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Judas: The Assassin

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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March 31, 2021 12:00 am

Judas: The Assassin

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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March 31, 2021 12:00 am

There have been many notorious sell-outs and traitors in history. But none of them are quite as infamous as Judas Iscariot. His name is synonymous with betrayal, and his story is the epitome of treachery. But what led this seemingly committed disciple to forsake Jesus Christ for a mere thirty pieces of silver? Where did he go wrong? And more to the point, as far as we're concerned, what are the warnings for us in this account? Stephen is going to remind us that there is a grave difference between being near Christ and being in Christ.

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This blood money. Judas returned to the Laos they gathered it up and then they wanted to do something religious priest felt guilty so they got the Zarate Willis do they said the jealous Caballo field and will allow strangers to be buried in the field and Matthew writing says it's known to this day to be the feel the blood of 30 years after that purchase.

Everybody in Jerusalem knew that field had been purchased with blood money.

What picture of religion. The best they can do. My friend is offering free white as infamous. His name is synonymous with betrayal in his story is the enemy of treachery. But what led this seemingly committed disciple to forsake Jesus Christ for a mere 30 pieces of silver. Where did he go wrong and more to the point as far as were concerned one of the warnings for us in this account today. Stephen Devi answers this profound question for us in his message Judas the assassin will remind us that there's a grave difference between being near Christ and being in Christ came across a story of personal betrayal carried by news in Boston.

A woman announced that she had cancer and was going to begin chemotherapy and her friends. Of course, and family rally behind her.

She course with the effects of chemo, including loss of her hair didn't seem to work.

She reported to them. Her friends and family that she would try some experimental drugs and her insurance was not going to cover it so they are rallying behind her raise some $40,000 only to find out that her cancer was a hoax. She had cut her own hair to appear to have gone through chemotherapy and she had spent all the money on a new car in vacation and other personal items and you think how utterly despicable is that the trail is interesting to me that the American Heritage dictionary defines betrayal as to be false or disloyal to give aid or information to an enemy. And what I found interesting is within his primary and secondary meanings in a dictionary they gain is an illustration of this word.

Judas and his betrayal of Jesus Christ and you take all of the stories of betrayers and traders and conspirators and you do not come close to the shocking, self-centered, callous betrayal for this demonically inspired man named Judas he was one of his own disciple Judas stands out as one of the men who missed Easter a most tragic illustration of the trail. In fact, his name is been shunned for now. 2000 years no one would ever dare name their son Judas's name mean betrayal now to our mind and around the world. Dealing treacherously with another giving aid to an enemy violating Legion.

What I want to do this morning is taking a five or six scenes rather quickly from the biblical account of Judas as we try to uncover why someone so close to Jesus would betrayal and more importantly, what is it say about the world of humanity and even more importantly than that. What might it say about us. If you have your Bibles in your gonna try to keep up, started Matthew chapter 10 and look at verse two, Matthew 10 verse two is where the disciples are simply listed. In fact if you look at all the list of the disciples you'll find Judas is always last. And in the last part of verse two Judas is identified as Judas Iscariot. The one who betrayed him and you want to notice at least that he is included. I don't believe the Judas was first called in at that moment believe that he would somehow try to deceive the Lord to betray him. In hindsight, however, we can see things about Judas that created the background for this ultimate defection and treason. Let me give you two or three of them. First of all we know from the record of Scripture, the Judas had an attraction.

The money he had an attraction. The money and he would deceive and lie to get it in John chapter 12 the incident is where Mary comes and pours the costly ointment on the feet of Jesus. A wonderful act of obedience and Judas comes office charities is what why are you doing that without a cell. That ointment and give the money to the poor and how religious that's out how sanctimonious, how do you argue against that is worth 200 and area.

