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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 24, 2024 12:01 am

TUE HR 2 042324

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Well, this is how we ended up with what they call the Rhino Blue 22. So here's the letter. Open letter to the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee. Would you like to bring integrity back to the Republican Party of Ohio? As a fellow Republican, I'm in shock, dismayed, and sickened by how corrupt, dishonest, and unlawful our party has become. Virtue seems to be replaced by the three stooges. Do we cheat them and how? I expect this from Democrats, however, I believe our party had been infiltrated by Democrat saboteurs.

You really think so? A treacherous group pretending to be Republicans to gain control of the party and then violate all ethics and morals and democracy. However, I have good news. Here is a way to clean up the party of bad actors. You are a bouncer of the Ohio Republican Party, the safeguard of Republican Party values, platform, and ideas we hold dear. It is your sworn duty as duly elected Republican State Central Committee members to uphold these values and to protect, defend, and if necessary punish those whose actions have become come into question.

Simply put, you are the bouncer. We are having a Republican Party and there are very bad actors inside our midst showing discord, mayhem, and not abiding by the party rule and bylaws. We, your constituents, request and require and demand that you do your job and expel these party crashers.

I'm talking about the Blue 22. I'm asking that you vote to disaffiliate them from the party with a yes vote on the next State Central Committee meeting on April 26th. Well, that's this Friday, I believe, yep. I know this will take courage and some will try to say this will lead to Trump losing Ohio.

No, it won't. Listen, these are, these are Democrats. The Rhino Blue 22, I don't care if they've got an hour behind their name, these are Democrats. They've been, they've voted in all the elections up to them for the Democrats.

Rest assured, nothing can be further from the truth. Trump will be fine, but the Ohio House is not. Speaker Stevens already broke our party bylaws and spent Republicans raising money against fellow Republicans. Now it's rumored he will seek gun violence, law passage.

I've never seen a violent gun in my life and all the while spending Republicans money to help the Democrats like Heidi Workman's opponent to win in the fall because Steve, Stephen is then, because Stevens is is there guaranteed a yes vote to remain in power. You have a golden opportunity to stop this madness and return the supermajority back to the Ohio Republican Party. We need 34 yes votes. We have maybe 29.

We need you to help twist some about five arms. Chairman of the Republican Party is Alex Trantafillo and he has stated that he will not allow disaffiliation to be brought up on his watch. We believe we would have 37 yes votes if he allowed it to be discussed at the meeting. We need to apply pressure to change the chairman's mind. Folks, I will give you his number and let him know, okay, you need to to again bring back Republicans in the Republican Party's not the Rhino Blue 22 to disaffiliate. You need to disaffiliate with the Rhino. See what they do.

They hold office as Republicans but they always vote with the Democrats, folks. So here's his number. This is that Alex Trantafillo. His number is 513- 535- 5220. Again, his number is 513- 535-5220. One more time.

513- 535-5220. Give him a call and tell him they need to disaffiliate with the Rhino Blue 22. So I'm gonna stop right there, Joe. on this one. I've got some big news. You remember, of course, the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago, you know.

Oh yeah. The FBI came and stormtroopers. Well, there is a new report. Documents show that Biden collusion with the prosecutors over the Mar-a-Lago raid. So with all these questions, we know now that the Biden White House was colluding with the prosecutors to attack Trump over the documents there.

And, you know, we know this case. There are new reports now that the had ties and this is despite the claims of, of course, Attorney General Merrick Garland. This assessment is a report from the Gateway Pundit which confirmed Judge Elaine Cannon hearing the documents case against Trump ordered key parts of the evidence to be unredacted and released. Now this report explains that Smith, one of Jack Smith, wanted to hide the fact that the National Archives had had several conversations with the Biden White House. So, you know, we know Trump had some. We know Biden had some, but, you know, they didn't bring charges. Pence had them. But here Trump and his team were working with the government. Usually the National Archive Agency negotiates with anybody outgoing presidents for over disputed documents.

This happens all the time. But all of a sudden, while Trump's team was working with them, they decided to issue the criminal, you know, attack in the courts. And this was the trigger for this SWAT team FBI raid there in Mar-a-Lago. So now we know that also new evidence reveals that Archives lawyer Gary Stern confirmed he had discussions with the White House about Trump's disputed documents.

