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TUE HR 2 101723

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 18, 2023 12:10 am

TUE HR 2 101723

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 18, 2023 12:10 am

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Call or just stop by. Grainger. For the ones who get it done. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're back and we have with us from Susan B. Anthony, Pro-Life America, Michelle Ashley. And Michelle, well, I'm going to tell you, she's got a deal, the folks, such a deal you won't believe.

You can actually do the Lord's work doing what you're supposed to do, doing what you are supposed to do. And that's all that you can to save babies and to save parental rights. And Michelle, since we're coast to coast, tell them how they can get involved here in Ohio and how they can get involved in a nationwide basis. Okay, sure. So in Ohio, I'll give a website and then also my email address. So my email is Michelle is M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E at, and then it's

And that's all one word. So SBA is for Susan B. Anthony, from the field team. And then also there's a website, which if you go in and there's just a little form to fill out to show interest, and that would come to us as well in Ohio, because you can specify your state. But the website for that, and then we're also in other states around the country right now.

We're doing work in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona at the moment. And the website for that is So it's an easy website, And then, of course, if people are interested in hearing more about SBA, that's just So several websites. I know I can send those to you to Pastor Sanders.

So if there's a place to put them on the website. Yeah. All right. If you could do that, we will do that.

In fact, if it's possible, if you just texted me that, I will give that address out again before we off the air tonight. Oh, I will do that. Okay.

Yeah. And I want to say, too, with this, you know, just the reminder to everyone that this is a constitutional amendment. So this is the kind of thing where it's not like legislation where you think, oh, well, if we vote different people in, we can get different legislation. When it goes into the Constitution, that would basically override the current laws we have, and then also future laws.

So we would really lose our ability to protect the unborn and their mothers. And so that's why this is really, really an important moment in our state. And the ACLU, they've targeted Ohio this year, but they're targeting about at least seven more states for the coming years in 2024. Because what they're doing is they're looking for states with citizen-led ballot initiatives, like we have in Ohio.

So they saw a weakness in our Constitution that would allow this outside money and outside influence. And we've got to stop them in Ohio because it will stop, you know, or at least discourage the flood that's going to stop the domino effect. Exactly. Yeah, right. Exactly.

Well, you're absolutely right. And again, what happens, like you said, this this would be in the Constitution. Folks, look, you've heard of the partial birth abortion ban, Michelle?

Well, originally that was called the brain-suction abortion. I know because I fought to get the legislation passed to stop that. We did. We managed to get that passed on a nationwide. We fought, like to Dickens here, to get the heartbeat bill passed. All of these years, we've been fighting all of these years to get each little piece of pro-life legislation passed in our ministry are just our people on the street, just on the street. We've saved over 24,000 babies. And you say, wow, that's a lot. But you know what? It was a drop in the bucket compared to the ones we lost over the years, because I'm talking about 50 years.

And so, folks out there, we need again, we need all the help we can get out there. This is, this is not a political issue. No, it's not.

It's not. It's a moral issue. It's a sin issue, right?

Exactly. And children, children have been dragged into the political sphere, right? But the lives of of preborn children and women's health, that's not a political issue. As you said, yes, it's a moral issue. It's a sin issue.

Yeah. And so, you know, and churches are able to speak about this. There's nothing to prevent churches from speaking about this.

There's nothing to prevent them from even putting signs out and asking people to vote no on issue one. So a lot of pastors, you know, they get nervous about that. You can't tell someone what candidate to vote for in a church, but you can most definitely ask your people to vote no.

Listen to this. Real churches, and I'm talking about real churches, I'm not talking about 501c3 corporations. See, I happen to pastor an actual church. We are not a 501c3 corporation. We do not fall under Caesar's laws, okay?

We don't fall under that. But all of these, even the even the 501c3s can put those signs out in the yard out there. Not only can they, but shame on them if they don't. Shame on them if they don't have the courage, because I'm going to tell you what happens. You know, if they're afraid of offending the IRS, boy, they ought to be a whole lot more afraid of offending God. And by not having the courage, not having the courage to stand up and do what's right, that's exactly what they're doing. They're offending God.

