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TUE HR 2 050724

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 8, 2024 12:06 am

TUE HR 2 050724

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 8, 2024 12:06 am

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Well that destroys a lot more than their sports when you're letting them do that, but uh... But that's what the left wants, right? That's what the left wants because God's Word, the Bible, calls that sin, right? And if it's sin, then that's what the Democratic Communist Party wants.

Anything that God's Word, the Bible, calls sin, calls iniquity, that's what they want. So we're going to play a little clip here, coming back on that. Well, go ahead and play that little clip. ... documents case is indefinitely postponing the trial start date. The judge cited a failure to resolve outstanding pretrial litigation... ... by over three feet. This is just days after a federal appeals court ruled against West Virginia's 2021 Save Women's in Sports Act, which allowed Pepper Jackson to compete as a girl. Joining us now is host of Outkick The Morning on, it's Charlie Arnold.

Charlie, great to see you this morning. Outrageous. I mean, once again, by the way, you want to see how outrageous? Just take a look at the shot put meat results. The transgender student threw it thirty-two feet, nine inches.

The closest competitor, female, was twenty-nine feet, six inches. But they all refused to kind of meet the acknowledgement that this Becky Pepper Johnson was the winner. And I think in the end, this is the only thing, not the court, not the administration. This is the only thing that's going to reintroduce sanity.

Women standing up. Yeah, and it's really upsetting that these middle school girls have to forfeit their opportunities in order to take a stand. I mean, that takes a lot of courage, especially at that age. But they're doing this for the greater good. It's not just for themselves. I mean, if I think back to when I was an athlete, I would want nothing more to compete in every single meet that I was able to. These girls decided, you know what, we want to make sure that people are paying attention.

This is the only way. And the only way for, I think, the government to really start paying attention and especially that federal appeals court that just struck down the law in West Virginia that bans transgender athletes from competing in female sports. It's the only way they're going to start saying, OK, maybe we are doing something incorrectly here.

I'm not quite as optimistic. I don't think the court's going to notice the impacts on real life. They're caught up in saying if more girls start to do this, well, it's going to take a whole lot more than just these five athletes in this one circumstance.

The problem is the courts follow the Biden administration. They follow Title nine and the whole thing's driven now by identity politics. And somehow gender has superseded women, which some have noticed. Angel Reese, by the way, I think she went ninth in the WNBA draft from LSU. She tweeted protect young women in sports.

Now, not a lot of explanation beyond that. But, you know, that's an example. If that is about, you know, men invading women's sports, that's an example of what is necessary.

Yeah, absolutely. And Angel Reese has a massive platform. Again, we don't know what direction she necessarily meant this post to go in, whether or not she was requesting for people to start listening up to keep trans athletes out of women's sports or she was meaning something just a little bit more fluffy instead. But the fact remains is people are starting to notice.

This conversation is growing even louder. And I commend every single athlete, whether they are a young girl, whether they are full grown adult athlete, for taking a stand because it truly does take a lot of courage at this point in time, because I know that every time, for example, even I have opened my mouth, I get called the worst names in the world. And it's a horrible thing.

But you know that you're doing something for the greater good. And that's what matters right now. You know, the schizophrenic absurdity of our leaders, the Biden administration, allowing men to invade women's sports. And Kamala Harrison, if you saw this, Charlie has now decided the cause she would like to take up is Kaitlyn Clark's pay salary in the WNBA as compared to NBA. And her fight there is now not against gender, but it's about simple economics. But this is the fight of our leaders in America. Absurd.

Oh, you can catch Charlie on outkick the morning every weekday. There you go, Joe. I mean, how you know, you know, how stupid is this again? I don't know. You know, you could go this way. You know, you could have let's just say they had the Kentucky Derby.

Well, you know, if you have the Kentucky Derby, maybe you could have instead of just all thoroughbreds on that track, maybe you could have some plow horses running in the race, too. I mean, you know, I mean, think of the think of that like two people could ride on the back of a plow horse. You know, and I don't know. What do you think?

I mean, do you think that that to a Democrat would make sense? I don't know. I know. We read Hosea for there is no truth.

There is no truth. I know. I studied biology.

