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TUE HR 2 010224

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 3, 2024 12:04 am

TUE HR 2 010224

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 3, 2024 12:04 am

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Watch anytime on any screen at and local now Channel 525. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back and we're going to take a little listen to Greg Reed's report on trauma-based mind control. So take it away, style. Trauma-based mind control. Trauma is used to hack into the mind and body's defense systems in order to train a person's behavior.

This is accomplished in three steps. In step one, the victim's identity is destroyed. This is achieved by depriving the victim of their basic needs and inflicting pain upon them until they become exhausted, confused, and disoriented.

In this state, they no longer trust themselves and become receptive to guidance from an outside authority. Step two, through a strict system of rewards and punishments, the victim is imprinted with a new identity. The new identity is trained to self-isolate by having it denounce everything associated with the previous identity. And finally, with step three, through the continued use of trauma, the rebuilding of the victim's new self is crafted and maintained however the mind controller chooses.

For this to work, the subject must remain oblivious to the fact that they are being trained. This is accomplished by keeping them in a helpless victim state of mind with the use of trauma. The entire method requires regular ritualistic abuse to keep the target in the victim state.

Declassified documents show how drugs and sensory overload are used to inflict trauma upon the public. But high-level slaves are often procured from families with an established history of child abuse. Intergenerational or multi-generational trauma abuse is when a person abuses their child, and that child grows up to abuse their child, and that person grows up to abuse their child, and so on. This increases a person's susceptibility to trauma-based mind control. Experiments with mice have shown that the offspring of a traumatized pregnant mother are born depressed and exhibit problems socializing with others. A nurturing upbringing by a healthy surrogate mother did not reverse the abnormal behaviors, indicating an in utero transformation of the brain.

And bioinformatic analysis revealed long-lasting alterations in the DNA. This is why the CIA is known for targeting children from families of multi-generational child abuse. They are easier to mind control. This is why world leaders are all from the same bloodlines. This brutal technique has been used and understood for centuries, and if a group of people vying for power wanted a loyal army of soldiers, the easiest way would be by breeding them.

And the evidence shows that this is how our society was created. From the middle of the 19th century and well into the next, hundreds of thousands of orphans were distributed and sold in the United States, and millions worldwide. They were advertised, delivered by train, and sold at fairs. In America, these orphans were being managed and distributed by a private organization from Britain known as the Odd Fellows, many of whom were orphans themselves. The ancient order of Odd Fellows is an international fraternity whose members, such as Albert Pike and several U.S. presidents during the orphan train years, were often members of freemasonic lodges as well. With their first official lodge in the United States established in 1819, the Odd Fellows are officially committed to educating orphans, but they seem to have been procuring them and breeding them as well. The Odd Fellows' first female chapter, The Daughters of Rebecca, was founded right before the orphan trains began, and a depiction of their work shows hints of mass breeding and surrogate motherhood. They worked closely with the Odd Fellows at large institutions known as orphan asylums and foundling asylums, where many members themselves were born. The Rothschild banking dynasty provided funding for several of these orphan asylums.

According to Philip Eugene de Rothschild, the family is privately bred over 100,000 offspring, including Adolf Hitler. This is why pedophilia is so prevalent among the families of world leaders. While it is used for extortion, its primary function is for trauma-based mind control, because to the mind controller, trauma equals transformation, and there is nothing more traumatizing to a person than pedophilia.

If you had a million mind control slaves placed in positions of power, then you could control entire nations, but only if the masses were also kept in a relative state of trauma. Greg Rees reporting. Already we're back, and again, pedophilia, and this is what, again, the entire Democratic Communist Party is a party of pedophilia. The ACLU, which is basically one of their legal branches, has been doing its very best to try to legalize pedophilia.