So the report's in now. We know that Merrick Garland's claim about independence from investigation into Trump are lies. The Biden White House and DOJ were both involved in developing a case against Trump on the mishandling of documents. And the report finally said the unredacted documents show the Department of Energy discovered Trump had an active security clearance after he was indicted, so they retroactively terminated it.

He had a active security clearance which covered him, but, oh, after the fact they terminated his clearance, which is not done to a ex-president. So there you have the truth is coming out, but it always comes out after months and months of bad press and, you know, Donald Trump's horrible, he did this, he did that, you know, and all this court stuff. And now we're hearing a little bit of the real truth how it was collusion, right? Not Russian collusion, but Department of Justice and Biden White House collusion.

Exactly. It is, you know, again. This is total corruption.

This is what you have in third world countries, where these dictators, they go after their opponents, and that's exactly what... We call them the nano-republics, don't we? Yeah, yeah, and so that's what we have here today. And, you know, they have, no matter how corrupt it is, the so-called mainstream media, they are in clear collusion, you know. They're, again, betraying the American people, you know, they'll cover for Biden no matter what he does.

No matter what he does, they'll cover for him. And so, you know, they're, again, if you're an American and a patron, and especially a Christian, those in the mainstream media... By the way, there's not one journalist left. I've been trying to see if I can find one. There's not one journalist left.

There are a bunch of hacks. Who is that one lady? Laura Logan is still out there trying to tell the truth, and she's been pushed around and beaten up, but there's a couple that are out there trying, but... No, I'm talking about in the mainstream media there's none.

No, there's not one in the mainstream. No, uh-uh. You have, well, virtually a media whores. It's like this story. Here is this big-time judge, you know, Judge Elaine Cannon ordered this evidence to be unredacted, ordered it to be released, and here what?

Gateway Pundit had it, World's News Daily, had it, but Fox News knew none of the big, you know, none of the big news groups had this story. So, again, lies by omission. They try not to tell you what's going on. They don't have to lie to you.

They just don't tell you the important things you need to know. Right, absolutely. Alrighty, here's an article. Oregon assisted suicide hit record high as number of people killed jumps 32 percent, Joe. Like, this is the death culture. Of course, Oregon is a blue death state. The state of Oregon had the highest number of assisted suicides, and these are just murders.

These, you know, since the practice began in 1998. The latest annual assisted suicide report, Oregon death, they call it death with dignity. There's no dignity there. Released last month has revealed a total of 367 people ended their lives by assisted suicide, and they're assisted and they're pressured.

Pressured big time, you know. You're sitting around, and mom and pop, you know, and all they're doing is they're just setting on my inheritance, and, you know, if they would just hurry up and die so I want I can spend it while I have time, right? That's the mindset that you have so many people there. Remember a couple years ago we were doing the story how they were trying to talk about the doctor assisted suicides for people on the old people on Medicaid, Medicare. They were trying to promote it, you know, as part of your planning for your last days type of thing, and that got shut down, but they were trying to bring this kind of stuff up years ago, and it didn't quite fly then, so now it's slowly coming back, isn't it? Yeah, the latest annual assisted suicide report released last month revealed that a total of 367 people ended their lives by what they call assisted suicide in 2023 in Oregon.

The figure represents a 32 percent increase in death by, I don't want to say assisted suicide, I want to say coerced. Coerced suicide, yeah. They talked them into it, yeah. They were encouraged, coerced, yeah. Among the end-of-life concerns listed by those who ended their lives almost half, 43.3 percent of all those who ended their lives reported being concerned about being a burden on their families and friends.

Now I wonder where they got the idea that they were. Yeah, yeah, people tell them you don't want to be a burden, do you? You don't want your family to go into debt over you, do you? Yeah, I can, yeah, we've heard this one before, years ago.

Same thing now, just a little bit different play on words, but same story. Absolutely, in fact I knew someone very well that had, was convinced he listened to that, and he decided he was a burden on his family, and he committed suicide, but he didn't do it through them, he did it with a 12-gauge shotgun. Oh Lord, that didn't help the family much, did it? No, it didn't help the family at all.