I had it in college. And we know that you have two X chromosomes and an X and Y. Two X is female and X and a Y chromosome makes a male. Every cell in the body is either male or female.

There is no third choice. Every cell in the body, you're either all male or you're all female biologically and all the millions of cells in your body. And, you know, it just turns out God said, look, this is he made them male and female. We've got scripture.

We have science. And these people are refusing to listen to science. They're refusing to listen to God. They're refusing to listen to God and truth. And they are just promoting this out there, getting these stupid, you know, stupid, foolish people to actually believe that, you know, this is true, that we have to worry about these, you know, transgendered. They're just mentally, spiritually confused people. And they should be receiving mental health treatment, not having their bodies mutilated and destroyed for a lifetime.

It's just totally sick. This is real evil, folks. God said, what? I will not only forget you, I will forget your children. Well, in America, our children have been forgotten.

They are suffering for our stupidity, our lack of knowledge, and our lack of courage to stop. You know what, Joe? A long time ago, I was a boy.

And that's a fact. And you grew up and became a man. Right. Now, when I was a boy, Joe, I belonged to the Boy Scouts. I was a Boy Scout, okay? Yeah.

And listen, let me tell you why they were called Boy Scouts is because they were made up of boys. And the girls were in a thing called Girl Scouts, right? Yeah. We know everybody knew the difference between the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

The uniforms were different. Yeah. Okay, so now we're Girl Scout uniforms, right? Right. And here so now, but now they're the Boy Scouts have gone woke here today.

And so now they're no longer called Boy Scouts because now girls are allowed to join the Boy Scouts, you see, and boys are allowed to join the Girl Scouts. Up is down and yesterday's tomorrow. And cold is hot. Okay.

And, and left is right and forward is backward. Everything within the so called woke world world is lunacy and sanity. It's insanity. It's like there's a mass hysteria taking over in this country. The deception is running rampant in people's imaginations.

But like I was going back just before the break, looking at the stuff, this court stuff, Jonathan Turley said there's a dumpster file in the courtroom. Other people were comparing this Trump's trial to dictatorships, corrupt dictatorships. And scripture said what? Let's see there was right there in Hosea we were in that chapter tonight. And chapter eight, verse seven, for they have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind. Well, that's what we're reaping now. And then if you go over to chapter 10, verse 13. Scripture tells us ye have plowed wickedness, ye have reaped iniquity, ye have eaten the fruit of lies, because thou did trust in thy way, and the multitude of thy mighty men. Yeah, of the mighty deep state.

We've trusted in the multitude of the deep straight state, the influencers, the communist socialist professors, and we've eaten the lies and drank the Kool Aid. All right, hold on, Joe. I'm getting a message and what was what was that what was that style? All right, we have a caller with we have a Edith, did you say? Dean, we have a caller with a transgender child that wants to ask our opinion.

So come on up, Dean, you're in the air. Oh, okay, I gotcha. So what I'm trying to find out is right now it's Christians and and being of Orthodox, I would I am Catholic, I consider both the same. We just celebrated Orthodoxy this Sunday, it was it was beautiful.

But you celebrate that every day. So I'm gonna stop there. Here's where I'm at in my life. I have a child that raised I adopted this child. And it's playing the transgender card. And I think I can break it, but I don't know how to break it.

What do I do? How old is the child? 30. I took him her it or whatever you want to call it back into my home because I remember living a rough life myself.

I don't believe in throwing family out. Was this this? Is this a male or female? A biological male or female?

Male. Okay, so something something happened. I'll tell you what happened.

I'll make it quick. It was on the computer system. I wasn't paying attention to him. And it was education system. We got here, Santa California.

I don't want to say school because the bride come and hang me after that. But yeah, yeah, it's the stuff they got programmed their head because I was too busy working my ass off to keep us alive. And I missed the bus on that. But I'm trying to reel this set of mine back in. And I'm having really, I don't, I don't know which way to go or how to do it. Well, I've got one thought for you. All the stuff that I've read said most of the people that fall into this category, something had happened to them in childhood, they usually had to do with their thinking they were homosexual lesbian. And instead of, you know, somebody talking to them about that having counseling in that vein, I missed that.

