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WRWL Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 6, 2024 12:00 am

WRWL Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 6, 2024 12:00 am

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance.

The other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this fifth day of February, Monday, 2024. And tonight, man, the Lord of the Board is none other than Ken.

Hey, Ken. How you doing, Pastor? We're ready to roll tonight. And way out yonder, we have the legendary Pastor, Parson Joel Larson. I'm here and ready to go to work. Let's get her done.

The title of the message was, well, go ahead, Joe. You know what it is. The Bible or the Internet.

Which one receives more of your attention? That's right. And guess what? That was a bit of a controversial. Oh, I bet this is just going to upset a whole bunch of people, especially some of those prissy preachers. We have a tendency to do that here, but anyhow, I was talking to another pastor when I told him, he said, oh, I got to hear that. Okay. And so let's get it done because here, let's start tonight in Proverbs chapter 29. Read me verse 2, 10 and 16. All right. Verse 2. To the transgression of a land. No, no. Proverbs 20. Oh, I'm sorry. I just went to 28. Accidentally. Nine.

Or two here. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Okay. And then verse 10. The bloodthirsty hate the upright, but the just seek his soul. And verse 16. When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases, but the righteous shall see their fall. So here, we take a look at the Bible, Joe. The Bible is replete, Joe, with indisputable, undisputable truth. The Internet, on the other hand, actually, it's kind of like a dog's breakfast. It's got a little bit of everything on there. Kind of like a hog's breakfast, yeah.

Yep. And so here now, going to verse 2. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. How many people have you heard say, oh, they miss Trump? A great, great many people.

And so, but now, now when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. A lot of the people, just tonight, I was just watching again, another where they were interviewing these guys in a barber shop in Chicago. These black fellas. And they were asking them, who are you going to vote for?

I mean, you know, you're a black, so you're supposed to. Haven't you watched NBC, ABC, CBS? They'll let you know who you're supposed to vote for. But these guys said, look, here's what we voted for Biden before, but now we realize when Trump was in, we had money. We had money when Trump was in.

Now we don't. So we're all going to vote for Trump. So why did they not vote for Trump the last time? Well, you know, we know that the election was stolen.

We know that. We know that Trump actually got a lot more votes than Biden, but again. Well, they also believed all the lies that the left was feeding them, the left-wing media. And they'd been trained over the years through the public fool system, the media, to believe, and now reality has been staring them in the face very hard for the last two or three years.

And reality has overcome brainwashing. Well, you see, a lot of those folks didn't work, didn't have to work, you know, because they lived off the benefits of the taxpayers that did work. But now here they've become sanctuary cities, and these corrupt, corrupt mayors brought in, are allowed all these illegal aliens now, and they're giving the illegal aliens the benefits that the minorities were getting before. And the minorities say, hey, wait a minute, we live here. This is our city.

You know, you can't do this. Well, a lot of those businesses in the black community, black-owned businesses, every community has to have businesses. And when business suffers, it doesn't matter if you're in a Chinese community, a black community, you know, or what, they're going to suffer. And like that barbershop especially, when people don't have money for haircuts, they don't come in as often, and the electricity bill's gone up and everything else has gone up, it's felt even more when you're poor, right?

Absolutely. Now, just look at Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Portland, Oregon, Atlanta, and Seattle. They all have what? Democratic mayors, don't they? Mayors, and they all have high crime, high taxes, they all have bad services. They have high crime, high taxes, riots, they all have corrupt DAs, they all have corrupt district attorneys. And what about their judicial? They all have corrupt courts.

And what do they promote in those cities? Well, they promote pedophilia, they have thieves, I mean, carjackings, abortions, whores and prostitutes, drug dealers, sodomites, drag queens, again, often corrupt cops, and dirty prosecutors like those in Tennessee, those that disgusting, Joe, they're very disgusting, corrupt, lesser people. They prosecuted heroes of the faith. And these are the people, those are the eleven folks that simply went outside and prayed outside an abortion mill, and they used the face crimes on them, and they want to put these eleven in prison for eleven years.

And these people, the heroes of the faith, these people are head and shoulders above much better people than these prosecutors. People like Chester Gallagher, 73 years old, Heather Adoni, 58, Calvin Zestro, Cal Zestro and his family, along with 70 people. A few years back, Joe, you might remember when they came in here, we had 70 people came and stayed with my wife and I.

