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One Nation Under Antichrist

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 28, 2020 1:00 am

One Nation Under Antichrist

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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If only we would have the passion to honor Jesus Christ that he will have this honor Jesus Christ.

The antichrist will be passionate about defying God. I wonder, are we passionate and obeying God. The antichrist is passionate to blaspheme God and his children.

Are we passionate the blessed God and his children.

The antichrist is passionate about corrupting others. Are we passionate about converting five under the singular purpose of opposing God we have the opportunity to live today with the singular purpose of worshiping, obeying and proclaiming God.

It's hard to imagine the world being united around one global leader. What a day will come when the citizens of the world will abandon all of their former beliefs and they will unite under one leader called the antichrist were looking at that time of history today here on wisdom for the heart Stephen baby is in a series from revelation of this lesson is called one nation under antichrist. One of our nation's founders once made the now famous statement man will ultimately be governed by God or by tiring Benjamin Franklin that statement of his was not so much a matter of prophecy as it was history. Study the history of mankind annual you'll see a crowded stage men pushing and shoving to rule each other with no more dignity or wisdom than schoolchildren pushing their way to the front of a recess line. Napoleon thought he would be the one who would create the revived Roman Empire and also create a new dynasty. So convinced was he that he gave his son and heir the title the cane of row, but that statement man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants is also very prophetic.

There is coming a tyrants who will make all the others throughout world history look like beginners, schoolchildren, and we were introduced to this coming tyrant the antichrist.

In Revelation chapter 13 the been with us where he simply referred to as the beast turn there in your Bibles will have time to rehearse our past study where we were introduced to him, but let me just touch on quickly. Some highlights in verse one we learn through assistant symbolic terminology in both Revelation in the book of Daniel, the antichrist has a unified kingdom of 10 horns or 10 kings over which he rules supreme in verse two, we learned that his power comes from. Satan is referred to as the Dragon delegated authority given ultimately from God through him. In verse three we saw that the antichrist was assassinated and resurrected and that counterfeit a resurrection solidified his rule over this coalition of kingdoms in verse three tells us that the whole world was amazed and followed after the beast's rule is now at this moment is supreme. He is the king of row, and the antichrist will succeed where every other tyrant has failed he will create a new world order a revived Roman empire in Europe that will ultimately according to Daniel and Revelation encompass the whole world and I had asked myself the question in my own study.

What is it in the heart man that wants to rule the world. What is it in the heart of man wants to unify the nations of the world have one supreme dictator. Well, you go back to Genesis chapter 11 and were given a little insight. This is a time when mankind's desire was to be unified only so that they could rebel against the authority of God so that they would not need help from anyone. Certainly not God and they would be capable of running the planet all by themselves. By the might of man, that desire has never really fully left the planet as it it surfaces from time to time and kingdoms in countries and leaders only.

This past week as I read the news. One of our former presidents called for the interdependence of nation in order to bring about peace and help the planet survive his speech.

Of course, is not original. Go back in and near past history of the close of World War I Europe in the civilized nations of the world wanted to unify in order to bring about the good of mankind, Woodrow Wilson, in fact called for a new world order and just about every Western leader since Tim has issued a call for a new world system Winston Churchill made it clear when he said some 70 years ago, and I quote him the purpose of a new world order is to bring the world into a one world government said after 1600 years of fighting. When the nations of Europe. There is a lot of frustration.

Isn't that true. In fact, it's interesting that in the last 50 years in our lifetime we have watched the nations of Europe of the major nations laid on her arms come together in what was originally called the common market coalition of United Nations that has now created the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the international criminal Court. The international Court of Justice today in and in Europe and beyond with the United Nations and in that now espouses a world Constitution, a world currency, a world income tax on the planning on sending any money to them and ensure you are neither is there a world military force, a global identification system and what they call with with great fondness world ethic which is nothing more than code for a coming one world religion.

Some world leaders mask their intentions or at least are na´vely innocent of what prophecy records for Austin.

They are constantly using code phrases. Instead, like global management of the rule of world wall collective sovereignty, the interdependence of nation a global village.

Collective security ladies and gentlemen. These are merely catchwords for a one world agenda that don't misunderstand or some wonderful things that have come out of this and are happening because of his effort were enclosed were probably imported were to go out in the car and get on a gizmo call somebody that we probably bought made by some other country that we can safely eat imported foods because of global standards recess the theory I'm a little leery of peanut butter.

