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FRI HR 2 030824

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 9, 2024 12:02 am

FRI HR 2 030824

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 9, 2024 12:02 am

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Hello America, it's Ted from Consumer Cellular, the guy in the orange sweater, and this is your wake-up call. If you don't have Consumer Cellular yet, now is the perfect time to switch and save. For a limited time, new customers can get wireless service for as low as $15 a month for your first year. Yep, the same exact nationwide coverage as the leading carriers for $15 a month for an entire year. What are you waiting for? Call 1-888-FREEDOM or visit and use code RADIO15.

See slash firstyear15 for promotional details. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alright, Nate, no not Nate Cain, Ned, no Jake Lang, Jake Lang is a, Jake Lang is a January 6th hostage held by that completely corrupt government there, Communist government in Washington D.C. He's a hostage along with many, many other American patriots held by the Communist Party there. Now, we've had him on this radio program who managed to get out and call in here three times. Now they've moved him, they're doing diesel therapy with him.

They've moved him over 15 times to 15 different jails, they just keep moving him back and forth. And here, I talked to his father just today and his father Ned right now was, when I talked to him a little while back, he said he was trying to find him again. Ned is, Ned is, we taped a program and he's going to tell his story so just go ahead Johnny and take it away. Welcome to the program Ned. Ned is a Christian patriot and he is the father of J6 or January 6 Christian patriot hostage, Jake Lang. And with that, I'm just going to let you just tell your story. We've had Jake on here several times but Ned, go ahead, I'm going to tell you it would have to be frustrating to be a father in your position. What they've done to your son, being in jail for over three years without even a hearing yet but just take it away my friend. Thank you Pastor, I appreciate it.

So, it's quite a story, you know, it's kind of disheartening that we're in this position. I come from a family of veterans, my father fought as a Marine in Korea, my brother is a Marine in Vietnam, my other brother is a Coast Guard pilot and a Coast Guard officer and I was in the Coast Guard for five years as a Petty Officer as a boatswain mate and my daughter also served in the military as well. So, here we are today, I'm a big promoter of what's good and right in this country, I believe in President Trump, he did a great job for us for four years, it was a great experience. I actually hired a few charter buses and took 40 different people down to DC and watched the different rallies we had down there. It was just a religious experience, it was just beautiful and President Trump did great things for this country. I fortunately was not there on January 6th, I couldn't be, my business was calling me in other directions. My son went to January 6th and as you can see from the videos, he was there not to harm a person, not to hurt cops, not to attack cops, he was actually calling cops off.

In the videos in our documentary, which you can watch on the letter J,, I put together a documentary that showed the truth about J6 and that's just about J6, why J6 happened. And getting back to my son, he was there calling off the cops, you're hurting people, you're killing people, stop. And he was outside the west tunnel and Roseanne Boylan actually died in his arms. He saved a patriot that day, a black man, and pulled him out, big guy, big guy, really nice guy. And they saved another patriot, Tommy Caden as well, Phillip Anderson was the first patriot he saved, and then Phillip Anderson after that, and the cops kept on going after these people. And as you can see from the different videos, this was back in the 60s, people down there, they believed the election was stolen, which I believe it was, and as we're seeing today, it probably very, very, very definitely was. They were out there protesting peacefully, and it was a peaceful protest, and it was a setup because in our documentary you can see the Capitol Police and the folks that were assigned to the Capitol opened up the magnetic doors, which take about four or six tons just to open those doors. But they opened them up with the magnetic box, they let these J6 patriots in, everybody was peaceful there, they came in, the shaman went into the Senate chamber, escorted by the DC police or the internal people in the Capitol. And it was a peaceful protest until the police used lethal force on the static crowd, and when you have men, women, children peacefully protesting, and you fire active gas canisters, chair gas canisters in them, which is lethal force. Patriot Black was shot above the shoulders by these rubber bullets, and they were shooting people above the shoulders, which is lethal force, those bullets can kill. And when they used those flashbang grenades and that tear gas that they used, which killed Roseanne Boylan, you incite a crowd, you incite violence because people are fighting for their lives, and there's no use, there's no need for them to do that. Peaceful people there were peacefully protesting, you did have some antifa, and some other folks in there, and I'm sure some other folks in J6 that were not so nice, and they should be arrested. But when you used that lethal force on the static crowd and men, women, children, I myself became violent is not a question in my mind because you're trying to save those around you by a violent, corrupt administration that just wanted to arm these folks. And when you talk about police brutality. Can we just hold for a second because we know for a fact that the FBI had at least 40 or 50 something insurgents in there.

