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From the Lips of Angels, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 18, 2020 7:00 am

From the Lips of Angels, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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God the heavens and the earth. What's the connection between creationism and the gospel. The gospel in the first century was already confronting Buddhism, which had reached the Mediterranean world, teaching their own theories of evolution. The church was delivering Romans chapter 1 to a world of Stoics and Gnostics who disbelieve in a personal God and and a special creation. So how important is creationism to the gospel. Is that true God really is there some other explanation for how the universe came into existence.

Or could it be that the universe itself is eternal and didn't have a beginning. Some people think that your view on creation is really not that important. Even some Christians think that way. Stephen Davey is going to challenge that perspective. Today there are some far-reaching implications related to God, being the creator and working a look at some of them here on wisdom for the hearts open your Bible to Revelation 14 as we get started with this lesson called from the lips of angels has it ever occurred to you every major religion believes in angels. Is it any wonder that Scripture delivered a warning to the first century church that if an angel from heaven, delivered a gospel contrary to the gospel delivered by the apostles.

That church was to consider the messenger accursed. Galatians 19 it's interesting to me as I read that text again that Paul does not rule out the possibility of an angel delivering the gospel. He doesn't say all that will never happen. Don't worry about know his point assumes the possibility and what he does do is warn the believer that if an angel comes and delivers a different gospel don't listen.

In other words, you would know that it is wrong not because an angel is delivering it you know it's wrong because an angel is delivering another gospel and you evaluate the meaning of the gospel. What a needed warning today study the major religions of the world and you will discover many of the basic foundational beliefs on messages from angels.

The history of Islam traces its roots to the great prophet Mohammed, receiving his call from the angel Gabriel receiving instruction from Gabriel about what teachers followers as the prophet of God, he would follow what he received from Gabriel this information he would recite to his followers, but it is a different gospel, the prophecies of Mohammed effectively demoted Jesus to being one of only six merely six prophets. The last one of course being Mohammed to further reveal the differences between between Mohammed's gospel of the gospel of Christ. Mohammed taught the Christ did not die on the cross to atone for the sins of mankind. In fact, it was Judas who died on the cross instead of Christ. According to Islam.

Your hope for heaven is in being a faithful Islam following the articles of faith in the five pillars of faith which will allow you to earn your way into their version of heaven. The angel of Islam preaches a different and another gospel. Buddhism is another world religion in tune with voices from the spirit world effectively teaching to find salvation in yourself. It also is a different gospel in one of his final messages. The dying Buddha was instructing a young monk and others as he gave his parting advice which immediately would be understood as tragic by the believer in the gospel of Christ. I called him he said I am old now. My journey nears its and I reached my some of days.

80 years old you speaking of his followers must be your own lion. You must be your own refuge take refuge in nothing outside yourselves hold firm to this truth as a lamp, and the refuge and do not look to anything or anyone besides yourself conquer the cravings and depressions of ordinary men. Whoever among you speaking specifically to my monks. Does this either now or when I am dead if he is anxious to learn this, he will reach the summit. Whatever you do, look for salvation anywhere else but within this is another gospel different gospel. One of the world's fastest-growing religions as Mormonism will not slow down quite a bit of the last decade. They believe that Elohim and their gospel came to the planet had relations with Mary so that Jesus could be given a physical body. The plan of salvation begin. Jesus grew up. He married Mary Magdalene lien. Mary and Martha after his death and resurrection. He came to the Americas and preached to the Indians, who Mormonism believes are the lost tribes of Israel.

By the way, this particular belief is created quite a problem because of the discovery of DNA is having a bit of a problem connecting Native American Indians. The Jewish people, no matter the minor point.

They say, according to their gospel.

