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From the Lips of Angels, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 19, 2020 7:00 am

From the Lips of Angels, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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The book of Revelation depicts the scene where an angel makes a declaration about God's enemy Babylon has fallen the pride of the Christ, the world system everybody under the title and term Babylon.

The angel shouts from on high. The obituary of Babylon has already been read. Babylon has fallen no matter what the stars might throughout this when we come to chapter 14 of Revelation. God finally sends the answer in that chapter. Revelation 14 we read of a series of angels making a series of proclamations. One of those is the proclamation that Babylon is fallen, what is that me.

What does Babylon even refer to and how does it relate to us.

Stay with us because were going to learn some very practical principles today here on wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi Stevens working his way through a series called a preview of things to come.

Today's lesson is part two of a message called from the lips of angels today. Obviously, the church is responsible for the proclamation of the gospel, but here in the tribulation. The methods of God now shift. We have 144,000 Jewish evangelists that are uniquely gifted and unable to preach the gospel, you have the two witnesses that can't be put to death until God saw how to deliver the gospel you have those who certainly do believe the gospel message delivered by those evangelists who deliver the gospel to their friends and family and now here you have an angel that I know I fully respect Oswald Chambers and his wonderful devotional that sort of began this idea that an angel can't and doesn't preach the gospel. The problem I have is with the text of Scripture that says an angel will preach the gospel is an everlasting gospel, the word is used that is used throughout the New Testament. This gospel however is not unique and it is not altered in any way. In fact, there are just nuances of the gospel that are used throughout the New Testament. This what is called an eternal gospel that that means it's timeless it's unchanged is the same gospel.

In fact, it is been preached throughout human history. The elements are on changing man is sinful man is in need of atonement. Man is in trouble with God. Man needs to be say and preach Christ times they look toward the cross and the one would come to suffer from Adam to Isaiah they were waiting for the suffering one upon whom the father would place the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53 verse six they look forward to having their sins fully atoned for by the son of God, the ancient world. Look forward to the cross and we look back to the cross of Christ where he bore our sins in his body on the tree that weeping that the sin could live in a righteousness first Peter 224 listen the matter where you go in the world. The intuitive understanding of guilt and sin is there in every human heart. The need for the gospel is apparent in real and no matter where you go in the world you find mankind trying to deal with the reality of sin staying of sin. I watch people scrubbing themselves in the putrid water of the Ganges River. Hindu pilgrims believing that that river was a gift that dripped down from the locks of their God. She thought so the mortals could have their souls paved and set free for that desire.

The Bible tells us of the law of God is written on their hearts. Mankind the world over intuitively understand the concept of some need for atonement.

So the eternal gospel is not new and it is not somehow bound in one culture is the gospel of the Lamb. The merits of atonement this one. We believe this is the Bible tells us who paid in his death, the sacrifice not only for our sins but the sins of the world first John chapter 2 verse two.

This is the gospel, and this is why we deliver the gospel to the world the gospel has all sorts of nuances and viewpoints is called the gospel of the kingdom. Matthew 423 it's called the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mark one verse one the gospel of the grace of God. Acts 2024. The gospel of God. Mark 114 the gospel of the glory of Christ, that means now were talking about the gospel and happens to glorify Jesus Christ to contribute for for the gospel of salvation Ephesians 113, the gospel of peace.

Ephesians 615 in the glorious gospel. First Timothy 111. When you understand that the word means.

Good tidings he is saying now this good tidings happens to be timeless. It is eternal.

This is then the eternally good news about Christ, the eternally good news about the grace of God, the eternally good news about the glory of Christ, the eternally good news about the true path to peace with God and on. And here you have the gospel John writes being preached by an angel, and it is consistent with the gospel preached by Paul and the apostles. Now notice verse seven and he said with a loud voice feared God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment is come tells mankind to do a couple of things feared God.

Remember this is in the middle of the tribulation where to turn to Christ would probably mean death.

They would be afraid of the antichrist. He saying don't be afraid of him. Don't fear him, feared God.

Not only does the angel preach from the sky for mankind to fear God, but also to glorify God give them the glory that is elevated the world for the most part is falling at the feet of the antichrist or their deifying him there, giving them honor their exalting his name there wearing yet many of them on their right hand or on their forehead glorify God instead the angel said and what happens to be the one area where mankind throughout human history and in our generation has trouble glorifying God creation. In fact, that's the text that's the theme, so to speak, of the angel he happens to be worthy of worship.

Why, because he made the heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of water. This is the gospel of creationism. It is the gospel that is tied to the creator God without a creator God. There is no gospel delivered to us, anyone will deliver a gospel outside of creationism is delivering a different gospel in our generation is running after like never before. There've always been theories of origins in our Western world. Over the last 150 years it is been that promoted by Darwin and his theory of origins's theory of evolution and now more than ever that only the world outside the church but the church is honoring and bringing glory to him in a unique way started in many be missed invited to, but in February 2006, they decided there should be a special Sunday marked evolution Sunday in honor of Darwin's birthday which is in February. February 12 supporter said their religious services and sermons on evolution were designed. Can you imagine a sermon on evolution.