We put up 70 people, okay? And while they were up here for several weeks, going to all of the crossroads, and they had the signs, the pro-life, promoting life against abortion, and here you have, let me just add more to them, Caroline Davis, 24, Coleman Boyd, 51, Dennis Green, 56, Paul Vaughn. These are heroes of the faith, okay? These are much, much greater people than those that prosecuted them. Now, again, their crime was they prayed outside a bloody whorehouse of death in Tennessee.

They call these bloody places where they slaughter innocent children, they call them clinics. Now, see, we upset a lot of people because we use what they call fiery rhetoric. And, you know, they call it hate crimes. They call it hate. Well, hate speech is what they call it. See, anyone who hates... They call it mutilating their child hate. You have to hate children to mutilate them, ruin their life forever.

I'd say that takes a lot of hate. Yeah, it does, but you see, again, if you look the other way, you pretend like you don't know what's happening. And besides that, for years and years and years, you've been trained by NBC, ABC, CBS, how you're supposed to speak. How dare you go outside your conditioning? But anyhow, I just want to say... I think you're a very well-trained pastor. Okay. I want to say to U.S. Attorney Henry LaVentis, I hope that you're proud of yourself.

I know that I am really ashamed of you. There could not have been even one Christian, not even one Christian on that very, very corrupt jury. Because, see, Christians obey God and not man. And that jury was corrupt. I'll tell you what, all of those in the jury, I hope they never run into me, because I'll give them God's word until their hair catches on fire. You talk about, these are heroes, these are people that were out there saving, rescuing little children, and these wicked, ungodly, unclean individuals. That's right, Henry. U.S. Attorney Henry LaVentis, I'm talking to you out there, these wicked people who are much, much lesser people.

Much lesser people. They want to put these Christian in prison for 11 years in these corrupt courts. And why don't you pray in a precatory prayer right now against Henry LaVentis, the judge, and the jury of that corrupt court, would you do that? I sure will. And I want everyone out there to pray with me, because that just, God wants us all in prayer and we're all going to need it sometimes, so let's join together. I'll be praying with you for sure.

Go ahead. Dear Heavenly Father, we hear what this court has done, the court, the judge, the jury, and we should be shocked, but we're not, because we see this kind of thing happening in these divided states of America. And Lord, it is the those who are serving you, those who are faithful, those who are righteous, who are being punished. And Lord, we would just ask that you would protect these people, that you would somehow change the hearts and minds of this judge, these juries, because we would rather they would repent from their ways than to perish. But Lord, if these people continue this kind of hatred against Christians, against the faith, that Lord, they might lose jobs, lose their voice, that somehow you would make it impossible for them to continue perpetrating this kind of hate and this kind of behavior that's turned against. But we know the trials and tribulations will come, so be with all those people, the pastor, and as you read all the names, when you know every name there, you know every thought they've ever had, be with them, strengthen them, bless them, keep them, and use them for a wonderful testimony for you. And Lord, we would just pray that what is happening to them would be a light to shine out across this country to warn others who are asleep, who are apathetic, who are ignorant, and help them to see what is going on around them, and bring them to run to the battle. These things we ask in Jesus' precious name.

Amen. Thank you, Joe. All right, we need to go, Joe, to Isaiah 55. In Isaiah 55, read verses 9 through 11. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from the heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater. So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth.

It shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing or two I sent it. All right, Joe, he says for as heavens are higher than the earth. Let me ask you this, Joe. Joe, what is the extent of the heavens, of space out there? What is the extent?

I don't know if there is an end to it. He's making a point that his ways, he's making a point here, Joe, that his ways are so much higher than man's ways that they literally can't be measured. No, it's immeasurable. It's immeasurable. And then when he says this, because the heavens out there, they have no boundaries at all, do they? No.

At least science tells us that the universe continues to expand and is ever expanding, so as far as we can tell, we little people, there is no end to the universe that keeps growing. Now, does the internet and AI, do they have boundaries? Yes. They are. Limitations, they do. They have boundaries and limitations, although they are growing. Who sets those boundaries and limitations? There's only one authority that sets the boundaries and limitations, whether they understand that or not. That would be God.

