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October 20, 2023 12:01 am

THU HR 1 101923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 20, 2023 12:01 am

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This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left, the voice of the Christian resistance. And this is pledge week. And speaking of pledge week, back there in the phone booth, I have my A team. Eric, Randy, and Frank, the capable ones.

And if you put their initials together, you have E-R-F. Earth. Nothing there, folks. Nothing there but the catcher.

Anyhow, guess what? We have a new guy in training. Kenny is here today and he's on the other side of the glass in there. He doesn't know that style keeps a snake in the drawer.

But I can see it when he finds out. Hey, style. Hey, pastor. All right, there he is. Do you hear the cackling? I mean, there you go.

You've heard the saying, leaping lizards, Lisa. Good evening, everyone. There you go. That's that's what that was started over there. OK. And then, of course, we have you've heard of the ancient of the Ozarks, the ancient of the Ozarks, the legend.

And that's none other than the parson, Joe Larson, ancient of the Ozarks. Yeah, I'm getting older. Not your age.

Glad to be with you. Make her come back and close the door. She left the door open.

Born in a barn where you. There you go. I got her. All right.

Listen, we got to get serious because this is pledge week and I'm going to get the numbers out last night. Right. OK. A little.

Some people don't like us very well out there. Yeah. Well, here's the thing, Joe. Let me get the numbers out first and then I'm going to make a statement. The numbers are eight, eight, eight, two, eight, one, one, one, one, zero. And that's especially with credit cards.

The other number is eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three. I remember one time when we had like a really heavy, heavy, heavy day and we were doing prayer at Thursday morning prayer. And one of the fellows said, look, we we got we we got a lot to do. We got to get done today. We're overloaded. So we better cut prayer short.

And I told him this. No, because we're overloaded, because we have so much, we're going to extend prayer. We need prayer more when we're overloaded like this overburdened. Well, today, Joe.

People would say, wow, we're not doing too well. Or a lot of times when when your finances, when things are tough and your finances, a lot of people say, I got to cut back. I don't have it. Well, you don't you cannot rob God. And when these things happen, that's when I say, look, that's when you need to extend your tithe.

You know, the whole point. See, God doesn't need your money. He don't need a penny of it. But you need to show him that you trust.

You need to show him your faith. So that's what we're going to do. I'm going to do it tonight. I'm going to be the first one to pledge. Not a thousand. I'm going to pledge fifteen hundred tonight.

Fifteen hundred. And I'm going to ask people to match me tonight. OK. In fact, I might ask Joe to match me.

Kind of be putting you on the spot. Are you there, Joe? Yeah, I'm there. I'm just catching my breath. That's a bit out of my league. You've got a little help from the church there.

Yeah, I cracked the whip on him. All right. There you go. The very first one. We have the very first pledge. Fifteen hundred right now. So I'm asking now someone to match that fifteen hundred. Can we have a match?

Who's going to be the first one to match the fifteen hundred? And let's get into a scripture. You know, God's word, the Bible is one hundred percent, one hundred percent accurate. It's the absolute perfect truth.

Joe is the most authoritative, the most authoritative type of information that we have anywhere that's in existence today. God's word, the Bible. And so there have been a lot of intelligent, educated men that set out to prove the Bible was wrong.

The Bible had mistakes and no one's been able to do it. And we've seen the prophecies come true time after time and after time. And right now, all you have to do is turn on your local news and you're seeing another prophecy coming true. And that deals with Gaza. And that was the title of the message.

Remember what the title of the message was? Gaza then and now. And the Bible has a whole lot to say about Gaza.

We've been preaching on it all week long. So today we're going to start in the book of Amos. And Amos, Joe, was a contemporary Hosea. They were preaching and prophesizing at the same time. Well, Amos didn't pull any punches.

He was tough. He didn't prophesize judgment on the nations. But right at the end of his prophecy, he brought a great message of redemption for the nation of Israel. And so let's pick it up where we left off there in Amos chapter one and read verses six through eight. Thus said the Lord, For three transgressions of Gaza and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof, because they carried away captivity, the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom. But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza which shall devour the palaces thereof. And I will cut off the inhabitants from Ashdod and him that holdeth the scepter from Ashkelon. And I will turn mine hand against Ekron, and the remnant of the Philistines shall perish, saith the Lord God. All right. So here's what happened there in that land.

