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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 24, 2024 12:02 am

THU HR 2 052324

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast at First of all, they got to start there with prayer, huh? I've been raking, this is a fellow who's, well, uh, he, I'll let him tell you what he's all about. So start that in about two, two minutes in and we'll be back right after this. Listen carefully folks.

This is a, we're seeing people standing the ground. So my Rakewin account is still being censored by the FBI's Brian Autin, Laura Demlo, Joe Pienka and Elvis Chan. So you started a new account?

No, that still exists because it was reinstated. Those are the individuals that are at the FBI that run the censorship industrial complex on behalf of this illegitimate regime. Do you know those names? No, I can provide you much detail on them. They were the ones also involved in the original illegal crossfire hurricane spying operation on General Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort.

I have receipts on every single individual. That's why they haven't really come after me yet because if they bring me in, the entire regime comes crumbling down. Okay.

So they are scared of me, not the other way around. That makes more sense. You on your Twitter bio, I noticed today it said Secretary of Retribution. Yep. I will. Yeah. That means that I will guarantee consequences for a list of at least 350 individuals that are on my deep state target list. Okay. And when you read that deep state target list, remember I'm an attorney and a retired Green Beret.

Okay. Well, that I might be interested in talking with you more about is your deep state target list. It's Elon Musk has it, Michael Shellenberger has it, Matt Taibbi has it. The judiciary committee has it. The weaponization committee has it. The oversight subcommittee that is part of the house administration committee has it. The house freedom caucus has it. The speaker of the house, Mike Johnson likely has it and it's just a matter of time for a joint press conference to take place between speaker Johnson and Elon Musk to go ahead and disclose and release the Twitter direct messages of those individuals on my deep state target list, proving the seditious conspiracy going back to 2016, the illegal spying operation on the Trump campaign.

You're also going to find the involvement of Mike Pence and his chief of staff, Joshua Pitcock in that conspiracy, along with Josh Pitcock's wife, Catherine Seaman, who was the senior Russia analyst for Peterstruck, who was one of the two individuals that was deployed by Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe to get, to get general Flynn to lie or to get him fired as per Bill Priestap's notes, which was the deputy assistant director of counterintelligence at the FBI, I can go in much more detail, but that's generally the crux of it. Do you like, do you get to meet with Jim Jordan and talk about this stuff? I meet with everybody, all these guys, every single member that you think I talked to or may talk to. I talked to them and what do you guys talk about? Like what's the reason that you talked to everything that I put out publicly. I also provide that to them. And I guess I don't do anything behind the, behind the sheet, like behind closed doors. Everything is like, what are you hoping to get out of talking to them?

Like why do you do it? I want to guarantee Elon Musk discloses the direct messages for the mother of all Twitter files so that the entire country can see what just occurred to them from starting from the illegal spying operation, the corrupt DOJ and FBI, the raid on Mar-a-Lago was to seize the evidence that was declassified by Donald Trump in the last few hours of his first term, which involved the crossfire hurricane details, which would list all the names that I've mentioned so far, whether it was Lisa Page, who was Andy McCabe's chief counsel at the time, along with Peter Strzok, a guy by the name of Joseph Pientka, the third, who is currently the number three individual at the San Francisco field office. You have a chief, you have the special agent in charge, you have a ASAC assistant special agents in charge, and then you have the ASAC for counterintelligence. That guy is a guy by the name of Joseph Pientka, the third, who was the second agent that was deployed to interview general Flynn on January 24th, 2017 in order to get general Flynn fired or to get him to lie. That was an entrapment. And that's the same agent that was deployed in August of 2016 to the Trump campaign to do what they call a counterintelligence briefing, a defensive one, but with the secondary purpose in order to, and this was him, Pientka, along with Trump, Chris Christie, you know that Chris Christie's attorney during his Bridgegate scandal was Christopher Ray. I didn't know that.

Well, now you know. And then the third person in that meeting was a guy by the name of general Flynn. Joe Pientka was deployed by the Crossfire Hurricane leadership, authorized by the general counsel at the time, Jim Baker, who then later became the Twitter 1.0 number two lawyer to coordinate the censorship industrial complex to cover up and censor and suspend those individuals that expose their corruption.

