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WRWL Hour 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 21, 2024 12:02 am

WRWL Hour 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Science did that. Hills Pet Nutrition. Buy the bag that gives back. Visit slash give back or tap the banner to learn more. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we are back and we're gonna go listen to Clayton Morris.

He has something that terrified him to tell you about. So take her away. Well this story just keeps getting crazier and crazier. You better pay attention. Wake up America as to what is happening right now. The more we learn about it, the more troubling it is the United States government working hand-in-hand with non-governmental organizations, NGOs, to bring millions of illegal immigrants into the United States. If you don't think this is all planned that you need to get your head examined.

Nothing happens by coincidence. This is all part of a massive operation. JJ Carroll is a 24-year veteran of the Customs and Border Protection and what he's just uncovered as part of his new documentary called Treason is just astonishing. JJ has been kind enough to send me dispatches of the documentary as they are filming this and it's just jaw-dropping. Speaking with sources at these NGOs who don't want their face on camera, they don't want their voices on camera either, they are telling, what they're telling JJ is just shocking. Listen it was Jewish Family Services and then you had Jewish Family Services who also had these underlying NGOs under them when they moved to family services. different family services, but they all have the same parent company.

So you would pay Jewish Family Services, and then they would pay... All of the subcontractors, but they all have the same pay for the most part. And JJ joins us now, fresh off of that latest trip. JJ, welcome back to the show.

Thank you for having me, Clayton. I'm really excited about talking about this is the greatest crime that it's going to be uncovered in the next several years is the partnership between NGOs and the federal government and the tune of tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions of dollars after this four-year term of Biden's over. So you were just... You don't have to tell us the location because we don't want to give away any sources of who you spoke with, who obviously didn't want their face on camera. But you went into this, I think, with some ideas about how these NGOs were operating, right? These non-governmental organizations, there's thousands of them that are ferreting individuals across the border and then dispersing them across the United States, a lot of them with funding from the United States government. But when you set foot into these interviews, did it stun even you or did you already know all of these things?

No, it did stun me if I'm being completely honest. I had a very good idea of what was going on, what was transpiring. But when you talk to people that are inside those meetings... So the individual that I talked to was a DHS employee, he was the guy that cut the checks to the NGOs. And he's telling me, he's laying it out for me about what this looks like. He cut checks to Jewish Family Services, Catholic Charities, and a couple other.

And I said, tell me about... Just give me an example. And he goes, okay, Jewish Family Services, let me explain how this works. The Jewish Family Services, I said, tell me the amount, okay, before you get started. He said, $600 million. And I said, okay, was that two or three years contract?

He goes, no, that was like two, three to six months max. Then he said, what was really stunning to me is this is where the money laundering scheme comes in. So he goes, you have Jewish Family Services at the top. He says they have 50, let's just say 50 to 100 subcontractors underneath him. After I give them, he's telling me, after I cut that check for $600 million, then those smaller subcontractors that are responsible for food, clothing, housing, whatever that $600 million does not cover or did not cover enough, those subcontractors call us and say, we need 10 million here, we need 5 million here.

And I say, well, do you vet it? He goes, no, we're in emergency mode. So we cut the checks immediately to him, and he says, but here's where, this is where it gets crazy, JJ. He said, when I cut the checks to the subcontractors, I'm cutting the check to the same payee. I'm sending the same funds to Jewish Family Services, the same account. So you have Jewish Family Services getting $600 million, but you have 50 to 100 subcontractors that I'm paying, but I'm paying to the same bank account as Jewish Family Services. It's all a lie. It's just all a lie. And I said, okay, well, you cut $600 million check.

Are you now tracking that to check? And he goes, listen, you have to understand, JJ, nobody's following the money. No one cares. He says, you have to understand the federal government created a chaotic situation on the border. There are millions of people coming to the border, the border patrol, DHS, CBP, FEMA, no one has the resources, manpower to move millions of people from the border into America. That's where the NGOs come in. The NGOs are the movement of people and goods into America.

