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WED HR 2 092023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 21, 2023 12:01 am

WED HR 2 092023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 21, 2023 12:01 am

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See Capital One dot com for details. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alright we're back and Margaret and Stowe pledges $200 and B&B from Cleveland pledges $400.

Thank you Margaret, thank you. Can we get, we got to get some, we got to get some matching pledges. Mary had pledged $500 from Dayton. Can we get a matching pledge for Mary? Also B&B pledged $400. Can we get a matching pledge for B&B?

Okay. Alrighty, so we still need right now, we are, we need about $4,600. We're about $4,600 short of our goal for tonight.

$4,600. So all I need for this is four of you people, five of you people to pledge $1,000 and well we made it. And you know what I'll tell you what I, I've already, Joe I've pledged $1,000 twice this week haven't I? Yes you have. You've pretty much done far more than you should have. Well you know what we, look is this cause a righteous cause?

Is this? Righteous cause but some of us are, you know like you said we're doing this and we're not getting paid so we don't have unlimited sources. No we don't but let me tell you something you know if we don't this, we have to win this thing on November 7th. If we don't you'll have no parental rights at all, no parental rights. And if we don't win this thing well I'm going to tell you what let's listen to what an attorney has to say about issue one in November. This November you'll probably be asked to vote on an amendment to the Ohio Constitution. Over the next few minutes I want to walk you through the language of that proposed amendment and explain why it's dangerous and why ultimately you should vote no on November 7th. Number one, the proposed amendment is deceptive and it hides an extreme almost completely unregulated abortion regime with a bunch of things that sound perfectly innocent. Number two, this proposed amendment is a direct attack on parents rights to protect their children. Number three, the proposed amendment opens the door to puberty blockers, so-called gender transition or gender affirming care and more all without parental consent or even notification. And fourth, it would authorize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and in every single case the abortion provider gets to decide whether an abortion is legal. Along the way as we walk through this amendment I want you to keep two very simple questions in mind.

Who and what? Let's dive into the amendment. The full title is the Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protection for Health and Safety.

Who's pushing it? A pair of pro-abortion groups Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom and Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights with some additional support from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. And what is the amendment? This is a proposed constitutional amendment that would radically change our state's abortion laws.

In fact it would wipe most of those laws off the books completely. The wording of this amendment is as vague and unconstrained as possible and that was entirely on purpose. So let's walk through this proposed amendment and see how it works. The amendment has four sections. The first section, section A, states that every individual has a right to make and carry out one's own reproductive decisions including but not limited to decisions on contraception, fertility treatment, continuing ones on pregnancy, miscarriage care, and abortion.

So let's ask our questions. First, who has this right? The proposed amendment says every individual. The United States Supreme Court has said and Planned Parenthood clearly believes that children and teens can make reproductive decisions and so every individual is not limited to adults.

Second, what does the right include? The amendment gives a list but reproductive decisions includes but is not limited to that list. And that phrase is broad enough to include almost anything involving the reproductive organs.

In fact, in its most recent annual report, Planned Parenthood reported a massive uptick in transgender services including cross-gender hormone injections and puberty blockers. You'll notice that the amendment never uses the words woman or mother. The language of the amendment itself assumes that a person can change her gender or that men can become pregnant.

It should come as no surprise that this amendment would make that belief the law of Ohio. What's the point of that list of rights in the first place? It's to smuggle abortion in with things you already have the right to do and things that sound fine on their own. You have always had the right to carry your baby to term. You have always had the right to miscarriage care. The only thing that this amendment would add is abortion. The pro-abortionist want you to think that you have to say yes to abortion in order to say yes to life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Let's move down to section B. The first part of section B says the state shall not directly or indirectly burden penalize prohibit interfere with or discriminate against either an individual's voluntary exercise of this right or against a person or entity that assists a person in exercising that right. Unless the state demonstrates that it's using the least restrictive means to advance the individual's health in accordance with widely accepted evidence-based standards of care. Your eyes may have glazed over there towards the end because this section is full of legalese, but I'm here to help you cut through it.

