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WED HR 2 100423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 4, 2023 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 100423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 4, 2023 11:59 pm

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All right, we are back. And, Joe, New Zero Bail lets most criminals out the door as quickly as they are arrested. That's right, a new bail policy has been implemented in Los Angeles.

This one's even worse than the last one. Wait a minute, that's getting harder to outdo themselves, isn't it? Already it's causing crime victims to lose trust in the criminal justice system. How could you have any trust? You mean they haven't lost it already?

I lost it long ago. You have criminals hitting the system. These are bought and paid for George Soros' horse.

They're bought and they're paid for. A report from the Center of Square explains that county's zero cash bail practice is intended to reduce desperate impacts that law enforcement officials say could lead to increased crime. The policy first was used during COVID and then restored. Our communities have not been shy about telling us how nervous they are about this change, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna told the county.

Okay, I'm having, switching pages here, yep. Board of Supervisors last week. Crime victims who see offenders immediately released from custody are left with little confidence in the criminal justice system. You know, and those, when they commit a crime, and if they don't kill the person, they tell them, listen, if you report me to the police, I'll be released right away and I'll come back and finish the job.

Then I'll get released again. Yep, and so a lot of people aren't being witnesses, aren't reporting, and if they do see something, they're not willing to testify. And one of the other problems, Alex Villanueva, as the LA Sheriff, and he said, here's part of the problem. They don't have communication between police departments. He said, you can get arrested in Pomona for a felony, caught and released, cited out, and that same day you could get arrested in Pacoima, and you'd be out again because there's no method of knowing what has been cited elsewhere other than your city. Weird system, so I guess it really, really benefits the criminal. There is absolutely no, nothing to get them to want to quit doing the crime, right? The whole point is to continue to reduce America to third world status. Well, they're doing it real well if you look at these cities.

What did I say the other night? 3,200 retail stores across the U.S. are being shut, basically crime being blamed for scaring off customers. Businesses are worried about their employees and the fact they're going broke. They can't make a profit with these stores, so all kinds of stores are shuttering. I've got no sympathy for, I've got no sympathy for the Target stores. They went woke, remember, and they were bringing in the, putting, allowing, allowing pedophiles in the bathrooms of little girls, so I've got no sympathy for them. I've got no sympathy for Walmart. You know, again, they went politically correct. I've got no sympathy for a lot of those corporations for, you know, for Bud Light.

You know, they want the trans, or what is it, drag queen thing. And all of those, this, now, again, this saying now is go woke and go broke, so a lot of them are backing away from that right now. Well, I was just going to ask the listeners out there, if any of you are stockholders, you need to get a hold of your stock in any of these companies and tell them that, you know, you are not a happy camper. You're going to, you know, take your stock away because what's happening here is that the more they were supported, they've got to have consequences too, like Bud Light.

You can see what happened to them. They're backing off, backpedaling fast, so you as a consumer have a lot of power, but here's the problem. These 3200, well, there's 3200 locations and 20 major brands, a lot of your neighbors, friends and neighbors, work at these stores, or clerks, or stocking people, or orders, you know, they're ordering, bookkeeping, all kinds of things, and think of all the jobs that are going to be lost in your communities, and also what's going to hurt your ability to shop and find things you like, have choices with these stores going out. So this is going to affect the whole nation, the economy, the more and more these stores close, the more people out of work looking for a job, and the more it's going to play into bringing us into a depression, not just a recession.

So, you know, if you have a choice, call these companies to hear a stockholder, tell them to knock it off, go for the profit, not the political correctness. You know, here in Ohio now, Joe, the battle is raging more and more. The Democrats, the Satanic Democrats, are stealing our signs. They're going out, we put out thousands of signs, and they're going around and they're stealing, they're thieves. To us, stealing is a sin, it's wrong.