The Philistines perished. But here for the three transgressions. Let me ask you. Hold on a minute.

Let me see. Oh, boy. Beverly in New York already matched me. Thank you, Beverly. Thank you, Beverly. All right. Very good. All right. God bless you. Beverly has faith. Thank you.

Maybe we can get somebody else out there to show us the same amount of faith and match Beverly and I. And so here, Joe, now look at those transgressions. What are the three transgressions of Gaza? One, they turned the population of Israel kind of over to Edom.

And that was the big one that I remember. OK. What did the population today of Gaza do? They turned the population over to who? Hamas, huh? Hamas. Yeah.

OK. So did they? They voted to put Hamas in power, even though they were wanting to put from the river to the sea, you know, drive the Israelis and Jews out. In other words, kill them all. So did they carry away the captivity? Yeah, they've taken the captives.

They've taken two hundred and three captives, including quite a few infants. And then in verse seven, it says three to five. So we're seeing the same thing happening today. We're seeing the same thing being replayed, aren't we?

Yeah, it's a very sick, sad replay. But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza that shall devour the palaces there. Have you seen watching the palaces go up with the Israeli airstrikes and watching the fire go up?

Right. The devastation is unbelievable. You know, the devastation there that you're seeing. So we're seeing this prophecy again being fulfilled here. But this isn't the only time, as we've been going through all week long, the things that have applied to Gaza. Now, I will cut off the inhabitants from Ashdod and him that holdeth the scepter from Ascalon. These are all cities. These are cities.

Right. And I will turn mine hand against Ekron and the remnant of the Philistines shall perish. Now, the Palestinians and the Philistines are not. The Palestinians are occupying the city. Gaza was one of the cities of the Philistines.

But Joe, guess what? There ain't no Philistines left. They're gone. They were all destroyed. Well, God says right there, the remnant, which means those that are already dead, of the Philistines shall perish.

And according to scripture, they passed away. And so now what God said he would do is he would eliminate the Philistines to the last man. What did the prime minister there of Israel Netanyahu just say that he was going to do with Hamas? Kill every last member of Hamas. OK, so not the Palestinians, but every member of Hamas. And so and so what is Hamas saying now?

They've got a deal, such a deal you won't believe. They said, look, what we'll do if you if you will quit your bombing and not kill us all, well, we'll set all the hostages free. And so what is Israel saying? No, that the hostages free and we'll maybe stop the bombing.

Already. So now when you take a look at Gaza today, well, actually, it's the city is not in the same place as it was. It was moved over, moved over and they called the entire area the Gaza Strip. Now, who did the Gaza Strip belong to? What what nation did that property belong to? Well, the last it was the last owner actually to me was the the British who were in charge there and gave it to Israel in the Belfer Declaration.

Well, yeah, but guess what? God had given that land to Israel. That land was given to Israel and Israel has always kept a remnant there.

And every time they were sent away, they've always returned. Right. But that's that land has belonged to Israel. Israel, yes.

Yeah, it's Abraham. And so it was Daddy Bush, Daddy Bush that convinced, you know, Israel to turn the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinians, which they never should have done. And again, there aren't really Palestinians. That was a fake name given to them back here in what, the 40s by, I think it was even the British that gave them the name Palestinians. Well, Palestinians, there was always a city, but it wasn't a country. There's a difference between a city and a country, right? Right.

There's a big difference. They're just somebody, but somebody named them. They didn't know what to do. All these Arab refugees from who knows a dozen different Arab nations and they were there. Long story why they got there. But we went over that the other night and none of the Arab states would take any of their people back.

So they were homeless and the British named them Palestinians. So it was how it happened. Hey Joe, what do you think would happen if those students over there at Harvard and Yale and that were to find out what we just said? I mean, what do you think? Oh, I've got more for them after the break.

