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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 5, 2024 12:02 am

TUE HR 1 060424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this fourth day of June. You know what is right, what is left? The Bible tells you those on the right will inherit the kingdom and those on the left don't fare too well. Okay folks, so this is the voice of the Christian Resistance and tonight we have the guy on the board, the guy that's got the dials and the buttons, our producer.

We don't rile style. Hey, style. Hey, good evening, Pastor.

Alrighty. And tonight we have in studio here with me my co-host, Aaron. Hello, Pastor. And of course way out yonder, the legendary Pastor Joe Larson, the parson. Probably infamous is a better word but I'll take it. Good evening, one and all. And we've got a special guest tonight, right?

Yeah, we certainly do. He's kind of legendary too. He is. And that is Randall Terry. Hey, Randall. Pastor Ernie, it's so good to be with you and we are live. Let there be no mistake that thinks that some of this might be pre-recorded. Not this, folks. This is live.

From coast to coast, yep, it's the most. And Joe, do you remember the title of the message? A green tree and the dry. We're gonna get into a little bit of a Bible study here there, Randall, and it actually has all to do with what you're here for tonight, too. And so the green tree and the dry, that's out of Luke 23 verse 31 when the Lord Jesus, when he had just told those when he was hanging up on the cross and the women were crying and wailing and he said, don't cry for me, cry for yourselves. And he told them that the time is gonna come when you're gonna ask the mountain to fall on you and the rocks to cover you so you don't look upon the face of the Lord. And then he says this, that if they will do this, he was referring to the Roman government, in a green tree.

Now he was referring to himself, the green tree as being a tree that's full of life. That's where you got that the flag that we have. Appeal to heaven. Yeah, the appeal to heaven. And that was George Washington actually had that flag fly above.

If you see some of the very old paintings in that, that would be flying above the Christian flag and then that would be flying above the stars and stripes. And so here now Jesus was referring to himself as being the green tree full of life, innocence. And the Israel was the dry tree full of sin.

The nation of Israel full of sin and trouble. And so here now, and it was an interesting thing because Donald Trump had come out and said recently, if they will do this to me, and here the former president of the United States, actually the legitimate president of the United States, the real president, what are they gonna do to you? Okay, and of course we know the answer to that when we we look at the J-6ers, we look at the pro-lifers whose homes they busted into in the middle of night, you know.

We were just talking about that today. You know, I was one of those where they were gonna come get me in their middle night like they did Richard Lewis and so many others, but I was fortunate to be tipped off and I didn't wait for them to come after me and at two o'clock in the morning I took a dozen men marched into Judge Marcus's courthouse and challenged him and Dan Caceres right there on the spot. So all my charges against me. They charged me, Randy, does this sound familiar, with anti-government activity. And so, yeah, well if they tried to recall me three times and so anyhow and Randy you and I know in order to recall me even Italian well yeah in order to recall you have to prove that I make make a profit from saving babies that's what they were charged me with hurting their business and well Randy we know that we don't make much money saving babies doing no our reward please God is in heaven please Lord God remember us for good for good Lord amen and so we're here you know Randall we tell people the pay isn't very good but the retirement plan is out of this world yeah it really is there you go well we're gonna pick it up tonight in second first Chronicles chapter 16 verses 21 through 25 said Joe would you read verses 21 through 25 and first Chronicles 16 he suffered no man to do them wrong yay he reproved Kings for their sakes saying touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm sing unto the Lord all the earth show forth from day to day his salvation declare his glory unto the heathen his marvelous works among the nations for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised he also is to be feared above all gods well now this is one of David's songs of praise and David was actually referring to something specific there he was referring specifically to when to embelech when a bama lick he God had given him a warning remember the very first time the word prophet was used was used to describe Abraham Abraham was was the first prophet and so here well actually he wasn't the first prophet but the word that was used for the first time actually you know who the first prophet was don't you was able able was the first prophet still speaks from the ground who being dead yet speaketh yeah absolutely and so here now when he says touch not mine anointed nor do my prophet no harm here God had warned a memo lick see remember Abraham was feared for his life because Sarah was so pretty and he was