Not at all, folks, not at all. I had a good friend who's way back long ago and far away, met him in the military. His mother had committed suicide and he came home as a young boy, found his mother that hung herself, and he ended up having to take her down and stuff. By the time help, I guess they were kind of remote, by the time somebody got there he had already taken her down and dealt with it, and he still suffered, you know, here we were over Nam together, and he was still suffering from that image that day. The people that do things like that don't realize what they do to the ones that are left behind. Yeah, I know.

Pain it causes that doesn't go away, that lasts for a long, long, long time. Here's an interesting, you talk about lunacy, over 600,000 illegal immigrants being tracked by DHS with criminal records, so they bring all these criminals, they got rapists, you got murderers, all of these people, and they bring them in here, they turn them loose in society, and then Joe, they track them to see what they're going to do. Yeah, I think that's bravo sierra, because I don't think they can. Remember, they're low on their budget at the FBI, they're short huge amounts of money, they're busy rounding up Roman Catholics and right-to-lifers and people at school board meetings. There's no way that, in the world of these undocumented people going from city to city through the different gangs and street people, there's no way they can keep track of them. I know better than that, that is just not logical they can do that.

I know, you know, I want to track people who have cell phones and bank accounts and things like that that they can follow, you know, the people that use, what is it, you buy the cell phone, what are they called, throwaways, you know, they can't keep track of people like that. We know better. Okay, here in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 34, they quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant, and fight and turned to fight the armies of the illegal aliens.

There you go, I added that word illegal, but fight the armies of the aliens. No, Hebrews 11 verse 34. 11 verse 30, I'm sorry, I didn't hear. 11 verse 34, Joe.

34, gotcha, okay, there it is, yeah. Okay, so I think what I'm going to do is is open the phone lines and take some calls. Can I throw in one bit of good news? Yeah, go ahead, we need some good news. You were in the military as well as I was.

I know that. Israel is doing something that I think is unheard of. I've never seen it before, I've read a lot of military history, never heard of it happening. They are getting ready to move into Rafah, and what they are up to is they are getting ready to move over a million people out of the area to a safe area under their control and protection as they go in because all the Hamas leaders are embedded in Rafah, so instead of going in and fighting their way through, they're going to try and get a million people out, whether it takes two, three weeks, they're going to try and evacuate a million people, put them in a protected environment, and then go into Rafah after the four battalions of Hamas and their leaders. This is unheard of. I have never heard of a nation trying to do something this big to keep from having civilian casualties.

It's a fantastic idea. If they can pull it off, it'll be, I think, a first in the world. I may be wrong, but by the time NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PMS, NBC, the way they get that story and they twist it around, it's going to sound exactly the opposite of what the reality is. No, they're going to make it sound like they're hurting the cattle or something, yeah. Well, you know, right now, when the border, right now, they're still coming through. Biden is bringing in terrorists. He's bringing in human traffickers. He's bringing in drug dealers. He's bringing in rapists. He's bringing in the worst of the worst. He's brought by, right now, over 10 million, over 10 million since he's been in office, as he brought in.

And guess what? All this thing about Trump, the trial of Trump, the title of Trump, a lot of that stuff is just to keep the focus off what's happening on the border. In other places, the economy, the border, your gasoline prices, your food prices, your rent prices. We're not going to get any reduction in the interest rates. In fact, they may have to write. Well, they can't because it's an election, so the Fed will not raise interest rates, but they sure as heck, they cannot cut them like everybody thought. And they can't raise them because it's an election year.

They can't do anything bad six months before an election. Soros funded California DA Gascon and dropped charges against Conect CEO for political reasons after he was caught storing U.S. election data in China. The FBI, the FBI also mysteriously dropped the investigation. What are they hiding?

That's right. In October of 22, Conect CEO Eugene Yoo was arrested in Michigan in connection with the theft of personal data. The alleged stolen data belonged to poll workers that were subject to throw the vote in Arizona in August 2022, in which Katherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips singled out the Michigan-based company. During the pit conference, Phillips and Engelbrecht alleged they were cooperating with the FBI in Michigan about data being sent overseas by this company. The investigation quickly turned to them, turned on them after the FBI distanced itself from it and for some strange reason. Okay, and so there you go.

