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WRWL Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 27, 2024 12:06 am

WRWL Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 27, 2024 12:06 am

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Turbulent times call for clear-headed insight. That's hard to come by these days, especially on TV. That's where we come in. Salem News Channel has the greatest collection of conservative minds all in one place.

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up. This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom. We're out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left, with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 26th day Monday of February 2024.

Wow. And tonight we have as our producer none other than that old pro Kenny. Hey, Kenny.

Hey, Pastor. How you doing? I'm hanging in here. Just kind of hanging around pretending like I'm an old man.

Keep pretending. Yeah. Well, and speaking of old men, I mean old men, way out yonder in Missouri we have the legendary Pastor Parson Joe Larson.

You mean another old man. We make a good team. Together we have a couple generations of knowledge. Right. Hey, that's right. We do. Okay.

Let's pick it up. Do you remember the title of the message this week? Well, it's something like do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? And do you know what I know? You're exactly right.

That's the title. And we're going to start tonight in Proverbs chapter 1 verse 20. Read verses 20 and 21, Joan, and pause.

20 and 21. Wisdom cryeth without. She uttereth her voice in the streets.

She cryeth in the chief place of concourse. In the openings of the gates in the city she uttereth her words saying. Right now it's an interesting thing because all through Proverbs wisdom is personified as a wise and virtuous kinswoman or a mother.

Okay. And it's an interesting thing too here because it's also we see a wise mother in Israel is also clearly speaking of as and as God himself. It's referring to that the God's word and God's instructions are personified as if they're coming from a wise Israeli woman or a mother or a kinswoman. But the interesting thing too now if you read over in Proverbs 2 and verse 16 we read this. To deliver thee from the strange woman even from the stranger that flattereth with her words. So those the wicked women, okay, the prostitutes, the whores, and the wicked women are referred to as the strange women or the wicked women conferred to the wise woman or the kinswoman here. So it's interesting they both the wise one is calling people to come to her and learn and the wicked women are calling come to me and indulge in my sin.