afraid that some of those guys were gonna kill him to take her so he he told a bama lick that he was she was his sister and he wasn't lying she was actually his half sister they had the same father but two different mothers so here and bimlic had some he had plans for Sarah and he saw Abraham and Sarah what they call sporting out in the grass and so as he was thinking about what he wanted to do God spoke to a bimlic and he told him don't touch that man's wife because it won't end well for you if you do so then and bimlic you know he had to fear he just not had to fear God in him so he wasn't told Abraham listen get your stuff get your people and get out right and so here now when we talking about the was touched up my anointed okay Randy tell me tell me what you think it means when when can you tell if God's anointed as somebody do we see God's anointing on President Trump well I believe that God anointed him like he anointed Nebuchadnezzar and like he anointed Darius we have to in my understanding in my study of the scripture is God puts his hand on someone puts a call on someone he called Cyrus by name in the book of Isaiah says Cyrus I have called you by name even though you don't know me and he called Cyrus my anointed he literally called King Cyrus a pagan King my anointed so we can see somebody who is a flawed human and we're all flawed humans and we can say okay God knows what he's doing and God put his hand on certain people to do certain things you know as Ernie forgive me but I do want to tell people the good news about our run for the presidency but I'm I want everyone to know I am a candidate for president but I'm not running against President Trump I'm learning against Joe Biden and my mission is to hurt Biden but to come back to your question the the the two most I don't know fierce men in America overarching for liberties are Donald Trump and Elon Musk I mean go figure a lot of righteous men good men devout Christian men who should be fighting with all their hearts and souls they're not and one of the reasons I got into this fight was to do everything in my power to reach pro-life Democrats and black Americans to say to them you can no longer vote for these baby-killing Democrats these Democrats who are telling young children that they can change their gender that they can mutilate themselves that sex education should be in school teaching our children all these perversions we're staying to Catholics and to blacks you're voting for Biden and Democrats and these are people that are at war with your family they're at war with your faith they're at war with your God stop voting for them repent so you know people have been worried that because pastor Brody and I and I know you know pastor Brody's been on your show there are people that are worried that we are going to hurt President Trump and we're not our anointing our call from God is to be a voice of warning to the Democrats and the and I'm talking about Roman Catholics and African Americans who some of whom are listening to the sound of our voices right now and your daddy and your daddy's daddy and your family they've all been Democrats and you've always voted Democrat and you need to stop because the party is not what it was when we were young I grew up in a family of Democrats both my parents all my grandparents all my aunts and uncles but it is not that party anymore it is the party of perversion the party of death and we must resist it not vote for it it's the Antichrist Communist Party now President Trump the legitimate president of the United States has made it very clear he said that these people are evil they list you have to understand what I'm telling you folks these people are evils for President Trump says now Joe Biden is evil to the core he is evil is that yep I mean that man is just pure evil we know that Hillary you know that it would be a contest between Hillary and Jezebel you know of the Bible those two would be I mean the the attributes to the characteristics of Ahab and Jezebel and Bill and Hillary are remarkable okay but both Hillary and Jezebel have a long line of dead bodies behind their witchcraft and both of them were involved in witchcraft Hillary is an actual witch he actually had in a covenant of witches in California her own husband admitted to that but she she admitted it to herself too so the wickedness of drusilla yeah yeah she actually ran the she actually called it there she actually called it on the radio program she was I had Larry Nichols I would be and she didn't like what she was hearing she she was stuck on the in in her limo zine in DC and she was playing just dial surfing and she come across the program she recognized Larry's voice right away she stopped and she listened to us she called she called it and she says yeah she said this is drusilla I said what you think she said drusilla I remembered right away because she had been on c-span and she had been addressing the lesbians and she came out and she introduced herself she says hello I'm drusilla the wicked witch of the West and they all cackled you know like hens and so I knew immediately who it was but Larry he recognized her voice because he had he used to be her handler and so when he started laughing she really got angry and I had to bleep her about five times the language yeah she was a little bit we could say distraught we can use that word yeah she