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FRI HR 2 052424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 24, 2024 11:59 pm

FRI HR 2 052424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Science did that. Hills Pet Nutrition. Buy the bag that gives back. Visit slash give back or tap the banner to learn more. All right, we're back and big John. One of the things I just wanted to get out here before we get into too many of the directions here. You are a liar, Norm Eisen.

Key architect behind the color revolution. 180 Lawfare cases against Trump. Confront an outside courthouse. This is a typical coward out there. This is one of those slimy little ambulance chasing lawyers.

One, you know, you know, seems like, you know, Jesus we just did that message. Woe unto your lawyers. Woe unto your lawyers. Woe unto your lawyers.

But Norm Eisen, the key architect behind the what they call the color revolution, the lawless cases against President Trump was confronted outside a Manhattan courthouse by the founder of crowd source, the truth. This was an interesting and he was refused. He's right to his face. He said, you are a liar. And so you said this all up and Costello just exploded your, I can't use the words, BS.

You're going to jail. Anyhow, thanks to Costello. Costello was a very well-known, highly respected lawyer. And anyhow, he outed this fellow, the corruption. And the other thing, too, was in that courtroom.

I have an article I want to read later with that judge there in Manhattan. What was his name again? Alvin Bragg? No, Mershon.

Mershon, yeah. Just unbelievable what he did, how he went after Costello. Wouldn't let him tell.

Costello sitting there. He had all the documentation and the judge would not. You talk about a corrupt court. I mean, just a tremendously corrupt court. But anyhow, just wanted to say that. What God is doing, I mean, he's, through these court cases, he's really showing the whole world.

He is. On the federal level, on the state, city level, I mean, there's no end to it. They are bold in their corruption even in front of the cameras. Yeah, I know, but they're starting to get caught one by one. They're getting caught. That's the good news. Yeah, and we really have to get on them.

I mean, we have to keep after it. I got to make a quick announcement, and that is that I want to thank the Ken Hunter and all the good folks there at the American Legion Post 663, has invited me to come speak at the Memorial Day ceremony, and that is going to be held Monday, this Monday at 12 noon, and that's at the Memorial Veterans Memorial Park, and that's right at the corner of Route 87, Kinsman Road and Auburn Road, right at the corners of Route 87 in Auburn, this Monday at 12, 12 o'clock, 12 noon. So come on out, and they have a parade, and I want to invite, come on out and say hi to you folks out there, many of you listening to me, and you know, it's an amazing thing, because every now and then I'll be talking to somebody, and they'll tell me, you know, I live very close to you, and never, never met you. Well, come to church, you can meet me, right?

But anyhow, so folks, come on out, and say hi, and that's Monday, and that's at 12 noon, and that's being put up by the American Legion Post 663, and their commander, Ken Hunter. Okay, there you go. Now, John, why don't you just astonish us with just. Well, Pastor Ernie, there's two things that I wanted to bring out. Since we're talking about law, and Trump's cases with law, there is an amazing thing that's come out. I'm sure, Pastor Ernie, in fact, we spoke earlier in the week, you were following the documents that were recently released by the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, and all the case against President Trump? Yeah.

And the FBI had a shoot-to-kill order put out. Isn't that amazing? That's absolutely incredible. Yeah, it is. That is incredible, and now they had, and now they're trying to tell us that, well, that's standard procedure.

No, that's not standard procedure. That's another lie, and it's just unbelievable. They just add lie upon lie. The thing about that is the Justice Department, Garland, was overseeing it.

That's really unusual. The Attorney General overseeing a, directly overseeing an FBI warrant like that, but anyways, another issue has come up. You need to remind the folks what that raid was all about. Trump, one of the last things he did, okay, when he declassified some all that stuff on that hurricane, that Operation Crossfire Hurricane, which had all the names of these people that were involved in this, and here they wanted to get a hold of that. Barack Obama was behind a lot of this stuff. There was things that Obama did, and so they they wanted to get that, before Trump had a chance to make it public. And so here, that's what they did, is they pulled out, and they laid it like a display, like they went in and they found it that way. All of the papers down like that, it wasn't. They set that up, and now Dirty Jack Smith had to admit that they did that. He was forced to admit that he did that out there.

