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THU HR 1 113023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 1, 2023 12:01 am

THU HR 1 113023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm Radio Pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance after all of these years.

And we're only a couple hours from December 1st. And so now here, my producer tonight, that fellow who's up and rising star, conservative radio talk show. Someone who may have his eyes on my mic.

Which might be okay. None other than Stile. Hey, good evening, Pastor.

There you go, Stile. All right. And here in the studio where I can keep an eye on her, right there where I can see her. It's none other than little Lisa. Good evening, everyone. All righty. Now, my special guest tonight, a long time, long time friend and firebrand and a real lady.

None other than Jan Porter. Hey, Jan. Hey, so glad to be here with you, Pastor. All right, you're here. Faith to action.

That's what we're going to be talking about. We're going to be talking about faith in action right now. And so I'm going to start off with one verse. James 1.22. That's the name of the church that I pastor. Doers of the Word. But be you doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves. Now, that verse right there, Jan, you know, there's a whole sermon in that one verse. Did you know that? I do.

Let me tell you why. When he says be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves. You know, a lot of people, they get up to go to church on Sunday morning. They'll sit there, maybe listen to every word that the pastor is preaching. And then they convince themselves.

They say, you know, God must be pleased with me here today because I came and I heard every word that the pastor preached. The problem, there's a problem with that though, right? Yes, there is. If you were to go to work and you had an office job and you went in and you sat at your desk and you made sure your boss knew you were there early and you just sat there all day and did nothing. The boss probably wouldn't be real happy with you, would he?

I wouldn't think so. Well, unless you worked for the government. If you had a government job, that would be different than you would be doing what you're supposed to do, I guess. But anyhow, you see here now, the idea is that you're supposed to take what you learn and, boy, you're supposed to study and learn and then put it to practical application. The idea is that you're to bear fruit for the glory of God.

Do you think God made us to sit around and did he make us to go out and glorify him? You know, the name of my organization is Faith to Action. What do you think I'm going to say? Alright, so there you go. Now I'm going to jump from there over to verse 14. What doth the prophet, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith and have not works, can faith save him?

Okay, I'll ask you that question right there because, see, now that's a sticker of a question, but there's a lot to that question. So, what doth the prophet, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, have not works, can faith save him? Now, we're saved by faith and faith alone, but works is what? It's the evidence of faith, right? That's right.

Let me ask you this. If in fact you are saved and you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and you have not works, would you grieve the Holy Spirit? Yes. And when you grieve the Holy Spirit, does he grieve you back? I believe so.

Oh yeah, he's better at it than we are. And now let me tell you. Here's the concern. Here's the concern. The concern is, if you don't have a desire, if there's not a burning desire in you to serve the Lord, Jan, it might be because that Holy Spirit does not dwell within you. Now, if the Holy Spirit is not dwelling in you, are you in big trouble? You're in big trouble. Worse than you can imagine, huh?

Yeah. And what are you saying to me, to them? Depart in peace, be you warmed and filled, notwithstanding, you give them not to those things which are needed to the body.

What does it profit? Even so, faith, if it had not works, is dead being alone. Yeah, a man may say, thou hast faith, and I have works. Show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works. Thou believeth that there is one God, thou dost well. The devils also believe and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead.

And so, that is what people need to really think about. Now, for a long time, my whole lifetime, we've been in this battle. I mean, we've been fighting the battle for righteousness. And for my whole lifetime, Jan, the very few of us have been doing the fighting for the very many of us. And it hasn't been working real well for us, has it?

No. Well, that's what's got to change. Now, you had a lot of people, we worked very, very hard on issue one. And believe me, I am not under any illusion that we actually lost that vote in Ohio the way that they reported. No, that didn't happen.

I know for a fact. The opposition is so good at rigging the votes. And so, this is what we have to do. We have to get, well, you tell us, we've got to get the legislators have got to rein in these very, very corrupt activist judges. We have judicial whoredom. And this is what we have, not just in Ohio, but we have it nationwide. And this is something that our state legislators, not only do they have the authority, do not they have an obligation to God and country to rein in these, well, these judicial whores? Well, you know, I'm just very grateful for everybody who has been making the phone calls to rein in, to really exhibit judicial restraint.

That needs to happen. But we are actually launching something, Pastor, that is going to make it a lot easier than making 100 calls. We actually have, with a click of a button, we're going to do something. We're going to send them something tangible that they can hold in their hands through the U.S. Postal Service. We're sending, yes, we're bringing back the postcard.

