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WED HR 1 050824

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 9, 2024 12:03 am

WED HR 1 050824

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this eighth day of May 2024 and tonight. Well, boy, we have a lot, so much happening in the news as we get closer and closer to the Lord's return. Everything we've seen happening is, boy, it's right there in scriptures.

As he tells you in Daniel 12, we're seeing God's Word, the Bible being unwrapped, being revealed in the last days here. So, anyhow, tonight we have that reliable, styleable, style on the board. Hey, good evening, Pastor. All right, there you go. And you just heard him, you heard a cackle from Missouri. That's called a Missouri cackle and that's none other than the, well, the legend, Pastor Joe.

That highly unpaid professional assistant, yeah, I like that styleable style. Yeah, that was a good one. All right, and now, you know what? I had talked to Wendy and she said that she's having some pretty inclement weather where she's at. Is Wendy with us yet? She is not yet.

Oh, boy. We're having it here. We're having tornado warnings, high winds, heavy rain, threats of hail. It's miserable out there. I got a feeling she's having problems with her telephones.

I hope that's just her phones and I know that you're having the same thing out there. I know we have some of that stuff headed here towards Ohio. Yeah, there's a bunch of bad stuff heading that way.

It's coming right from the very southwest and headed up the chute. I don't suppose... If I go silent tonight, folks, you'll know we lost power and everything out here, so... Well, do your best to keep it there when you're out, okay?

Well, I'll try, but I'm limited, you know. All righty. I'm going to shoot right off the bat today to say that with my good friend, this is Danny Ray Week. And our good friend, Danny Ray, he's one again.

I tell you, he was very well loved by the people. His funeral is going to be Friday at the Bethel Freewill Baptist Church. That's the Bethel Freewill Baptist Church at 3354 Fulton Road. That's 3354 Fulton Road in Cleveland, Ohio. And it's 11 a.m. Tomorrow is the viewing, tomorrow Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Creacious Funeral Home.

That's the Creacious Funeral Home at 14925 East Bagley Road in Middleburg Heights. And we should do miss Danny. And he and I were going to make another couple songs together, but don't look like that's going to happen tonight. He's singing in a bigger, better choir. You know what?

Did I even give you the song style? Yeah, you did. Okay, I wasn't sure. All right, so with that, I'm hoping Wendy's all right. You know, we could try to, I'm going to try to give her a call right now because I'm really concerned about her. She is always very reliable. And she's not here.

There's got to be a very good reason. So let's. While you're dialing, I'll tell people we're getting ready for the Bible study.

It's called Paid in Full, or Paid to Fool. And tonight we'll be starting in Proverbs chapter 28, along the title there. And we'll see if we can get an answer, right? Okay. Does not sound promising.

All right, no. The lines are busy. That could just be bad traffic or it could be problems, right, with the storm.

Yeah, more than likely it's problems with the storm. Anyhow, let's get started tonight in that, in here. So go ahead and read verse 2, Joe.

For the transgression of a land. No, no, you're the wrong one. Oh, I'm sorry. It's Proverbs 29 verse 2. I had 28. Okay, you're right.

I had 28. Ah, sometimes I do that. Verse 2. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

All right, right now the people in this country are really mourning, really mourning. When Trump was in office, we had a closed border. We had a strong economy. We had a strong military. The allies respected us.

The enemies feared us. And today the mainstream media keeps telling us that we are not paying 30% more for food, for housing, for gas. I mean, they keep saying the economy. I keep hearing, they're telling me they... Gas was $2 a gallon? It was...

Under... No, it was... It was under $2 with Trump. $1.87, I think, was the average, $1.87, yeah. For health care, for clothes, you know, today people are losing their homes and they can't pay taxes. More than one-half of their income of the average out there today just goes for their rent. And so... We're paying several thousand dollars a month more to live than we were back under Trump, the average American family. Some people under that average are... It's not that high, but the average American family is paying over $2,000 a month more to live, maintain the same standard of living. Joe, did your real estate taxes go up?

Yep. We're facing, what is it, Pastor, 20 to 30% increase here in Ohio? Yeah, yeah, it's... A lot of people are upset about that.