And question how many how many did you have in there, Christopher Ray said he didn't know the answer but there were other FBI agents former FBI agents that were there, and said that they, they counted at least 40 or more FBI insurgents these people were there to stir up a problem that you know for years and years we fought my whole life I've been fighting against communism. And now it's here, right in America. And so now we're, we're fighting and that's what we're fighting we're fighting the anti Christ communistic system.

But I'm sorry go right ahead. You're exactly right pastor I mean this is, this is really a very decisive battle about what's good and good versus evil. After my son was there and save those people he, you know, he tried to save other people stuff like that and did we had to do against a police force that was using lethal force on a static crowd and people are just trying to survive and fight for their lives. He came back home, and he was shot actually by a rubber bullet and some other injuries, and they arrested on January 16 2021.

And then the reality of what the Biden regime is this cruel tyrannical machine. Very very gender driven against anybody that stands up against them really is all about my son has been locked up in prison and done hard time. He's been 15 prison he's now back in Brooklyn. Again, we'll talk about that in a minute. From one prison to another prison to another prison to another prison, it's impossible, it's impossible as an American citizen and right now it's the, you know, the right wing folks the people that believe in a conservative, you know, honest government that doesn't overstep its bounds that believes in democracy that believes in people's right to make a living and believes in, you know, the capitalist society, and less government is better. To a certain extent, and, and you know the Christian beliefs of what is good light in this country.

And so, fast forward now. My son is his, I mean he's been subjugated to a lot of abuse in prison you can beat up, put in solitary confinement for 232 days, and one in DC jail. He's in his 15 prison and it's actually impossible, it's not even impossible, it's impossible for any American citizen, and he's a free citizen, he's not convicted of a crime. To try to form some sort of a defense when every four or five months they take you from the prison, leave all your evidence there, your computer, and actually doesn't even have a cord for power in his computer in the DC jail. And then they move you off the risk of way to another prison, and then you have to do two weeks in solitary confinement.

It's crazy COVID. And then you settle in and start to speak to your family and your attorneys again. And then recently, he was taken out of, I visited him in early February, and after that, he went back to his cell in February, excuse me that Tuesday, and he was taken from the Department of Treatment, Treatment facility to the actual heart or DC jail, put in solitary confinement down the balance in DC jail where all the hard violent criminals are, and put in shackles.

And he slept on a little, not even a blanket, it's just a little foam mattress, if you will. They don't give you a knife and fork or anything, you don't see daylight. Every other day for two hours, they bring you out of your cell, they put you in shackles and take you to the shower, and go to the shower, and then you are left by your own for maybe an hour, hour and a half, and then put back in shackles, put back in your cell. And this is, remind me, this is an American citizen that is not convicted of a crime. And then for eight days, we didn't hear about him. So I actually traveled out to Lewisburg, a week ago this past Sunday. He was there, all of a sudden he showed up, he was there in Lewisburg, so I traveled out there on Sunday, and that morning before I traveled out, he was all of a sudden not on the Bureau of Prisons website anymore, but I wanted to find my son. So I traveled out to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, spent three hours, got out there, and the guard couldn't find him. I said, listen, I'm not leaving here until you find my son.

This is ridiculous, nobody has heard from his mom, myself, his attorney, his fiancé, nobody has heard from in seven days, and all I want to know is that. So, and I said, I'm not leaving here until you find, tell me where he's at. So finally the guards made some phone calls, whatever he had to do, and found that he was cell block A in Lewisburg. So he brought me back up to the counter, and he says, he's in cell block A, and I said, okay, great, then I can see him. He said, no you can't, he's in lockdown, no we can visit him in cell block A. So I brought out, I had a copy of their rules, and I said, well listen, supposedly anybody that I was approved can visit an inmate in Lewisburg from eight o'clock to three o'clock on Saturday or Sunday. And the guy said, no, sorry, they're locked in, so I left, and they transferred, and he's now in Brooklyn prison again. He was in general population in Brooklyn, federal prison, which is a really tough, nasty, hard prison. A lot of bad guys there, and presumably they don't like people like us that are Christians or believe in President Trump or whatever. And then, so we just find out, I was just on the phone with Jake's attorney, and we now have the government, the government having one of its federal officers actually going on Twitter.