At some point, if he doesn't want it to go any further, it will stop. Okay. Let me ask you this. Will there ever come a time when there's an end to God's word? No. Okay. We know that because the Bible says God is eternal.

His word is eternal, and eternal means that heaven and earth will melt away and God and his word will still be here. Okay. Is there ever going to be a time when there will be no more internet or AI? Oh, yes. There definitely will be a time when that happens. It's going to come too quick for the Democrats, huh? Very soon.

Okay. So now here, we take a look and we see that when he says, For as the rain cometh down from the snow from heaven, and returneth not tether, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, and giveth seed in the sower, and bread to eat. Now, here is a beautiful anticipation, Joe, of a spiritual application of science's hydrologic cycle, Joe.

The rain and the snow, they fall from the heavens and eventually return there. But not until, not until they have done their providential work of the water in the earth to provide or renew the world's food supply, and they do that analogously. So, God's word goes forth from heaven, and it is forever settled there. You know, I want to go over here to Psalms. I was just going to say, can I add something?

Yeah, go ahead. Job chapter 37 and verse 11 through 13, And by watereth watering, he worryeth the thick cloud, and he scattereth his bright cloud, and it is turned round about by his counsels, that they may do whatsoever he commandeth them upon the face of the world and the earth. He causeth it to come. This is the weather. He's talking those other verses, the rain, the snow. He causes the weather, the rain and the snow to come, whether for correction or for his land or for mercy. So he makes it quite clear, and there's a couple other places, but the Bible, God explains that.

All righty. So now I want to jump over just for a minute, the 119th Psalm to the 89th verse. By the way, this is the middle of the longest Psalm in the Bible.

It's the 89th Psalm, and here's what it says. Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.

And so here, what is he talking about? He's talking about the eternal origin and the eternal duration of God's word. And so now here, when we take a look at God's word, is God's word, okay, when he says this, So shall my word that goeth forth out of my mouth.

It shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing wherein I said it. So does God's, the thing that pleases God, is it always good things that please God, or are they always good things? Yes, they're gotta be good things, or they are not pleasing to God.

So is there anything that, does the Bible promote anything that's evil? No. Okay, but now, in the Internet, have we seen child porn on the Internet? Uh, yes. We've seen all kinds of horrible things on the Internet.

Have we seen... They might tell us, so you won't find it, but it's there. Now are they, those drug cartels, they're using the Internet, okay, to smuggle people across the border. The Chinese is using an American Internet.

When they sent that big spy balloon, they were, yeah, they were using an American Internet to spy in America, okay. What about the kill shot that they call the Vax, which is not, which is a bioweapon? Was the Internet used to promote, was there all kinds of pop-up ads on the Internet promoting get that kill shot? Oh, yeah, get there and get vaccinated. They didn't say get killed, but they said go get the Vax, you know, for your health, for the country, for everyone else. If you love your neighbor, I mean, they used every trick in the book. Did the Internet, did the military, under Milley in Austin, use the Internet to try to recruit transgenders and sodomites? They sure did, yep.

Some guy that won a beauty contest, some he, she thing, and they were using him, her, whatever it was, as a poster of be all you can be. Okay, so now, here, today, they can't get white, young white men won't sign up. They're having a real problem trying to attract young white men. Black men get priority, minorities get priority for jobs.

They don't look at who can do the job the best. There's no equality, there's only, you know, the DEI and diversity, equity, and inclusion. And I've even got an article about the Air Force, how they're pushing DEI, you know, use your privilege, the headline reads, use your privilege, U.S. Air Force promotes new super woke training. This is to create a brave space for everyone. Yep, and that's why they're having such a hard time promoting.

Yeah, pilots and everything. Who wants to go there, you know, that somebody gets pushed ahead because they're a... I would never, ever, ever... Or the homosexual, trans dresser, you know, combination, they get the privilege.

