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WED HR 2 041724

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 18, 2024 12:00 am

WED HR 2 041724

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Science did that. Hills Pet Nutrition. Buy the bag that gives back. Visit give back or tap the banner to learn more. Donate and listen to the podcast at Well you know Brent Johnson is a Christian patriot. He's written several books and he will help people come out of the system and and he's for years and years he would be on the radio program exposing the very same things we expose I mean Brent was right right down the line with us and so anyhow he's was on the sergeant report what now he kind of starts out a little slow but as he goes we're gonna do five minutes segments and here for tonight so go ahead and take it away. Guys April 15th a day that will live in infamy for so many reasons not the least of which is your government is stealing from you in giving to those who don't pay or countries that don't pay taxes and I got to tell you Edward Snowden sounds the alarm today he says this is the most important thread this year what's he talking about well the NSA is just days away from taking over the internet and it's not on the front page of any Mockingbird mainstream media newspaper because no one seems to have noticed and those who have noticed are trying to bury the truth if the bill becomes law any company or individual that provides any service whatsoever may be forced to assist in NSA surveillance as long as they have access to equipment on which communications are transmitted or stored such as routers servers cell towers etc friends the tyranny that's enveloping our nation I just can't overstate how late the hour is and how much we need to find intervention and action from Patriots to save us from the brink of total totalitarian destruction I'm very glad to welcome back to the show Brent Johnson you know the website I'll link it below Brent how are you sir I'm doing great thank you so much for having me back Sean and I I just heard that for the first time from you and that's very disturbing very disturbing indeed in this absolute dystopic nightmare in which we now find ourselves by the way this is Brent's website guys freedom radio us video over 20,000 dead voters tried to register to vote they just want to continue to steal elections to bring us to the brink of absolute despair I want to read a few paragraphs from Brent's recent article called the presumption of innocence it's right here let me read this for you guys the world has literally become an insane asylum where basic values have been turned upside down wrong has become right and lies are treated as truth in today's world almost all governments are acting like dictators viewing their citizens as subjects who must obey the despotic edicts of frequently unelected individuals who seek to rule the world or at least their small portion of it think Klaus Schwab think Bill Gates whatever the power-hungry tyrants want is declared to be the truth even though it is a lie the world exists in a constant state of emergency in which the people are told they must sacrifice their freedoms to accommodate the emergency state of affairs that exists the world is ruled by emergency powers and authoritarian dictates which are enforced by unlawful mandates imposed on ordinary people by frequently unelected individuals I could go on and on but I have the author right here Brent we are between a rock and a hard place man well I'll tell you something yeah people have forgotten or all but forgotten that our system and I mean the United States of America our system our constitutional republic was founded on the judicial principle that everybody is innocent until proven guilty and that's underlying everything that America is supposed to be and we have all but forgotten it today you get somebody puts a post up okay on some social media website claiming that somebody is doing something very bad doesn't matter who the somebody is doesn't matter what the bad thing is but suddenly you get armies of people getting on board and saying yeah this guy should be you know drawn and quartered yeah he's guilty he's guilty do you do you remember and I don't know how you personally feel about it but do you remember the OJ Simpson trial now this is what for 40 years ago longer 40 years ago something like that and in the OJ Simpson trout just about everybody had a clear opinion on it yeah he's guilty he's not guilty I know he's guilty I know he's not guilty when the truth is you don't know anything all you do is get the information that comes from the mainstream media you get the information that comes from the government press releases and how do you know it's true but the assumption was that he's guilty he's guilty he's guilty well that's gotten 10 times worse already we are back and I wanted to just say this very quickly we'll pick up on this later but Joe over 600,000 illegal immigrants right now are being tracked in all of these by the DHS have criminal records all of them have a hardcore and we're talking about rapists and murderers and that's and that's just the ones they know about okay right now if you think they're able to track 600,000 people in this country that don't have tracking devices on them I've got some prime garden spots down somewhere in the Everglades you know they know they're out there but they don't know where they are they're not tracking them they maybe think they are but there's no way they can track 600,000 people especially when they're you know running around in this undocumented world you know well Joe you know he has now this is the ones we know about this is put out by even the Obama regime or not the Obama Joe Obama yeah 7.2 million illegal immigrants since Obama says Joe Biden Bama has been in office in his regime 7.2 those are the ones we know about let's go back to but we're gonna give the number out real quick it's eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three let's go back to Brent Johnson he starts out a little slow but then he he takes us right to where Joe what we've been trying to tell people go ahead and take it back to Brent