His name is Staff Sergeant Ganell Aquiliano, I'm looking at it right now. He posts on Twitter, he posts on Twitter that my son fought against him in the West Tunnel, and that he wants Antifa to know, and here's this, he fought me in the tunnel. I hope other inmates find out they wanted to fight Antifa. So this is a federal officer actually putting on Twitter as an officer, apparently, that he is promoting violence against my son as a political prisoner, a hostage in the Biden Museum in Brooklyn, actually promoting violence against my son. This is what the government has stooped down to. They are actually using their officers, who were not officers, this guy's a scoundrel, if this is what he did, he's a scoundrel. He needs to be put in prison. They're using their folks.

You're right. You know, what they do too, Ned, when they move them from prison to prison to prison to prison, that's what they did with Dr. Hovind, Ken Hovind. They call that diesel therapy. And sometimes what they do is they don't even if, the idea is to keep them away from the press, keep them away from the media, keep them away from family too, like you. And so sometimes what they'll do is they'll put them on a bus. They have buses that run 24 hours a day and they'll put inmates on these buses and they'll just drive them from one town to the other. They'll stop.

They'll change drivers. You know, they'll stop to eat. They let them go in and use the bathroom, so on and so forth. But then they put them back on the bus.

We had a situation where there was in one bus in the back there was a cage. We had a lady. They had her on there. They wanted to keep her. She was the only woman on the bus. They had a little cage of her own in the back so the men couldn't get to her.

But she couldn't use the bathroom or anything until they decided to stop for her. But yeah, he is definitely a hostage. And these people, we're going to do everything we can to make sure those people that put him there end up in the same places.

Yes, yes, exactly right. We have become, this country under the Biden regime has become nothing more than a banana republic. We are the laughingstock of every democracy and we're supposed to be the world leaders in democracy. Putin actually, I don't like Putin. Nobody likes Putin. What he's doing is horrible. But Putin actually called Biden out. He says, so this is, America is what the world leadership of democracy looks like.

This is what every country that the democratic society wants to aspire to. You are now trying to lock up by this certain political opponent, is trying to now lock up his chief political opponent who's in every means necessary, weaponizing the DOJ, weaponizing the FBI, doing everything they possibly can. New York State is, and I'm a New York State resident, and this government in New York State and the political system in New York State is horrible.

I'll be moving out soon. And a lot of people that have any influence, you know, of any ambition or influence should move out of New York State and just make New York State suffer. But the bottom line is that these people are using their positions, their power to actually corrupt our society, corrupt our democracy, trying to lock up President Trump, trying to harm our prisoners, trying to harm our, I shouldn't even say prisoners, our American citizens who have become prisoners.

Even if you're found innocent, you're still doing three, four, five years of hard time. And you have a very, very good possibility of being harmed in prison because you have this scum, like I just talked about, that said officer, who's actually promoting violence against a J-6er, my son, on social media, on Twitter. What is his name again? I'm sorry? What is his name again? You need to get his name out.

Yes, sir. Now, I don't know if, you know, I don't do any social media, but I've been, I've been, everybody's been sending me this stuff all day long. On Twitter, apparently, his name is Staff Sergeant Janelle, G-O-N-E-L-L, comma, A-Q-U-I-L-I-N-O. Sergeant Aquillo on X. And so I don't know if it's him or not.

I have to say that because I don't do any social media. But if this is him, if this is what the government has stooped down to, to use their own, I don't want to say an officer, this guy's not an officer, their own, and he's just an employee, to actually promote violence against folks that are not even, even if they were prisoners. That's abhorrent. To promote violence against anybody by the Biden administration is absolutely abhorrent, and this individual should be arrested.

If this is true. They all should. So should Byrd, Officer Byrd, who shot that young lady in, you know, in point blank range. Yes.

Yes, and I know Mick, her mother, very, very well. She's a wonderful, wonderful woman, and she's down in D.C. every day trying to clear her daughter's name and what, you know, that guy Byrd, she's definitely here. He should be sitting in prison for the rest of his life.

He executed that young lady. Absolutely. He should be. Yes, sir. Yes. So this is where we're at. So my son is doing great things. He started Blessed News Network. On a good note, you know, I'm the eternal optimist, and my son has started Blessed News Network. It's BNN on your app, and he's also raised almost a million dollars, I'm going to say, at this point, helping other J-6 Patriots out with their legal fees, paying their bills, paying their car payments, paying their house payments, helping them see their loved ones in jail, paying their commissaries. He's done great, great, great things. He continues to do great things, even under such harsh conditions.

You can go to or, which is where my documentary is, and help these folks out and, you know, continue to make a positive effect. But we're not stopping. We're not laying down. They better not harm my son in prison. But other than that, you know, we'll continue to fight, and they're not going to keep us down no matter what. And this is where the fight needs to stay, and President Trump needs to be our next president. Pray, God.