I don't see Millie, Millie who was in Austin promoting their drag queens, you know, was had to be. And remember they said if you're transgender, you don't have to, you don't have to go into any combat, any duty, okay, if you're transgender. I don't see them promoting, I don't see them sending transgenders over to what's taking place now when the Americans are, when our bombs, our bases are being bombed over there in the Middle East. You don't see... Well, they can't because they're too busy with their surgeries and they're, you know, making the transformation. And there's no way you can be on combat duty for a year when you're spending nine months in surgery and recuperation.

So they can never make a combat tour. What about, what was one of the favorite things that they used the internet for, and that is election fraud. Election fraud, remember the Dominion? Yes, we did a bunch of studies, especially we were talking about how Mr. Halderman, that scientist, expert in computers, proved the Dominion genes could be hacked and he did it with a ballpoint pen in front of a judge in court. Right, and it did...

He changed the outcome of an election right there in front of the judge. Yep, and they kept it under wraps, they would not let no people know about that for a long time. Yeah, they hid it for years. And then, it's still hidden because it was only like one or two news sources put it out there. We were one of the news sources that put it out to the people. But I looked around, you didn't hear it, I didn't see it on FOX, I didn't hear it CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC. No, you wouldn't expect it, would you? I mean, I looked around, it wasn't out there.

The people did not hear the story. That would be too, FOX would be too embarrassed because they were going totally on the other way. Now, let me say this because we're coming up to a break. Okay, the Internet could be used for good too. And it's often, especially a lot of people need the Internet to do their work. We're using the Internet right now. Okay, so...

I used it to research the stories that we're going to put on the air. Okay, God's word always, always accomplishes what God wants it to. The Internet, Joe, is like fire or, well, it's got no intrinsic value. There's certain things that have no intrinsic value, like fire, like water, like, well, the root of all evil, like money. All of these can be used for good or they can be used for evil. Unfortunately, nowadays, most of those are used, it's used mostly, especially the money, and the Internet is used much more for evil than good. Nowadays, I'm afraid. Right, it's just like a simple hammer. I can go help my neighbor repair a roof, build a house, or I can go over and beat him to death with it.

It's how it is used, right? We'll be right back after this. We want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back. She's been driven way off track. We're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore.

No, we're not gonna take it anymore. Remember golden days when the stars and stripes forever symbolized her glorious name. America.

Now it's all been changed. And when we gaze upon glory, it's hard to fight the feelings of shame. We're fed up with lying politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again. And we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win. We want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back.

She's been driven way off track. We're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore. Now we know our cause is right and our victory's on the way. And we won't give up the fight till we hear 200 million say, we want this country back.

We ain't just joking, Jack. We want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored. We want this country back. And we ain't taking anymore back. We're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore. That's right, we're not gonna take it anymore. We said we're not gonna take it anymore. That's right, we're not gonna take it anymore. We said we're not gonna take it anymore. That's right, we're not gonna take it anymore. No, we're not gonna take it anymore.

Some of us haven't been taking it at all. We've been fighting back for the last half a century, and we're just getting started. And so I have an announcement to make from Jim McNeil. He is the vice president of the Geauga County Tea Party. He's also a very good friend, and I consider him a statesman. And he is also a duly elected GOP Central Committee representative for the Troy Township Precinct A.

And he has asked me if I would make this announcement. Now, we've been battling here, and Joe, you know, we were one of the first ones going all the way back to 2016, and especially we were talking about in 2019, how the Democrats, how the Rhinos, what the Rhinos would do is they were encouraging Democrats to register as Republicans and run as Republicans. And we warned people. They're doing this. Now in Ohio, we got what you call the Blue 22, which are 22 Democrats that ran as Republicans, and they vote with the Democrats. And that's how they're doing this across the country, and we warned people.

Well, this is the message that I have to get out. Tomorrow night, the Geauga County GOP chair is expected to shamelessly ask us to endorse her against a solid conservative, Ralph Spitalari, in her challenges to an incumbent Geauga County commissioner who has a solid, record conservative governance. We have, therefore, we have never, never before endorsed a single primary candidate ever. This has hit a nerve with fellow Geauga County conservatives, real Republicans, and there is expected to be a demonstration against such an overt display of lawlessness. I am asking each of you to please attend tomorrow night's meeting at the Heritage Center cabin on the Chardon Square at 6 p.m. We are now aware that some Central Committee members did not receive the notification of the meeting. You were elected by the conservatives in your precincts, and I urge you to please stand and help defeat this new challenge to transparency and accountability to our constituents. Another closed meeting of elected representatives. Surely you recognize the corruption when it is so brazenly shoved in your faces. Our bylaws and robert rules of order are trampled at every meeting chaired by this petty tyrant. The most cursory understanding of RPO shows that she cannot stop someone from being recognized to speak and shout over people when their positions are challenged. The rules must be uniform and applied equally to all duly elected Central Committee members to facilitate civil discussions of divergent views and positions. Please note that tyrant Nancy McArthur has packed the Executive Committee with her hand-picked unelected minions to ensure her bullying has the best chance of success.

