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Question and Answer Program No. 84

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 18, 2020 1:00 am

Question and Answer Program No. 84

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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My paper had to give way to Mr. Darwin for reconsideration. Scott is interested as a managing my observations I had give them up as everyone was buying into this idea know God created what he created and the adaptations varieties were actually species and says I reluctantly sign our normal Bible teaching so that Stephen can answer the questions that have come we've received several interesting questions and were eager to get started beginning with this question. My name is Kevin calling from article Alabama? I'll filed in chapter 1 and verse 24 and God said, let fear bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing and beast of the earth after his time and it was so first 20,000 God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creep of all the earth after his kind, and God saw that it was good.

My question is this a small commercial last night on TV. It was advertising a brand of dog food that showed a picture of two wolves running with adult and I basically said that the dog evolved from the Wolf and I was confused as to whether or not that was true or not in relationship to what these two verses have to study after their kind, and I want you to expound on what exactly that means that the phrase, after their kind, and whether or not that might be true that a dog did evolve from a wolf in everything, not 100% certain that maybe you can clarify that for me.

Thank you so much for the great work that you're doing well thank you by Kevin, thank you so much for calling and with that question from Genesis and I guess from a TV commercial that you saw Stephen how did you do in high school, but that's a good thing to say the very outset of his Q&A today… I did better Bible friends. I love sitting on the microphone and this got it. I enjoy approaching these questions with biblical answers, but I do want to say I'm not a scientist not a biologist but I will take these questions and tell you what I believe the Bible teaches in relation to these because we want to encourage the faith of those who believe and if you don't believe perhaps give you some thoughts to reconsider. As you explore the truths of Christianity. When Kevin mentioned was the idea of a kind or will we think of a we think of the word species that the word species.

By the way came from a Latin word from the Bible translation that was performed in about the fifth century and so we think of species and kinds is similar, although I think there scientists that would argue a differences but for our point.

Today we need to consider the truth that when God created everything that he created the Bible repeatedly in Genesis chapter 1 talked about producing after their own kind and what we believe the Bible teaches is what we would call a fixed species that is there isn't evidence of a species evolving into a different species. What we do believe is that there's a variation or an adaptation within a species and there are two words if I had been awake in biology. I probably would've been a better student. This got but there are two words that are important. One is macro evolution and the other is micro evolution never the believer. Just hearing the word evolution sort of puts you on edge, but these are important to understand macro evolution is basically the Darwinian belief that species can evolve over millions of years into entirely different species, so another words fish can eventually become a dog micro evolution is simply the reference to the variation within any species, type in other words, look at the variations. As Kevin mentioned in the canine species of the canine kind you have in that kind wolf, a dingo, a collie, a coyote Basset hound, a German Shepherd, whatever, but there still dogs there there canines I should say more correctly, you have all the variations within the bird kind are species of the dinosaur kind, or species. The cats kind, or species. There are lots of variations within a kind. Think of the human kind as well. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that we have all descended from one original couple of literal historical Adam and Eve, but look at the variety within the human kind. Based on the variation within the species type by the way, this also answers a question of how I know I could have your carry on the art thousand different kinds of dogs and cats and birds. He didn't. He carried a male and female couple within a kind and from that that over time has come. Tremendous variation and adaptation. Stephen I think your illustration of humans is written. I think that's just really helpful.

You even just little things like haircolor rights on Adam had a hair color and Eve. But now we have red hair blonde, brown, black, all of these.

It all came from Adam and Eve, all of that genetic data was present there yet. It shows the creativity frankly of God so that you can have such an amazing variation of color flowers in humans and in birds and and floor all of it is just amazing what God is built into his creation and is allowed creativity to flourish.

That's right. And humans have even use this animal breeding, for example, where where will take a couple of kind of dogs and then actually make a new kind of jerk sure that we've done that within the equestrian kind. You have an animal meeting with a donkey that produces a mule. Those are different species.