We don't do that. To them, whatever God's word the Bible teaches, they're going to do the total opposite. Okay, and so they're going around, they're stealing our signs, and then they are running ads here, Joe, that are completely, I mean completely dishonest. They are completely misleading, and Joe, they're flat out lies. Unbelievable. They run this one ad, and they got this couple talking about that she was, there was a problem with her pregnancy, with her pregnancy, so the baby, they thought that they could lose the baby, so what they had to do, they had to find a place to go and kill the baby. And because it was past, it was too many weeks past the week, they couldn't kill the baby to save the baby here in Ohio, so they had to go out of state to kill the baby. Unbelievable how insane some people can be, Joe.

That does sound like insanity to me. You know, you and I were in the military, we worked with some pretty tough men, pretty tough, strong men, and yet I don't think I know a man out there that could have killed a baby if they were even threatened, you know. If he put a gun to their heads that killed this baby or I'll shoot you, I think they still couldn't have killed a baby. They were tough in combat, but there was no way they could have killed innocent children. For 45 years, I ministered up on death row, and some of these guys were the most hardened criminals, but I never knew one of them that could, not one, I did not know, not even a one that could condone abortion, not one. Hmm, that's saying something, isn't it?

Yeah. And so here, let me just tell you, in this bill, issue one, the individual language in the Ohio amendment has no age range, which it means it covers minors as well as males and females. In other words, it refers to individuals.

In other words, they're saying any individual, if it's your 12-year-old daughter, whatever, these people are ruthless, these people are, you know, they hate God, they hate life. The word woman does not appear, Joe, anywhere in the language where it comes to the full text of amendments, so they can start giving little boys abortion if they want, who, I mean, remember, these are Democrats, there's nothing, whatever you do for money to them is, you know, can be justified. They included, but not limited to, language in the amendment opens the door to procedures that includes reproductive organs, which can include gender reassignment and puberty blockers, Joe. The amendment would remove all restrictions against abortion, all, right up until the time of birth. And there is no reason in God's green earth to have an abortion at the time of birth, right? There is no reason to have an abortion. Listen, God has ruled on this, abortion is wrong, period. There is no time in the Bible at all where God has ruled that abortion is permitted or acceptable.

Now, only those in the media can justify, people that have been conditioned little by little because this is what society does and this is what acceptable, you know, they've been pooped on, Joe, over and over and over, okay, and they've been dumbed down, so dumbed down, they've been conditioned to morally accept this. The amendment would remove all restrictions against abortion up to, and again, the time of birth, not only that, Joe, but now it doesn't say even after birth. You know, there's no restrictions at all, okay, so the person or entity that assists the individual would include any kind of a group, any kind of activist, school instructors, whatever.

Minors or sexual practices, you know, anything. In other words, let's just say one of the pedophile teachers decides that they want to help, they get maybe a little girl pregnant and want to abort her. You don't have to be a physician under this, Joe. And, you know, the abortionists, in my opinion, are not physicians.

Not a physician to start with, yeah. Right, they're baby raping child molesters. The oath, the Hippocratic oath, the first thing it said, do thy patients no harm? Well, killing a child is creating harm, isn't it?

Right. So this law, the abortionist is not a doctor. Under this amendment provides more protection to an abuser or a human trafficker than it does to a woman, a victim. There is no protections for health and safety in this amendment. In fact, all current health and safety protections are removed, Joe. The broad language prohibits the state of Ohio, prohibits the state of Ohio, would stop anyone, including parents, from fighting to prohibit abortion, partial birth abortion, or any late term abortions.

So what does it do? It removes, it completely removes all parental rights. This is why I'm telling people if they are not registered to vote, the time has come, and this is where it's going to cost them.

It's really going to cost them big time. The bloody, bloody abortionist can be the treating physician who would get and decide whether or not to kill the baby at any stage of the pregnancy, even right up to the moment of birth. And in the 50 years since Roe v. Wade, courts have described a lot of things as burdens on abortion, parental consent, parental notification laws.

Now, let me tell you this. Under current law, Joe, this is the protections you have under the current law, Joe. Under current law, it says an abortionist has to be a licensed doctor. They have to have a medical license under the current law. They sure didn't take the oath, did they? Right, but under the amendment, they don't have to be. If you decided you wanted to come to Ohio and get rich aborting babies, you could do that, Joe.