Okay. And it just keeps mounting and mounting and mounting the coverups. This is just yet. They're trying to take out Trump now because they were able to take out their first existential threat, which was general Flint, because he would have been the first one to go ahead and expose this level of corruption because he knows the system. Now that Trump knows the system after being four years in it, he is now an existential threat to that very DOJ, the national security apparatus, remember 39 individuals on mass general Flint. One of them was Jamie Raskin's wife, Sarah Raskin, totally unlawful on masking. Look that up.

Okay. The 51 individuals that said the Biden laptop had all the earmarks of a Russian information campaign where your colleague colleagues over at Folitico published that on their website. One of those 51 individuals is John Brennan. Another one is a guy by the name of David Buckley. David Buckley ended up becoming the staff director for Liz Cheney's and Benny Thompson and Nancy Pelosi's January 6th coverup committee.

So it's pretty small world, it sounds like. So David Buckley was tasked to create a list and do his deep state target list of political targets. So now it's my turn. I have a deep state target list and I'm coming for all of them. And what does that mean when I say coming for all of them? That means the most legal, moral and ethical consequences to the maximum, to include the maximum punishment for treason, we're going to, I personally guarantee that they're going to face those consequences. And you can take a look at that list. Like, are you going to sue them?

Is that what you would do? Just wait for it. You will see it. It will be so visible for the entire world to see in here.

I'll give you some examples. I'm going to incorporate the precedents that's already been set. So we're going to incorporate what was done to general Flynn. We're going to incorporate what was done to Steve Bennett, what was done to Peter Navarro, what was done to Mike Lindell, what was done to Scott Perry, translation, expect to see live stream swatting raids of every single individual on that deep state target list because the precedents has already been set. Remember when Mike Lindell in the Hardee's parking lot, the FBI went and conducted armed robbery of him in Minnesota.

Remember when Peter Navarro was swatted in an airport. Remember when Steve Bannon on multiple occasions within the U S Capitol police jurisdictional zone conducted swatting and allowed for swatting to take place of Steve Bannon and his residents. Remember the armed robbery and burglary of Roger Stone that was live streamed by your colleagues over at criminal news network that we're going to take in the collective and do that. Okay.

Okay. It does not matter what happens in the election. It does not matter who wins the election. This is going to take place at the hands of the American people with or without an election and with or without whoever wins the election. I guarantee you that that will take place at the County and state level because right now the federal government is not in a position because of its capture and its corruption. So imagine this, when you take a look at the direct messages and the geo tag location data of the 350 plus members on that deep state target list, and then you curate that Elon Musk and then do geo tagging of the communications. And then you present those communications to name the County of the 3,143 County and County equivalents in our nation, the 50 States and the six federal districts, right? And then you identify where a treasonous communication took place. And then you present that to the local DA similar to good old Alvin Bragg that then will create the nexus to showcase this criminal conspirator, seditious conspiracy and trees in charge. And that local DA, the local sheriff will then be deputizing folks like Ivan Rakelin and those of us that were thrown out of the military because we did not comply with the illegal DNA mutilation injection, the forced DNA mutilation injection to the COVID-19. I'm talking about the CCP-19 lab incident moneymaking scheme by Pfizer, the Pfizer fail, the Moderna mutilation, or whether it was just the myocarditis making, heart exploding J and J jab.

So those of us that were either thrown out or left because we would not participate in the DNA mutilation of our own physiological beings, there's 80,000 of us that are already willing and able in order to be deputized by appropriate sheriffs throughout the country to be participatory participants as lawful deputies to conduct a live stream swatting raids of every single person that we can identify that conducted the necessary unlawful activity by county on my deep state target list. Two questions. Where did you get the 80,000 number? The first question.

Yeah. So 8,600, about 8,500 approximately were thrown out of the military. Because they wouldn't do the vaccine. Because it wasn't a vaccine. The name of vaccine, the definition changed before the rollout and it was never approved by the FDA. There was never a product that was approved by the FDA to then be able to coerce and manipulate into other people's bodies. And believe me, look at the footnote on FDA's own quote unquote approval of Pfizer's comernity. Legally distinct and the product was never created. The Pfizer biontech was created but that one was never approved.

