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The Holy Spirit

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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March 26, 2021 12:00 am

The Holy Spirit

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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March 26, 2021 12:00 am

In this message Stephen introduces us to the mysterious third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, and explores some of the aspects of the Spirit’s ministry that often go unnoticed. So join Stephen once again in his series, “Unwrapping the Perfect Gifts,” as he brings us the greatest gift of all: God Himself!

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He speaks through the word of Christ that resonates in our minds.

Ephesians 3 gives the believer a sense of confidence and assurance.

Romans 14 in making decisions. His voice is heard in our hearts as we desire to honor and follow Galatians 4 verse six. Over and over again a revelation chapters 2 and three. The letters of the church is concluded with this challenge. This exhortation this pleading. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is say, are you listening I have a question for you. Have you ever thought to yourself I wish I could've met Jesus face-to-face while he was on.

Maybe you've wished that you could ask him a direct question about a decision or a problem. Did the disciples who knew Jesus personally have an advantage over us because they got to talk and live with him well. The biblical answer is no, according to the Bible we actually have the advantage we have the spirit of God actually living in us, which is better than God being beside us. Stephen baby will explore this truth today here on wisdom for the heart. Let's listen.

Would you believe that what you believe about the Holy Spirit is so important. It has a way of impacting everything from how you prayed to what you watched. This week on television. Did you know that the Holy Spirit is so critically important that without him. You cannot become a member of the family of God.

You cannot without him participate in the mission of God you cannot without him even become a recipient of the love of God.

That's the point of where Paul brings us in his list of gifts in Romans chapter 5 is he for the first time introduces the person of the Holy Spirit for the first time in this book he has been telling us of the father's perfect gifts.

The gift of peace and the gift of grace and even the gift of pain, but now he tells us of another very unique and special gift.

Romans chapter 5 verse five where Paul continues. Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Might I begin by saying that, just as you did not earn the gift of salvation. You did not earn the gift of the Spirit of God, just as you did not work for your justification so you do not work to receive the Holy Spirit of God the Holy Spirit is not given. The good people. The Holy Spirit is given a redeem sinful people. The Holy Spirit is not even given the obedient Christian is the holy spirit is given to every Christian, every believer by the apostle Paul was writing to a confused church church tolerating immorality within its ranks division among its people and Paul wrote to them and said words you wouldn't expect him to write to them, but he wrote to them in first Corinthians 1213 for by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body. He didn't say look when you get your act together you're getting at. The spirit of God so try to get your ducks lined up and when you do, maybe he'll give you the spirit of God, no, according to the word of God is impossible to be a believer without organ of the spirit of those who do believe are invaded infused with the person of the spirit of God's of anybody ever asked me government baptized by the spirit as absolutely as a matter of fact, according to the word of God. We all were, who come to faith in Jesus Christ for by one Spirit we were past tense all baptized, all immersed into the body of Jesus Christ.

It is impossible to be a believer and not have been spirit baptized the love of God he writes has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was distance given to us. One of God's perfect gifts to every believer is the person of the Holy Spirit, but just to is the spirit. What is he do, how important is he to the life of the believer.

Is he some invisible power. Is he a life force. He tap into where is he a real person is a not necessarily real person but maybe an emanation from God the father, how you answer those questions. Ladies and gentlemen will determine how you pray. They will determine how you witness to others it will determine what kind of gifts you hope to express in the body. What kind of involvement you have a local church.

What you believe about him will determine how you feel about your security in Jesus Christ in your salvation, how you sense your value before God. How you determined decisions through the course of your life how you relate to other believers.

Simply put, the Holy Spirit is indispensable to holy living in communion with God and service in the church and every decision and relationship in life.

I wonder JI Packer wrote in his book, knowing that I read again recently said the problem in the life of the average believer is not that they think too little about the Holy Spirit. The problem is they don't think about the Holy Spirit, all you do a quick study through the New Testament and you discover that without the Holy Spirit there would be no gospel there would be no faith, no living church no Christianity, no conviction of sin, no witness for Christ. No illumination of Scripture.