They were, you know, they were told by somebody else, well, okay, you really are then a man that wants to be really inside your woman. And it usually they said most of these cases that the children when they're talking children grow out of it. But the others, if they didn't get the right counseling are living very confused, is the son, the stepson, right? Drug alcohol problem. I'm guilty of that we're talking about now. Keep going. Well, usually there's an underlying of the issues show up in drug use, alcohol use, sexual abuse, there's usually many underlying problems.

And if you can find California, I don't know, Missouri, we still have some Christian counselors that are they have a background in psychology, but are Christian. And that's what I would look for and try and get him to go there. Yeah, so everything that happened to him, and there's sort of confusion, rape, drug, all the stuff.

That's what he was a damaged individual. And then somebody told him the answer to your problem is this. And that's not the answer. I understand.

And you can talk and try and tell them the truth, try and get them to go get counseling, and deal try and find out what the real issue clear down, they're going to have to do some painful introspection, look into themselves and deal with what's causing the pain that's coming out and all these other things. Well, I love you guys. And I appreciate it. And I really do. So we need to buy the you can can you call in the office tomorrow, give you a number and leave a name and we'll put the right name and we'll put the right down on the prayer list. Can we do that for you? I totally I totally agree in prayer. I just got a bad attack.

I mean, I feel like Donald Trump right now. They tried to leave my house away. They tried to take my business away.

They tried to just destroy me. And it didn't happen through prayer. So I believe in prayer. All right, call this number tomorrow. Leave the name his name so we can put him on the prayer list.

I don't want to do it over the air. The number again is 440-338-1367. Did you get that or want me to repeat it? No, I got it, brother. You know what we can do?

We'll, we'll pray for him right now. Okay. Okay. What What is your son's name? Was Anthony.

And for me, January 17 was named after that we adopted our child. And, and that's what God gave me. What was your first name again? I'm sorry. Dean.

That's right. Let's let's play. Now here folks out there listening. Please pray with us. You heard you heard what Dean had to say. He's in a situation now.

Here's, here's a test for all you folks out there, all you folks out there listening. There's power in prayer. God's word.

The Bible makes it very, very clear. There's much power in prayer. And so much prayer, much power. And so we're going to hold Dean and Anthony up right now. And we're going to ask all of you to join in with us, all of you to join in with us on this.

So heavenly father, Lord God, I'm going to come now. Well, you just heard Dean's testimony. And so father God, uh, you know, you know, his very thoughts and father God, and he's got the situation Lord with Anthony, Anthony's very, very confused Lord.

And, and, you know, it may be, he may have different motives as we know that, uh, people do different things for different reasons. And so we don't know what's in Anthony's head, but you do. So we want to hold Dean and Anthony up to right now, father God, and just ask Lord that your, your perfect will be worked through them.

That, that again, through them, your perfect will you are a complete, a holy and a just God and your most merciful. So we want to hold the two of them up right now and just ask father God, Lord, that you would intervene and that your perfect will would be done in both of their lives and that they, you would turn their desires towards you more and more every day in every way and all things at all times in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. That's very, that's the prayer I needed. And, uh, that's what I want and I wish and not wish it will come old. God answers all my prayers.

I got out of work out of a world of a mess, two years fighting, but I got out and I love listening to you guys. And, um, you know, I don't call them that much, but thanks. Thanks for that prayer. I really needed it.

All righty. Well, thanks for calling in brother. We all need prayer.

And if you don't think you do, you're missing something in your life. Amen. My new phrase is everybody go to brother love and you are appreciated. All right.

Thank you very much. All right, Tim, maybe we should just open the phone lines tonight, Joe, and take some calls. So let's do that.

One story first. Yeah, but let me get this out. This is one of the biggest problems America has.

We've been, you and I have been saying this forever. You know, get your children out of the public full system. The schools are where they're brainwashing the children, whether it's, you know, the sexual perversions, dumbing them down, whatever. A big article out of Fox news, Chicago teacher union is under fire. They're having a $50 billion demand as the students in Chicago are suffering low proficiencies in math and reading. They've been dumbed down, but they want a huge salary increase. They want resources for migrants, fully funded abortions. They want LGBTQ plus related materials in the classroom. They want climate justice demand, social justice demands, $2,000 for every student that's an asylum seeker. They want housing for new teachers.