That was only under emergency use authorization. Right. So I need to correct you on that one.

You need to do some more studying, ma'am, okay? Next, 80,000, okay? As far as the 80,000 goes, that's the minimum that I see of folks that left the military early through retirement, ended their careers early because of the illegal mandate that was promulgated by and enforced by the entire chain of command. Those are also going to be, many of the members on the deep state target list are those military leaders, quote unquote leaders, I call them failures within the Department of Defense and at the Pentagon that will face similar consequences for forcing and coercing unlawfully the mutilation of another person's body and thus minimizing and destroying our personal readiness within the DoD. So this is all post 2020 people you're talking about? No. Come on. Are you going to ask that question, that level of ignorance?

2016, crossfire hurricane? No, no, no, no, no. I'm not saying the 80,000 that you referenced. At this point, you're wasting my time if you don't even have that level of context. Take a couple hundred hours to research the subject, follow my work on rumble. Once you see that, I want you to identify one thing that I have incorrect and then you can start coming after me with questions to scrutinize it because you have not done the necessary requisite research for me to even give you my time. So I think that's about it. Okay, one last question. It better be intelligent.

Well, I don't guess that'll be the eye of the beholder. You were saying it doesn't matter what happens in the election. So you don't think you need sort of the protection of Trump's Justice Department to do some of what you're talking about? No, because we're going after the Justice Department. They are the enemy.

That's what you fail to understand. The individuals that I mentioned are the enemy of our constitutional order. We're coming for them, maximally. And how we're coming for them is because we are engaging with counties and states in order to crush them. With these would be like, via the sheriff's basically.

What do you think Alvin Bragg's doing right now? Is that a federal officer? Exactly my point. Look at the counties in this country that are red versus blue. It is overwhelmingly red. So Alvin Bragg and the Dems are setting our precedent as we go on offense. Okay. What base are you in? It's going to be a doozy.

And I love it when it gets spicy. And there are, again, out of the 80,000 of us, we are clamoring to be deputized by sheriffs nationwide in order to conduct the necessary live stream raids, if they want to push us to that. So, if I did want to follow up with you, and I'll say lastly, there are over 1 million service members. I'm going to say this, you said Secretary of Retribution. The Secretary of Retribution consists of three divisions. Number one, the research arm. And should there be a mechanism where we create it, it's going to be the first division. Again, everything I'm telling you, I've already said it publicly.

And I have many podcasts where I've said this. So number one, we're going to have a research arm to continue to develop our targets. Number two, and that's going to be staffed by January 6th defendants, family members, as well as their lawyers, since they have already kind of conducted some of that research.

So they're already kind of interned, if you will, over the last three and a half years. Number two will be the second division, which will include the action arm. The 80,000 of us that have decades of conducting this type of activity of action and targets overseas. And the third arm is going to consist of those that will live stream independent media, obviously not your organization won't be included in that, but they will ride along. They will ride along and live stream the swatting and raids of the second division that I just mentioned that are properly and appropriately deputized to conduct those raids.

And then the first arm is obviously going to be the ones that create those lists. We're just using the playbook and the precedent that has already been developed to target those that conducted lawful first amendment activity on January 6th and everything downstream from that. So if you say you don't need, you know, you're not waiting for Trump's election, like when are you planning to do it?

Standby. Just keep an eye on things. Okay.

So how could I follow up? So you can follow everything I do online. Everything's public. But like, and I advocate again, I advocate for the most. These people are going to experience the most peaceful and patriotic, lawful, moral and ethical experience of their life.

Already we're back. We're going to open the phone lines at 888-677-9673 and take some calls because after all that people have to have a lot of opinions, right? So I don't know, Richard, do you think, now he's right about the counties, you know, you have all these counties and we're seeing more and more states are suing, you know, the Democrats. So do you think that people are going to finally rise up? Because the federal government basically has declared war on America, they declared war on us. Okay. They really have. And it sounds like a good plan to do it by county and by state rather than having the federal government involved at all because that's where the problem exists.

Right. And so we have to get, now I think it does matter a lot, he says it doesn't matter whether who gets elected, whether there's even election, I think it matters a lot because if Trump gets back in, he can use the military because the federal government, all those agencies, Obama has worked on it. Remember for eight years, every day we told you, do you see what he's doing now? Do you see what he is doing? Do you see who he's appointing? When he was purging the generals, we were telling people, folks, do you see what he's doing?