Well, Pastor Ernie, let me jump in here. Even worse than that, he had to admit that records that should have been contained in there are missing. They're missing.

Yeah, those are the ones they're looking for. Remember, this is where, this is, yeah, Jim Jordan has given, what's his name? Ray? Ray? No, I think Ray, but Mary Garland.

Mary Garland. Given Mary Garland, I think till Wednesday of next week, or no, it's Tuesday, I think. I think it's till Tuesday of next week. Ten days should be coming up pretty soon. That's Tuesday.

That was last Friday we were talking about. Yeah, so to come out to produce those documents, and if he doesn't, they're going to send the Sergeant of Arms over to the Department of Justice and arrest him. Hold him at Congress and the Congress jail until he does, right? Yeah, yeah. Glory to God.

And if that happens, Chris Ray will be next. How outrageous it is where this material was constantly under the authority of the FBI. It was under their supervision. All these records, they never left, they never went to, I don't know, any place that was under the control of the FBI and they can't find the records.

I mean, weren't they, John, weren't they being held in Virginia before they shipped them to Mar-a-Lago and they knew that? That I don't know. That I don't know. Yeah. Talking about the FBI when they made the raid. The documents they raided Mar-a-Lago for was shipped from a facility in Virginia that the Biden administration shipped. So all of this stuff is coming out, okay?

Yeah. The records that they want to use against Trump, the FBI can't find them. I mean, this is like, come on, this is like, where's Kennedy's brain, you know? When they did the autopsy of President Kennedy after he was assassinated, all of a sudden his brain is missing and it was under the control of like the FBI the whole time there.

And now his brain is missing. So this is like, wow, they're caught. They're caught. Whatever's going on fast and early, they're caught now out in the open with this.

Really serious. This is literally tampering with evidence. Well, I mean, they've committed every kind of crime you can imagine.

Staging a crime scene. You know, and then here, well, you saw what happened on the Bronx last night. They had a huge, huge crowd come out there and the governor of New York, she gets up and she calls all of the Democrats that switched over and she calls all of them clowns. Trump's clowns. These are Trump's clowns.

Yeah. And she says, New York will never go red. Well, you know what? After seeing what I saw last night, people are really getting fed up. The corruption there in the New York government, oh, especially in the courts of the judicial system. Today I was reading the people in Chicago were crying out. They want Trump to come to Chicago like he did to Bronx, New York. I'm sure he'll end up going there, too. Yeah. I mean, heck, you might even see him next in Seattle or Portland. That would be amazing, huh? Well, what I wanted to add to this is more records have come out and there was, from that search warrant, that judge is, she's a wonderful judge. Absolutely. She's doing her, what is she?

She's a fair, honest judge and she stands out from all the rest. But what happened was back in 2015, Obama set up a, some sort of a record-keeping system that's under control of the Department of Defense. So all the records that they were accusing Trump took or stole or whatever they weren't calling it, that was all ran through the Department of Defense first and they keep the originals and then the companies would be forwarded on to the president.

So the government has all of them and they have the original. It just came out, let me see what date this is, I think this is yesterday. It came out yesterday. So here's the headline. Revelation of secret Obama era era program cast doubt on stated reason would Trump myelago rage. Yeah. This is another step into the nonsense of what they're doing. Yeah, absolutely. I mean even AOC, that Alexandria, whatever, Cortez, even she came out and admitted, she says that the, in her quiet part out loud, she revealed that the Democrats, the Communists, Democratic Communists, warfare against Trump are designed to, you know, obstruct his campaign. You know, she came right out and said that and she compared it to an electronic ankle monitor.

Yes, yes, yes. So they're thinking, well, we're above the law and I mean they really feel, look, we have nothing to worry. We own the Justice Department. They're only going to prosecute like they've been doing. They only arrest Republicans.

They only go after Republicans. And now Cohen, who is their star witness, turned out to be a star witness for Trump. Yes.

It's an amazing thing. He admitted he embezzled $30,000. No, it ended up being $60,000. Is it? Yeah.

Yeah, that's what they charged him. There's something coming to a head apparently next week and it's very serious and it has to do with the World Health Organization and they're trying to gain control of the whole world for controlling pandemics and they want to be able to tell, you know, not only the United States, but all countries in the world, but I'm talking about the USA, all right, there's a pandemic and this is what you have to do. And they are the authority on this.