Folks, we cannot let that happen. Now, the chances they're doing it with legislation is much less than with a corrupt activist courts. That's what they want to do. They want to go judge shopping like they've done before, buy one of those judicial whores, you know, who are for sale, and go ahead and try to get a case for the courts to legalize pedophilia. Now, you know, it's an interesting thing. Remember, Joe, how we were, I was just telling you about, I think Mike DeWine is just really, he's lost all his chances of reelection.

Well, here, I've finished with this stiff. Trump goes nuclear on Republican governor. Former President Donald Trump blasted Republican governor Mike DeWine of Ohio Saturday after the governor's veto of the bill banning child sex changes. DeWine announced the veto of the legislation, Bill 68, House Bill 68.

Friday, despite its overwhelming passage by the state legislator, the bill not only banned child sex changes, but also prohibited biological males from competing with women's sports. Well, here now, Trump, Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. And, boy, if Trump says you're a stiff, if Trump said he's finished with you, I mean, that is, I think that's the death meal in Mike DeWine's coffin.

What do you think? I would be ashamed of everybody in Ohio if it wasn't his stake in his heart, but political art, that is. Well, there's a lot of talk. They've got enough votes to overturn his veto. The problem we have is the blue 22, the 22 RINO Republicans, you know, they're for sale.

They're for sale. And that's the problem we have. Maybe we should just call them RINO whores and add so, you know, maybe the people don't get RINO.

Maybe we have to add a word to it. You know, that's exactly what they are. But anyhow, you know, it's just, I can't believe he did that. Well, then again, he probably has no intention in running again. You know, what do you think? He's been promised or, you know, it could be one of those, they gave him some big, I read through the articles, a couple articles about it, and he claims he was there, the people from the hospital brought these kids in. Yeah, I know, he was on television talking about that.

Yeah, if I didn't, you know, have this transition, I would have committed suicide. And I don't know, it could just be he's just gullible and, you know, a couple sob stories, and he lost all sense of logic and reason. But I have a feeling the money sounds more like the reason. $40,000 is, you know, is nothing.

So there had to be a whole lot more than $40,000. Well, the more coming again, you know, could be a job. Remember what the Democrats always reward if they have a failure, but as long as somebody's doing the party line, they get promoted, they get a new job.

They get, well, look at the Claudine Gay. She resigned from being the head of Harvard, but oh, she's going back to teaching. Well, who would want to have her for a teacher? She's a plagiarist. She's a liar. She's a, you know, I mean, this would be the least likely person I would want to have teach any class.

She's anti-Joe and anti-Christian. Yeah, so she's going back to teaching. So Harvard isn't going to change much.

They'll put a new talking head in place. But if she's the example of what they have for professors, it's still a corrupt, overrun university with the left. Well, she's already cost Harvard, she's already cost them $1 billion in donations. Now, they've got $50 billion in endowments. They've got more money than, what is it, 128 countries in the world.

Yeah, I know that, but here's the thing. They got the money because they loved the money, and she's cost them a billion. If she costs them another billion, she's history. She'll be gone.

And so, yeah. Well, that's why she had to resign. She wanted to keep her post, her position, her social structure, her income coming, so she'll just be a tenured professor.

Let me tell you where it comes to. When it comes to what used to be called prestige of going to Harvard, their prestige took a big, big hit. Oh, big hit, yeah.

A major hit. A lot of people that went to Harvard said they're no longer, in fact, a number of them actually tore up their diplomas. Tore them up, threw them away. And so... A lot of the students, they said a lot of the students that were signed up, don't want to go to Harvard now, and their classes aren't being filled. A lot of people just are not putting in, what do you call it, the paperwork for admissions.

I couldn't think of the word. They're not filing for admission. Yep. And they're shocked.

They don't want to come to Harvard? Nope. So even the kids are getting it, which is a good thing. Maybe this is, you know, evil.

They took such a leap forward in the revolution and got so strong that they're showing their evil all across all the different specters, you know, and maybe now people are going to wake up and really see it for what it is this year. Right. You know, we ought to let Stiles, because Stiles is a lot younger than us, Joe.