None of this is typical, you know, bargaining. And these people are taking, they've, they helped elect the mayor there in Chicago. He was a former teacher supervisor.

I can't remember. He was part of the school system and they helped get him elected. And now he's the one who's working in this negotiations with the teachers union and with the union president, Stacy Davis Gates, and they want to almost a 10% increase in pay. And so they want to jump from a night about 93,000 something to the average teacher pay will increase by half to about 144,000 by the year 2027. And they've got all these crazy demands.

Remember they handpicked and bankrolled mayor Brandon Johnson, put him in the office, one of their own employees, and now he's negotiating. And here they are, this school system, math and reading scores plummeting. Only one in four students can read at grade level. It's even worse for math.

It's like one in eight or nine can do their arithmetic. It's worse for low income students. Chronic absentee is rising drug use violence in school. Enrollment is dropping off as people are leaving the school system and fleeing. And oh, the, they also want disparities in healthcare with a hundred percent covered benefits for abortion, fertility, and for storage of embryos and other weird things. Weird things, you know, and they want the people of Chicago that's already broke to pay for it. This is who's running the school system. These unions, these people are communists. They don't care about the students. They want power. They want money. And they use the union dues to push politics because it's an agenda.

They are part of the revolution. Alrighty. I've got it.

I've got one here too, Joe. It's over 1,000 US soldiers are functionally being held hostage. That guest releases a report on the 1,000 US soldiers trapped in Niger as Biden and Biden's Africa policy implodes.

And now this is one that this incredible story is not making any headlines in any of the legacy media anywhere. Why? Well, you know, we knew about this, but I couldn't get, I was trying to run this thing down. So finally I got the goods. Yeah.

Yeah. They've been hiding this, right? So Joe Biden already turned over the Balgram Air Force base in Afghanistan to Taliban terrorists in September.

Well, he did that. And you can bet that a lot of that money was kicked back to Joe, that Joe got rewarded very richly for doing that. Biden abandoned Afghanistan's Balgram Airfield nearly 20 years in July, 2021 by shutting off the electricity and slipped away in the night without notifying the base's Afghan commander who discovered the American secret departure more than two hours after they left. The Taliban quickly took control of Bagram Air Base, which is in only 30 miles north of Kabul on August 15th and released thousands of terrorists held in the prison. The Americans and Afghans left the Taliban military equipment uniforms, rations, and even sports drinks. And again, like I said, the Biden crime family was enriched.

The ISIS suicide bomber who murdered 13 US servicemen and women and 169 Afghans were released by the Taliban from Bagram base prison. Biden abandoned the country to the Taliban. In April, we learned that Joe Biden's latest foreign policy disaster, the situation in Niger could top the Afghanistan withdrawal, if that is possible. Representative Matt Gaetz totally embarrassed the US Army Secretary and exposed Joe Biden's latest foreign policy catastrophe during questioning this week in the US House of Representatives Armed Service Committee hearings. This should have been all over the news, and it's not, okay?

No. Again, they lie by omission, folks. We've been telling you over and over and over that the news lies to you. Gaetz exposed the latest Biden foreign policy failure, this time in Niger. US troops are trapped in the country, allegedly without water and medicine.

The Army was likely hiding this to protect itself from embarrassment. Yeah, deployed Americans are in limbo and unable to do their jobs, and the Biden State Department is completely outmaneuvered once again. Secretary Warmoth and General Randy George testified before the House Armed Service Committee on April 16th.

Matt Gaetz posted this report on the Congressional web page. US Secretary Christine Warmoth, a potential DEI hire, was stunned and speechless when Matt Gaetz confronted her about the trapped US soldiers in Niger, a country in tremendous turmoil. In late April, it appeared that the US had a trade offer for the military for the military Junta in Niger. The Russian-backed military Junta in Niger released the 1,000 soldiers trapped in a base in exchange for the keys, although they said they will release the keys to the $100 million air base in the country. There you go. Another $100 million air base, another one going, huh?

