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WED HR 2 050124

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 2, 2024 12:00 am

WED HR 2 050124

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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He ordered the first audit of the use of contractors. This set off alarm bells. He told the truth. He was the most dangerous person for Donald Trump to hire. They had to get rid of Flynn.

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Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're back. And folks, we're going to hear from Charlie Kirk. You know, here, Biden has obviously weaponized and Obama weaponized the federal government against us. And now they're using these federal agencies to election fraud. And I mean, massive, massive, massive election fraud is what the Democratic Communist Collective has in mind. They're entirely corrupt, entirely, completely corrupt. And they're doing this with a full cooperation and backing and assistance of what is called the mainstream media out there today. So we're going to hear from Charlie Kirk.

So go ahead and bring on Charlie. The National Credit Union Association. The National Women's Business Council, the Navajo Navajo and Hop Hop Hopi Indian Relocation Office, the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board. Boy, I encourage every American to just spend five minutes and read the National Register, the Federal Register. Our government is so bloated. It is so unnecessarily massive. Here's a big one. Here's a big one. You might say, oh, some of those are silly.

You might say, oh, some of those are silly. The Postal Service. Imagine the Postal Service becoming a get out the vote operation.

They have a ton of workers. We're talking about mail in ballots. They control the mail.

Imagine the Postal Service doing ballot chasing. The Postal Regulatory Commission. The Oklahoma City National Memorial Trust. The Tennessee Valley Authority, which is actually bigger than people realize.

The Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission. All of these different agencies that are getting put together to help Joe Biden. The Federalist reports saying, quote, the guidance is a departure from previous Office of Personnel Management Policy, which calls for the policy, which granted leave to federal workers on Election Day only and permitted them to access paid time off in limited circumstances based on their work schedule and for polling hours in their community.

When announcing the changes in policy, OPM said that, quote, it recognizes that voting has evolved beyond a single election day and claim the new guidance would limit supposed barriers to voting during the 2020 election cycle. The vast majority of political donations from federal employees went to Democrat candidates, according to data published by Open Secrets. For example, of the two point three six million dollars in political contributions from the Department of Justice in the 2020 election, only two million eighty seven percent went to Democrats and two hundred eighty six thousand went to Republicans. The Department of Education, the Education Department role in carrying out Biden's executive order is unsurprising, giving Democrats increased focus on courting younger voters. So that's a big one. The Department of Education now is going to be used as a ballot chasing ballot harvesting machine for Joe Biden. During the 2022 midterms, for example, the 18 to 29 age demographic broke heavily for Democrat candidates over Republicans by nearly two to one margin. But we are changing that, thankfully, thanks to the work turning point action is doing and we're doing on the ground.

But this is the most important point. Is that we are winning on public opinion, we are winning on the shared and lived experience. We are winning on poll after poll after poll.

Play cut 17, please. Our new poll, which was conducted by SSRS, finds Trump is leading Biden, who has ample work to do with his base and with independent voters who are breaking to his GOP rival in a head to head race. Forty nine percent of voters say they'd pick Trump for president compared to forty three percent for Biden. That's a nine point Trump advantage with independent voters and add in third party candidates. And Trump's lead jumps even more. He has 42 percent to Biden's 33 percent and Robert F. County Jr. gets 16 percent of the vote. Our poll also underscores the challenges of incumbency and that voters four years later have a better view of Trump's presidency compared to Biden's.

Fifty five percent say Trump's time in office was a success, with only 39 percent saying the same about Biden's presidency. Here's the good news. The country is becoming more conservative. The good news is that the country is becoming more right wing. The good news is that polling shows that people and also the polling from CNN to Fox News, the Rasmussen, the Quinnipiac, across the board, that they are rejecting what they are being forced fed. The bad news is I do not know if we have the infrastructure, if we have.

The. Troops, the plumbing. To translate the public sentiment into election success, I'm not sure of that yet. Public sentiment can only get you so far. What did that get us in 22 midterms? Not the Senate. And we lost a lot more House races than we should have with a very slim House majority poll said red wave poll said red wave looming and looming and looming and looming red wave incoming. And what did we get?