I know each one of you and I respect your intelligence, judgment, and most of your integrity. Please attend tomorrow and do the job you were elected to do. It will be great to see you, and again, thank you and God bless you for upholding our sacred freedom. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jim McNeil, 440-622-3165. So probably because of the time we'll make that same announcement at the bottom of the next hour or two. But anyhow, hopefully other states will see what we're doing. And just like with tactical civics, tactical civics is really growing, Jim or Jill. Let me do this just for a minute. I want to read very quickly a little bit out of the book on tactical civics, okay?

Here. This is a job for the grand jury. Which is more destructive, ignorance or crime?

First, the bad news. In November 2020, a criminal cabal overthrew our government for the first setting up after first setting up the steel using the largest fraud ever perpetrated. The Chinese Communist Party weaponized by virus the D.C. deep state in alliance with Marxist governors from coast to coast.

And with big tech and all the major media used China's bioterror attack for their own domestic terror plan. It was the most hideous crime in American history and the first time that a massive number of American criminals actually allied themselves with a foreign enemy to overthrow a president and to wreck American economy and gaslight gullible Americans. As I write this, resident Biden, a senile pedophile, lifelong politician and elderly head of an international crime family is only one of Barack Hussein Obama's puppets.

After eight years of sowing race war and economic collapse, Hussein Obama is still the kingpin of American communism. Also part of the D.C. cartel are the 535 counterfeit financial frauds, extortionists, spouse abusers, hot check artists and business failures, shoplifters and a few honest men known as congress. Unfortunately, all of those criminals were elected by the same population who first fooled by the ludicrous 9-11 story, then the Russiagate sham impeachment and hundreds of orchestrated street riots.

And then the bat virus mecha fraud in which Donald Trump himself played ringmaster. If you say ignorance is more destructive, it always allows crime to go wild and American ignorance has been keeping criminals in business. Criminalgist, criminalgist, criminalgist, okay I'll get it, Donald Chrissy in the 1969 book Theft of the Nation described how organized crime in deep captured D.C. and the state palaces was using them as lackeys. Peter Schweitzer has published countless books on congress crimes, extortion, throw them out all of the architects of ruin, secret empires and profiles and corruption. Thomas DiLorenzo's original crime, the unvarnished truth about government categorizes congress crimes while Peter Dale's got American war machine and drugs, oil and war. The American deep state and dozens more books go into the great detail, countless whistleblower books from former CIA, FBI and IRS and D.C. staffers.

After mountains and mountains of evidence of crimes being committed right now by legislators, presidents, governors, mayors, and crime reigns in America, ask Nancy Pelosi folks if you want to know about insider trading. We the people haven't arrested criminals because most Americans don't realize that we can and in fact that is our duty. We don't recognize the widespread crimes and the anti-civil disobedience being committed by our servants at every level. In this book, the city of God, St. Augustine, explained the civil authority without justice is just a band of thieves, justice being taken away than what are kingdoms but great robbers.

But now the good news. We're living in the best time in American history and there's no statute of limitation on treason and overthrowing government by stealing election. We can enforce the Constitution because as I said above, we the people are collectively the sovereign over it.