since OJ's case and today it happens all the time that people are assumed to be guilty and what that says to me is that we have all but forgotten that our entire system of government is based on the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty no you're a hundred percent right now here's the thing about OJ I did live through that and we watched that live the whole Bronco chase I remember it like it was yesterday and you know my presumption was that he probably did kill those people and evidently the word is he made his offspring his kids sign an NDA while he was on his deathbed one wonders if maybe he didn't confess but that over AJ Alex Jones right railroaded into a kangaroo court where the judge literally told the jury you're not here to find this man innocent or guilty he's guilty your job is to figure how much money he should pay meanwhile we have this CIA guy being caught on tape going out for a date with another man who he wanted to evidently have sex with saying that yes oh yeah we came after that was the CIA that seated that the CIA wanted to cut Alex Jones legs off just like they're doing to Donald J Trump where today as we're having this conversation his Stormy Daniels trial begins and now they're telling us it's not about a hush money sex cover-up it's about election interference Brent if you believe that so Trump guilty until proven innocent AJ guilty until proven innocent and and William Blackstone who is one of the judicial founders of the United States of America William Blackstone said back in 1760 I would rather have ten guilty people go free than one innocent incarcerated and then Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin both expanded on that to the effect of I'd rather have a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent incarcerated in other words the whole premise was that independence freedom personal liberty is so important that you never ever ever convict an innocent person of something because he or she is innocent and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if it's more convenient it doesn't matter if it's represents notches on a prosecutor's belt you don't do it period we've completely abandoned that and today it's just about who can we go against it it's it's the modern-day version of lynch mobs yeah remember way back when when they were lynch mobs literally lynch mob people were being hanged simply because their skin was black you know and it's it's yeah it's a horrible set of circumstances which is why I was moved to write that article about the presumption of innocence that's my way of attempting to inject into the ether the concept that we need to go back to sanity we already we're back folks again the phones are going back to sanity a long time ago you and I were trying to tell people years and years and years ago that this stuff was happening starting and it's just been building and building yeah now it's like people are finally waking up that you know we're past the 11th hour and they're starting to come alive a little bit I know and and the the very very sad part was Joe some of those people who led the opposition saying you you you have to go along with it we're supposed to obey the government that's what the Bible teaches even if it's totally treasonous which is not what God's word the Bible it's just the opposite and it was coming from the pulpit coming now I happen to know some of those very same prissy preachers then that were preaching that telling their people not to get involved with politics some of the mega churches around have a pastors that are telling them don't get involved and stay out of politics and you know don't you know don't the Bible says where to be salt and light were to be to lead this and so now some of those very same ones now they're in a panic and they're saying you know what we are we're in trouble we're gonna have to do something and we you know all those years 50 years we were telling people let's go back to Brent he's he's starting to warm up now real quick an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure I mean some of those old sayings are so true they've been true for years and they still are all right let's see we get some people to call in 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 we're waiting for you to call we got to hear from you you won't be hearing from us and I'm losing my voice so call right away go ahead you need to go back to a system where we are seeking genuine justice not the convenient way of doing things not the the advertising selling points you know we have to go back to what's true and what's right and what's just and it starts with you it starts with me it starts with the audience here and we're the ones who have to take it and and start watering those seeds and nurturing those seeds to get it back into our system which is one of the ways our system had become such a great country today it is not do you think that the best way to do that is to opt out of the system is to remove yourself from their jurisdiction and we'll talk about taxes in just one second because the IRS is evidently up to all forms of criminality using AI again we'll play that clip in just one second but when you have courts like the ones in New York and the ones in California literally turning into banana republic kangaroo courts the system has been hijacked so how in the world do we do what you just said when the whole system is now basically running like communist china or not the whole system but some portions of the system like these courts i just described there is uh thomas pain thomas pain is my favorite founding father i love thomas jefferson but thomas pain really really goes to my heart and he wrote a brilliant essay in the 18th century called common sense if you've never seen it you can get it it's worth reading at the time everybody read it and in common sense he described government at its very best as a necessary evil now most people take that writing take that quote to mean that government is necessary but i take that to mean and i never forget this that government is fundamentally evil this is important because if you understand that government is necessary e necessarily