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From Riches to Rags - Hebrews 11:23-28

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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June 25, 2020 1:00 am

From Riches to Rags - Hebrews 11:23-28

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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June 25, 2020 1:00 am

Most of the riches-to-rags stories you hear involve people who lost everything because of foolishness and disobedience to God. But Moses' story is the opposite. He willingly exchanged his temporal possessions for an eternal one.

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Moses face, his faith. Here Stephen David were told that Moses endured as seeing him who is unseen. Verse 26 he was looking for. The reward is the him is gonna bring the reward to the beginning of verse 26 narratives of the person. Moses is ultimately trusting in see it at that point took to Moses. Egypt was nothing more than windy sandbar compared to the coming glorious kingdom so the kind of faith that Stephen was describing a moment ago is truly remarkable how was it possible today we continue through our series on heroes of the Christian faith with the lesson. Stephen Devi is calling from riches to rags. Most of the riches to rags stories that you find in the Bible are stories of men and women who lost everything because of their foolishness and disobedience to God. Moses story is the opposite Moses willingly exchange all his temporal possessions for an eternal one. Today you'll learn why Moses never regretted that decision. Let's rejoin Stephen with today's lesson from God what's quickly a catalog how you could measure Moses as I provided her in Hebrews 11 Lord by faith.

Verse 25 will call it the first chapter verse 24 by faith. You can circle back verse 27 by faith see that in verse 28 by faith and I'm really verse 29 for our next study simply because the pronoun if you look carefully changes from he took the day. It really focuses on the faith of the Israelite soul dealer that separately. Now back in verse 23 the condensed biography of Moses begins with what we call the first chapter on just call it a preservation of faith notice by faith Moses when he was born was hidden for three months by his parents because they saw he was a beautiful child and they were not afraid of the kings eating the right lawyer struck with the fact that this first chapter is really about the faith of whom his parents. Amram and Josip. You need to understand that Moses is born to slaves 64 years after the death of Joseph effective you go back to the full story discover that the slave couple already had a daughter, Miriam, then they deliver this baby boy, life becomes extremely complicated. The writer of Hebrews repeats the phrase or would you like it says they saw he was a beautiful child that struck me at this kind of redundant and then me.

What parent doesn't think their baby is beautiful right and sometimes it's only the parents who had that opinion in the true grandparents to me.

What is Mrs. say when they bring their baby up to you.

Just look at it all as a pastor you know this is really created a predicament for me and so years ago I decided to adopt what J.

Vernon McGee did when he passed a large church in California at the parents would bring up their newborns to him and he looked down and needs smile and say what hell that some day be as a baby so I do reference here to Moses being a beautiful child because they thought it was beautiful. I would agree with John Calvin the reformer who wrote that Moses was marked by something of them are not told what Josephus the first century Jewish historian, wrote that Amram of the father of Moses was visited by God in a vision who informed him that the Moses was the promise deliver whatever was Amram and Jaco bed. The parents of Moses risked their lives to save his and for three months.

Did you notice they they they tried to hide him out of sight.

The full story tells us imagine how hard it would be.

How do you hide a newborn. How do you keep the baby quiet for three months. Judgment all writing on this text said that he remembered how their firstborn son never slept through the night for eight team along weary months hero. There were times when I long for a wicker basket in the Nile River nearby you been there really something happens because after three months hero visiting the working when I told but maybe it's because Pharaoh ordered a hut to hut search suspicious Jews were hiding the babies and they certainly weren't sure rather than give up or give in and they they hung on Hebrews tells us how they hung on by faith, they would do the right thing even if it cost them their lives, they would not take their son's life.

So the book of Exodus tells us, indeed they fashioned a wicker basket covered it with pitch. The word for pitch to men is the word was plant boiled and paste commonly believed to repel crocodiles who happen to be the supposed servants of the God emanation Nile River. They set the basket among the reeds. Exodus chapter 2 verse three it is in an accident that they place the basket right where they did they happen to know that was the exact spot along the path with the daughter of Pharaoh with by faith.