Anything but that. It's because public sentiment and election results are no longer the same thing. It's who can do the boring stuff better. And when you have the entire federal government doing the boring stuff for you. Well, yes, it's cheating, but you have the Susquehanna River Basin Commission harvesting ballots or the Ocean Policy Commission registering voters.

It's hard for groups like Turning Point Action and for Donald Trump's campaign to even compete. We have to strike this down and defund immediately. All righty, we are back. And folks, this is what we're up against. Remember the red wave, the red wave, the red wave? We all the polls showed that the country that we were going to pick up a number of seats in Congress in the Senate, right? But we were up again.

Big victory. We were up against the black plague there, the election fraud, extreme election fraud, extreme, where you had the CIA and FBI, in fact, involved. We just listened to an undercover report, a former CIA agent.

Well, actually, he's not former. He's still in, not knowing that he's a former CIA agent, but he's a former CIA agent. And he was being on camera, admitted how they had, the top people, they kept all the information they could away from Trump, how they had targeted Trump. And some of those in his own cabinet betrayed him.

Of course, we know that. So folks, we, we have to not say project manager in a thing called cyber operations for the CIA. He was also an NSA contractor, who was trusted with all kinds of top secret things. And he confessed that multiple federal agent intelligence agencies withheld information from Trump when he was president. And the proof came, he was talking with undercover operator, James O'Keefe, you know him. And it was called Amjad Fasisi, a really weird spelling of a name, but it's out there. You can look that up on World News Daily, Bob Unruh, telling the story. Yeah, we can, we actually have a clip of that, but it's, we don't have it for tonight, but maybe we can have that for next week.

We have to adjust the sound, because, you know, this is on a hidden camera, and sometimes it comes in loud, and other times not so loud. But anyhow, so we have to approach this election, folks, and we're telling you, not like, not according to the fact that we're ahead, you know, in the polls, but as like we would be, because we know we're going to be, the Democratic Communist Party is corrupt from top to bottom. They cannot have a fair election. It's totally against everything they stand for.

Let me give you an example. Swing states using tax money to turn out Democratic Communist leading voters. During the 2020 election, it was Mark Zuckerberg who handed out, through foundations, some 400 million plus to local election officials to help them cope with the complications of COVID, supposedly, right? Mostly they used it to recruit left-leaning voters that they may be one of the biggest election influence operations ever, okay?

So, and you know, he said he's going to do it again. The cash in the amount never before seen in American election also was outside the normal election funding process. Now officials in two states have decided not to wait for any outside funding for the 2024 schemes. They're using tax money. In the report, the Federalist reveals the Democratic Communist Party officials in Arizona and Nevada already have begun using tax money to register and turn out Democratic Communist favored young voters for the pivotal 2024 election, which will decide if America follows the Joe Biden pro-death, pro-abortion, pro-transgender, anti-Christian big spending special agenda.

Okay, so I'm just going to stop there. The article's a lengthy one. It's a lengthy one, but again, to follow that up, one of the things that Trump was doing, there's a thing called OnlyFans out there, and it's usually scantily clad women. People pay a monthly fee to look at pictures, titillating pictures.

I don't know what all goes on, but it's supposed to be one of those, you know, pay to play things. One of the gals, Joe Biden said, came on an interview, Joe Biden's team paid her to spread political propaganda on her platforms, and because she's a social media, quote, personality, she also had a social media site. And so she said, I was doing full time on political propaganda, working with a team commissioning an ad with her for Biden. And she said Biden's team didn't want her to disclose to her hundreds of thousands of followers that they were paying her for her content.

So they're finding those little, you know, hot honeys that all the young boys are, you know, paying money to go or whoever, and then her website is an influencer. They're paying people like this to put out propaganda and support Biden. Then you have George Stephanopoulos coming out, and he said this 2024 race cannot be treated normally. He's talking to the press and he said, we've got to alter our coverage because he's putting out what he called a, quote, alarm for democracy. You know, sounded the alarm on the abnormality of the presidential election, concerned that democracy was being tested.