So let's go back to our questions. Who does section B apply to? Well, it forbids burdening the woman who seeks an abortion, but it also forbids any burdens on a person or entity that might help her.

And who could that be? The most obvious person or entity would be the person actually performing the abortion, which, by the way, doesn't have to be a doctor. It also includes the abortion clinic, or really any facility where the abortion is performed. It includes a person who drives a woman to get an abortion, an Uber driver, the high school basketball coach who impregnates one of his players and then drives her to the abortion clinic, then gets to enjoy the protections of this amendment. You should also be asking, well, what counts as a burden?

We're not writing on a blank slate here. In the 50 years since Roe vs. Wade, courts have described several things as burdens on abortion. For example, parental consent and parental notification laws. So under this proposed amendment, the state cannot require an abortionist to tell you that your 13-year-old daughter is getting an abortion.

The state cannot require that the nurse at your son's elementary school get your permission before giving your fifth grader puberty blockers. We're back for right now, folks. We got to give you that number. 888, the phones, we've got to get the phones ringing. We really have to. 888-281-1110.

888-281-1110. Call now during this break here and then we'll go back to to the rest of this clip. It's very interesting. This is why we're trying to tell you people in Ohio. We're fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting. We fought so hard on August 8th and the ACLU did such a great job of confusing people. They worded the language in their mic where people were confused.

We had more people calling us totally confused. They thought if they voted yes on August 8th, which meant it was yes for abortion and wasn't, it was against us. So now folks, now we have to vote no, no, no, because they managed to get it on the ballot. That was to keep them from getting it on the ballot. So now they managed to get it on the ballot. So you must vote no, no, no, no in November 7th.

No, no, no. November 7th here in Ohio. And let me tell you there's five other states that they're lining up and and if we fall, they're promoting Ohio, a red state passes Ohio, a red state passes. They're all ready to go to this. We're talking about the sinister, dark, dark sinister forces and we're gonna, and in fact what we're gonna do, we'll play a clip here in a few minutes showing you the kind of sinister forces, it's the same kind of sinister forces that in the Ukraine, and they're not telling you about what they're doing in the Ukraine, how they're using children's sex trafficking like they're doing here. In fact in America is one of the largest, the, in the world for child sex trafficking right here in America today.

And let me tell you that the Democratic Party is flush with pedophiles. I mean the leadership, the entire leadership is really horrible when it's happening. You're saying that's happening in the Ukraine as well. In the Ukraine but some other things that's happening that's even worse and that's human organ harvesting from these children. Do you think Putin knows this going on there? Oh absolutely. Putin knows that he's been telling people about it. Do you think it's partially the reason he went in? Because of the westernization, the corrupting of Ukraine?

Well a lot of it has to do with the the these labs that we're running who changing people's DNA and that what they were doing is they were using specifically in certain groups of people in the Ukraine and Russians okay. But we'll talk about more about that later. Okay. All right Bo and Rocky River pledge is 200 thank you Bo. All right folks eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three.

Take us back Kyle and let's finish the rest of this clip here. Waiting periods are also considered a burden on abortion. Nearly two-thirds of women report feeling pressured to abort.

Waiting periods require women to take a short pause which can be as little as 24 to 48 hours between asking for the abortion and actually getting the procedure. These laws are meant to be safety valves to give a woman time to think and to consider her options instead of being pushed into a crisis-driven decision. This amendment would wipe those laws off the books giving abusers once again a free hand to pressure women to abort. Informed consent laws are considered a burden on abortion.

Informed consent laws are common to every medical procedure and it simply requires a doctor to give you factual information about the risks and possible complications of whatever medical procedure you're getting. But under this amendment those sorts of laws won't apply to abortion anymore. And what about that last bit about least restrictive means to advance the mother's health in accordance with widely accepted evidence-based standards of care? It either sounds really positive, widely accepted and evidence-based are great things but it's actually meant to kill most safety regulations for abortion clinics. This is one of the few ways that states were actually able to push back on abortion when we lived under Roe vs. Wade. These are things like laws requiring a clinic to meet the same safety standards as an outpatient surgery center, to maintain sterile equipment, to build doors and hallways wide enough so that if there's an emergency you can actually push a gurney all the way through the building.