Yeah. They would be overwhelmed probably if they knew the truth. So what if they find out, Joe, that there's a difference between history and revisionist history, which is called the narrative today. Narrative.

By the fake Disney. Some of them we've been trying, I think some people try and tell them, but most of them don't want to hear the truth. They're happy with their emotional narratives. You see, the left always uses emotion. They don't use logic and knowledge. They use emotion. Get people stirred up emotionally.

And when you're emotionally upset, crying, angry, you know, whatever, you're not thinking logically. All right. I got to give that number out or the guys in the booth will be emotionally upset and not think logically. The numbers are 888-281-1110. Folks, we've got to hear from you. I'm looking for another match.

Thank you, Beverly from New York. Another fifteen hundred dollar match. Who can who can I find to find one more fifteen hundred dollar match at 888-677-9673?

That's 888-677-9673. We'll take we'll take less than that, too. I mean, we'll take one hundred if you got it for even even fifty. Right.

But we'd rather have five hundred or a thousand dollars donation gladly and bless the person that sends it. All right. Very good.

We definitely need that. All right. So let's go over, Joe. We'll take another look at as we looking as we continue to look through. God's word, the Bible, the most authoritative, the greatest source of absolute truth that ever existed.

Right here. God's word, the King James Bible. How many people have tried to have challenged that over the years?

I watched them one after the other after the other. And they've all they've all failed. They've all realized that guess what? You can't go against the word of God.

Let's go find anything wrong. They couldn't go against it. Let's go with Zephaniah, chapter two, starting verses four through seven. And we're talking about here God's judgment against Philistia or Gaza. For Gaza shall be forsaken and Ashkelon a desolation.

They shall drive out Ashtad at the noonday and Ekron shall be rooted up. Woe under the inhabitants of the seacoast, the nation of the Cherithites. The word of the Lord is against you, O Canaan, the land of the Philistines.

I will even destroy thee and there shall be no more inhabitant. And the seacoast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds and for folds for flocks. And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah and they shall feed thereupon in the houses of Ashkelon. So they lie down in the evening for the Lord their God shall visit them and turn away their captivity.

OK, so what happens here now? That fellow named Nebuchadnezzar, you remember him? He came along and he decided that he was going to take captive Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashtad and Ekron and carried them off into exile. And now along with Judah.

Now what happened? Remember when Jeremiah the prophet prophesized that this would happen? Remember what all of the chief princesses said to Jeremiah when he told them this was going to happen? They said there will never be a conquering army come through the gates of Jerusalem.

And Jeremiah said, boy are you wrong. And so here now, the land of the Philistines that was all the way along the seacoast would be just like Zephaniah prophesies, have no inhabitants. Now have you seen what has happened along the seacoast, the Mediterranean there on the Gaza Strip? Have you seen what happened, what Israel did to all those Hamas boats out there? Yeah, they're kind of sunk or burning or not in very good condition. It's not as graphic as the buildings that came crashing down. Well there's something that's strange about it and we kind of saw the same thing happen in Hawaii recently where you had the fires took place. And out in the harbor you had all of these boats, all of these boats way out there, they caught on fire. And so, and I noticed these boats too at the Mediterranean, they all were, they were burnt, they weren't blown apart, they weren't blown up, they weren't, they just were set on fire. Burned. It's kind of like the cars there outside the hospital, the cars weren't blown up, they were just burned up. They weren't destroyed, the roofs were not blown off, they were just burned. And the same with the ships, most of them that I could see in the footage. Well see there's a difference because Israel has a weapon, it's a laser weapon, and it really is powerful.

And guess what, it does exactly that. And there's another weapon that in fact was there in Hawaii where, exactly where all of that took place and it was a microwave weapon. And do you know what microwave does to the metal on boats? Melts. Yeah. Sets fire to things. Yeah. And I'm not saying that that's, that that's exactly, because I, what they're, all I know is I took a look and I noticed how these boats were just sitting out there, they were just burnt, they weren't destroyed, they weren't blown up. You know, even, even when you get out there with the big ships, when they turn on the machine guns, it just tears those boats to pieces.

