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Singing About the Messiah

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 15, 2020 1:00 am

Singing About the Messiah

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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His disciples remembered that it was written.

Where was it written Psalm 69 CEO for thy house will consume. This is the application of Psalm 69.

This is the fulfillment of how Jesus would be so overwhelmed and so passion with zeal and righteous anger cleaning the corruption of 11 out of his house, enter biblical history, we find that in many places in the Old Testament including the Psalms today on wisdom for the heart.

Stephen Davey takes us back to the Psalms and were looking at a Psalm about the Messiah, the criticisms suffering and sorrow that Jesus experienced was all written about in advance by King David.

In addition to being a poet. David was a prophet and will see that any for those of you to play an instrument, you know, there's nothing quite like instrument's ability to convey how you feel and that the significant thing I remember one guy saying one time there was no one that knew his soul like the keys on his there isn't more emotional set of chapters in the Bible then chapters related to the music we call it the book of Psalms that we don't have any of the inspired musical scores, but we do have the lyrics and they been provided for us in the few and if you're old enough in the faith. You know that whenever you're in need, or your your hurting or you need encouragement. It just seems to open up to this handle and it conveys so much of how you feel conveys sorrow and hope and it also conveys joy and gladness. Nothing quite like this music go back to this and look specifically at the expression of emotion in the life of Jesus Christ. Not the way we do that as we look at him that we call a messianic song that is a Psalm that points to Jesus Christ, the greater son of David and is really quite amazing when you study the messianic songs work where you get insight into not just what happened to Jesus, but how he felt when it happened. I want to turn to. Probably one of the clearest messianic hymns in the entire hymnal Tim number 69 turned their going to do is all drop in and read a lyric or two and then take you to the New Testament where it is fulfill the messianic Psalms prophecy and will take us into the life of the Lord and will watch where it comes to pass. Now if if you're there I would point out a couple of events in our Lord's life we have time for just a couple notice verse eight there, well started verse one verse one.

Save me. Oh God, for the waters of threatened my life. You could render that the waters of come up to my neck to my neck in trouble is the way we sunk in deep Mire. There's no foothold come in the deep waters of the flood overflows me. I am weary with my crying. My throat is part my eyes fail while I wait for my God.

Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hair of my head, those who would destroy me are powerful being wrongfully my enemies when I did not steal the source of David's writing about his own troubles, but is also speaking of what Jesus also experienced and certainly felt too much greater degree for seven because, for thy sake, I borne reproach dishonor has covered my face. Now, now you can catch this phrase as if you could run around while another word, I have become estranged from my brothers and then alien to my mother's son. This is a reference to the fact that Jesus is half brothers and sisters. There were six of them. By the way, didn't believe what Jesus Christ claimed to be the first fact Matthews gospel informs us that if Jesus began his ministry. None of his siblings believe his claim to be.

We was in fact it was more than unbelief. They were actually offended by his claim they were disturbed deeply by his claim that when Jesus visited his hometown in Nazareth, the Jews responded with sarcasm responded with certainly unbelief and they said and read here without interning for the sake of time, but Matthew records a chapter 13 is not this the carpenter's son and is not his mother called Mary, and his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Jude and his sisters at least two of them are they not all with us and they all witness which would include those six they all were scandalized. They were all offended at him know Mark's gospel adds that when Christ's own siblings heard that he launched his public ministry and and he was calling disciples to follow after him. Mark chapter 3 says and they went to take custody of him, for they were saying. He has lost his mind. Mark 321 you can render it. They thought he was actually out of his mind.

So imagine they are interrupting the ministry of Christ with apologies to people. Imagine how hurtful certainly that would be John's gospel adds a chapter 7, for not even his brothers were believing in him that given the fact that Jesus was raised in a home where Joseph died some many scholars believe that Joseph died early sometime after these children. Of course, but that not long after see Jesus and her ministry. You can only appreciate than them. The life of Mary. When I read those gospel text with this prophecy of Psalm 69 comes true that his he's estranged from his from his siblings's brothers that that he's like an alien to his mother's sons that that gives you insight into what this home must have been like for Joseph died before Jesus entered ministry if he if you if you calculate the day that a child after Jesus. Jesus dying of course early in his 30s. When that happened and the youngest child would've been in his mid-teen years. My admiration by the way for Mary isn't lessened by knowing the truth of Scripture it's increased without falling into heresy or idolatry or or Mary Allah tree or worship of her. But we have every reason to appreciate what she went through and you add this heartbreaking reality that while she believed the claims of her first son. None of her other children did that lets you know is that in that home there was great strife. This would've been a topic of conversation. None of them believed in John's gospel.