Yeah, a lot of people... Not only property tax, look, your insurance, your car insurance is up, your home insurance is up, your rental insurance is way up, that's your taxes and it really gets bad. Well, you know, today they, that Marjorie Taylor Greene, she tried to have a recall, you know, of the speaker, Johnson, of the House, and, you know, I was listening to her and everything she said I agreed with, she made a whole lot of sense, she really did. She was talking about how, you know, how the Congress, right now the Republicans had the power, you know, especially when they had several more than they have now, but they could've, they could've taken away the funding, they could've defunded the Department of Justice, they could've defunded the FBI, they could've, see, they could've done this, so then what's happening? Well, here, Johnson, after he said that they're gonna break it up, we're gonna vote separately, but there's gonna be money for the border wall, money for the border wall, money for the, guess what, there wasn't a dime, billions and billions of dollars, no money for the border wall. Well, not just that, they should've said we want the border shut.

Absolutely. They were gonna say, okay, there's not gonna be a budget till we get, you know, a border closed, we get the Trump regulations and, what do you call it, what did the program he had on the border reinstalled, and then we'll vote for the package, but, you know, they gave up everything. So they, they tried to make her look like a piranha, but she, you know, she was right, she was right, and everything she said, she was right, and you know, see, we cannot depend upon Congress for justice, if the church in this country, the Christians and the Jews, if we're gonna get any justice, we're gonna have to provide that for ourselves out there. It's not gonna come from the Congress. And we only have a very small handful. There may only be 20 Republicans that are solid. Yeah, the rest, what was the one, the one who could've waited and, Gallagher, he sold us out, and now who's he working for, he's working for the Democrats.

Some tech company, Peter Thiel owns. Yeah. There you go, so, again, folks, you can depend upon God, you can trust God, other than that, whatever justice we're gonna get, we're gonna have to provide ourselves, or we'll have none. And so there, so he says, when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. When Trump was in office, things were getting better for everybody, for the blacks, the Hispanics, for the whites, it was getting better for everybody. The world was safer. The world was safer. The world was safer, and America was respected again.

Now look at what's happened, Obama has destroyed, and that was his job, going in there, working for the Red Chinese, working for his bosses who were calling his shots. Read verse 10, Joe. The bloodthirsty hate the upright, but the just seek his soul. Here the entire platform, the one issue, the number one issue that the Democratic Communist Party is running on is death. They're the party of death. They're a wicked, unclean, ungodly, Planned Parenthood party. They're a party of death.

They want as their standard, as their symbol of who they are, the ability to kill innocent babies, to destroy the very image of God. That's number one in their platform, their entire, they're basing everything in this election on abortion, on tax and spend. Spend the vote, and then tax to pay for the money we are spending to buy your vote. That's their platform, the entire platform.

Absolutely. And what they're planning on, well, of course, they're planning on election fraud. I mean, they're working overtime to try to rig the election again. They have to. They have to.

They don't have a platform. Right. What else are they for? Can somebody tell me anything else that they're for, other than spending? Open borders. Open borders.

Yeah. Destroying our wealth. Destroying our military. Well, they're for sodomy, they're for euthanasia, they're for bestiality, they're for more drugs.

Satanism. And more Satanism, yeah. So now, today, here in the United States, Joe, young American males are trending to the right.

More and more young males, you'll notice fewer of them are going to college now with the indoctrination centers, and more of them are going to trade schools, learning to trade. That's what we need. We need more plumbers and carpenters and electricians and welders out there. We need a whole lot less lawyers. We need more farmers and ranchers, thank you, the average farmer and rancher is about 68, something like that, 69 years old.

Yeah. Guys, if you want a food supply, you've got to have some younger people in the agriculture business, I guarantee you. And here now, the younger women, and this is where they're getting, they're switching. You know, when I was going to college, I would probably say, just guessing, it was about at least 70% male, 30% female going to college.

Today it's just going the opposite. And the young males, white males, they are discriminated against everywhere you turn on the college campuses, in the media, academia. Everywhere you turn, the young males, and this is why, and in the military, and this is why they're turning more conservative, turning away.

But the women, the young girls, they're the easiest ones to be indoctrinated. And these are the ones why you see it out there, these marchers, these protesters, 80% of them are female. And here's what they're demanding. Now, I'll show you how these over-privileged, unthankful, ungrateful students, here these women are demanding, well, they're demanding to have a special food for the Muslim-approved diet. They want the government, our taxpayer is supposed to provide for them. They want the morning after pill. They want us to provide for them so they can whore at night.