About everybody is. We ought to let him comment on this, because he's at that age where, you know, you would enroll to go to Harvard or Yale or Princeton. So what do you think, Stiles?

I feel like for a long time, just the college and the school system in general, not even at the college level, but just in general, has been going downhill. And then especially this past year, two years, four years, since the Biden administration has been in office now, that why would you waste your money to go there and be told, oh, no, you're wrong if you want to learn and you're wrong if you want to further your education. You have to learn what we want the history to be, even though it's not.

Well, you're absolutely right. And again, this is, it's revisionist history is what they're talking about. And that along with that, that's why they're tearing down all the statutes of the war heroes and so on and so forth. And in fact, Stalin had said that in order to control, no, it wasn't Stalin, it was Karl Marx. In order to control, wait a minute, yeah, Stalin actually did repeat Marx on that. He said that in order to control a people's future, first you must destroy their past. And once you've done that, then you can make their future.

You can revise history. That's exactly what the Democrats want to do. The big problem with that here in this country is Christian schools. With your Christian schools and your homeschooling the children, which is growing by leaps and bounds, they're actually getting history. So you've got a large group of children that are getting educated and not indoctrinated. And they're going to kind of be at some point on a collision course with the proletariat, aren't they?

There's several collision courses coming. I was just looking one little bit of humor. Guess who just left New York, New Jersey, actually, and moving to Florida? None other than Sean Hannity, saying escaping from New York. Sean Hannity is officially moving to Florida, the free state.

Well, a whole lot of people have done that, OK? I had to laugh with that Newsom, Governor Newsom, when he was debating DeSantis, trying to tell him that California's got a better living conditions, this and that, all of this. And DeSantis says, why then are so many people leaving California and coming to Florida? But you don't have any people leaving Florida and going to California. California, yeah.

What else? There's one more incentive now, as of yesterday, I believe. California is now the first state to offer health insurance to all illegal immigrants. The taxpayers are going to be forced to fork over $3.1 billion per year. That's the first year in medical care for an extra 700,000 people. They're already broke. The state's already in the hole.

It's already going downhill. And January 1st, they started this new Medicaid program. And so now everybody, before they'd covered children and old people, and now everybody in between, from whatever, 20 to 50, are now eligible for full coverage under Medi-Cal, California's Medicare program. And you've got these 1.5 million pouring across the border every year, and more and more are going to California. And with that free medical care, more and more of those 300,000 a month that are crossing the border are going to be headed for California.

I mean, you can steal up to a thousand dollars and not go to jail. You can get free health care. You're going to get food.

You're going to get rent. So, you know, man, I've heard a couple people say, hey, maybe I could go down to Mexico and cross over and get some of these benefits. Yeah. Well, you know, unfortunately, our homeless veterans there aren't getting those same benefits, are they?

That's what I mean. The veterans, the homeless veterans need to do that to get, you know, the help they need. There at our church we have boxes full of coats for the homeless veterans that will be taken into the homeless veterans shelter here. And, you know, it's just, well, it's an amazing thing what is happening, but I do see, we have to get the government back, and I do see here, again, with tactical civics as a way of getting, especially your county, you've got to go with your county and your state. We have so much, so many crooks in government nowadays, and it's special, especially the corrupt judicial system out there, and this is why tactical civics is taken off the way it is.

I had a clip I wanted to play tonight, but unfortunately I didn't get the clip loaded in on that, but it was, maybe I'll have it by tomorrow, but it'll be a really good clip. It just talks about some of what we're talking about with the tactical civics, how fast it is spreading, and people want to take America back. That is the news, and I think a lot of people are looking now to faith. We were talking about it last week, especially for the show for New Year's Day, that this country needs revival, and it's going to be up to all the Christians, and especially our listeners out there. We need to start, each and every one of us, with ourselves, our families, and our communities, and just start a revival, start preaching, you know, Jesus Christ, not only is the reason for the Christmas season, but we need to keep Christ in our lives and Christmas in our hearts every day of the year, and we need to start, you know, putting in front of all of us. Well, Josie, here's where a lot of people, what they don't understand, we can't bring on revival.