They even accuse him of trying to make a name for himself so properly understood this home is filled with turmoil over these years and what you find it in Psalm 69 is this phrase which tells you how Jesus felt he felt estranged from them.

He he he he felt ostracized from his own brothers and sisters being fully man. He would've loved to have had the support, the encouragement of his siblings. Maybe you're a believer and you're the only believer in your family.

Or maybe one of few believers in your family and and your brothers or your sisters think you lost your mind will you'll know a little bit of hell.

Jesus felt because you're going through that and you can identify with the sufferings of Jesus in this way. I often think the Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief long before he hung on the cross that you look again at chapter 69 and verse eight I become estranged that is painfully at odds for my brother, and then alien. That means from another planet like we think of an alien but a foreigner from another country. More than likely considered ceremonially unclean and considered the file by my mother's sons. That's how he felt. We show you another messianic insight and and prophecy looked down at another key verse the points to the Syverson nine first seal for thy house has consumed me. Now you can literally understand this to say my passion for the house of God reference to the temple is the greatest concern to theirs. There is very little that I am more passionate about something I think about all the time now. This statement actually has a prophetic fulfillment in the gospel by John me have you turn over there to chapter 2 John chapter 2. This event occurs in the month of April, the city of Jerusalem chapter 2 and verse 12 tells us this, he went down to Capernaum. He and his mother and brothers and his disciples were not sure where sisters were in there. They stayed a few days. Verse 13 and the Passover of the Jews was at hand. And Jesus went up to Jerusalem. From the Passover was a seven day feast. Of course, commemorating the freeing of Jewish slaves from Egypt and in the sacrificial lamb that was sacrificed which saved each household. If you know the story the blood of that land put on the doorpost of the homes as these slave quarters were then protected from the angel of death, and every year than they would celebrate this with the sacrificing of the Lamb sort of reenacting this deliverance and it was the dream of every Jew sexually every Jewish male to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem at least one time during their lifetime, no matter where they lived in and to this day there is that kind of desire to give you an idea what happened in Jerusalem to go back in history. Josephus the first century Jewish historian, said that in A.D. 65 that the city's well with such such incredible attendance at Passover that 255,000 lambs were killed sacrificed in this reenactment. Now there were as many as, let's just say 10 worshipers per Lamb. You've got to the 3 million or more people swelling the city attendance in Jerusalem. So as as Jesus is arriving it's it's amazing because he would have been surrounded by people and he would've also been surrounded by a lot of now verse 14 tells us that when he arrives. All is not well he finds in the temple moneychangers and there sitting there exchanging money and their selling oxen.

The text tells us, and she and the and the moneychangers are seated at first glance to our minds. That sounds like well that's just normal. It's not normal.

In fact it it implies that everything is out of order. Let me explain.

There there is unbelievable corruption.

By the time Jesus arrived here in of all places the house the temple in and around the land. Yet all these different kinds of currency use yet Roman coins yet Egyptian coinage you have coinage from Sidon all in circulation. All valid currency except in the Temple precinct. Those currencies were all considered ceremonially. The file or unclean and that the worshiper could not get into the temple unless they they paid this this stuff fee and a Galilean shekel.

It would be referred to as the shekel of the sanctuary so I'm in your ear from a different place your your Jewish maybe a Gentile proselyte you want to get in and you can't get in because you've got file money and here's what the correction begins theirs with these good old boy moneychangers were awaiting for you to arrive in verse 14. You notice in the moneychangers were seated. Many of them because of the million plus people to swell population in Jerusalem. These supposedly religious man are charging all sorts of fees that can be a little confusing.

Jewish scholars believe it would cost today about $20.

Because these fees for worshiper to get into the temple. Okay that's like charging you to get into the church effectively. Whether you paid or not. It did matter you got charged money and so already, you got this 50s moneychangers and they're claiming that this money is filed and you can't get in with that charges. You know these fees but just think about it. If there were out of all of that population.

A million males who wanted to get into the temple that temple systems going to make $20 million and that's just the start because you did you notice in the text what's around those moneychangers look that they what's around those moneychangers is there, seated all these animals and this this thing is turned into a circuits. The courtyard is filled with dogs and she and oxen, and they're all in there together, not God had originally required the people of Israel when they came. According to Deuteronomy 12 the third Marine at at at this festival, the best of of the flock. Now these priests have instituted a market buying and selling animals which made it convenient for travelers. Sometimes travelers couldn't come with an animal, or maybe one died along the way animal died as they traveled there.