There's a second part to section B and it's perhaps the most deceptive one yet. It says that abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability but in no case may an abortion be prohibited if in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient's treating physician that abortion is necessary to protect the pregnant patient's life or health. At first this section sounds like it allows the states to restrict abortion after viability. It's sort of a return to the world under Planned Parenthood vs. Casey and that is exactly the story that the pro-abortionists are going to tell you but that story is a lie and you can see this lie if you go back to asking who and what. The state cannot restrict any abortion not even after viability if the pregnant patient's treating physician says that the abortion is necessary to protect the mother's life or health.

So who is the treating physician? It's the abortion provider. The state can never forbid an abortion if the abortionist himself says it's necessary to protect the mother's life or health. Well what does the phrase life or health mean? If you're thinking that health means some kind of medical emergency that's exactly what the pro-abortionists want you to think but that's not the full story. You see when the Supreme Court decided Roe vs. Wade it actually defined health and it said that health includes emotional mental financial and familial factors that bear on health. So if the abortionist says that an abortion is necessary to keep the mother from being sad or if having a child would be too expensive then he gets to perform the abortion. And pro-abortion lawyers have argued in Ohio in the last year that abortion is actually safer than carrying a baby to term. So you can be sure that an abortion provider is going to certify in every single pregnancy that the pregnancy itself is a threat to the mother's health. What all this means is that the abortion provider gets to decide every single time whether to perform the abortion from conception all the way through the baby's due date. You should also ask what does fetal viability even mean? And for that we turn to the definitions in section C. In section C viability is defined as the point in a pregnancy when again in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient's treating physician the fetus has a significant likelihood of survival outside the uterus with reasonable measures. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Let's remember our questions. Who decides when a baby is viable? The pregnant patient's treating physician.

And who is that? The abortion provider. And what does viability mean? It means that the baby has a significant likelihood of survival that is significantly more likely than not better than 50%. As a practical matter that means that viability is going to move to somewhere between 25 and 27 weeks close to the end of the second trimester. It's important to contrast this with viability as it's currently defined in Ohio law. Right now in Ohio viability is defined as the point at which in the determination of a physician who is aware of all the facts and circumstances of the pregnancy there is a realistic possibility of maintaining and nourishing life outside the womb.

A fighter's chance is all you need. And that puts the viability line at closer to 22 or 23 weeks. So what this proposed amendment would do is move the line of viability of the babies that Ohio is allowed to protect from 22 weeks to 27. And it allows the abortion provider to make the decision every single time.

Section D is last and least. It simply states that the amendment is self-executing. That means that it will take immediate effect and it doesn't require any legislation from the General Assembly to give it force. It means that once the amendment passes and goes into effect your parental rights are immediately gone. Abortionists immediately get to decide in every single case whether to perform the abortion. This amendment would radically change and in fact wipe out most abortion laws in the state of Ohio.

It's a permanent change to our permanent Constitution. The women of Ohio deserve better. The parents of Ohio deserve better.

Vote no on November 7th. Okay did you did you guys listen carefully to what he said? Okay let me answer this what they use the term abortion provider. I've gotten other terms for baby rape and child molesting. Yeah in fact if you look in the old Webster's Dictionary you look up the term rape and you know what the very first definition is?

To remove one from its place. Isn't that what happens during an abortion? Okay now so anyhow did you listen carefully to that?

Mike will ask you. Hey Joe under that law do you have to be if you are the quote abortion provider do you have to be a medical doctor? No. No you don't you're right. I didn't hear that anywhere.

No you don't. The thing is the abortionist is the one who gets to determine whether you know the mother's health there's a risk and he's not even doesn't even have they don't even have to be a doctor. Under that constitutional amendment that's what that if that passes there's no place does it say you have to be a licensed physician to do abortions.