Current law requires that a woman be given a 24-hour waiting period after the so-called doctor tells her the nature of the abortion procedure and risks. Now, that will be gone. That is totally gone. Today, Ohio law requires that a woman considering an abortion receive state-prepared material describing the development of the unborn child through all nine months. That will be gone, Joe. Today, Ohio law requires the physician to provide a list of public and private agencies that would provide assistance to the pregnant patient before killing the baby. That would be gone, Joe.

Current law says that an abortionist must provide state-prepared materials describing state medical assistance benefits to the pregnant patient. That will be gone, Joe. Current law requires... In other words, they're going to destroy everything, right? Right.

Am I wrong here? Right. Under current law, an abortion facility must post signs informing a woman that no one can force her to have an abortion. That's gone, Joe. Right now in Ohio, an abortionist may not perform an abortion on an unemancipated minor unless there is a court order. That's gone, Joe. Right now, under Ohio law, only licensed physicians can perform abortions, and that would be gone, Joe. So this is how wicked and evil and dark this is.

It's really dark. And you folks out there in Ohio... And the dark money pouring into Ohio is tremendous to get this passed, right? Right. And if the people in Ohio, if they don't stop this, then they deserve every bad thing that's coming out of them. You know, God is watching and God judges a people.

And those that forget God, well, you know, all of those that hate God love death. And if the people in Ohio don't do everything within their power to stop this, they deserve every bad thing coming their way. That's the way I feel. What do you think?

I think you're right. You know, I saw a story this afternoon. I used to fly out of a little airfield, Long Beach Airport, California. And every once in a while, we'd fly over to an island called Catalina Island.

And there was a neat place there, neat restaurant stuff. The article was about the island has no predators, and there were mule deer, and they have expanded, so there's so many deer, they're just destroying the island. So the game fish people decided to use helicopters with a sharp shooter to bring down some of the deer and lower the population. Well, people are just going nuts over, stop the slaughter of mule deer, you know, and you can't kill the cute little deer.

California is one of the big pro-abortion states. You can kill all the babies you want, but don't you dare shoot a deer that's destroying the island because they're so overpopulated that, you know, they're going to destroy the island. It just amazes me where people put their motion, you know, kill the babies but save the deer. I'm the kind of guy that would have taken those deer to places where there was a lack of deer, where they could use them, and where, if they could multiply enough to feed the hungry.

And that's what I would do. I would... Yeah, that would have worked too, but I think there's a lot of trouble in handling animals like that, transporting them. It's a huge expense.

You know, they're delicate to move like that, wild animals, and they lose a lot that way too, so I can see why they wouldn't. It's very, very expensive, and the state of California is broke. They don't have any extra money. Well, yeah, all they have to do is print it, Joe. No, that's Biden gets to print the money.

I don't know. California gets it by taxing people. Alrighty, well, yeah, the problem of it is more and more people are moving out of California. Yeah, the tax base is getting smaller and smaller. Anybody with any brains, business, and money is already leaving the state, right?

Well, I know that, but that's why they want to expand their tax base to other states. Anyhow, we're going to open up the phone lines and take some calls, so the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673. We'll take some calls, and... So, like, I'm all ready to write the names down in the callers, right? Sometimes I get...

If I'm lucky, they'll tell me that so-and-so is on Line 1, so-and-so is on Line... We'll see what happens. You mean that things go like they're supposed to? Come on. You and I are so used to doing things the hard way, it scares me when things go right. Yeah, you mean when the phone... One of the reasons they aren't going to try to relocate the deer is when you capture deer, there's a thing called myopathy disease. It does muscle damage from extreme exertion, struggle, stress, and that is one reason why transporting deer is very difficult. You know, that same thing happens to people your age and my age.

Myopathy. Hey, we have... Yeah, if you try and take me somewhere, by force, there's going to be a struggle. Yep, you got a point there. All right, we have Coach Dwayne in the air. Hey, Coach. God bless you, Pastor Sanders. God bless you, Pastor Larkin. Good to hear you guys.