In fact, there's little doubt from Old Testament scholars that those shepherds that we sang about were actually guarding Paschal Lamb that is sheep that were going to be sacrificed at the temple so there out there in those fields of Bethlehem and there there literally guarding sacrificial lambs to be brought to Jerusalem to be sold through this system and by the way, this is this is off the path but don't miss not seeing it here. You have Jesus who is the Lamb of God, born where in a makeshift barn as if he is livestock which is a wonderful representation, the analogy that he is indeed the Lamb and the first people who come in contact with him are the shepherds been guarding the Paschal Lamb there that want to come and identify Jesus. Now the law required that any animal offered in sacrifice had to be without what without blemish. They had good have a skin disease or anything anything wrong with them for them to be admissible for sacrifice.

By the time of Jesus Christ. They established in the temple inspectors. These inspectors were called the moon and they would inspect the animal that you might've brought with you to sacrifice their for that Passover and the moon, were were corrupt. They were in the league with the priests in the system that they've established so that when you brought your animal to them do it inspect. Guess what they were going to do the claimant find something wrong with your Lamb.

And so you only had one option. That option was, you would have to buy that Lamb. Or maybe that turtledove for sacrifice or oxen you would have to pay them to buy their animal because they had declined to view yours as without blemish. Now there is one major problem in the people knew it outside the temple in today's economy, a pair of this would cost you about $20, but if yours were declined because they were in a blemished if you had to buy one of them from these, the these temple officials. The memo it would cost you the same pair of dogs $375.

That's like eating a meal in Disney World or by a hot dog and a Coke at a ballgame. I mean they can't do anything so you get up by your animal from them among and they had so over inflated the prices that you again are paying a lot of money now again consider that that you have perhaps a million more people coming in to offer their sacrifice and they got by an animal and turtle's are the cheaper ones three or $79 Lamb would be even more.

You can see how they're going to make $400-$500 million of poor people Passover was a bonanza mean this was this was the mother that the temple system was effectively extorting worshipers in the name of religion. It's not listen.

Religion has always created a way to charge people access to God and let me tell you the wonderfulness access to God is not for sale right because the price has already been paid in full with this temple scene evidently provokes Jesus. I mean, it provokes verse 15 it informs us in John chapter 2 and he made a scourge of court.

That is, he made a whip and he drove them all out of the temple. Look at what is driving out. She oxen obviously sporting out the coins of the moneychangers overturning their tables and to those who were selling the dogs he said take these things away. Note this stop making my father's house a house of merchandise. His disciples remembered that it was written.

Where was it written Psalm 69 zeal for thy house will consume see this is the application of Psalm 69. This is the fulfillment of how Jesus would be so overwhelmed and so impassioned with zeal, with righteous anger that he cleans out the temple. By the way, you need to understand is that there's a deeper implication of Jesus's actions because during Passover.

It's the duty of every family that clean their home and in their especially all it's all analogous to the removal of 11, they're there to remove from their homes any kind of corruption. This is sort of spring cleaning with the spiritual emphasis. So what is Jesus Christ doing in the temple. He calls this my father's house and what is he doing he's cleaning house he's cleaning the corruption of 11 out of his house. What he's doing week we can get that first hint to remember the first hint of Jesus evening bat mitzvah in always. He's going to that Passover with his parents and they get to Jerusalem. And when everybody is eventually caravan in no back home. Unknown to them. He's been left behind and Mary and Joseph are well on their way home. Before they this coming electric kit somewhere yeah me too I like me. One time I left my kids at church and supposed to bring them home got lost in the shuffle. I got a call from somebody things evening out what your kids here church. I said can you give them back after he graduates know and I thought about you know the feeling they're panicked can imagine really so they go back to Jerusalem anything.

No back in the.exe discover they literally look for three days three days. Can you imagine they finally find them in the temple and is surrounded by religious leaders and you know they scolded him and he said to them that classic statement, don't you know that I am to be about my father's business. You could literally translate that, don't you know that I'm to be about my father's house first incident into this zeal getting and it will grow into the fulfillment of Psalm 69 text where he says I have arrived. Now clean house out about the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and I hope that you know him personally. This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi. We have a resource entitled God's wisdom for your heart that introduces you to the gospel and the saving work of Jesus Christ. That resource is available to read on our website or on our smart phone app, but we also have printed copies that you can share with others. Those are available in our online store or you can call us today at 86 648 Bible here in the United States were getting close to an election season leading up to that Stephen wants to help you think biblically about politics and the Christian's relationship to the government next month's issue of heart-to-heart magazine is going to deal with those issues and some practical articles and advice to help you think biblically about politics in the upcoming election. That issue is going out very soon. But it's not too late to get signed up. If you don't already receive our magazine is a form on our website that you can use to request your copy that set wisdom or you can call us today at 86 648 Bible and we can help you over the phone that number once again is 866-482-4253. Thank you for taking the time to be with us today were really glad you joined us and I hope you'll join us next time. For more wisdom for your

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