You know, oh, this is, you know, they're they're gloom and doom. We're going to lose democracy. Well, George, we've never been a democracy. We were a constitutional republic.

Republic is rule of law, laws that don't change instead of the voluble emotional democracies. But anyway, beside the point, they're out there telling the press they have got to stop Trump. You know, all this saying they've got a hammer on him. This is not a normal election. We can't treat it like an ordinary presidential race. The scale of abnormality is staggering. He goes on with all kinds of outrageous claims. But you can see the whole press is now going to go. They've already been.

Lying, deceiving, omitting information, lying by omission and commission, but now they're ramping it up because this election is so important to them. So you get the drift, folks. It's getting bad out there and it's going to get nothing but worse. Right, Pastor? Yeah, it is.

It is. So again, like I said, we have to understand this. We're not on a level playing field. The Democratic Communist Party is completely corrupt. They're completely corrupt.

There's nothing about them that's not corrupted. Take a look at the courts there in New York City with the trying President Trump. There's no honor, no integrity, no decency. That judge there should have recused himself.

He has no integrity, no honor, no decency at all. They violate all of the laws and they say, so who's going to stop us? You don't have a Justice Department. The Justice Department now has been taken as simply a part of the Democratic Communist Party. And so this is why we have to win this election. We have to get Trump back into the presidency so at least he'll have the military and he can take down this deep state. And right now the FBI should be defunded because here we had talked about when we had the sheriff come out to speak at a church.

We had standing room only people showed up. And it wasn't Joe, it wasn't Hamas, it wasn't Antifa, it wasn't burn, loot and murder. It wasn't these organizations that the people, that worried the people the most. It was they were worried more about having their doors kicked in in the middle of the night by Biden and Obama's and Chris Wray's illegitimate, jackbooted thugs, sticking guns in the faces of children, going after pro-lifers, going after homeschoolers, going after mom and pop America.

Yep, exactly. Because we're the enemy. We the conservative Christians, the average American that's pro-God, pro-family, pro-country, which for many, many years has been the backbone of America. We're now the enemy. We're in the middle of a communist revolution.

I keep saying that because it's true. And until some of the other people in the country wake up and realize we're in a fight for our life, for our country, for the future, your children, your grandchildren. And it's about time everybody started telling their friends, neighbors, families, we're in a war for the heart and soul of this country. We're in a revolution that's trying to take over our way of life and we better start fighting back.

And like, you know, two years, years ago. Yeah, absolutely. And so we're going to hear in Northeast Ohio that the Jog County Tea Party meeting is going to take place on Tuesday night and the sheriff is going to be speaking there like he did at our church. And the address there is 8200 Cedar Road. That's the Messenbaum Center. Next Tuesday, June, no, next Tuesday, not June 6th, next Tuesday would be May 7th, right?

Yes, I think so. Okay. And so here, and that's going to be at 630 and at the Messenbaum Center, 8200 Cedar Road in Chesterland, Ohio, folks. So we're going to be discussing this also in the very near future. We're going to be doing some more programs on what we need to do. Because a lot of people say, I hear you, I hear you, but what can we do? Well, we're going to be telling you that we can do. In fact, we're going to be having a meeting tomorrow. Right.

There's so many things you can be doing that you just said to them, tactical civics, go into these meetings, you know, get involved. It's going to cost you time. It's going to cost you, you know, there's going to be a cost to fighting for freedom, folks. Your time, your money, you know, something. Freedom is not free, never has been, never will be.

And, you know, what's the future of your children and grandchildren worth to you? Absolutely. Okay.

Wow. Michigan Senator makes stunning video, warns about Bill that Dem Senators, the Communist Senators just passed, that will be an explosion of election fraud, won't allow recount, will bar investigations into election fraud. Michigan has an extremely corrupt state legislator.