They did what they could do. They placed him there, knowing he would be discovered and in the leaving him in the hands of God Miriam hiding nearby trusting God to do what he wanted and sparing the life of their son. Perhaps believing if there was indeed that vision.

If Josephus was correct. We don't know but that indeed he would be the deliverer they had prayed, and long for for so long.

He went back to Exodus to you, you discover that, sure enough, the daughter of Pharaoh comes to bathe at the Nile not in the Nile. By the way, to bathe in the Nile would have opposed the custom of their people. According to historical accounts. In fact, the pharaohs had their own bath houses made of marble, where they didn't need to worry about crocodiles getting in the bathtub so so why is she coming to pay at the banks of the Nile will the Nile River was believed to be in emanation of serous one of their chief gods and the waters were considered divinely magically empowered that they could produce not only long life, but get this fertility you add to the fact that Jewish historians have long held that this was the 19th Dynasty of pharaohs and that this particular daughter was childless, the daughter of Pharaoh wasn't coming to the Nile with a bar of soap to get a bath and hopefully be the weather crocodiles she was coming to ceremonially bathe with water from the Nile in hopes of having a baby. She didn't need to be clean. She wanted to have a child God perfectly timed her desire and her longing to coincide with a three-month-old baby. They just couldn't hide it any longer.

Mary is in a basket floating therefore her attending women into just so happen to discover when they open the lid. Every one of their hearts melted Jewish or not, the princess announces he's mine the Nile God has answered my prayer. Josephus adds as well that the princes took the basket around the servants or the maidens with her to see if any of them could nurse the child should know success and only then did Miriam come out from behind the Bush he was hiding in the orders and asked the princess if she likes, and references in in the princess of, of course, and Miriam went and got her mother. The Bible tells us nexus chapter 2 verse nine that the princes paid Moses his mother to raise her son is that great or what mom gets the allowance that's just perfect doesn't it went on to be what started it all an act of preservation by faith second chapter, this one will call the renunciation of faith Hebrews 1124 by faith Moses when he grown up refused to be called the son of pharaohs daughter choosing rather to endure ill ill-treatment with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasure of sin. Considering that is factoring it all out that the reproach of Christ Hebrew would read the Messiah was greater riches than the treasures of Egypt and the Exodus account were told that the princess made Moses, her son, then she made him her legal son and heir.

Think about in Stephen's message in acts chapter 70 speaks of Moses being trained in all of the wisdom of the Egyptians, so they became powerful in speech and deed.

He is being groomed on the outside he's gonna look like an Egyptian.

But on the inside, like Joseph, he still would you see his mother had taught him well in those early years before he moved into the palace. Most scholars believe that he would've moved into the palace at age 12, so the faith of his slave parents would take root and become the faith of this young man extra biblical historians tell us that by the time Moses reached the age of 30 he had already led the Egyptian army to a strategic victory over the Ethiopians that he become one of the best military strategists in his day bronzed warrior season soldier, a wise and competent leader and by the way just so happen to be among the leadership and the greatest United Empire power currently raining on the planet. Perhaps some believe the heir to the throne of Egypt, the writer says 10 years after that victory. He refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter.

The word refused in the Greek language really means to diss own.

He disowned the royal family house that the Prince of Egypt walked away from it all is volunteering for one of the greatest riches.

Direct stories ever recorded in human history not against chapter 3 and I mustn't slow down. There is the preservation by faith. There is the renunciation by faith now. Thirdly, the separation of faith. Verse 27 informs us by faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is unseen.