No unity in the church. No operation of gifts in the body no ability to effectively pray and on and on regarding those things specifically attributed to the work and person of the Holy Spirit, remove him at this church is dead, so here in Romans five he tells us that one of the distinctive occupations of the Holy Spirit is to become that connecting agent connecting the love of God in the believer.

On January 21, 1930.

I read the. The most far-reaching broadcast radio broadcast was going to be heard. It was scheduled to deliver the message of King George in England at the opening of the session of the London arms conference for the first time the Western world with all the same time. Here live the message and hear the sound of the King's voice America almost missed the message. I read the just seconds before the king was to speak a member of the control room staff of CBS accidentally tripped over a wire and broke it, severing the connection.

Harold Vivian the control room operator quickly grasp one of the live wires in one hand and the other half of it in the other and immediately restored the circuit through himself.

250 V of electricity shot through his arms and coursed through his body. He held on long enough for the Kings message to be heard.

That's the holy spirit he has in effect connected the wires so that we get the message from the king he happens to love us and through us by his power. We also can tell the world that God loves it to the one we really know about the Holy Spirit. The just a lot I is he some source of invisible power. As I prepared for my message just for fun I thought.

I want to do something a little different. I typed into my Internet explorer I figured the best search engine to find something to do. The Holy Spirit would be named Yahoo so I use that immediately after typing in Holy Spirit and a few other commands I was given the number at the bottom of the screen there were more than 2 million sites related to the Holy Spirit.

So I look some of them up. Some of them promise of the biblical overview of the Holy Spirit and were well worth studying. Most of them treated the Holy Spirit as if he were some source of mysterious power. One site promised this to remove forever the dark mystery of spirit baptism. Another promise to give me the seven secrets so that I can tap into the megaton power of the spirit another one told me that I could harness the power of the spirit and gain the Midas touch. If I just send my money to them and get another book promised to harness for me, the Holy Spirit's economic secrets and the title of the book rather boldly promised and I quote, you'll never be broke another day of your life is a Holy Spirit some G&A from God and if you get the right secret of the right incantation proof while you got everything you will what I want to do is remove some of the mystery and follow up on Paul's introduction of this third person of the triune God because so much of who we are and what we do depends on what we know about him and what we know he does. How many men have been married in here for less than 20 years while 30 years 40 years while 5050 years, 60 okay 5055 all right if the award well.

How well do you know your wife now compared to when you married or a little better when really my point then is actually a good point never noticed it. The guys were planning on getting married that know that woman so well and I have demoed to me how I will be in all man do I know her.

It's unbelievable and I smile and say yeah Natalie is the guys that have been married about two years that the light bulbs coming on how well do you know your wife. Oh my goodness suited I married and you girls would say the same. Wouldn't you. Who's this man I married a man as well. Make sure were even I don't get into much trouble when we know that this third member of the Trinity.

Well, to begin with. We know that two members of the Godhead father in spirit are invisible to us. Only one member of the Godhead has a visible body. Paul wrote in Colossians chapter 1 the Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God.

In other words, one day, when you see God you will be looking into the face of Jesus Christ of your child or some child ask you what is God look like you say Jesus Christ one day you'll see him. Paul wrote he Jesus Christ is the visible expression of the triune God. But this invisibility, this otherness of God. The Spirit lends to the mystery that maybe he is a little less of a person, then the second person of the Godhead, God the son when he gives several truths about who he is.

First of all, of the spirit is not of the physical body. He does have a mind. Paul wrote in first grade is 211 for who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in.

Even so, the thoughts of God. No one knows except the spirit of God is in some vaporous missed without a mind or or thought process. He is divinely brilliant. He is equally omniscient.

In fact, if you did a study. I hope to whet your appetite, you will see that the phrases related to God the father are interchangeable with God. The spirit also with the son of God's.

He has a mind. Secondly, the Holy Spirit has a will in the distribution of the gifts by the Holy Spirit in the local church.

Paul tells us, but one in the same spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually. Just as he wills.