called me some bad names and but anyhow then yeah then Randy when I went to DC we took 100 pastors down there to go and lobby the Senate for the pro-life legislation and and when and that's when she was a senator and I got a call as soon as we got inside the DC there I got a call saying don't go into Hillary's office she is waiting for you there's two federal marshals here she's going to have you arrested because I had sit on the radio that I'm gonna go see Hillary I'm gonna go and give her heaven sweet and hell hot and uh so I got a warning now it turned out to the best of my knowledge that that that tip-off actually came from inside her own office okay but sure enough we went down there and I stood back when they opened the door there was two suits standing there and the three guys I sent three other pastors in there and asked all of my you pastor Sanders you pastures it but you did gel time for something you weren't even there who was it that was holding the baby and it was baby choice I believe Harley Ballew yeah Harley yeah and then did the crime and Randall did the yeah you did what four years or something how much did you know no no no heaven no no I was only five months well five months yeah yeah it was yeah I remember that that baby they that was right from Billy boy himself uh yep that's right well did you did you get the quote from Tom delay yeah I did but remind me I saw that for those who don't remember Tom delay is a devout Christian man he was the house majority leader from 2003 to 2005 one of the most powerful politicians in the country loves the Lord and let me take for a second hold on hold on I'm gonna Rick I'm gonna read it to you he said this the 3d battle plan of the Terry Brody campaign is a bit political genius every Republican could invest in this mission to defend babies defeat Biden and destroy the Democrat Party I assure you when Biden loses Trump wins please join me in financially supporting this campaign so these television ads can run nationwide so congressman or former majority leader Tom delay has thrown down to the pro-life Republican community because we've created these ads I know that you've seen him pastor Ernie yeah yeah Catholics we're calling on Catholics and blacks to refuse to vote for Biden and if we can get two or three percent of the Catholics at two or three percent of the blacks at Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania to vote for to vote to not vote for Biden which is our mission then Biden loses the presidency we're like a secret weapon because we know who we're targeting we're targeting the black people and the and their Catholic people who have betrayed their faith and who need to just repent and not go for these baby killers anymore well these you want to run these ads I know we did send a contribution and we'll send another well how would tell the folks out there how they can do that I will thank you I'm gonna I gotta tell you something can I tell you something that made me really sad and I'm hoping changes tonight can I tell you yeah sure go ahead when I was on your show people I don't want to embarrass Ernie because he's a good man but pastor Ernie out of his own pocket made a very generous contribution to our campaign and he just said he's gonna do it again and we're running ads TV ads you can see the ads at Terry 2024 dot-com my last name is Terry and then it's 2 0 2 4 I'm sorry 2 0 2 4 2024 Terry 2024 dot-com we have 10 ads up right now that are a part of the mission that we have to run ads against Biden and against the Democrats so pastor Ernie here's what made me sad you made this incredible contribution you encouraged your people to support us and we did not get except for your gifts we did not get one single contribution at our website from that show not one whoa and I was devastated I thought what is going on and so we've talked a lot about this and this is what we came up with people are so afraid another Biden term which I share and they don't want to hurt President Trump that they were afraid to give us a contribution for fear that it would hurt Trump so this is what I'm telling you tonight people our mission our message is this defend babies defeat Biden destroy the Democrat Party we are setting out to destroy the Democrat Party and here's the secret mission the largest voting block inside of the Democrat Party the largest voting block are Roman Catholics the second largest voting block are African Americans so we have created all of our ads to aim squarely at African Americans and Roman Catholics to call on them and say look you believe in God Jesus said if you heard a little child you're better off having a millstone tied around your neck drowned in the seat Biden and the Democrats deserve millstones not our votes as Jesus said and with black men and black women the Democrat Party is committing black genocide so if you think that those ads will hurt Donald Trump I don't know what planet you're on I don't mean to be rude but I mean come on these heads are aimed squarely at Biden squarely as baby killers in the Democrat Party and they're aimed at Catholics and blacks who have historically voted for them calling them to repent so most of us don't even hang out with those people we know how to reach them we're negotiating with black entertainment television right now to run ass of pastor Brodin who's black saying that if you vote for