I said we ought to sell it. Give the money to the poor. No one argued with them. Just a few days before the crucifixion of the mask of Judas is slipping he is actually implying that in the change that Jesus is selfish. How can you Lord, he implies, how can you accept this costly gift when you could give it to the poor and if, however, John's commentary, we would miss out on some insight in the Judas's own heart and character for John as this in verse six. Now he said this, not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief and he had the money box and used to pilfer what was put into it other words, now this interchange three years in the ministry.

Judas is more dishonest than ever is more deceitful and callous and coldhearted than ever. Factoring of years of sitting under the minister the greatest preacher to ever walk the face of the earth.

He is hardened out of the open is believing he's following but inside he's lying is stealing, pilfering the Greek word gives us our transliterated Word kleptomania he's stealing his brothers. Why every chance he can listen on the outside everything look good to the point where he would say all, why would you ever do that when all of the poor need the money. When his own poor brother.

Think about for the disciples work they did on anything. They borrowed houses asleep in the barn food to eat. They borrowed you to write a new Jerusalem there barn ships to sail on and all the while Judas is taking what little they had pilfering on the outside. You look good for the problem that we have, in fact, perhaps even exacerbated by the scenes that we have seen on the screen is that we picture Judas as some guilty looking guy anyway. He some crooked guy anyway he got beady little eyes. You know if he rose the service we now all I know that that would be the one right. I knew by his eyes. I could tell little boys that is killing Kenny's teacher was asking who betrayed Jesus and Kenny raises in an answer. Judas the scariest is probably how we feel. We know he's getting scary sinister extra biblical writings assume this is true, and so they create all these fanciful stories by Judas to try to come up with something logical that this would be the guy you have to be evil incarnate. He was after Satan possessed them. But not until then one apocryphal writing entitled story. Joseph of Arimathea taught that Judas was actually a member of Caiaphas's family and he was sent to the very outset of Jesus's ministry to infiltrate the disciples saw the very beginning there was this sinister plot and he did everything he could fanciful one even more fanciful apocryphal book called the acts of Pilate recorded the Judas went home after the betrayal and found his wife roasting a chicken and the fire. When he told her that he was planning to kill himself because he was afraid Jesus would rise from the dead to take vengeance on him is wife responded by saying, sarcastically, will Jesus will know more rise from the dead, than the chicken I'm cooking will jump out of the fire and crow that is to the chicken came back the light jumped out of the fire and crowed when writing from the 12th century called the legendary Lara claimed that the parents of Judas knew there was something diabolical about a very early age, they threw into the sea, hoping to destroy them. You know they knew he was the devil fits well with the movies that are out.

I just knew this man was the devil.

And so even as a little baby was thrown into the sea. This record states that he managed to survive and it grew to adulthood than he married a beautiful older widow who turned out to be his own mother and these bizarre extra biblical false pieces of literature are simply concocted because they all bear our own nature. We want to try to figure out and demonstrate the vileness of Judah.

It has to be obvious that the record of Scripture does not bear that out entirely.

In fact, he was chosen to administrate the money because evidently he was the one most likely to take care. He was the one most trusted to handle their meager funds. He was perhaps not some aloof, sinister man. He might've been as one author said jovial and outgoing in the supper room scene will look at a moment when Jesus announced the one of them would betray him. All eyes did not turn Judas right nobody said I knew it was Judas know all of them said is it me, and he has such respect among the disciples when Jesus accepted the gift of ointment on his feet by Mary and he came off the seat and he said all we should so that he had such respect that no disciple rebuked him. They should've he had an attraction of money. We know that was the deeper secret of his life that would lead to greater masquerading and ultimately lead to part of his downfall but he also had an affection for Jerusalem is even greater than the first hit an attraction of money that he and affection for Jerusalem. He, like all his brothers thousand Jews living around Jerusalem thrilled to hear Jesus talking about establishing the throne of David, thrilled to think of a throne thrilled to think of the restored people of God. You understand, Judas is passionate about Jerusalem.