That's exactly right. And the thing is, it all comes down to if you fear the Lord, you will not fear man. Amen.

Did you know? That's what I heard in my prayers before I even knew this job existed. And I thought, why does this keep coming up in my head? And I kept saying, if you fear the Lord, you'll not fear man.

Because I felt like God was preparing me for this role, where I would lose friends, you know, over the years of people who don't like what I'm doing and standing for the unborn. But we have to stand for what's right, and what's true, and what's holy, no matter what. And we should not count the cost. And count us all in. We're in this all together.

I mean, it's not over with until we win. I've got to say this very quickly. Chuck in California placed 35, and that dementia in New York pledged 20. Folks, we haven't gotten the number out, but it's very important what we're talking about. We really have to hear from you.

888-281-1110. All right, right now, we need to raise $5,000. We've got to raise $5,000. And we've got 40 minutes to raise to $5,000.

Well, actually, we'll be here to midnight. So we actually have about 50 minutes. We've got to raise $100 a minute. $100 per minute tonight. And so last night it didn't look good, but they came in in the end. And so tonight we've got to do the same thing.

The numbers are 888-281-1110, 888-677-9673. We've got to hear from you. Now, did you know, Michelle, there's one phrase in the Bible that said 366 times. It's repeated. Do you know what it is? No, I'm not sure. Fear not.

Fear not. Oh, that's right. Okay, yeah. I knew that was in the Bible a lot.

They didn't know it was 66 times, but yeah. All righty. So you know what that means? It means we are only to fear God.

To fear God and God only. Amen? Amen.

And there's such freedom in that too, really, because things become very clear. When we were in the military, we had a phrase, when in doubt, charge when not in doubt, charge anyway. And that's what we did. Right, Joe? Joe, wake up, Joe. We lost him.

He might have, you know, that's how those old guys are. I know a lot of them. They get that way. They fall right to sleep. You give a few minutes. Are you there, Joe? All right. We kind of lost him, I think. But anyhow.

Joe! All right. Maybe he's still on the line. The line's still connected. Yeah, he is technically here. Yeah, so he's technically there. Maybe he's taking pledges. Pardon? Maybe he's taking pledges.

He could be. All righty. Yeah, anyhow. So we've got to win this one. This is very, very important, folks, out there listening to me. I'm trying to get the... I'll tell you what. Let me read you while you're here, Michelle.

This is an article... Wait a minute. Pastor Joe's calling here on my cell phone. Something happened. Okay.

Joe. Yes, I'm back. Something happened.

All of a sudden, I could hear you, but I could not talk to you guys on that new system and something went crazy. Michelle, I wanted to ask one question. Your name, when you had Michelle at, was that 1L or 2? 2L, yeah.

Oh, did you lose me again? Okay, she said 2Ls. Yeah, you can't... 2Ls, yeah.

Did you hear me? Okay, 2Ls, yeah. I was letting all the people know it was 2Ls and Michelle.

A lot of people might have dropped an L and may not have gotten through on her email. All right, so you're not coming through. You show us that you're still here with us on the board. Well, I can hear you now. Can you hear me? Okay, hang on a minute. Let me see. Go ahead. Do it again.

Say it. Can you hear me now? Yeah, but I'm still hearing you over my phone. Let me... Yeah, I called in on the phone.

The other system didn't work. Hold on a minute. What did you say? Yeah, go ahead and call that line again.

It's open now. See if we can reconnect. I'll call back. Okay. There you go.

That's true. Again, let me get the numbers and then, Michelle, we've got to again tell the folks this is very, very important. We can't afford to do like we did on August 8th.

People lay down. We can't afford that. We're talking about major parental rights. If people don't care about the baby, they need to think about their own parental rights. They need to understand the way that that is worded.

Very cleverly crafted, very deceptive. Are you there, Joe? That's right. I'm here now, yeah. Alrighty. Right, and the proposed amendment... That was like the other day I was hacked, computer, email, everything, so I've had to restart everything up. Sorry for the troubles. Okay. Go ahead, Michelle.