They're going to take, right now, there's supposed to be advisory. So if something breaks out, they tell the United States, okay, we recommend you do this, this, and this. Now they're going to be the law, international law, and you have to follow by law what they're saying. And the 27th is when this is coming up, and this isn't brought to the Senate, but this is a treaty with a foreign nation, which is the World Health Organization, United Nations, and Biden is having secret meetings. No one really knows what's going on. These are secret meetings he's holding about this, but knowing he's Biden and he's the New World Order and whatever, he's everything, communist, fascist, whatever, he's going to sign on to this.

So 24 states just came out today, all of Republicans, saying that they are basically, for him not to sign it, and if he does, they're not going to follow it. So this is really important because we know the World Health Organization and Fauci and others were all behind COVID-19, the lockdowns, which were nonsense, all made up, forced shots, they weren't vaccines, they were bioweapons. So now I guess we're going to soon run another one of the COVID-19 pandemics that they create, and they want to be able to control the nations to take steps to follow the rights of people. So this is something this week has been. Do you think that they're planning, that's something they're planning for around the election time in November?

It may be everything you could think of. It may be war, it may be civil unrest here, it may be the Who trying to tell us you've got to stay in your house, you can't come outdoors, you know, the whole bit, but knowing them, how evil they are, and following them for years, they can't let Trump win past attorney, they can't, they just can't. I know, I know they're going to jail, they're going, they're gonna be tried because if we get a real attorney general, if we get a real attorney, pardon? Past attorney, I gotta tell you this, he, Trump just mentioned that he's seriously thinking of Paxton here from Texas as his attorney general.

That would really be great. Remember I told you he should take Paxton, and what he should do is take a lot of his staff, as much as his staff as you could, and take them right out of Texas and get rid of the Washington politics. I mean, they're all polluted to one degree or another, bring in fresh. I bring in National Guard generals that'll bring them in and get them out of the Pentagon and all. We need fresh past attorney.

We've got to get rid of the stale corruption system in Washington. Well, you're absolutely right, and like I said, I, you know, we just had the state rep there, Jennifer Gross, and she believes that, the way I believe, you know, you have all of these Chinese troops, now you have these UN troops. We just did a program showing you how that they're sending UN troops in here as they're coming here to, to, to wait until when they're called to action, if you will, and I mean all of these 50,000 Chinese nationalist troops are not on our soil.

They're not here on vacation. How many is in a division? Well, I'm not, I'm not quite sure anymore.

I know. I'm here in three divisions at least. Three divisions? Military-age Chinese. Well, you're talking a lot. You're talking probably, I don't know, several battalions in the division.

So, you've got, I'm not quite sure. What do you think, in your, because I have not fell deep into it, is there any indication of where the weapons are being stored that they can use? I mean, is it just military armories they'll turn over to them, or what, what, where are their weapons gonna come from? Mosques.

I'm, I'm not sure, but I did a program here a few years ago. We had a former, you may remember from Chicago, we had a former gang leader from Chicago that got saved, and he came out, and he was saying, every single week, they get a call, and, and, and there will be a voice will tell them, go to this location, and you'll find a crate of guns, and they go and they find these guns, and, you know, they, they all know it's the government that's doing it. It's, you know, it's the... Well, it's not our government. It's the Deep State or Soros, or somebody.

The rogue, the rogue government of today. And so, and that's, you know, I mean... Did you guys hear about these switches they've created for the Glocks that turn them in, that turn pistols into machine guns? Yeah, I know, yeah, I've heard about that.

So, anyhow, that's what we, you know, I know, I know that they're... The government wants to sue Glock for producing guns like that, and I don't know how technically it's supposed to be easy, but, you know, I mean, if they produce a gun and it's a single shot like that, how can they be prosecuted if someone takes that and turns it into semi-order? Is that such a criminal thing?

It's not, it's not Glock who's doing it. Well, you know, just like they're just trying to pass legislation that says, if someone breaks into your home and steals your firearm and you don't, you don't report it fast enough, you're going to get charged and you're going to get fined for doing that. So, I mean, again, we have a totally lawless regime out there. They're totally lawless. In fact, that's what this article says here from World News Daily. People need to be, be arrested.

