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The First Vanishing - Hebrews 11:5-6

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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June 18, 2020 1:00 am

The First Vanishing - Hebrews 11:5-6

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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June 18, 2020 1:00 am

What Old Testament saint was taken up to heaven before death? Elijah is the most well known, but Enoch was first. His story is a picture of our redemptive future.

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Without faith it is impossible to please. Number six is Hebrews 11 without trusting him as your purpose in life is to your pace in life you can't closely commute with them Were arguing about God's pace, take your Safari that I can't see that's our argument that really enjoy communion with them are the following is is referring to believers when he says without faith it is impossible to please him as close communion with God, which happens to be the greatest treasure in our lives.

My guess is that if I were to ask you if you want God to your life. You answer yes that's what all Christians want. We want to live the kind of lives that bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ in Hebrews 11 we find a list of Old Testament saints who did just that. Like us they were perfect people. They had weaknesses struggles and failures but they appear in the pages of Scripture because God was pleased with the way they lived out their faith. This is wisdom for the heart, and Stephen Davey is working through a series entitled heroes today were looking at the life. An example of a man named Enoch in a lesson that Stevens calling the first vanishing regular start with Hebrews were to go to Jude that little letter where we read in verse 14.

The Teaneck was the seventh generation from Adam for five things about his biography, though I give you this is the first one the record of Scripture tells us that Teaneck was the seventh generation from Adam and Eve. I wonder, will widen all of that matter. I mean, that's must be some kind of you know, impressive pedigree that you know like he's a descendent of one of the families that came over on the Mayflower or he's a distant relative of a former president Dora King so that he's the seventh in the line from from Adam.

What matters because it were worked hold this were given this clue.

If you spend time studying the descendents of Adam. Teaneck was from the godly line coming from Seth, the son of Adam, and he was the seventh patriarch descending from the line of Seth in that particular clue nudges the Bible student to notice that up Phoenix counterpart, then would have been the seventh generation coming from the line of Cain. Remember the first murderer who killed Abel and there's a world of difference between number seven in the line between the seventh from Canaan, the seventh from Seth, the seventh patriarch in the line of Cain was a man by the name of Laminack that Genesis chapter 4 gives us the descendents of Cain in Genesis chapter 5 gives us the descendents from the line of Seth and to go back sometime and study those two lines don't be confused. In fact there are in Phoenix and lamb X on both side so you have to be observant as to whether or not you're looking at the line of Cain or the line of Seth polemic, the descendent of Cain just want to say that he was the epitome of ungodliness.

He he was a wicked man. There's a little problem embedded in the text that we can't take time to to decipher, but basically Lamech has written the poem and in the poem he is boasting off chilling a young boy for sending him and in that poem he brags that he is 70 times more wicked than his forefather today KO I'm 70 times better than K is nothing compared to me. Add to this the fact that landmark is the first man to begin the practice of polygamy will be a light on human history. Violating the God created ideal for marriage ought to say the seventh in the line from Cain is a self-centered, brutal, ungodly man who defied the authority of God. So when Jude tells us that the edict is seventh in the line of Adam. It lets us know that his wife is running parallel to laminate and it also tells us that edict was not living in an easy day to live for God.

You know, we might have the impression that he walked with God will how easy could be back 04 from now to the notice. The second piece of UNIX biography found in Genesis 5 in verse 21, where were told he was the father of Methuselah were told in verse 21 that he lived 65 years and became the father of Methuselah never was more to the story that first meets the dugout back if you're flipping back and forth in your Bible, but will will put off just for a moment or two.

This observation, but I want to lease notice or make note of it here that Jude tells us that Teaneck became a prophet.

In other words, he received a revelation from God. Factors will see in a few moments he received very specific revelation about a coming judgment and we also know by putting the clues together that his name was more than likely, given to him from God or even in his belief named his son what he named him because of that revelation. He names his son Methuselah.