And here it goes on to say, and this is appears they were working for the Chinese communists and against the American people, as referring to the FBI. Wow. Okay, there you go. Proud to be an American, doesn't it?

Yep. You've got the best corrupt government money can buy. Phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 nationwide.

We'll take your call at 888-677-9673. A telegram founder claims U.S. intelligence attempted to hire his employees and sought backdoor access to spies on users. Biden's FBI pressured me. Okay, so an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson, Pavel Durov, Russian-born Emirati French entrepreneur and the founder of the popular instant message app telegram, made shocking revelations about the U.S. government attempt to infiltrate the application, widely known for its strong stance on their privacy.

Durov claimed that the FBI expects interest in creating a backdoor into the telegram app to spy on its users. There you go. Well, I mean, I guess they just they never quit, right?

Yeah, they don't. It reminded me of a cartoon I saw, one of those crazy protesters out there, you know, death to America, down with capitalism and all this, but then the other half of the cartoon was, but pay off my student loan debt first. Yeah, yeah, we hate America, we want to get rid of capitalism, but while we're at it, pay off my student loan debt, please, so I can vote for Biden. Now, the Democrats were trying to do for something, they're up to it. Now, here's what's the chatter. The chatter keeps saying out there, they've picked out a date, and the date is June 13th, that on that day is what they're saying. Now, we haven't been able to have any, you know, verification of this. I don't know how you could verify something like this, but they say on that day that Biden's going to step down and they're going to put in a mystery candidate, and so here it's an interesting thing because the state official rejects Dem's illegal plan to sneak Biden on the 2024 ballot. A state official in Ohio has rejected Democrats' illegal plan to sneak Joe Biden's name onto the 2024 presidential ballot. A lawyer for the leftist party had wanted the state to accept a provisional certification of Biden and Kamala Harris as candidates, but Attorney General Dave Yost's office found the move simply. It is not provided by for the law. Instead, the law mandates the Democratic Communist Party to actually certify its president and vice president candidates on or before August 7th.

No alternative process is permitted, the statement said. So the problem is that Democrats focused for the last few years on trying to exclude President Trump for the 2024 ballots, overlooked state requirements for certification and their conventions, so officially named Biden as the candidate doesn't happen until the end of August. See, that's why they try to get him on the ballot early because I got it. Okay, we see what they're doing. There's nothing that these people will do that's upright. Everything they do has got to be, it's got to be dirty, it's got to be illegal, it's got to be crooked. There's nothing, there's nothing at all left about that party that's not totally corrupted.

And so there you go. Mortgage rates still sell past seven percent as the market moves into critical spring home buying season. I don't look good for home buyers right now, Joe. Well, also there's a lack of homes for sale.

Why? If I'm sitting on a home loan that's two to three percent loan and the, you know, four percent, if I sell my house but it's not paid off, I want to buy a new house. I have to refinance the balance at seven percent, not three or four percent. That's going to keep me, well, you know, maybe wouldn't be kind of dumb to sell. I might as well pay, you know, stay in this house and pay it off at that low rate of interest because, you know, seven percent, so, you know, that really increases the size of your payment, doesn't it?

It absolutely does. So it keeps people from moving, it keeps people from either, you know, older people from getting a smaller place or, you know, just anybody wanting a bigger place. Well, you know, I got a really, unless you can, they say most of the mortgage loans going through right now are cash loans. They're buying, you know, they're buying the property cash because nobody wants to finance. All righty.

Again, phone lines are open at 888-677-9673. Joe, where do we hear about this before? Confirmed research reveals COVID MRNA vaccines contain component that suppresses immune response and stimulates cancer growth. No kidding. How many times has Wendy talked about that? Uh, yeah, a whole bunch. I really didn't count, but she and other people, we've done several stories about the cancers, the heart, you know, that's just one of many problems they've had with the people that took the vaccines. The more vaccine they had, the more heart and cancer problems they seem to have. Yeah.

You know, not according to the government, which we trust implicitly, right? Yeah. Yeah, right. The comprehensive review by an international consortium of scientists has raised serious concerns about the COVID-19 MRNA vaccine safety profile.