Now, these males that you see, many of these so-called males that you see out there now, they're like the lowest form of what you would call human male. They're there for one reason, they're there for sex. These girls are recruiting them by using sex to get them there. And now, they also, they're demanding a free STD treatment, too. This is what the Democratic Party is all about today.

This is what it's been reduced to. And so now, also, Joe, they're finding more and more of these, Antifa would have been out there at these starting, they're actually training now, they're training these students in combat to resist the police. They found in a couple of those college campuses communist handbooks and how to do this, how to chain doors, how to lock up a building, take a building, control it. I've got an article on that where they just found all kinds of chains and tools and pamphlets and it was actually downright Marxist literature and hate America, hate Israel.

This is for real, folks. This is a revolution going on. These are revolutionaries, they're the useful idiots.

They were called Germany, but they were the ones that helped foment the revolution in Germany that brought the Nazis into power and they're working their way up in America. Ayak and the squat have convinced, they have intimidated old Joe, now he's turned against Israel to where now these, you know, they're our biggest ally in the Middle East, our number one ally all these years, they've turned against Israel. Our listeners need to call Senator Vance here in Ohio, across the country, call your senators and tell them to vote no against this anti-Semitism Awareness Act, not because we don't support, we do support Israel, but that act, the language is so vague that our own scripture, our Bible and New Testament scriptures can be used against us. Last week the House of Representatives voted in favor of the new anti-Semitism bill which adopts a new definition of anti-Semitism and provides the government with a way to punish wrong think, you see, and about Jews and Israel, including anyone who suggests that Jews control the government, according to our government, the way to dispel the myth that Jews control the government is for the government to pass a law that punishes anyone who suggests that Jews control the government. Now the rabbis have figured this one out here, Rabbi Jonathan Gross, an attorney who has spent a tremendous amount of his time fighting for the January 6th patriots, he comes out and he knows, he's talking about just what this is all about, and it's about, they want to condemn or outlaw or make certain verses from the Bible, hate speech, hate speech, and so. It already passed the House, so we've got to have, the Senate's got to shut it down. Well, we don't have enough, I don't think we have the votes in the Senate to do it, we may if enough people call their senators, but you know, it's just like, well like I said, we cannot depend upon them.

Government takes everything that somebody has a vaguely good idea, but by the time it gets through the sausage making process, it comes out, the original tent is far, far away, and how to maintain control and power in government is what's left in whatever bill it is. Absolutely. Read verse 16, Joe. When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases, but the righteous shall see their fall. So, alrighty, I want to now turn over. The wicked are, I have to add, the wicked are multiplied and we're seeing transgressions in government increasing, I mean several times a day, you could look at the news and watch it increase, right?

Absolutely. You know, the title of the message is paid in full, or paid a fool. Today, Claude Schwab is proclaiming that, like it or not, the world will soon be under complete and total communist rule, where you will own nothing and the state will provide your needs and the state will decide what your needs are. You will have no income or debt, and the state will tell you that you are happy.

You are happy, yes. Joe Biden right now is bribing the young people, the young and the gullible, by illegally paying off their tuition with the money belonging to those that paid for their debts, okay? So the anti-Christ, like Joe Biden, will bribe, they're going to bribe many, and again, it's my opinion that that's exactly what the anti-Christ is going to do, they're going to offer people, we will pay all your debts, you will be totally debt-free, all you have to do is take this number, take it, take the number, think about this, debt-free. Right now you owe everything, the state owns you.

Take the number and all we want in exchange to pay off your debts is your soul. Well, before we get to that point, though, we've got to fight the good fight, because the globalists in Klosh are very serious about telling us we will own nothing. They're absolutely serious, they aim to do this.

I know. Oh yeah, this is very serious, this is a real revolution, and what you're hearing is not, this is not a fairy tale, this is not our narrative, we are telling you the gospel truth. So the point is, get out there and vote, and then those of you who have a spine and biblical worldview, run for office, or encourage those who do have that to run, and then try to save our nation, because God can work with the remnant and we don't know the day or the hour of His return. All right, we're going to turn to Nehemiah, turn to Nehemiah chapter 5, Nehemiah chapter 5.