That is the evil partnership between the government and the NGOs. Did he give you a sense, because we have a segment coming up here tonight, we're going to talk about the United Nations and their collaboration on all of this and bringing in military-aged men. Did he give you a sense of why most of these people that you've been seeing, of course, on camera are military-aged men between the ages of 25, 35 years old? I think people out there think this idea of this replacement theory, that just sounds like a conspiracy theory or the militarization of the United States, a sort of a United Nations army inside the United States and Europe to carry out plans for lockdowns, whatever it is. Did he give you a sense of why they all seem to be the same 25 to 35-year-olds and they're all men? He did, as well as many other investigative journalists that I have contacts with and my sources, they all believe that this is a military-style invasion.

Let me just tell you how this looks to us. When you attack a nation, you attack from multiple points of entry. This is not the Middle Ages where I'm attacking the moat and the drawbridge, I'm attacking multiple areas. So once you do that, you attack multiple areas, you make the inroads into America. Now the United States government, who I believe is the enemy of our people, has already created the pathways, the highways, the routes for the invasion to go into Middle America. So you don't invade a nation and just stay under borders, you advance, you keep advancing. So when people are talking about the military-age adult males that are born into our country, understand that they're anywhere from 50 to 70% of the total illegal population coming into America. We've been sold this lie that's family units and babies and kids.

Yes, there are that, but the single adult military-age men are in the millions, tens of millions in America. You're looking at, you mentioned this perfectly, it's happening in Europe. Nothing happens in the world by happenstance. There's no willy-nilly, well, this is just how it's happened, it just happens that there's tens of millions of illegal military-age adult men from the Southern hemisphere, born into the Western nations of the world.

It's not by happenstance. And it's hard, I know it's hard to hear somebody say, the federal government is doing this. And it's hard to say, it's hard to comprehend what the manifestation of this will be, but it will be devastation and destruction. And I always ask this question, Clayton, if you do not agree with my conclusion, if you do not agree with my analysis, then tell me why the federal government under Joe Biden has brought in 30 million illegal aliens into our country. And no one can answer that. No, and I used to think, honestly, I used to think it was just focused on the election.

I don't anymore. I think it's much bigger than that. And I think you're seeing the, I think you're, what you're doing, this amazing work is starting to really pull back the strings on this, pull back the curtain on this and uncover a massive plot that I don't even think we fully understand how big this is. When you talk about the thousands of NGOs that are operating and delivering these people around the country, can you talk about some of the mechanisms? Did your sources at the DHS and otherwise tell you how much money they're being given? What sort of tools and access these people are being given? Is there any sort of follow-up at all from the NGOs, from the Department of Homeland Security? Are they following up with monthly, weekly checks to make sure that they haven't killed somebody? They haven't raped somebody.

They haven't gotten DUIs. What sort of things do they, are they being, the tools and things are they being given? Okay. That's a great question. So I asked him that.

I said, what does it look like? And he said, before I start to explain this, JJ, I want you to understand the federal government does not run the NGOs. The NGOs run our federal government.

And I said, okay, we'll explain that to me, clarify that. He said, you have to understand we are in a chaotic emergency situation on the border. Tens of millions of people are crossing. Anywhere from 10 to 15,000 a day are still pouring across.

The mechanism needed to move these people from the border into the interior is paramount. So the federal government does whatever the NGOs want and ask and demand for. He goes, we're buying with the NGOs are buying with our money, brand new buses buying a Mercedes Benz vans, a hundred, $150,000. They're paying nurses. One nurse we documented in one of the videos I sent you. One nurse made $20,000 a week, a week, not a month, a week.

And that's one nurse. So the corruption, okay, let me give you another example. I'll give you two examples in San Diego. We filmed there just recently down in San Diego. Just one hotel. Okay. This has been going on for almost three years, but just one hotel. There's many more.

Let me just give you an example. Ramada Inn on hotel circle in San Diego. It's where everyone hotel circles, where everybody goes to go to SeaWorld, the beaches in San Diego. So it could be anywhere from 300 to $500 a night in Ramada Inn. They have walled off the Ramada Inn. Nobody can, no one from an average person could go in there and go, can I rent a room?

It's all gated off, fences with barbed wire and tarps with paid armed security. And the federal government is paying for every single room in Ramada Inn for almost three years now. They're getting 1500 meals delivered a day at about $30 a meal.

You just, just one hotel. Just look at the Roe Hotel in New York City. It's housing about 5,000 people. For one person to eat for a whole year, and there's illegal aliens that have been there for over a year, just this is staggering.