He didn't name his son Methuselah to embarrass him a graduation when they read your whole name. You know To come up front know with physical amines when he is dead. It will come to reference the coming judgment edict the prophet was given revelation from God, and he would end up. By the way, preaching it to his ungodly world. When my son dies it will come.

And if you study the descendents of Adam and take at face value. The years were given by God and there's no reason why not. Adam was created the first year of creation. We know from Scripture.

It was on the six day he lived 930 year in these days before the flood.

There's a water canopy in the atmosphere shielding the earth from harmful rays.

Earth is water daily by heavy-duty rain has never fallen on the planet. Yet according to Scripture if you look further on your list to notice the patriarch Jared was born 460 years after Adam and you can see Adam still alive. These men would've known of each other. They probably knew each other. They have a they have a compounding interest of revelation that God is delivering they would've learned from Adam.

Of course the principles of atonement and in the gospel promise. Then the next born. You notice in compared to the rest of the patriarch he dies at the age of 365. He dies a very young man comparatively. This was young. In fact, at the age of 65. He has his first child with his wife, a son. Although were not given the details God visits Teaneck in some fashion and forms him of coming judgment. They also informed him that his son's life will be the measurement of God's final years of patience for when this boy dies, God promises to judge the human race so name your son Methuselah when he dies.

Judgment will come that would happen with you look further on your chart. You'll notice that Noah is the last patriarch listed according Genesis 5 the clues of this chronology places birth in the year 1056 were also told that he lived 950 year nephew bear with me will one moment where were given another piece of information. In fact, according to Genesis chapter 9 verse 28 in my wanting flip over there from the book of Genesis chapter 9 in verse 28 were told that Noah lived 600 years before the flood, and 350 years after the flood, and that is a wonderfully helpful verse because it allows us to date, the actual event of the flood to the very year. It happens in that year was 1656 which just so happened to be the exact year. Methuselah dies now took €969 for the proxy to come true became true, just as God said, can you imagine your reading you here in the delivery room and and and there's us calling boy and God informs you that you're holding in your arms. The links of his views and it just got lit and you don't know how long it will take before the explosion but as long as that boy lives judgment. Terry's keep in mind we have no record or hint of Teaneck being told how long his son would live.

In fact, the implication is, he thought it would be very long. As far as he knew his son might die in infancy. I think I thinking it would've been shocked to find out the Methuselah without not only outlook but he lived to be 969 years of age. Surely he would live long and already the human races is involved in demonic worship we study these times astral worship there worshiping the zodiac there living in utter rebellion and depravity. This is a human race not marked by murder and brutality. Men are boasting of killing children.

Polygamy has now become a new standard with all of its abuses of women now in vogue.

I mean, it must've been thinking okay, that's true. My son is not going to live for very long, but he begins to preach this truth.

I think he surprised but he will keep at it and he will preach for some 300 years 300 years. The judgments coming and he doesn't know of his son will live two years, 20 years 200 years or two minutes so then follows this biographical observation. This comes into play. Now number three Teaneck walked with God.

This is the event that changes everything.

I means is like go sliding down the interstate on your backside right or maybe surviving a gunshot or or a cancer report or or bankruptcy or something. The birth of Methuselah dramatically altered the life of Teaneck forever.

The moment he held that little boy in his arms. He was a different man. In fact, I think God wants to make sure we don't miss the Crossroads experience in UNIX like because in Genesis chapter 5 in verse 21 he makes it very clear, then Teaneck walked with God.

300 years after he became the father of Methuselah.

Then and only after then his entire outlook on life radically changed rightly.

I offered testimony before of a man.

Men who in that delivery room holding a child knew well.

Will my way to second. I am responsible for the next generation. I'm going to be watched. I'm going to be modeled after, I am going to need to walk with God like never.