Good to hear you, too. Good to hear your voice, my friend. Hey, Pastor Sanders, I want to let you know that show that we recorded, that two-hour special, The Great Falling Away, it finally got all edited. So I'll have some copies coming your way now. So I went to the studio and my editor, Rick Elliott, got it all done, so we'll have you some copies.

Very good, thanks. You know, you guys listen to you guys all this time in the past couple of years. You know, Joe, you and I years ago did a show on the radio called The Rise of the Fourth Reich. And you look at our government today, Joe, everything that we talked about, censorship, evil, it's all, everything that you and I did on that radio broadcast that night for two hours, it's coming to fruition.

And Pastor Sanders, you've been talking about the same thing. I just labeled it The Rise of the Fourth Reich. Yep, absolutely. You know, you guys called it the partnership. Remember, the Nazis were the, were socialists, right?

Absolutely. And you see, you guys called the Department of Justice. I called it the Department of Judas. And I called the FBI, the Fascist Bureau of Investigation, how they're censoring and coming after us, and how now they're calling us. Anybody who supported Donald Trump, they're trying fear tactics. They say that we're extremists, we're alarmists, we're terrorists. No, folks, it's not. We love our country.

We love our God, Jesus Christ, our Creator. This is what this radio program is so important for, to give you the truth. Because if this radio program, What's Right, What's Left, ever goes off the air, you're not going to get this stuff anywhere else, folks, because the day's coming where they're censoring everything. And Pastor Sanders, it's just a matter of time, if we don't win this next election coming, if they don't stop us from stealing it, I'll tell you what, even me, I'll be off the air. They'll close me down, too.

Yeah, I know. This is why we have to get Trump back in office. And that would really be great to have him as Speaker of the House, because in about three weeks, he would show you what he's doing there, and people would see that. What a real leader can do, and that would make one heck of a change. So, you know, not only that, but if he was Speaker of the House, do you think they could get legislation passed to go against these people, these prostitutes that Soros has bought and paid for, and made Attorney Generals, and these corrupt judges, like that corrupt judge there in New York? Congress could offer and pass legislation that would go after these people, and would go after those people, too, like the ones that have committed high treason, like Merrick Garland, and like Christopher Wray.

Absolutely. Pastor, when we see all this stuff, day after day, night after night, the people that I run with and that I meet, they are sick to their stomachs how none of them ever go to jail. They laugh, they mock, they steal millions of dollars, they put all Republican subpoenas, they're drug out, spend all kinds of money, and they're laughing, living it all up. But I'll tell you one thing, folks, this is Coach Dwayne, Dwayne Risco of Brunswick, Ohio, telling you this, when you see all this and it sickens your stomach like it does mine, and Pastor Sanders and Joe Larson, they got to take their last breath one day. They've got to, they'll be down in hell, they've got to stand before their God at the white throne judgment, and from there, every crime that they've ever committed, then they go to the lake of fire. I know justice is coming then, but boy, Pastor, I wish some justice would come before that. Well, you know, again, this is, it's a time, God has raised us up for such a time as this. In other words, he's telling us, look, okay, you're here, you know what you need to do, this is your chance to make the team get out there, so this is God's way of putting us out there and showing what we're going to do. So we have to run to this battle.

Those that want to, that are too afraid, those that want to sit on the bench, they're going to miss an opportunity of more than one lifetime, aren't they? Yeah, I'm going to say one more thing and then get off so somebody else can come in, but I just, I'm glad that I know you, Joe, and Pastor Ernie, for men like you and like Hal Larson and Randy Gaye and John McTernan and Elaine Conley and Kathy and Heather, you know, and the people that work for you to help keep this radio broadcast for the years. Thank God for my mother to turn me on to you guys and to learn and to grow in life.

But I'll tell you this, I stand up. Homosexuality is a sin. Being a homo, a lesbian, a drag queen, a transgender, that's a sin. Killing innocent babies, that's a sin.

Getting high, getting drunk, fornicating, committing adultery, that's a sin. It's about time we get preachers to turn around and tell the people and warn the people that Jesus is coming back. And I tell you what, are you washed in the blood? If you were to die tonight, can you tell Pastor Sanders and Pastor Joe Larson if you can go to heaven? If not, you better do something about it.