evil then you do not take actions to support the government you don't get in bed with the devil you don't go out there and take from the evil government and you know a perfect example of that is how many people are on some kind of welfare today it's all promoted you can get this drug and that drug and the other pharmaceutical and it won't cost you anything because medicare is going to pay for it everything is about money everything is about enticing you to do things based on it being cheap it not it not being costly to you and of course people come out well i'm very very ill and i can't afford a doctor or something you know so what else am i going to do and that rationale is what is used to help promote the evil that is government so the answer to your question is truly if you are going to do what is just and righteous you stop using the government for anything you stop paying the government you stop taking from the government you know the government was not created to feed you when you're hungry the government was not created to help make you healthy when you're sick it's not the purpose of government government will tell you that its main purpose is to keep people safe that's not true read the declaration all the foundation of the entire foundation of the united states of america is in the declaration not the constitution and right after the sacred words of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the very next words are to secure these rights governments are instituted in other words the only purpose of government the only purpose is to protect the free exercise of your god-given rights and nothing else it is not for the government to feed you it is not for the government to educate you it is not for the government to give you something because the government doesn't have anything and anything that you are given by the government is taken from other people who may not be as well off as you and there's that means that it is fundamentally immoral for you to take government benefits and the argument well i paid into it i'm entitled to something back you're still dealing with a fundamental evil and when you support an evil you become complicit to the evil that that evil does all right you know i've noticed joe that it seems like people are replacing god with government in so many instances there it's yes government has become the new god and you and i for years have been you know teaching hey the whole bill of rights wasn't expanding your rights it was saying the limits on the federal government the founding fathers gave the federal government about 20 things that it was supposed to do and it reserved everything else to the states and what it didn't give to the states was to the people so what they have to remember the whole idea was about we were to govern ourselves to control ourselves sustain ourselves according to the ten commandments of god this is what a citizen was supposed to do govern yourself control yourself sustain yourself and government was to handle the federal government was to handle those 20 functions given it and everything else was to go to your local state government where you had far more control of than you did in some little place called dc far far away where half the people couldn't find it on the map you know what they've done again the government has gotten so big i mean it's huge yeah it's way away uh it's like a beast that it's got an insatiable appetite it can never get enough it just wants more and more of what belongs to the people and and Biden keeps talking about all the jobs created do you know about other than just some of the jobs that were you know that had gone away during COVID that came back about 80 percent of the jobs created were all what in the federal government yeah it wasn't the federal government's job to create jobs for people all over the this it's the biggest employer that's been hiring since COVID and it's totally wrong it was supposed to be very small very compact and had certain functions to attend to and it is just it well what is it it's like a growing need for power the power key the more power it has the more it wants the more it needs you know it's a cycle it's a almost like an addiction and uh the only way to stop an addiction is to quit feeding the addiction right absolutely star of the beast you know president reagan used to say you know the scariest words in the world are i'm eight words i'm from the government i'm here to help help you yeah help you right and that's not their job to help us no the federal government mary grace pledges 100 thank you mary grace eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three bread is getting just now getting warmed up we're going to get one more short five minute segment and then okay all right let's go back to him for one more five minute segment so the answer to your question is the proper thing to do is stop doing stop using the government for purposes for which it was not created that's that's that's the real answer to it and most people won't do that most people won't buy into that most people aren't going to listen to this show most people are sheeple people give me liberty or give me death how far we have come from those words guys most people don't even recognize what liberty is anymore as this country has us 34 35 trillion dollars in debt and it's just never going to end by the way over at the phaser today 5g is messing with the birds and the birds know check that one out you can also go and check out everything from gateway pundit epoch times sarah westall q anon zero hedge lou rockwell the hagman report you guys get it this is a great one-stop shop but here's where we're going to switch over to the irs using artificial intelligence to spy on and access your bank account without a search warrant friends we've jumped the shark how much more of this despotic dystopia do you want how much will you allow listen it's been using ai to access bank accounts of american citizens without any kind of a search warrant or even without any specific claim that they have committed a crime so this was something that was discovered by an undercover journalist and what they found is that the irs has claimed