Biden and Kamala Harris they're doing the work of the Ku Klux Klan that's what pastor Brodin says that there's the Democrats are lynching black babies in the womb lynching black babies so I am begging you people my friends pastor earnings friends even if you give us five bucks or ten bucks just let us know that you support our mission please I'm begging you show us the love go to Terry 2024 calm and give something anything anything and we'll give you my latest book divine correction how God gets the nation's attention I'll send you that book for free if you'll just make a contribution of any child all right hey Ty Randi we'll be back right after this Gordon call was right when he made his famous stand heaven knows there was a man who fucked the righteous fight till the wrong arm of the law gunned him down in Arkansas he would not pay one dime of tribute to the IRS and for his disobedience they planned his fiery death and now all is fair in love and war Christian blood has been shed before and though these tens of flesh may fail the gates of hell shall never prevail because he gave his life for me I shall not fear adversity and we shall all meet in heaven's door is all is fair in love in love and whoa 545 p.m. on a North Dakota Road February 83 that's when the war began where two federal marshals died for the sake of tyranny they both would underestimate the courage of one man who only shot in self-defense to save his promised land because all is fair in love and war Christian blood has been shed and though these tens of flesh may fail the gates of hell shall never prevail because he gave his life for me I shall not fear adversity and we shall all meet at heaven's door because all is fair in love in love and war when all was said and done and the verdicts handed down someone had to take the ball and was Gordon son who was wounded in the fray please won't you pray for your recall who now must waste his life away inside some stinkin jail please pray the Lord might set him free through faith we shall prevail they say all is fair in love and war Christian blood has been shed and though these tens of fish may fail the gates of hell shall never prevail because he gave his life for me I shall not fear adversity and we shall all meet at heaven's door because all is fair in love in love and war all is fair and loving warm hey Randy you know when you were talking about wanting to reach them reach the the black people I remember there was a black abortionists and this guy when I was out there preaching to abortion mills he comes up and he pulls up in his Cadillac and he says you just worry about saving your white babies the too many black babies he had made himself to judge and he decided he said that he was there and he was going to weed out to hear the the black population there in Cleveland because he said there's too many black babies without fathers and he just appointed himself God and anyhow see that that's big message that we are getting out and you know it's like the dirty little secret of the african-american community that only 12% of women are black but over a third of abortions are committed on black women it's black genocide and so pastor Brodin will be the first black man to say on television that abortion is the work of the Ku Klux Klan and that if you vote for these baby killers you're helping them commit black genocide he's saying it's a black field he's black and he's telling black people if you vote for these candidates you are a part of black genocide well you see and there are those yeah you know you know the interesting thing Randy did you know that the largest slave owner in the United States back in the early days I was a black man did you know that and it was Johnson let away I know that yeah yeah he was one who had bought himself out in the freedom and then he he ended up being the largest slave owner now oh we're the first slave trader that brought blacks to slaves across was a black man yeah shipping them across like yeah but remember the name but yeah well I'm talking about the guy that was here that he brought up there in Virginia and so here you have people that make money like give you like Al Sharpton gets money from plan of predators people like Kamala Harris you have a lot of Jesse Jackson you have a lot of these like that they what is this says they eat the sin of their people they eat in other words they profit off the sin of their people that promote Al Sharpton actually said that abortion is biblical we got a defund Planned Parenthood yeah yeah and we could do that if we get Trump tell you right now if you want ads on TC we're saying what we're saying right now and a Christian audience with Christian radio stations we're gonna run these ads on the view whoopee Goldberg and joy bear whatever her name is blowhard joyless joyless blowhard we can run our ads on Stephen Colbert we can run our ads on CNN we can run our ads any where we want as long as we have the money yeah ready let me tell you this that's simple okay there's a lot of people out there listening to you right now folks that are my age that don't have computers they don't have televisions they they threw out the television and many of them never got on computers but they know how to write a check they have a checkbook so can you give it it's an address for folks out there yeah I think that's what we did no I would I would love that