They weren't that way, they were just plain set on fire and burnt, but they weren't burnt completely up. Okay. Alright, the butlers in Massachusetts pledge 500, thank you butlers. Alrighty, 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

Alrighty, thank you out there again, 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. So, what we're, we're watching right now, Joe, we're seeing all of this replayed again right out in front of us, boy it's just an amazing thing. Well, it's kind of like Psalm 83, and as I was looking at this Bible study, Psalm 83 verses 1-5, it said, Keep not thou silent, O God, hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God, for lo, thine enemies make a tumult, and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, consulted thy hidden ones, against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent, they are confederate against thee, and it goes on in there to do the name a little more, but the gist is the same as Hamas, the charter, we want to destroy the nation of Israel completely. You know, you just hit on something, my sermon this week, unless the Lord changes it up, is going to be on the unholy confederacy, it's an unholy confederacy that we are up against, that the nation of Israel and the church throughout the world is up against this unholy confederacy, so we're going to take a good look at that. Lord's willing, coming this Sunday.

All right, again, the numbers are 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We're going to play a clip here in a second, just about a two-minute clip, but if you've had enough, I think if you feel the way we feel about what is happening out there with all of the stuff, with the push on the COVID, the poisonous poke, all of this political correctness, all of what Biden is trying to push upon us. If you've had enough of Merrick Garland and a very, very, very corrupt Department of Justice, and here now it's an interesting thing, because just about a month ago, all we heard was, well, the most dangerous threat to America, the most dangerous threat to America are the white supremacists. Well, was that before or after global warming?

A couple times I wasn't sure which was first. Well, no, global warming is a threat to the whole world. Oh, that's right, and yeah, yeah. So, but the populists, the populists, anyone who voted and supported Donald Trump, remember what Joe Biden said, those mega people, those mega people, they're the bad people, right? Well, you know, Joe Obama, by the way, we talked about this yesterday, he's letting anyone come into this country but Christians. They're trying to, they're, if they find out they're Christians, they don't let them in. Folks, I'm not kidding you, this is what's happening out there.

What does that tell you? So if you've had enough, I've had enough, style, take it away. We're fed up with the Green New Deal and the socialists who created it. We're fed up with the attacks on our fossil fuel and energy industries. We're fed up with an open border. We're fed up with human trafficking. We're fed up with not letting our country and we're fed up with illegal immigration. We're fed up with critical race theory.

We're fed up with boys competing in girls' sports. We're fed up with, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. We're fed up with the liberal media, Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube for blocking conservative speech. We're fed up with our government and universities censoring conservative thought, canceling debate and rewriting history. We're fed up with the corruption in the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA and the vice force. We're fed up with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO and the misinformation campaign surrounding COVID-19.

And we're fed up with Anthony Fauci. We're fed up with the politicians and the elitists in D.C. who are getting rich while the middle class falls further behind every year. We're fed up with Joe Biden, with Nancy Pelosi. We're fed up with the January 6th commission and those people who think that they can gaslight us. And we're fed up with Liz Cheney. And we are putting everyone on notice. As of November 8th, we're taking our country back.

All right, there you go. You folks, if you feel the way I feel, if you feel fed up too, call 888-281-1110. Help us take our country back. Call 888-677-9673. Betty in Michigan pledges $100.

Thank you, Betty in Michigan. All right, folks. Joe, you know, over the years, well, 15 years ago, we were telling people there's things that are happening out there. And if we tell you about some of this stuff, you're not going to believe it and you're going to get angry at us for telling you. And it was what things were happening within the Democratic Party, but especially today, it has gotten much, much worse. OK, what was happening back then with Epstein and Epstein's Island? And we knew about what was going on.

And. And then in the last five years, more and more of us come out now, the biggest in the entire world, Joe. The biggest promoter. Of human trafficking is the United States government. United States government is the biggest promoter of human trafficking.

It is supplying the human traffickers. And we know that. We talked about that so many ways.