Okay. And so now he has managed to turn the federal government, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, all against us. And remember what Chuck Schumer said, boy, when you take on the intelligence agencies, they got six ways from Sunday of getting you, you know, in other words, he was saying, look, they're corrupt.

They're like us, the Democrats, they're corrupt. And he was right on that. So anyhow, we've got to make an announcement too, this Sunday, doers of the word Baptist church will only have a morning service.

We're not going, we'll have the Bible studies in the morning, but we won't have an evening service or an evening class because it's Memorial day, right? Let's go out to Cleveland and take Steve. Steve, you're in the air. Hey, pastor, that clip right there, I looked, uh, Mr. Rake went up real quick and, uh, oh my goodness.

I don't know where this guy came from, but, uh, I don't know if you can get him on your show yourself, but two minutes with him and be, uh, like, you know, between you and pastor Joe, um, beyond, uh, in education, well, we've actually got somebody look, looking into doing that right now and, uh, kind of contacting him. So you don't need nobody touching up and just keep everybody in suspense and you're very good at it. I don't know how he did it, so, uh, another 20 years or so, you know, um, anyways, my question would be, how can you translate that so everybody can understand that? Pretty simple. Like there's 3,250 counties or something like that.

So I think it's like with 2,400, actually there's 3,300 counties, uh, in, in the United States, 27 or 2,800 or something like that, guessing there's red, no, no, it's just, yeah, the vast majority of them are red. Yeah. And, uh, and so can you, how, how would that work then? I mean, if you get 80,000 and, uh, I mean, I mean the perfect people for, you know, uh, the J6 people, every, everybody has been, that man, that man, I mean, I don't know if I've ever heard anything put better the way he said it. Just, just wait. And like how he, he's not like a construction guy, you know, your tax dollars at work. Yeah.

Where? I mean, how can you translate what he can do? Like how and when it's 80,000 people. So what would they do? Like when, when you go after Roger Stone or something in the middle of the night, would they do stuff like that? Or just kind of pull somebody over like Trump would do and, you know, uh, a van comes around the corner and gets a few of the, um, people off the, they just kind of disappear, you know, back when they were doing the BLM riots and all that stuff. Well, I think when Trump gets back in, the first thing he's going to do is pardon all the J sixes. The second thing I think he's going to do is go after all of these people he was talking about here. Uh, he's going to be going after that, but Trump's not the only one, there's a number of state governments in the, in the red States that have already, you know, uh, issued lawsuits and made, you know, uh, filed criminal charges against these people up to now. You see, in fact, Merrick Garland I think has, I'm not sure, but I think, uh, he has till Monday to, I believe the deadline is Monday to turn over the, all of the redacted documents showing what we've been talking about, everything we've been telling you about how virtually that everything was set up.

It was a scam. They broke the law. Merrick Garland ordered that, uh, you know, when you order to go out and, uh, you weaponize people to come against the former president of the United States with this, this, uh, treason. Did you find the, um, um, you know, crossfire hurricane documents?

Yeah. Merrick Garland's got them and he refuses to turn them over. You see, that's what this whole thing was about was trumpet Trump. Uh, he, he, uh, declassified a number of these things that Obama was behind. The last thing he did when he left office before he left office, well, he has those documents. See, he declassified them and he had those documents and they wanted to get them because, uh, you know, this shows Obama's guilty. It brings back, it's got on all these people, Hillary and they're all involved in this. And that's what they were after the FBI.

And this is what call me call me was all about. And so anyhow, uh, he, he can bring them all down with that. Do you think he copied them?

Pardon? Do you think Trump copied them? Uh, he has them. He has those documents. He, he had them and that's what they were looking for. Now Merrick Garland's got them. Well, that guy, he had a scared look on his face when, um, it was on rumble, but, uh, when he was being questioned and it's just, he lied.