It's a bright yellow card. It's got the picture of the partial birth abortion baby, four fifths of the way born with the doctor's suction device at the back of this baby's skull. And it says, don't bring back this.

God-given rights can't be repealed. And what we're telling people is this. With the click of a button, you can send this to not just the Supreme Court, the Ohio Supreme Court, but to the Ohio speaker, the president of the Senate for 10 bucks.

All right. That doesn't cover your postage. But we're going to do the heavy lifting. We're going to print these things. We're going to personalize them from you. And then we're going to lug them to the post office so that this message is delivered in bulk. Ten bucks.

That doesn't even cover the cost. But I want to make sure that these actually get to the people they go they need to go to and trying to make it easier, because you know what? Yeah.

The action of the state is for too long, as you've just said, been done by too few. But what we're trying to do is say, you know what? We're going to we're going to involve everybody because we're going to make it just that easy. That, in fact, if you go to, I'm encouraging you to do that right now. Go to I'm punching it up as well. Hit return.

F like faith. The number two. A like And what it is, it gives you three options. Option one, for $10, you send nine cards.

They go to the Supreme Court, the president, the Senate, the speaker, the House. Option two. So for the same click of the button, you can actually send ninety nine cards, Pastor. That is for fifty dollars. You're going to send ninety nine cards, individualized, printed and delivered through the Postal Service to every House and Senate Republican.

I'll tell you what. It takes less than a minute. And that's a whole lot easier than making all those phone calls.

It's also going to go to the Ohio Supreme Court. But option number three, that's my favorite option. That's the one I chose. I I clicked option three to send one hundred and forty cards. The price is seventy five dollars. It covers the cost. Not even really of sending it to the entire House and the entire Senate.

That's the Republicans and Democrats both, as well as the Supreme Court and the Ohio governor, Mike DeWine and Attorney General David Yost. So for seventy five hours, we're going to send one hundred and forty cards. It takes you less than a minute to send them. And you can do it all at You see the video, read the press release, find out what's going on. I actually am taking a break to get on this call with you, Pastor, from writing a brief.

I've been working several days. There are many people writing writing briefs. And you know what? I wanted to write my own. At this moment, it's 50 pages long of what I want the court to see on this issue, on issue one and how it violates our rights. By the way, on the back of the postcard is a message you're going to like.

I happen to like it. It happens to include Article one, section one of the Ohio Constitution. And this is what it says. All men are by nature free and independent. They have certain inalienable rights, among which are the one among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty and seeking and obtaining happiness and safety.

Here's what here's my favorite part. God given rights can't be repealed, not even by the mob with the most money. Issue one is unconstitutional because the right to life is inalienable. It violates the U.S. and Ohio constitutions, over 30 Ohio laws, the Dobbs decision, science, technology and God.

Don't like don't make partial birth abortion your legacy. It's signed by your name, your city and your state. And it goes to whoever you designated.

It can be to the Ohio Supreme Court. Plus the speaker and president of the Senate. It can go to all the Republicans in the House. It can go to the entire House and the governor, the attorney general as well.

You can send up to 140 cards in less than a minute with a click of a button. It's tangible. It's not an email, not a petition, not something they'll throw away.

It will actually be delivered to their office through the Postal Service with your name on it, with their name on it. So it's it's as direct action as we can get. I've made it as easy as possible and we're doing all the work for you. I don't think there's a there's any more excuses not to put your faith to action. You know what we're going to do, Jim? We're going to send option number three for doers of the word church for what's right. What's the radio for Jug County right to life.

We're going to send and also for tactical civics. All four. We're going to do option four for all. Thank you.

Four times. That's fantastic. And so that's that's really that's what we're going to take is we're going to bombard them with the message that and this is what it says on the front of the card.

God given rights can't be repealed. All right. You're sending five of these things.

Pardon? You're going to send option option three five times. That's 700 cards. That's fantastic. Yeah, we're going to send them all out.

Absolutely. And again, that's done with the click of the button. It would take a long time to even sign 700 cards.

We know because we're doing it to print them and to mail them. We're doing it all for you. This is the easiest way to put your faith to action on the most important issue on the on the most critical area right now.

This is where the battle is the hottest in the country. And I'm going to tell you something. I want to go on record. I'm just going to say we are going to stop issue one where to do everything within our power to make sure that this does not go into effect.