The last living follower of Jesus recorded God's plan of salvation by writing it on golden plates and ancient Egyptian symbols for 1400 years. They lay undiscovered until a direct descendent of Jesus and his wives by the name of Joseph Smith discovered the tablets and with the help of an angel from heaven, translated delivering this gospel. What they believed to be the completed gospel and in the completed gospel faithful Mormons will one day inhabit their own planets and live as polygamists. God's spawning races for all of eternity.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is another gospel. So just these three religions angels are involved, spirit guides have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world and evidently these angels from heaven are really communicating very well at each other because there delivering conflicting contradictory versions of the gospel.

Joseph Fielding Smith, one of the presidents of the church Mormon church in his path named after its founder Rhoda my quote there is no salvation without accepting Joseph Smith. No man can reject his testimony without incurring the most dreadful consequences, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

This is another gospel decide which gospel you will place your faith in believing it will take you to heaven. Exercise faith that will require faith with either Angel that you listen to the apostles taught there is salvation in no one else other than Christ. Acts 412. This is the gospel which we hold to and believe by faith toward gospel comes from the Greek word going Kelly on. It's simply means good news can mean tidings is a word that references a message the first century the apostles knew well the use of the word gospel is as good news. We have illustrations centuries old, tying the word to religion even more than that, we can see throughout history how the enemy of the gospel of Christ counterfeits indices by using phraseology and terminology to deliver another gospel archaeologist as one illustration found the white stone or spell upon which was delivered a message the gospel that the word gospel is used it. It was in reference to Caesar Augustus was written about 27, 30, 32 years before the birth of Christ. It was nothing more than political propaganda, which celebrated the glory of the first Emperor of the Roman Empire Caesar Augustus, listen to the phraseology written on this carved into the stone. The edict said delivered this message that God had sent Caesar addresses to earth to be a Savior so tear same word used of Christ is coming to earth brought peace's birth was said to be the beginning of a life and breath His Honor. It said was to last forever. In the needed close by saying that the birthday of Augustus, quote was the beginning for the world of the gospel, the good news.

No wonder when Paul and John proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. There message faced immediate conflict there gospel was different from the gospel of Rome.

Those who delivered it in those early centuries, especially would pay with their lives. The word gospel will appear one time in the book of Revelation right in the middle of that word going Kelly on. We get our word evangelism right in the middle of that word is the word angel. The gospel is a message and angels. The word simply means messenger delivering the tidings effect the Greeks use the word evangelist we use the word evangelist. They would talk about children who delivered a message.

Women, slaves, animals, people, ambassadors were angels and they would use the word for them because they carried a message effect when the runner brought the good tidings that Athens had defeated the Persians and he ran from Marathon to Athens and delivered the tidings they said that that he was an angel. He was simply bearing the message. Angels are indeed messengers. Even angels who appear in the Scriptures obviously just do a quick review and Daniel, an angel delivers a message Daniel Lake to the priest and father of of John the baptizer. Luke chapter 1, an angel delivers a message, angels brought messages to the shepherds and look to to Philip and asked a to the women outside Christ's empty tomb in Matthew 28 and Paul in acts 27 and we discover as we already have in our exposition of the book of Revelation. Angels have a have a great part to play in end times in the gospel account where Christ is talking about the end times. He informs us that angels will gather the unbelieving world corralling them all for judgment. Matthew 13. They will also gather the believers for glory. Matthew 24 they accompany the Lord Jesus when he returns to earth and triumph.

Matthew 25 and they initiate disasters upon the earth as we see already in Revelation chapter 8 and now is John the apostle records. This preview of even more things to come, and gives a sort of an aerial view of things that will take us right into the kingdom he delivers to us his mom's vision of three angel a trio of angels who deliver a message. The first angel delivers the message of creationism. The second angel delivers the message of the gospel of consummation and the third angel delivers the message of condemnation and God is effectively graciously offering sinners worldwide. One more opportunity to repent before the final judgment of his wrath.

Let's discover where that word is used and why is we go back and rejoin our study in Revelation chapter 14 and we pick it up at verse six and I saw another angel flying in midheaven. Where's that what the Greek word refers to that point in the sky where the sun stands as it were, at high noon. In other words, nobody can miss him.

