will be a part of your learning. If you look earlier in chapter 3 in verse seven he clarifies it even more. Therefore, be sure that it is those who are of faith who are sons of Abraham, the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith and preach the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying all the nations will be blessed in you. So, than those who are of faith are blessed with Abraham the believer, the promise come true. The seed came didn't the Redeemer was born through him, there would come a blessing to all of the world and will not come true yes were told in the latter part of the New Testament that one day people representing every tribe and tongue and people group every nation they will stand as it were, and give glory to this this land who sits upon the throne and wealth dedicate to him all glory and honor and power and blessing. This one who came this promised seed, Jesus Christ, God the son descending deity in the flesh.

That's the promise of God to Abraham. Now I want you to notice back in Romans the response of Abraham to God. It says in the latter part of verse 20. They responded two ways he grew strong in faith and giving glory to God.

He grew strong in faith.

What is that mean well let me give you quickly. There are three kinds of biblical faith. There is decisive faith that is saving faith. We can call it that. That's the faith you exercise in this gospel plan this Redeemer, Jesus Christ. That is a once for all acts that transaction what you say yes I want that.

Please Lord give that gift of eternal life. To me, and forgiveness and all the rest you become at that moment, a child of God. Second, of others doctrinal faith. This is our body of truth. This is this is systematic truth we call doctrine then thirdly there's daily faith. This has to do with the daily reliance upon the Lord for the events of the day. Faith in the promise of God and that you grow in. Paul also tells us in this text that Abraham not only grew his faith but he gave glory to God.

He was giving glory. The Greek word is dockside. He was as it were, singing his praise to the glory and honor of God, but you need to understand as well that he is actually praising God in advance because the promise hadn't come true, it would come true for generations, but he was thanking God in advance for what God promised to the thank God in advance for the promise. Well, we try to wrap it up here. What is the response of the Christian for the believer to Islam. We give you three words. Number one is the word respect. Like any religion we encounter. There should be respect for the person involved. There should be care given compassion and patience to listen.

Muslims are not our enemy.

They may view us as their enemy. But the word of God does not tell us they are our enemy. They are our mission. So if you happen to live there Muslim, a practicing Muslim may be work next one God has placed you there as part of the mission and reaching them with the gospel, but it's time for you to start reading upright, so that you can answer the questions but treat them with perspectives.

Jesus Christ, the next key word is recognition. While you respect them as individuals. Even though you disagree with them at the same time, you have to recognize I needed to help them recognize that all is not Jehovah.

All is not Elohim even though the religion of Islam worships only one God and for that they are to be commended that God is not the one true living God who introduced himself to us in this book. In the first chapter with the name Elohim, the Jesus of the Koran is not the Jesus of the Bible.

According the garrotte is taught by Mohammed. Jesus was not the son of God. Jesus did not die on the cross, Jesus did not rise from the dead.

Jesus was not divine, but only a man. He was just a prophet and Jesus Christ did not been come from heaven to save the lost respect, but recognition finally and most importantly, here's the word that I think it's most important is the word rededication when you discover the passion and zeal of a Muslim for his religion and his God.

It auto so challenge your own faith and commitment to the God of Abraham that we know by the name Jesus Christ living in Lord. Examine your own commitment to your walk with Christ. For instance, no matter where they are five times a day. And pray how many times a day do you pray, how often do you throughout your day. Give glory verbalize glory to your God missionaries the Muslims in Africa have given me a prayer about a Muslim prayer mat and there been times and I've rolled it out of my study floor knelt on it to pray to Yahweh, conscious of the fact that this would be used by millions of people to pray.

While I'd so convicted that I do not pray as I ought to do the one true and living God about you fasting is also part of the religious observance. What if you ever skipped a meal in order to pray the focus and the meditate upon the demands and commands and grace of God.

Another aspect again on my was dress guidelines compare the women in our Christian world with Muslim women who don't dare show their flesh, and I wonder if the Christians of the 21st century have progressed or digressed. I fear we have digressed, and I am embarrassed, often by the way, the women in the family of God.

Dress Muslims have a great passion for the reputation of Allah everywhere they go.

They greet each other publicly by saying all is greater. God is great.

Would you ever dare in your community at your school in the hallway in the classroom meet another believer in the first words I Jesus Christ is great but they are so passionate about their God.

They begin conversation with saying isn't our God great with passion.

They chance or songs to Allah. How did we just sing to our God. Was it cash was filled with energy and love. Did we mall the words to our God apathetically. In closing, let me say in spite of their zeal and passion. Here's a worldwide religion that gives its followers. No assurance of heaven.

None none read the writings. Only the martyr, the one who dies and some holy jihad, only that one is guaranteed paradise and then what are they guaranteed and what is paradise paradise is a never emptied bottle of wine and a room full of women tragic. Surely the great prophet Mohammed was certain of paradise. No can read it in the Koran where he said although I am an apostle of Allah.

I do not know what Allah will do to me wanted to do Abraham the promise due to him back quickly.

Slivers 21, and being fully assured that what he had promised he was able to form assurance confidence I don't lie my head on a pillow at night and wonder what will God let me in your friends.

Abraham does not belong to the Muslim. He does not belong to the Jew. He does not belong to some Protestant denomination either belongs to those as the scriptures teach us, who place their faith in the promise seed this one we know Jesus Christ when he handed this to me when and with a quote from John Ashcroft was a believer, was written by Cal Thomas, another believer, his in the world of journalism. He wrote this Islam is a religion in which you send your son to die for God. Christianity is a faith in which God sent his son to die for you.

I think that says it all, you've been listening to Stephen Davies here on wisdom for the hearts and today's message is called Abraham and Islam. We believe that the truth of this lesson is very important we take in the text of this sermon and put it into a booklet that can be easily read and shared. The book is called Abraham and Islam all you pay is the shipping on this resource if you call us or go online today you can call us at 86 648 Bible.

That's 866-482-4253. You can also get this offer on our website go to wisdom and in our online store type Abraham and Islam in the search bar and you'll find this booklet. There, it'll be available online for free until midnight tonight. You'll just pay shipping. We hope this is a blessing to you. In addition to being the pastor of the shepherd's church. Stephen is also the president of shepherd's theological seminary STS is a fully accredited graduate school that trains pastors and church leaders for a lifetime of service. There is even a one year masters program in biblical studies. Many college graduates have done that program before entering into the workforce or pursuing other advanced degrees. If any of this interests you or someone you know we have a link to the school at the bottom of our home page on Monday. Stephen will conclude this series so join us for that here on wisdom

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