We can't do that, okay? What we can do is bring on repentance. It's up to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit will bring the revival, but the Church must be.

But if we talk about it, and talk about faith, and bringing people to the Lord, you bring about an awareness, and then the Holy Spirit can really go to work, right? Yeah, but that's got to start with real repentance, with true repentance. Once there's true repentance, then the Holy Spirit's going to work, and repentance is more than just saying, I'm sorry, or feeling they're sorry. Repentance is doing what, Joe? It's changing how you live, what you're doing, and turning toward the Lord in all things.

Absolutely. It's undoing, that's a military term. You remember, repent about faith.

It means faith, yep, exactly. Well, guess what we did as of yesterday? The national debt went over 34 trillion dollars. The start of the New Year, the debt clock turned over. I don't know if that was by accident, but I have a feeling it's like one of those things, maybe God's trying to tell us something.

The first day of the New Year's, the national debt goes over 34 trillion dollars. Hmm. Maybe that's a warning to people to wake up?

Well, I don't know. Warning issued over the extremism of those virulent anti-Trumpers. It's a good article from A World Known Daily, from Bob Odenreu. It talks about a leading commentator from the Hoover Institute, Peter Berkowitz, is warning America that those who are the most virulent in their attempts to keep President Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot, essentially they are trying to destroy him, are the ones helping in the unraveling of the rule of law.

Berkowitz, the Tad, and Diane Tao, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, was for several years the director of policy planning staff in the U.S. State Department. He explains at a real clear wire that campaigning against allowing voters to have even the opportunity for voting for Trump is being ratcheted to an extreme level. See, here's something, Joe, that there's only a few of us understand, Joe. What they're doing, what Colorado has done and Maine has done, is called voter interference, that is voter tampering, election interference. That is a federal crime. It's a felony, election interference, what they're doing. And by, let me ask you this, Joe, by taking one candidate off the ballot and leaving the other on, okay, is that rigging the vote?

It sure is. Well, is that illegal? Exactly.

It's illegal. It's kind of like in Russia when the only person on the ballot was Vladimir Putin. You don't have much of a choice, and when you knock off Trump, what do you have for a choice? Yep.

Same situation. So, now there are some people that think that this is actually a brilliant move because the communists actually want Trump to run because Joe Obama said he can beat him again. I don't think even the Democrats are that stupid.

Do you think so? That would be, you know, they've got too many people that are, they plan ahead. They do long-range planning like communists do that. Look at the Chinese communists. They've got a 100-year plan, and we've got some of these people fomenting this communist revolution. The communists are patient.

You go all the way back to the late 1800s, the Fabian Socialist Society, you know, wanting to bring the socialist revolution to the Western world. These people plan ahead, so I wouldn't say they're stupid. I'd say they're usually pretty smart. Well, again, to think that right now with the way the country of the moon is, Joe Obama's, he's sinking in the poles, you know, like a boulder in the water.

He's going down fast. And even with these phony polls that the Democrats are trying to convince the people, and even the mainstream media are having a hard time trying to do that with a straight face now. One, for example, wants him jailed for his opinions and statements about the 2020 election, and that was skewed by at least two undue influences. One was Mark Zuckerberg's decision to hand out $400 million plus to officials who often use the money to recruit communist voters. The other was the FBI's decision to interfere by telling publications to suppress accurate and damaging reports about the Biden crime cartel.

A polling later showed that likely made Biden the winner in the race, but Biden did not win. Again, that was a big lie. Look, Joe, let me ask you this. Let's just say, would you agree that today is Tuesday?

Yes, I would. Okay, so now, what if we decide that today is not Tuesday? In the time zone I'm in, it's Tuesday. Okay, but what if we decide it's not Tuesday? What if we decide we don't feel like it's Tuesday, we feel like today is Friday?