I mean, they are in bad shape there. The sad truth is that the majority of Democratic Communist legislators is mostly filled with self-promoters, deal-cutters, parasites. This is by Senator Jim Rundstedt, indebted to the Three Witches at the Top of the Food Chain, the Lockdown Queen of America, the FBI Kidnapped Victim and the Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party Cheerleader, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Democratic Communist Attorney General Dana Nessel, who frequently uses lawfare to punish her political enemies, and the Director of the Democratic Communist Secretary of State, American Joyce Benson.

And the article goes on to say that here, if Senator Jim Rundstedt's assessment of the bill that was passed in the Democratic Communist Majority Senate today is accurate. It looks like Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson has been working overtime to manufacture new ways to cheat in the upcoming 2024 election, owes her Democratic Communist friends in the Senate a big favor, and she's got pictures of all three of these witches here. And let me tell you more in your scene, more and more of this, and people don't understand, Joe, you know, the Bible tells you that God gives you women and incompetent men as a punishment, as your leaders, as a punishment. And here in Michigan, they, the people are being punished. You've got these three, extremely wicked. Now, these women, by what they've done, the legislation, their behavior, the Bible, God has ruled, makes them unclean.

These are unclean women, okay? And so here he goes, by 11 p.m. on the eve of the 2020 election, Michigan residents went to bed fully believing that President Donald Trump's massive lead, there was no way Joe Biden could beat him. But on the day after the election, hundreds of thousands of votes mysteriously appeared in the wee hours of the morning, the votes were almost all for Joe Biden. You remember, Joe, watching that, how they flipped him right in front of our face, upside down.

Yep, we were talking about it. People could see the flip. I don't know how they could say it didn't happen because we could watch it. Trump, leftist judges in Michigan refused to hear multiple, they were all in on this, lawsuits that were filed with claims of voter fraud, because all these people that saw that, you know, it's what we saw, spineless Republicans like Representative Matt Hall, who said on the House Oversight Committee, these were rhinos, and Senator Ed McBroom, chair of the Senate Oversight Committee, brushed the testimony of dozens of poll challengers and even election workers under the rug for the sakes of unity with the Democratic Communist minority and moved on to the next deal they needed to cut to stay in power. And that's exactly right. You see, the reason we have such corrupt government, the reason that Michigan has state legislators is so corrupt is they've allowed it, the people have allowed it, they've sent back. He goes on to say, Senator Jim Remstead was one of the handful of lawmakers willing to listen to Michigan citizens concerning about the, what everybody knew deep down was a fraudulent election. On Tuesday, Senator Rumset took to Twitter to warn Michigan about the new bill that should infuriate every American considering Michigan in a must-win state for presidential Trump in 2024. You folks in Michigan, you've got to let the three witches know. You know, you're not going to put up with this. You're not going to put up with this, folks.

You've got to stand your ground. Take your, you folks out there in Michigan, listen, you've got to fight like, well, like Christian soldiers with your eyes upon the cross. Remember, pastor, many, many years ago, you and I were warning how different groups of people like Islam was one example. They come in and they start moving into a small area, they build, they build and build, and, you know, help each other get homes close by. And then pretty soon they take over a section of a town and then they take over a bigger section and then they start getting political power and it grows. And they've used this to get into other countries to take them over from within, from, you know, the word immigration, different things. And the same thing happens in different cities. Groups like the Sodomites will come in and they start, you know, growing and grouping together, building a bigger, bigger base. All these enemies of God's family country use the same kind of tactics to take over.

They always go to the bigger city areas. And we are warning how all these different groups are using these tactics. All politics is local. They take over locally, expand their base, and pretty soon look at the power they have in Michigan right now. The Democrats are bending over backwards because they've got to have their vote.

They've got to win that state. And yet, you know, we warned people this was happening to them, but they kept allowing the immigrants to come in. In the cities they let the gangs build, you know. So people have been warned and they've got to realize now the warnings were not, you know, fake. The warnings were true and you're now reaping what you ignored, not what you sowed, but what you allowed to happen. Absolutely, Joe. You know, for 50 years we've been telling people, you know, you've got to wake up, you've got to take a stand, you've got to come against the wickedness here.