Okay the ACLU left that wide open. Okay this like I told you these people are evil to the bone there's there's nothing but evil nothing nothing but evil in these people and so here and let me ask you this too okay I'll ask each of you okay Mike the Supreme Court says that and it should be up to the individual states to decide on abortion and when well how they are legal when you can do them. Ron DeSantis says no it should be a fed to the federal government should regulate abortions okay so which one of them Joe are right what do you think is is the Supreme Court right or is Ron DeSantis? God is the one who determines that abortion is always murder.

All right that's the right answer. God's ruled on that has he ruled on it already ruled on it either one know what they're talking about. Okay so his rule is abortion is murder in every case isn't it? Exactly. Without exception right without any exception.

So if you were going against God's ruling would you say you got to be a fool to go against God had never worked well in the past for anyone. All right very good folks we got to hear for you please call we only have 30 30 minutes left and then and then 10 more minutes while we're off the air we got to hear from you 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 2 1 6 9 0 1 0 9 4 or 5 we're now again when I'm telling you this listen please listen to me this is why it is so important what we're saying here November 7th you know we can't do this unless you people spread the word out there we don't have the money we don't have the money they have they got George Soros money they got dirty dark money bloody money bloody bloody money okay eight bloody ACLU money bloody plan predators money okay and they're like bloodsuckers they know how to go after you and get it through corrupt governments like pedophile Joe's government and folks so we need your help again I want to remind you here in Ohio to keep your eyes open when you see somebody pulling up one of our signs it says vote no see if you can get a picture of those people see if you can get a license plates number if you can they're out these they're corrupt totally completely corrupt corrupt to the very bone now again in Ohio you have this huge mic problem with child craft sex trafficking they found out about that remember we told you Joe didn't we tell him to put two years ago was three years ago now we told you about the Biden crime cartel how they Jim Joe's job Joe Biden's job was to keep the border open and keep the children coming in and and so now when they found on Hunter's laptop guess what they've got evidence that they're directed connected directly to the child smuggling through Hunter Biden okay that they were making they have not been willing to put that out there and show the actual proof and that's another one of those things where the government's covering it up as best they can okay here's what they're let's let's show them there Kyle what they're doing the Ukraine dick because they you won't hear this on NBC ABC or CBS and example is children children unfortunately various terrorist groups attacked children to put pressure on their families and societies but never before the mass kidnapping and deportation would become a part of the government policy not until now we know the names of tens of thousands of children and have evidence on hundreds of thousands of others kidnapped by Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine and later deported the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Putin for this crime and we are trying to get children back home but time time goes by what will happen with them what will happen to them those children in Russia are taught to hate Ukraine and all ties with their families are broken and this is clearly a genocide when hatred is weaponized against one nation it never stops there here if you want to add I'd like to help out the Marot for its people with my own my dossier my entry on the hit list there go ahead and add this part that the Oregon trafficker that was found in Ukraine that has now put out this video which we've translated you can go to human events calm and see this he's naming the fact that employees of the Ministry of Education were involved in this that people that were directly known to the government that were funded by Ukrainian tax dollars was guess what that means they're funded by American tax dollars including the name of the charity organization that went into this boarding school for orphans you know what the charity was called heart of love the charity was called heart of love and it was a front according to the organ trafficker for child trafficking and child organ trafficking Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer joins us now Tony when when we're hearing this type of information come on we shake the the great Tony Schaefer from Intel so Jack and help me out here brother Zelensky admits there's tens of thousands it kind of gobbled garbles it it's tens of thousands of children and hundreds of thousands of others or it's a hundred thousand children anyway he admits there are a huge amount of missing children now he asserts that they've been kidnapped in there in Russia but we don't know that to me that ought to be and the questions for you know about the questions today for Zelensky when he gets up Thursday is number one we know the use a source of proceeds American taxpayers use of proceeds because and then you notice I didn't say NATO or the wealthy in Switzerland or in Sweden or the the Buckingham Palace the key all the world knows a lot of royalty deadbeat royalty in Europe you don't see any of those guys pitching it's you the taxpayer it's MAGA so you're the source of funds the use of funds we don't know we you know some went