I've got I counted eight ways. It violates the Ohio Constitution. I've lost count of the ways it violates the U.S. Constitution.

It is unconstitutional because it is our inalienable rights are God given and can't be taken away by the vote with the mob with the most money. And that's what's happened. Absolutely. And I challenge every church out there, every Bible believing churches, all my pastor friends, I'm challenge you to match it. We're going to go go into four or five times here in the different organizations.

And so I asked individuals, you know, this isn't just this is every everybody who goes to your church. This is this is an easy thing to do. And look, if you can't send the 140 or the 99 cards, everybody can go 10 bucks and get it to the in the hands of the Ohio Supreme Court. They're the ones are going to be deciding what happens. And I don't know if you know, but the Supreme Court has asked for briefing by the seventh of December. They're going to be deciding what's going to happen regarding our heartbeat bill in the face of issue one. And so for 10 bucks, you can at least get a card in the hands of every Supreme Court justice in Ohio, as well as the speaker of the House and the president of the Senate.

It's easy and it's as inexpensive as we can possibly make it. We'll start telling. We've got to tell people several times tonight how to do that. We've got to get them there, get them to your Web site, tell them how to do it. Well, there's actually two ways you can go. You can go to F two way dot org. That's the easiest way.

Or if you don't remember that, you don't remember putting your faith to action. Then you can go to life postcard dot com life postcard dot com. We'll get you there as well.

And with the click of a button in less than a minute, you will have you will have sent these postcards to whoever it is you designate. And I am I do encourage you, the best the best the best deal you can get is to send it to everybody in the House and Senate. The Supreme Court, the governor and the attorney general, David Yost.

It's it's bright yellow card. Also on the front of this card is is the 14th Amendment to the U.S. U.S. Constitution. Quote, it says, Nor shall any state deprive any person of life. And that is what they're contemplating, which is why they need to be refreshed with a little reminder what the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says.

The God given rights can't be repealed. And that's what they're contemplating. We're going to put this in their hand. And, you know, remember, I remember this back in 1994, 1995, when they were voting on the partial birth abortion. I'll just say this is the picture. The reason I chose this picture, people say, you know, I don't like it and it's it's it's disturbing.

It's meant to be. I remember sitting across from legislators, from those in the House and the Senate who were seasoned people, people in leadership. When I showed them the picture of partial birth abortion, there was something pastor that was unique that that they normally, you know, they would just become very callous. If I talked about dismemberment, abortion or they didn't even call it that back in those days.

I remember I was working on that as hard as I could. And that was called brain suction abortion. That's what it was. That's right.

That's right. And when we showed him the picture, there were legislators in the House and the Senate that teared up, broke down and cried in front of me. And that's when I realized, oh, wait a minute. This fact that this child, unlike every other abortion, this baby is four fifths of the way born. It's not unborn. It's more born than not born. And when this picture was shown, it reached them like nothing else we did.

And I'll tell you what else. When we when the vote was cast on the House floor, we had and we brought in people who wore T-shirts. I had them printed and the T-shirts were that picture of the four fifths of the way born baby in a partial birth abortion.

Yes, we called it brain suction abortion back then. But but what it is, it's the T-shirt says, does your legislator support this? You know what? There were legislators who looked at those people wearing all those T-shirts and they said, oh, my goodness, that's what my campaign literature is going to look like if I don't vote against this infanticide. And that's what I want the Supreme Court to see. You know what?

You know what? The people in Ohio, they didn't know there were 58 million dollars spent to convince them that this was about freedom. And it was about it was about it was about fertility care and miscarriage and birth control.

None of that was true. But they spent 58 million dollars trying to say that. But I'll tell you what, the people in the Ohio Supreme Court, they're not going to be able to pretend that what they're doing won't bring back partial birth abortion. They're going to know it full well, and they're going to be responsible for the vote they cast. And I want this postcard to give them a preview of what their literature will look like if they dare cast a vote to bring back partial birth abortion and repeal our God-given rights. OK, now let's start this over again for ten dollars.

What do we get? You can send a postcard, click it, and it sends a postcard to every justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. And that's seven people, plus the speaker of the House, plus the president of the Senate.

And that's nine cards total for 10 bucks. All right, folks, to listen, it personalized and mailed for you. Yeah, Jim, you know, you don't have to be live in Ohio to do that.