That's a good thing now. I want to make a point here that I think is important because I believe this hero is for believers. You need to understand that Teaneck was from the godly line of Seth everything I've said back there. I now wanted to took to bear weight here Teaneck already followed God we would call him a believer in our vernacular was an idolater. In fact, no one would have been surprised to hear hey guess what God chose to be a prophet with a copper semi at figures no one would've been surprised that he would be up a prophetic voice in the land only stop you from what is it take to walk with God. Well let me let me suggested itself. It takes the same thing for you and me to walk together for one thing we have to all agree we have to both agree on the destination for the walk together right. I mean if you want to walk around the block five times in and I want to walk the Bojangles for biscuit and sweet team and we we gotta go our separate ways. I feel sorry for you because what you gonna miss. We can't, we can walk together unless we are walking in the same direction. So we have to set whipped at the same purpose, the same goal in mind. Don't secondly wheat we can't walk together unless we keep the same speed or pace I can't ring your doorbell and say hey look I would like to walk around the block with me and you say will sure as it will look like to get on you, she's not going to do without it would work with it if I walked around the block 10 paces ahead of you. Oh or 10 paces behind you. We might be out on the street together at the same time were not in conversation were not enjoying each other's fellowship or just in the same neighborhood to walk with someone you have to have the same purpose in your spirit in the same pace in your step something happened that UNIX purpose pace, we don't know all the details.

Something happened.

Hebrews 11 gives us a little bit of a clue tells us that he began to exercise living passionate faith into distinct perspective. He becomes an illustration of what kind of faith pleases God first unit began to trust by faith that God exists without faith it is impossible to please. In verse six is a Hebrews 11. In other words, without trusting him as to your purpose in life is to your pace in life you can closely commute with them. Can you live were arguing about God's pace take on your behind or your your your Safari that I can see that's our argument were not really enjoying communion with him. Are we, by the way he is. He's referring to believers when he says without faith it is impossible to please him. He's not talking about saving faith I believe is talking here about sanctifying.

This is close communion God, which happens to be the greatest treasure in our lives, how you work up your walk of faith.

What can you do in practical terms to strengthen your walk of faith both. I have enough time in my week to add to my research and study.

And if I have a little extra time I'll pull out a book by Thomas Minton is a Puritan who pastored in the 1800s. He has a commentary on Hebrews 1101 sexually provoke my thinking and I really wanted to share with you so want to quickly give you what he said to his congregation on how to work up your walk of faith is very practical, pastored five ways number one you work up your walk of faith by way of meditation.

He wrote that there is nothing you pry is that you do not allow your mind to run upon. It's his way of saying daydream about so so daydream he said run upon the truth of heaven and its glory and in the presence of Christ secondly worked up your walk of faith by way of argumentation. All of this point, it doesn't mean God pick a fight. He's actually talking about arguing with yourself, argue with yourself. When you have some doubt arise, go into the word and commit your mind to the truth of his promises and argue with anything that rises up against the hope you have within you. When's the last time you had a good argument with yourself, Stephen, you should not be thinking that now get rid of it.

Okay, that's what he's talking third work up your walk of faith by way of supplication cry out with David he wrote oh, Lord, guide me with thy counsel, let thy truth and I like lead forth work of your walk of faith by way of dedication.

He writes do not. Men strive to step higher in the world you get a leg up today not rise early and go to bed late only to maintain their frail lives that are crumbling the dust I mean are working our heads off. He says, shall we do nothing for God, should we not be more industrious about like if you are sweating it out for for temporary things, shouldn't we be industrious for eternal so we went to work up our walk of faith.

We do by meditation and argumentation in supplication and dedication, and finally number five will work it up by means of expectation. We look for. Like Paul wrote in Titus chapter 2 we are looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ you work up your walk. Jews little letter informs us that UNIX prophesied. Verse 14 tells us that the Lord is going to come with thousands of his holy ones execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in ungodliness or an ungodly way, and you get the idea that the sermon is: everybody ungodly how popular with the he's prophesying that God is going to judge ungodly. Now we know from our fuller record of revelation only to the epistles in Revelation that this event he's prophesying about is going take place at the end of the tribulation the church and Christ return to judge the world's Christ sets up his kingdom.