to weapons we don't know how much was stolen he's fired those defense chiefs something's up there they fired all the guys in charge of recruiting because they were taking kickbacks that but we also got to find out and we got to ask hard questions where are the kids he admits there's tens to hundreds of thousands of missing kids children you've got evidence that there's a massive child sex and really rape and torture ring plus organ harvesting so should we not demand as a as a just an entry-level discussion for him to go through and tell us where the children are look Steve when you're talking about issues like this in this part of the world we have to understand that the reporting on Ukraine that was done prior to 2022 and and not just Ukraine but many countries in the Black Sea region has always been known as a hub for child trafficking for sex trafficking and also yes for organ trafficking this is being done where children are targeted then brought live by the way the organs have to be harvested while the children are still live and then they're sold down to the highest bidder a lot of these you find in the Middle East a lot of these you find in other parts of Western Europe at the same time well now whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hang on whoa ho ho ho hang on hang on hang here hit rewind explain to our audience what do you mean we've done this in the Chinese situation but I want to be very specific because in the Chinese situation it's not specifically kids their organ harvesting from Falun Gong from from the Muslims from the evangelical Christians from the from the people fighting for freedom already we are eight well let me say let's go over Ruth in New York pledges 400 Thank You Ruth all righty folks 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 again we've got to hear from you we have now let me see we have 25 minutes 25 minutes 8 8 8 and we are right now we are three thousand eight hundred short three thousand eight hundred short of art what we need right now so we have well we have to do more we got to do about a hundred and fifty a minute or close to it right all righty so again eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero especially for credit cards or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three I tell you what three votes we twice this month this week already I pledge a thousand I'm gonna do it again if I could get them I'm right now if I can get some matches all I need if even if I get one more match I'm gonna pledge one more thousand I got to do it okay Joe will lend me the money if I go broke master I think this is the equivalent of if you lived in Germany or Europe in the 1930s and you were allowed to have free radio like this would you have supported those that were crying out against the Holocaust of the Jews and other Slavs and would you have supported if you could would you have dipped into your Treasury your savings and found something to help against that voice of resistance at that time would would you want to be honest before God or in the 1850s in America if there was a radio broadcast available that was resisting slavery at that time would you have helped support that if it was listener supported well that's what we're doing here with the this is the great issue of our day abortion taking the life of the unborn harvesting the organs I don't know I imagine that's happening somewhere here too yeah yeah it's it's shocking it's it's it's mind-numbing that this is even a possible well you know we're doing the best that we can to catch them you know we catch them you know we have some very very good people unfortunately we're we're kind of past that age to be out there doing the gun to work in fact this radio program in the past we all the way back in about in the late 80s we did expose some of that child trafficking coming out of Detroit through right in here into Ohio we did programs exposing some corrupt people but right now we can get the word out to people and that's where we can reach the most amount of people we've been on the air for 50 years now and we've never ever backed down enough for one from now and I've noticed something to Joe have you noticed something the attacks coming from the outside have maybe I shouldn't say this knock on wood or something but Tim we're not getting as many attacks on us as we were we're trying to take us down through the technology through the no we've had a kind of a clear sailing for a while which is always nerve-wracking yeah because you're wondering when they're gonna hit huh yeah they wonder when they're gonna hit I wanted to add something it just I think the world is changing and as we've been reporting on what's happening I think so many people are shocked I'm really totally shocked I think up until you know a year or two ago a lot of people have never heard of child sex trafficking or like in China and even there in Ukraine where they actually operating on people that are alive taking their organs and selling them on the market we reported on that Joe Joe I report on that in the 70s in the 1970s China was doing it China developed as such where they could they could actually kill you where you would be brain dead but your heart would still be beating still be bleeding so that the art is still beating when they remove the organs they right away would put them on ice and guess guess where they were selling the most amount of what nation was buying the most amount of organs taken from prisoners probably this country it was yep but what I'm saying is there was a period in time where all of this was kind of under the what he called you know not out in the open and wasn't talked about much and I think so many people are shocked that where the world is today that they're just