Now, we're going to play a clip here. Laura Logan. I'll say one thing. She's a gutsy little woman. If you remember, she's the one, I think, that they had held her. And, well, they molested her.

And I believe it was I believe it was the Muslims that did that. But anyhow, she's going to tell you what's what's happening, folks. This is what we've been trying to tell you. And listen to me. Listen to me. What I'm trying to tell you, please.

I want you to get this in your head. This is why I'm telling you about this thing on the ballot with issue one. This is dark money coming in. And it's coming from California. It's coming from out of the country. It's coming from New York here into Ohio to promote to change our Constitution, to amend our Constitution, to make killing, to make killing of children just more rapid than it is to take away, completely take away all your parental rights. Now, listen to me.

I'm going to play this clip. And the people that you're going to hear about in this clip are the very same people. They're running ads on TV and these ads are deceptive. They are not true. They're they're lying through their teeth, folks.

And. But anyhow. Just pay close attention to what she says, because these are the very same people, the very same people that are behind this change in the amendment, amending issue one. You've got to vote. No, you've got to vote. No, you've got to vote. No. On issue one.

Go ahead. There are people who deal with it every single day, the people who work in trafficking. I don't know how much your viewers can stomach, but I spoke to a Hispanic American woman who's been in trafficking for many, many decades. She started in Nicaragua and we were talking about how there's been a shift, a noticeable shift and where a lot of traffickers in the old days would force girls to have abortion, especially in America. They don't do that anymore because they want them. They're human farming.

This is not new, but. It wasn't always the way now, you know, I'm coming across stories, real victims with documented evidence where one young girl had 17 children by her foster father. Who raped her over and over again, she first gave birth to twins at nine years old. OK. And so when we talk now to people in trafficking, these girls are encouraged, in fact, many times deliberately impregnated so that they can provide babies to the trafficking world.

And this one woman I spoke to said, you know, when I started out, Americans a lot of the time would have to come to Nicaragua to get babies or to the Philippines, the other place that she worked. And and we talked about how long these children survive, which is in some ways, thankfully, not that long because it's so unbearable what they're subjected to. And I asked her, how long did the baby survive? And she said, oh, no, no, no, no.

Like, no. I mean, babies don't survive long in the Philippines. What they would do is they would starve them, you know, and then they would use them for oral sex because, of course, the baby that starved is going to suck. And then they would asphyxiate them.

They would die by asphyxiation. You know, when these men obviously finished the job. And, you know, that is pure evil on Earth.

That is the darkness that I'm talking about. What technology has done, what companies like Ericsson do and all these other tech companies that are in this tiny circle, they have connected every evil person in the world. They've given them a home.

They've given them solidarity. They've helped build these networks. They provide live rapes online. OK, where pedophiles and other sadistic people can tune in and tell people, oh, do this to her or to him or to the child.

Right. Where they can they can jump in live. Technology companies control those live streams. They control the movement of that data. They could cut it off anytime they want to. Governments could cut it off anytime they want to. But they choose not to do so. They allow the dark web to exist in a digital world where every single thing is traceable.

They do absolutely nothing to stop it. And we are talking about people. There's an entire genre of pornography now called sadistic pornography. Right. Hurtcore is the is sort of the colloquial name for it, where they they come up with the most indescribable ways to hurt children and to hurt victims of trafficking. They have certain veins that they cut in advance, babies and children, because some people want them to bleed.

They want a blood show when they rape them to death. Right. These are real things.

Every single thing that I have described for you is real. This is not based on rumor. This is based on first hand accounts. They are truly evil.

You know, one of the people that I know who's worked in trafficking for decades, an extraordinary man. He told me once, he said, remember that the sinner is allowed to repent. But the but the wicked.

Right. The wicked spit in the eye of God. And these people are wicked. They spit in the eye of God every chance they get, because the more pain they can inflict on God through God's creation. That's their goal.

That's their goal. Because, you know, the Prince of Darkness, Satan himself, can never, ever, ever overcome the fact that there is only one creator. And it's not him.