Absolutely. Yeah, we definitely, we have to make sure that there will be no justice. First of all, the election was stolen. Anyone and everyone that says that election was not stolen is a liar and not a bitter truth in them. And you will not put any of them, will not come on this radio program and sit across from me.

And I'm so ashamed. I'm ashamed, too, those on Fox News, people like Bret Baier, Susan Smith, Neil Cabuto. You know, you would expect the NBC, ABC, PMS, NBC, all in CBS, you would expect them to go the communist route. Whatever their leaders tell them, their masters, that's the narrative, and they will lie. To them, lying is necessary. I mean, it's required to them. It really is. And so, but to have Bret Baier say fair and balanced, and then I'm going to tell you, I can't believe he did that.

And I went after him time again on the air, and I know he felt it, too. But we got to get, those people need, Nancy Pelosi, all of those on that so-called chip panel that was the, what they call the executive panel or whatever committee. They all, every one of them needs to go to prison. Every one of them. They need to be.

Now, is there any chance, though, that Jake's case is going to hit the Supreme Court? So let me just add something before. So I own and operate one of the largest fudge processing facilities in New York State, as well as eight homey franchises and a portable toilet business. So everyone out there can make a difference. So I used to advertise on the radio, TV. After things started melting down, when President Trump was getting elected, I stopped doing any advertising, any radio station, any TV station that did not promote Fox News.

And then when Fox News called the election early in Nevada and called the election to Biden, I stopped at that point. I will not advertise. I won't spend one dollar with any type of media, Fox News or any other type of media. There's other ways to promote your business. Google apparently has learned and I don't see them being politically active and they're smart. But you can you can fight back with your with your dollars and just boycott as businessmen and women. Just boycott any Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, boycott them. I only listen to I only support any Newsmax criteria.

I bought some properties where I can actually put up my own billboards and promote my business. And so I think that Google's being smart. And as far as I know, I've not seen anything where they're trying to harm people that think like us. And if they do, then there'll be other means that we can, other advertising that we can use.

So boycott Fox News and all these other news channels. As far as my son, getting back to your question. Yes, we have a we have a search before the Supreme Court of the United States and two other J6 patriots do have the same thing as well. Judge Nichols, who is, you know, I think a lot of Judge Nichols is a good man. I wish he would give my son bail at this point because my son's life is in jeopardy. And it's good. It's beyond just just the reality. It shouldn't be on any rationale to keep my son locked up while the Supreme Court is deciding whether the 1512 to see obstruction of Congress charge is still pending.

And that's my son. I believe it'll be it'll be released. They'll not get that Supreme Court will knock it down. There was not one J6 patient that was there. That is that is subjected to the 1512 to see charge.

That was from the 90s when the company. But anyway, they were hiding all their evidence and destroying all their evidence. And that that charge that that that law is really about destroying and tempering evidence. And not one J6 patient was there.

My son was never in the Capitol. He was outside the Capitol trying to save other patients and their families. So that that that charge should be struck down. I believe it will be President Trump is also also has two counts of that bum.

Jack Smith and and those charges, I believe, will be also there'll be really those charges. Well, I mean, the Supreme Court would do the right thing. We will be out there protesting support of the Supreme Court, picking that up when they argue it in April. And there'll be a bunch of us out there promoting and supporting the Supreme Court because we know that good shall prevail over evil right over wrong.

The court will see fit to charge that horrible charge that all of these very, very liberal, gender driven judges in D.C. have allowed to stand against these J6 patriots. And there's not one of them there that did anything to destroy any any evidence in the Capitol. And that's not it was not their purpose. They were there. They were there to to protest. Like in the 60s, a election that was stolen from them. And they were peacefully protesting public options, excessive force. Well, you're absolutely right. And I think this, too, President Trump gets back in and they're going to do try everything they can possibly try to stop it.

And you know that. And but if he gets back in and I'm talking about election fraud, I don't mean, you know, in that they're going to do things that are legal. I mean, this is as much illegal as they can.

They're going to use what they call lawfare. But if he gets in, I've heard that he's planning on pardoning the entire all the J6s in one stroke of the pen. And hopefully we get we get Jake out before before January 21st.

Hopefully we get him out much sooner. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thanks, Pastor. Yeah, absolutely. So there's a there's a moment I understand.

And I'm I'm all about it. There is a very, very organic new force out there that is actually tabulating all of the different counties and townships. How many voters there are in those counties and townships throughout the nation. And when when you see that all of a sudden you had 80 percent or 120 percent of that township or that county vote. That's easy, easy, easy red flag.