finding it hard to believe and I just want to appeal to those people God said this kind of thing was going to happen you're not supposed to be shocked you're not supposed to be scared or threatened God said this would happen he told us what he wanted us to do we are to render this battle we're to hold fast until he comes he's given us explicit instructions and he didn't say he said fear not you know I am with you I am here with you but I want you to go out and serve me now and that's what we're really in a sense asking the listeners to do because as scripture has said if you support a ministry doing his work you will share in all the blessings of that ministry and this ministry works and right to life and many of us have been in hospice and King's Word School of the Bible the radio ministry the trucking ministry anything any of the groups that work with us there that are doing the pastors of people involved those people that donate to this ministry get to share and those blessings and they get credited to their account and I don't think a lot of people realize that their donations can help them lay up crowns and treasures in heaven and that's what I wanted to just there's some people out there who all right Kyle put me on the board for 1,000 put me down for 1,000 at 8 8 8 a match right all right I need a match I need you need a match right do it 8 8 8 2 8 1 I can't do it any more this week I mean that's I cannot do it any more this week that and the next two nights this week we I'm you know we're we're just gonna have to do the best we can 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 especially with credit cards 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or a 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 nationwide now I'm looking for a match can I get a match out there for that $1,000 can I get a match for that $1,000 out there who can who can get me a good match maybe I all I need is three matches that we're home clear for tonight right yeah it could be you know your church it could be your golf club it could be a business all kinds of things you know people donate huge sums of money to a political campaign and a lot of times it doesn't do much we're reaching as many people not a lot more than most political campaigns and we will tell the truth on all the candidates let me ask you this and then we're gonna go back play in the clip what would you say is worth the one person who's here's the gospel message and says the sinner prayer and gives their heart to the Lord what do you think that's worth it's worth more than I have more than the whole world resources over the years we've had many many many people that do that when we've given that invitation and Michael we're gonna let you give the invitation tonight if you could we've had many many people okay you said you had six people call in the next day saying they said the the prayer with us when you and I did it together yep so that was just one night out of you know thousands or even a young woman who makes the decision to keep her child we've had several of those two yeah how much is that yeah all right folks who can match me who can match Mary for two four five thousand or five hundred or who can match me for one thousand or who can match Ruth for four hundred folks we got a you got to hear from you eight eight eight our Margaret for 200 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 take us back to the rest of that clip let us hear the rest of that clip there mainly adults at least that's what's it coming out of the CCP your walk me through when you're saying that they're harvested live how does one harvest from a little child or a baby how do you how do you or how do you harvest an organ live sir well Steve you got to understand that what they're doing is there look so for an organ to to be matched and of course in here in the u.s. we have very developed organ banks for this you have to have the proper blood type you have to have a match you have to have a healthy organ etc etc we know we need all these things done many of these countries including China by the way the organ bank services but China's trying also by the way to set up clone organs for the purposes of this there's a whole separate conversation but what they're doing is they're looking at these kids not as not as a child they're looking at okay this one is a positive this one's a negative B Oh etc a universal donor they're looking at the children as a menu and so alright we know this kids got two healthy kidneys this one's got two lungs this one's got another couple of pieces here and then you match the child with what the purchaser so with the organ receiver is looking for that's what the traffickers are doing and so their target the children and so that what they're doing in in at least according to our reporting for from human events calm and everyone can go see this that they were using this front charity known as heart of love and a boarding school right on the border with Slovakia that was tied into orphanages that was tied into parents who had been killed parents who were missing Steve it was also tied into surrogacy centers and so this is done this has been reported widely that Ukraine is one of the top countries for surrogates well Steve what they'll do sometimes is they'll send a report back saying oh there was a problem with your surrogacy the child didn't make it the fetus didn't attach the embryo etc complications miscarriage stillbirth etc but and then the person wherever they are in the world gets a report back saying oh it didn't work but actually that's not the truth in fact in some of these cases the child was born and then the child that no one knows about and isn't registered anywhere gets sent into one of these organizations