Oh, sorry. So the proposed amendment gives protections to a third party, and that's what's really frightening is if you see the amendment, it doesn't give any protections to parents whatsoever, but it does give protections to a third party. And the ACLU, they don't hide it that they are coming after parental rights and that they see parental rights as a burden. And we've seen what happened in Michigan with Prop 3, and they voted that in. And before it was voted on, Governor Whitmer and others were saying, oh, this wouldn't threaten parental rights. Now that it's passed, they're singing a completely different tune saying that parental rights are a burden. And so do not be fooled by that with the ACLU.

They have a history of going after parental rights. And I would say, too, obviously we would love everyone to come and canvas on our team with us, and we give a lot of training in the field, and we do group days, and it's the most rewarding work I've ever done in my life. But there's other opportunities as well. We have volunteer canvassing. You can do volunteer phone calls. You know, even just going out, my husband is starting a new job soon, and he's got time, so he's been going out to all the Protestant churches in our area, because we've seen the Catholic churches with the signs out front, and he's going and he's asking Protestant pastors in our area, could you please put out signs?

If you won't do that, will you provide signs for your congregation to pick up and take home? So everyone can do something. You know, no matter what it is, there's friends you can talk to, there's people you can influence. Don't be afraid to speak to them. There's tons of information online about this. You can go to Protect Women Ohio and find information as well. There's so many resources out there.

Even just have the conversations with your friends and neighbors. You know, Michelle, one of the things, the way that that's worded, like you said it, it talks about those protection for those assisting in a woman with her reproductive rights. In other words, here, now that leaves it open. In other words, you could have two 15-year-old girls, and one of them might say, well, you know, I think I need to abort this baby. I need to kill this baby. But I don't know how to do it by myself.

And the other girl, will you help me? Or not only that, but you don't literally. You could have an adult and the adult could be not a licensed baby killer. But, you know, but under that, it doesn't say you have to be a licensed physician. It doesn't say that.

It just says an individual assisting. And so here and and you know what? Listen, believe me, I've been around for a long time in the pro-life battle. You know, you wouldn't believe how many girls were aborted that were never even pregnant. They were never even pregnant. They went in and just because of the money. So let me ask you this question.

I'll ask you and show both. Anybody that would kill babies for a living, what lie would they not tell? That's right. Right. Exactly why they would not tell the thing they would not do. That's right.

So that's what we're seeing with the misleading ads and then the misinformation that they put out to voters. So in God's Word, the Bible says, be you a doer of the word, not a hearer, only deceiving your own selves. Like he says, when you referred to. Proverbs 24 before when it was talking about verses 10, 11 and 12. Guess what?

It doesn't startle stutter at all there. You know what it tells you? In fact, let me just read it to you.

OK, it says this. If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn into death and those that are ready to be slain. If thou sayest, behold, we knew it not, does not he that ponder of the heart consider it? He that keepeth thy soul, do they not know it?

And shall he not render to every man according to his works? I remember after World War Two, there were a number of German that came over here from Germany and they were working with my dad and my uncle. And in those days, I was a kid and I was asking them, you know, when you watched what, you know, the films of the Holocaust and that, and I would ask them, why did you let that happen? Why did you guys why didn't you stop that? Now, even though I was just a kid at the time, when people drop eye contact and they look away, they don't look you in the eye and they tell you, well, we really didn't know what was going on.

We didn't know what was happening. Even as a kid, I knew better. Okay. And folks, what he's telling you here, you have the obligation.

It's not a suggestion. See, it works this way. God has expectations of us. We have obligations to him and our obligation is to rescue those being led to slaughter and drawn to death. Okay. And yes, we are accountable.

Exactly right. All right. We need four thousand eight hundred. We're four thousand eight hundred short, folks. We we we got to hear from you. We got to hear from you right away. This is very important for us because we are the watchmen on the wall. We are the as far as I know, we're the most listened to radio program in Ohio. And we would be the program to get this message out more than any other. But in order to do that, we have to stay in the air and airtime is very, very expensive.

Believe me. And I know because I've been doing this for 50 years and we we can't do it without you, Joe. They've actually bought a bought up stations just to get us off, haven't they? They sure have a whole network of stations to get rid of us. They replaced us with more, you know, lighter stuff like Howard Stern, you know, that kind of thing.