Yeah. But to have a thousand of our soldiers without medical help out there, you know, this is unbelievable. We have a Delta Force that's supposed to be able to be deployed anywhere in the world in a very short period of time to handle certain emergencies. We have supposedly rapid-ready response teams. They should have already been filling some aircraft with troops and supplies. And, hey, you know, that's what we have entire airborne divisions for, rapid deployment. This is just, I mean, I had some sergeants in Vietnam that could handle that better than whoever's in charge.

My sergeants were smart enough to figure out how to go rescue those guys, get help there. Well, there was a guy named Austin who was supposed to be in charge. You remember him? He was supposed to be, yeah.

Yeah. Well, he's doing what he's supposed to. He's working to help create the deep state and ring about the total transformation of America. He's there to be part of the deep state, not to actually be a military leader.

He's there, right, because Obama put him there. Yeah. You know, and here, again, you know, he'll make sure that the transgenders don't really have to fight or anything in combat. They're just in the military.

They get their surgeries and, of course, they can't go into combat while they're preparing or handling surgeries. We need some people like Stormin Norman. Yeah.

Right? You know, that's what we need. Well, you know, you gotta say, Austin made sure that the USO shows had plenty of drag queens.

Drag queens. Well, you gotta give him credit, yes. Yeah.

I want a couple more patents in charge somewhere, somebody that knows how to fight. Yeah. Well, you know, actually, Joe, a lot of people don't know that, but that's what the military's for. Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. It used to be, long ago and far away.

Almost like a fairy tale, right? All right. 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673.

The phone lines are open and we'll be right back after this. Had ever seen him there before. The preacher looked so out of place.

He wasn't there to quench his thirst. He walked up to me and said, when you left this at the church. He laid my Bible on the bar. The one my mother gave to me.

The night she went to be with God. My mother told me, please. Promise me you'll change your way. And that you'll give the Lord your heart. I kneeled down there and I prayed. With mama's Bible on the bar. I cried, Jesus, please forgive me. And Lord, please tell my mother that tonight I kept my promise. And Lord, would you tell her that I love her? The people there all heard my prayer. That bartender said to me, you ought to not do that in here, sir.

I believe you better leave. He took his apron off and said, but if you don't mind, I'll leave with you. Wiped a tear away and then He said, I had a mother too. He laid my Bible on the bar. The one my mother gave to me.

The night she went to be with God. My mother told me, please. Promise me you'll change your way. And that you'll give the Lord your heart. I kneeled down there and I prayed. With mama's Bible on the bar. I kneeled down there and I prayed.

With mama's Bible on the bar. That was Danny Ray. If you heard him once, you ought to know that voice.

You only have to hear it once to know Danny Ray. Yep, I've sure missed my old friend. All right, John, you're in the air. Oh, hi, Pastor. I believe at the beginning of the program you mentioned that after the reading you were going to talk about a meeting that you had with the sheriff about what might happen this year with maybe some turmoil, things like that. Did I miss that? Well, no, I just mentioned that's what the sheriff talked about. He talked about when he's been down to the border and he's talked about all of the the terrorists that Obama brought in.

He gave you how the vast majority of these people that Joe Biden is bringing in and Obama, really. These are military age men, young men, by far, and he said that basically he talked about targets. They're not going to target us out here. They understand that the American people are armed and will shoot back. They will go to places where no guns are allowed, like football games, stadiums, where no guns are allowed, any place where you're going to have a large crowd of people, rock concerts or political meetings, and then that's where they're going to strike. You know, they know this, and I know the sheriff's departments have been stocking up and increasing their weaponry and the amount of ammo that they carry now.

They understand what something's going to happen, but like they said, they don't really expect it for them to come out too much out into the suburbs because they know that the people in the suburbs are armed and they'll fight back. But you've got to understand, you know, Biden has brought in over 50,000. These are Chinese nationals where they're actually two troops, plainclothes military. This guy is brought into this country. Biden was working, he's owned, working. He is not working for America. The guy was sent here to destroy America, and you know what? These Democrats are too dumb to understand that. They're too dumb to understand they live here, too.

They live here, too. And so there you go. That was some of what you can ask you another question. Sure.

Yeah, absolutely. You know, with the election, when the election was stolen and from President Trump, what just stopped that from happening again? I mean, what's really changed? You know, we stopped counting middle of the night.