People were on coast to coast. You folks out there. We have one of the most activist audiences, maybe the most activist audience in the entire country.

And one of the longest running audience folks, everyone out. You don't have to live in Ohio. And I wouldn't even wait till this radio program is over with tonight.

I would, I would do it tonight. Go, And each and all of you at least send the ten dollar one tonight.

And it's lifepostcards, singular, And by the way, it's important, especially if you don't live in Ohio, because it's important in Ohio, but also if you don't live in Ohio, because this is where the battle's the hottest. If we can stop this freight train, this steamroller from rolling over babies and children in this state, I'm telling you what, we're going to be able to stop it in every other state or the states that follow. And that's the key.

So far, everywhere they've done this, they've won. But not here, not in Ohio. Ohio is a pioneer state.

I remember when Dr. Jack Wilkie talked about that. He actually not only addressed the committee members, the founder of National Rights of Life Committee, Dr. Jack Wilkie, he also testified before the full House of Representatives back when we introduced this bill. And one of the things he pointed out was that Ohio is a pioneer state. You know, it was our, it was our parental notification law that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court that paved the way for other states to follow. It was our partial birth abortion ban, the first introduced and passed in the country that paved the way for 30 states to follow, for Congress to follow, for two Supreme Court decisions where we ultimately got the victory. It started here in Ohio, just like the heartbeat bill, the first to introduce this heartbeat bill. Fifteen states have followed us, and we're going to set the stage again. We're going to build a firewall to protect God-given rights that cannot be repealed even by the mob with the most money. I was with Dr. Wilkie when we started, when we made our mission statement all the way back, and he told me, he said, I won't see it in my lifetime. He said, but you may see it in yours where we're going to reverse Roe v. Wade. Well, you know, and back then I thought, oh, no, we're going to get this done. I was full of just energy. Well, we're going to get this done in the next year.

Hey, don't worry about it. Well, he was right, and it took us a long, long time. And I can tell you, boy, he sure did appreciate you a lot.

He was very proud of you. But folks out there listening to us. He was mutual. Yeah. Jack and Barb were great folks.

They really were great folks. Folks out there listening to it, we cannot, this country cannot continue. Unless everybody starts doing their part. You don't even have to wait until this program's over with. I don't, we're going to go to a break here in just a second. What a wonderful time to get on there and call and send to and send that tonight. All across, wherever you're at, all across the country. Do it. And so that when that Ohio Supreme Court wakes up in the morning, they have a surprise. So do it, please do it. And we'll be back right after this.

People carry signs saying they support a woman's right to choose. You don't want me. You show mercy to the ones that never show it. And none to those that need it most of all, you've got the nerve to call yourself a Christian when you'll see a killer walk before you'll see a baby crawl. I wish you could cut my fingers and my toes and dress me up just one time in some little baby clothes.

Mommy, I wish you could call me once before I die. Down through the years the churches have been known to make a stand. But now we see some churches bending to the will of man. They used to set a standard and they seldom let it down. Church used to change the man.

Now it's the other way around. How can you say I'm out of mind when you can't feel me move? I'm not a thing to throw away, Mommy, I'm a part of you. I wish I could touch your heart to somehow change your mind.

Mommy, I wish you could call me once before I die. All righty, we are back and folks, I got to tell you this, tomorrow night, tomorrow night, Friday night, December 1st at Doers of the Word Baptist Church, the activist church, that's right, because Doers of the Word, you know, they believe, they really, really do. We really believe the Word of God. And we know one thing, too, that we were talking about having faith. You know, when he says be it a doer of the word, not a hearer, only deceiving yourself.

You see, a lot of people don't understand. This life is very short. And the idea, well, you know, I'll kind of scoot by and keep it comfortable here. And then, you know, if I can stay under the radar, maybe I won't have to suffer much, whatever. I won't have to run to this battle. But then you don't understand what you've done. You've denied yourself those crowns and glory. In other words, you turned down a great big promotion that lasts forever. That's what you do.

That's right. That's what it means by deceiving yourself. So, anyhow, tomorrow night, we're not going to be deceiving ourselves. Tactical civics, we're going to be having a meeting at Doers of the Word Baptist Church. Across the country, we've been taking county back, county by county. In fact, here, I just had Muskegon County Township declares Second Amendment sanctuary and forms a militia. Well, the Second Amendment demands that we have a standing militia, folks. And a militia are you and I. We're not people in camouflage crawling through the bushes.