And we clearly stipulate in the opening words of the law, by God's grace tactical civics offers repentance, responsibility, responses, responsible, a new way of life. Americans are being enforced or enforced in the U.S. Constitution for the first time. This isn't politics, it's law enforcement and the people's two ancient institutions in grand jury and militia in each country. American communism unmasked. The Biden overthrow is surreal. If not so pathetic, it would be funny to see such gullibility and passivity in the face of the deep axis coup d'etat because big tech and all the major media are now state media and co-conspirators. Just as the communist countries, the masses believe what they see and hear. Gaslighting projects throughout Trump's presidency illustrate the ruthless deaths to which the system will go to maintain the control of clueless party and consuming oxen. American hijacked tradition and criminally from school boards to Washington, D.C. didn't begin 20 years ago with 9-11 operation, a century of crimes planted and committed from the corrupt city-state on the Potomac, transformed servant government into even more organized crime than the above authors list.

Congress and governors are running fully communist operations. They opened the border to millions and millions of illegals. They say that, Joe, that the real number on that now, the real number that's finally come out is closer to 15 million have come in since Biden's been in office and to more illegal aliens to add tens of millions here. No fattened industry bottom lines, but millions more Americans are out of work, so they and the illegals become government dependents.

I'm going to stop there. Well, let me add, there's an entire industry in this country now that's living off of government funding to assist those immigrants. They're being paid well. The people are getting rich.

And many of these NGOs, you know, non-governmental organizations, they are using our taxpayer dollars to get rich and supply all these things that the illegals need. And they are draining the government. In fact, if I can, the money being spent, we're at the point where I don't think people realize that every day this happens. The U.S. government borrows $4.5 million a second.

That's a second, folks. That means in one minute our government borrows $270 million. That comes to about $1,800,000,000 a day we are having to borrow. And then actually, long story short, comes to $388,800,000,000 a year. That's just about $389,000,000,000 a year we're borrowing at high interest rates. And right now, over this huge federal deficit we have, you know, the $34 trillion in debt, 10 to 15% of it is going to be refinanced from very low interest to today's high interest rates that you're having to put up with. And yet the government is pouring billions. A lot of this money that is being borrowed every day is to fund this illegal immigration. It's your children and grandchildren that will be paying this back if this nation doesn't collapse.

If we don't collapse. Joe, who are they going to pay it back to, Joe? I don't know if they'll have a country to pay it back to.

No, no, you see here, that's the whole point, okay? The Federal Reserve and all of these bankers, first of all, I'm not going to give them a dime. I mean, I'm not going to give them a dime, not ten cents, okay? So now, who are they going to pay this back to? I mean, did the Federal Reserve and the bankers, do they have an army? No, they don't, but they do are the people kind of in charge of running things.

They're telling you that you owe them this money that you never borrowed. True, but they're going to try and tax me and everything else to pay it, right? Yeah, but you see, that's the whole nice thing about these tactical civics things we're doing. They're showing you that, like, property taxes are not constitutional. Constitutional, ah, troublemakers, right?

We're troublemakers. Not just that, Joe. Did you know, Joe, where they got that from the Constitution?

It's called the Bible. The Bible tells you that property taxes are not constitutional. Did you know that? Professional, right, and our Founding Fathers, what, we were one nation under God. We were endowed by our Creator, you know, all through the whole thing, right? Yeah. We appealed to the Supreme Judge of the universe, and then we said all of our institutions, that's of law and government, were based, what, on the Ten Commandments of God and the teaching of the New Testament, which, from what I understand, is actually the doctrine of Jesus Christ, right?

Isn't that what the New Testament is? Yeah. And guess what?

It's amazing. They don't teach that in school, do they? Well, you know, here's what the ultimate authority, the potentate, which means it is the highest authority that ever existed, and he has said this, that if we're born-again Christians, then we're heirs to his fortune. We are heirs to his fortune. Now, here's what he said. He said he owns not just the heavens, but he owns the earth and the fullness.

Everything on it belongs to him, and we are heirs to that. So it's not that corrupt democratic government, not that corrupt communist government. They don't say, so if they come and they say, well, we want to tax you, we should just say, look, go there, I want you to go and print up one more trillion dollars for me, and you can pay off my debt and Joe's too. Just go ahead and print up another, I mean, that's what you do anyhow, right? Print off money to pay off the debt that served, because we printed money to buy things we didn't have money to buy.