And it's getting worse and people have become so apathetic. And well, here, just then, Jim Jordan launched his investigation into Bragg's top prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, a former top Department of Justice official. Biden sent to New York to take down President Trump. I hear number three. Number three in the Department of Justice.

And he was sent there. And this is totally election interference. This is total election in your face.

That's right. We're rigging this election. What can you do about it? Look, you have no Department of Justice.

It's ours. So you've got no place you can go for justice. So House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan Tuesday launched an investigation into Biden's DOJ's coordination with the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's politicized prosecution of President Trump. Bragg's prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, previously worked in the Justice Department, a Biden hireling, and a lifelong left-wing communist. Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Justice Courtship, said that the Biden Justice Department, there's no justice in there, is engaging in criminal conspiracy to violate the legitimate president of this United States, Donald Trump's rights. The law fair happening to President Trump across the country is coordinated by Joe-Bama Biden, the philanderer and the usurper-in-chief, who sent Matthew Colangelo to New York to be his henchman and ensure Trump would not receive a fair trial.

That's exactly what they're doing right in front of us, okay? The law fair happening to President Trump across the country is coordinated by Biden, who sent Colangelo to New York to make absolutely sure that Trump would not receive a fair trial. Recall that Colangelo lied during his opening statement last week and claimed Trump orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt 2016 presidential election when he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their legend. I'm wondering, you know, who the bigger whore is, Bragg, Delangelo, or Stormy Daniels here, you know?

I would say Stormy's got some real strong competition, what do you think? Yeah, there's so many, well, you look at all these people involved, it's like they're willing to do anything for a little fame, fortune, money, remember what, like you said in Hollywood, the only bad press is no press. So even bad press is good press, and to me these people, notoriety have to be out in the public eye drawing attention, and they're attention seekers and they'll do anything for their attention, so that right there compromises, but you look at everything they're doing, Bragg, all the different people, these prosecutors are running their political campaigns or we're going to get Trump. They take old state laws that were out of date, trying to make it a federal offense, all the big constitutional lawyers are saying there's no case, there's no crime, what they're doing is unconstitutional, doesn't pass the muster, there's no law there. All these cases are going to be overturned on appeal, but yet what are they doing?

They're doing anything to destroy one man because he represents God's family country, he represents the American people, those that, what I call my America, right? Absolutely. Alright, we're coming up to a break, we'll be back right after this. Welcome to God's world, to God's world. Won't you come on in, come on in.

Miracles start here, miracles start here. He'll take away your sin, take away your sin. Open up your heart, open up your heart, leave your fears behind, leave them all behind, you'll be living there, you'll be living there until the end of time, till the end of time. Knock and his door will open, seek and he will find, ask and you'll be given eternal life. Sublime, he'll be waiting there, his arms open wide, waiting there for you, you are what he does. He'll be waiting there, his arms open wide, waiting there for you, it was for you and I that he was crucified. That was S.D. Crispin who's going home to be with the Lord and yours truly old pastor, isn't he?

And that was a beautiful, beautiful message, wasn't it? Yep, welcome to God's world and that's what we're going to be talking about here in a little while, but right now Tennessee, here's some good news. But you know what, let's open the phone lines and take a couple quick calls, so the phone line is already open at 888-677-9673.

We'll take a couple quick calls. Tennessee Governor signs Baby Olivia Act requiring public schools to show students video of unborn babies developing in the womb. That's right, last week Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed the Baby Olivia Act into law. The law requires public schools to show school children a high quality computer generated animation of a high definition ultrasound of unborn babies as they develop in the womb. According to LifeSite, families curriculum is required by Tennessee law in all counties where the teen birth rate exceeds 19.5 per 1,000 females in the age of 15 to the age of 19, which amounts to 78% of the state's 95 counties according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And so on March 18, 2024, the Tennessee House adopted the amendment 102 and passed the House Bill 2435, which states that Amendment 1 rewrites the bill to instead enact the Baby Olivia Act, which requires a family life curriculum that directly or indirectly addresses human growth, human development or human sexuality to include the presentation of a highly quality computer generated animation of a high definition cell.