We're talking about pastors and doctors and carpenters. It's you and I. We are going to be the standing militia and we are going to convene. We, the people of the United States of America, will convene our own grand juries.

That's the way you're supposed to be. Not with corrupt prosecutors on there appointed by the state. No. We're going to have our own grand juries. Now, this is happening out of 3,400 counties in America.

Now, we are now in over 1,000 of those counties. We have chapters to take our country back. We can do it. We can do it, folks.

If you'll only, if everybody just does their part. And boy, I'm going to tell you. See, God's watching you. He really is. He knows.

Yes. Anyhow, then, now that's tomorrow. Doers of the Word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Road in Newberry, Ohio. And then Sunday, every year, we have our annual Christmas concert. Boy, Jan, would I love to have you come out and speak at the Sunday night at 7 p.m. We have our annual Christmas concert at the Chester Christian Center. That's the Chester Christian Center. Pastor Steve out there saw checked.

He puts together such a group of very, very talented vocalists. And there's no charge. It's free. No admission. But we do take a love offering out there.

And it's one of our major fundraisers, in fact. So I would come out. Come on out. Join us.

Let me tell you this. Geauga County Right to Life, Jan, you know how hard those folks work. We work hard. You know that since 74, we've saved over 24,000 babies from abortion.

Wow. And it's been a battle. You know how many times I've been arrested just for preaching the gospel, okay, out there.

Because it's the right thing to do. The cause is a righteous cause. So we need your help.

You folks out there listening to Northeast Ohio, Lake County, Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Portage, Trumbull, the address is the Chester Christian Center, 11815 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, Ohio, 44026. Come on out tomorrow and join us. I will be there meeting and greeting. And you will get blessed. You will be blessed because, boy, I'm going to tell you, nothing soothes you like Christmas music. Because Jesus is the reason for the season.

The only reason. Amen? Amen. You know, if I could, I want to just thank a couple people because the orders are coming in. They're going to or And I want to thank Marie and Hinckley, she just ordered nine postcards to go to the Ohio Supreme Court, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House for $10. Greta from Plano, Texas, I guess your radio station reaches far and wide. Greta, $10, nine postcards to go to the Supreme Court and the Speaker and President of the Senate in Ohio. Also, Mark from Plainville, Illinois, thank you for $75.

That is going to go to the entire House of Representatives, the Governor, the Attorney General and the Ohio Supreme Court. So I'm just, I'm very grateful for people putting their faith to action, Pastor. And those who click the button, they'll be able to test it. This is easy. This one's easy.

You know, calling a lot of people takes a lot of time. But this one delivers a tangible result they can't ignore. And it's as easy as we can make it and as inexpensive as we can make it. And I'll just say this, if you can make an extra donation, please do so because we don't even cover the cost in this amount. I just said, you know what, I want them out there and we're going to pay for the setup fees and the things that are not included in this cost. So postage, we just appreciate everybody putting your faith to action. It's never been more important than it has right now. It's never been easier than it is right now at or

All right, folks, or Keep it coming. Keep them coming. I'm going to tell you, you don't know how good it makes me feel just to hear this. We've been in this battle for such a long time. You know, in Deuteronomy chapter 30, he said, This day have I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, choose life and a blessing.

Okay. Jesus said, I came to give you life and give it more abundantly. But you know, also Proverbs says those that hate God love death.

Those that hate God love death. And that's what we're up against. We're up against demonic forces. Jen, these people that are pushing this, they're the very same people. They're the same groups of people. They're all connected. That are behind the child sex trafficking here in Ohio. Which is Ohio is a major state in that this is evil.

It's evil as evil gets plant predators is the most evil wicked organization creeping crawling death. They're out judge shopping right now, right now. They're out judge shopping, you know, and I know we fought this battle for a long time, folks.

If for no other reason fight back and make them feel the pain make them feel the pain that they've caused so many other people out there. These are the same people that want to molest your children with this trans what they call trans surgery, which is absolute insidious. It's insidious folks.

God made two genders male and female and what they and he is not the author of confusion. All of this is right from the pit of hell. It is believe me. Now you have an opportunity to fight back, you know, take a shot at hell and so life or faith to

Yeah, faith to Yeah, so it's again if you want to fight it. This is the way and it's not I'm not it's not like sign a petition or send an email that they can ignore.