He's high enough so the antichrist can shoot them down. Nobody can touch up that I imagine in my mind is this angel now at high noon literally circles the globe.

Millions of people will pour out of their homes and out of buildings in the streets and fields to watch and to listen as this angel delivers a rather interesting message I remember and only want to get on with the text but just for a moment.

Remember, by this time in the tribulation the world has seen its share of travesties and disasters and miracles of the antichrist is been brought back to life by this time he is demanding now that the world take his mark the sum of his name. 666 all of the world. While all the world hasn't and will have an opportunity to buddies pushing for this for this agenda.

He's he's wanting all the bow and give him glory. God is also pouring one judgment after another upon earth title waves.

Earthquakes, pestilences, one out of every four people have already at this point, died on the planet. The world has run out of coffin. They can keep up if there was ever a time to sell that to say this if there was ever a time when mankind would be ready to hear the gospel, it would be now. So here comes an angel in the sky, delivering the gospel the first of three appears. Notice the text tells us that this angel has an eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth today. Obviously, the church is responsible for the proclamation of the gospel, but here in the tribulation. The methods of God now shift. We have 144,000 Jewish evangelists that are uniquely gifted and enabled to preach the gospel, you have the two witnesses that can't be put to death until God saw allow who deliver the gospel you have those who certainly do believe the gospel message delivered by those evangelists who deliver the gospel to their friends and family and now here you have an angel that I know and I fully respect Oswald Chambers and his wonderful devotional that sort of began this idea that a an angel can't and doesn't preach the gospel. The problem I have is with the text of Scripture that says an angel will preach the gospel is an everlasting gospel, the word is used that is used throughout the New Testament. This gospel however is not unique and it is not altered in any way.

In fact, there are just nuances of the gospel that are used throughout the New Testament. This what is called an eternal gospel that that means it's timeless it's unchanged. It is the same gospel. In fact, it is been preached throughout human history. The elements are on changing man is sinful man is in need of atonement. Man is in trouble with God. Man needs to be say in pre-Christ times they look toward the cross and the one would come to suffer from Adam to Isaiah they were waiting for the suffering one upon whom the father would place the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53 verse six they look forward to having their sins fully atoned for by the son of God, the ancient world. Look forward to the cross and we look back to the cross of Christ where he bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we, being dead to sin could live in a righteousness first Peter 224 listen the matter where you go in the world. The intuitive understanding of guilt and sin is there in every human heart. The need for the gospel is apparent in real and no matter where you go in the world he find mankind trying to deal with the reality of sin staying of sin. I watch people scrubbing themselves in the putrid water of the Ganges River.

Hindu pilgrims believing that that river was a gift that dripped down from the locks of their God. Shiva, so the mortals could have their souls paved and set free with a confident desire Bible tells us that the law of God is written on their hearts. Mankind the world over intuitively understands the concept of some need for atonement. So the eternal gospel is not new and it is not somehow bound in one culture is the gospel of the Lamb. The merits of atonement this one. We believe this is the Bible tells us who paid in his death, the sacrifice not only for our sins but the sins of the world first John chapter 2 verse two.

This is the gospel, and this is why we deliver the gospel to the world the gospel has all sorts of nuances and viewpoints is called the gospel of the kingdom.

Matthew 423 it's called the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mark one verse one the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts 2024. The gospel of God. Mark 114 the gospel of the glory of Christ, that means now were talking about the gospel and happens to glorify Jesus Christ to contribute for for the gospel of salvation Ephesians 113, the gospel of peace. Ephesians 615 in the glorious gospel. First Timothy 111. When you understand that the word means.