They fudged the numbers. We have so much evidence that there was a stolen election. What's to stop us?

What's to stop them from doing this again? Well, I mentioned to Joe at the beginning of the program that there's something I was very concerned about. And with the way that the polls show, the Democrats should be sweating, but they're not. Remember the red wave? We were going to have this red wave. All the polls showed, with all the polls, well, the polls were right, but the problem, the Democrats knew something we didn't. They had the election, the fraud, they had the system set up, okay, where, and they were going to do it right in front of you, and they were going to flip and show you that we can do whatever we want, okay, right in front of you. And that's exactly what they did.

And one big part of that is to try to dishearten America. So you say, there's no sense in fighting. There's too many of them. They're too powerful. We can't fight back. But, you know, some of us would rather be dead than red, and we'll fight to the last breath, okay?

Right, right. And there's some good news. It's just breaking about 10 minutes ago before you called, you know, Trump redid the Republican National Committee. Well, they just wrapped up their spring meeting near Mar-a-Lago in Florida, and they are going to fight election fraud.

Michael Flatley, I guess that's how you pronounce it, the new chairman, along with Laura Trump. The RNC has filed and is in the process of filing dozens of lawsuits in swing states to ensure compliance with laws concerning mail-in voting. Last Friday, the RNC sued to stop counting the ballots after election day in Nevada.

Constitution requires that there be one election day, not a week's worth or a month's worth of backroom ballot counting. So now we've got a RNC now that's going out and going to fight. You see, before, the RNC was, I think, in bed with the deep state, maybe not totally, but at least, you know, had a leg in, and they weren't doing really what they weren't joining the battles. So now we've got an RNC and people that are going to go to war, and they're going to fight a lot of this election fraud that we know happened, and the biggest enabler of all the fraud was the mail-in ballots, and now they're suing dozens of states.

That's the good news. We're going to war now. We're going to fight back. Well, the problem of it is, is the Republican Party, they're not big on courage. You've got about as much courage as that Republican House and Senate as you do in the pulpits in America today. Well, yeah. Okay, so there you go.

So that's the problem. You only have such a small, you know, in the Congress, you only have about a dozen Republicans that have got any guts, and probably out of that dozen, eight of them, or four of them are women, and so you don't, and the same in the Senate. In the Senate, you've got maybe six, seven senators that have any, that are worth anything. Yeah, yeah. But at least now we've got, you know, this Michael and Laura out there in the RNC, and the RNC has not helped the Republican Party for a long, long time. And now it looks like we've got some fighters in place, so that's, let's just praise the good Lord for a start. Maybe that'll bring courage out in others.

Well, we'll say it's better than nothing. Yeah, but you're right, but there's a lot of new organizations, too, that are looking out there to watching this, because they're learning, they're seeing, in fact, we just talked about yesterday how the organization, we had a chart of how the Communist Party has been winning these elections, how they shift them, and, you know, they've got a huge organization, but now people are beginning to get onto them and understand more and more. We have to go back to one day of voting, a voting day, election day, not a month.

True. And Flatley came out, he just said, you've got to have observers and attorneys in the room when the votes are being cast and when the votes are being counted. So we're in the process of recruiting tens of thousands of volunteers, thousands of attorneys all across the country, so that when we get into the election season, we're going to be in the room and not be thrown out like we were the last election. So I just see, you know, we're starting, people are looking at Trump, see his courage, and I think courage is contagious.

I saw that in Vietnam. It takes one leader with courage, and a lot of people are willing to follow. They may not have the courage to lead, but they will jump in and follow a brave leader, and I think we've got a few now. And we had, what, two or three Green Beret teams in Afghanistan, and they pretty much won the whole war just by a handful of the right people doing the right things. Yep.

Well, again, I'm hoping you're right, courage is, like you said, contagious. Yeah. All right. Who do we have there, did you say? Let's go to New Jersey.

We have Bob in New Jersey. Hey, how you doing? All right. I mean, it's evident that they're going to have that meeting this month, you know, was it the, where every country's supposed to agree and sign if there is a pandemic or whatever that, I forgot the name of the organization.