Come to me and let me lead you where you shouldn't go. So it's a diametrically opposed concept the righteousness and evil right the eternal battle. Absolutely. And so go ahead and pick it up there in verse 22. How long ye simple ones will ye love simplicity and the scorners delight in their scorning and fools hate knowledge. All right boy that's that's a lot in that verse isn't there. I was just going to say there's a lot there because this whole thing is about three kinds of people. The simple ones who need to be taught who are not wise at all the scorners who just are always you know no I don't agree I don't believe I don't want to know and the fools that just uh hate knowledge and just want to go their own way don't want to know anything. So now all of those are referred to as the simple ones here now today what word is it that they use today to describe the simple words the simple ones we have a word they call today it's called simpletons simpleton also the uneducated I guess you could say because sometimes they're just not educated yeah well that's those are the fools that hate knowledge and uh when you refer to simple mind you see there's a difference between ignorant and stupid ignorant is simply ignorance a lack of knowledge a lack of information stupid is having information but not putting it to practical application in other words ignoring you know what you're supposed to do with the knowledge that you have and so and this is what who he's referring to here he's referring to exactly aren't the fools also the dull the morally dull people the ones who don't want to hear about morals they may have some knowledge but they want their sin they don't want to know about morals the fools are the ones that have no fear of god they don't yes okay the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the lord they they're of god right yeah no yeah of god right and so here he goes on and he says turn you at my reproof behold i will pour out my spirit into you and i will make known my words into you so he's simply saying repent isn't he right because i have called and you refused i have stretched out my hand and no man regardeth but let's go back here for to verse 20 though we we really passed a lot of stuff up because he says wisdom cry up without she unearthed her voice in the streets she cried in the chief place of concourse and the openings of the gates so there's three areas that he's talking about here in society in the marketplace and in government he is saying that wisdom's voice needs to be heard or is her is being is crying out uh who was it that that was crying out there he's referring specifically to who well wisdom is the one that's crying out it's god's word it's crying out yeah it's crying yeah it's crying up though but who is who is the one that's he's referring to the prophets and and king david too was a prophet and a preacher right okay so you should go where you're going yeah right and and of course solomon also uh was when you know when the proverbs of solomon the son of david the king of israel uh a lot of what you know if you start in verse one uh when it talks about the proverbs of solomon a lot of this is what was was said by the king to his son okay and so here you go and he says because because i've called and you refused i've stretched out my hand and no man regarded but now when he said he stretched out his hands it's got two applications there the one application is instruction but the other application is judgment huh and he said but you have said it not i think i think there's three because when somebody reaches out a hand it's normally a hand of let me help you up let me help you i give you my hand so i think there are three applications it's judgment but he's also reaching out a hand let me lift you up well mostly all through here where he says and my hand is stretched out still and my hand is stretched out still uh in fact if you go over to psalm number five when he's referring to those the rebellious ones and he's brought his judgment on him a harsh judgment and they have still refused to repent and that's where he says my my hand yeah so mostly through scripture where he says my hand is stretched out still it's judgment here but he goes on and he says i also will laugh at your calamity and will mock when your fear cometh there's several places in scripture where god is laughing at the foolishness of men when they one when they're challenging him over in isaiah 66 he makes a mockery he also does it in ezekiel 28 with where the the king there who had decided himself that he was a god and god is having so fun with him and with some sarcasm some humor and here uh and and he kind of had a little bit of humor wouldn't have you knezer too wouldn't have you knezer uh forgot to give god the credit for all that had been built in babylon and decided something about grass eating grass yeah yeah yeah he and and so uh he kind of had a little bit of humor there with jonah too a little a little sarcasm uh with jonah but anyhow he says um when your fear cometh as desolation and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind when distress and anguish cometh upon you uh if you hear that from god should you be concerned i would be extremely concerned that'd be about the time you should be repenting being on your knees and uh begging forgiveness and going i think i've been doing something terribly wrong here but they weren't they didn't they did not uh really believe the fear they didn't believe the judgment would affect them but when the judge case of denial until it comes until it came and then shall they call upon me but i will not answer they shall seek me early but they shall not find me for that they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the lord here's where the fool comes in okay so they would none of my counsel they despise all of my reproof therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way and be filled with their own devices for the turning away oh can i interrupt is that kind of like uh you've made your own bed and i'll lie in it type of thing yeah yeah i thought it just in a practical sense that's what he's telling them yeah you know you ate this stuff if it made you sick if you're ill vomiting well you ate the food you shouldn't have and you didn't you know so you will be filled with all the pain you caused all the stupidity it'll all come back on you so here he says it's funny because in verse 32 32 he says for the turning away of the simple shall slay them and then in verse 23 three two three turn you at my reproof and so he's he's he's making a point look when i offered you wisdom i offered you to pour out my spirit and the turning away in verse 32 for the turning away of the simple of the simple okay shall slay them and it's it's in other words