To feed one person living in the Roe Hotel is $36,000 a year, $36,000 a year. We're not even talking about hospital. We're not even talking about the nurses, the social working, the police presence that's there.

Look, I'm going to Chicago in two days. I got a police report of hundreds, if not thousands of call outs to one shelter. Our police are going to the shelters for rapes, assaults, child molestation, drug dealing, pimping. People have no idea what's happening to our country, but the NGOs are facilitating all of it. Look, the NGOs are child sex traffickers as well. It's hard to, I'm a Catholic, Catholic Charities is involved, Jewish Family Services, Save the Children in Guatemala, Guatemalan Attorney General and their General Secretary just filed a lawsuit in Texas claiming that Joe Biden, they're funneling over $21 million to an organization called Save the Children. And guess who was on the board? The board of it, Jill Biden. And they're saying this, this NGO is child sex trafficking into the United States of America, inside of Guatemala. And they are traveling and facilitating the transportation of child sex trafficking into Texas.

Look, the media won't even touch it. And Joe Biden, look, things don't happen in a bubble. What did Joe Biden do in Ukraine? He went after that AG and got him fired.

Guess what he's doing? He just called down there and had a presser and said to the Guatemalan president, I want those two people fired for corruption. There was no corruption last week until they filed a lawsuit against you and your wife.

Yeah, exactly. Until you start looking into the child sex trafficking, that it may involve Jill Biden. That's what Biden loves to do.

He loves to call up. Call up Poroshenko, get that, get that prosecutor fired. He's looking into my son. He's looking into Hunter Biden, get that guy fired, or you're not going to get billions of dollars. Guatemala, we're going to withhold aid to you. We're going to hold back the billions of dollars that we'll send to you.

You better get these guys fired. You better not be looking into my wife. It's frightening, Clayton. And the more that I go into, listen, when I go into this documentary, I feel like I'm an expert on this.

But I know going in that I know I don't know certain things because I have to be inside the belly of the beast. The NGO angle that we're taking and we're getting deeper and deeper in, I'm not a frightened type of guy ever in my life. I'm telling you that it's frightening.

When I came away for the last two or three jaunts or filming in certain areas across America and interviewing people, I honestly did not understand the size and scope of the machine on the South side and the North side. What Majorcas has built through billions, hundreds of billions of dollars is staggering. When we get done Joe Biden's term in four years, this is just, just try to wrap your brain around how much power this is. In four years, Joe Biden will have spent conservatively on the bottom end, $700 billion on illegal aliens. Everyone believes the number is now surpassed a trillion dollars in four years. And we're conservatively saying a trillion dollars.

Look, I'm going to Chicago. I'm yeah, American people are suffering, you know, tens of thousands of people being laid off now, thanks to skyrocketing inflation, these new minimum wage laws, which we just covered on the show. I mean, driving people out of work because these companies can't afford them and they're being replaced by, by automation. They're being replaced by, I mean, you have the mayor of New York city this afternoon talking about, you know, we don't have enough lifeguards in New York city. So why do we not, and he said, and he said it flat out, we have all of these illegal aliens here that can swim really well. Why don't we hire them as lifeguards?

So do you even know how racist that, that is right to say, well, because they swam, he could have just, because they swam across the Rio Grande, they should be lifeguards. The guy is, the guy is, he is mentally below the par, but look, what we're seeing is a military style invasion into America. It is being purposely done and you mentioned briefly the replacement theory.

Let's just lay the cards out. just came out yesterday. Stephen Miller, who was a top advisor for Trump, pushed it out conservatively conservatively almost 52 million people living in the United States of America today are foreign nationals. That is 15% of our population is inside our walls, have no loyalty to America. There is an, there is absolute agreement through Congress.

They don't even hide anymore that there's 45 million illegal aliens in our country, 45 million. It doesn't end well on any level. Well, as Biden said, an unending, an unending flood of immigration into the United States. That's what he will call for. That's what he's gotten. And JJ Carroll is just starting to pull back the layers of this disgusting onion as he dives deeper into this and we appreciate JJ, you joining us here as this documentary unfolds and of course be safe in Chicago.