Is that what you just said? Well, yeah, well, I want them to do this. I want them to go print a trillion, pay off all the college kids' loans that decide that they, you know, the one of them, they went there, they smoked pot, they went out in the streets and they protested, burnt buildings. Go pay off their loans, okay? And then all that money that Kamala Harris, that Kamala Harris gave to, at the fall, and burn, loot, and murder... Yeah, to pay their bail, pay their fines so they could get back out in the street and go back and riot.

And burn some more and riot some more, yeah. Mm-hmm. Okay, so... And did you remember, I don't remember almost any of them ever finally being prosecuted?

Oh, no. Only pro-lifers. Pro-lifers get prosecuted. Oh, that's right. In fact, here, not just in this country, but even in, especially even worse in the UK, here there's a pastor and he's got a 139th Psalm, Now this pastor is standing there and he's holding this sign, and that's what it says, Psalm 139, 13, and he was arrested for that. He was found guilty by having a Bible verses.

Bible verses have been outlawed in England now. And so, and that's what they want to do here. Well, we've been talking about it for years. I've got a file on Europe. Let's see. I'll tell you exactly what it says in just one second. Give me one second here. And Europe.

There it is. And what it says, look at the Lib's future for the United States. Because so many of the things that are happening here always happened first in Europe.

And I went back and I looked at stuff going back to 2008, 2009, and there's another file that I didn't go into that's older. So at least since, you know, 2008, 2009, and probably about another 10 years before that, we were doing stories on what happened in Europe. We'll be coming to the U.S. soon.

And I think we were right about 90% of the time. Well, there's a big difference between those, though, in the U.K. They're not allowed to own firearms. Here in America, Joe, we have a lot of people that have said, you know what, I'm used to my freedom, and I'm used to... We're clinging to our guns and our Bible and one in each hand, right? That's right.

Absolutely. By the way, that man, that hero of the faith, Pastor Stephen Green, 72, from South Wales, he was found guilty of what they call breaching by having a Bible verse, by holding up, yes, outside an abortion mill. I wonder how many people actually in this country right now, if they heard that, believe it. I mean, just having a Bible verse, he is going to be punished going to jail for having a Bible, reading a Bible verse in public. I just read you a list of 11 people that went...

I know, but I'm just saying, I think a lot of the people... They're going to jail for praying outside a bloody abortion mill. It's unbelievable, and I think there's a lot of people out there that just, if they could hear this news, would be totally, horribly shocked. They shouldn't be, because we've seen this coming, but I think a lot of Americans, if they were to hear it on the news, would be shocked, but they're not going to hear it on the news they want. Well, there's some good news coming from your state, Missouri.

There's an article on live action, live action news. Senators call for prosecution of planned predators, the most wicked, the most evil, the most ungodly, unclean, creeping, crawling, prevail, a cancer. It's just a cancer of death upon America. Missouri Senators Nick Schroer and Mary Elizabeth Coleman have filed legislation that would prevent any bloody abortion mill, or any affiliate or associate thereof, from being eligible to receive Medicaid through the state M.O. Health Net.

Coleman also stated that she would like to see planned predators, the most unclean, ungodly, evil, again creeping, crawling, prevail, kill more human beings on planet earth than any army, prosecuted for recent video footage, purported to show illegal activity on the part of the nation's leading, baby-raping, child-molesting, murdering organization. Actually, they said abortion business. They call it a business. I call it what it is.

Our tax dollars should not be going to these types of institutions, even if it's a penny, Schroer says. I like that, yeah. Very good. The reason it came up is some liberal judge had previously ruled that lawmakers couldn't block planned predators from receiving Medicaid reimbursements, and this case is sitting in the Missouri Supreme Court. They've taken under advisement they're going to rule on it. And this legislation, the trouble is, it allows them to block this funding against planned predators and protect our tax dollars until the court rules. So let's pray that the Supreme Court of Missouri does the right thing, and that will be another blessing.

What kind of a record do they have? It's fairly good, but it's like anything else, you never can think of it. We're out of time. We'll be back right after this. Don't go away.

A lot more to come, a whole lot more to come. Thank you for listening to What's Right, What's Left, the voice of the Christian resistance. To support this ministry, head to That's Mail your donations to What's Right, What's Left Ministries. 14781 Sperry Road, Newberry, Ohio, 44065. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at Once again, thank you for listening and supporting What's Right, What's Left Ministries, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next.
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