that they have access to every single person's bank account this person also indicated that they've been working with the department of justice and that they have absolutely no problem whatsoever going after the little guy to make sure that they are paying their taxes this is such a blatant violation of the fourth amendment that we have jim jordan and i sent a letter to the irs demanding that they provide additional information about what they are doing with ai and what they are doing to protect the civil rights of american citizens so congresswoman what's the end game here because at the end of the day you can't put the ai genie back in the bottle and it's so easy easy rather to use these technologies in the way that you're suspecting the irs is how do you protect american citizens and our constitutional rights well one of the things is we need to do administration in november because this administration has been absolutely lawless in terms of its surveillance of us of members of congress of local officials of people who are protesters of voters this this administration has completely ignored the bill of rights whether it's the first amendment the fourth amendment the fifth amendment they have weaponized the government against us so one of the things we have to do is we have to have a new administration come this november all right brent i'm coming back to you whether or not you agree with her about a new administration fixing jack diddly obviously the one we have right now is completely treasonous in my view and her words might be the title of this video absolutely lawless well and and the truth is that the administration or rather the regime you'll notice by the way propaganda 101 any stories that talk about governments allied with the united states have governments that are referred to as administrations any stories that talk about governments that are not allied with the united states have their governments referred to as regimes check it out you'll find out it's always true except except on my website i call them all regimes and the political regime with all due respect to president donald j trump who is still president with all due respect to him that's not the solution the solution is to punish people who violate the law in government or punish people in government who violate the law the constitution by the way there are no constitutional rights the constitution is a a restriction on government you don't get your rights from government endowed by your creator you were not created by the constitution the government was so the constitution there are constitutional guarantees constitutional protections but not constitutional rights and when the government anyone in government elected or appointed violates the prohibitions in the constitution that person is breaking the law and the government is staffed with criminals who seek to violate the constitution what we have to do is we have to develop and impose justice on those people punishment for what they have done already we are back eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three uh we have to do it joe right now you know the founding fathers when they were under the tyranny of britain they didn't let it get near this far i mean uh just think of how far this thing has gone uh with with the usurping of our rights and our freedoms in this country and so uh people you know we are required we are required we are under a charge by almighty god to resist tyranny and unto blood or to death yeah i wonder how many people right now you know the the bill of rights and i'm just looking at them again um you know every one of them is saying this is something the government cannot do it's not your rights it's telling it's really a barring the government from the first one from uh imposing on your rights to free speech you know that first first amendment provides protections the government cannot you know censor your free speech it cannot stop you from assembling to protest now it doesn't say you can burn buildings and you know do bad things but you can't stop you from coming together to protest and you know do things the second amendment the government cannot keep you protects you you know your right to keep and bear arms saying the government cannot infringe on your right to have a gun a firearm you look at all of these the third amendment prevents government from what forcing you to allow certain things soldiers into your homes and allow things to happen like they want to some of these liberal states want you to put up the illegal immigrants in your home well third amendment said the government cannot force you to do things like that against your will you know every one of these bars government from taking away your freedoms and what we've done is we've given government we've let them take over our freedoms one by one little by little by little by little until now we have very few of these rights left that the government hasn't severely encroached on and part of it is back to that my people suffer from lack of knowledge we didn't understand our bibles we didn't understand our government we didn't understand our constitution we didn't understand the declaration of independence and now the nation's paying a price for its ignorance wouldn't you say that's a pretty clear summary well i i think the bible literally spilled it out it's my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge yeah and because you have forgotten me and forgotten my laws i will forget you and your children right and that's what look what's happening to our children we have children killing children we have uh children attacking teachers we have these gangs of young people robbing raping beating and to go back like the eighth amendment absolutely excessive what bail and fines cruel and unusual punishment what are they doing to donald trump what are they doing to all the j-6s what are they doing to the pro-lifers jail without uh bail without uh right it's been over too well he was found guilty and then charged okay so now they're trying to literally trying to put him in this is pure tyranny you've got judicial horrors yeah there he is and he's uh you know you've got a father-daughter