He lied over and over again under oath. These people couldn't be dogcatcher. I mean, they couldn't even, they say, I mean, this is all in, in, in joking, but serious, but death row. Bo Dean on Beverly hillbillies used to say, I got a sixth grade education. They say the average Americans have a sixth grade reading ability and it's when we look everything now that everything there's, there's so much going on. It's like, um, it's like you're at the card tables and you know, or the magic, you know, they're showing you the stuff in front of you, but keeping your eye where it's supposed to be, where they want to keep you. But those crossfire hurricane documents, that's, that's the whole show.

Pretty much everything else. I know the hundreds document and they should hang him up. Yeah, they've got a hundred hundreds lights and they've got him red handed now. And like I said, uh, if they can get, when Trump gets said, he's going to appoint a new attorney general, legitimate attorney general, and they're going to go after him. I can see, remember what Clinton did. There's something like 1900 attorney generals there at the justice department.

Clinton fired every one of them, but his own people in. And so I think that's what Trump is going to do. We got to move on though. Okay. Let's go out to San Diego.

We have Dane and Dane you're in there. I think San Diego, um, I'm calling about one thing I'm beginning to call in from the Lord to do my worst being a Christian because we're accepted, right? Because we accept that. And when I witnessed the people and I get my blood, my soul, I get stabbed. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

Well, you know, I'm reaching out, I'm trying to be doing my worst and witness the worst of the Lord, Jesus Christ to the people. And they say that they're, they're all into it. And they come back and stab me in the back and they go back on their ways, doing their drugs and doing everything I'm talking about homeless people in San Diego.

Oh, okay. And so I'm like, what do I do? Like I want to help, but I'm getting stabbed in the back. What does this guy do right now?

I feel like my heart says help, but my soul says you're on your own dude. And then my question is going to be now from here on out, when I talk to people out there, what did you do for Jesus Christ? And if they can't answer that question, I got to move on. And I don't know how, I don't, how, how much longer is it?

Just my feet. Okay. Let me tell, let me tell you this here, one, God's word does not return void. Now, not everyone's going to accept his word.

And a lot of them are going to deny it. We know that they're going to refuse God's word, but you have your marching orders and that is to go out, preach, teach. He gives you three main missions there to do now, uh, he never told you it was going to be easy. You saw, we just talked about how Noah preached repentance for 120 years and he only had seven converts, right? Uh, yeah, that's where I'm at.

Okay. Well, here's the thing again, the Lord never said it was going to be easy. All of us have that we've, we've all had our, our hearts broken from people that we spend a lot of time on and especially those that were close to us only to have them, uh, turn around and betray us.

We all have stories of that. And so, but like you said, you're not alone. You have to give it to the Lord and it's what he knows exactly what's going on.

He looks upon your heart. So here's the thing, 366 times in the Bible, it says, fear not or be of good cheer. And so that's exactly what you need to do. I know again, it's not easy, uh, and, but it's, it's, it's a lot easier when you do have, if you can find one other person and they're, they're out there, uh, to be, they are, do you have a, is there a good Baptist church anywhere near you? I'm not a Baptist, Baptist, a Murph the dog, and, but I was raised Catholic. And right now I'm seeing, uh, to me, what I'm seeing right now is that the church, there's nothing more than scribes and Pharisees, and they're not teaching what needs to be taught, what you're teaching. So maybe I need to find a new place to go.

Uh, maybe that's what it sounds like to me. And if you can't, then you can get together with like-minded believers and start a church and call a preacher and, and stay strictly with the word of God was strictly with the word of God. It tells you exactly, uh, you know, I got you pastor.

I totally got you. I'm going to, I didn't mean to cut you off, but I'm going to say that it should be mandatory that everybody should just like open the Bible and just read that first. And then if they can't do it, that's how I was taught. I was taught back when I was five years old and I heard it and I looked at it.

It's, I'm 62 years old. And I'm just like going, Oh my, this thing is telling us a lot and people need to wake up and just open the book. And what I did was just open the book.

If you had a problem during the day or the night, just open a book and it's going to tell you what to do. And I appreciate your time pastor. I really do. And thanks for taking my pain and, uh, we'll go on with that. All righty.