Yeah. And so but we're here and we're getting the message out, the pro life message out. And in this ministry, we've saved thousands of babies, folks, but we we can't do without you. We really have to hear from you tonight. Don't forget, for the first 30 people that call in, you had that those DVDs are available.

The ones talk about. Now, we made these all the way back in 2015. We sold all the way through 2020. But it showed you that last count that we had. Right there in there shows you where there's 90 Islamic jihadist training camps here in America right now on our grounds. And you people better understand out there. You're standing in the shadow of a holy, righteous God. And if you don't stand up and fight with everything you've got, you're you'll allow those people out there, those ones with the issue one signs vote yes signs in the yard to bring God's judgment down on us. And it's up to us.

It's up to us to do everything we can to run to this battle, to fight like Christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross. So that's what we got to do. Right. Right. That's right. All right.

Give all your information. And again, Michelle, we got to get the word out. We got it for people that maybe weren't able to write it down or driving or whatever. Okay, sure. So my email address is Michelle with two adults. So, M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E at S-B-A list field dot org.

That's the SBS for Susan B. Anthony. So that's my email address. And then they can also go to hiring pro life dot com. And that's kind of a general Web site for SBA and our field team work. So you can reach us either of those ways that will get to me.

And if you live in another state or something and you want to work in another state with those available as well. But but yeah, as I said, everyone can do something and and don't underestimate, you know, that God gives you the words when you need them, you know, to speak to people and people. They know it's amazing. We will see their faces change when someone gets it, when you almost like see the scales fall from their eyes. There's something that when they when they hear truth and if their hearts ready that that we see their faces change their entire countenance changes. And and that is, you know, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to be delivering truth to people. We have such a lost world. And and when we've been given the truth, we have to share it. We have to share it with people. And, you know, these children who can't speak for themselves, they have no voice.

We are their voice. And, you know, we're talking about abortion up to birth for any reason in Ohio. Science has shown that unborn children feel excruciating pain in the womb by 15 weeks at least. And Ohio would become an abortion destination. And when they say things like, oh, protections for, you know, exceptions for life or health of the mother, that can mean physical, mental, emotional, familial, financial, socioeconomic.

And it's really any reason. And so, I mean, you know, we see that most late term abortions are elective. And so this is this is just where it's a dire situation. If this if this amendment passes and we are the people that have to we have to stop it.

Absolutely. Joyce in New Jersey pledges 30 dollars. Thank you, Joyce. Folks, when out here in Ohio, we doers of the word Baptist Church just put up two big billboards. We just put up two big pro-life billboards with vote no on it. And on these billboards, one's in McClered Road near Mahoney County and out there in the Youngstown area. And I don't quite have the address here with me.

The other one. But it's got a picture of a baby. First, some big, bold letters at the top of it. It says vote no on issue one. Then it's got a picture of a baby. Abortion is not health care.

It's homicide. Save the babies. And then it says paid for by doers of the word Baptist Church, because we're not ashamed of who we are. We know that God has said, I've set before you this day, life and death, blessing and cursing. So therefore, choose life. And that's what we've done. We've chosen life. And you folks out there, that's what you need to do, too.

You need to choose life. You need to take a stand. You folks in Ohio, you need to call her, get in touch and volunteer. And you need to keep this radio program on the air because for 50 years we have stood for life.

Fifty years we have fought day in, day out, week in, week out for life. And you need to call us tonight to pledge at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673. If we don't stop these people, I can see how God would allow this country right now if people don't stand up. Do you know what the word repent means? Most people don't really understand what that word repent means. Did you know, Michelle, that that's actually a military word?

Did you know that? I didn't know it was a military word, no. It means about face. That's what it means. Repent!

That means you turn around and go in the opposite direction. That's right. And that's what people need to do out there if they have not been standing up, if you haven't been doing your share. Folks, believe me, if you're a professing Christian, if you're a professing Christian and you have not, okay, stood out, I'm going to tell you, you're not making God happy. Again, remember, He has expectations. You have obligations. And think about that, okay. Do you want to continue to, well, do you want to dishonor your Lord?