Now if you study the life of Moses in any detail. You know how he lived 120 years and you can divide his life into three sections of 40 years early simply write the first 40 were spent in the palace of Egypt. The second 40 years were spent in the desert of Midian and the final 40 years were spent in the wilderness leading the people of Israel now because of that easy division, you might automatically think when you get to verse 27 that it's talking about is 40 years in the desert of Midian, and I think that's where we make a mistake. In fact, we know that this can't be talking about those 40 years because of you. Look again at tells us that Moses left Egypt. How by faith, not fearing the wrath of the King. If you go back to Exodus chapter 2 were specifically told that after murdering that Egyptian who was beating a Jewish slave probably killing enemy quote Exodus 214 then Moses was afraid and said surely the matters become known and when Pharaoh heard of the matter. He tried to kill Moses, but Moses fled from the presence of Pharaoh and settled in the land of Midian. He's not running at that point in faith. He's running in fear of this can't be what he was 11 verse 27 is talking effectively. Look back in verse 27, were told that Moses endured as seeing him who is unseen is a positive who was him seeing him who is unseen, who was him go back up to the last part of verse 26 he was looking for the reward. Okay, who's the him is gonna bring the reward go to the beginning of verse 26 nearness of the person. Moses is ultimately trusting in the Messiah.

See it at that point took to Moses. Egypt was nothing more than that windy sandbar compared to the coming glorious kingdom of the Messiah, he just didn't know when that was going to come and were still waiting when away. The second Moses never for you to do something rash. What about all the pomp all the ceremony all the wealth all the comfort and all that you know what about verse 25 your and the pleasures of sin here at the top of the food chain you have anything you want.

Yet the world by the tail, you really walk away from all of that is some super saints going to be quick to say, well, there are really pleasures in sin, they pass away so quickly. Yeah, but that's not what it says here. Moses doesn't walk away from the passing of sin. He walks away from the pleasures of sin.


Campbell Morgan, the great expositor of nearly a century ago in his commentary on this verse and I quote the foolish thing to say. There is no pleasure in sin is it that keeps remedy for finding out course.

There are pleasures in sin. Gordon's him to the church reads my Jesus, I love the I know thou art mine for the stay with me for the all the follies of sin.

I resign. Morgan said that's not what Gordon wrote. I did notice he originally wrote for the all the pleasures of sin, I resign, but some pious soul thought it would be bad to sing about the pleasures of sin in church and so they change the words probably at sentence better maybe the younger generation will find out happens to be a pet peeve of mine. We changed others in a would he devote that sacred head for such a worm as I has been changed it would he devote that sacred head for sinners, such as I what's wrong with the warm up. I think it fits me perfectly. Amen the leather was a trick question. Listen, what was it that aided Moses to be able to walk away from the pleasures of sin were told here. He compared the pleasure of sin to the reward of Christ. The pleasure of immortal joys didn't try to say sin wasn't fun. He just believe the kingdom would be fun or bad grammar, but you get the point that this is fodder's and the truth will lose heart. Because we lose sight of the eternal glory that will far outweigh our troubles and temptations. Second Corinthians 4 love the way one offer clear the fog when this is common to talk about Moses waiting for the glory of Christ and how that allowed them to endure 80 years and then he never really saw it right were waiting to. He saw him. Hebrews 11 says who is on the scene, he saw him by faith and believed it reality who Jesus the Messiah. We haven't seen them either but we by faith belief he came this author went on to say, just think of what it would mean to literally see the fulfillment of our promise glory in heaven and the Messiah for just 60 seconds while still living on earth, just 60 seconds zero the first 15 seconds to view the face of Christ that if you can turn your view away from him which you would be able to do after only 15 seconds if you could then take the next 15 seconds to survey the angelic million. Then another 15 seconds to scan the architecture of heaven, and finally 15 seconds to scan the faces of friends and loved ones already there. He said that 60 seconds would change your life but with it changed Moses his life without having had the vision and its change your life and mind to. And it's given us a perspective in the passion and the focus by faith, to consider the invisible coming reality. Amen. Chapter 1 is the preservation of faith.

Chapter 2 is the great renunciation of faith. Chapter 3 reveals the separation of faith and now chapter 4 reveals the institution of faith. Verse 28 by faith he kept the Passover in the sprinkling of the blood so that he who destroyed the firstborn would not touch them and for the sake of our younger brothers and sisters in the faith.