Now these days we can use global cooperation in tackling disease and encouraging education and battling poverty. I can travel most of the world today as is.

Can you do many nations that have open borders in respect between countries because of it.

Listen on this side of the rapture on the side of the rapture, we can benefit and maximize these steps of progress or peace for the sake of the gospel.

We just happen to know what it rumbles when it comes out with these phrases we we are watching. Perhaps a wonderful illustration of what will one day happen. Maybe this is the prelude to that very world system that will coalesce under the leadership of the antichrist fact, it's interesting that for the first time in 15 centuries. A unified European coalition has begun that take shape now 27 countries strong in this European Union. We also say this, what is happening in our world may have nothing to do with the end times of the antichrist's Roman empire on planet Earth. It may be blown away by a rogue nation and may be blown apart by some atomic fast finger may be decimated by some world epidemic. We have no idea what God's timetable is, and we certainly don't know the moment when the church will be enraptured in the ensuing tribulation. Begin it could have happened a thousand years ago. It can happen. A thousand years have, however, what we see happening might just be the mixing of the mortar for the bricks of this new empire we just might be listening to the instruments tuning up the prelude about to begin here of the revival of the Roman Empire and every time you turn on the television and read the newspaper perhaps were seeing one more step being taken we have today on the planet is not the tenant kingdom coalition spoken of in Revelation that will be ruled by the antichrist but no doubt it is the basic idea is the economic and political and governmental hope and wish of the world whereby one man we know will use it. He will eventually rise to rule the world and the world will get into it. According to Revelation 13, where I invite your attention again today. It will be engineered by the god of this world, Satan, and there will arise a one world government, a new one world system and it will be political, and economic and it will be religious quote" unity. It will be ladies and gentlemen, a global world system. It will be one nation under antichrist when the world gets its wish that John gives us a more descriptive phrases about the rule of the antichrist. Let's pick up where we left off. First I want to point out to you his global defiance. We stopped at verse four. Let's pick it up in verse five, there was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies. He was given a mouth. One commentator said he was given a mouth and it's a big one to he's going to use it to blaspheme. Like no one else's ever blaspheme God. By the way you want to underline beginning in verse five the four times this phrase appears it was given it was given to him in verse five. A mouth was given to him see the therapy also at the end of verse five. Given to him this authority for 42 months in verse seven, it was also given to him to make war and again. The last part of verse seven was given to him.

The antichrist has for dividends. Given the blaspheme is given the ability to lead the ability to persecute and the right to rule that you might wonder who gave him these things. These given will obviously Satan would be an intermediate source back in verse four tells us that the dragon gave him his own authority. But these four givens that I just drawn your attention to our passive verb forms which pointed to an ultimate source and that source is God, this is all according to God's plan. God's delegated power to the forces of evil which will ultimately bring about the purposes of God for the planet.

The universe and everything that lives in Paris. Imagine the implications though of being given the abilities the anti-to speak with eloquence and persuasiveness and passion and then use that ability to blaspheme God.

I couldn't help but think we we see the same thing on the planet God has given us all that we have all of our abilities. All of our talents in the world will use it to blaspheme him and we can use it to dishonor him as well.

Even as Christians can. But you'll notice in this verse that while God allows blasphemy got also allows him authority. Look at verse five. Again there was given him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blessed and authority to act for 42 months was given not remember the tribulation is. Divided 2 to 3 1/2 year sections are periods first-half is relatively peaceful, even of the world is falling apart because of the wrath of God.

As far as politics and in the rule of law it is experiencing the peace accord, which is yet to be experienced in the Middle East that the antichrist is able to pull, but is around the midpoint of this tribulation. He is assassinated.