Hey, I love you guys. Keep fighting the fight because I'm doing what I can do. You sure are.

One of these days you'll have an opinion too, right? All right. Did you say Brian? Okay, we're going out to Texas with Brian. Hey Brian, you're in the air. Hey Pastor, is my call coming in good?

Because we're having storms over here in Dallas, Texas area. Keep them there, keep them there. Yeah, you're coming in loud and clear.

Okay, perfect. Yeah, I remember a couple of weeks ago you were talking about how you had a rough time getting home. There was trees and everything. Oh, you're not kidding about that. I was dodging branches for over an hour.

Trees were, yeah, it got pretty bad. Yeah, I remember you were talking about it. God bless you.

I always say you have more energy than, and I thank God for that. We need this because nobody else is going to talk about this. But touching base real quick, what I was going to say is that the carjacking that happened over in D.C. yesterday, you know, that's not the first carjacking. They've had probably three or four hundred in the last couple of months of these carjackings in D.C., and then that lady that got jacked in the elevator over there. But, you know, between D.C., Chicago, Joe Bama and his former Antichrist leader, you know, that's still in the closet, he's still in the background, you would think that, you know, America would wake up to sin, you know, recognizing this. And another subject real quick is Nasty Pelosi, as far as evicting her out of her office and cleaning her office, they need to call in the exterminators and the hazmat to sterilize and cleanse the whole building, and, you know, call in the pastor to pray over this and not charge it back to the taxpayers and charge it back to the Democrats and, you know, tearing up documents, you know, in the background with her Antichrist mind and her Antichrist influencers.

I think this would serve justice, you know, to call in the exterminators and get her office cleaned out, you know. Right, I couldn't agree more with you on that. You know, again, I was, even I was astonished, Joe, when Peter Bill Barber showed us that film, all of his pastors there, I was absolutely astonished to see. Yeah, I will never forget that, but just thinking about what he said, here is the capital of the United States of America, it is not safe to, we talked about the robbery that was a mile from the capital, one of the Congressmen, you know, he was robbed, the carjackings, I mean, this is the capital of the United States. I know, but the irony, the irony is, Joe, the mayor, the mayor has said, is the policies, and it's her policies that allow this, and she said the policies are the problem, and it's her policies, so she said we gotta change the policies. Unbelievable. Another imposter is that in California, that democratic government system they've got there, and they can take all the people that are coming here and, you know, take their vote back, but, you know, they want to do this, you know, you could commit a crime, there's no bail bond, you know, this is all part of their anti-Christ world we're living in, they, this is the government of today, and not the god of today, the anti-Christ, their anti-Christ, that's their god, pastor.

Oh, absolutely. And they're completely and totally, everything that God's word the Bible teaches that the Democratic or Communist Party, they're in total opposition to. They do everything in total opposition to what the Bible teaches. Anything with church, religion, God, and schools, they don't want to hear about it. They don't want to hear about it, pastor. Well, the Church of Satan, the Church of Satan has become their official, unofficial church.