Thanks for calling. We'll be right back right after this with more Don't Go Away. Now here's a song for all of you liberals who believe your ways are best, who don't want to go on our list when all you ever gonna read the writing upon the wall. We got crime overtaken our cities. We got gangs taken over our streets. We keep handing out more and more welfare though it never seems to meet their needs. What kind of culture are we cultivating? One where you never have to pull any weeds If we don't stop this immigration This great nation's gonna fall Let's get a grip on immigration In this great United States It's high time that we limit their numbers It's high time that we close up that gate Now can't you see how we are rapidly becoming Another third world fascist state Let's get a grip on immigration In this great United States How can we ever come to any solution When all we ever do is debate We've gotta get a tighter grip on our borders We've got to seriously legislate And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist And quit trying to fabricate the diet And get a grip on immigration Now you know it's not too late Let's get a grip on immigration In this great United States It's high time that we limit their numbers It's high time we start closing that gate And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist And quit trying to fabricate that I hate And get a grip on immigration In these great United States Let's get a grip on immigration Now you know it's not too late It's high time that we limit their numbers It's high time that we close up that gate Can't you see how we are rapidly becoming Another third world fashioned police state Let's get a grip on immigration In this great United States And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist And quit trying to fabricate that I hate And get a grip on immigration In these great United States Alrighty, you know we've been playing that song ever since Obama gave me the office.

And that's when we could see we were becoming the fascist nation with what was going on there. Alrighty, we're going to take Well, the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 That's 888-677-9673 And let's go to Clifford in New York. Yeah, I wanted to ask you about Psalm 59 But before I get to that, just two quick things From the redacted news podcast from Monday I thought was interesting. One was There was a clip on that from a Spanish guy Coming off the border And complaining that his UN card Wasn't being updated With a $3,000 payment from the US Now, according to him, he was getting funded by the UN And he had a card And then the US, once he got here Was supposed to be picking up right away The $3,000 payment So that, you know, just one small little thing But it might indicate that some of these people Such as in the case of places like Ireland Are already getting paid somehow by the UN The other thing was Thomas Massey Was interviewing three women from the CDC Or questioning them And he was saying he had the COVID And then he was looking at the time for information on the shots And the CDC had on their website That if you had the COVID and subsequently took the shots Or the so-called vaccine, which it is not There was a 92% chance that you would be reinfected Would not be reinfected with the COVID And they just made that up There was no data, it was completely made up So they probably just went with the number 92 Because it sounded good So Massey had sent back emails saying You gotta get this off And they agreed to it And they didn't do it But they admitted that they just made it up But I want to ask you about Psalm 59 Which to me looks like David Is just saying, just scatter them Which he does not say in Psalm 144 He says either get rid of them or scatter them And this D-9 is just talking about scattering the wicked Only, and what type of picture that would present Am I seeing that correctly? Yeah, well, you know, here, that's a psalm The psalm of David when Saul had sent And they washed the houses to kill them That's what they were doing The opposition had came And now these people here When he was talking about Slay them not, lest my people forget And scatter them by the power And bring them down, O Lord, our shield This is the precatory prayer For the scent of their mouth And the words of their lips Let them even be taken in their pride And for cursing and lying which they speak Richard, do you have a comment? Yeah, he's not, he wants to spread them out He doesn't want to annihilate them Right So, yeah, absolutely That's what he's saying there Yeah, yeah, so, but he's not He's giving two suggestions in Psalm 144 He's saying scatter them or get rid of them So he's He's also letting them know He's also asking them there in verse 15 Let them wander up and down for meat And grudge if they be not satisfied And so, in other words He wants them to have a pretty nasty economy You know, is what he's telling them And at evening, let them return And let them make a noise like a dog And go around the city You know, dogs whine and bark So that's just a picture of the scattering Yeah And that's because they went against God 10 shows us And God by mercy shall prevent me God shall let me see my desire upon my enemies See, this is when Saul had sent people to kill David In his own home And David was able to escape with the help of Mitchell, his wife So Yeah, I think the idea is If you look at I was looking at Psalm 83 And it talked about all these groups joining together In Psalm 83 And I guess there's a tendency for the wicked To find each other Yeah, they form a confederacy Yeah, yeah And at the end of Psalm 83 Like that last word or two It's talking about the Lord troubling them continuously As another imprecatory prayer And I think that relates to Ezekiel chapter 30 verse 16 Where he said He gave the Egyptian oppressors daily distresses So he gave them everyday distresses It was continuous everyday distresses So that would be another imprecatory prayer Yeah, the Bible is filled with imprecatory prayers There's a lot of them in here Alrighty, well thanks, I gotta move on Yeah We have, how much time do we have there? Alrighty We have Pastor Hal, hey Pastor Hal How you doing?