As we study these miraculously resurrected, he steps forward. Then at that point to declare himself was Sonia. He desecrates the tribulation temple by seating himself in it. Calling himself God in the Flesh Ct., Daniel nine Revelation 1113 to keep in mind then that now were talking about this last half this 42 month period where this man will solidify his power and he will begin like never before to blaspheme God he will take off that nice guy. Peace negotiator wonderful leader who wants to serve mankind. Mass now the truth will be out as he will openly declare himself world ruler got in the flash, the long-awaited Messiah and he will begin to wage war against the knowledge and they of God is defined blasphemy and arrogance will surpass anybody who ever lived. He will be nothing more than Satan's mouthpiece voicing his master's frustrated rage against God. Notice the extent of his blasphemy in verse six and he opened his mouth and blasphemies against God that this person to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven. That's his people Satan through his puppet king will now begin to rail against and blaspheme God's character and God's children, a time of great global defiance has begun and it will be intensely lived out during this 42 month period. Secondly, not only does a time of global defiance characterizes rule but a time of global domination and John highlights two aspects of the world dominant in verse seven, first, he will become the believers final persecutor he will become the believers final persecutor.

Look at verse seven. It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. Now understand that overcoming them here is not a spiritual sense is a physical sense. Another were to literally kill will end their lives. The persecution and execution will be like nothing ever seen on planet. This doesn't refer to a military campaign, at least not yet. This refers to tormenting, harassing, persecuting and executing the people of God. This is the answer. By the way to the tribulation saints who've already been martyred in Revelation chapter 6 and we heard them around the throne, pray to God saying, oh God, how long until you bring your justice to the planet and you avenge our blood and memory, God basically said go enjoy heaven and and don't worry. The time will come when that number of your brethren will be completed will in this 42 month period, the completion of the number of martyred saints during the tribulation will be finished. Why does the antichrist pull out all the stops because he's able to read what were reading.

He has 42 months left to do his worst, and he will be passionate and dishonoring Jesus Christ and executing those who will refuses Mark and follow after this one. By the way also struck me here that if only we would have the passion to honor Jesus Christ that he will have to dishonor Jesus Christ the antichrist. It will be passionate about defying God. I wonder, are we passionate and obeying God. The antichrist is passionate to blaspheme God and his children. Are we passionate to bless God and his children.

The antichrist is passionate about corrupting others. Are we passionate about converting other would we be as passionate in honoring him as the true living Lord so the antichrist becomes the believers final persecutor.

Secondly, John highlights this he will become the unbelievers final ruler notice. Further, in verse seven it was given him to make war with the saints and to overcome them and authority over every tribe and People and tongue and nation was given to him the great line was let's us know this is comprehensive, total, apart from those who believe they enter Christ is going to succeed where every other world ruler only dream. Total world domination throne and I'm on it be that even now the world is setting the stage, moving toward this climactic setting of a one world government. It could be is the world ready for a one world system and a piece bring her like never before. Maybe you're thinking that today you're wondering in my little twisted world with what's going on in my life with the elements of suffering that I may be going through the matter with AR. Maybe you're wondering, I wonder if I've slipped off the radar. If I've been lost to God, to them in a way to us got answers that the wonderful little phrase verse eight I skipped it because I wanted to go back to it here. He says this all who dwell on the earth that is those unbelievers will worship him. The enter Christ. Who are they, those whose name were not found written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was while the unbeliever worships the antichrist is not registered in this book of life, those who trusted in Christ are registered and did you catch when your name was written there before the foundation of the world.

In other words, if God hasn't lost track of you over the last many thousands of years.

He's not gonna lose track of the tribulation saints in 42 months, and is not to lose track of you with what you're going through right now, affect your future in heaven is secure and will never be erased yet it is your reservation. It was made in the omniscient grace of God before the world was created. Your name was put there before you committed your first sin before you committed your last one. It was put there because of God's grace as he opened your eyes and you receive the Lamb who died for you as your personal Lord and Savior. So today you can have the confidence as John wrote those of you who believed in the name of the son of God, you can what know that you have eternal life not hope so nothing so not maybe so you can know that you have eternal life, and it just struck me think about it. Here, the people of the earth, wondering one world they're looking for salvation there hoping it will come in a one world system we can all just get together that will one day come ladies and gentlemen, but will be under the antichrist, cruel finished when the world gets its wish, and it occurred to me in my study, we are the one. Those of us who believe, who will actually be able to one day enjoy a new world order.

Amen we get it we get there. A new system under the benevolent kind and gracious rule of the land and will last for 42 months. The last forever. We register that Lamb's book of life will enjoy eternity in fact everything is going to be new were told in Revelation, we can add new bodies to enjoy a new world and the universe. The new heaven is your name written in the Lamb's book of life, make sure that you understand the gospel and what it means to come to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin. Just remind make sure relationship with God is settled today.

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