All right. We're back in Ryan and Michigan pledges. Two hundred and Craig in Michigan. One hundred. And folks, the numbers are eight, eight, eight, two, eight, one, one, one, one, zero, eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three. Now you understand why. When I was saying that people weren't ready for this show, you know, what would they just heard even five years ago?

Well, just recently we played. We had a former abortionist that, you know, got awakened and repent of what he was when he realized what he what he was, what he was doing. And so he came and he he said he described what he did as he killed a baby in the womb. He talked about it and it was, you know, a gory thing. I mean, the way he talked about taking the little baby's head and crushing the head. And and so here is a horrible thing, a horrible thing.

What he did. And then we had people that were were upset. They said to hear that they were angry because it made them so upset that they had to hear something so horrible. See, they were more upset that they had to hear about what happened to the baby than they were.

What about what happened to the baby? Yeah, exactly. I hear that quite frequently in this world. You busted my little bubble. You took me out of my happy place.

You made me see something evil. Shame on you. No, it's shame on you for hiding from what's going on in the world. Because God put you here to do things, to pray for those that need help, those that are innocent. There are things you can do.

Joining the Right to Life movement, getting involved, so many different things. God says, get out there, be a doer of the word. And so all we're doing is what God said to do. We're supposed to be watchmen and warn you of all these evil things that are out there that affect you. And if you're ignoring them, you're actually hiding from what God tells you to do.

Right, Pastor? Absolutely, Joe. And people are saying, wow, I mean, how are you going to keep talking about this issue? One, you keep talking about why would you do it?

Why was Molly and her program talking about? Well, you see, we understand what we're trying to explain to you. We understand if you let this pass. Right now, America and the rest of this world, but America and Israel, you know, is standing in the shadow of a holy and a just God. A holy and a just God, much plenty of sin. Folks, you know, he tells you in Hosea chapter four, verse six, he said, My people are destroyed. They're destroyed for lack of knowledge because they've forgotten my laws. They've forgotten my laws. And he tells you, too, that all nations that forget God will be turned into hell.

Right. All nations that forget God will be turned into hell. Turned into hell. Now, we're trying to explain. We've seen history. We're trying to explain to you folks out there listening here.

In Ohio, you cannot. See, we don't have the dark money. We don't have the George Soros money. We don't have the money of all these so-called elite billionaires. OK, but we have, we have righteous, it's a righteous cause. We have the fact that we're fighting for a righteous cause on our side. You cannot let you cannot let the opposition you cannot let the dark side.

And we're talking about what I'm telling you. These people are every bit as satanic as any demon from hell. These people have an agenda. It's a dark agenda. And you just heard about these are the same people that want the human trafficking. And again, they've got the very elite and all the these billionaires and the elite social media. These people are all part of this now.

And you hear about that's an interesting thing. So you hear about how, well, the Republican Party is for the rich man and the Democrats for the working man. Well, really, you want to go around here. If you go out and drug county out there in the farmland, you'll see all the signs you'll see are to vote no, vote no, vote no. But if you go over here in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, where all of the rich Democrats, where all the rich Democrats live, Joe, it's all yes sign. OK, why do you think that is, Joe?

And so, yeah, votes. And, you know, when I was when I was a kid, Joe, you know, I used to grow up around Chugrin Falls. And back in those days, it was very conservative, Chugrin Falls.

Today, it's become liberal. And I'm thinking about changing this name so we could do when I when I give them a nickname. It usually sticks when I give nicknames to people or even to places. And remember, I was one of the ones that talked about the babushkas and bobby socks in Parma years ago. And that took them a long time to get over that.

That's true. But anyhow, no, I'm thinking of changing Chugrin Falls, Joe. Joe, I'm thinking of changing Chugrin Falls into Chicken Falls. Chicken Falls. Chicken Falls.

I may do that. Why insult a good chicken? Yeah, you got a point there. You know.

They give their all for us. You might have to come up with something not insulting to a good animal. I don't know. I just kind of like Chicken Falls. I just think it fits. I think it just I guess I could just see a big sign.

Welcome to Chicken Falls. But the point you were making, you look at the wealthy in Southern California. Most of them are liberal. You look at the Senate, the House of Representatives, most of the really wealthy are liberals.