The FBI got okay for deadly force at Mira Largo when it goes on to say the FBI's shocking armed raid on President Donald Trump's Mira Largo home in Florida after he finished his first term in the White House remains one of the stunners of the Joe Biden era of the federal, at the federal agency. Now, Merrick Garland is saying that he made that decision because Biden is backing away. I remember hearing Joe Biden saying that he would stop Trump.

Trump will not and will never be president again. I'll stop him. I'm going to stop him. And so he was talking about stopping from running. And so, anyhow, and you know, I just watched it. They had that meeting the other night.

We talked about this last night. Biden, he was speaking and there weren't even 50 people there. Right, right. And Trump, Trump's turning out thousands. I mean thousands and thousands. And then what happened when they put together that counter protest, anti-Trump protest, they didn't last long at all. The, the people there, and I'm hearing from Democrats that have been Democrats their whole life saying no, no more. They're, they're voting for Trump in large numbers.

I mean this is coming out. So we know that they could never, the Democrats could never win an election fairly. That's right.

That's right. What's happening too is they can only steal so much. So if, if the election goes, goes off and Biden gets 30 million votes and Trump gets 95 million, they can't make up that difference. There's, there's sort of a limit that they can work on it. So it's, it can get now, they had seven states they needed in 2020 to defeat Trump. But if more states come in play, it makes it more and more difficult, more and more difficult. So if they have to like bring 15 states under control through the stealing, it makes it much more difficult. So that's the problem they have.

I'm sure that perhaps they can do it, but it's not easy. The more states that are involved, the more numbers of votes you've got to steal, somehow they can get out of hand and they can't do it. You know, well that's, that's your point to be proved in 2016 election. Hillary thought she had the election in the bag. She was, she was told, don't worry, we got everything we're under, we have under control. And you know, so she slacked off.

She didn't even go to certain places to candidate. She, she was told that the fix is in, don't worry. And then, well Hillary got a big surprise. And so, and so, so they learned from that, I think.

Yeah. And we saw, and again, like I said, sitting there watching on election night, I'm watching it as Trump is out ahead. And you know, I was, I was about ready to go to bed. And then all of a sudden, right before my eyes, they flipped. Everything flipped. And I saw it.

Yeah. What am I doing? What am I seeing here? This is crazy.

What's going on? And so they're telling you, who are you going to believe? Us at NBC.

And you know what Fox News too, Fox News too. Yeah, they did that Brent there. And they were in, I, at that time, I was living in Pennsylvania and I stayed up to like one in the morning and Trump was 300,000 votes ahead in Pennsylvania with 2% of the vote outstanding. So I went to bed and the other States were the same way. Arizona that was that way.

And Wisconsin was that way. All the States that were needed for them to win. So I go to bed and I wake up in the morning and Trump's behind, overnight, 350,000 votes for Biden came in and he's 50,000 votes ahead of Trump. So between like one in the morning and when I got up at seven in the morning, all of a sudden 350,000 votes came in for Biden. What it said when I went to bed, it was 2% of the vote left. 98% had been in.

Yeah. Well you know I watched some TV coverage that they had on the alternative media and it showed a truck pulling in a box truck, open the back, and they're in Michigan and Detroit and right on the boxes very clearly written it says Biden ballots, Biden ballots. These are all fake Biden ballots that they brought in there at the last minute. Just unbelievable, you know, but the corruption that we're seeing today. But now remember the video in Atlanta pulling those huge Tupperware bins underneath the table, where the pipe water pipe supposedly burst? After all the Republicans were told to leave, you know, that they were gonna close down for the night, yeah. But look at the truck in Tennessee, or in Pennsylvania, came from New York.

Yeah. He said he had 250. They printed them in Long Island, New York, and then a big truck pulled them into, I think it was Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then that's where they set it up to steal the election.

They had that 300, he brought in 350,000 ballots. So, and no one, it's so blatant. It is so, they had proof. The driver of the truck, he said that these were ballots.

I saw them. He told the FBI, and then they were, the FBI was like accusing, they wanted to accuse him of lying to them. I think they did. I think they tried to indict him or whatever.