This is something tangible. It's going to get to them before this decision is made and and the thing I know about judges is their people and they're affected by by what they see and what they read and what's going to happen when they get just hundreds of these. Hundreds of these yellow postcards thousands of these postcards coming in with what that what what it's staring straight in the face what they're considering to vote for don't bring back this. That's what it says God given rights can't be repealed with the 14th Amendment nor shall any state deprive any person of life. That's what's on the chopping block right now and and that's specifically a violation of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. So we're going to we're going to explain to them that this thing's unconstitutional. It needs to be struck down and they need to do they need to do what they they swore to uphold our Ohio Constitution and this thing violates that Constitution in at least eight different ways. But the US Constitution Trump's it all and it violates the US Constitution as well. So by the way, it violates not only the 14th Amendment.

I'm just looking at my brief right now. It also violates the 8th Amendment which is against cruel and unusual punishment and and so I've got in here and I looked through some of my some of my notes from back when we passed the parcel birth abortion ban and I found that that we have a testimony from the nurse Brenda Schafer remember her pastor. Yeah came and testified just what this thing does and I'll tell you what it's so cruel.

It's so unusual. I remember and I wrote this in the brief as well. I called the Humane Society back at that time and I said if I found out there were some fraternity brothers that were pulling puppies out four fifths of the way and sucking their brains out.

I said before they're born. I said what would you guys do it? They said well, we'll arrest him. What are their names?

You can't do it to a dog, but they're considering about bringing it back to to Ohio by the way. One of the donors of issue one was the infamous abortion Martin has abortionist Martin Haskell who did partial birth abortions. His practice was shut down and he gave a hundred thousand dollars. Why because he understands this would open it back up and we need the court to say no and the way to do that is is to send him a postcard. Let me let it let it be known what your view is three more have come in by the way three more orders.

Thanks to to Marquita. I believe it is from Texas. We're very grateful for your help others that have sent it in you just go to or life We got another $10 which sends to the entire Supreme Court.

Yeah, you'll have Supreme Court president Senate and the speaker of the house from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. William grateful for your your order again $10 anybody can do $10 and I'll tell you what. It's a whole lot easier than filling out those nine postcards print them out sign them get the addresses on them all and then pay for postage on top of that Kathleen in Wycliffe, Ohio. So grateful she she ordered the the $10 postcard.

It's an easy thing to do pastor. We're trying our hardest to do the heavy lifting to do the work so that you don't have to so that more people can put their faith to action and the weight of it is not just on the few and again life postcard. .com keep them coming in. We'll make sure we print them.

We personalize them and we deliver them for you. Absolutely. We have to read from Proverbs chapter 24 verses 10 11 and 12 when he talks about rescue those being led and slaughtered and grown to death and I often think from that day when we stand it to be messy. We stand before the almighty to get our rewards.

But what if he asked you? Well, what were you doing now when they were killing the babies when they were killing my babies when they were transgressing my very image when they destroying my very image. What were you doing? The only acceptable answer is all that I could to stop it, huh? Would that be right? That's right folks out there. Absolutely. Keep it up.

Come on, you know, wherever you're at out there do it. We want to really want to get a bunch of them in tonight that way. I will be happy. I'll be happy and that way. I'll go into December.

Just as which is only about an hour away happy make this a happy December for me, right? Already that's right. Well, you know what? Yeah, it may be those people who are considering voting against this on the house Supreme Court might they might actually have some unhappiness when they think about doing that. This is this is you know, we got to remember we need to keep praying fervently for these judges because God turns the hearts of judges and and we can help to turn those hearts what by delivering that message that they cannot easily ignore the God-given rights are not they can't be repealed.

And that's the message were sent in at life Absolutely. Now Jen, we have the consensus with a number of the straight legislators and we need to get some of these people lined up on the radio here and get people behind them because again, they need to rein in a lot of these activist judges. You should not be able to go judge shopping the way that the left has done this. This is how they passed Roe v. Wade to begin with the legislators didn't want to vote for that.

No, the congressman and senators know that that wasn't something at that time in 73. You're not going to win election view if you vote for that. So they said let's do this. Let's get a corrupted Court. They can't be fired. They're in there for life. Let's get them to do the dirty work the dirty deed and that's exactly what they did. And so folks again, we really need you need to send those postcards out there.

You need to send a message. Let me ask you this Jen who pays the salary for those people those in that court. That's us the taxpayers now hasn't it always been that when you're paying an employee, you're the boss.