Right? And then tomorrow is Saturday. But what if we get the mainstream media out there to start convincing people that today is Friday? I mean, if, look, if Obama or Soros and that tells them NBC, ABC, CBS, it's called your narrative, start convincing the people that today is Friday. They would do it no matter. There is no lie too big for the mainstream media to tell.

I mean, they're just sold out totally to their masters, their leaders. But even if you, let's just say you had 10 million people out there in the media and the Democratic Party, the Democratic Congress, let's just say you had all these people saying that today is Friday. Would that make today Friday? Nope. So, Joe, I don't care if everybody in the world said it was Friday, they could act like it, but it is not going to be.

You can't change, they could change the whole calendar, but it's still God's, you know. By the same token, Joe, all of those people saying that Biden won the election doesn't make it. Biden did not win that election, okay? Trump, Trump had more votes than Biden. He had, he carried more states. No, Trump did not, no, Biden did not win that election. That election was stolen. It was stolen.

It was a scam and we had a coup that took place. Now that's the reality out there. And so, some of us understand and we live in a realm of reality, what's taking place. And we're not influenced by hearing something over and over and over, like in the mainstream media.

Same thing with Jim. It just makes me mad because it just makes me real. The more I hear something like, you know, men can become a female.

Here's a perfect example. London Daily Mail, transgender murderous who killed two handyman, then fed them to pet pigs on an Oregon farm is serving out the life sentence in a woman's prison. This person is, you take one look at the face, there's no way you think this person is a female.

No way. Body, face, hands, nothing. He wanted to claim that he's a female. Anyway, murdered two people, so they take this great big, mean, ugly looking man and what do they do with the murderer? They put this guy in a woman's prison.

Now there is corruption. There is confusion. There is somebody, you look at this and go, there's no way this person is female. You don't even have to see him naked to understand this. So it just goes along with what you're saying.

The truth is the truth and the truth should be obvious to anyone that looks. For a guy like that, he never had it so good, huh? I mean, just think about that. They put in there, he can rape as many of those women.

As many as he wants to, yeah. Right. And if the women complain because of political correctness, they're the ones that will get blamed, not him.

So, there you go. I mean, that's the way it's been working in the prisons. These women that have been raped by these monsters, when they complain and they try to bring charges, they're the ones that get punished. Not the trans thing.

It's crazy. That's just like what happened there at that school a few years back, where was it, in Oregon, where those boys came into the girls' shower. Girls were in their shower and started fondling these girls. The one girl got the one fella where it hurts and she was the one, she was the one that got punished.

Yeah, she was, because it was her fault, she should have not, you know, attacked this person. Yeah. That's the insanity of the system. This is why, you know, the whole system's had a nervous breakdown.

It's gone crazy. This is why we have Christian schools and homeschooling still. We'll be back right after this. We need to turn this country around and bring it back to God's family country, right?

That's called repentance. We'll be right back. We'll be back.

Right back. Miracles start here. You'll take away your sin.

Open up your heart. Leave your fears behind. Leave them all behind. You'll be living there. You'll be living there until the end of time.

Till the end of time. Knock and his door will open. Seek and you will find. You will find.

Ask and you'll be given. Eternal life, sublime. He'll be waiting there. His arms open wide, waiting there for you. You are why he died. He'll be waiting there.

His arms open wide, waiting there for you. It was for you and I that he was crucified. Alrighty, we're back. You know, I got to tell you. You know, Stile, how you and Jimmy called today to see how I was doing? Yeah. Well, did you know that Jimmy tried to get me up out of my sick bed and do that radio program for Christmas?

Did he really? Yeah. I'm going to have to have a word with him then.

Yeah. Now, we don't want to let people know it was Jimmy the Greek because we don't want him to be mad at him. I'll be sure to keep Jimmy the Greek's name out of this. Alright. I know you will.