He decides so he is in a mindless puppets for the father with nothing to do on his hands. But wait for the rapture. He is determining even now in and arranging into the very fabric of every local church, those gifts exercised by those believers. Can you imagine the decisions he is making the things he is doing the spirit of God is a mind is a will and thirdly he has a motion all the characteristics of personality. Paul instructed the believers in Ephesus do not grieve the Spirit of God do not bring great shame and sorrow to the spirit of God when we disobey our sin against our Lord, the spirit of God is filled with sorrow, you could actually render the word shame. He is so ashamed he is not unemotional.

He is not stoic. He is not passive missed. He thinks he decides he feels for the Holy Spirit has a specific place of residence while he is on my present and the uniqueness that only God can arrange and only God can understand. The Holy Spirit is taken up permanent residence in every believer. Paul writes, do you not know that you are a temple of God, do you not know that the Spirit of God dwells in you for the temple of God is holy and that is what you are first Corinthians 316 see you never have to ask God to give you the spirit. You'll have to thank him that he didn't give you the spirit.

He is God's gift to you at the moment of conversion prescriptions 12, 13, you were inundated by the spirit into the body of Christ, and he permanently resides in you and he doesn't pack his bags and leave a week later. Then come back and then and then leave again and then come back he has taken up residency in you wherever you go. The Holy Spirit, whatever you saw this week the Holy Spirit solves the word through your you are a walking sanctuary of God, the Spirit of God literally has set up residency. He has unpacked his bags in your house, where he lives now remind you that he does not fill you up like water fills up a glass am afraid that many people think of the spirit of God as if you were gasoline and where the tank and we get filled up and then we go and we know with our wheel spinning and we are busy and we sorta run low when we pull up to the divine gas station and through the intercession in prayer we get filled back up and we go back out and and do our thing and we run low when we come back and God the father standing there with the handle ready to fill us up again with the Holy Spirit. That's what I really believe is probably the improper theology of most people. But doesn't the Bible say be filled with the spirit, it does. Paul wrote that in Ephesians 518 he said not be drunk with wine, where it is dissipation, but be filled with the spirit baptism is a past tense. One time thing into the body of Christ, but the verb here is present tense it is. It is ongoing be continually filled with the spirit. Sounds to me like you got to get filled up what you got to understand the analogy, Paul is using parallel ideas to make his point. Don't be drunk with wine was. I mean means to be under the influence of it, it means that it affects the way you talk. It affects the way you think it affects your walking and your balance. You have surrendered by being drunk to the ability of that substance.

Alcohol to influence everything about you. Paul says, in effect, don't be under that influence the under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Let him affect the way you talk, let him affect the way you walk in effect the way you think that you could render the word filled with the word dominated be dominated by the spirit of God, may I emphasize again in a way, when you were saved to get all of him and now daily.

You give him all of you in Romans five verse five Paul uses the past tense.

He says he was given to us. That is, he is God's gift. We already have. So now what we do about it.

Let me quickly give you three responses number one listen to.

He speaks through the word of Christ that resonates in our minds. Ephesians 3 he gives the believer a sense of confidence and assurance.

Romans 14 and making decisions. His voice is heard in our hearts as we desire to honor and follow Galatians 4 verse six. Over and over again in Revelation chapters 2 and three. The letters to the churches. Conclude with this challenge. This exhortation this pleading. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is say seven times it's as if he is saying. Are you listening, not audible sounds with written instructions and inner impressions directed by and consistent with the word of God which ultimately leads the believer proving that it is the voice of the Holy Spirit to do nothing more than honor and glorify God in everything we do.

The Holy Spirit is not a power to be used. He is a person to be listened to and obey. Listen to him.

Second of all learn from him.

Jesus in John chapter 16 was speaking to his disciples and he said I have so much more to say to you that you can't bear it right now, but when he, the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

For he will not speak on his own initiative, but whatever he hears he will speak about was the father the son and the Spirit all collaborate this wonderful functioning triune God, he will glorify me, Jesus said, and he will take of mine and will disclose it to you. Seizures is an interesting point you might be listening to me right now but if you're really learning anything, it isn't for me. It's from the spirit of God. He does the convicting. He does the encouraging. He does the challenging.