What he doesn't know is that God is actually going to apply this aspect of judgment to an earlier event that will take place as soon his son Methuselah dies its worldwide judgment of the flood and we have every reason to believe in it doesn't know how far away the coming judgment is he just knows it's coming so just imagine for a moment.

By the time Methuselah turns 850 years old. Around that time and it's already dead. God comes to know and says build an ark that will deal with that in our next lesson together so I don't spend too much time there but he says to know start building our Methuselah becomes a a picture of God's patience.

Isn't it interesting that the man whose death will bring judgment is the man God determines to live longer than any other human being has ever lived is the patience of God. Methuselah is 875 years old.

Noah lays the keel in the ribbing fits the sides. The crowd gathers in box.

What terrain. No, I don't know never seen it but it's coming with this one is 940 years old Noah and his family are working on the inside. The interior of the ark. Methuselah is 965, 966, 967 Noah hangs the door or on the hinges 968 Noah and his family packed the ark with food 969 Don Zenon pairs of animals begin appearing the ark is finished, the families getting on board and they get the news that that grandpa Methuselah has just died that he never reserved the seat on the ark because he knew he didn't need to. His death would signal the judgment of God.

Every patriarch by that point in time from the line of Seth has now passed away except for Noah and the judgment of God promised, nearly a thousand years earlier. Now comes in for the first time in human history. The sound of thunder is heard in rain begins to fall more on that next time. Let's back up and go back to Enid years before this event to be the fifth piece of his biographical puzzle falls into place is not only the seventh generation from Adam that only the father Methuselah not only walk with God only warned his world coming judgment but finally Teaneck was the first human being to vanish from site he was 11. In verse five we finally get that adverse tells us that unit was taken up so that he would not see death.

He was not found because God took him of the Greek word for to come up has the same idea being enraptured literally being snatched away. He just vanishes were not told how God did it were just told he did it in the text says he couldn't be found. That means they tried, they sent out search parties, they probably assumed somebody from that of lidocaine did him harm who saw him last. Where was he was concerned try a little week of August. This doesn't just happily meeting he just disappeared doesn't just happen all. Maybe today the same thing could happen.

Only this time, every person is placed their faith in Jesus Christ, will suddenly vanish disappear becomes not only a prophet of the coming judgment of God comes from heaven to earth and judgment. He becomes the first to experience God's ability to move someone from Earth to heaven is like that. He vanishes one wears me writes that Teaneck had been walking with God for so many years that his transfer to heaven wasn't really an interruption.

He had been walking with God and he could not see him, but he believed existed and he believed he was personally involved. His legacy is that he walked with God. But his legacy is also that he walked away with God, my close with this in G. Campbell Morgan's biography that I'm reading through these days. This expositor wrote in the early 1900s, and I close with his quote. He writes a little girl came home from Sunday school after hearing the story of Anakin.

She said mother. We heard about a wonderful man today in Sunday school and the mother let her child tell her what she learned what his name was Ina and you know mother he used to go for walks with God the mother responded that's wonderful. How does the story and she said well one day they walked on and on and on. Got so far away that God said to Ian at your you're such a long way from home. Might as well come on the my house and live with me a great which happens by the way, to be his plan for you and for me as well.

Every one of us who belong to him one day will and our walk of faith.

Teaneck by an invitation already printed by the Lord with the exact moment, either by means of the rapture, or death to just come on to his house and live with him forever for Enoch. He simply vanished from this earth. And God took him up to heaven, but the invitation to enter heaven and live forever with God is open to everyone. God invites all people to respond in faith to the gospel and join him in heaven. Upon death, or upon the return of Christ. I hope you've responded to that invitation. If you'd like to know more about the gospel we have a little pamphlet entitled God's wisdom for your hearts. It explains the message of the gospel and how you can respond to it.

It might be that you're a Christian you'd like to have this pamphlet to share with people in your life who are not, we be happy to get you information on how you can get a copy or a supply of the brochure. God's wisdom for your heart.

Give us a call today at 86 648 Bible. That's 866-482-4253. Thanks for joining us back tomorrow for more wisdom for the heart

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