Do you, you know, this is the time for right now, people don't understand this, Michelle, the very fact that we are alive here and able-bodied at this time, it means that God has raised us up for such a time as this. Do you understand that? Right.

That's right. Because He chose when we would be born, and so this is what's the sin of our generation, right? And we are responsible, you know. And I will mess this up, but I love Dietrich Bonhoeffer, you know, and when he said that you can choose to look away or something, but you can never say that you didn't know.

And that's what he was trying to, you know, to get the German people to see the atrocities of what was going on. And, you know, this is happening on our watch. We're responsible for this, and we're responsible to do something. And like I said, everyone can do something that, you know, if you go online and you get the information and you just talk to your neighbors, this is what I say to our canvassers, when you go to the door and you speak to people, understand that you only need to get them to agree about, you know, one piece of the amendment.

You don't have to convince them about the whole thing. And that's why we're seeing that, obviously, the late-term abortion piece, but the parental rights piece is what's really getting parents off the bench and into the fight. I mean, that's what we're seeing at school boards and things that are happening. And so, you know, I think a lot of people are afraid to talk to their friends and neighbors, but don't be, because people, for the most part, a lot of people can be mean on social media, right? But when you see a fellow human being face-to-face at your door or speaking about this and opening up the conversation, most people are very, very nice and friendly and will speak to you and will engage. And I always tell our canvassers this as well.

Really, when you have a script and a door hanger, you're really more informed than many of the voters that you'll speak to, because people are getting so many conflicting messages and they appreciate someone who is clarifying things for them. Well, you know, when I think about all my years there in the streets going out and preaching in front of those bloody abortion mills, in the early days, I didn't really know anyone who was in the pro-life movement, and I used to go inside those abortion mills myself. I would go in and I would just preach from heaven's sweet, hell hot, and God's word, and I would clear those abortion mills out.

I mean, people would be running out of there. God's word does not return void. That's right.

Well, you see the statistics of when 40 Days for Life, when they're out praying in front of abortion mills, how abortions go down. And, yeah, that's so true. Well, again, people are to run to this battle. They're to be doers of the word, not just hearers deceiving themselves.

That's right. And when I think about this, but here, all those times, listen, I've been shot at several times. They try to run me over. One guy tried to stab me in the eye. Another guy tried to stab me in the back.

Wow. And I probably got sued more than anybody I know, but I was out there because the cause was a righteous cause. I did it not because I'm a great hero. I did it because it's the right thing to do, you know? And so, when I think about those, in all of those years, believe me, just to think about doing pro-life work and getting paid for it, and getting paid for it. I wasn't getting paid for it. They were trying to kill me. Pardon?

And not having to go to jail like we have. That's right. I remember my wife used to ask me before I would leave in the morning, are you going to go to jail today? Yeah. And I'd say, well... So this way you can do pro-life, get paid, and not go to jail.

Not be like us. That's right. Yeah. No one's in jail, so that's good.

And you know what else too? What's really exciting that's happening at Susan B. Anthony, Pro-Life America especially, is we have a National Student Program, and so we're really trying to raise up another generation of pro-life advocates. And so for the students out there, we've got a whole National Student Program, like I mentioned. This past week, and then the next two weeks, we will have hosted almost 150 students in Ohio who are canvassing in the Columbus area, and in areas outside of that. And when the students go to doors, we'll get pro-life students who want to earn some money, they're pro-life, they want to learn more about it, become advocates. And after a weekend canvassing with us, they become fearless advocates and so confident in speaking about the issue. And it has a real impact on voters. We see so many voters who will say, wow, if someone who's 19 or 20 can come out to doors and speak to voters, the least I can do is get off my couch and vote. And so the student program we have is just phenomenal. It's phenomenal training for young people.

They get to go into a city and meet other like-minded pro-life students, and it's a really rewarding experience for them. Hang tight. Right now we're up against a brick. Folks, what a perfect time to call an applause. Call an applause. We got to hear from you.