judicial horror system there and that are and you've got brag uh these people uh they need this is treason there is high treason we'll be back after this he was born of elizabeth the son of zachariah sent by god the father to proclaim the messiah he was as bold as a lion he knew no fear an awesome man coat of camel hair big john big baptist john big john in the wilderness of judia if you could hear him there he was preaching repentance it was very loud and clear oh generation of vipers who have warned you to flee from the wrath to come better listen pharisee he preached to the sinner the thief and the liar only one way out of that burning lake of fire the truth thundered forth from this righteous man and those that believed found the promised land big john big john big baptist john chosen by the father to baptize the son it was there in the jordan this awesome thing was done the holy ghost descended as if it were a dove a mighty voice thundered from heaven above this is my son in whom i am well pleased john his friend none greater than he he told all the people about god the son he never quit preaching till the job was done big baptist john big john now two thousand years later the story is still being told how he was thrown into prison for being so bold he was martyred for god to him it was an honor he earned himself a mansion heaven way out yonder big john now john's enemies they perished in the shame but john took his place in the saint's hall of fame now in heaven above the angels understood when john preached repentance you sure did it good baptist john now there's one thing john wants you to know it's a fearful matter to lose your own soul to call upon the lord while you still can and better take the advice of this mighty righteous man big baptist john big baptist john big baptist john big baptist john big baptist john big baptist john already folks the the highly highly um treasonous secretary mariokis reveals no measure in place to block illegal immigrants from unlawfully registering and voting see what he says joe is um well that's not our problem my job was to break in as many illegals and um i'm not you know my job is not to try to block them from voting if they want to vote you know let them vote i guess i know how they'll vote right right he knows how they he they want them to vote yeah but again just back to the the corruption and well um here's a story out of california it just amazed me when i first heard it um one of the uh congressman there tried to make um at a felony for uh prostitution uh 16 17 year olds being sold for sex and the california democrats that decided uh yesterday that purchasing a 16 year old for sex is not a felony it should be a felony and uh those these um senator sharon grove from bakersfield democrats in the state public safety committee forced amendments that the author objected to this shannon grove and the amendments denied her efforts to protect 16 and 17 year old children from being purchased as part of commercial sex trafficking and uh there's a long story big battle going on but what they came up with was well in california we decided that a 16 year old is of age yeah and if it's the age of consent if a 16 year old can consent to sex well then it shouldn't be a felony to solicit sex from a 16 year old even if she's being trafficked but it's interesting because uh you know all of the stuff that a 16 year old cannot do and i was thinking about it they you have to be uh 18 to buy a lottery ticket you have to be 21 to purchase a cigarette because it's dangerous to your health and uh but you can sell your body at 16 and that's old enough um this world is going crazy out there and uh what they're trying to do is just make everything that's a sin legal and then go after everybody that's wants to be righteous and godly and make what they're doing illegal i mean again you know we've folks you've we're we've come to this point in america because you've allowed it and and over and over uh there have been those that are speaking out trying to trying to warn you know just like in the days of noah he preached 120 years of the people and trying to warn the people and i know we've been doing it for 50 years and others and they just been it's like oh oh well now uh things are moving very very quickly and you know again uh we we have obama the treasonous obama first of all brent was right donald trump is still the legitimate president of this united states i don't recognize obama as a president i recognize him as as a high highly treasonous imposter right cheater yeah you know and so here folks is right now there's no more time you either stand up with everything you have and you say well what if we get into a real war this well you know what it's it's it's heading that way and the one thing the only thing that can prevent that is repentance and repentance is action it's standing up and it's taking your country back if you refuse to do that we're not going to put up with this communist revolution no we're not going to send our children to government schools where they're teaching all kinds of things that we don't want them to know showing them pictures that they shouldn't be seen teaching them about you know they can have their mutilate their little bodies at 8 10 12 years old you know we have to start doing something if it means you know doing something painful it's time we took the pain pull your kids out of the schools i mean that's one of the things everybody can do grandparents can help teach homeschool everybody it's time to pull together and do something because if we don't i think if we lose this election uh the united states of america is no more i know that we knew and grew up in will not be the same ever again you know and here already and you know kangaroo court jesse waters reveals the first seven new york jurors in trump's rigged criminal case it is rigged it's his criminal um that uh juan merkin and his daughters again uh they his daughter they these are put judicial horse they have sold they've committed treason high treason they're referring to and all recused i mean his daughter is making millions of dollars off of this trial raising funds for democrats right there i