You're heading into the belly of the beast there right now, ground zero for the illegal immigration disaster in the United States. So he'll have updates on us. Hopefully you'll be able to bring us some updates on that when you get back from Chicago. JJ, as always, thank you so much for joining us here. We really, really appreciate it.

Thank you very much, Clayton. Alrighty, we are back and, um, the illegal aliens and your registrations, how to attack it and prevent this fraud before the 2024 election, uh, the fractal team is working with legislators and voter integrity teams in several states to find illegal alien voter nests and eradicate them. I don't think you'll find many of those in the blue states, uh, the teams working, uh, as the growing of the list fractal videos on demonstrates finding illegal aliens is no different than identifying transients registered by NGOs, non-government organizations, only the victims have been changed. The illegal aliens are currently gathered, uh, in the same way college students, homeless people, transients and rehab patients were gathered by the NGOs for decades.

Relationary technology as we show on our Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Texas and other videos on the is blind to these transients, accumulating at these addresses for over 20 years. Well, that's basically what he was just telling us about how well pastor and he, you and I for years have warned about these NGOs. In fact, way back when we were talking about the progressive caucus in Congress, uh, several of the, uh, original signing organizations were NGOs like Catholic charities signed on and on the democratic socialists of America's website. You know, we are probably socialists. There was Catholic charities right there. And a lot of these groups we've been talking about for 20, 30 years, these NGOs being socialists, being anti our, our, uh, constitutional Republic and, uh, how corrupt they are. In fact, we were, uh, several months ago talking about how the NGOs were down in South America.

They are with these people all the way as they travel up to the border with food and clothing and helping them get through places, uh, teaching them how to apply for asylum. And we were even saying one of the things that you should, when you go to register, like for Medicaid, uh, make sure you, you know, apply to vote, you know, things like this. And we've been on this for a long, long time, and it's really nice to hear how validated, but I don't think even you and I realized how horribly big this thing, as you, like they said, as you peel back the onion, instead of getting smaller, this onion grows and grows and grows. This monster has been, uh, like a snowball rolling downhill, it's getting awfully big. And if we don't get Trump in and put a halt to it, I'm afraid this nation is over and done with as a free nation. I know, we're running out of time, too, uh, I think we're gonna have, when hot summer, you're gonna have the gangs, these are, this is Obama's civilian army he was referring to, uh, they're gonna be a distraction while the troops, I think they're probably gonna do, the UN troops and the others, uh, pretend like they're working here to help with our military, uh, to try to get the gangs and things under control, but we know that's not the case. But anyhow... Well, here's that, to back that up, uh, headlines, um, out of Fox News, most ruthless Mexican cartels operate in all 50 U.S. states, bringing turf wars to the U.S., according to the DEA, and these two big drugs, the, uh, uh, Sinaloa and the Yalisco, have flooded all our cities with the, uh, meth and fentanyl and violence, and they are pretty much controlling everything, and as you read through this thing, they, uh, they dictate the flow of almost all illegal drugs into the United States, and if you look at this, uh, you know, transferring weapons, people, drugs, uh, and now they control almost all the drug traffic in 50 states in America. This is like a private army destroying the country from within, and I wonder whose side they're gonna be on. Well, they, they were the ones that threw that thing, they're in Maricopa County, and put Hobbs in there, uh, you know, the, the, everybody was getting paid by the drug cartels down there. Yeah, and, uh, so we've got that, if they start working with those NGOs in the, uh, United Nations, I don't know whose side they're gonna be on, to be honest, uh, they like power, money, and control themselves, so I can see there could be a big battle over who's gonna actually control our cities. Well, go ahead, uh, you got an article there, uh, Aaron.

This is News with News, authored by Debbie Kidd. There is great hope President-Elect Donald Trump, who has absolutely cheated for a second term, will win this November. Carrie, Carrie Lake won the governor's race, not Katie Hobbs. That's true. Dominion admitted their software was defective three days after the November 2020 election. We were telling people that those Dominion machines were hijacked and were, uh, used to, uh, distort the figures, right?