The World Health Organization. Yeah. That is it. And being that you are, you guys are the only loud spokesman. I would appreciate it, and I think you should be keeping putting that out maybe once a night so people will be aware and spread that message. Yeah, we've done that. In fact, I think we may have put that in our newsletter. But I see his point to keep repeating it, because Biden has tried to say that he was considering signing it. And he's going to sign it no matter what we say, but you're right, we can keep putting it out. This is something like that would have to be confirmed by the Senate to really be legal.

So, yeah, we think what I heard is the administration is going to put out something that they signed in the court, which is not reality, they were supposed to sign with it. But right, you know, that's the reason there. I appreciate you guys and have a blessed night.

Thank you very much. Yeah, we'll keep reminding people, you know, that Biden's trying to sell us down the river. And he's doing everything to bring us into the one world order, to bring us into a socialist democracy, a third world nation. And we're fighting, we're telling it like it is. And the more people joining the battle, the better chance we have of defeating this enemy.

But it takes the listeners out there. Christians have to start standing up, speaking out, being brave and saying, you know, this is what's going on. There's a revolution in America.

The communists are trying to take control through the deep state. And we're not going to give up this country without a fight. And if people start having that attitude, we have a country that just could be saved. Well, you know, we've had that attitude from the beginning. We've we've never quit 50 years. We've we've fought back against. And already we have a number of.

In my case, it's only been 30 years, but I'm with you. OK, well, here, Judge Cannon postponed key deadline in classified documents case against Trump after Jack Smith admits to evidence tampering. You know, you see, that's the problem we have with these people. First of all, Jack Smith was not he is not lawfully eligible to be a special prosecutor. Right.

Right. He shouldn't have been at all in the first place. So again, so he's not. Now, and the court knows this. The Supreme Court, the Supreme Court's talking about this. OK, now, first of all, here, I don't know why this this judge yelling cannon. And I know she is question his credentials. OK, on Monday night, postpone any key deadline on the classified documents case after Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted to tampering with evidence.

Well, yeah, that was all of the stuff they did in Mar-a-Lago. Yeah, they should be thrown out right now because it's all been contaminated and it needs to be given to somebody else. And, you know, I don't think they're going to find anybody else that wants to take it, to be honest. Cannon temporarily stated May 9th line deadline to President Trump and his co-defendants, Walt Natta and Carlos de Oliveira, related to SIPA. He goes on to say President Trump's attorneys wrote a letter to Jack Smith about his confession that classified documents are not in its original form. Your failure to disclose this spoilation of this evidence until this month is an extraordinary breach of your constitutional and ethical obligations since the beginning of the case.

Our strategy, preparations and arguments have been based on the basic premise. The biased as Jack Smith is in his futile of efforts to help President Biden make up lost ground in the polls. The line prosecutors and agents would employ the minimal levels of professionalism and competence necessary to preserve evidence relating to the documents at the center of the charges Trump's lawyers wrote to special counsel's team. Well, one of the things, and here I have the document, and here Smith admits to what he did, but see, first of all, Smith is not even, he, look, you and I have just as much authority as Jack Smith has constitutionally. Uh, he, what he's done, Joe, uh, he didn't, we don't, that's where we're equal. Yeah, we haven't been, he was never confirmed to be a special counsel. So, and then, uh, his boss, even in the department, he was, uh, outside.

So he wasn't even in the department and his boss, Mary Garland. I mean, just, I mean, there's nothing that these people do that's not corrupt. Nothing, everything they do is corrupt. Okay. Uh, it's just an amazing, amazing thing.

I don't know. When do you think people will, do you think any of those in the democratic party will, will have enough decency to be ashamed, to be ashamed of what their party has become? Well, yeah, you would think looking at the riots and the antisemitism, the violence, you know, the, the, from the river to the sea and the, you know, by any means necessary. I mean, when you start seeing that kind of hatred, that kind of violence, I think anybody with any ounce of humanity would have to say, I cannot live in this party anymore.

To me, it's just unbelievable. Anybody could be a Democrat right now. Yeah, yeah. I, you know, in the actual definitions of a Democrat, I mean, uh, you know, remember the Democrats were started by the Ku Klux Klan, but they weren't totally, they were not totally, uh, corrupted up until recently, up until recently they, they've become totally corrupted. I mean, you had some Democrats like, like John Kennedy, like Jack Kennedy, you know, uh, we call them blue dog Democrats because they were a Christian and fairly conservative. They were like trying to be a party of the working class people.