I think he had, he went to court on that, the truck driver. And so, I don't know the follow-up on it, but I know, yes, that they were, they said he was lying, and that they were maybe in a prosecutor form. I don't, I don't remember what happened after that. All right, we're coming up to a break, and I think what we'll do, John, is we'll, Johnny, we'll open the phone lines and take a few calls. So the number is 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. We'll be back right after this, and take your calls. I had this crazy dream about some folks who love this country, who all began to dream the same dream. And when the morning came, there arose across this nation, people thinking one and the same. And they all defined their freedoms, and all their liberties had gradually been taken away. And when they realized the danger to their posterity, I heard those patriotic people say, we want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back.

She's been driven way off track. We're wide awake, and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore. Remember golden days, when the stars and stripes forever symbolized her glorious victory?

America. But now it's all been changed, and when we gaze upon old glory, it's hard to fight back feelings of shame. We're fed up with lying politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again. And we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win. We want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back.

She's been driven way off track. We're wide awake, and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore. Now we know our cause is right, and our victory's on the way, and we won't give up the fight till we hear two hundred million say. We want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back, and we ain't taking anymore back. We're wide awake, and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore. That's right, we're not gonna take it anymore. We said we're not gonna take it anymore. That's right, we're not gonna take it anymore. We said we're no we're not going to take it anymore no no we have you know some of us haven't been taking it we've been fighting back all along let's go and take Paul Paul you're in the air I yes sir this is Paul McKinney just so you know I'm quoted three times in your cause book got the 1991 publication in route to global occupation I called your staff just a week or so ago about the World Health Organization situation so you can take action on it but there's something else that's extremely urgent that is I spoke with a lady I'm going to try and get the name of the gentleman and maybe you can contact him get him on the air he has been approved to go into the military physical intellectual mental requirements he's waiting to be called instead of calling him what she said is they're actually enlisting believe this or not this is amazing they're actually enlisting the ones that are coming across the border are apparently being inducted into the military that needs to be checked into I heard that I heard rumors that that's what they were doing yeah I also heard today believe it or not on the news they actually had some those coming across the border and they were saying listen some of these people America you're in real trouble some of these people coming in over here these are these people here are terrorists and yeah they were actually saying that that some of the people coming in with them were terrorists yes by all means I've heard that the border patrol the ones that are checking in the aliens when they spot a Chinese combatant that's basically what they apparently are soldiers they call them out they say soldier they idea I personally they personally within themselves identify the person as a soldier so we've got a real problem brewing here I know we've been talking about this we go back and we start talking about this in 2019 we were telling you what we would this is let me give you a little bit of a heads up on me I'm going to be meeting with you as soon as possible the Kyoto treaty that was being set up in 1992 I was the chief individual that stopped that 3500 scientists couldn't stop it along with a lot of others I made arrangements for a broadcast indirectly that literally stopped it I was being prepped for the presidency years ago this is back in 1992 and I saw two books two grey books probably about two inches two two-and-a-half inches in thickness and they scrapped the Constitution of the United States and that's what we stopped back in 1992 so what's going on now they've been trying to ram it through and ram it down our throats for a long time well Pastor Ernie it's a pleasure talking with you and give my regards to the gentleman in Texas he's a fine man alright John McChordin alright very good alright thanks Paul alright let's go to Mary hey Mary hello how are you tonight I just had a Bible question sort of I want your thought on it when you go to the book of Revelation chapter 4 where it's the angel and the animals and it speaks of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and John's there looking at it so I'm thinking there's Matthew, Mark and Luke M.N.L. I'm thinking where did I see that before and you go to Moses it's Miriam, Moses and the brother Aaron who's a Levite right I'm thinking where did I see that again Mary Martha, Lazarus, Jesus' friends and then you go to the crucifixion there's the Lord and his mother Mary and I'm sure Mary Magdalene was there at one time and backed up because there was a lot of Mary's there and you think that pattern are they you think they're trying to tell us that they were Levitical the whole gang of them or what do you think that would be you know John that's more than your line what do you think well I can't hear you can I turn the radio on to listen I can't hear you okay well wait can you hear can you hear me now I'm losing your voice