We really have to hear from you. Listen to that heartbeat. Here it comes again. Can we feel those little feet?

Yes, they're kicking now and then. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die? Precious baby. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die? You were made a secret, woven in the womb.

Though your savior loves you, the world wants to kill you too. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die? Precious baby. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die?

Little darling. I have my own life to live. Besides, it's my right.

I don't have time for that kid, and I don't want those stretch marks. It's my life. It's my body. It's my choice. Listen to that heartbeat.

It's coming from within. My baby is alive and well. Cause I've been born again. Now I, now I, now I, can't let my baby die. Precious baby. Now I, now I, now I, can't let my baby die. Little darling. You were made a secret, woven in the womb.

Jesus came to give us life. You will be born soon. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die? Precious baby. Tell me why, oh why, oh why, should this baby die?

Little darling. You were made a secret, woven in the womb. Cause I've been born again. Alrighty, we are back.

I'm going to tell you, that song has really got a history behind it. Cottes Swallow from Queens, New York pledges $500. Thank you Cottes Swallow. And Nancy in Illinois pledges $50. Thank you Nancy. So, right now folks, we are right about 4,300.

We need about 4,300 to make our goal here tonight. So, again the phone lines are open. The phone lines are open. Michelle, that song, when I wrote that song, I had a whole different tune to go by. And it's the strangest, I've never recorded a song like that before. It was the strangest thing because the lady in there, Estie, who had a beautiful voice, I mean Estie really had a beautiful voice. She was bound, she could, she was stationary, she couldn't move. So we actually had to, since we couldn't take her to the studio, recording studio, we had to turn her little apartment into a recording studio. We had to soundproof it. And we did that, but because of the limited space, it was the strangest thing you ever saw because she was sitting there in her, well like a wheelchair, well it wasn't actually a wheelchair, it was where she was set up. And she had her keyboard, she played keyboard in that. And here in the middle of the room we had a microphone. And we actually had the men walking around, walking around, you know, in conjunction with the music and rhythm, and each one as they got in front of the mic said their piece. It was really strange, I never seen anything like that.

The original song had a whole different tune, and I wrote the song and I gave it to her, and I said put some music to this, and she changed it all up on me. But that song does have quite a message, doesn't it? It does, yeah, it does, definitely. But I thank you so much for your work, Pastor Sanders, for years. I didn't realize that you had worked with the Wilkes and everything in the pro-life movement.

Yeah, that's incredible. Yeah, I was right there when we made our mission statement, and you know who was with me, my dear friend, I just saw her. Linda was at the very beginning, and I'll never forget how when Dr. Wilke and I, we right at the very beginning, our offices were in an old motel building, and it was a hot summer day, and Linda Tice was about eight months pregnant, and when Jack and I came in that room, it was very hot, there was no air conditioning. And Linda, she looked at us and she said, I want air conditioning in here right now, today.

And we ran out, and we ran out, and he had that old station wagon, and we bought a new air conditioner, and we brought it right back, and put it in there because he was threatening to give us a whipping. But I'll never forget that, because it was what a day, but it was a real battle all those years, and so that goes back over 50 years. There's not that many of us left from the original board meeting, the board in those days.

That's right, but what a legacy. That's incredible, and it's amazing when you research, too, just the history of the pro-life movement, but also how Roe came about, and Bernard, I know you mentioned him earlier, Bernard Nathanson, and we see these people that were part of the abortion industry, like Dr. Nathanson, and Abby Johnson, and others, and turn away from it. And that he became pro-life and everything, and he had established what NARAL, but then became pro-life.

And same with Abby Johnson, that she was a director of Planned Parenthood in Texas, and then becomes this warrior for life, and how God can work and turn. So never count anyone out. That's what we tell our canvassers as well. Just because someone says they're voting yes, or they say they're pro-abortion, keep talking to them. If they'll engage, keep talking to them, because God says that.

There's no one so far lost that he can't find them and save them, and we're just to be the hands and feet. But I thank you so much for your time this evening. I probably should go get some beauty rest. I definitely need it these days. You have an open invitation to come out here.