He loves his country he loves his people and he was thrilled when this one came along saying I can restore the throne. Frankly, we would have selected him to be an elder or deacon he would've been a preferred teacher. He would've been outgoing and respectable, and perhaps even dynamic when Jesus appeared. He said you know there's somebody here seems to have divine power capable of overthrowing Roman setting up the people of God in restoring Jerusalem back to its glory and greatness.

I think will follow him.

The third thing I would bring out is that Judas also had an avid hatred for room and that was probably greater than all the previous to combine.

He hated Rome he's identified in Matthew 10 for and throughout his Judas Iscariot Iscariot relates to the Latin terms to carry us, which was the designation of a radical Jewish group living in the time of Christ in the first century.

They were called the sick Kari the assassin. They were called the sick Kari after the sea, the dagger that they would hide in a robe and they would take the life of Romans, and disloyal Jews without any thought. Josephus, a Jewish historian to live during the first century, wrote this of these men, which would include Judas there sprang up in Jerusalem, a gang of robbers called sick Kari who slew men in the daytime when they were mingling with the populace at the festivals and hiding short seekers and their garments stabbed with them.

Those that were their enemies the sick Kari were implacable in their hatred to Rome and any Jew who was suspected of leaning toward Rome. This is the profile of Judas and his father Simon who was also designated with this term sick. Kari and John 671. He had grown up in the home of an assassin. He grown up around blind patriots. He grown up around people who hated Rome who long to see Jerusalem restored and they were thieves and killer. But now for a few years to put away his dagger because now will follow one who will overthrow Rome.

Why go around secretly exposing brass myself by killing somebody when I can follow one who will kill all of Rome all put together. I'll follow him. His agenda seems to be mine.

We both want the same thing we want Rome reduced to ash. May I ask you a question. Why do you follow Jesus. Why do you follow him is a good for your business. Does the fish in your logo attract customers is church a great place to swap cards does his agenda seem to be yours as he promised you something you want is the fire insurance from hell. The disingenuousness of your unbelief will be revealed as Judas's was for those who truly do not believe as soon as God's agenda seems to separate from their gender. They are quick to abandon God.

She see Jesus stop talking about the throne, he started talking about dying. He stopped talking about his rulership over all and he started talking about death. Let me take you to the second and third scene there separated by just a few hours. Mark's gospel chapter 14 it's in Mark's gospel where there is the secret meeting. Verse 10 tells us Judas Iscariot, who was one of the 12 went off to the chief priests in order to betray him. In other words, he's tired of the Lord talking about death and dying.

He isn't following my agenda. I want to throne. I want Rome overruled and overthrown.

Now I'm just going to betray him, one hand them over to the religious leaders. Verse 11 and they were glad when they heard this, you can bet they were promised to give them money and began seeking how to betray him at some opportune time. The next scene is in Matthew chapter 26 back there were Matthew fills in the account of the upper room. Judas is already established. The price is Artie met with the leaders he plans to betray the Lord and now in the upper room, you discover this unbelievable out pouring of God's grace. It's amazing Grace, you and I we were the Lord would probably have a little difficulty washing the feet of Peter, but he washed the feet of Judas to we would never give disciples who would deny us and run from us anything to eat. Certainly not the one who would betray us and you, Judas has the seat of honor next to the Lord. It's as if the Lord is giving him ample opportunity to repent and then Jesus makes this announcement truly, truly, I say to you.

Verse 21 object 26, one of you will betray me one of you will betray me. You know this is I think this is an invitation for Judas to come clean his secrets out. Jesus knows and it must have rocked his thoughts and mind to think how did Jesus find out what I seen somebody telling he knows his feet have been washed. Food is in his mouth is in the seat of honor.

Jesus announces he knows the one who will deal treacherously toward me. The one who will aid the enemy. The wand will be disloyal is in this room and Matthew records for us that all of the disciples began to grieve that word means. They began to sob, they began to deeply sob and grieve and every one of them looked at the Lord and said, surely it is not me. Is it Judas merely imitates their shock and grief he sees what they're doing anything so maybe that sounds with me responding to it. So he simply replicates the direction he imitates their grief and he says in verse 25. Surely it is not.