please make that be the reason here we go Terry for president I'm gonna give this ad I'll give it up three times people it's really easy p o box 420 ellendale Tennessee that's e ll em ellen dale Tennessee 3 8 0 2 9 so Randall Terry for Terry for president p o box 420 4 2 0 ellendale Tennessee 3 8 0 2 9 I'm gonna give it one more time but I want to tell you something people this is how I know that it's you $186 to run an ad in primetime on the black entertainment television network in Milwaukee Wisconsin with huge numbers of black people watching the ad only a big spot hundred eighty six dollars we can dominate in these markets so okay I'll buy that I'll buy that ad I'm gonna get you off a check for we'll get you off a check for 200 and I'm gonna ask folks out there to match me if I can get a number of you folks out there to match me for that 200 so awesome yeah here it is one more time Terry for president and it's p o box 420 ellendale Tennessee 3 8 0 2 9 now I'm gonna give the address that one more time but Ernie I gotta say something we just found out are you ready for some really great news yeah I'm really I'm gonna be on the debate stage with the libertarian candidate the Green Party candidate and maybe RSK jr. information I'm gonna be it's a huge event in Las Vegas it'll be televised there'll be thousands of people there and I am going to be your servant Randall will be on the debate stage with these people and again my mission defend babies defeat Biden destroy the Democrat party so you know that I'm gonna be throwing down when I'm on television and when I'm in this debate so I'm asking you people you heard Ernie matches gifts Terry for president p o box 420 ellendale Tennessee 3 8 0 2 9 very good I've never seen you to hold back so this would be great you know we were talking earlier about the anointing you know you had it there for the operational rescue obviously with all the stuff that happened to you all the things that have happened to you know to us I mean I've probably and I know at least seven times I've had attempts on my life out there but by nothing that I did but by the you know the Lord just decided that nothing was gonna happen until he was finished with me and we know that that's what happens when when he's finished with his people then he allows them to be to come home and so we you know we've been there we've been doing this this is my 50th year on the radio Randy and it's been that's so cool that's so cool I made a lot of folks out there don't like me you know because you know those that that hate the truth you know to them this hate and you know we take it right on they love death Jesus said blessed are you when men hate you revile you cast your name out as evil he said rejoice in that day leap for joy great is your reward in heaven for this is how they treated the prophets who were before you absolutely tonight tonight at the Tea Party meeting we had there was a fellow that children speaker our speaker was coming out and he was very adamant against abortion and one of the people there stood up and said well you know there are there should be some exceptions and he was talking about rape or incest and all these things and I said look I said God's word the Bible God has ruled on that he has already ruled on that abortion is murder period without any exceptions that's what God's word that's what God has ruled that was the end of the the conversation right there and do you think God gets the last word is he gonna get the last word from here on out I believe so time till the end of time and then into all eternity heaven and earth will pass away but his word will not pass away amen but one thing here's here's what we're fighting the socialist universities Michigan State has a hundred and forty employees that work on 222 DEI agendas and their inclusive language goals guide instructed employees university employees not to say America not to use Easter or any Christian Christmas imagery so that kind of covers the holidays and Christianity no imagery no words they're trying to strike it from the language so this is truly truly a spiritual battle of all the things that they could go out it is but you know Joe the left is the left is in a panic because even now right now you have nine NFL teams 11 11 now 11 NFL team said it said okay we've had it with the queer stuff no more LGBTQ now the other that had to do cuz I announced several times with the Cleveland Browns I quit watching the football after that when they when they first took the knee I quit watching it for a while a solid year I didn't watch and a lot of other people said tell me the same thing you know I quit watching them do and so they aren't they and they felt it too even at the stadium and then what happens you know when they started that and then COVID comes along and all of a sudden now they got to pay the players but there's nobody showing up in the stands right and so they the good Lord got to attention and they decided maybe oh you go woke you go broke huh there you go unless you work at a college or university I'm looking at the same story some of the people there in this DEI are making you know three hundred and sixty thousand something two hundred and something thousand many of these DEI people are paid even more than a lot of the professors the executive vice president of Health Science makes almost seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year