There simply adaptations within a kind. Now the world for the most part has been duped by the evolutionists, who constantly mixes macro evolution which we have no evidence that we have no evidence of a species evolving into a different entirely different species and microevolution simply the adaptation over time.

So keep that in mind. So Kevin, when he saw the commercial. You know they're telling you that the dog involved in over however many thousands or millions of years from a wolf that were talking at the same dog species or kind.

It simply a variation within this species and it shows the creative ability of God building into the DNA. All of the different unique qualities that we get to enjoy as we see these kinds and the varieties of these kinds developing over time. Steve and I know that we need to move on to more questions, but I also just want to complement Kevin for thinking biblically about the TV commercials that he sees no that's the way that we as Christians are supposed to view the entire world.

We take what we see and what we hear filter it through Scripture. And that's exactly what Kevin did. I grease God fully, duly the sunny read friends, just a clip from a letter written on May 30, 1882 to Francis Darwin that was Charles Darwin's son is written by a scientist who had done a tremendous amount of research on flora British flora and he talked about collecting the number of observations and facts illustrating in his writing.

In this letter and I'm sort of editing here.

As I read it, but is writing to Francis and he saying all of the facts proved to me a fixed species, although difficult to assign the limits and showing a tendency of abnormal forms formed by cultivation.

He's describing this long paper coming from his research on fixed species and he was presenting it to the Linnean Society on July 1. Well, he says this will be just read the clip my paper had to give way to Mr. Darwin's and when his was red.

I felt bound to defer mine for reconsideration. I began to entertain doubts on my subject and on the appearance of the origin of species. I was forced, however reluctantly, to give up my long cherished convictions, which were the results of my labor and my study and I canceled all that out of my paper which urged original fixity that is fixed species, and that I published, only portions of the remainder of my paper in a different form.

Scott, it's interesting. Here's a man saying all of my observations, I had the give them up because everyone was buying into this idea that God created what he created and the adaptations varieties were actually species changing and he says I reluctantly gave it up. What that scientist experienced is also something that Christians are tempted to do. There there tempted to give up on what the Bible says and yield their views to what they think science teaches and we want to encourage all of our listeners to remember that God's word is true and its fixed and everything that we believe is filtered through the lens of Scripture will thank you so much Kevin for calling in and friends. Let me give you that phone number one more time. That number that Kevin used, to ask his question is 910-808-9384. I will make sure that you're aware that we can't and don't answer that number. That number is set up only to record your question this Bible question line is set up just for you to ask Stephen a question you have about the Christian faith or the Bible 910-808-9384 here's another lister that we heard from Lynn Lane my heart ran back from Africa glanced you help me now./ Right click, thank you so thank you thank you so much for calling and with that question. You know Stephen, it seems to me like that. The heart of what she's asking her what her friend is trying to convince her of really boils down to who is it that can claim Jesus to whom does he belong sure. As far as races go behind and in fact if you travel the world as of the privilege of doing. It's interesting to see little icons or pictures or statues of Jesus that resemble aware of traveling in India he sees strikingly Indian looking in.

In South America he looks Hispanic Africans have made him blacken Europeans and Americans have made them white. Let's let's try to go beyond that to a more fundamental question. That's the idea of races. Will talk about skin color. Okay, we know that we talked in the last question about the variety within a kind so within the human race for humankind. Even that one couple, Adam and Eve. You have all of these varieties now which show the creative genius and and the wonder of God. We have people of all sizes you know short all you mentioned haircolor, eye color, skin color, the problem is we we tend to group people, according to one or more these characteristics and into what we call races and debts tragically on biblical there are not many races. There's one race God created one race from Adam and Eve that there are differences, but those differences frankly if I can do little play on words. It is only skin deep and that's it, because were basing so much of it on the color of skin, but there's only one race of people beginning in Genesis as he made it abundantly clear in Genesis chapter 3 in verse 20 where he said that Eve was the mother of all living.