mean conflict of interest he should have been recused but oh no democrats don't recuse themselves only republicans do in other words there's in other words corruption to them um you know they have no decency they have no honor they have no integrity uh it's just unbelievable that we've come to this in america today and so but anyhow god's on the throne he's still in charge and you know we have we have our marching orders we are to run to this battle and so and lord help me get well so i can run to the battle you know what you just said about the um uh the public schools you have one really good uh christian school well there's more than one good christian school but one that i know of is agape christian academy i know because uh i know the folks that started that rust and sue gifford and it went from about six people when we first started to several hundred students now and they're having a banquet dinner it's an evening with dane ortland the author of gentle and lowly uh the heart of christ sinners and sufferers and that's going to be held on the 26 april 26 friday night from 6 30 to 9 p.m at the parkside church at 7100 petty bone road in bainbridge tickets are 45 and includes a banquet dinner the phone number well you can go to well the phone number is four four zero eight three four eighty twenty two now four four zero eight three four eighty twenty two there will be a lot of people from doers of the word baptist church there because we are really highly supporting christian schools and especially agape and uh i will be there lord's willing always say that meeting and greeting people so come on out again that address is uh 7100 petty bone road in bainbridge and that's at the parkside church and that's april 26 it's a week from friday from 6 to 9 30 p.m all right there you go now we we have approximately joe uh around 18 minutes left until where they can call in tonight to the program approximately 18 minutes so we need to hear from you folks again um right away the phone number the phones haven't been ringing joe they haven't been ringing oh yeah you haven't mentioned yeah any of the donations for a while have you no it's uh we haven't and that's because they're not they're not calling maybe they don't care for us okay that's the folks out there pearl sick pastor ernie i might just go home and die well it's just real simple if we don't hear from you there's going to be stations we will not be able to stay on and the station that you're listening to us uh tonight they will be one of them huh we have to be able to pay the bills and we can't pay the bills at the station we have to uh give the slot to somebody else we only have about nine hours a month where we could go on for pledge week nine hours a month we got to raise enough money for the entire rest of the month in those nine hours and that's because we don't want to continue having pledge week you know we we don't really like asking for money at all do we no it's not something we like to do we'd rather just be busy preaching the gospel teaching something about the constitution the founding fathers you know the warning about something happening in government but uh we have to uh be able to pay the bills at the stations we're on and we know that the opposition now the only media that we have that the conservatives have and that's that's am talk radio yeah that's it one that we uh they're strong in everything else we're behind in yeah well they're coming out they want to come after that they want to completely silence the christian voice all together well that's why the last story we did last week uh george soros buying up over 400 radio stations across the country and different venues and other people are trying to other people on the left are trying to get into the media this is one of the reasons that's the strong point so they've got to shut us down we've got to get trump back in in in the white house uh folks because um the trees in the high trees and these people um by the way you know the supreme court's going to be hearing a case and they're going to be hearing a january 6 case um and there's some lawsuits already being filed the branson you remember the branson case that's still there yeah and that that would literally put the entire democratic communist party congress in jail oh there's two actually january 6 they had what was it this week they heard the opening arguments on the on some of the january 6 i want two of the charges so the they'll be ruling early this summer on what they started with the uh listening to the motions i think it was what monday yeah monday's listen to them all right how much time do i have style pardon all righty okay folks i'm going to give you those numbers again eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero remember what i said yesterday if you didn't call i was going to ask joe not to eat until you call i didn't want to do that i have i have oh no here we go there you go so eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three uh we need to hear from you and so the guys in the back room they're sitting there just looking at each other they'd rather be read from luke chapter six verse 38 give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom for with the same measure that ye meet with all it shall be measured to you again god isn't saying you're going to become rich and wealthy but he's saying that wherever you are that when you give he will make sure that you can continue to keep giving you know of a poor somebody that has a small income gives 10 20 she'll make sure that you won't suffer that you'll be able to continue doing that and the rich person that can donate three four or five thousand dollars if he donates god will make sure he's able to keep you know giving and uh he's never saying you're going to be rich and famous but it will not harm if you're doing something that glorifies him he will assist you all right right don't i yeah you got it right when they're not calling do you think that means that they don't like us anymore uh or maybe they shut down one of the stations we're on and we're not nobody's hearing hmm well maybe they like us but they don't like lisa now we're going to go after