thin does pay well well you know what's happening to a lot of those universities a lot of their major contributors are pulling their money away exactly they've just same thing with the sports teams they've had it with the anti-semitism they've had it with the wokeism and what was one of the big donors sent a very huge pledge to a university there in Israel two hundred and fifty thousand dollars took it away from one of the American universities and said you know not going to give them my money because they're you know not worthy of it that's a great idea yeah you know one university in Israel is one of the few that really does scientific breakthroughs and does nothing but stem work and so and I'll remember the article can't remember the guy oh the guy went to keep his name quiet but anyway that was the big that was the big headline the quarter of a million dollar donation to Israeli University folks let me just tell you again here just think about this just think about why I don't watch the view but if I knew that Randy's got commercials of beyond there I would but just just picture this here you got a whoopee bragging she boasts about how many babies she's killed that is a wicked wicked woman now she's evil woman yep to the bone and so just imagine seeing a pro-life commercial being played on there could you see the look so you know for example you know something very strange happened I don't know if you guys saw this there was a young black fella he's a reporter and it was strange because he was on PU to view and he said in there and he's eating a banana he's eating a banana and here you know when Alito's wife she flew the Stars and Stripes upside down and so joyless blowhards he says well Trump started that that's part of what Trump's and his followers do that and this this reporter this young guy says no she said see what you're doing exactly what you just accused the conservatives doing you're you're misleading that's propaganda and he told her that's hypocrisy that flag we've always known it's a sign of distress and you just lied and and you ought to see she was speechless her and the other unclean women there didn't know what to say they just looked at each other they and so can you imagine having them know that those commercials are running during their program but I got to tell you something the a nationwide commercial nationwide on the view cost $11,000 or $11,000 that's nothing that's there's four people listening to this radio show right now four people just four if they give the maximum thirty three hundred bucks three thousand three hundred dollars that's all you give you give the maximum four people that's the ad I can buy a 30-second ad and we've got the ad that would be is in it's called stupid celebrity and it says I it's this is what it says my voice it says I am so sick of stupid celebrity hey morons what do you call this this is a human being human being human beings I'm showing all these pictures of beautiful babies in the womb and they say and these are dead human beings and then we show aborted baby and it starts off showing what will they show them and they have to by law that's what people need to understand once we get inside of the 60-day window starting September 5th TV stations are required by law to run the ads of a federal candidate period the ends go for it even see things over where they would stop those pictures I have a feeling that no no no no no no no please don't even say it's not true so your contents protected for yeah they showed the holler how many times have they showed the Holocaust pictures pictures yeah okay I'm just checking with you yeah no listen I'm gonna tell you I ran in 2012 we showed dead baby ads in 39 states well so your contents protected as a candidate is that the loophole federal law of federal law says that a federally licensed station radio or television must run the ads of federal candidates and they cannot censor them they cannot edit them they cannot refuse them so we ran ads let me tell you how powerful this is there's a woman right now in New Jersey she's got 3% of the vote her name is Teresa Vukovina you can look up right now look on your phones right now New York she's in she's on the ballot in New Jersey against Biden she's got 3% of the vote all she did was run dead baby ads in New York City saying don't vote for Biden he's a baby killer and she got 3% of the vote I ran in 2012 and I ran in a primary against Obama oh I remember good vote yes only Democrats could vote and all I did in Oklahoma was run dead baby ads saying if you vote for Obama you've got blood on your hands and listen I got 18% of the vote 18% against a sitting president I beat Obama in in 13 counties just running ads showing dead babies saying that Obama is the baby killer so people can't believe that it works because they're like oh like you said there's a goal they're not gonna let you run them they have to it's the law we've been doing this for years that's a wise tactic already flows way that we could the only way that we can do it and and they not stop us this is it is the only way of federal electric that's why I'm running for president that's it can you add Jesus Christ as Lord at the very end well everyone who knows me knows I believe Jesus that'd be a good opportunity to yeah yeah well there are people who've done that yeah I say I quote Jesus