Oh boy. Review articles are summaries of current research on a popular topic. They are also sometimes called literature reviews on its secondary sources. Here it says the review the N1 methyl so why would it wouldn't okay methyl suduridine or friend or foe of cancer published on science direct delves into the potential implications of the vaccine ingredient N1 methyl there you go with that word again suduridine okay that may play a role in the immune suppression and cancer proof well they know it they know that this has been the case all along uh i mean people are sick and people are dying lots of people millions and millions of people have died because but it doesn't matter because big pharma have made a lot of money off that vaccine we'll be back after this one when your world has come unglued and you don't know what to do remember god he's the one that made you when the world has put you down and your life is one big frown remember him he's the one who loves you and through all kinds of trouble you'll find you'll never change through the good times and the sorrows almighty god it still is a man when you've been done all wrong and you need someone who's strong remember him he's the one who loves you and through all kinds of trouble you'll find you'll ever change when the world has found you guilty he'll take away the blame he's always right he's never wrong he'll make your troubles all be gone remember him he's the one who loves you remember him he's the one who loves you remember him he's the one who loves you remember him he's the one who loves you remember him he's the one who died for you that's right that is right remember him and boy that guy can sing jim there you go we got it he can but you know uh we'll leave it at that all righty why do you think you could do a better job no i'm not saying i can sing at all all righty okay i agree with you uh we've got ac hey ac hello pastors how are you uh there's a messianic bible teacher out there saying that many of the early church fathers were anti-semitic oh brother this guy is also saying that the editors of the king james version people that put the king james version were anti-semitic also in fact it looks as though he's saying that the somehow he's correlating the early church fathers with the editors of the king james version and that's absolutely false there is no anti-semitism in the king james version and this guy is also pushing a post-tribulation rapture which will not happen and he is saying that israel is a symbol of the church well i don't know of any new testament writer that ever wrote about israel being a symbol of the church they always made a distinction between israel and the church exactly now well yeah guys putting out false teaching he's nationally known and people need to wake up because uh they're in for a fool and if they think the church is going through the tribulation period it will not go through the tribulation period you know i mean we're living in those days where they're coming out of the woodwork this is you're going to see and that's exactly what he tells you that many many many many false prophets will come forward and boy are they coming out of the woodwork now aren't they right so anyhow well i i understand you're going to be given an education on 144 000 yes okay joe biden is not one of the 144 000 is he no no he uh he's not uh kind of shocking what he said about his uncle getting eaten by cannibals yeah i i'm amazed i mean this guy comes up with some of the best corn pop uh you know and here every time he's you know he first he's part jewish he was part porterican uh you know everywhere he went he had some relatives uh you know you talk about a real la la lander but uh well what can i tell you you know you go back to the stories he's told i don't think they found one of them to be true as far as i can remember back looking at about a two dozen stories and lies he's told i don't think they've fact-checked and found one to be right yet have they no as far as the democratic communist party go they'd be more apt to eat the cannibals than the other way around they tax them to death yep they get them under government control shortly you know there's something yeah there's there's got to be a bad thing to their yeah well we're we're living in those days when the lord is saying who should i send and again it's up to us we gotta we run to this battle we run to this battle and anyhow ac you should have been at the church yesterday that was uh just amazing uh you know what we we learned there and there's things happening and we're we're i'm well see i can't talk about everything we have that we we know what's happening out there but there are groups of real christian patriots that are coming together to stand and take a take a stand for the for the people for their land so anyhow that's a little bit of good news we've got to back up what's in the constitution people have to get out and vote and get you know that's that's a priority to make sure that people go out and vote yeah absolutely but this you know they're gearing up now they want more of this mail-in votes more mail-in ballots they're going to flood the ideas they're going to flood or flood it with illegal ballots and in the blue states they'll just count all the illegal ballots okay um i mean i mean the corruption is there they can't you know they have to be they can't do anything right they can't do anything upright it's totally against the character i mean when was the last time you saw the democrats doing anything that was not corrupt hmm i can't think of anything real quest in fact i don't think i could come up with anything if you gave me another hour yep so all right that's what's happening there so all right i guess you're not going to tell us who this person is that you're talking about okay where'd he drop i get dropped uh no i think what i think he didn't want to mention this name oh okay uh because it's