they're they brought on their own destruction well the rages of sin are death right right and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them how how is that why would the prosperity the prosperity of fools the the wealthy today when you have these prosperity preachers and and all you know they all they can think about is money money money why is it that great wealth often has a tendency to turn people away from god i'm just wondering it makes well i know it seems like so many of the really wealthy turn liberal as they get rich they turn liberal they turn away from god it's almost like they you know end up feeling either totally superior but somewhere down deep inside it's almost like they don't think they deserve it it's almost like there's a very confused person and a rich man so it's they depend upon their own wealth okay and they're trusting in their money to buy whatever they need rather than trusting in god so if they trust in their money and their ability and their positions and power then they don't have to submit to god's laws god's statutes god's covenants and so in it and to any judgment so the idea is if they if they just don't submit if they don't even acknowledge god they won't have to worry about being judged by god but um that's a classic case of denial because we know that uh money cannot buy heaven scripture made it very plain that all the money in the world can't buy you one second of you know out of hell so they're just delusional well in their mindset if we don't believe there is a hell the hell can't exist if we don't acknowledge hell right okay so but whoso hearken then to me shall dwell safely and shall be quiet from the fear of evil so here now today i have some commentary that i want to hit so today we see that the vast majority of our university students it seems like they're majoring in simple-minded stupidity 101 the cancel culture has had on their list of priorities to cancel one free speech just today we were looking at that again they on the college campuses they they want to deny christians or conservatives free speech you you can't have your own free speech you can't have your own opinions they they've turned into a bunch of communist control freaks well not just at school the headlines today four comedians canceled from seattle comic comedy club after complaints from local progressives yeah and they're going to refund tickets to people who bought the refund money to guests about tickets because they had to hear a conservative so this gives you know if they're everywhere in society the colleges universities they're in head start they're everywhere okay so the people that are canceled the most and the people that are demonized the most today are white christian men they're called christ they're the left the communist party is referring to them as christian nationalists today okay and so the other thing that they want to totally cancel out is the sanctity of life they don't want the sanctity of life they they hate god and they love death they love death and they hate god and this is the entire democratic communist party that's it you notice how many names we've been called since we started this years ago they've had so many different names for us we've been we've been called pretty much everything under the sun and then you have the divine institution of marriage and the family right now they've canceled they've been working on get legislation they want to get government not to recognize the divine institution of marriage and the family they don't want that to be recognized anymore by they don't want that to be recognized anymore by the government in other words they don't like the certain words and spouses is one of the words they don't like husband or wife they want they want to cancel but the left wants to cancel and it's a funny thing because at the same time they want to cancel the divine institution of marriage and a family they want to fight for sodomite marriage which is not marriage at all exactly i was going to say this where the hypocrisy comes in they want the very thing that they want to deny us from having yep and that's the way evil is it's uh it's confusion god calls it confusion right that's pretty confusing when you want you fight for the right to uh have a sodomite marriage and then once you get the sodomite marriage you want to turn around and what destroyed the sanctity of marriage let's see but in reality there is no such thing as a sodomite marriage because god gave us the institution and the definition see god's already ruled here here's what marriage is so what they what what they call marriage he calls fornication so he's referring to it as fornication or an abomination or an unclean act and that's what and and he's referring to those as unclean the sodomites is unclean and so here now it goes to the the natural reality of only two genders they want to cancel genders they want it they they don't want to have uh two genders or any genders they think they can cancel again that makes what they're doing with the multiple everything they do they want to destroy it goes back to the we talked about the cut of the homeless the sodomite manifesto the first plank was free and unfettered abortions well sodomite men do not need abortions but they had to have the sin again everything is about once society accepts a certain sin then everything else is accepted and it's all about making sure if they destroy all these institutions like family marriage then all their sin and infidelity there's nothing to judge anymore because we've given it all up and then you go with they want to get rid of pronouns we mentioned husband and wife they want to do away with husband and wife they wanted another and and spouse okay and so here they want to do away with words male female they want to cancel he she him her but why why do they want to do this for what reason is there for such delusion why is it that their number one campaign issue is the killing of the unborn the answers to all of this is found right there in the latest quest to cancel they love death because they hate god they hate god right even more than they hate donald trump in their latest outburst of lunacy they are now calling for the canceling of the bible and the lord jesus had something to say about that they've got to cancel the hate book because that's the book that convicts them of their sin all right by the way i made i made the latest communist newsletter out here uh the anti-trump journal thing uh and these are this these are from left wing the religion of the the left and uh they named me in there too they said that i have to quit being can't use the mean tactics of me that i'm i'm a mean person because i won't accept lgbtq uh i don't know and you mean you mean person trying to keep people from going