They're bringing it in more and more as being a bigger and playing a bigger, bigger part of the Democratic Party. Thanks for calling, Brian. We'll be back, alright, we'll be back right after this with more Don't Go Away. Fear is a burning desire But it will take you to the lake of fire Don't fall into that burning lake of fire You'll go down, down, down The flames, they'll burn higher And you'll burn, burn, burn In that lake of fire, that lake of fire Don't fall into that burning lake of fire You'll go down, down, down The flames, they'll burn higher And you'll burn, burn, burn In that lake of fire, that lake of fire Christ is a saving King He'll keep you from dusting Sin is a burning desire Don't fall into that burning lake of fire You'll go down, down, down The flames, they'll burn higher And you'll burn, burn, burn That lake of fire, that lake of fire Don't fall into that burning lake of fire You'll go down, down, down The flames, they'll burn higher And you'll burn, burn, burn That lake of fire, that lake of fire Don't fall into that burning lake of fire, folks I'm gonna tell you this If you're not saved, you will, right? When you die, if you die in your sin, that's where you're going Doesn't matter what you believe It's what God says that happens It's been that way for maternity Let's go to New York and we have Carol Hey, Carol, you're in the air Hi pastors, good evening God bless you for all your hard work on your show cause you're the only ones that tell the truth Everything that you said is coming to pass And it frightens me because now I heard that the Pope wants the churches to bless the same sex marriages I'm just totally appalled I don't know what God's gonna come very soon because things are just crazy If he could do that, then how's the rest of the people? They have nowhere to turn We know that he apostatized a long, long time ago Long time ago, yeah He's supposed to, without repentance, he'd never make it to heaven, ok? Exactly When you see a man of supposedly godliness of God say this I just don't understand how this could happen Well, you know, that's exactly what, everything that is happening right now is exactly what God's word the Bible said would happen We're exactly right now on course Right now we're, you know, we're at the end of the sixth dispensation period And so, again, there's a special, I think a really hot place in hell for those that know, that understand what they're doing and purposely lead people away from God I remember back in 2015 there in Salt Lake City when they had the World Council of Religions and the Pope said if we're ever gonna have a one world religion we have to have a one world government There you go Right, and that's the problem, the churches that fell asleep for the last 30 years, they allowed things to happen that shouldn't just so that they could get people to come I think it's appalling, and I do believe what you said, it is the end and God's gonna come very, very soon I pray every night that I hear the trumpets and he takes us up just to believe in Christ Amen Amen, and thank you for your work and keep going and I hope we do get some relief and people get out and do the right thing in the voting and if that's enough And if not, then the rest is gonna have to be up to God because once the Pope says that I feel like there's no, nowhere else to turn but thank you again for all you are Alright, well listen, thank you for those encouraging words, alright let's go out to New Jersey and we have Bob, hey Bob you're in the air Hey Pastor Ernie, this afternoon they had that nationwide emergency alert thing, I thought it was 11 o'clock in the morning so I shut my phone off about 5 minutes before that And it didn't happen, so I was outside and then all of a sudden I heard that sound, the emergency alert, I went to my phone, I shut it off, I powered it off, it definitely was off A few minutes later, the phone came back on, the emergency alert thing went back on, this went on for about 4 times in a 12 minute period, it was like they were saying, nah you shut your phone off, we can put it right back on It was just really weird Yeah I had some calls from some people that were telling me, one was at the VA, he was down at the VA and there was a bunch of people there, all of a sudden all of their phones came on at the same time making that emergency alert There was all kinds of things out there, warnings that it could fry your phone and the 5G this and that The last thing I'm going to say is have you heard about any more of food warehouses being burnt or anything like that? Well from what I understand there's been over actually 100 of them, food processing plants burnt down, have you got anything new on that Joe? No I haven't seen anything in the past what probably 30 days, but then I have a feeling that you were wise to them so they may not be allowing some of the news to get out either Yeah I mean the last time I heard it was a couple of months back or so and it was like I don't know maybe 20 or 30 and now it's 100 but you'll never hear that from the fake news media No So we'll let you do and have a blessed night Well thank you very much God bless Let's go all the way back to Ohio to Steven Cleland Hey Pastor how are you tonight?