And you take the court. So if the Democrats try to do this, there's about harvesting again. And I'm I don't know a lot about it, but I'm definitely going to get on board.

I'm definitely going to donate a lot of money to it. But there's a groundswell now of an organic organic bunch of folks who are going out and checking out the voter rolls throughout this country and and tallying tallying them. And I don't care if you're a Republican, Democrat in Pennsylvania, but there's only so many voters in every district. And those numbers are skewed and too many ballots are credited in that particular district.

There will be lawsuits and stuff like that. So that's the only way to stop this thing is to find out the truth about how many people can vote in that particular district and then hold them to that. And listen, normally in a presidential election, as you know, I think 45, 50 percent of people vote. So if you see much over that in a particular district, you definitely are definitely concerned. And that's what needs to happen here is a total overlay of the voting amount of voters in this country. And then when when that number is skewed, that number needs to be appealed.

I think you could expect a much higher turnout in November because the people in this country are very, very well. The patriots are very angry about what took place. And not only that, but we've seen what they're doing.

Look, we're up against communism. Joe Biden has brought in, we have right now on American soil, 50,000 national Chinese soldiers. These are people that are brought in in plainclothes. But these are military people here. They're here all together. You have five million Chinese nationals.

And on our soil, we have almost 47 million illegal aliens on our soil right now in this country. They're being flown in. They're being flown in in the middle of the night and to different cities all across the country. They know that they cannot win an election, a fair and square election. What they would they and we're under right now, this is a we're in a state of war and this is a communist insurrection into the country. And what they did with Donald Trump was a coup.

It was a coup. And so anyhow, so I think you're going to see a major turnout. The Communist Party is going to try every dirty trick in the book that you can expect that.

Our side is going to turn out in huge numbers. And, you know, we've we had some cases up here before where people went in to vote and they were told they already voted. Couldn't vote because they are already voted when they didn't vote. And of course, well, it's always whenever they find all of these ballots that were never placed, they're always Republican ballots.

Yeah. And so anyhow, the American people are saying we're fed up. I give absolute no legitimacy to the FBI. I give no legitimacy to the Department of Justice or to the CIA. I do not reckon them as legitimate organizations because of what they've done.

They've betrayed America and they've committed high treason. One hundred percent. And that's why, you know, if there is a I mean, you pick the number, but if there is a overabundance of voters in a particular district, especially if it's over 90 percent, that number, you know, that needs to count. And then you vote to take a hand vote to a hand on the count of the votes that came from that district and make sure those people were allowed to vote.

And when you have 900 people like they did in the last election, 900 people registered at one house, you know something's very wrong, don't you? Yes, sir. Well, go ahead and tell the folks again how they can help, Jay, because we only have a minute or two left. But tell them how they can they can help get Jake out again. Well, well, we're fighting. We're actually going to go.

The judge is going to have another hearing. We're going hard against the corrupt DOJ and the Biden administration here. But my sense, if you want to donate money and help all the J6 Patriots out, you can go to J6 legal dot com J letter J number six legal dot com. You can also donate through J six truth dot org. My son is Jake Lang and he has done great things. And he's his best news network.

It's B and it's an act on your cell phone, on your Apple. And it's got I guess you've got 80 different podcasters on there now. He's done all that from behind prison bars. He's an amazing young man. And we're going to continue to fight and we're going to hold this government accountable. Pray God, President Trump win. But in the meantime, you know, we're going to hold the Biden administration accountable and expose everything they're doing to my son and other J6ers. They're still in the rest of the J6 just, you know, they're still arresting these poor folks who are even in the vicinity, which is so egregious. Meanwhile, BLM and people walk away. You'll see that in my documentary, the same crimes that they are accused of committing.

BLM and Jason and Tifa just walk away, not even not even just not even arrest, not just just maybe a ticket to do that. And these six patriots are being held in prison for years, destroying their families, destroying their homes, destroying their, you know, trying to destroy the people. But we're stronger than them. And we shall we shall survive and shall overcome. And we'll do a peaceful and righteous righteously. And we will hold these people that have done so much harm to our patriots and this president, President Trump accountable.

And they will be the ones that will be prosecuted and put in jail. OK, Ned, you have an open invitation. Any time you want to get back on, you just let me know.

We'll put you back on. I'm going to be fighting these things with everything we have here. And I'm seeing the American people are getting fed. And we may very well be heading towards a bloody civil war in this country. And they're not going to like it.