Alright. We're going to open up the phone lines and take some calls because Joe's pretty smart and I want everyone to know how smart he is so I'll let him take the calls. Phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. Let's go out to PA. We got Mac. Hey, Mac.

Hey, Pastor. Glad to hear you're back on the radio. Irma and I were praying for you. Thank you.

Boy, we needed it for sure. Wanted to give you an update on the situation here on Sports Talk Radio. They're actually not taking my calls anymore and playing games with me because the downfall of the Eagles if you follow sports, it's unexplainable and I keep calling in and telling them the reason why the 2017 team won because they were birds of prey and there's actually a book on it. That's prey with an A. I mean, they were having baptisms in the whirlpool and everything else and what I need from you and from everybody else that's listening is to call the station at 215-592-9494 and what you want to tell them is when they when they go sports radio, what's your name?

Give your name where you're calling from and then say I would like to talk about Marple Mac's solution because I've nailed them correspondence. They're wanting the head coaches head on a platter. It's not that there's dissension in the locker room and everything and the other fixes anything. The root of the problem is spiritual and none of the broadcasters have read the book birds of prey. I have from cover to cover the guy that wrote it was a Christian and got up close and personal with Doug Peterson. I mean when they won the Super Bowl in 2018 the 2017 team. He said is he held the trophy. I just like to praise my lord and savior Jesus Christ and it's not a coincidence that the four times they've been to a Super Bowl. The only team that won it was the team that honored God and again 215-592-9494 and I know if they I know if they do this will turn things around because it worked for that it worked for the for the birds of prey and that's all I got to say pastor I'm wait give me that number one more time yes real slow two one five five nine two nine four nine four okay two one five five what do you want him to say I want him to say I liked it when they when they I'd like him to say when they ask you're gonna ask you we're calling from Tom and then you Tom I'd like to talk about Marple Mac M-A-R-P-L-E M-A-C and his solution for the Eagles why is it why is it being scoffed at when it worked for the 2017 team and let's see if we can get that to get this thing turned around and spark a revival if you see already very good pastor have you seen the movie facing the giant no it's very very good it's about a Christian school everything's going crazy they start off 0-3 and in Georgia Christian schools play everybody they wind up turning it around going 7-3 going all the way and beating a team that's three times their size a replacement kicker goes in the wind changes and he blasts the 54-yard field goal to knock down the Richland Giants and the coach says what is the purpose of this team and it's a really good movie and I'm been trying to get them to watch that and the book birds of prey two one five five nine two nine four nine four Marple Mac and you're going to talk about Marple Mac's solution that they need that they need that it's a spiritual problem thank you all right thanks Max all right you know Joe that when the Browns were doing that the Cleveland Browns were taking the knee people quit going to the stadium well I mean a lot of people a lot of people that I knew the guys I know who were avid Browns fans quit watching the game including me I quit watching them you know when they did that a lot of people I know quit watching sports when they started doing that it was like okay it's not worth it you know well yeah and so then the then the Browns came to a realization to say working well for us you know when and here I he was talking about the Eagles I just saw their stadium emptied you know they they were showing you how a few people were coming out and so now they the Browns realized that going woke you go broke and so that all changed and instead you saw a lot of them praying on the sidelines and that and now they're going to the playoffs okay let's go to Jeff and not all things are possible pastor yeah let's go to Massachusetts with Jeff Jeff you're in the air oh thank you very much pastor Sanders well past I have an insight to share with you which is history because you see when when this happens because you see I I look to the past to look to predict the future remember the oil embargo of 1974 the fuel crisis of 74 with the gas lines oh yeah and I'll tell you why I'm saying this imagine a dual attack on our power grid through the substations which are soft once you knock out the electrical substations and in because we're beholden to all these nations for oil and gas and everything all they got all the old pandations got to do is make a phone call and you'll see oil tankers are in the ocean not getting anywhere or our deep state can do it in other words no LNG no gas totally artificial the only people who will know it will be people who work in these plants there'll be a media blackout and the sheep will go what's going on here and and you will have rioting like you won't even believe Matt Brackett wrote a paper called when the music stops and and it must be read but when these things happen guess what you won't have sports you won't have food