I'm going to turn the radio on to listen to your comment alright go ahead thanks and John John do you want to go ahead and comment on her yeah it's a little bit of speculation Pastor Ernie but I looked at it as possibly the four Gospels let me let me read the revelation 4-7 and the first beast was like a lion and the second beast was a calf and the third beast had the face of a man and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle well if you look at the Gospels the lion is referring to like royalty and that's the book of Matthew presenting Jesus as the king and then the calf is a like a for late like Mark would be fast-moving the Lord was working in that a lot and then the face like a man would be Luke book of Luke and then flying like an eagle will be John where he was lifted up as the Son of God you know in the heavens which was different than the other Gospels so that's the way I looked at it it's not really commented on much faster no I know and I never really got it you know I really never looked into that so but I think you did a very good job alrighty alrighty let's go out to Zoe hey Zoe you're in there hi Pastor Ernie I have two things to share with you one of them you're always great in in identifying people with your own additions on their names I can't understand we've gone from illegals to immigrants immigrants to newcomers so why don't we just call them Bidenites just like they do in the scriptures what's your thought I'm good with that hammer with the Bidenites and then of course there's the demon craft as you come up with and so forth the second thing is I found very interesting you know how difficult it is to have really terrible people prosecuted with the judges we have however in San Francisco the intruder that went into Nancy Pelosi's home and assaulted her husband his trial is over now and he has been sentenced to 30 years in prison how's that for taking care of someone they feel has done a very bad deed yeah no if Nancy knew that judge no I don't know the name of the judge no do you think Nancy I'm sure the judge would probably let a lot of other people go yeah they're in San Francisco the the fellow that beat up uh the senator her husband you know from Kentucky uh ran Paul yeah ran Paul I mean that fella didn't get much time at all okay I think he just got a fine he broke his ribs yeah and he just got a fine and uh that's my that's what I mean do you think Nancy knew the judge yeah well yeah I mean nobody get got elected there Nancy was running at San Francisco and so nobody would be a judge who without Nancy saying that they could be that's how corrupt it is very good Zoe that made some that's the Ernie do you know anything about Pelosi's background uh I know that she came from a family with what from what I I read yeah yeah a father was a mobster from Baltimore yeah didn't she used to the top the top mobster in Baltimore didn't Nancy used to mess around with JFK she was she was seen being snuck into the White House when she was uh young and and uh yeah she was she was seen being stuck into the White House on more than one occasion so there you go Ernie I just have a question for the caller is she still is she still there she does she's gone okay but you could ask me the question okay well it was her name Zoe Zoe yeah Zoe yeah I was going to ask her if she that was she was named that it's a Greek word it depends on the spelling and it's used for life like the life of Jesus Christ is Zoe well when she's a woman that's all I wanted to ask her she seems like a really really nice lady she called a couple days ago yeah she's called several times so there you go ask her for me ask her if I'm not here ask her that all righty and uh anyhow we we got to tell the folks out there too that they really need to to have a wonderful memorial day this coming god bless our monday god bless the USA huh that's right you know we we definitely need we got to take our country back we've got to take our country back and you know god expects us to do that with where to be salt and light and uh you know the thing of it is is whenever you know I can honestly say in all my years of doing the lord's work I've never given less than my best okay and we shouldn't he he held back nothing for us when he took our place upon that cross did he so there you go hey that's right anyhow what you have an article there that you didn't do you got two of them yeah do the second one do that one christina bob yeah christina bob she was one of trump's lawyers smart lady so this is the gateway pundit disgusting media animals physically violate and harass christina bob outside court following democrat party arrest on speech charges former trump attorney and rnc election integrity director christina bob was physically violated when she left court on tuesday after she was charged for speaking out against the 2020 election christina bob president donald trump's former attorney and head of the rnc's election integrity unit was charged by the democrats with speech crimes in arizona and arrested arraigned and booked in phoenix on tuesday bob was charged for speaking out against the 2020 election results something that is now a crime if you are a member of the republican party christina bob pleaded not guilty to all charges a video was released on wednesday of liberal reporters physically violating christina and harassing her as she left the courtroom this was disgusting christina fought back against the violent reporter saying get out of my face as they blocked her way would not let her pass last month trump 2020 alternate electors gop state senators excuse me gop state legislators former arizona gop chairwoman kelly ward and others were indicted by a state grand jury in arizona arizona grand jury indicted 18 people last month for their involvement in the arizona alternate electors plan already how much time do we have there johnny okay john