We just praise the good Lord for that, huh? Yes, I remember back when the Crisis Pregnancy Center got its first ultrasound and people coming in, we were offering free ultrasounds to all the pregnant women. And it was so amazing all of a sudden, I remember this was years ago, but now babies first pictures were no longer at the hospital. It was the ultrasound that was on the refrigerator of hundreds and hundreds of homes around where I was. That was baby's first picture was the ultrasound and that's where the world started to change science really technology really helped the right to life movement and help people really understand what was going on. So anything like that helps people understand and see is to me just a gift from the Lord.

Amen. Okay doctors predict Joe epidemic of prion brain disease, you know what prion is don't you Joe? I have a rough idea what they are. I've got a bunch of medical things that explain it, but That's bad. That's mad cow.

It's called mad cow disease. Yeah, and okay, so mounting research suggested serious side effects of the covid and RNA jabs could be dementia and the prions that cause it may be contagious. What is happening? Did you just hear that? Yeah, I heard your voice change.

Yeah, guess what? No, what that was was a Siri on my phone heard me talking to you and decided to comment. So we're having we have some We have some AI commentary here. Does that count as a caller?

Pardon? Does that count as a caller? Yeah, I guess that could be counted as a caller.

Oh boy, Siri is getting off the deep end now. Yeah. Okay. There you go. Let's say we're gonna wait. I'm gonna stop here. I picked this up. Let's go for some quick calls.

Let's go with Cliff Clifford's in the air. Yeah, I think that cryons disease is fairly technical how that can happen, but it has to do with brain enzymes being modified from the shots. Another thing on the shots that was on my site news this Monday and with that website go to the bottom click on an icon and I'll read the article to you. The simian virus SV40 is in the Pfizer shots and that's linked with the cancer and originally in the late 50s early 60s there was some batches of the polio vaccine that had that from Merck and they said it was a mistake, but this was intentional by Pfizer to put it in.

And they did not tell the FDA, the Canadian health or the agency in Europe about this that they did put the supposedly doing it to make the messenger RNA transcript better, but so this is one of the reasons apparently for the cancer from the shots. But I'll go to two quick verses that are kind of rare that I'll ask you about. One would be Ezekiel chapter 26 verse 9 where it uses the word engines of war, which seems a little bit rare to have that in the Bible. And then Romans 2 22 where it uses the word sacrilege, which is also I don't really know where else that's in the Bible either. Did you say Ezekiel 24? I think it was 26 verse 9 it said engines of war. Well here what he was referring to there. Battery and rams. Yep.

That's what they were they were battering rams against the wall. And okay, so, so they put to use that phrase engines of war. I know sometimes people say the Lord will engineer this in a positive sense and answer to a prayer and on negatives. Right, well we get a lot of our terminology we get from God's Word the Bible. You know a lot of these sayings a lot of people don't really understand they originate in the Word of God. And so, and also Romans chapter 2 verse 22 it uses the word sacrilege in relation to idolatry and hypocrisy and that one verse, but I don't recall any other place where it uses the word sacrilege. What was that verse again? Romans 2 22. Yeah it uses the word sacrilege. Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? Thou that aborist idols, dost thou commit sacrilege?

Yeah. What do you think that word would have meant in ancient Greek or in that time what would be considered sacrilege at that point? Well just like today, well here you want to know what is considered sacrilegious?

I got one right here. The United Methodists repeal long standing ban on LGBT to clergy. Do you understand the Bible says when a man becomes a pastor that he should be set aside. What they've done is they've taken what God has said is an abominable, the United Church, the United Methodists has said we will take what God has called an abomination, the stench of rotting flesh and the nostrils of a holy God and we will place him in a pulpit and what was once the house of God. We will totally desecrate, desecrate the house of God and this is what you call sacrilegious.