We're doing okay Okay, can you hear me pretty good? Yeah Okay, good Some people say you sound better in your look I don't know Yeah That might apply to All of us here To all of us At least we got that quote for us Yeah Yeah Okay Anyhow, you got about ten minutes To give a really long Invocation there asking for an invitation Telling folks how they can Escape that burning lake of fire You think you can do that? I think so You know that guy that called in Right before the song and everything That was going through all kinds of persecution Because he was, you know His heart was broke over the people he was trying to lead to the Lord And they didn't want to listen and everything That sounds like people in every generation That any soul winner is going to come against people like that But here's the good news for that guy The Bible says Blessed are you when you're reviled and persecuted for my sake For great is your reward in heaven And the Lord sees everything that people say bad to the guy And the guy has to realize it's not really him They're rejected and it's the Lord Jesus Christ And they're going to answer that for all eternity If they don't repent and get right That's exactly what the Lord said to Jeremiah The prophets It's not you they're rejecting They're rejecting me, okay Yeah And Samuel, of course Yeah, he said that about Samuel too when they wanted the king Yeah And so yeah when he sent Samuel out He said it's not you It's me that they're rejecting And so But you're right He never told us it was going to be easy We all know that We've been, you know, all of us that have been around a while And we've been witnessing the gospel out there to people And, you know, I mean, it's not easy But the Lord never told us it would be, did he? No And on the other hand, the Bible says What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses soul And that's what the woke Democrats And all the people that are out there killing and stealing And trying to get ahead They're going to find out the hard way If they could get the whole world Everything they want, the worldly pleasure And all the money in the world And everything What good's it going to do them the first second Even the first, you know, the minute they're in hell And they know they're not going to ever get away You know, the devil's going to be screaming fool at them And it's just I can't understand how they can't see that there's a payday someday coming Like R.A. Torrey used to say He had a sermon called Payday Sunday And, you know, it's so close to coming For the entire world, you know Jesus is about to come back again And people are dying every single day Even all the most wicked people And, you know, like one guy said He never seen a U-hog fall on a hearse to the grave, you know And I just thank God That I have my treasure in heaven Where neither moth can corrupt Or thieves break through and steal Nobody can steal my treasure from me And I can't even lose it If I went crazy and told God I didn't want to be saved anymore God wouldn't listen to me Because, you know, once you're saved, you're saved permanently And even the devil, nobody can take away your salvation And talking about that salvation Right now there's people on their road to hell Listening to my voice right now And you've been in churches that they told you Because you're a church member And you're trying to live a good life and everything That, you know, you're probably going to go to heaven Nobody can give you any guarantees Because the Bible doesn't tell you you go to heaven by your works It's when you come to God and say I can't work my way to heaven And I need the payment Jesus paid for me on that cross Because Jesus did all the work necessary in our place to get us to heaven And when he died on that cross he said It is finished Which means all the work necessary for our salvation and redemption Has been done by the Lord Jesus Christ And approved by God the Father And all we have to do is come to God Revelation, I believe it's 3.11 Says, except you repent, you shall all likewise perish And if we don't repent We're going to perish We're going to die and go to hell And all God's asking us to do is come to him and admit to him That we've sinned against him That we're sinners and on our road to hell And that God doesn't want us to go to hell But he's made salvation a free gift And when I was at Lutheran I had never dreamt that salvation was a free gift I was told that you've got to live a good life And if your good works out, balance your bad Just like so many people out there now Whether they're Catholics or Presbyterians or Methodists If you ask the average one that you talk to in those religions They tell you you have to live a good life They don't preach the gospel anymore Most churches, you can't hear Like some people, even some Baptist churches They haven't had anybody walk the aisle there in 30 years And, you know, that's the sign of the Lileo De Sien church Where age, we're in right now Where we've never been richer financially But more cold and dead spiritually Now, folks, if you want Jesus Christ to come into your heart First of all, I'm going to tell you He said that in Ephesians 2.8 and 9 Like I said, it's a free gift And John 14.6, Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life No man comes to the Father but by me Now, that's very exclusive And that's very to the point You can pray to Mary until you're blue in the face You can pray to the saints and everything And the saints, the Catholic Church made the saints If they tried to get to heaven the Catholic way They never, trust me, they never became saints But, you know, when you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior You become a saint in God's eyes that very moment And on your way to heaven And now, if you want to go to heaven Revelation 3.20 said Behold, I stand at the door and knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into him And Romans 10.13 says For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved John 1.12 said But as many as received him To them gave he the power to become the sons of God So, right now, God is asking you If you will receive the payment his son paid for you on that cross And if you will, you can do it right now in a simple prayer of faith Because God's not going to door your heart He's not going to push his way in He's asking you if you open up that door by praying And asking him to come in Being repentant about your sins So what do you say we pray? God's ready to save you if you want to be saved So let me lead you in a prayer And just meet it with all your heart Dear Lord, I'm sorry that I'm a sinner I confess unto you that I have sinned And thought word indeed And I'm on my way to hell and I don't want to go to hell And Lord, I want to receive the payment you paid in my place on that cross I want to get to heaven on your righteousness Not my unrighteousness And so I hear it now, Lord Jesus asks you to come into my heart Forgive me of all my sins And save my soul from hell Knowing you washed away my sins with your blood Like Ephesians 1-7 says In whom we have redemption through his blood Please come into my heart right now and be my savior And give me that home in heaven In Jesus' name, Amen Now, folks, if you prayed that prayer The Apostle John told people to receive Jesus Just like you just did He said, These things have I written unto you That believe on the name of the Son of God That you may know that you have eternal life These things that you believe on That meant you received as your savior It wasn't just head knowledge anymore That you actually asked him to come into your heart That you may know, not think it, wish it, or hope for it But know that you have eternal life How can you know? Because I made you that promise and God cannot lie Go ahead, Pastor All right, very, very good I've never met anyone who ever, ever regretted Receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior Have you, Richard?