possible i don't i hope not but this person could be salik on a salem network and on a salem network you're not allowed to be mentioning other yes now uh you wouldn't think that he would be on a salem network but remember rick warren was for a while and uh and then finally they dropped him all right google employees arrested after staging protests inside uh the ceo's office demanding google to cut ties with israel and uh eventually they're all going to cut ties with israel scripture says israel is going to be standing all by herself isn't she joe it seems to be the way history of israel's gone except for a you know short time there but they have god on their side and uh he's gonna israel isn't going to get overrun till he allows it you got surprise surprise pro-homas road blockers being bailed out those that were going and sitting on the bridges they're being bailed out by uh organizations funded by george soros surprise surprise you know that name it just seems like he comes up what two or three times a week yeah it's incredible the he's like an octopus he has arms into everything money into everything he's going to be you know we've mentioned this before like public enemy number one uh he's the worst enemy america has i believe hell's hell's mouth is open wide waiting for him to get inside yeah something like that well there's another one out there but you know we always talk about alejandro mayorkas well he had an interview with nbc news and they asked him what possible executive actions the president could take on the immigration crisis at the border that he hasn't or wouldn't be legally challenged you know wouldn't be challenged if he did and they asked him why not take this executive action now according to david noriega uh and he said well this is mayorkas what executive action are you suggesting that we take that we haven't taken that would survive scrutiny mayorkas responded you know biden himself said he was examining in an april 9th interview he said he was examining whether he had the power to curb illegal immigration remember he used his authority in the first month to issue what 50 60 90 i don't remember a flurry of policies reversing every trump era border security measure and now he's saying we're examining whether or not i have that power biden told univision there's no there's no guarantee that i have the power all by myself without legislation i've never heard of a bigger bunch of i mean he's talking again out of both sides of his mouth he got rid of all those trump executive orders he had the authority to delete them stop them whatever the correct terminology is and now he's saying i don't know i don't think i have the power to reinstate them well what biden is saying is look the american people think that i'm decrepit and and i think that the american people are stupid because look what i'm doing to them and and i keep convincing them that we're not doing it to them and the best you know there's there's only you know a small number of us that really understand what's happening i mean that are not la la landers you don't think that is crystal clear he's talking out of both sides of his mouth in one hand he had all the power to do this and then he's saying well i don't think i don't know if i have the power to correct what i did i don't know if i have the power to fix the border crisis that he made i mean this is double speak this is just you know diametrically imposed opposed language uh we can't be the only people that catch on to this i mean it's so plain it's not even funny well maybe that's just me i i just look at that and go how can people not see that truth that's where the bible is clear joe you're going to reap what you sow god is not mock god is not mocked and they're making they're making a mockery of god they're making a mockery of truth and of the american people and uh of the presidential office i mean he's making a mockery of uh just about everything now of course the worst is about god but i mean he's making a mockery of uh about the people out there the voters isn't he yeah he is that's right he he's telling us he thinks that the the voters are very stupid uh catch what i'm doing i'm too smart for you i can say two different things and get you to believe that both opposite things are true yeah here's here's what polls are saying right now they're taking all these polls that in the 2024 election there's going to be a very very large pool of voters who pulled the lever for biden in 2020 but now they are saying no now they're going to be pulling the lever for trump and it's called the biden regret factor and it's real uh and well you know here's the funny thing gateway bonuses this could help trump yeah i guess it could help trump you know and one such person uh is a writer named sasha stone she has been completely red-pilled and she is very good at explaining why she says the democrats and the media are doing uh with perfect clarity she also understands how leftist minds work because she was one until fairly recently uh not anymore she writes at substack okay there you go well she goes out and say six years ago i stood a few feet away from joe biden at a fundraiser and was certain that he was the only person who could save the country from donald trump however at by the end of the election i i would leave the deathocratic communist party for good i saw them as corrupt too powerful dangerous and the very democracy they now claim they want to protect now i wake up every morning in a panic their last best hopes of ending the monopoly of power on the left rests on the imperfect shoulders of donald trump well wow so some people are waking up yeah well you know just like right now one of the things i was looking at nancy pelosi chuck schumer are teaming up to demand netanyahu resign they're good he's an obstacle to peace in israel and why well he just will not go along with a two-state solution and uh they say well we reject israel's