Absolutely. Arizona was heavily involved in exposing the truth about the big steal, quoting Lyle from his email March 14, 2024, for the past three and a half years, more concerns, evidence, witnesses, and discoveries have shown a well-planned and executed process to interfere with the election of November 7, 2020, then again in the 2022 election, at least within Arizona, almost the entire legal system either denied such, would not hear such, or would not rule on such even after compelling evidence and testimony were presented. People directly involved lost jobs, income, and positions in their community, fighting the good fight to restore election integrity and security. Many elected officials could not be bothered to tackle such controversy and conspiracy-minded stuff. The cost to those who continue to fight the good fight for election integrity has been quite real, quite heavy emotionally, as well as financially.

To this day, I periodically meet someone who doesn't hesitate to tell me it was all a conspiracy and political theater. As running mates, Mark Fincham and Kerry Lake filed in U.S. District Court, Arizona, an action requesting a temporary restraining order alleging such egregious acts and violations of integrity in the electoral process. Today, a writ of seratory cause to re-examine is being submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court given the copious and prodigious amounts of evidence not allowed into lower courts but have now become painfully evident that such should have occurred. The gravity of the evidence from 2020 and continuing to present is alarming and quite sobering. When I received the 19-page report below dated March 19, 2023, where Dominion admitted their voting software was defective, had design flaws, and serious bugs.

Let us pray that the U.S. Supreme Court accepts the petition to re-examine, people are held accountable and face consequences, and our electoral process takes a giant step forward toward returning to a transparent, secure, and integrity restored. So we all can trust again, the link below takes you to the 19-page Dominion report and confession. Dominion admitted their software was defective three days after the November 2020 election through March 13. Dominion Voting Systems knew its software was compromised and covered it up until Friday. That was when emails between Dominion employees disclosed the cover-up.

The emails are now evidence in the Michigan court case. Dominion employees admit I was just going to say we reported that one world-renowned expert on computers went and looked at the Dominion machines and he proved he sat there in a court of law with a ballpoint pen and a computer He did it in five minutes Yeah Showed how to totally change the reverse of the machines count and everything else. So we reported on that, it was what, about five, six months ago?

Right. I remember that was after Dominion sued Fox News for reporting on that story and they won And Fox paid them and paid off the lawsuit and then this guy shows, no, Fox News is correct all the time. So besides the massive fraud from voting machines and scanners, the big steal was made possible by fake Americans counting votes. I say fake because true Americans should believe our elections must be fair and honest even if our candidate of choice legitimately loses. 2020 and 2022 exposed our election system as two of the most corrupt, dishonest election events in our history. Who knows what's going to happen between now and the DNC convention?

Should Joe step aside for the good of the country? Who knows which Marxist marionette will be the new standard here? I know I've got it right here. Wayne Root has it and we're coming up to a break and so that thing, hang in there, we'll be back right after this one more. Welcome to God's world, to God's world, won't you come on in, come on in, miracles start here, miracles start here, you'll take away your sin, take away your sin, open up your heart, open up your heart, leave your fears behind, leave them all behind, you'll be living there, you'll be living there, until the end of time, till the end of time.

Ask and you'll be given eternal life, sublime, he'll be waiting there, he'll be waiting there, his arms open wide, waiting there for you, you are why he died, he'll be waiting there, he'll be waiting there, his arms open wide, waiting there for you, it was for you and I that he was crucified. Alright to answer that question that you had Aaron, you said who was it going to be they wanted to, well according to Wayne Root, get ready for Michelle Obama, that's right remember we've been telling you that I think it's their convention, is that in August for the democrats, I think it is ok, when they decide they choose their president when they have, their candidate yeah, yeah their candidate, Joe do you know when that DNC is, I think it's the first part of August, I think Aaron is right, and what city, oh I forgot, I think it's Chicago, oh boy that's right, that's right Chicago boy that'll be interesting this year for Chicago, anyhow according to him he says the signs are everywhere, first it's clear now that Trump cannot be beaten by an old feeble feckless into the cribbed bed with dementia and diapers, just this weekend Joe Biden spoke proudly of his response to the COVID pandemic while he was vice president and Biden said President Obama had sent him to Detroit to fix it, well I'm afraid that that was long before the COVID pandemic spread but someone has lost their mind, the COVID pandemic happened in 2020, actually it was 2019 if I remember right, Biden was the last VP in 2016, he wasn't yeah, he wasn't even sent anywhere by Obama, he never had anything to do with fixing it, no he's gone, his dementia has gone over the top, you know, I hear a lot of people saying that that's why they let him agree to debate with Trump because if he gets out there and fails miserably then they're going to have to replace him but that's speculation, who knows. Well that's what he's doing, he's speculating, he says now to the convention, I'm betting Michelle Obama is the choice which is why, well that's been the chatter out there for a long time that she's waiting in the rings to be Obama's third term, she keeps saying she wants nothing to do with politics, doesn't want to be in politics, doesn't want to run all that, I don't know, so. Well that's, remember that's, they always do the opposite of what they say.