The war that they're bringing upon them, they're not going to like it if it happens. Anyhow, my friend, God bless you. And we're with you. And I appreciate your I appreciate, you know, allowing me to be on and speaking on behalf of my son and I. All right. And next time you come on, we're out of time for today.

But the next time, give yourself a plug, because I'm on all five boroughs in New York and give your business a plug on me. I don't think I appreciate that, Pastor. You're the best. Thank you, sir. God bless. Thanks. Bye bye.

All right. There he is. And to run a business, you have to have you got to advertise. And I can understand what he does, John.

That's why we we didn't have any businesses advertising in this radio ministry because of the communists would go after them and harass them and whatever. So we depend upon individual people out there. And that's the way it's been for 50 years. So what's your commentary and all that, John Mccurnan? Wow. Wow. Wow.

Festering. It's hard to put words on it. I really appreciate his his spirit in this. You know, he was wasn't like extremely bitter. And he was really had God's grace in his life. And just what a testimony.

What a testimony. That's got to be really hard. I could just imagine, you know, that with my son in that dirty, filthy jail. You know, I wouldn't stop until I got him out. And I know you do the same thing. Absolutely.

Yeah. I mean, you the way he spoke and carried himself and the whole circumstances stack him up against this Smith guy with Trump, the prosecutor for Trump. And those those those officers there in the prisons and their attitudes and what they're doing. I mean, what a contrast. What a contrast. No integrity, no honor, no decency. Jack Smith, you know, thing of those people, nothing amongst amongst they have to go ahead. They have concerning his brute power.

That's it. They've corrupted the power that God has given us. They've corrupted it for their own. Just like they're like sadists and they're lonesome, lonesome people.

Yeah, they are. But I mean, when you take a look at this, it's like right in your face. It's like Joe Biden. You remember, John, we told people I told people on jet on October 6th when when Hamas went into Israel and to Gaza there. And Biden came out immediately when Biden came out the news media, we were going to stand by our ally Israel. I said very quickly, folks, he will betray them. See, to us, betrayal is repulsive. To them, it's not.

And I said he would soon. So out in the open above the table, he was supporting Israel. But below the table, he was pumping in billions of dollars to Iran.

And what do you think they did with that money? Yeah, I mean, they fund their terror. Iran is a terrorist organization and under it they have different branches. They've been supporting Hamas. They've been supporting Hezbollah. They're supporting the Houthis there in Yemen.

And then there's other smaller groups that they're supporting. They're looking to build nuclear weapons. And they've said that they'll use the nuclear weapons against Israel. They've already said that. Well, and we're giving them money.

I know. And I know it's just like, too, that they're they corrupt the completely and totally corrupt, completely corrupt Biden regime. I mean, if we give them money, if we give Iran money, which especially through Obama, I mean, there was untold amounts of money. It was like six or eight billion in cash that they gave Iran. And if they build a nuclear weapon with that or that money is used to build a nuclear weapon, who's to say they wouldn't use it against us? So when these people do that, when they have government operations where they give that money in the open to like Iran, that money gets funneled back a percentage, a kickback, a certain maybe even 10 percent or whatever.

It gets kicked back to these corrupt politicians. Now, where did you think Obama got the money to build that big mansion there right on the oceanfront? Oh, you mean the one that he's afraid of global warming and the oceans rising faster? Is that the mansion that you're thinking about?

Yeah. You know, when you take a look at the did you see what Kerry said about the war in Ukraine? I think it was yesterday. Did you see what he said yesterday?

That has to be one of the lamest statements I've seen this year. Did you share it on yesterday's show? No, go ahead and tell folks about it.

Go ahead. Yeah, and I'm not making this up. John Kerry, the former secretary of state, now he works for Biden as what the global warming czar or something. He said the American people, no, Russia has to cut its carbon gases there during this war, and the American people would support Russia more. They would get behind Russia if Russia didn't use so much, you know, the carbon during the war. Something like that, Mr. Ernie, is what he said. Yeah, it's a carbon footprint. If Russia could, he would appreciate them more. It's all right if you're killing people, right? And here's a guy, John Kerry, that flies his jet all around the country, and what is it, his one flight in his jet would put as much carbon monoxide in the atmosphere as what, one person that lives for 40 years?

Something like that? Mr. Ernie, you've got to understand, he's the elite. The elite operate under different rules. Someone did a little research upon Al Gore and his use of electricity. Now, you don't hear too much about Al Gore anymore, do you, Pester?