the supply chain will be break it broke it down our supply chain is very very vulnerable all you gotta do is break one or two links and that's it the supply chain is broken food will get to your supermarket pastor before i go what do you think well i think you're right i think i i happen to know that a lot of the christian patriot community has been stocking up and i mean really stocking up uh with with supplies because they expect this i mean because of the way it is with joe bama uh not only are they stocking up on food mostly dehydrated food in that but guns and ammo because they know that when that happens uh you're going to have those obama's people you know going to burning and looting wanting to loot and take people's food and so yeah i pass here if i may interject the stool has a couple legs let's put the leg of illegal immigration place the military aged males when those people start to strike you will have a foreign army right inside just like the trojan horse let in let in the the greek the greek soldiers to to take down troy so what we have right now is we have a major trojan horse matt bracken calls it putting dynamite in the house all those illegals coming in that's like dynamite in the house that's the reason they're here they're they're brought in for that purpose when they're given the orders so that joe bama can declare martial law and cancel elections but that's why he's doing it that's why joe bama is bringing in all of those young military aged plus all those chinese nationals plus all the terrorists he's been bringing them for that for that very purpose that's their plan and lastly we've been trying to warn people for years that's going on yep yeah last last leg and i'm going to go uh which is the movies the movies are literally telling us what the future is going to be like and obama obama's team put out a movie called leave the world behind that that talks about a cyber attack that brings down america with with a nuclear attack on new york city at the end of the movie and there's other movies like that it's called predictive programming if you if you may elaborate on predictive programming when i get off the air thank you very much god bless you all right thank you very much uh yeah this is uh the whole i mean again they're they're telling you what we've been telling people out there joe for all these years and little by little you know uh people are starting to realize i think uh again it's like they've been so conditioned even though they're seeing it just like there's so many people that are sitting there watch over eight million people cross our borders but until they hear it from nbc abc cbs and i'm talking about you know these are people that have been so indoctrinated especially the young people so indoctrinated unless they hear it from their masters they they don't feel that they're permitted to believe it yet you know uh that's what we you know we're talking about the proletariat the as you said useful idiots the useful idiots the uh there's a lot of potential but uh we've got god on our side and i'm one of those that just that quite often even some of the hymns that right prevail and evil fail and if the people turn to god and start like you said to repent and are serious and start getting our lives and homes and families in order we can start on our communities and we can there's a lot we can do but people have to realize it is the time for action this is the year to be active take action well you know it's funny what you just said because that was that's my what i was planning on preaching on this coming sunday uh where it's got to start to that subject it's got to start with the family with the family that's where it starts there and so yeah attack think about it what is the enemy first attack you know they went after mother marriage in the family marriage in the family right marriage motherhood in the family yep right in the line has god gave us the divine institutions they went after them and so i've got one quick word of warning here um there was a story came out uh flaming fatal crash at concert hall probed as possible domestic terror there was a vehicle crash there new year's eve event rochester new york remember we used to broadcast on a rochester morning show yeah and cnn cited a source saying the fbi's joint terrorism task force is they're renewing it and to make a long story short there was a big car crash and the crash was so bad it burned for an hour before firefighters could get control and the investigators discovered at least a dozen gasoline canisters in and around the striking vehicle the vehicle that drove into another vehicle i don't know anybody that carries a dozen gasoline canisters in the vehicle um one of the things we warned might happen this year might be happening we'll just have to watch and see if this is the start of some problems or not we pray that it isn't but it's better to be watchful and they're going to be hitting these they always go after concerts look what they did in israel concerts where young people gather are the easiest targets yeah like in israel huh because yep yep when they attacked that they were having that youth festival when everybody was partying and having a wild time and that's where they got the most damage so it's something parents something take into consideration this year and watch well yeah whether my grandchildren were alive and missed a couple of events and stayed alive