Right, I was just going to bring that up, they always say the opposite of what they really intend. Alrighty, he says I feel like Al Pacino in Godfather 3, just when I thought I was out of the pull me back and believe me I tried to get away from politics, that's Barack's deal, I've never liked politics, everyone knows that I have a great life but I don't need politics, that's what she's been saying but remember they always say the opposite of what they say. Alright, we're going to open the phone lines now and take a couple calls. So the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673. Alrighty, who do we have there? Okay, hello, we have Kevin, Kevin. Hello Kevin, how are you? I'm fine, thank you, there's a couple things I want to bring up real quick, as a public servant for myself and for other people I help, I'm looking for a civil law tort attorney that he or she can contact me, let me give you my telephone numbers so that way they can call me. Alrighty, go ahead, give us your number. It's area code 4 4 0, telephone number 4 5 5 1 9 5 0, I'll repeat that one more time, area code 4 4 0, telephone number 4 5 5 1 9 5 0. So the second thing Linda Brooke mentioned, I'm looking for Chip Roner, you remember Chip don't you? Yeah, yeah, I haven't heard from Chip in quite a while, so Chip I know that he listened to the program, if you're listening to the program would you call Kevin at 4 4 0, 4 5 5 1 9 5 0? Yes, thank you Pastor Ernie, right on when it comes off to the things that are going on, and yes, Michelle Obama is going to run, and as I said I've heard all the rumors and stuff like that, I subscribe to various online services that are pro-Trump and pro-family. Well, I think the country's had enough, of course they're not going to see, there's an idea out there that the entire country's in love with Michelle Obama, and the left are in the world all of their own, that's the Hollywood, Washington, D.C. mindset, and so they're in a world all by themselves out there. Alright, thank you Pastor Ernie for taking my call.

Thanks for calling, it's going to be an interesting day, an interesting summer, I'm telling you. We need to be prepared, but we do know that the Lord is on the throne, he's in complete control, and what's happened to so many other nations in this world that have forgotten their God, and that's what happens. Isn't that the truth? That's exactly what the scripture says. The nation must repent.

In fact, you know what? But then again, Pastor, how many people support the woke, percentage-wise do you think? It doesn't matter how many.

It does matter. Our sin is of omission. We failed to stop these reprobates from getting into power.

That's the problem. So we've got to take back the country. You do.

Local, state, federal. You do, but you see again, ignorance and apathy is what got us here. Ignorance and apathy.

Let me give you an example. Today, women are going out there in the woods. They're paying thousands of dollars to go out in a group in the woods and scream. Now, they go out and they scream because they're angry. They're angry at men for not listening to them. They're angry that they don't get their way about things that they think they should.

So they pay with this organization thousands of dollars. They get to go out in the woods together, a bunch of women, and they scream, and they beat the ground. I've not ever heard of this.

I've not ever heard it in real life either. So that goes back to what percentage of women are doing that. I just watched it on the news tonight. They're filming. These, for the most part, are college-educated women. They're snowflakes. They're snowflakes. They're snowflakes.

They're snowflakes. The safe spaces, right? What were they eating in those safe spaces?

Yeah, safe spaces. Well, anyhow, let's go to Zoe. Hey, Zoe, you're in the air. Hi, Pastor Ernie. I cannot tell you how much the information that you put out is so, so good.

I appreciate it. But it really stimulates the question that I have been asking myself for quite a long time. And that is, if we choose, which I have, and many other people have, too, to listen to conservative radio stations, what we are normally hearing is the regurgitation of exactly what is on the woke stations. The only difference is, is the woke is happy and the conservatives are not. But as far as new information, it really mainly comes from your program, which is wonderful. So I'm asking you, why isn't that information that you've taken so much time to extract, to share, why isn't it being spoken on the conservative shows?