So Adam and Eve are the original couple, and we've all descended from them. So if we if we understand that there's only one race. By the way Scott, you mentioned earlier. As we discussed this question that one race is divided into two only in this one's redeemed and once unredeemed.

That's really the only separation you could consider within the human race, but as a race of people were all St. so how we get the skin color differences well if you go to your computer and you type in answers in or the Institute for creation research. Some of these wonderful evangelical sources that spend their life studying the topics of geology and anthropology. And I've just done that life pulled up here wonderful article from answers in Genesis called skin color and it's reminded me that pigment is responsible for the color we have been that that the pigment is called melanin and melanin is divided into two different kinds, and we share them in every human being that melanin has one particular form and that gives you the brown to black color and then another foreman I can't even pronounce his words folks is when not doing it gives us the red to yellow and the proportion of those two forms provides a skin tone in a human being. Why would some have dark skin and others light skin and this is again this variation over time, darker skin on people living near the equator.

God is allow that to protect them from intense sunlight that reduces the risk of skin cancer people in higher latitudes where there's less intense sunlight need a lighter skin to produce vitamin D, and by the way, I've got to take a vitamin D pill every month because I just don't produce enough of it very pale in each case, those who have the characteristics they stayed in those regions.

They reproduced so frantically make a very simple, of a dark skinned man marries a dark skinned woman to get probably more than likely of a dark skinned child. The fair skinned man carries a fair skinned woman taken a pass on this genetic proportion within the variations possible of the skin colors going to be very very similar I for children, however, and the skintone of all for very quite a bit, then their reaction to sunlight varies. I've got a son who hands wonderfully and it makes the other three children little jealous because he he tends so well. The others are more like me and we just burn and peel and go back to fair skin.

So this is within the gene pool God's creative very abilities and in different parts of our world. Those populations have developed those propensities as they have intermarried. We have to be careful of is assigning some skin color to Jesus.

Remember he's is Jewish which means it's probably good to be middle brown of the Jews intermarried.

Abraham is from what would be in modern-day Turkey, or Syria of Chaldees, so he would've more than likely been that middle brown based on the region.

He lived in and to this day because Jews have for the most part faithfully intermarried. They all have this middle brown skintone to say that Abraham is from Africa is incorrect, and frankly even to say that somebody from Africa has to be black is incorrect as well.

It has to do with the marriage within skin tones and they develop over time I will save this and that of a close this, but this particular article on reading just offers a suggestion based on the fact that the middle brown provides the greatest variability regarding skintone that more than likely Adam and Eve were what we would call light brown middle ground that would give the widest range then to their children between very light and very dark. But you know what Scott we got to see this will no work or taking this based on observation and I think it's that sound about what we can say is that there's one race. God built into that race.

The potential of variability that seems to develop by virtue of region and sunlight. That's right, Stephen. I think the other thing that we can say with certainty is that since God created the Jewish race from Abraham, then wherever Abraham was from. That's where they came and that was the Middle East like you so much for calling in with your question. We were so glad to hear from you.

Here's another question we received not where is your wondering what my thank you so much to me for calling the question Stephen we really don't plan out what people are going to ask is going to take them as it comes. But this turned out to be. Science and it's really tied to the whole topic of the Bible and science and evolution.

So how can we help Tammy that Timmy thanks for for: and in it is important because the basis of this, this love and fascination of our world today for UFOs intelligent life on other planets. You know from other stars. All of it is dependent upon an abandonment of God's created order. A refusal to believe.

Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2, chapter 3, and on and a belief in evolution.

So let's go back to what we know. Even though the Bible is on a verse it says there are no aliens out there and I don't think God needs to say that because he said so many other things fridges if we go back to Genesis chapter 1. It's very clear that everything is earth centered, it's for the benefit of mankind and in keep in mind that stars and planets were not created billions of years before earth. We believe Genesis chapter 1, we take it at face value, which means that earth was actually created a few days before all of the stars member Genesis chapter 1 verse one God created the heavens and the earth.