He does the refreshing. He does the changing my words are merely vehicles upon which is spirit loves to resonate within your hard to bring you to the truth of the verdict of Scripture and the more biblical. My words are the more resonating in your heart.

Strumming of the spirit of God will be. That's why that so many people come up to me over the years and say oh I was a wonderful message. I and in this point was so powerful to me then will go on to tell me the point I didn't make it so I spinning that was a great point to put that in the next hour make it. I had nothing to do it and that's why even now some you might be fading often you don't have an excuse. Others of you. God's spirit is taking you through some verse some thoughts something and he is driving a point home and you leave here, and you will have learned something and it will be the spirit of God to teach, learn from him asked him to teach you one more thing, listen to him learn from them in third lien on lien on Jesus again in John 16 assured his disciples, but I tell you the truth it is to your advantage that I go away now. I tried to picture myself as a member of that disciple group that would assure me. I wouldn't consider that an advantage if Jesus were telling you it's to your advantage that I leave. What would you say all that sounds terrific at sounds like a real advantage. Lord, thank you.

See, we tend to think that the disciples had the advantage because he was there he is telling them you have a disadvantage that I'm here to give you the advantage you know what it is leaving on the sending and when I said the spirit will descend so that I will not be with you for three years. The spirit of God will live in you for the rest of your lives. That's an advantage that every believer has. He said if I do not go away, the helper will not come to you, but if I go, I will send the helper to you know that's a nice way of saying to the disciples you need help. You need some help.

And so when I sent them to send the helper to you because you can do you need how long can you go in your day before you realize you need I can remember that the very first question I was asked when I arrived in this area nearly 17 years ago was that question. Some of your old timers in the first week tell a little bit about the story. My my wife and our infant boys were in Atlanta so they would be taken care of by her parents and I moved here and ask God to give us a place to hold services in place to live. The first day I arrived. We unloaded everything from the truck into a storage unit north Raleigh. I drove around a little bit and decided to make it over the missionaries home in Goldsboro.

As you spend the night. I had never been there but he worked as a part of my father's mission. Missions to military and Cellular and still in a 20 foot truck although it was empty and a writer truck. I was heading down the road and by the time it was growing dark. I had become completely lost.

I can remember the road I was on the pavement and became a dirt road that happened to you know your loss of the cornfield on my right and it was a farm on my left and I pulled the truck and there was a stick shift and its grinding and not wanting to respond.

I pulled into that farmers going to back up and turn around and go and I backed up to foreign put the back wheels of the big writer truck right into the nether noses like this and I'm sitting here looking into the starry sky praising God my Savior for his chances member clamoring down out of the truck stand.

I want what to do and this farmer from his barn walked on his lane toward me bib overalls straw hat came up to million.

It may truck looked at me and then he asked me. The first question anybody in North Carolina asked me do you need some help course, it was hail. There were two syllables and that I had to listen carefully you need some height, but it sounded so good. I said, I do need some of that and he call the wrecker pulled me out told me where I could go to little hotel spend that comes back to my mind first first thing God wanted to penetrate my heart with is that I need and every day isn't it a wonderful question to know you can only answer by saying yes need help. So spirit of God, help me, help me to understand the word help me to exalt Jesus Christ. Help me to walk in holiness and purity. Help me to glorify God and my occupation in the details of the home. Help me to love and serve the brethren help me to pray like I ought to help me to wish for things that I want to wish for.

Help me not ultimately honor the father and adore the sign in surrender to the spirit we say yes. Together we sang and we believe it we made it.

Yes, I will listen to you. Oh spirit of God. I will learn from you I will lean on. We together as a body redeemed ones men and women have come to faith in Jesus Christ.

We body say together.

Thank you all. God for this perfect gift of the Holy Spirit.

And yes, we well listen to you. Eagerly we will learn from expected lien entirely.

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