in my head yep Terry for president post office box four to zero Ellendale ELL Ian Dale Tennessee three eight zero to nine that's Terry for president post office box four to zero Ellendale Tennessee three eight zero to nine I encourage you folks I'm gonna cut him a check for 200 bucks that way we can run that'll run that ads those ads on those that one station he was talking about black entertainment yep in Milwaukee yep yeah I'm encouraging you folks out there to match me to match me especially all you folks on Chicago to out there match that if you would look we're talking about saving babies Joe Biden is a wicked man he's an evil man very very evil very wicked amen there is no Democratic Party they're pure communist and more and more listen every day more and more of those people are turning to the Church of Satan that's happening right now in our country they're turning to the Church of Satan they have become so corrupt so absolute reprobate so Antichrist it's just just unbelievable evil okay and today that they were out there talking about here the people the most dangerous people in the United States it's referring to where Trump followers veterans and recently release recent veterans is simple that recently left the military those are the most dangerous people they're the most likely to be terrorists this is what your your government and this married Garland this guy is as corrupt as corrupt gets a piece of garbage he is absolutely refuse he is evil to that he is evil to the bone folks out there and you know just thinking they killing babies and you saw what they did yesterday that green lady Marjorie Taylor green she went over and she tore up now we did a big thing on Fauci about him torturing the puppies how he tied those puppies down and let the fleas eat on them for days and cut their vocal cords so they couldn't even whine this he showed that Democrats are evil all of these Democrats said that's nothing wrong with doing that nothing's wrong for doing that torturing puppies or even babies these people are wicked they're wicked to the bone and you are to stand up against this evil this wickedness don't listen to these prescient preachers that that just tell you well you know just love them you know these prescient preachers are the ones that would never do that they don't know that they haven't ever had to go to jail for doing the right thing you know and here's the other thing too you know I watched as they had it on the internet all the women from the view saying one after the other Trump is a convicted felon Trump is a convicted felon I just saw pencil neck Adam shift out there today saying it all day long Trump is a convicted felon let me tell you about there was some very very very famous convicted felons of the past and one of them's name was Jesus Christ yeah I was just gonna say that it was the Apostle Paul you had Peter now let me tell you they were convicted felons by wicked people they were they were innocent like Donald Trump is innocent but the wicked the wicked convicted them and we saw that especially with Naboth in his vineyard when Jezebel when Hillary called the sodomites together and had an unfair court they used a lawfare and the wicked convicted an innocent man just like pilot said I find no fault in this man at all okay but what did they do he sentenced him anyhow didn't he and so um I didn't hear you well how much time do we have there okay so that's where we're at folks here it's this is the time you got to make up your mind Joshua says for me and mine we're gonna follow God right choose you this day folks out there serve now it's time to decide who you're gonna serve we're in a war yeah we are in a war the amen you got to speak up pro-life for life protect life check the babies honor the Lord okay what was that website address again went Randy to Terry 2024 calm he's very past Ernie said something very important this is the only means in the United States of America in the Western Hemisphere in the world this is the only way that you can compel a television station force them to run as showing the tragedy the evil the murder of innocent baby this is it it's a federal campaign it's not mayor not doesn't work for mayor for governor it only works for federal candidates that's good we've done it before and it's a key part of victory we've got to save babies we've got to tell the truth we've got to defeat Biden and I have got to have your help I'm risking my life we're on the front line I'm asking you to be our supply line I beg you in Jesus name I beg you in the name of our Savior go to Terry 2024 calm Terry 2024 calm and give online or you can mail us at p.o. box 420 Ellendale Tennessee 380 tonight there you go folks Randy he's put his body where his mouth up he said he's ended up in with himself people at Joe Scheider myself and others ended up behind the bars doing our prison ministry for doing the right thing for saving babies Randy we're going up against a hard break so if you're hanging tight you're having me pastor Ernie thank you so much I love you guys god bless you yeah god bless your efforts god bless be very thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 4 4 0 6 5 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word Cleveland calm the word Cleveland calm once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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