What text would you guess the reverse version of these services were plain. I called to stand up to creationism, which holds to a literal interpretation of the Bible. I mean somebody's just got to stand up to the, as it were, the majority voice somebody said in 2007.

It was so wildly popular because imagine that they changed it from evolution Sunday to evolution weekend so that more quote faith systems don't care about Sunday could play a part in the role. In February 2009 I celebrated again.

We missed it. I just went right over my head more than 12,000 ministers in America and churches participated in over 400 rabbis participated to do a lot to honor the work of Darwin and his theory of origins over and against those who would take the Scriptures literally and I guarantee you, not one of those services had anything from Romans chapter 1 in the bulletin that day. When you read it again for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth. What truth are you talking about in this text poll will that which is known about God is evident, for God made it evident to them.

How since the creation of the world his invisible attributes of power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made so that they are without excuse for even though they knew that is intuitively about God. They did not glorify God they did not give God glory for creating the universe all or is this in the apostle Paul was writing this in the face of this culture which was filled with evolutionary pantheists.

Susan knew the gospel in the first century was already confronting Buddhism, which had reached the Mediterranean world, teaching their own theories of evolution. The church was delivering Romans chapter 1 to a world of Stoics and Gnostics who disbelieved in a personal God and and a special creation. They were the scholars of Paul's generation so how important is creationism to the gospel.

So glad you asked me that you be three statements to answer it in honor of Darwin's birthday number one the credibility of Jesus Christ requires creationism. If creationism is truth in Jesus Christ preached error and believed falsehood. He said on one occasion recorded in Mark's gospel chapter 10 verse six.

From the beginning of creation God made them male and female he didn't say I 3 millions of years of evolving male and female human beings evolved no at the beginning. At the beginning stage you render it he created them male and female. Now he wasn't just saying that because he happened to be around more than that. John's Gospel recorded this way in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word what was God. Later in the chapter jobs. If you misted the word tabernacle among us.

It is Jesus Christ. Verse two. The chapter says all things came into being through him, and apart from him nothing came into being that has come into being enclosed every loophole possible in the text. So how is Jesus Christ wasn't just casually present at creation. He was the creative power behind creation.

So for those that might tell you that while you creation is only in Genesis and the rest of the Bible is a make a big deal about it. My friend, the credibility of Jesus Christ, hangs upon it.

Number two. Not only does the credibility of Christ require the gospel of Christ is tied to it can be no mistaking the apostle Paul said this in another text as he preached to the intelligentsia of his day: the professors and philosophers together and he said this to them.

In acts 14. We preach the gospel to you there again is that word used in Revelation 14 we preach the gospel to you.

What is it Paul what's the nuance this time that you want to bring up out of this gospel truth. He said that you should turn from these veins, saying to a living God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in why should Paul's audience turn from their idols and their vein speculations because the gospel introduced to them of this true and living God is the gospel of a creator God who made all there is only is the credibility of Christ tied to creationism in the gospel tied to creationism.

Thirdly, the future judgment of the world is tied to creator God. Go back to your text in Revelation 14 a look again at verse seven. Fear God and give him glory.

Why, because the hour of his judgment is come. So, you'd better implied worship him and why should we worship him because he happens to be the God who made the heavens and the earth. See, and even the springs of water world may not want to deal with a creator God now, but Revelation tells us it will deal with him in the future evolution eliminates the God of Genesis, but it has a big problem.

They've got the God of revelation to deal with the first book in the last book revealed the truth, and in light of the coming day of judgment.

The angel preaches the gospel of repentance and faith eases honor and glorify and worship creator God, my friends. Can you imagine and I'll get office in amenability to units.

It struck me all over again but can you imagine the utter folly of a church and and a minister sermon of service honoring instead of creator God. Evolution. Imagine the utter folly of that is the church that lost is the church that board with the gospel. I believe it is listened by the grace of God.

Our church will never have evolution Sunday night were not even going to have evolution Monday or Tuesday. We we don't celebrate evolution Sunday, we do celebrate resurrection Sunday and we do want to see transformation Sunday happened over and over and over again. We honor and exalt and worship. Just as this angel encourages the world to do our creator. Lord, who happens to be coming to judge the world. That's the first angel I thought I did offer a bit.

I won't let me. Let me at least get to the second look at verse eight and another angel is the second. This is the gospel of consummation second and followed saying fall and fall and Babylon the great, she was made all the nations drink of the line of the passion of her of her immorality. Now we will table this for the most part until we get the revelation chapter 17, where Babylon is revealed to us in the symbolism of mystery Babylon, but for now understand Babylon.

This is a categorical term for idolatry, I believe, among other things. Babylon was founded in Genesis chapter 10 by idolater, an evil man named Nimrod became the site of the first organized system of idolatry in human history. They built the tower of Babel or Babel. They built this tower. Genesis 11 forces used top would reach into heaven understand that Hebrew text a little better when you understand what he saying is the top literally represented heaven working to try to bill is so tall it just capitalized.