lisa what i gotta yeah i do want to remind the listeners out there that god says that if you support a ministry that is doing anything that glorifies him uh you get to share in the blessing so if you do donate to this ministry we've got a trucking ministry people working in hospice the prison ministry right to life all the different things that people involved in the ministry have done are under process of doing anything that glorifies god when you donate and support this ministry god says you get to share in the blessing so it's one way you can lay up some crowds and treasures in heaven by supporting the work that we're doing all righty very good we don't forget the pro-life ministry joe we got about you have five you you got five minutes yeah we've saved over in this ministry folks you people since we've been on the radio over 24 000 babies have been saved from abortion directly because of this radio ministry and think about that i know you say well that's that's a lot but that's been over 50 years they they kill way more than that one year yeah well we uh we were listen if it would just been one it would have been worth it but yeah but we need your we need your help the value of a human life that's that's an awful lot of human lives you got four minutes joe tell them how to get to heaven i will i one of the hymns that we sing often rescue the perishing care for the dying snatch them in pity from sin in the grave weep or the erring one lift up the fallen tell them that jesus the mighty to save rescue the perishing duty demands it strength for thy labor the lord will provide back to the narrow way patiently win them tell the poor wanderer a savior has died uh i just did a couple of verses the first and fourth but one of the biggest things that we're called to do is rescue those who are perishing and the trouble is many times they don't realize they're perishing they're on their way to hell they've made choices god doesn't send anybody to hell you make choices that determine where you spend eternity whether you go to heaven or whether you go to hell the one choice that the right choice you can make is by accepting jesus christ as lord and savior becoming a new man scripture tells us second corinthians 5 17 if any man be in christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new you have a new birth a new spiritual baptism you become this new person when you are in christ well how do you get in christ you become a born again believer you see it's a spiritual thing romans 8 9 through 10 but ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit so if so be that the spirit of god dwell in you now if any man has not the spirit of christ he is none of his and if christ be in you the body is dead because of sin but the spirit is life because of righteousness you call upon god the father and with a true repentant heart confess that your sins put his son on that cross you know god i'm a sinner i need a savior i'm sorry for my sins that put your son on that cross he had to go and die take my place pay the price for my sins and if you do that with a repentant heart call upon god you will be forgiven and then you can call upon jesus christ and you can ask jesus to become lord of your life all of your life that you give yourself completely without hesitation without reservation and then the wonderful thing happens he will send you the holy spirit jesus said i'm in the father the father and me and i am in you what through the indwelling of the holy spirit of god and then it says you know he will give us a new heart we will become a new creature a born-again believer a child of the kingdom and we will it will be by the spirit of god first corinthian 6 11 and such were some of you sinners but ye are washed that ye are sanctified but ye are justified in the name of the lord jesus and by the spirit of our god you become your own high priest your body becomes the temple of the living god he dwells in you guides and directs you you will find joy peace and happiness that you've never known and you are on that highway to heaven growing in knowledge and love of our lord and savior and your salvation is one minute joe i'm sorry one minute oh one minute okay i miss i misunderstood you i was thinking out loud uh this process is something only you can do we can tell you what you should do the decision is up to you the decision to do that repenting which means you do an about face you turn from a life of sin turn toward christ and live by his commandments his statutes his judgments and believe in him and i know a lot of born-again believers who are so happy so glad that they did they just can't wait to go and tell people about their salvation and their happiness the peace they found we can witness to you and tell you but you have to learn to know jesus christ yourself and i don't believe i have religion i have a personal relationship that's what you have to have a personal relationship and and uh folks uh we'll be here until to midnight about seven more minutes so uh we're at that point where we come to every night where we say good night say good night we say god bless and then we say always always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content the three-star general michael j flinn head of the pentagon intelligence agency knew all the government's dirty secrets he was one of the most respected generals in the military flinn knew what the intel world had been up to he understood its funding he ordered the first audit of the use of contractors this set off alarm bells the explosive new documentary flint deliver the truth whatever the cost and covers the facts behind this scandal flinn told the truth he was the most dangerous person for donald trump to hire i find out the worst enemy that i'm going to face in my life is right here in america they took my assessment and they wanted me to change it i was like not changing it they had to get rid of flint with in-depth interviews archival footage and never before seen personal record to the man behind the headlines i just felt like i was drowning flinn deliver the truth whatever the cost available now watch it today go to
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