There's an occasional Republican billionaire, but for the most part, the wealthiest members of Congress and the Senate are liberals, liberal Democrats. There's a big difference between the old liberal Democrat that we grew up with and today. These today are Satanists.

It's not the same part in any way, shape or form. It's an evil. Something unreal.

It's a real dark. It's a real evil that they want. Everything that they that they embrace.

Look at here. They've pulled these apostate preachers out. These people are not men of God. They're not ministers of God. They've got them out making commercials, convincing people to vote. Yes.

On issue one. These are Satanists, Joe. People don't know that because the vast majority of people. They're watching the news and they're clueless.

They're they're in la la land. They have been so indoctrinated. They don't know up from down or yesterday from tomorrow. But again, we understand this. OK. And the reason we understand it is pretty clear.

First Corinthians Chapter two. It tells you why. But they're clueless. But that's why we have to keep telling people. Meanwhile, folks, that not only that, that if they win in Ohio, it's likely to spread to quite a few. Seven other states will go right. They will go down very quickly. In fact, they're waiting to see what happens before they push their initiatives.

Absolutely. 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0. Folks, the phone lines have they've ceased. They've gone cold. We can't let this happen.

8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3. There ain't no quitting here. We're going to we're going to fight this thing.

Joe, even if you and I were the only last two people fighting them, you know, we would still not quit until the Lord comes back right now. Folks, what I'm trying to tell you out there, this is what God expects. God has expectations of us. We have obligations to him. Folks, he expects us like David, like Joshua. To stand to the last man to fight with a very with the last breath that we have against this wickedness here. God said he will bring the victory.

All right. And this is how you know, he's told us that in this world is going to be tribulation. Well, as long as we're in this world is going to be tribulation. Now, he tells us the days that we're living in are the days of times of sorrows. And this is really a time of sorrows.

And it's going to get worse. You're saying corruption like you've never seen. When I look, Joe, when I look at Joe Biden over there in Israel, Joe Biden is he is more. He's as much anti Israel is the PLO.

OK. And all of that, what he's that is just a fake. Remember what he referred to Hamas. He didn't refer to them as the enemy, did he?

No. He said the other team. And then he said, well, the rocket that landed by the children, the hospital. Oh, they don't know how to shoot straight. Wait a minute. You don't want them shooting straight if they shot any straighter than kill more Jews. I mean, everything he did, if you listen between the lines, you realize he can't come out really and say, you know, you know, he said just enough.

But the rest of it, you listen undertones. He's not happy. He wants them to capitulate.

He wants them to back off. He's an appeaser. That's all he is.

That's all he's ever. He's a traitor, Joe. He's a traitor. So appeasers are traitors to start with.

They won't stand for anything. And this, you know, this guy is anti God, anti Christ, anti Christian. And again, if you could invent, say, a brand new sin, if you can invent one tonight, he would try to make it law by tomorrow.

Yeah, tolerance. Well, earlier, you're talking about lack of knowledge. We've got this narrative going around. A long time ago, for some reason, people let the liberal crazies, the socialists, the communists take over education. We've all been watching what's happening out there. Harvard and these other big fancy universities supposed to be the best education in the world. And you see the demonstrations.

And I was looking at their signs and everything. Free Palestine. Land for peace. Israel's a tool of imperialism.

You know, free the people. These are freedom fighters. Gaza Strip is not occupied, for one. The Israelis left long ago, left them to self-government.

They are not occupied. And the truth is, remember a little history. Way back under Bill Clinton, Dennis Ross was one of his administrative people. I can't remember his title, but they were in negotiations with Yasser Arafat, who was the leader of the PLO. Now, what happened, the deal was, they offered the PLO, Palestinian Liberation Organization, whatever it was, they offered them 90% of the West Bank, all of the Gaza Strip, and part of Jerusalem.

And everybody was excited. The Jews had given basically half of everything to the Arabs. And it went time for Yasser Arafat to sign the document. Well, before he could sign, and the document was that Arafat and the PLO had to recognize Israel's right to exist and quit all claims against Israel. So they had to say, Israel has a right to exist.