And, uh, the revolutionaries took that over and realized, you know, okay, you need the working class to rise up against the rich, you know, and that all got turned around. But yeah, there were some good people. Jack Kennedy was, Jack Kennedy was pro-life, you know, today he would not, uh, he would not be too happy with the entire Kennedy clan and with Robert Kennedy, either with Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy is running, he's pro-death, he's pro-death. You cannot be a decent person and be the Bible. God's word, the Bible makes it clear. I've set before you life and death, uh, blessing and cursing. Then if you're in favor of abortion, God says you're cursed. You should be cursed.

Just, just that alone, the fact that you, you want death for, you want to kill little babies, um, that is a curse on yourself. So anyhow, there you go. There you go, uh, oh, what time is it?

How much time do I have there? Okay, well, we're there. We need to do the most important thing, um, as we do. You know, there's, there's, uh, some people out there are going to be doing some programs talking about what would Jesus and the apostles do today? Would they form a militia? Would they join a militia?

Uh, would they fight for their country? And there are those that are saying no, that Jesus and the apostles didn't form a militia. Well, those were totally different times.

They were living under different circumstances that we have today. Let me ask you this, Joe, uh, did God ever form an army? Okay, and, and, and not use that army? Yes.

Okay. Well, he, Gideon and the men, they, they obeyed God that they didn't do any fighting. They, God did all the fighting for them. They were, well, obedient.

Nobody used them. Okay, Gideon, right. Okay, right. Now, uh, here when we have, uh, when, and they're saying that basically there is no more today that, uh, Christians are not to stand up and, uh, be militant. Let me ask you this. When Jesus returns with his armies, is his army coming back to make love or war? No, make war, plus Jesus said, if it, you know, he, what he came to become the lamb of God, not the lion of Judah. But he said, if I asked my people would fight for me. My, you know, my followers would, you know, follow and go to battle. So he made a plane all through the old Testament.

God, it's almost like reading a military war manual. Uh, when the people obeyed, uh, you know, God and followed what God told them, they were victorious and Jesus said, I didn't come to change things. I came to fulfill the law, not change it. All right.

So we're running out of time. So one of the things that's the same, uh, is today as it was in Jesus' day. And that was the way you got saved, uh, in that day.

And how did you do that? Well, you got saved by confessing that you were a sinner. Yeah, confessing that, that, and God was a righteous God and a holy God. And knowing that you were, uh, that you were going to die someday.

And as God's word, the Bible tells you very, very clearly. It was appointed to what each man wants to die. And then the judgment. And then you, you were told very clearly that you didn't have to go to the lake of fire. The Lord Jesus Christ died a substitutionary death for those people that were smart enough that were smart enough to avoid that lake of fire. Those people that would, would call upon his name, recognize that, that he was the only acceptable sacrifice. And if they repented of their sin and they called and asked him to be the Lord of their life and their Savior, they would honor that. And then they would soon be filled with the Holy Spirit. And then they would be on their way to immortality. That's what God's word, the Bible made very clear.

Didn't, you know, didn't stutter. And so you folks out there that holds the very same today. And you know what? God makes it very clear.

Only God knows when your soul will be required of you. Some of you say, well, you know what? And I've heard people say that they were going to party for a while and then, and then repent.

And a lot of those folks ran out of tomorrows tonight. Don't be one of them. Don't be one of them. All right. So go to the Gospel of John, read it and do it. Pray to the father, ask for forgiveness of sin and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life and all of your life, and you will never do anything that'll mean as much to you as that. And that's what God says. That's what God says.

So we're out of time again. We're at that point where we come to, uh, every night where we say, oh, we don't say good night that we say good night y'all. And we say, God bless y'all. God bless you. And then we, we say, and always, always. Oh, we got an extra always tonight.

Always, always, always ready. Keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance. What's right. What's left. Hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at www dot w r w Please tune in next time for another edition of what's right. What's left. The preceding program is sponsored by what's right.

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