All right, and I've got five this time, not four. Okay, and so, go ahead and read verses 1 through 6. And there was a great cry of the people and of their wives against their brethren the Jews for there were that said we our sons and daughters are many therefore we take up corn for them that we may eat and live some also there were that said we have mortgaged our land vineyards and houses that we might buy corn because of the dirt there were also that said we have borrowed money for the king's tribute and that upon our lands and vineyards yet now our flesh is as the flesh of our brethren our children as their children and lo we bring into bondage our sons and our daughters to be servants and some of our daughters are brought into bondage already neither is it in our power to redeem them for other men have our lands and vineyards and I was very angry when I heard their cry and these words then I consulted with myself and I rebuked the nobles and the rulers. Okay Joe, here now, what he's referring to is the great disparity there was this huge now see if this sounds familiar it would be the equivalent of today many many millionaires and then many people no more longer a middle class the middle class had disappeared you had the very rich and the very poor now these are the people that came out of the exiles and these actually were the Jews okay and so what would happen is they were selling they were taking advantage of their fellow Jews and selling them into slavery. Well the land owners were forced to pay to mortgage their land because there was a famine in the land and then others were borrowing money to want to pay a property tax that was what placed on them by the Persian government and so we had and then those that were homeless didn't have any way to raise crops and no money to buy food so they weren't a what do you call a real mess weren't they? Like so many of the farmers in America today we'll be right back and we'll pick this up right there yep a Quaker man whose name I will not mention went out to milk his cow early one day but that old cow acted like it had a demon with its tail it slapped that Quaker in the face and he said cow they know that I am Quaker and anger is a thing that's not in me and cow they know that I am patient but I could use a little help from thee oh thee still he said and slowly started milking and things were going real good for a while then the cow stepped in the bucket and she spilled it and on that old cow's face there seemed to be a smile and he said cow they know that I am Quaker and anger is a thing that's not in me and cow they know that I am patient but I could use a little help from thee time and time and time again he tried to milk her you might say there was some tension on the farm then the cow mooed out real loud and then she kicked him through the air and through the side of that old barn he laid there and tried to pull himself together he looked up and said they know I've tried my best he could see the cow through the big hole in his barn and with a different tone of voice the Quaker said cow they know that I am Quaker and anger is a thing that's not in me but now I'm gonna sell you to a Baptist and they're gonna beat the devil out of thee I believe they have a day they call homecoming and I hope they make hamburger out of thee all right very good amen brother did you hear that you liberals out there one of these days the Baptist to take care of you all righty that was that was a good friend Danny Ray who went home to be with the Lord all righty we have now we got it we got a lot of articles to get after so can you finish that thought you were on because right there we finished that verse in the Bible that section because it just so pertinent what's happening today they are trying to transform society get rid of the middle class right exactly the big so the big what he called a senior moment on Wall Street they're buying up thanks home yeah well they're buying up all the farmland first of all the farmland but they're buying homes and running them out to people who can't get the down payment so it's messing up the housing that's BlackRock BlackRock some others Chinese thing is pointing to what's happening here in scripture is what we are seeing slowly evolving right now in America exactly the Chinese are buying land around all the military bases and strategic areas Bill Gates is by it as much farmland as he can buy he's buying it he's going after farmers he knows that the farmers can hardly buy fuel come hardly by fertilizer this is all part of it and he's buying they're going broke right and Bill he wants you to eat meat that is made in test tubes in laboratories grown slime and bugs okay they want it's about complete control and again I keep on saying we're not going to get any help from Congress if we get justice we have to provide it ourselves folks that's where it's got to come from and so the people decide they want to take their government back that's right Joe electing traitors fools and communists in the office you know but well here in Ohio we're going to be trying to pass a bill you have to you can't switch in primaries in other words we have like I said in one of the problems not just in Ohio but in our Congress now Ohio is called the Rhino Blue 2222 Democrats that ran as Republicans and were elected because they put the word out and the Republicans didn't know they they didn't know they saw an R behind their name and they were the media they were totally totally slicked out just totally deceived and so they went they voted for now they wish they hadn't voted for these people but they've taken over these are Democrats that have taken over our house now and here in Ohio and so anyhow that's what's going on there what do you have there Eric this is a article from WND Jason Hopkins flight documents these US cities received most migrants under Biden nearly 200,000 migrants from four countries have flown into America's biggest airports under a Biden administration