We're no longer going to try and destroy Israel. Arafat said, no, he won't sign it. Well, several years later, Dennis Ross came out and said, Arafat told him that day, whispered in his ear, he said, if he signed this document, he would have signed his death sentence. It would have been his death sentence to sign this.

So right there is the total horrible truth. They did not want a two state solution. They did not want peace with Israel. They were given half of everything, even half of the holy city of Jerusalem, turned it down.

Why? Because like Hamas and their charter, like the original PLO charter, they want the destruction of the state of Israel. This is all about Satan wanting to kill all the Jews, going back to when he wanted to kill the Jewish children in Scripture. So this is proof that, you know, these people still, Harvard supposed to be these highly educated, these are blithering idiots who know nothing about history. They know nothing about the truth. They've been indoctrinated.

They're young. They were indoctrinated by communists with lies. And these lies now, because of the story, well, look at the story we did last night with the hospital. Even with the truth out there, that it was a Palestinian rocket that went off of the parking lot. We've got drones attacking military base in Syria, the Al Tufny military outpost. And Iraq. And Iraq, too.

Yeah, in Iraq. And this was in Iraq. The rockets hit another base.

It was called the Ayn al-Asad air base. It was targeted by drones and rockets. Multiple blasts were heard. They haven't, we're not sure of the casualties or damage that hasn't been given out by the government. And finally, there's a U.S. Navy warship near Yemen that was intercepting multiple missile strikes on the warships.

So we've had two American military bases, one base of troops, one hit with drones, one hit with rockets and drones, and rockets and missiles attacking a warship. So this lie about what happened to this hospital is spreading violence. We're having riots all over the world, our embassies being stormed.

They tried to burn down Beirut, the embassy in Beirut. And the government has put out today a warning. State Department cautions all Americans abroad, everywhere, to look out for terrorism. And so now the world is an extremely dangerous place, a worldwide warning to leave any country where a lot of these people exist, and anywhere else to be scared.

If you're a tourist anywhere in the world, start watching out. All right, Lou in Michigan pledges $200, and Mary in New York pledges $100. Thank you, Lou. Thank you, Mary. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

Again, 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Now, you know, people are saying, and again, they're watching the propaganda machine, what they call mainstream media. They've got Sleepy Joe out there. He's got his...

Mainstream propaganda, we should call it. He's got his eyes. He's squinting his eyes, and he's whispering, saying how he's got Israel's back.

Yeah, how we've got our back. When you say, who is America's worst enemy? Folks, it's not Hamas, and it's not Hezbollah. It's not Russia or China. It's Iran. Or Iran. It's the Democratic Party.

They're here. Here's some of the proof to what you're saying. Biden authorized, what, $100 million to go to aid for the Palestinians. These are the same people that when they send out a terrorist, he dies committing a terrorist act or blowing himself up. They're paying $2,700 with change. They're paying all this money to every family. They're paying families of 1,500 terrorists, and they're all receiving this large money. They've spent over almost, you know, millions of dollars, and so here we're giving money to the Palestinians.

And what do they do with it? They use it to pay blood money, tribute money, to the families that have young men out to die. Well, Senator John Kennedy says it's much worse than that. He says Biden previously gave Iran $3.5 billion on top of the $6 billion he gave them to wage war against Israel and the U.S. So that's $9.5 billion to wage war against Israel and the U.S. And of course, you know, Biden is brought in. He's brought in Hamas. He's brought in Al Qaeda. He's brought in ISIS. He's brought them all in here getting ready. Folks, we're telling you what is happening in this country today.

He has brought them in here getting ready to declare war on us. We'll be back right after this. Don't go away. More to come. Mail your donations to What's Right, What's Left Ministries, 14781 Sperry Road, Newberry, Ohio, 44065. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at Once again, thank you for listening and supporting What's Right, What's Left Ministries, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

The second hour is coming up next. And have my words policed by H.R. Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke free job board in America. Red balloon dot work.
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