I Rabbi beloved teacher. It is in me. Judas had become a consummate thief for skilled pretender and an angry now, disillusioned, radical who wouldn't get the throne he wanted to have now is a selfish man is going to sell the Lord for 30 pieces of silver for all of us trouble 30 pieces of silver was the first century payment for having accidentally killed somebody else's life. In other words, he saying it was an accident. Ira follow Jesus and killing him will be no more of an issue to me than the killing of somebody's slave. I asked the fourth scene is familiar. It is in the garden were Judas lead several hundred armed soldiers, temple guards and religious leaders are armed to the teeth that come with torches and lanterns for nearly a thousand of them strong in the same chapter of Matthew 26 verse 49. It informs us that Judas came in he embraced Jesus and we have again the image are mine. He comes up to him and he gives him a little peck on the cheek. The word and the intensity of this verb says that he came in he kissed him and he kissed him again and he kissed him again and he kissed him again. This failing expression of affection and emotion. He embraces him and he repeatedly kisses him on the cheek. I cannot imagine the scene where the serpent empowered sinner kisses the cheek of sovereign God. I can only imagine the irony of this embrace reverberated around the universe and all the demonic hordes seeing the serpent embraced this Savior with glee. We have a now religious leaders took them and they must've thought to we now will be rid of him soon HD well and unbelieving agnostic once wrote his blasphemous perspective on God in the world he created. He wrote that the world is like a great stage production produced and managed by God as the curtain rises. The set is perfect. It's a treat to every eye. The characters are resplendent everything goes well into the leading man steps on the hem of the leading ladies down, causing her to trip over a chair which knocks over a lamp which pushes a table into a wall which in turn knocks over the scenery which brings everything down on the heads of the actor. Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes God is running around shouting orders, pulling strings, trying desperately to restore order from chaos. But alas, he is unable to do so. Poor God.

Poor little limited God. There is no poor God here even in the scene. Matthew records in verse 50. The Jesus brush Judas aside. He said friend which came for, it is used for loss. The normal word for friend. He uses a word that just shows respect to a stranger. You can literally render it sir due to come four or even more Woodley sir get it over with no grace. Now, sir, due to came to do and get it out of the way and he brushes him away. John's Gospel fills in the scene by telling us it was then that Christ step forward in the garden and said that these thousand men strong. Whom do you seek need to be identified any torches thinking hide behind a tree.

They need a thousand soldiers, thinking he would resist. He steps forward and says, whom do you seek and they said, Jesus the Nazarene, and incomes that wonderful response where he says to them going me going me. I am that I am. This is the name that God gave to Moses. The Greek Septuagint which Jesus Christ often quoted from the translation of the Old Testament Hebrew into Greek, there that story, God is telling Moses to lead the people. And Moses said you got to give me a name I need to go back and tell them who you are and God said, here's my name going me. Tell them I am that I am so they come to Jesus and they say you were looking for somebody needs is what are you looking for and I say Jesus the Nazarene, and he says I am that I am in the next verse tells us. Every one of those men fell over backward onto the ground flat on their backs, one breath of his omnipotence flattened them. There is no little God here. There is no poor little God here one breath of his divine power slammed them to the ground.

He was a willing lamb who would give them all the help they needed to be able to put him on the cross that he came to die upon and it was planned before the foundation of the world. Can you imagine Judas having been brushed aside. Having been exposed again to this demonstration of divine power.

Can you imagine what he was thinking as he's lying flat on his back. Another scene takes place before the members of the Sanhedrin in Matthew 27 verse three records what happens when Judas who betrayed him, saw that he had been condemned, he felt remorse.

This is not repentance. By the way the world feels remorse. They feel guilty when they done something wrong. The word for repentance better know which means the turning from sin and the turning toward God is not used here. He just feels bad because he's betrayed innocent blood.