parole program Department of Homeland Security documents reveal the House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday publicized documents obtaining through a subpoena to DHS that identifies over 50 airport locations used by the federal government to process hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals via parole program between January to August 2023 about 200,000 foreign nationals were processed under the program known as the humanitarian parole for Cubans Haitians Nicaraguans and Venezuelans or CHNV which was initially launched on October 2022 and grants a two-year parole period as well as work authorization eligibility of the top 15 airport locations used for the parole program Florida City stood out as a major destination of choice for those flying into a port of entry between the January to August 2023 time period do Democrats in power view more foreigners in America as voters for them Miami was the top destination with 91,821 people Fort Lauderdale Florida was second with 60,461 New York City came in at third with 14,827 the other destinations rounding off the top 10 were Houston almost 8,000 Orlando 6,000 Los Angeles 3,000 Tampa 3,000 Dallas 2,000 San Francisco 2,000 in Atlanta 1700 the flight documents were shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation and first reported by Fox News in the documents DHS further admits that none of these individuals have a legal basis to enter the country before being paroled through the program stating all individuals paroled into the United States are by definition inadmissible including those paroled under the CHNV processes according to a press release from the House Homeland Security Committee so far over 400,000 foreign nationals have arrived into the U.S. under the CHNV program as of October 2023 roughly 1.6 million foreign nationals have applied to the program according to the Homeland Security Committee the documents unearthed by the committee shed more light on where exactly these migrants have landed these documents expose the egregious length Secretary Mayorkas will go to ensure inadmissible aliens reach every corner of the country from Orlando and Atlanta to Las Vegas and San Francisco Secretary Mayorkas CHNV Parole Program is an unlawful sleight of hand used to hide the worsening border crisis from the American people said GOP Rep Mark Green of Tennessee Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee implementing a program that allows otherwise inadmissible aliens to fly directly into the U.S. not for significant public benefit or urgent humanitarian reasons as the Immigration Nationality Act mandates has been proven an impeachable offense Green continued Republicans previously waged a lawsuit to block the parole program that effort was ultimately blocked by a federal judge in March right and so that's off here all right now one of the things that's happening to another he is using the federal agencies to register people to vote as Democrats these illegal aliens that have come in here gang members and that they're being told look do you remember Obama saying this I remember listening to him very clearly as he says there's going to be a transfer of wealth from those that have earned it to those that deserve it those were his words now guys where the Bible says if you earned it you that you're the one that deserves it okay that's that diversity equity inclusion garbage that's right and so here now this is what they're doing he's using all their social agencies to use to to register illegals to vote and vote all early and often and folks again this is what we were telling you about here this is why it's so important that the people form their groups I guess you might even have to say Joe we have to even go into almost like a tribe thing as we're looking for our Lord's return to come back here and so this is why tactical civics is so important it's part of it it's taking our grand juries back is giving some and it's worked in certain states around you saw what happened there just in Michigan where the people got together they fired the entire board of the county every every single one in the county was taken off because they wanted to allow they were taking money bribes they allow the Chinese to build a huge plant there to make these batteries and so and the people didn't want them they didn't want the red Chinese there they didn't want their troops there and by the way you know the Chinese have their own police departments in New York City supposedly there's 30 at least 30 of them yeah across the country and see so again you know we've been trying to tell people and trying to tell people and trying to tell people Joe Obama is working he is an agent for the Chinese Communist Party he is an agent for the Chinese Communist Party folks and he's an antichrist too so there you go after that story headlines from America's war machine runs on rare earth magnets guess who owns the market on all the rare earth magnets yep our whole war all the fancy fighters missile system drones submarines run on these little tiny bits of metal some about dime size these rare earth magnets are needed and China makes about 92 percent of the global market share and all of a sudden oh our government finally decided they're doling out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and credits to revive this magnet making and the trouble is there was the US law in 2018 restricted the use of made in China magnets in our military equipment now the trouble with that it sounded good American made for our own stuff but we didn't have any big suppliers we had a few in Japan and almost none in America so you know created a conundrum we couldn't get the stuff we needed got behind and so now they're trying to rebuild this little tiny industry we have one company in the US that produces the dominant type of rare earth magnet and they're saying hey this does not flip the switch and we're going to have all we need you know and so we've been doing stuff