That's right. They work for us. You know, I remember one of the tea parties Glenn Glenn Newman. He would ask when the state reps would show up. You have everybody honors and they trip over themselves to give these guys laws and praises and and he just says are there any employees here? Show of hands any employees people that work for us. Those are the congressman.

Those are the state reps. Those are the state senators and I just thought that's an interesting way of looking at it because it's an accurate way of looking at it. By the way Mark in Plainfield, Illinois just gave $100 that's going to help cover some of these costs that we we haven't been able to cover. So we're grateful that'll be that'll be the setup fees the postage and some of these printing fees that that we did not put in the cost because we wanted to make this as simple and as easy for people and as inexpensive as possible. $10 sends nine cards and $50 sends 99 of them for 75. We're going to send all 140 to everybody in the Ohio House Republicans and Democrats alike everyone in the Ohio Senate Republicans and Democrats alike the Supreme Court, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General David Yost one click one button.

It takes less than one minute. Oh, by the way, here's another one that's come in just just I just want to say I'm grateful Terry in Germantown, Wisconsin sent his $10 that's to everybody on the Supreme Court and the president of the Senate Speaker of the House. We're very grateful.

All right, very very good. Alrighty, we got folks. Keep it up. You've got to keep it up. We've got to get this thing this this is this would be great if we get a bunch of them sent in tonight, and I'll get on top of this again tomorrow.

Jan, and we'll see if we can, we can keep it up even tomorrow. This is extremely important. We're talking. Well, you know, let's let's look at this what they've done the way they have worded that the ACLU Anti Christian Liars Union what they have done that leaves it wide open if you if you read what they have done there with that. So-called Constitution Amendment to the Constitution that would that would mean anyone who who decided to help in an abortion help if you got a 12 year old girl and someone helps her get the abortion. Then you and you cannot go after them for doing that.

Even if they're just a friend, they don't have to be you don't even have to be a licensed physician to do that to you. No, and you know what? I'm looking right now on my brief that this thing this thing is is something that violates Article 1 Section 6 of the Ohio Constitution without stating the direct intent to do so. Here's what it says. There shall be no slavery in this state nor involuntary servitude and that's unless for the punishment of crime.

Okay. So what this means is because of how they've worded this they deliberately said an individual that includes a child of any age being able to make their decisions about their reproduction. That means and if anybody that assist them in making that decision and it's a person or entity it says that's like any adult or any organization like Planned Parenthood that assist them in making the reproductive decisions. And what that means is an adult could coerce a child to engage in sexual activity because after all that's there right now.

Then guess what? They are they can be not only a victim of molestation of pedophilia of sex trafficking. They then can take them to the abortion mill without mom and dad ever knowing without ever giving their consent if that's all part of this and they can cover up for the fact that their child is being trafficked. And let me tell you why this is not a stretch.

It's deliberate. It's actually comes from the ACLU. They were one of the key organizations they gave several million dollars from their New York office to issue one and they join with Planned Parenthood and all these groups to try and legalize this. Let me tell you what they say. Here's a headline from from the ACLU sex work is real work and it's time we treat it that way.

They have put together a 34 page booklet the ACLU research brief. Why decriminalize sex work. They are that that's their goal. This is deliberate. It's what they're doing.

Let me read you what they also write. Also remove criminal penalties for youth who participate in sex work. All right. That's called child prostitution child sex trafficking and you're right. It is according to the governor and the attorney general's office. Ohio is one of the worst offenders of child trafficking. It's one of the top 10 states in the country for this. It's horrific. It's a thirty five billion dollar business and it's what is what the Ohio Department of Health called modern day slavery which guess what violates the Ohio Constitution. It also happens to violate federal laws as well.

But this is this is what's at stake right now. I'll just tell you one one thing I heard that was really disturbing guy went to a Home Depot. This was in Cincinnati and he had his daughter with him.

It's a pretty big guy I guess. He he was there and there were three men that approached him looked and looked them both up and down and there were three other men. And then their approach.

There was a third group of three men. And apparently that's what they're doing is that they're looking to try and approach people in public places with groups of three and they're kidnapping children. They're putting them in the sex trade. Well issue one if we don't stop it is really I think more accurately called the Child Trafficking Enabling Act. And that's what would make it's bad enough already. We're already one of the worst offenders in the country. But this would make what they're doing perfectly legal. And that's what's at stake. What can you do about it. We do what Tim did.