For the most part, there's a lack of backbone, a lack of metal, the lack of a spine. Those so-called conservative shows aren't really conservative, the vast majority of them out there. And even in so many of your so-called Christian programming, they don't bring you up. See, we don't get paid for what we do. We're doing it because the cause is a righteous cause. We're a watchman on the wall. We're called. The Lord has told us to warn the wicked and the righteous, okay? And that's what we do here. And so it's because of the cause. The others aren't.

But there are a growing number of more programs like ours, and that's a good, and that's good. Praise the Lord. I've been doing this for 50 years and you wouldn't believe how they've tried to get me off the air in 50 years. And by God's grace, only by God's grace. I don't believe that, Pastor Ernie, because you just lay it on the table. I mean, you're a man's man and you give a fact, which is absolutely delicious. But most people, you know, like it says in scriptures, they want their ears tickled, but your programs are so much appreciated. The input of Pastor Joe is wonderful, and also your young people that are speaking with you on your program, because they're quicker and you always say you have a senior moment. But it's a good combination, and I just want to tell you thank you and God bless you so much. Well, thank you and God bless you, Zoe. Thanks for being patient with us. Okay?

Your moment's notwithstanding, right? Amen. Wow, there's so much information to absorb. It's hard to keep track of everything.

It's like a flood every day. Right, but you see, the main thing is you have to know how to deliver that, too, just like what I'm telling you. When we have lightning rounds, you don't want to tell people more than they want to know, and so many things. You know, you've got to hit the high points out there, and that's what we try to do here.

Like Joe said earlier, just hitting the headlines. When you have there, for example, go ahead with Cohen. This is Cohen, yep. So former prosecutor slams Michael Cohen testimony as abysmal, says verdict, would be overturned. Former federal prosecutor David Sullivan on Monday slammed former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's testimony as abysmal. After Cohen admitted to lying under oath and stealing thousands of dollars from the Trump organization, prosecutors and former President Donald Trump's hush money trial rested their case on Monday afternoon, turning the attention now to the defense team, who is introducing its witnesses and evidence. Cohen, who arranged and made the alleged hush money payment to former porn star Stormy Daniels, has now admitted under oath that he previously lied under oath, including to Congress, and stole from the Trump organization, bringing up questions about his credibility. Let me jump in, because you hear what he's done now. He has made Trump the victim in this courtroom. The only crooks, the criminals, the real criminals is the judge and the prosecutor and Cohen.

They're the real, and now the jury is seeing this, they know that first of all, there's no proof that Trump committed any crime, all kinds of proof that he's a victim of a crime. But anyhow, we're going to go ahead and take Cliff. Cliff, you're the last call for tonight. Go ahead.

You're in the air. Yeah, okay. Two things quick. One was there was an article on Friday. It gave the name of a doctor from an oncologist from Japan. It's Fuka Shamer, ironically, is his last name, but he's considered by some the most prominent oncologist and Japan cancer doctor. He said there's a definite cause and effect link between the COVID shot and the cancers they're finding that are going right to fourth stage.

He said it's essentially do we murder these shots? But then he gave an example of a 28-year-old Japanese guy that took a second Pfizer shot, died that day or the next morning. His wife found him dead. The medical examiner did an autopsy and they said his heart was soft. They couldn't even pull it out.

It was essentially disintegrated. And he said, you know, if it was just this one person, it would be enough to call it murder. No, you're right.

Fauci and Bill Gates and all of these others, they need to be charged with genocide. Yeah. Now the second thing I just wanted to get through quick, I re-listened to an episode going back like three minutes, three months from the sergeant reports with a doctor that has, it's a woman doctor, Dr. Annie Mihocha. She has 600 articles in the last like three years on Substack. But she's talking more about the Madonna shots in particular. She said that the vials they intercepted are just heavy metals.

There's no messenger RNA. It's just heavy metals. But she's, I didn't catch this the first time I had listened to it. She's combining vitamin C, which she says binds with toxic metals, and something called EDTA.

I didn't remember it at first, but I remember with ED and then TA, I thought taxes or Tabitha or, you know, a woman's first name. So it's EDTA. And she says that with the stuff they're putting with the chemtrails and possibly in the water, everybody should get it. So I got it on Amazon. It's been around 50 years.