That's verse one data in verse 14 he creates the stars and the plans and all those things. So he creates this earth and in the heavens and our firmament, our atmosphere. In other words, and so that lets us know earth was created before any other planet or star existed. So there's some alien form on some planet somewhere they didn't have millions and millions and millions of years to get smarter than we are, or to develop some kind of technology. I'm not trying to say the humans are the smartest potential creation, but I am saying there aren't millions of years for some alien form to develop systems and then seed earth with their DNA which is becoming more and more popular version of of how we got our start earth is not the result of billions of years of evolution. We know that God withheld the creation of the sun and moon and stars until the fourth day and earth is uniquely positioned to benefit from them. Also keep in mind that the Bible clearly indicates that what happens in the universe is linked to God's timetable relative to mankind. Jesus can return to earth. Jesus going to set up his kingdom heaven will descend the father's house to earth during the kingdom and then ultimately throughout the eternal state. So what bearing does this have on extraterrestrial life. Well, we know Peter tells us that all of earth and the universe again be destroyed by fire and guts can re-create it. So God has intelligent life forms in other worlds that it'd be hard to imagine that their lives would be relegated to the sin of earth's inhabitants of Adam and Eve. It seems rather unfair, doesn't it.

The distant planet is going to be destroyed by God because of his plan for earth.

The implication is there are no other intelligent beings. Besides man and animals and angels so will God destroy the planets and stars along with the earth well were told in Romans chapter 8 that when Adam sinned, all of creation, the entire universe was affected. Creation was subjected the Bible says to futility all of earth is groaning in all the universe is groaning for the day of redemption. And in fact we know that our universes it is showing the signs of the fall why we know even unbelieving scientists can tell us that stars are dying, the moon and planets been pummeled. This is the perfect originally created state sin impacted the universe we know from Scripture that God is going to re-create it. That one more thing. Here's another question that I think is related to this one and that is why would God create such a vast universe. I mean it just keeps going. The more we explore the bigger get why would he create such a vast universe if it's only for those on planet Earth. What purpose that would with the universe. Hold looking at a wonderful article by the way a Christian answers.that and they point out that Scripture tells us that God created the sun and the moon and the stars to give light and to assist mankind.

This Genesis chapter 1 verses 14 to 15.

So think of it this way God made the moon God made the solar system.

God created the stars to provide for mankind to distinguish time, days, months, years to break the coming of seasons.

Without those heavenly bodies. We couldn't keep diamond navigation would be much more difficult fact from ancient days people use the movement of stars to producer calendars and so God very graciously created the universe so that we could observe would be so wonderful as a relates to timekeeping and navigation and even the giving of light. The brightening of the utter darkness of the universe is given to us in Scripture as in relation to these bodies that God created another reason the God created all the vastness of the universe was to give glory to himself so that we would glorify the creed of the heavens are telling the glory of God.

Psalm 19 and their expanse is declaring the work of his hands.

When you look at the universe, my friend. It should bring you to glorify your creator God's one of the primary reasons he created it all was to point us toward him. The author, the creator and the designer and I said one more thing sis got like a preacher. There's actually one more thing to say this in anger at the supper set a time.

If you have difficulty believing Genesis chapter 1. The first chapter the Bible. Our problems were the last chapter of the Bible because in the last chapter, the Bible were given a description of heaven.

How long would it take to evolve. This incredible new earth that God creates just what is going to do it at the moment of his command, and in a word is to create new heavens and a new earth. I look forward to heaven is not this old earth. This can be re-created and reconstituted in this can be glorious and will give glory to God forever creator not just of Genesis chapter 1 Revelation so much Stephen.

Thank you Tammy and to everyone before we go.

I do want to give you our office you can call us at 86 648-664-8242 when we come back on Monday. I hope that you will be able to join us for that right is

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