and uh you know they might complain oh i didn't get to go to this concert well fuck up you know but on your big boy pants you can't do everything you know the these so-called concerts uh you know oh well you couldn't pay me to go to one of those that that these kids go to i mean it just yeah so you don't want your kids going to a lot of them in the first place but there are some probably some good ones but it's still one of those things to be aware this is where the enemy always tries to attack right but you know joe try this and see if it don't work the next time they have one of those concerts nearby where you're at give yourself an iq test and then go to the concert set through the whole thing and afterwards give yourself an iq test again and see what the results will be you will come out of there dumber okay yeah but i don't think i could sit through the whole thing so i probably wouldn't be a good subject for the test so yeah i know i've had to deal with listen we gotta all right we gotta bring in style in this one come on style take let us have it i i don't disagree i mean especially the past 20 25 years now it's terrible i wouldn't want to go to any of those shows well very good they say now that's why style is a smart young fella i i when i play music and stuff i specifically look for like local artists that don't sound like that so you know you've never been involved in any of those what they call the mosh pits where you you run up and bang into each other i have not been in a mosh pit actually i talked to a young man that had the damage to speak of correct you know it's it's it's amazing because i talked to a young fellow who went to that and uh i told him i said you you do understand that what you're doing when you're out there running and banging and into these other kids is kind of a sign of low intelligence and he just kind of looked at me with a strange look on his face but it is it is a mosh pit what how much time do i have low intelligence means how much time do we have style five minutes okay do you know what time it is joe it's time again i want to say thanks to all the folks out there that sent all those wonderful cards and those wonderful letters while i was while i was out it's uh what a blessing it is and thank you for all of your prayers and so joe in four minutes can you tell the folks how they can get saved or do you want me to i sure can i would be glad to it's always a pleasure to do that this one of again those misconceptions jesus christ wants to see you saved wants to save your soul he wants to give you eternal life and you've got a world out there telling you you can do anything you want you can this and that and you can party hardy and you don't have to be obedient you don't have to you know don't need jesus the world lies the world wants to see they call them satan the old deluder satan because all he does is try and lead you away but uh you can't save yourself there is god has set up a way to get eternal life you don't get it through church membership being baptized well being leading leading the best life you could give all your money to charity that isn't going to do it even faith doesn't do it what does it is what we call being born again it uh evolves very simply understanding that you are a sinner and the wages of sin is death there is only one way to get away from that that's to take jesus christ up on his offer his offer of salvation and forgiveness and he's the one who said i am the way the truth and the life and no man can come under the father but by me john 14 6 he told nick edemas you must be born again must be born again that's a spiritual birth and to do all that well you have to go to god the father and confess from the heart a repentant heart a heart that wants to change the way you're living thinking acting you want to turn toward him and tell him call upon the name of the lord tell him you are a sinner you need a savior you need forgiveness and then you will be forgiven and then you can ask jesus christ to be lord of your life because remember this is a gift you you can't earn it you can't pay for it romans 6 23 the gift of god is eternal life through jesus christ our lord but you have to give yourself to him you have to say i want to be yours one minute joe i want to become a child of the kingdom a born again believer and he will send you that down payment on eternal life he will send you the indwelling of the holy spirit who will be with you god says what forever the spirit will be there forever as long as you live and you will become the new creature a joiner with jesus in everlasting life you will find you're on a path then you study and learn and grow closer to knowledge and love of god you become a stronger christian and you will find joy and peace in your heart that you've never ever found and that is all it takes to go from where you are to where you want to need to be right right faster well absolutely and again folks no one's ever regretting getting saved no one's ever regretting going to heaven but boy i'm going to tell you there's a whole lot of people wish they hadn't gone to hell well we're out of time for tonight so as we always do joe at this time we say good night night god bless bless happy new year always always always always always always always always always always keep fighting the fight next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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