Okay so it's more of an in house type thing to start with. It would be within the church sacrilege. Right, all of these teachings, offering of the children, all of these things, yeah, it's called sacrilegious. To the house of God, to the house of God, not the building, not to the assembly, but the house of God is church. And you've got to remember what the definition church is. Right, so it would be like maybe, I know some of the congress people wear upside down crosses, that's probably sacrilege.

Yes, turning their cross upside down, yes, that would be sacrilege, you got it. Yep, so there you go. Alright, well thanks for calling and you have a good day. That's a good question.

So how much time, let's see, I think we have plenty of time to do it. One real quick, I want to do one real quick one here, this is Nasty Pelosi. She loses it, and she starts yelling at the PMS NBC host Kathy Tour on her program. She's a real liberal. She's a die hard, in the wool liberal.

Right. Before the pandemic 2020, the economy under the former president experienced a jump in median household. In other words, this liberal said, look, before the pandemic, you've got to admit, under President Trump, the economy was good. She said, income as well as, now, who would have ever thought that you'd ever hear a liberal tell the truth?

And they said, all time low poverty rate, and unemployment rates of 50 year lows, according to Trump White House press releases. And so Pelosi, on K2 reports, asserted joblessness under Trump was the worst of all presidents. This woman couldn't tell the truth at all. I mean, she just can't tell the truth. And look at her, she's worth what, about 100 million dollars, came into Congress worth 1 million? What does that tell you?

Well, Harry Truman said this, any politician that gets rich while they're in office, you can bet they're a crook. That's what he said. And he knew it. Yeah, he told the truth.

And history has proven him right time and time and time again. I didn't catch that stuff. Okay, we're going to take one fast call. And that's Steve from Cleveland. Steve, you're in the air. Yeah, throw something out there, bastard.

Guys, again, are a tag team in the night, so. 50 years, so. What is it in Revelation, is it Chapter 8 or something, one of the asteroids or something, something, worm? I want to say ringworm. Wormwood, wormwood. Wormwood.

Okay, so when I hear ringworm, whatever, that's a little, okay. How long ago was that written, as far as Revelations go? That would have been when he copied it. That, I think, was around 96 AD. And they're just bringing that up, what, in the last couple years they've been talking about it, bringing it out in the news?

Wormwood, yeah. Wouldn't that be a little headline saying, hey, this book might be a couple thousand years ahead of something, and then you all got, you know, Lost in Space shows and all of that. I just wanted to ask you, how does O'Keefe get away with what he is? I mean, he looks like he's wearing nose glasses or something, and this time he got into the CIA. I mean, how secret are these guys supposed to be? Wouldn't they want to hire O'Keefe and, you know. Well, yeah.

This is young ridiculous. Well, I don't think O'Keefe, he's hiding there, he's got a woman interviewing this guy. And so that's, you know, but O'Keefe is heading it up. But he's probably disguised or out of sight. This guy would probably recognize him, yeah. Well, they've also said sometimes the easiest person to fool is a con. So maybe you get some of these people that are liars and deceivers, they're the easiest people to be taken in by a lie, and the deception would follow suit.

Yeah. What kind of penalty is it when you keep information away from the commander in chief? Well, okay, and that, that's called treason, okay. Treason, dereliction of duty, there's probably several things that would apply. But we, like I said, you know, we don't have, right now, we are without a justice department.

I just wonder how many overdue library books the liberals got. Yeah, I don't know. Thanks for calling, we've got to move on because we're out of time. Okay, how much time exactly do I have now? Alright, we've got just about seven minutes, actually about six minutes, Joe. Joe, do you know what it says in Revelation 20, 15, it says this, and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Fire. Okay, do you know what it says in Psalm 9, 17? It says the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.