Imagine as a kid you know he breaks it take to reach heaven well that misinterpretations. Unfortunately, the Hebrew literally means it just the top represented heaven the Babylonians developed the zodiac. They began to effectively bow before the movements of the stars and planets believing their lives would be governed not by creator God, but by created star.

How popular is the religion of Nimrod the day, millions of people have their devotions in it every morning, devoted to the horoscope believing that their lives are somehow irreversibly affected by the sign in the movements. It is pagan religion is another gospel. Babylon was the first system of idolatry devised by mankind. Here's the fascinating point to consider is humanity was united in its first idolatrous false religion at Babylon, so it will again be united in the end times under the name Babylon history will come full circle fascinating starts with Babylon.

It ends with this one world religion idolatry and Babylon but you notice that the angel speaks here of Babylon as if it is already fallen, fallen, fallen, he speaks twice. It is emphasis and certainty that he is delivering in his message in this gospel tied Babylon has fallen.

In fact, from his vantage point.

It is as good as done. In other words, we know Babylon hasn't fallen yet. This is a preview of things to come. The pride of the antichrist. The world system everybody under the title and term Babylon. The angel shouts from on high.

The obituary Babylon has already been written. Babylon has fallen no matter what the stars might say, no matter how secure it seemed no matter how many millions say this gospel is the true gospel. I remember touring one year from a Christian college while I was in college, the singing group.

You gotta use your imagination. I used to sing base very well but they let me go when when I went through that I realize what God was doing because it was during that tour and I began to preach and was of the designated hitter with the other two guys were supposed to be really didn't want to go to high school assemblies.

Christian schools two and three times a day as we traveled and preached and sang and 200 different churches and schools in.

I have volunteered and God began to use that turn me from wanting to be a history teacher to becoming a pastor teacher, but I get the teaching history every chance I get. At any rate, we are out in California and we took an afternoon to tour one of the major Hollywood film studios. If you knew anything about my Christian college, you would know why we didn't ask for permission to do that. It's been long enough. I think I can confess that now I'm safe, but we we took a tour of a Hollywood film studio in our tour included some amazing movie sets trained animal demonstrations. Stunt shows behind-the-scenes look at how movies were made worse will back a ways, but I never forget my amazement at how the film industry had so successfully creatively fooled the American public. They can make anything look real. This is really going to date me, but they showed us the set for the $6 million man and if you remember that. Let me see a lot of old people in here terrible acting but I love that show $6 million man they they showed as having how how they may look like a jump to the top of the building. He just standing there and the screen behind him had projected onto the building and he job and they'd scroll the building down and then he landed a course doing it at any roses not jumping to the top of the billing is really bad, bad acting. At any rate, that was pretty slick back then. Our tour letters to upon her jaws was filmed. Remember that movie that scared an entire generation. Back on the beach that plastic head of a shark that they'd covered with water resistant paint that was it. What struck me the most. However, on the tour was walking down a short alley and being shown. Leave it to beaver's home. How many of your old enough to remember that quite as many. Remember, that's where his dad were neck typing cutting the grass and his mother cook dinner and high heels and address she put on gloves so there was a difference there. Remember that member the opening to the Shada care would pan their run home from school or something and it pans the neighborhood in their lawn and then that big two-story house and it was just the perfect setting, and he go to the front door. We went to the we saw that house in the houses next door there were nothing more than sheets of plywood nailed embraced in a front door that opened into the back alley you would around the back as we did. You conceal the two by fours bracing the plywood fašade that had been painted to look like home. It was inviting it look good and it is the two-story house you want to have millions of people watched beaver go through that front door was all make-believe ladies and gentlemen, Satan and his angels have done an incredible job presenting their versions of the gospel from the beginning of time. Life after death how to wash away your sin with tone for your guilt. Heaven how to get there. Sounds real. It looks inviting Babylon looks solid looks permanent when compared to Scripture it's all make-believe. It is religious plywood propped up with counterfeit visions and false prophets and angels of light and plagiarized texts and it is plywood thin friend today. You can believe those gospel tightens of any number of angels.

I commend you to this angel in Revelation that will tell you. You have every reason to be concerned that you might be following gospel message. The key truth to reflect upon today is what Stephen just said is it possible that you're following the wrong gospel. That question is worth your reflection have you been saved by Christ we've seen today that the message of the gospel is both a warning and an assurance. I hope that for you.

It's assurance if you joined us part way through this lesson you've been listening to wisdom for the heart. The Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey, we have a resource that clarifies the message of the gospel we call it God's wisdom for your heart.

We have it printed up as a small brochure that you can share with people in your life that resource is available at our website. We also have God's wisdom for your heart posted online so you can read it there and it's on the landing page of our app so you can have it with you wherever you go. I hope it's an encouragement to you and I hope it's a valuable tool you can use to share the message of the gospel with others.

If we can help you today. Please call us at 86 648 Bible Candace and her team of volunteers are always eager to speak with you will return to this series on Monday. Tomorrow is one of our question and answer broadcast to join us for that right here on wisdom for the heart

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