like this treating ourselves and this is one example of probably a couple dozen that you and I have brought up on the radio that China has most of the rare earth elements they have the battery factories they have they produce most of our medicines you know I mean we've made these decisions in the past Biden's made a great many of them they all benefit China they all hurt America and but there's money for all the illegals but there wasn't very much to put into making like he's really helping reproduce these rare earth magnets that we desperately need all right Joe here let's let's go back with the other way back to Clinton what Clinton did not just with the shutting down of the fields the rare earth fields that we have here in America we have those we had a couple and they closed them not only that but we had the cleanest burning coal on the planet the cleanest burning coal on the planet and what did he do he shut down the coal mines Clinton shut down remember Hillary says there will be no more coal mines but and what do they do they bought all the coal from China yeah you brought it all in yeah Clinton had a buddy in Indonesia Reati was his name and he bought a lot of their dirty coal yep and then and then Hillary went and sold our uranium 25% of our uranium to Russia and so there you go brilliant idea was uranium one right yeah that was the company name one but you look at all this it's always been about money somebody filling out America for money somebody doing something for the filthy lucre's sake basically this nation in the past 50 years that I've been you know 50 60 years watching this stuff closely we've been just selling out our country for money period our greed in the nation we've lost our faith which you know the other night you were talking about our faith there's this big article out I need to get out Christian post only 1% of Catholics agree with the denominations teaching on the sanctity of life Mary talked about when God's not happy because of the biggest thing the Democratic Party wants to kill all the babies right well this researcher Brian Ryan Burge a professor of poli sci at Eastern Illinois University he's up on substack and he took a look at the church the Catholic Church's view on abortion euthanasia capital punishment and basically came to the conclusion he said investigating the phenomenon of cafeteria Catholics that's picking and choosing from scripture I like this verse I don't like this verse I like this chapter I don't like that one he said it's not just many Catholics who disagree with the teaching in fact if you look at the data it's nearly all of them you look at these life issues and the sheriff Catholics who aligned with the church back in 1989 was about 7% and it fluctuated between two and a half to six and a half in years and now it's down to about 1% of the Catholics agree with the church on life issues there's a lot more but I don't know I don't I don't think I believe that it doesn't sound accurate I don't I don't believe that because you know I know I know a lot of Catholics and you know the right to life event was packed with them yeah it's the big parade that was bringing us up because they're out but it said the others are a great number of the Catholics don't want the death penalty scripture says you know God created a death penalty right that's one of the three things that was abortion euthanasia and it turns out that many many in the Catholic Church are for euthanasia or sick and elderly and they are totally against the death penalty so the ones that swing it more than the abortion issue here's here's the thing about that now with the death penalty I I am in favor of the Genesis 9 verse 5 through 7 exactly when it comes to capital punishment there but I'm against the state of Ohio having the executions we got seven men off death row and the reason is because two twofold one you see the Bible makes it very clear too that you have to have standing okay you have to have legitimacy to to operate that if you go through and read what what when he gave us the five points of divine human government okay uh that you had to abide by God's laws God's statutes God's ordinance God's covenant so on and so forth this and he can't you can't have a state that allows abortion you can't have a state that allows sodomy you can't have a state that allows this transgender stuff they there's they've no legitimacy they're our government especially the federal government has no legitimacy according to God they have power but no legitimacy you see it's just like if if I was to walk into you Joe and say Joe I'm a I'm much prettier than you Joe right and you said no wait a minute and I say wait this 45 says right says I'm like that yeah now you're talking you know okay so you you you agree with Smith and Wesson now here here that's what our government our government has power but it's got no authority it's got no authority it's lost all authority that God had given it from the founding because it is it is becoming illegitimate we have a bastard government here in the United States of America they again they've gone totally against the teachings of God's Word the Bible well remember this goes back to we got to keep hope as far as restoring biblical morality because most of us don't support men can have babies or men breastfeed or any of the homo trans garbage or the climate garbage men weren't having babies until Biden got in well that's my point but because it's our policy and it's not it's not my policy it's is it your policy no and is it so my point is let's not lose hope you know we can't get rid of this garbage you don't really think Joe and I support men having babies do you absolutely not I'm just I'm making the point yeah yeah so we're we're you know we're past the age of childbearing years anyhow right well it's so it's it's insane but they want to take it to the level we're just having fun with it it's such a crazy I mean the idea of a man having baby come on it's just it's totally