No, he's kind of laying low, I think. I'm not sure. Well, he has a couple like enormous houses, a super mansion, and his electric build would be like a small town to light up his house and use all the electricity. It's an enormous amount, but that's okay. We have to live like in caves and be like Fred Flintstone and our vehicles there, but he drives around and who knows how many vehicles and his private plane and his house could light up a small town, but that's okay, Pester.

That's okay. Yeah, you know, you're seeing again that they're trying to totally eliminate the middle class of people. They want simply the elite billionaire class, and if you look at who's got most of the billionaires, it's not the Republicans, is it? Isn't that amazing? It's the Democrats, aren't they, for the little guy, Pester Ernie, for the working men? Isn't that the Democrats?

What about NBC, ABC, CBS, PMS, NBC? That's what Richard Metcalfe would tell you, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, they're for the working man, the little guy, Pester. Well, John, I'm going to tell you, America needs to repent out there today, and this is very, very important. We're telling you folks out there two things they need to do. One, they make your salvation sure. Folks, listen to me.

All of the science, everything that is happening out there is telling you that, as the Bible says, when you see, Jesus said, when you see the blooms coming, you know that summer is nigh. Folks, that's happening here, all of these things that are happening, everything that you see, the complete degeneracy of one half of America, the political party where they have gone completely degenerate, where whatever, everything that they embrace in their platform today, God's word the Bible calls sin. I mean, they've gotten completely and totally corrupted.

You look at the so-called Department of Justice, completely and totally corrupted. Everywhere you look out there, and here, all of these people dying, we just did that program on the kill shot. Now, here in Florida, you see what's happening there in Florida with the Florida Supreme Court is going to outlaw the kill shot.

No more. They put a stop to it. They're recognizing the fact that, yes, these shots have killed, they've attributed that at least at a minimum of 17 million people, a minimum of 17 million people have died from the kill shots. John, can you think of anything else that has killed that many people? You know, wars, wars, Pastor Ernie, World War I, World War II killed an enormous amount of people.

Yeah, but it's an amazing thing. I just can't believe it here. Now, Pastor Ernie, what you just said about Florida, I guess it was the week before, the actuaries there with insurance companies, they figured out, using up more than that, but they figured out that about 30 million people have been killed or severely wounded, injured by the death shot. 30 million, Pastor Ernie. That's like 10% of the population. And now in Florida, what Florida has done with the death shot, you had to find that from not the main media or anything.

You found that from a good site that will present information like that. World News Daddies. Well, you can see how corrupted it is, Pastor Ernie, because why shouldn't there all of a sudden been brought out national attention that the state of Florida, not Attorney General, he's called the medical general, there's a word that they use for his position. Surgeon General, there's a Surgeon General. There it is, Surgeon General. And the courts have found this and there's an injunction, you can't use it because it's dangerous on the people. You think that that would spread all over the country immediately. But no, Pastor Ernie, no, that tells you how corrupt this system is. And they were afraid to even question that to get it out in the open that people would see it.

So what is let me ask you your opinion. Yeah, I know it's again. Yes, the year, you know, years back, if they put a vaccine out and that vaccine was found to like 20 people died from it, they pulled it out. They pulled it out right away.

Right away. If they saw people being injured or die from it, they stopped that vaccine right away. Now, with this here, hundreds of thousands have been injured and died. They know of. I mean, of course, it's more, but what's being reported and they act like nothing's happened. Well, it's all a part of the depopulation program.

I mean, they didn't even try to hide it. We've been talking about this since the 80s where, you know, the the ways I said in their meetings when they didn't know who I was and I would take notes. They were talking about different ways of depopulating the planet. Of course, they talked about wars and and starvation, famine. But they and of course, number one was the abortion killing up to children. But they also talked about using what they call vaccines and to depopulate the program, the planet. So COVID-19 hit there and the media was pounding on it and was showing what was going on in China and all. You know, I didn't know how to take it because the Bible talks about plagues in the last days. And, you know, it didn't sound right. It was coming from what?

The bats or something. And I said, no, there's something wrong here. And then next thing you know, they interview Bill Gates and he's all excited, saying we're going to have to get a vaccine for this. And everybody's going to have to get a vaccine.

And do we need two vaccines? And he was all excited. And right then and there, this is a fraud. This is set up to kill the people. Gates is behind it like this. This is this is outright this is outright murder that this is going to bring. And that's all I needed was to see Gates reacting to this and knew it was totally corrupt this turn.