Good tidings he is saying now this good tidings happens to be timeless. It is eternal. This is then the eternally good news about Christ, the eternally good news about the grace of God, the eternally good news about the glory of Christ, the eternally good news about the true path to peace with God and on and on. And here you have the gospel John writes being preached by an angel, and it is consistent with the gospel preached by Paul and the apostles. Now notice verse seven and he said with a loud voice feared God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Tells mankind to do a couple of things feared God. Remember this is in the middle of the tribulation where to turn to Christ would probably mean death.

They would be afraid of the antichrist. He saying don't be afraid of him.

Don't fear him, feared God, Jesus Christ would say listen, don't fear the one who was able to temporarily hurt your body fear the one that can bring great pain and torment to both body and soul in hell makes your shift from fearing the antichrist of fearing this holy awesome God. Not only does the angel preach from the sky for mankind to fear God, but also to glorify God give them glory that is elevated the world for the most part is falling at the feet of the antichrist or their deifying him there, giving them honor their exalting his name there wearing it.

Many of them on their right hand or on their forehead glorify God instead the angel said and what happens to be the one area where mankind throughout human history and in our generation has trouble glorifying God creation.

In fact, that's the text that's the theme, so to speak, of the angel he happens to be worthy of worship. Why, because he made the heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of water. This is the gospel of creationism.

It is the gospel that is tied to the creator God without a creator God.

There is no gospel delivered to us, anyone will deliver a gospel outside of creationism is delivering a different gospel in our generation is running after like never before.

There've always been theories of origins in our Western world. Over the last 150 years it is been that promoted by Darwin and his theory of origins's theory of evolution and now more than ever that only the world outside the church but the church is honoring and bringing glory to him in a unique way started in many be missed invited to, but in February 2006, they decided there should be a special Sunday marked evolution Sunday in honor of Darwin's birthday which is in February. February 12 supporter said their religious services and sermons on evolution were designed.

Can you imagine a sermon on evolution. What text would I guess the reverse version of these services were plain. I called to stand up to creationism, which holds to a literal interpretation of the Bible. I mean somebody just got to stand up to the, as it were, the majority voice somebody say in 2007. It was so wildly popular Pekin imagine it they changed it from evolution Sunday to evolution weekend so that more quote faith systems don't care about Sunday could play a part in the role. In February 2009 I celebrated again.

We missed it. I just went right over my head more than 12,000 ministers in America and churches participated in over 400 rabbis participated to do what to honor the work of Darwin and his theory of origins over and against those who would take the Scriptures literally and I guarantee you, not one of those services had anything from Romans chapter 1 in the bulletin that day. When you read it again for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth. What truth are you talking about in this text poll will that which is known about God is evident, for God made it evident to them. How since the creation of the world his invisible attributes of power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made so that they are without excuse for even though they knew that is intuitively about God. They did not glorify God they did not give God glory for creating the universe all or is this in the apostle Paul was writing this in the face of this culture which was filled with evolutionary pantheists is a new the gospel in the first century was already confronting Buddhism, which had reached the Mediterranean world, teaching their own theories of evolution. The church was delivering Romans chapter 1 to a world of Stoics and Gnostics who disbelieved in a personal God and and a special creation. They were the scholars of Paul's generation so how important is creationism to the gospel. Stephen has much more to say in answer to the question he just posed but we need to stop here. This lesson is too long to fit into one broadcast tomorrow will do a little bit of review and then bring you the conclusion to this lesson. This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi were in a series called a preview of things to come in this current lesson is entitled from the lips of angels before we leave you today I want to read a really short note that came from a listener in Spring Branch, Texas. He said I'm a retired lieutenant in the Army and it was listening to your broadcast. That led me to go to seminary to be able to further study and understand God's word. Well that's exciting to hear and I wanted to share that because you should know that Stephen is the president of shepherd's theological seminary located right here in Cary, North Carolina. We train pastors and church leaders for a life of ministry. There are online and in person options in various degrees offer, so if you or someone you know is thinking about seminary.

Consider STS well. As I mentioned already. Stephen will bring you the conclusion to this lesson tomorrow. So join us here on wisdom for the hearts

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