This takes us back to Exodus and the eve of of the nation Israel's departure from the land of Egypt into freedom from bondage.

The final plague from God is coming the death Angel more than likely God himself is going to come writing on the wind and sweep into the land of Egypt to claim the first born of every home that's unguarded by the blood of the Lamb splattered along the door posts for those homes so unguarded death will come.

But for those guarded as it were by the death of a lamb. Death will pass over them and you have been the creation of Passover, and this is the institution that by faith Moses instituted Moses the text or says The Passover player owes the verb. Literally, he instituted it by faith and institution that points to a future and final atonement by Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who comes to pay the penalty for the sin that only those who are alike, but the sin of the whole world, so the common grace can be experienced and enjoyed by the entire world and those who are elect will be given heaven he he starts this Moses starts this several thousand years. You, the Egyptians are trying to do good things to hopefully get into the afterlife and in their not sure they do not even the pharaohs or how big those pyramids were there they were tombs.

Hopefully getting the attention of their God, they're still not sure if the religions favorite word is due Christianity's favorite word is done when the second that you trusted in Christ alone for what he has done. He turned around and ask you to do. As Paul wrote to Titus. Remember, you ready to engage in good what deeds works not so you can be accepted by God but because you you have been now you gotta event a life to live for the glory of God, who, like Moses, you'll discover at times the sacrifices in life will not be partial, will be total. Moses becomes your model of faith. My close with this. I just begun reading the biography of Abner and Judson for the bottom read clips about him finally found an out-of-print copy that has all his letters and it when journal entries and he was another Moses in a way affect is the first American Protestant missionary to walk away from his life in America to give away everything to spend his life in the land of Burma which is just north of modern-day Thailand before he embarked on his journey fallen in love with the young lady from a respectable well-known family and she also love Christ, and she loved him.

He wrote a letter to her father asking permission to marry his daughter and this really touches me because I got two girls and so just think about that.

If you have a daughter what it would feel like to get a letter like this lesson. This is an 1800 English with little formal at nine.

Judson writes to the father. I have not ask whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring to see her no more in this world. Whether you can consent to her departure for heathen land in her subjection to the hardships and sufferings of the missionary life whether you can consent to her exposure to the dangers of the ocean to the fatal influences of the southern climate to every kind of lack wanton distress degradation, insult, persecution, and perhaps a violent death. Can you consent to all this for the sake of him who left his heavenly home and died for her and for you, for the sake of perishing immortal souls for the sake of heaven and the glory of God. Can you consent to all this in the promise of meeting your daughter in the world of glory with a crown of righteousness brightened by the acclamation's of he then now saved through her means who will be there praising her Savior, can you consent and he said yes so that she and he would never see her again.

I wonder what God is calling you to give up to renounce to wait for to pursue for his namesake, but I do know how were to go about it by faith, believing that the unseen is a reality.

Faith is our abandonment of past desires present the lights and future dreams out of loyalty to God.

And if I had had room in that little green square space a given I didn't I would have added the words out of loyalty to God in the light of the coming promises of God will compensate you beyond your wildest imagination say that again out of loyalty to God in the light of the coming promises of God that will compensate you beyond your wildest imagination, which leads us to live than an and the end of thinking to have the perspective that effectively says goodbye Egypt. I am going to a promised land. That's God's promise to us. He's preparing a place for us. One day he will bring us safely home to live with him forever. I'm so glad you joined us today here on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Davey is working his way through a series entitled heroes. It comes from Hebrews 11 where we find a biblical hall of faith. Stephen's latest book also comes from this series. The book is called Hebrews 11 and is a beautifully bound hardback book give us a call at 86 648 Bible. You also have the option of going to our website. The book Hebrews 11 is available in our resource section. Our website is wisdom there's lots of ways that you can connect and interact with our ministry. Please be sure and install the wisdom apt to your smart phone so that you can take these lessons where ever you go and access the complete archive of Stephen's teaching also like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter or Instagram to receive updates about our ministry. Thanks again for joining us today and please be with us tomorrow for more wisdom

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