It was $21. And they said everybody should be taking this as a precaution. But she said the combination of the EDTA and the, it works with vitamin C. It cleaned out the blood of a lot of her patients. I got to move on because we're out of time.

But it seems like there's a major industry nowadays of undoing the COVID kill shot. All right. Very good. All right. How much time do I have there, Ken? Hey, Ken. You got about seven minutes.

All righty. It's that time again that we get to every night at this time. With the most important part of the program, and I had a professor tell me that this is the part of the program he always turns off. And do you know why he said that? He's probably an unbeliever. He said that religion, his religion, his faith is very, very personal.

It's something that's too personal to share with others. Now listen to this. This guy professes to have read the Bible and understands the whole religious aspect. And then he says that, okay? And these are the people, unfortunately, we have teaching the students in our universities today. He must have read every third or fourth word or something when he read the Bible, because he sure didn't get the understanding at all.

And this is an amazing thing. So, Aaron, tell the folks, we're going to give you a good opportunity. Tell the folks what they need to know about salvation. Well, first and foremost, the question is why must one be saved? And you have to start with because God is holy, righteous, and just, and he must judge sin.

So because of Adam and Eve's fall in the Garden of Eden, every single human being is born with sin, with the sin nature. And the good news is that for God so loved the world, he sent his only begotten son that whosoever should believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. And God just requires that we repent sincerely.

This is a one-time thing. This isn't every day or, well, as far as salvation goes, it's a one genuine repentant time to acknowledge your sinner and to call upon God and say, Lord, forgive me. And he will, and he does, and he will. I mean, that was the whole reason that the Lord Jesus Christ came to this world was to become the lame of God who takes away the sin of the world. That every single person who genuinely and sincerely believes that he's God, he died for their sins, they will be saved.

And then from that point forward, you continually repent, but not for your salvation's sake, but just because you love God and you're grateful and you want to obey him and follow. Okay, now everything you just said is true, but there are people out there, how do we know? What's the evidence that everything you just said is true?

I mean, there's... The flawless Word of God. Okay, so we have, what, over 6,000 years of history, right? And 6,000 years of history, over 1,800 prophecies, which almost all have been completed already, and has that, is the history, is God hitting that one hundred percent? Absolutely, for we have also a more sure word of prophecy, where until you do well that you take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts, knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation, for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but holy men of God speak as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. Okay, so now the evidence of that, the book that you just read out of there, were these men, would you say, giant intellectuals that put the prophecies in scripture?

We take a look back, did how many of these, did Peter or James or John go to college, did they go to Harvard or Yale? No, but they were yielded to the Lord, to God the Father, and God himself spoke, wrote through these men with the Holy Spirit, guiding their hand as they wrote in their mind. So, here we see these men who are extreme intellectuals, never went to school, okay, and the people on that day wondered, how did these guys, I mean, these were unlearned men, and the Bible tells you that it was the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and today, Jesus said, heaven and earth will pass, 2000 years ago, over 2000, but my words will never pass away, so for over 2000 years, what book is preached more than any other book in the world? The Word of God, that you're reading right there. Here, folks, again, every one of you, like we always tell you out there, it's a matter of fact, you're all going to die, it's not if, but when, and here's the facts, you can believe anything you want, okay, like a woke person, but the reality is, when you die, you don't go out of existence, you change real estate, and you're either going to go into heaven or hell, that's been decided, that's a reality, and you don't have to go to hell, you don't have to, if you end up in hell, it's because you denied the Word of God, God is, that God is so, when it comes to, he is so merciful, but here's what you do, very quickly, got to tell you this, pray to the Father, ask him to forgive you of your sins, then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, it's that simple, pray to the Father, ask for forgiveness of sins, ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations, and they'll honor that commitment, and if you mean it and you do that, then you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, you'll become a new creature, a born again believer, you'll become an heir of the kingdom, folks, and you will be on a road to immortality, I mean, that's, this is coming, God will always deliver, OK, he will always deliver, and again, God who cannot fail, so, there you go, now, we come to that point where we come to, every night, where we talk about all of you, like Zoe out there, and we say, hey Zoe, and all of you good folks out there, good night, and then we say, God bless, and then we say, always, always, ready, we're coming up to that, always, always, always, let's do it, KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT! Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.
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