What does that sound like, Joe, to you, the wicked? Sounds like this nation, we're forgetting God and it's been a downhill process for quite a lot of years. Alright, see people need to understand this because God's Word, the Bible, okay, has got a 100% perfect record of accuracy now, right? Right, and not only that, God is blunt, there's no wiggle room here, he's direct, he's blunt, he says exactly what he means and he means what he says.

I don't know why people have trouble figuring that out. Well, in Matthew 13, 49, and 50 we read this, so shall it be at the end of the world the angels shall come forth, sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Okay, and then he says in Matthew 23, 33, you serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell? So my point here in all of this, folks, is look, every one of you out there listening to me right now are going to die, you're going to die for a fact. And when that happens, folks, listen, you're going to end up in heaven or hell.

People are eternal beings, we never go out of existence, we change shape, form, real estate. And when you die, you're either going to go into eternal life, and I mean it with glorified bodies, or you're going to end up in eternal torment. Now, you can believe it, whatever you want. You can say, well, you know, I don't choose to believe it, that's all right. It doesn't matter what you believe, it's what God says that matters, see, because God's the one who's on the throne, he's calling the shots. You're not calling the shots, right? And so, you know, you can say, listen, I refuse to be held in bondage under the law of gravity, I'm going to fly, make up your mind, get out there, jump off your roof. Well, it won't go good for you. Listen to me, folks, if you have not, if you have not called upon the name of the Lord, if you have not received forgiveness and eternal life, you're like walking a tightrope across that burning lake of fire.

So tell them what they need to do, Joe, and you've got to do it in a couple of minutes. Well, it all hinges on one word. The word is repent. The law was in the book, God gave the law to convict you of your sin, to let you know that you're a sinner.

You cannot fulfill the law, you cannot live by the law. We're all sinners, and we need a savior. So the key word, repent, we have to understand that we're our sins, put his son Jesus on that cross. Jesus went to the cross to die, take our place, pay the price of our sin debt, the wages of sin or death.

He did that because he loved us so much. So we have to go to the Father and call upon God and repent from a repentant heart. Ask him to forgive us for those sins of ours that put his son on that cross.

And when we're forgiven, he will forgive if you truly do this from the heart. Then, it's a simple thing, we ask Jesus Christ, the Savior, Emmanuel, to come. And we want to give ourselves to him that make him Lord of our life, all of our life. We want to do it freely, without hesitation, without reservation, and he will accept us. And we are given the down payment on eternal life by the indwelling of the, he sends the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within us. That makes us a born again believer, that makes us now an adopted child of the kingdom, we are now a son or daughter of God himself, and a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life. You will be changed because of the repent.

One minute, Joe. Turn from the way you're going, turn toward God, start going toward him. It's an about face in life, and when you've done these things, you will find peace, joy, happiness, and you're on what I call the highway to heaven.

And Jesus said, you know, I go to my father, my father's house, there are many mansions, I go there to prepare a place for you, because we will be joining him there in heaven. It's a decision only you can make, nobody can do it for you, nobody can buy it, give it to you, you have to call upon God and repent. And you better do it now while you have time, huh? Time, yes, while you have the time, while you're still here. Okay, well.

This is the thing, a boy was, a 14 year old boy was shot. Yeah, but we don't have any time, Joe, we're out of time, so. Out of time. We've come to that point where we are every night, where we say to all you good night out there, we say to all you folks out there listening. May God bless.

May God bless you with eternal life, and then we say, always, always, always, always, keep fighting the fight. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content. He ordered the first audit of the use of contractors, this set off alarm bells. The explosive new documentary, Flynn, deliver the truth, whatever the cost, and covers the facts behind this scandal. Flynn told the truth, he was the most dangerous person for Donald Trump to hire. I find out the worst enemy that I'm going to face in my life is right here in America.

They took my assessment and they wanted me to change it, and I was like, I'm not changing it. They had to get rid of Flynn. With in-depth interviews, archival footage, and never before seen personal record to the man behind the headlines.

I just felt like I was drowning. Flynn, deliver the truth, whatever the cost. Available now. Watch it today. Go to
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