to hell how how horrible how could you love people enough to try and keep them out of hell pastor ernie i mean boy of all the sick things i've ever heard yeah i know but uh remember to they refer to to our preaching as hate speech right when you preach against sin and uh and it's it's a funny thing to remember in the days of old when there was a democratic party every now and then i remember back in the old days where uh when we had to pass some bill of some pro-life legislation actually we there were several democrats that would cross the aisle and vote with us and so there was some that had some morals they had some values and they were called blue dog democrats in those days right right today that's not the case at all jay joe they they're in lock step they will always they they have to if it's a sin if it's a if it's a real sin it's a real sin they have to support it anything in total opposition to what god's word the bible teaches hanging tight we'll be back after this so it feels so fine this new age church of mine the service is laid back but still i know you reap what's sowed and i can't stop thinking about all of that well i remember when god was praised but that's not what the new age church is for the truth is fine but it's long gone the gospel's true but ain't wanted anymore i said you have better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died and he has risen on high and if you're lost then you have better know why believe him holy still did you ever read about a child who seemed to be a king and he became one well he's coming back to judge the world and he and the father are still the very same one but i've had a fearfulness deep inside and i've cried because i'm so afraid to know me and i'm not a man trying to be scared so i go to heaven or as i fear below i am he said you have better care is a judgment for all and you will be there i am he died he has risen on high if you're lost then you get better know why i am he said you had better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died he is all right boy you bet he is risen he is risen and that's that means you and i can rise to those of us that have called on the lord is risen indeed which means we follow him right amen you got it hey joe guess what on march 8th and 9th coming up at the embassy suites there on independence right down the street from where i broadcast out of the salem building there is going to be the bringing america back to life conference and it's it's the biggest one the biggest pro-life gathering in the united states every year and they always have speakers from all over the country i will be there on the friday the 8th and meeting and greeting people and i get some business meetings because i'm involved with a number of the pro-life organizations and so but there's going to be a lot of people there my good friend mark halk will be there and uh mark harrington will be there mark's got a real strong uh organ the pro-life organization using the young people uh molly smith who you hear she comes out just before me here in the ohio market uh she will be there she she usually organizes this whole thing and archer peloski remember archer the pastor from the polish pastor from canada uh the freedom fighter prosecuted by the canadian government for feeding the homeless and holding church services he was with us about two weeks ago he's going to be there and so um it's really they they have i mean all day long from eight in the morning until about uh i think it goes on to about six at night both days they have speakers and workshops and and uh anyhow folks to get to find out more about it and to get registered for this uh you gotta go to and you can find out a lot more get all the information you need and get registered there you go and so joe horrifying period lawmakers demand justice for the dc five and this is live action news on wednesday february 14th representatives from the anti-abortion or pro-life uprising uh the susan b anthony pro-life america concerned women for america legislative action committee and students for life will be joined by congressional representatives chip roy andy biggs bob good pat fallon chris smith anapoluna luna at a press conference in washington dc the press conference discussed the current status of the current status of reasons for organized efforts to secure justice for the five children aborted at the advanced gestational ages who were recovered by lauren hanny and theresa book of enoch outside the bloody bloody bloody uh surgery what they call clinic according to medical experts the bodies of these five babies these five little children are given the names christopher harriet angel holly and phoenix by the activists who found them may present evidence that the federal crimes have been committed by by the bloody oh this guy is is like oh man he he is he's a beast he's an animal caesar sentelian sentangelo caesar sentelian of the bloody bloody child molesting baby raping abortionists who killed them term abortions they were killed after that was not legal to do so right right but you see no abortion is lawful there's a difference between what is legal and what's lawful right and guess what lawful comes first has priority does first but there can go after them in this right now in this world for doing something that was illegal according to federal law right representative chip foy was the first to speak at the press conference he emphasized that we have laws on the books which prohibit barbarian practices by the way do you know who tried to cover this up the the completely corrupt and i mean completely totally corrupt the doj because they were going to uh what withhold some evidence they were going to not let anybody examine the bodies they wanted the bodies destroyed destroy the evidence right yep completely and totally corrupt completely corrupt they are uh we go on representative bob good uh spoke and he said the very law enforcement task with protecting the most vulnerable in our society has become complicit in covering up the cold-blooded murder of these precious babies he said we're calling for transparency about how these babies were killed he's talking about the corrupt fbi corrupt doj yep he sure is i mean mary garland over there is completely corrupt we're you know we've tried to find anything anything that he's done that's been good we can't find anything and to see him and chris ray and mariokis and others set there and and lie knowing under oath violating the laws like setting the message we're above the law we're we are above the law unbelievable well like i said they're trying to tell the world that the federal law was broken right there in dc and the doj well that's what they committed malpractice trying to hide evidence we would call that in any other court