Well, you know, the whole thing was need any more evidence. Well, you know, the Bible talks about there'll be pestilence pestilence that you you've never seen before. There'll be. And that's exactly what we're seeing. We're seeing that that's what these these kill shots of this pestilence. And so back when I first saw that in the scriptures, well, years ago, you know, and I was a new believer and I always thought it was natural. It would be like the bubonic plague coming back, you know, and stuff. I didn't really dream it would be manmade until two years later when I begin to see things clearly. And yeah, I now when I look at those plagues, I think, oh, yeah, there might be bubonic plagues again.

But it could be very well manmade. Oh, yeah. More than likely. Yes. Yeah.

You know what? How much time do I have there, Johnny? Got about six minutes.

OK, John, you've got six minutes. Can you tell us how to avoid hell and get to heaven? Yeah, the first thing I'm going to offer up this journey is for America and repentance and an outpouring the Holy Spirit. Lord, we heard a wonderful man of God who is running for office in West Virginia. I pray, Lord, in your mercy, in your mercy, you'd have mercy upon us and raise him up and others like him. Lord, we repent of all the wickedness that has been done board. I mean, dealing with the children, Lord, dealing with the babies in the womb, dealing with all the the drugs and everything that's going on. Lord, this is all a sign that we need a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. So have mercy on us. We don't hide any of the sin, Lord.

It's out in the open. And that remedy for that is political is only a part of it. A political will only go as far as the depth of we follow you as a nation. So send a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We're pleading with you to send it to beat back this wickedness. Turn America to you and win untold numbers of souls.

And Lord, it has to be done person by person. So I want to bring all our listeners before you. And the Bible says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. And that's a whosoever. That doesn't say accept all the sinners. It's whosoever, no matter what your past is, no matter how bad it's been, no matter how terrible it's been in sin.

That doesn't matter. What matters is recognizing you need to repent like we discussed earlier tonight. Turn to Jesus Christ and his Word and believe that God sent Jesus, the sinless, only begotten Son of God, to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. He shed his blood and paid the penalty for our sin. Jesus is holy, folks. And there is no way we can stand before him with even one sin in our life. He is holy.

He is perfect. And he loves us. And he understands that we need to be before him.

The price for penalty has to be paid for. And that's what Jesus did on the cross. He paid the penalty for sin by his own blood. So if we go along with God's plan, and that's the only way for eternal life, it's to repent of our sin. Believe that on the cross, Jesus Christ, the sinless, only begotten Son of God, paid the total penalty for our sin. And so our sin was placed on him, and then God places Christ's righteousness, his sinless righteousness, in us. And we have to believe that he died, and he rose from the dead three days later.

That's the gospel. Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures. He was buried, and he rose from the dead three days later.

Bodily rose from the dead. God will accept you. It's easy to do, but it means repentance, folks. And the price was paid for by Jesus Christ for your sin. And calling out to God in repentance, he will hear, he will always hear, who whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. And for God so loved the world, that's everybody listening, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever, so it's individual, of everybody listening, it's individual. Whosoever believes on him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

That's what it takes, folks. And God will hear that prayer, and forgive you of sin, and bring you into his heaven. Pastor Ernie, I think that's about it. When you said believe on him, does that mean you simply believe that Jesus existed? Or does that mean you simply believe that he has done, is doing, and will do everything he said?

Right, right, right. And that's where the repentance, believing in repentance, goes together, Pastor Ernie. Absolutely. So, repentance, when repentance is not just saying, I'm sorry, we've talked about this, that's actually a military term. Repent means, repent means about face.

Yes. And you make Jesus Christ the center of your life and his word. That's what repentance is. So, you've lived this, all this time you've depended upon yourself, and you've said, well now, you know, right now, I don't really feel like getting religion. I kind of want to party hardy and have my fun, and when I'm finished with that, then maybe I'll get religion.

Is that acceptable, or is that something that needs to be repented of right away? Right away, Pastor Ernie. The Bible says, behold, now is the time. Now is the day of salvation.

We don't have a lock on tomorrow, Pastor Ernie. We don't. We only have now. And so, right now, when we give this message out, we give that salvation message out, is that not God speaking to the people? We're just the messengers. The messengers coming from God himself, right?

Right. Yeah, we're just messengers. That's what the Gospel is, and we're just telling the people, you know, it's an offer to follow God's plan of salvation. All right, we're coming up to the end of the program, where we get to. It's been an interesting program.

A very good program, Pastor Ernie. Excellent. So, here's what we've got to do. We've got to say, as we do every night, Good night! Good night. God bless all you folks out there, and remember this. Ready, John? Always, always, always, Keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content. at SNC.TV and Local Now, Channel 525.
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