you've got eight minutes to tell the folks how how they can get to heaven because with everything that's happening everything we talked about today it's all going to be gone someday and won't even be remembered anymore except for the gospel okay uh it'll never go away but anyhow the time will come when the only thing the only thing that will matter to everyone who's alive out there is where they end up when they're dead so why don't you tell the folks how they can get to heaven well you're you're absolutely right pastor i mean there's one verse that i use quite often it's from first john to uh 17 or 18 in there it says the uh apostle john writes the world passeth away and the lust thereof but he that doeth the will of god abided forever so all of this it's important for us now but in the big scheme of things pastor and when we look into eternity it doesn't matter what does matter is our relationship with jesus christ the only begotten son of god that's what matters amen best earner amen right so the the way to understand this and why the death of jesus christ is so important on the cross the bible says the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life through jesus christ our lord so sin is like a look at it as like to god like a crime here on earth and there's a penalty for sin and that's separation from god for eternity in the place the bible describes as the lake of fire that's where people go for being back to prison it's like it's what criminals are placed for eternity but god loves us and he doesn't want us to anyone the bible says he doesn't want anyone to go into the lake of fire it was prepared for the devil and his angels so what he did was he sent jesus christ his part of him he's part of god he sent jesus christ as the sinless only begotten son of god to go on the cross and without sin he did not have any sin that's very important what i'm telling you because everyone is sin and that means we need a savior jesus christ never sinned therefore he didn't need a savior but he could be our savior so on the cross god put the penalty for our sin on him and then took his righteousness because he was without sin he was righteous and put that righteousness on us it's a trade and that is what allows us to have eternal life that's what allows us to go to heaven for eternity is the penalty is off us and the other part of the gospel the gospel is jesus christ died from our sins according to the scriptures he was buried and he rose again the third day according to the scripture so the full gospel is he died for our sins and then he rose a new life without sin by the mighty power of the holy spirit and that's what happens to us that he dies for our sins and then we can have newness newness of life by the power of the holy spirit through jesus christ's resurrection amen pastor earning amen that's the full gospel christ died for our sins he rose from the dead so our sins are buried with him and then the same power that rose jesus from the dead can give us newness of life and it can take depression from people and and fear from people and rejection and loneliness that's the resurrection power of jesus christ and we can walk in the newness of life and that's done by repentance turning your way from sin and then confessing that you want jesus christ as your lord and savior he died for your sins you are now righteous because of what he did and then you believe he rose from the dead and god will fill you with the mighty resurrection power of jesus christ in your life let me ask you this you know i'm sorry go ahead uh has god lost uh has the gospel lost any of its power because there seems to be people seem to think that uh today uh that god's word is not as powerful uh as it once was as he lost it the resurrection power pastor ernie never it never loses anything because god's eternal but are we presenting the gospel the right way are we presenting the resurrection power into the people when they come to christ that's part of the gospel he rose in power from the dead well absolutely and i mean i guess that's that's the point that i'm trying to make god is immutable uh god has not lost any of his power he's still in the throne he's in complete control and but people don't understand those that are going away i heard a woman today who was ranting and raving about the archaic bible and she was ranting about jesus it's about the internet she was making uh just making this rant to stay out of her life and not bother her with the fairy tales of the bible uh now this this woman was a uh she really was angry i mean i was really angry at a god that she says doesn't exist right pastor ernie that's the irony of this she's mad at something that doesn't exist but god doesn't so do you think that do you think that that that conscience that god gave her in the back of her mind she knows that that she's going to have to stand before him someday and that's why he she's so angry yeah the bible says jesus said when he sends the holy spirit you'll convict the world of sin righteousness and judgment so she's under condemnation and that's that's why she's reacting the way she is yeah they there's a button internet there's a list of people that blaspheme god who who denounce god and you know what it seems like well for a fact that they all things never end well with them one by one yeah we're running out of time for tonight so uh as we get this to this every night at this time we we want to say this have a blessed blessed memorial day out there folks remember those thank you veterans remember those that died so that we could live starting with our lord jesus himself and then we want to say as we always say good night and we want to say god bless always always always let's do it keep fighting the fight the fight fight all right god bless him thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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