right to protect itself but we reject the policy and practice of netanyahu you know trying to defend israel yeah and what could be worse than what he has done in response chuckie schumer's terrible chuckie schumer's israel that's terrible chuckie schumer is a treasonous jew he's the the very worst uh anti-semitic anti-israel people well he belongs to the synagogue of satan exactly he does that's exactly what he belongs to those that say they are jews but are not are the synagogue of satan that is chuckie schumer to the core well they they're both quotes they he has been an obstacle to the two-state solution i emphasize the word solution there is no such thing as a two-state solution we gave they jews gave uh gaza in 2005 autonomy they said okay here you are you're under self-rule we're going to withdraw troops uh we're we're joe i got it we've got it i've got to get in the time yeah yeah i've got to get into um giving that message you know we you know although all during the program we keep quoting the bible keep quoting every single day we keep quoting the bible why well because it is the standard it's the one thing uh it's the ultimate authority the ultimate authority you're not going to uh well like guys where the bible says heaven and earth the past but those words will stand forever they'll live forever yeah the worlds were framed by the word of god that's what scripture says right and so we always wait to the end of the program because the last thing we want people to remember is that invitation because again we we remind them that every every night every night all across this planet people's souls will be required of them and joe i i will bet probably 90 of the people that die every night are not planning on dying at all okay and uh you know here but you see it's not their call it's god's call well tonight you know how many young people are going to get shot and killed in chicago uh in in new york and in san diego in these cities or drug overdose or die in a alcohol car accident that involves death over a hundred hundred thousand a year dying of fentanyl poisoning alone here yeah just alone and so folks the thing of it is dying is not a tragedy everybody you know is going to die right and everybody they know is going to die but to die in your sin to die unsaved in your sin that is a tragedy that's because that's something you cannot undo they you know remind me of um uh here this woman this guy had caught his wife in fidelity and she was asking him to can't we save our marriage can't we save our marriage he took her to the sink he took a glass of water and he said and he poured it down the sink he said if you could put that water back in the glass uh then we then we'll save our marriage in other words that's not likely to happen and folks out there again uh when you die in your sin that's forever that's forever uh folks i mean forever is a real long time yeah a very very very long time right now god's word the bible is pretty accurate it's it's perfectly accurate and it doesn't stutter it tells you when you die you're gonna end up in heaven or hell that's the reality you will nobody goes anywhere else they're either going to heaven or they're going to hell no place else folks and let me tell you when we always there are people all these people say well i don't really believe that well you're gonna there's absolutely no chance at all that you won't believe that folks because there's no unbelievers in heaven and hell so tonight tonight if you have not done it you might not you might not get it tomorrow folks you don't you you might run and tomorrow's tonight so here's what you need to do you need to do exactly what the lord jesus said he knew what he's talking about he tells you this he said look here's what you do go pray to the father you pray to the father now when the preacher gives that invitation he is just the messenger that's why we tell you this all the time you've listened many of you out there probably said you know i didn't do it that time i didn't do it the time before i didn't do it the time before uh you may be running out of times and so jesus said pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sin if you do that knowledge the fact that you're a sinner and only a sinner needs a savior acknowledge the fact that christ died a substitutionary death he took your place he hung up there on that cross where you should have been right and folks if you do that if you acknowledge that and then you ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life all of your life now you've got to be all or nothing it's got to be he he tells you that he's got to come first before mother father sister brother you ask him to be lord of your life all of your life without any reservations at all if you'll do that he will honor that commitment one thing god is the only one that can always do what he says he's the only one we we we have good intentions but a lot of times we can't we can't even fulfill the promises we make if you'll do that you'll become a new creature a born-again believer an heir of the kingdom and you will be on a road to immortality you say immortality that's what god has said and believe me he can do it he said he could do it and we've seen him do it and so uh i would do that tonight and you'd be entwelt with the holy spirit you'll be a new creature born again believer and dwelt with the holy spirit it's the most important thing you can ever do no one has ever done anything ever could ever would do that would mean more to them than that well we're running out of time again and so as we come to this time every night here's what we say we say to all of you out there good night we say god bless you and then we say always always always always do we do mean always right right keep fighting the get ready get ready joe i jumped the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is 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