In fact that's what he says and then he receives from them. Great condemnation and they condemn themselves. Of course as well and he knew he had no hope. Now he will take his life. Verse five tells us that Judas through the silver into the Neos. The sanctuary, he literally pitched it into the Neos. That was the holy place.

That's really the priest could go. It's as if Judas said I don't want to make sure that only a priest can go after it. I'm gonna force the priests you crooked priest to gather the money. The blood money and so he threw it into the nail, forcing them to go under treatment were no Gentile or non-priest could go. Then he went out and hanged himself is because Dunaway's vision failed his heart hardened. The final scene is this hillside where Judas hung himself by comparing the gospel accounts.

He evidently hung himself from a limb, but either the limb broke or more than likely the rope broke after he died in his body fell he fell down the side of the hill. Evidently that limb was going across some ravine work extending out into it and were told that he literally became disemboweled utterly horrible death. He literally tore open but it is ironic to me to consider the while Jesus hung on his tree.

Judas was hanging from on one tree is the Savior and on the other tree, the one who represents all the unbelieving unrepentant world deceived by the serpent, who seem to embrace Christ who seem to want Christ seem to follow him or some religion who are headed for judgment.

Our staff is been rejoicing the last couple of weeks we've had a number of men and women adults come to faith in Jesus Christ. Through a series of different events all unrelated but just things happening around here. These ones who've come to faith in Christ have something in common El Greco church. They all would never of denied. The Bible is God's book.

They would not of denied Jesus as the son of God. They knew the gospel, but they never taken time to consider how the gospel related to them. One man who turned somewhat skeptical about the whole thing had begun attending colonial for a few weeks just in the last couple of months.

His wife came to visit with me and we prayed for him and his wife told me I doesn't believe in God but he likes to hear you preach and I wouldn't quite sure how to take that a few weeks ago. This man was sitting at a men's gathering and admitted one of the men there and he wasn't a believer. He was at a church activity and admitted he wasn't a believer and the man asked him the gospel and he said oh you offered. I don't believe in this man with great insight said you need to hear it again and shared with him the gospel again. Do you know what that all we like sheep have gone astray. We turned every one of us to runway that it pleases the father to bruises on the delay upon him the iniquity of us all that he, having died and paid the penalty for our sin, being God could pay an eternal price for that sin. And he rose from the dead to offer forgiveness and life to those who come to him alone and admit their sinfulness and the wretchedness and their unbelief.

When he finished sharing with this man the gospel. They were both in tears and this man who I've had a chance to talk with is my brother in Christ said I want to pray. I would give my life to Jesus Christ. Perhaps you're like that man right now in church but not truly believing in the evidence of it will be the tomorrow you will set them aside. July Judas will go about your own agenda, and perhaps even one day walk away from him, the one you never truly followed. To begin with Matthew informs us in his gospel account that this blood money. Judas returned that each one of the Neos they gathered it up and then they wanted to do something religious priest felt guilty so they got together.

They said latte Willis did a study generalist via field and will allow strangers to be buried in the field will do something magnanimous well via field and anybody that landed more as a stranger is not attached, maybe wandering through the village or the town and dies will give him a plot will bury them there in Matthew writings as it's known to this day to be the field of blood and I was 30 years after that purchase. Everybody in Jerusalem knew that field had been purchased with blood money, but I couldn't help but think the daily reminder that they would have been Jerusalem for having rejected would be a cemetery. What a perfect picture of religion. The best they can do.

My friend offer you three great we are here to declare the living Lord Jesus Christ offers you forgiveness. Life lasting place your faith, give your life to him. This is wisdom for the heart in our Bible teacher, Stephen Devi is the pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about working to continue thinking about the circumstances of Jesus death and resurrection as this week unfolds tomorrow.

Stephen begins a two-part series called resurrection power.

I hope you been with us for that between now and then.

Please continue to interact with us on our website or our you'll find us online at wisdom online.thanks for listening and please leave that tomorrow

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