I'm okay how are you Steve? Real good Hey I got two things but first thing this is just my answer I know will be can't or won't but you or other people and I'm just asking this because God can do everything But when we say God can't lie isn't it supposed to mean God won't lie because when we say can't is it kind of like we're not, go ahead No no it means exactly that okay let's just say if I said Steve is an elephant well I can say that but that's not going to make you an elephant if God says Steve's an elephant Steve's an elephant So if I say Steve's an elephant I'm telling a lie but if God says Steve's an elephant it comes to pass you become that okay so remember he spoke everything into existence and so when he said let there be light there was light Now the light is the absence of darkness but so God can't lie because whatever he says comes to pass He's the only one that can make sense not a more sense Hey this is just an analogy Gates the other two guys like Skolise and what's his name Jordan Do you think maybe they're in cahoots with Trump and this is just what would make this would show who's the rhinos and who's the conservatives and we know the liberals But can you imagine Trump walking in the door somewhere and they don't know he's there and he comes walking into Congress and he says like hey I'm going to put my name in the ring too Can you imagine what everybody would look like especially him walking up there putting a gavel in his hand and then that judge still looks at him he ain't going to be smiling and neither is Fanny Whanny whatever her name is I mean Big Fanny out there in Atlanta That would be probably the most beautiful thing next to Rapture or whatever I mean he's definitely a hand picked man I mean he's the chosen one in his lifetime but that would be a beautiful sight You imagine what everybody's face would look like I would just I would love to see him but you would see a look of total fear on Adam Schiff's face and on Nasty Pelosi's face there would be a total look of fear on their face if he became the speaker of the house , look walking and look for everybody everybody just talk and turn around like did the world just stop It would be beyond hilarious so Yeah you know these these city these judges like in New York and what's happening there they they really don't have the authority to pull him in he's rope a dope in these he's he's he Trump is is making a ma he's showing just how corrupt this James is ok he's showing just how corrupt that that judge there is and he's letting he's allowing them Trump is manipulating them and they don't even know it now some of those that are fake media they know it it's bothering the dickens out of them but here let's just say we get these things up to the Supreme Court what do you think the courts going to do Supreme Court is going to totally they're going to dismiss all of this stuff ok and so not only that but you know with all of the a lot of these charges they've got against Trump the statutes of levitation says way past way past and so so there you go I gotta move on let's go let's go to cliff cliff you're in the air yeah hi you know I did have a question about the study but briefly in Ohio if a woman's having a live birth or an induced birth at eight or nine months and it's considered an abortion that they're getting paid by somebody like a hundred grand that's what's going on there and that's part of what the money is that they're probably using those children for medical research oh yeah absolutely yeah yeah and they want you know a more well formed victim so to speak or satanic rituals and satanic sacrifices but the one those woman are getting paid like a hundred grand give or take for that so that's that's the type of money that's coming in I want to go back to the study one would be I'll ask you about Jeremiah chapter thirty first seven and eight and also I thought it was interesting that you said that the people that are asking for donations all the time are preying on desperate people I thought that's kind of interesting that why should a Christian person think that this is their solution to their financial problems or other problems to give a donation to a given pastor why would they come to that type of thinking now say that one more time I was yeah why would someone that's already desperate now I can understand desperate like you could say that you could name on it someone praying could say I'm desperate right they could say that but why would they think the solution would be to give a tied well because of these prosperity preachers are telling you one of them Kenneth Copeland's favorite statements is to I'm giving you all the time right now to invest in your own prosperity right now I'm going to give you an opportunity to increase your income dramatically okay do you believe well people that are desperate they're desperate they've got you know they've got bills they've got no maybe no insurance who knows what their financial needs are they're gonna they're gonna listen to this guy and they've fallen for this they see that these people how they get out there and they say you see how God has blessed me because I believed I did this and they talk about it's the seed money the seed money well you know the Bible says that the seeds that you sow are in the gospel that's got nothing to do with money and so here these people say you know then what have I got I got nothing to lose how I'll take you know what little bit of money I have left and I'll give it to Kenneth Copeland to see if God gives it back to me they get desperate and so and that's what happens if you look at Jeremiah chapter thirty verse seven specifically it says Jacob got out of the situation God got him out of something but that idea of getting out of a situation could have included that situation right yeah well you know if you go back and you say for lo the days come saith the Lord that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah saith the Lord and I will cause them to return to the land and I gave their fathers and they shall be they shall possess it and these are the words that the Lord spake concerning Israel concerning Judah for thus saith the Lord we have