ridiculous it's well these radicals want to prosecute people who speak out against it remember satanism the anti-christ the democratic party is in total opposition to whatever God's Word the Bible teaches on on family on marriage on life it's in total opposition is the and everything that the Word of God teaches and so we're we're living in the second Timothy chapter three which we're living in Romans one second Thessalonians two we're living in those days the Bible talks about it it's here now okay and so Revelation chapter three so those are the days so it's again we're seeing God's Word being revealed daily remember what he tells you in Daniel four or Daniel chapter twelve where he says to seal up and I should read that knowledge certainly is increasing unbelievably fast yeah it is so let me just we'll go over there planes now that fly themselves with a computer okay all right there you go here you go without doubt you shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and acknowledge shall be increased so we're seeing that with AI we're seeing what's happening with quantum computing it's everywhere but we're seeing the unsealing we're seeing the unsealing of the book daily all the things that's happening are things that are prophesied within the Word of God and it's an amazing thing I mean just like well even Joe in our lifetime going back let's say if we go back to the 50s and the 60s and we would not we wouldn't know that things are going to change but we wouldn't we we know that the book would be unsealed but we had no idea what it would look like but we do now because we're seeing it right live real time a lot more clear yes yeah absolutely all right here we go two new COVID variants named flirt reportedly spread across the US the two new COVID variants collectively known as flirt have been detected and are reportedly spreading across the United States you know what else is tuberculosis now they say is spreading across the country that these are gifts brought in by Biden's illegal aliens he has brought these in I think San Diego isn't it yeah the Infectious Disease Society of America states that the nickname flirt is derived from the technical names of the the variant mutants the World Health Organization they've got nothing to do with health at all their death has reclassified it as a variant of interest and recommended close monitoring yeah according to mass live citing the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the kp2 variant is currently the dominant strain according for about 25% of all infections nationwide I mean we keep getting all these new laboratory created viruses bio weapons the flirt vibrant the kp begins as takeover for COVID cases in the US in recent weeks COVID-19 forecasters have reported several new strains that came there you go already what's scary out there article in the Daily Mail May 6 science have created a jab to protect against multiple coronaviruses even the ones that quote we don't even know about yet they have created a vaccine week they call the jab coronavirus jab think about it and they it they think it's going to protect you from viruses that haven't been discovered and I thought about as I read that thing they're experts at the universities Oxford Cambridge and Caltech their project was to proactively build a vaccine before the next pandemic causing pathogen even becomes a threat this new shot has been tested on mice you know a family of viruses that include COVID SARS and MERS and anyway they're talking about how this is going to be saved you know everybody as I got thinking right along behind it was a story from the blaze people like me Chris Como remember him oh yeah admits COVID vaccine injured millions including himself there was a New York Times had an article thousands believe COVID vax harmed them is anyone listening Chris Como was one of those speaking out and he's revealed that he's been suffering from the side effects he attributes to the vaccine in an interview with nurse practitioner Sean Barcave cabbage or cabbage who was suffering himself and Como said just standing up sent his heart racing stinging pain in his eyes mouth and groin and the side effects he's talking about they don't go away he said the problem is people like Sean and me and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their blood work and their lives and their feelings you know physically are not going away and he said these side effects are not a belief they're a fact with Dr. Mercola Joe Dr. Mercola who's one of the best known doctors in the country he has made I think when were you giving me this okay he made a statement that the the biggest side effect from the the bio weapons the COVID shots the bio weapons is Alzheimer's more and more people that's what the largest side effect is Alzheimer's and then after and after that it's cancer you know different forms of cancer but here oh here's one he just said to expect an avalanche of COVID shot dementia Dr. Mercola yeah so now we've got dementia he said the side effects like Alzheimer's then there's the scandal they knew the cardiologists are you know the young people from the shot now they've got reproductive damage one article from World News Daily Bob Unruh catastrophic reproductive damage after COVID shots and uh you know Mercola mentioned it keeps getting worse doesn't it I mean more and more every week we find a new problem with the COVID vaccine Joe don't you understand remember what Bill Gates says it's as long as it's planned it's all right Joe as long as it's planned it's okay so not to work all right we're coming up to a break when we come back from this break we're going to take a look we're going to play a couple of clips so don't get wrong one thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to that's mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word Cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next three-star general Michael J. 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