that would be malpractice right destroying evidence yeah because the prosecution is by law required to what divulge what they know and uh put out the truth so they're guilty on just every count here well by the way speaking of the of lying under oath you remember john brennan oh yes well he's one of those that repeatedly lied under oath he certainly did former cia crook what a crook do you know what he's doing now remember what he was a big part of the russia russia russia hoax he's he's right now brennan and the deep state they are conspiring they are they are worried and right now they're conspiring if the the they actually come out and said that they will find ways they've got to find ways to if trump gets re-elected to limit his power that they have to yeah yeah well of course they would they're uh very much afraid that when the truth starts coming out what are they going to do well right be tried for all kinds of offenses right once we have a congress lying under oath i mean they've broken a lot of laws they could be charged with and but we haven't had a justice department to charge them once i think what what trump is doing is he's putting together a panel and on that panel to look and to vet uh and he's he knows a lot more now than he did before when he was in there so and they're looking to vet the people that are not deep state uh you know hideouts i mean people you know out there that are legitimate he got he got betrayed everywhere he turned he got he took a knife in the back from the corrupt people he can see watching the channels like newsmax and who they bring in you know for their guests to point out what the communists are doing you can see some of the people are really willing to stand up and speak the truth so he's been able to uh uh have a good lineup of people he can bring in that he can trust if they've been risking telling the truth and risking the fbi and all the problems that come with speaking out he knows who's on his side this time well we know who's who's still not on his side and not on our side and that's a fellow named mike pence yeah and do you know what mike pence has been up to lately well he's got some kind of christian thing he's promoting i think it's like a penitence for trying to draw attention away from his politics he's spending 20 million dollars 20 million dollars to fight the gop's turn to populism uh oh i thought it was all about fighting morality hmm interesting how different articles tell different stories right this this is an article from the gateway pundit and it says is pence plotting to throw another election uh turncoat mike pence was in the news again after announcing he was spending 20 million dollars to fight the republican party's turn to populism my pence made the announcement to slow down president trump once again without they referred to him as dirty mike these people uh pence was doing the will of the dc elites and the democrats trying to hurt donald trump and the country so trump he no matter where he was he had it right next to him everywhere he went he had treason didn't he they got to him pence is most most famous for misleading 75 million trope voters in the thinking he had the courage to challenge the suspect to 2020 election results in the six battleground states let's let's look at this because uh you know here this says pence lied about this and folded like a lawn chair after his actions riots broke out on the capitol hill on january 6 2021 after police started firing rubber bullets gas canisters and smoke bombs on the trump protesters outside now let's look at this here because we've had people that actually called it on this radio program that said mike pence had no other recourse under the constitution than to do what he did what does joe say about that i say he had quite a big choice well you just said what one article here's the headline in uh right now pence launching 20 million effort to defend conservative principles it sounds like a totally different person doing a totally different thing and if you look at what they'd written in rear clear wire it sounded like he was coming out pushing you know christian conservatism and he said is bigger than any one moment election or person so it's real interesting the truth all depends on who you're looking at to give you the story right right well let me let me ask you this i want to go back and ask the same question now he claims that and he says look he said there was that somebody else lost an election too that was him in other words he was saying he he lost his he lost his election because he was still running for vice president again and so now here he is saying he had no choice under the constitution than to do what he did so i'll ask you some questions was president trump still the president of the united states the commander in chief and january 6th yes okay now did president trump not did he not tell mike pence mike do the right thing mike you know what you have to do your job out there is to make sure before you certify that election you have to look at any evidence that is brought before you any evidence that there was election fraud out there standing in front of him with with piles of information in their hands was your your your own senator holly you had uh jim jordan from ohio you had a number of of a congressman and senator standing there and they were telling witnesses they had other witnesses with them right so mike pence's job was to make sure that this election was legitimate his president his commander in chief gave him a direct order to do just that okay and and that as as commander in chief it was president trump's duty to protect the the the votes of of the people out there that voted this election to make sure that the election was that is their duty to protect what the voters and if it looks like there's proof that according to the con they're supposed to be able to show it before they certify i mean it's very plain if there are people standing up and saying wait a minute we can test they are supposed to be hurt absolutely and mike when mike did what he did he he took a he oh boy i'm gonna tell you i don't know he he betrayed us all and the other thing was that what what what i noticed was when he did that nasty pelosi handed him something and he was smiling uh this is this is not good and it'll be pelosi smiling that panic it means something really bad is happening yeah for us bad for the country bad for conservatives bad for christians bad for the constitution but other than that it might be a good idea yeah already oh armed fbi agents raid the home of a decorated veteran over january 6 his wife miscarries their child uh chris kevane was sentenced on friday for his actions on january 6 2021 at the u.s capital chris is a 22 year old 22 year veteran who received