heard the voice of trembling of fear and not of peace and now ask you now and seek whether a man doeth travail with a child therefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins as a woman in travail and all faces are turned into paleness unless for that day great so that none is like it it is even even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it okay so Jacob's trouble is the tribulation period for it shall come to pass that in that day saith the Lord of hosts I will break his yoke from off his neck and I will burst thy bonds and strangers shall be no more serve themselves in other words he's talking about during the tribulation period one third of Israel is going to be saved two thirds will perish okay so that's more of a macro thing you know you can't really say it would apply to a personal situation of getting out of a situation really okay all right we got to move on how much time do I have did you kind of throw one thing in there yeah we always talk Deuteronomy 16 17 when we do talk about funds every man shall give as he is able and if you can't give we always tell people we'll send something out to somebody who can't afford it if they can't make a donation we still try and give them something because they need it just as much as somebody can make a donation absolutely a big difference in this ministry absolutely we have done that many many many many times okay uh let's go to ac ac your last call for tonight ac hello pastors hello address what an earlier caller was concerned about concerning the pope and I hope she's listening in Matthew 24 verse five it says for many shall come in my name meaning the name of Jesus saying I am Christ and shall deceive many now this is happening today this is not something that's going to happen in the tribulation period but it's happening now I mean so who is Christ well you could give me a lot of correct answers but according to Ephesians chapter 5 ok verse 25 or 20 23 Christ is the head of the church so what is Jesus saying here for many shall come in his name the name of Jesus saying that they are the head of the church and shall deceive many the pope is not the head of the church, although he claims to be and this is a warning for people not to be deceived and down for years and years there's always been somebody claiming to be the head of the church of Jesus Christ but there is no man who is the head of the church of Jesus Christ I hear you ac you know ac the pope once said humanly speaking Christ failed at Calvary if Christ had failed at Calvary then there would be no hope for any of us today that's right but you got ac I'm going to let you you got five minutes give an invitation you up to it if my battery holds out all right go for it times a wasting heavenly Father, Lord God I come before you in the blood name of Jesus God I thank you and praise you for blood salvation for the promise of eternal life and for the promise to escape death to escape the tribulation period if we are accounted worthy to be taken alive in the rapture if we're on planet Earth when the rapture takes place and God the rapture will be a great victory for some and a great tragedy for many and when the rapture takes place there's no running away only those who died saved will have open graves God help the people to realize that people need to get saved they need to live holy they need to be accounted worthy to escape the tribulation period according to Luke 21 verse 36 and God the hour is coming very soon when the rapture will take place and God it is my prayer at this time for the listeners to realize how close we are to Jesus coming in the rapture it will not there will not be an arrival anywhere it'll simply be a coming and it is so important to be mindful of the rapture to be correct on the timing of the rapture Jesus taught a pre-tribulation rapture not any other kind of rapture and God there's a lot of false doctrine out there and I just pray the listeners would be aware take things to the Word of God take pastors Bible teachers and off Christian authors to the Word of God to see if they line up there is so much deceit and Jesus gave us seven words of warning take heed that no man deceive you and God these words are very important to me and God the hour is late the day is far spent at midnight is fast approaching God please help the listeners to see that things are going to be so terrible in the tribulation period it'll be the worst time on planet Earth and now is the time to be hungry for God be hungry for his word and to commit their lives to Jesus, while the arc door is still open. The tribulation period is the flood of your wrath God against planet Earth. And now is the time not to look for a second chance in the tribulation period but to get saved now to be ready to go in the rapture to be accounted worthy and God I thank you and praise you for your many blessings and I ask for health and safety to the people on this show and I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Very, very good. Joe you got a little note I heard the decisive folks, the road of life is covered with flat squirrels, they couldn't make a decision. Yeah, those who cannot make the correct decision are going to die.

Same thing out here we have a lot of deer that are very indecisive go back and forth across the road and make bad decisions. The end result is death. Choose life. Absolutely. You know, God's word the Bible doesn't stutter, it's very very clear what it says and he's long suffering, but he's not slack concerning the judgment so he, he has told us, you know, since time again, we have 6000 years of history where he was told us what's going to happen in the future. And he's been exactly right on every, every time he's got a 100% perfect record so if you're smart you pay attention. We're out of time for tonight. And as we get to this point, thanks AC thanks Joe. And thank all you folks out there by the way, you really need to get that newsletter, so I would go to our website or just write to church, but until tomorrow, we want to say, as we do it this time every night. We say we start we say good night. Good night. God bless.

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