No, actually, I've met a lot of people That wish they would have done it a lot earlier And, you know, I think that's the regret of every Christian Is why didn't we wake up earlier in our lives And not have to go through so much pain With all the sin that we caused upon ourselves You know, and again, people will say Well, how do you know this? How do you know what you're saying is true? Okay If they don't understand You know, there are people that think Well, if it never happened to them It didn't happen to you either, okay The Lord speaks to your heart, doesn't he? That's right You get that peace that passes all understanding The Scripture tells us that And that peace that you have Trying to explain it to the world that doesn't understand this Is almost impossible until they experience it That you know that you know that you know that you know, right? Absolutely Let me tell you this I had, some years ago, when I was young Received a serious back injury Serious back injury And I had had surgery And at 7 o'clock in the morning At noon, I was in my room in the wake And my doctor was, the surgeon Was, well, he was an atheist And as I woke up, he was sitting there next to the bed in a wheelchair And he said, look, he said, I had told you Because this was my second operation I had injured once before But this, he said So I'm just gonna, you got broad shoulders So I'm just gonna let you have it He said, when you're able to stand You need to get in this chair Because I gotta just let you know You're gonna be in this chair the rest of your life Right then and there, okay I had this voice within me saying No, not at all I mean, right then, and so And I mean, I just absolutely, totally knew this There was no doubt And I told him, in fact I kind of smiled a little bit And I said, well, I'll tell you what When you leave, take that with you Because I'm not gonna need it And he laughed at me He says, really? What do you base your diagnosis on, doctor? And I said The highest authority, the Lord told me And he laughed at that Just what? The next day that night, I got up and walked And he could not believe it He said that was, no one had ever That surgery had ever done that before He said, that's amazing He was just totally amazed And I told him, you ought to listen to the Lord Praise the Lord, praise the Lord Alright, we're coming up to Where we come to this time every night And we got Pastor Hal there So what we're gonna do is We're gonna say, goodnight Thanks for being here with us, all you folks And we want to say, God bless God bless you all And then we say Always, always, always Ready? Keep, keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content
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