Tim in Toledo Ohio. I want to say thank you because you sent one hundred and forty cards with one click so that you can deliver this message that God given rights can't be repealed. And again on the back of the card I'll just mention this one more time. God given rights can't be repealed not even by the mob with the most money. Issue one is unconstitutional because the right to life is inalienable. It violates the U.S. and Ohio Constitution. Over 30 Ohio laws. The Dobbs decision.

That's the one that overturned Roe. Science. Technology. That's the heartbeat. That's the ultrasound.

And God. Don't make partial birth abortion your legacy. We're going to use a handwriting font but we'll print it. Your name. Your city and your state.

When you go to or Well Jen you know here again. You're right. These are the very same people. I mean the ACLU is turned into nothing but pedophilia. The Democratic Party in this country is flush you know with with pedophiles and they have gotten their people into and they oriented all of the different agencies the FBI the CIA.

They're you know. And again we can stop them. Not just that but along with the child sex trafficking. It's the fentanyl trade the drug trade. They use they use drugs to keep these young kids in line in order to keep them drugged up. And what happens unless we work then the ACLU is going to tie the hands with law enforcement law enforcement will not be able to do their jobs and they're not going to be able to go after these Democratic pedophiles.

They just won't. And so folks this is why this is so very important. This is right from the pit of hell. This is this is darkness. This is evil.

You know incarnate and so you've got to do this tonight again. You know I'll tell you pastor that they say it's over it is too late and the people have spoken. Well the people are ready to speak again and they're ready to tell the Supreme Court what the Constitution says what the Ohio Constitution the U.S. Constitution with state federal laws have to say. And that's what I just want to say one story when we passed partial birth. They said it was over when a committee took over the over the over the when it was actually Republican legislators. Marilyn Reid took over the committee killed the bill and committee the pro abortion speaker ruled that that was legitimate. And we did a discharge petition had never been done in Ohio history. I remember I remember. Yeah. If they said it was over it couldn't be done.

They patted me on the back to say oh Janet. Oh you know too bad you tried. Well I have to get them next time and no elections will do it. Let's try it again. I said no no no.

There's a thing called a discharge petition and they tell me it's never worked before. I don't care. We had an obligation to try it. We did and it succeeded and we led the country by passing the nation's first ban on partial birth abortion. And I'm telling you pastor we're going to lead the country again and we're going to stop issue one. We're going to stop the steamroller like we're going to write. I feel a little bit like the kids standing at Tiananmen Square but we're not going to let them roll over our children our liberties and our inalienable rights. And you can do something about it.

Easy. It's not 100 phone calls. It's F to a dot org or life postcard dot com one click even ten dollars can send it to every member of the Supreme Court the House and Senate. And and I would just encourage you if you can send more if you can make an additional donation that will help cover the cost for what we're doing. We're doing the heavy lifting so that you can put your faith to action with a click of a button and as cheap as you can do it. I mean that's cheaper than that if you'd pay the postage yourself. That's that's what we're going out of our way to make sure that this message is heard where the where it matters most the decision makers the full house the full Senate the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The governor and attorney general. You can click the button and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. F to a dot org or life postcard dot com. That's that's my message to you pastor. I'm going to bid you farewell. I'm going back to write in my brief but I'm grateful. We appreciate your prayers appreciate you putting the word out and for all all of you who are willing to put your faith to action. We made it easy for you this time. There's no excuse for even $10. You can send the message that counts to the people who will be making the decision.

God-given rights can't be repealed. God bless you. You keep fighting the fight go get a good night's well get back to working but get a good night's sleep. And thanks for all you do Jen. We love you already. We're coming up to a break folks and then after the break.

We got a lot to cover here a whole lot. So we got to get it done, but I'm going to keep giving that or life be right back one more. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR That's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left Ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry, Ohio for 4065. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at the word the word Once again, thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left Ministries the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

The second hour is coming up next. When I grow up, I want to work for a woke company like super woke when I grow up when I grow up, I want to be hired based on what I look like rather than my skills on be judged by my political beliefs, I want to get promoted based on my chromosomes. When I grow up, I want to be offended by my co workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words police by HR words like Grandfather peanut gallery. Long time no see no can do when I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up I want to climb the corporate ladder, just by following the crowd, I want to be a conformist, I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns. It's time to grow up and get back to work, introducing the number one woke free job board in America, red balloon dot work.
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