numerous medals and awards including the purple heart navy commendation medal with valor and the navy and marine corps achievement medal with valor for actions in combat okay you go ahead i know you want to finish it oh this this one of those guys he sacrificed and the story is his own blood sweat and tears serving the country and what he did chris went inside the capital that day but he wasn't there to cause harm in fact he was caught cleaning trash off the floor helped to stop the theft of some government property told people no you can't take anything and asked people to leave the building asked people to leave the building they were starting to get out of line told them to leave and even went up and asked capitol police officers how he could help and then the sneaky thing was he was also set up by an fbi operative that day so here's a man that did nothing wrong didn't commit any violence and what they did and this is what gets me on the morning of february 11th 2021 chris and his four-year-old child his pregnant wife annette they were awakened to sirens cell phones ringing bright lights going off through the windows annette later talked about it the fbi instructed to chris to come outside our four-year-old was awakened from the chaos i picked him up and ran downstairs to open the door our house street neighbor streets were completely get this our house street and neighboring streets completely surrounded by armed fbi law enforcement there was a scene out of a movie there were three large armored tactical vehicles you know tactical armored vehicles in the front yard backyard police vehicles up and down the entire community and there were about 20 fbi swat team members with automatic rifles pointed at my son and i we were covered with bright red lasers pointed at our faces chests and all over our bodies they terrorized the young family that morning you know lit up a little four-year-old boy and mother with lasers i mean come on armored tactical vehicles for one man pointing automatic weapons at a pregnant woman and a four-year-old boy oh my god this is not america folks this is a communist country this is the way the communists do it this is the way cowards do it in the old days if somebody had to be arrested they would have sent maybe two agents to the door ask the man to come outside keep your family and you know this is an abomination this should just make every american sick to their stomach i mean dozens of police cars armored vehicles 20 armed men and swat gear to arrest one man and he's you know with a family i am sick over what this country's become and if you're not sick over this country sick to your stomach sick to your heart there is something wrong terribly terribly wrong and anyway she was forced outside barefoot in february in kansas it was cold they kept her out there for a long long time the next morning she miscarried their baby he was given 75 days in prison then home detention for 60 days two years probation and nobody seemed to want to be responsible for the death of that baby they kept a pregnant woman barefoot and very cold temperatures that in a way they would call it what manslaughter pastor yeah i would call that and i would i would call slaughter they put them all in jail i would call chris ray a real coward you know i mean that is a real low down cowardly thing a real low down cowardly thing to do huh exactly and also the article ends for the record chris was set up by an fbi operative who was embedded in the kansas city group he belonged to long before january 6 fbi is guilty guilty guilty these people should be in jail chris not the one should be in jail it should be the fbi people that ordered this hit this was a hit this was i mean the amount of force the amount of military police presence i mean good lord they've gone after entire gangs with less force than that pastor ernie this is just this is an abomination that's all i can say without swearing it is it is it's really i you know over the years i've known a number of fbi agents who were people of integrity they were there to do their job and and there's still some field officers out there most of the ones i knew were retired already obvious you could not have been there you could not have been standing there holding an automatic weapon on a pregnant woman and a four-year-old come on or you and most men couldn't have done that they just wouldn't have been able to do it but today you know today it's it's you know i i'm so ashamed of those guys i tell you if if i run into any of them i will let them know just how ashamed i am of them you know they need to they need to listen to that message i preached last week on the lesser magistrate huh and i sure don't want to hear i was just following orders i was just following if i was given an order like that in vietnam to do something totally apprehensive reprehensible i would have resigned said hey arrest me and i'm putting myself in i will not do this you know i will not obey that order right i would tell them that's stood down that's exactly right that that order literally is an illegal order yeah okay so yeah i i would have done the very same thing i would have said no and i would have told all my men stand down men don't do it okay and so but anyhow we're coming up to a break boy do we have a lot of stuff to talk about tonight a lot more yeah a lot more free speech coming to an end in the 2024 warren's paul craig uh this is i'll pick that we'll pick that up on the other side too actually this is why this radio program is so important because they they are trying to the opposition is trying in every way they can to stifle they're really afraid you see george sorrows and all of them they want to buy up all the radio stations they can and shut us down remember what they did to us in new york and they're brought so far he spent 50 million dollars trying to change america right so they're in a panic mode and the panic mode is if trump gets back in we've got to be able to limit his powers on what he can do and live in his influence and and but um so this is why people really need to support this radio program because we're we have never compromised in 50 years we've stood our ground as long as we can pay our bills and stay on the air we'll continue to do that but i can tell you there's not many like us out there there's just not there's way too few and but and we are we really have communist competition our our foes the communist party democratic communist party the enemies of america they are very well funded this is why we need the support of the people we'll be back right after this don't go away more to come thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry road Newberry Ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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