We're in this thing with you all the way. Oh, thank you so much. Yeah, thank you so much. I really appreciate it, and God bless you for the work you're doing. God bless you, and one more time, tell the folks how they can get in touch with you one more time. Okay, so it's either or Michelle with two L's at, and that's because I'm part of the field team. So Michelle at, and we will get you connected. And even if it's, you know, obviously, like I said, we'd love to pay people to come and work for us, but if you want to do something else, we just want people to get engaged so we can connect you with the right people to get engaged.

Because there's just so much, you know, the harvest is plenty and the workers are few. So definitely, please, please, please call me or email me and we'll get you connected. God bless you. Thank you for all you do, young lady. Oh, thank you so much.

Appreciate your time. And the last time I saw you, your beauty sleep was working very well. Oh, I don't know. I'm not sleeping much these days.

I won't send in a recent photo. Alrighty. God bless you. And again, we're here anytime you need us, let us know. We're here.

Okay, appreciate that so very much. Thank you. God bless. Bye bye.

Good night. Alright, Melinda in California pledges 100 Melinda in California pledges 100 right now we we're going to we've got 20 we'll be here for the next 20 minutes, but we'll only be on the air for about the next 13 minutes, folks. And so we're way, way, way, way short. We can't. We can't continue like this.

We really have to hear from you. And I still think there's still some of those DVDs left the ones about the there's there's some of those left still. It shows you, you know, where any with a donation of $25 or more. What we were telling you, we sent out over 300 of them back, back starting back with 2015.

And so people know and people could go and take it themselves and go and find those jihadist training camps, close to by where they live. And so again, there you go, Joe. We've got a break the big breaking story if you don't mind. They're really bad things are happening. I don't know if the listeners heard but there was a hospital in Beirut, that the Palestinians are blaming that the ADF bombed them. But this hospital but the skinny is they were firing rockets, and one of their rockets didn't work well about 30% of them don't work or go off course and dropped on this hospital, and there was a large secondary explosion. And anybody in the military knows what that means they're restoring ammo and rockets there at the base of the hospital.

And there were a lot of children died, there are 500 people died. Well Hamas gets on start screaming Israel came in and the airstrike hit the hospital on purpose. Israel never does things like that they're the ones that put out the flyers. They're the ones that make phone calls, they call people they have numbers tell them to clear a building they're going to hit it. And the Hamas are the ones that always put their rocket launchers by daycare by, you know, homes, all kinds of, you know, places to try and keep the Israeli Air Force from not knocking out the rocket launchers.

Anyway, because of the big lie. Right now protesters are trying to storm the Israeli Embassy in Amman, and thousands are protesting around the American Embassy in Lebanon, threatening to go into it. And in New York. There's a big clash of pro Israel pro Palestinian people out there. They're lighting flags on fire chanting Allah Akbar Allah who lock bar. And so hundreds of people are hitting the streets in New York. We need to be praying for Israel tonight praying for the world that this doesn't turn into World War Three.

Because of a lie. Pastor and I have followed the Israel for years Israel goes to great, great pains to limit civilian casualties. They would not. The last thing they would do is target a large hospital full of children.

Just politically, it'd be suicide to do it. But that's what a mosque is claiming they've done and the Arabs around the world are just going crazy. So we're watching the world go insane tonight around the world and it's going to need a lot of prayer that it calms down by tomorrow.

Well, yeah, this, you know this, you know that when they were saying this this war is going to last for three days we know know that now this is gonna last a lot longer. But like you said, remember not and I want to tell the people in this country to. I keep trying to remind them, okay, that you're standing in the shadow of a righteous holy God.

God is not happy with America at all today folks. You have to understand this. Okay. This is why we try to tell you you need to get off off your dead behind and on your dying feet and run to this battle. You can't no longer depend upon other people to do it for you out there.

And so this is why and I want to ask yourself this too. In all the years that we've been on his radio program, have we ever let you down? Have we ever one time held back? We haven't done it. We haven't done it. We are misdirected. We do we have not misdirected right now.

This is Washington Square Park tonight in New York City and the police are trying to separate the groups and it's getting a little scary out there. But over all the years we've never had to apologize other than a verbal mistake or of it on number or something we got wrong. But as far as like this Israel did not bomb this hospital did not kill those 500 people hundreds of children probably half the doctors in that hospital were Israeli doctors know people don't don't even realize that but but you're right. They don't have it. They haven't done that.

This is it's always been you know, because at least there are those in Israel that steer still fear God. Okay. Yeah, and so folks again. We I got to tell you we need to hear from you here tonight.

We really have to hear from you. The numbers 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 we will be here till midnight tonight till midnight or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 were very very far short from our goal. No, and remember it's not about us. We're not paid. We're not paid for this known as ministry has ever taken a dime.

We're doing the work for the Lord because he called us to do this. We donate our own time our own talent our own treasure and your donations pay the bills. That's why we say it's a real partnership. We're doing the work your money goes directly to pay the bills.

There are no middlemen and nobody's getting rich off of this making any money at all. And so it's a true partnership. And so we just perfectly ask you to consider supporting keeping us on the air every station were on has to support itself. We have to at some point the stations have to be self-supporting. In other words, we've got to have enough donations from each station to pay the radio airtime at that station. And that's all we are asking you to help do is keep us on the air like say we're not going to get a new house allergic a boat. We even buy our own computer paper. So that's the way the games played here already.

It's 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3. And well folks again right now this program is going to be needed more than it ever has right now. We're needed in this country because we're heading for a very turbulent times and you'll need to have the watchman on the wall there. Meanwhile, one of these days we won't be here and I know when I leave here my God's Word the Bible tells me that I can know I can know that I'm saved where I'll be heading and and if I'm if we go off the air. Well, all I know is I've done my best and someday I'll hear well done my good and faithful servant. I've got God's words on that. What about you get on the very first blessing you when you can receive is that of salvation if you're not saved all those others really not going to matter. Okay for the time will come when the only thing that matters to you and this will happen.

Listen, there is absolutely no chance at all that this won't happen. The time will come for each and every one of you out there listening. We're the only thing that will matter to you is your personal standing with the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't really matter what the people out there think here's what what matters is what God's Word the Bible says God's Word the Bible says you're going to die and you'll die and then God's Word the Bible says it's appointed once for all men wants to die then the judgment. Okay, and you will end up to we don't go out of existence people are eternal beings.

We just change real estate. You might say okay, and so you're going to be when you die. You're going to end up in heaven or hell that's reality.

You can believe whatever you want, but that's reality when God tells you so you got God has a 100% perfect record of doing exactly what he says and meaning exactly what he says. So here's what you do. He you better do what he tells you if you haven't done it yet. You need to call pray to the Father Jesus had prayed to the Father ask for forgiveness of your sin. And if you do that, okay, and you mean it that he will forgive your sins and then you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. And you ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life all of your life. That's what the Bible says call upon his name. There's only one name under heaven, right? And if you do that, okay, you have to put him number one like he did to you when he took your place upon that cross. You will become a new creature a born-again believer an heir of the kingdom folks, and you will be on the road to eternal life.

Now you've got God's Word on that and it doesn't get any any more sure. And so with that I want to say How much time do I have? Okay. Oh, I'm about a minute. Okay. Well, we've got about a minute left. So again, that's something then wait a minute before you do that because we're going off to your call.

We're going to be here till midnight 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Go ahead, Joe. Pastor Ernie and I are not religious people.

You think what? No, we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That's what being born again means. You have a personal relationship with the creator of heaven and earth. You have the indwelling of his Holy Spirit that changes you that it's your down payment on everlasting life. And it makes you your own temple your own high priest. You have your direct link to God himself through that Holy Spirit. And that is something that I would just pray that all the listeners out there if you do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. If you are not a born again believer and have taken the name Christian the name of your father and you've given yourself to him completely.

You need to do a lot of self reflection and call upon God tonight and ask to become one of his children to be born again to be forgiven of all your sins that put his son on that cross. But we've got to say good night, God bless, and always, always, always, keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Based on my chromosomes, when I grow up, I want to be offended by my coworkers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by HR.

Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one Woke Free Job Board in America, RedBalloon.Work
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