and again as horrific as this sounds this is all coming directly from a video recorded in prison by an arrested child trafficker in Ukraine everyone can go see it everyone can read the subtitles we've had it translated twice we've had it checked and double-checked and you can go see these are his words these are not mine he talks about ministry of education employees and officials being involved in this he talks about police being involved with this they say the children get sent oh there's there they're told oh we're gonna we're gonna go we've got an adoption run in Western Europe we take 23 at a time well Steve I don't know if you ever worked it or done any adoptions or know anyone who's gone through adoptions but you don't do have mass adoptions that's not how that works it's usually one-to-one so what they're doing is they're taking the children around as a sort of menu that they're offering to people around the world and then 23 or 25 go out 23 come back then 20 go out 15 come back some go out for one night they come back the next morning police officers being involved they use the summer the winter holidays etc all of this and by the way Steve this is going back to 2014 this goes back years and so what this war has done is only exacerbated the situation because now you've got missing children all over the place you've got parents who were killed you've got children that were separated now in many of these cases with Russia Russia of course claims that these are evacuations and displaced people's camps trying to get the kids to safety on the other side this very same situation this is what the International Criminal Court has issued their warrant on Vladimir Putin that's why I couldn't go to the BRICS meeting it's over this very issue because they're saying Russia isn't giving the information out as to where these kids are these are the children of the Donbass these are the children of the the Russian-speaking side where Ukraine and this is one of the reasons I was put on this Marot Peretz hit list that Ukraine has been shelling them for years and blaming it on the Russians this is the exact same situation that happened when Blinken was over there with Victoria Nuland just a couple of weeks ago I report it they call me a liar they put me on this hit list and now you got this this freak Mike Cirillo calls himself Sarah now saying that they're gonna hunt me down that Ian then even the New York Times comes out and says no this was definitely Ukrainian missile so Steve at the bottom line here is that even Zelensky there at the United Nations admits that there are tens or potentially hundreds of thousands of missing children coming out of Ukraine and that's the being used as Tim Ballard another guy they're trying to take out right now has being used as harvest season for the traffickers kavisa kavisa told me kavisa we've had number means with Jim kavisa told me that the Ukraine is the center of much of this it's the heart of darkness of this this and Zelensky's admitted team out now Jack and I got to hold you through the break I know you gotta go but this is too important real quickly what is Jack but so but just in this we'll leave the assassination attempt to after the break in this regard what what should McCarthy in the Republicans demand of Zelensky when they meet with him give me 45 seconds on that about the children well well the number one there's there's no money no money that comes out until this question is answered that's obviously number one number two we've got to have American investigators going in there looking through everything with full access full access boots on the ground and then finally it's it's simple the way you stop this is by stopping the war because by stopping the war then everything goes back to zero everything resets and we can finally just try to get some kind of accounting as to what's going on with the children number three by the way you've got to go into these baby farms these baby factory surrogate centers that are running illegally in Ukraine people are doing this it's completely off the books they say the kid didn't make it but actually there it turns out that they're sending them over to these child and organ traffickers this is disgusting this is sick and we need to put a stop to it because our tax dollars are funding it all righty we're back and there's so much about Ukraine and you know how can how can anyone have any credibility well I know the answer the people that can give credibility to what is called the mainstream media is only because that's all they listen to so you know like it says in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 ever learning but never learning the truth ever learning but never coming to the knowledge because they're never learning the truth okay and but but the mainstream media will betray us they look like us they walk like us they live close to us they and yet they're right there they're betraying you would you know every single day all day long huh well Satan is the prince of the power of the airwaves he controls the internet he controls mainstream media it's only shows like this and stations like this that are independent and Christian funded Christian back all righty well folks again I want to say Dale from Michigan pledges 50 and Scott and Michigan pledges 25 Thank You Dale Thank You Scott all right folks okay we're running down I'm not quite sure where we're at but I know who were far from our goal we only have well we will be here till midnight we will be here till midnight and we don't have that much time on the air left tonight yet so we we still trying to find some matches can anybody match me for $1,000 this is my third time this week and I can't do it again then we've placed $1,000 because we have to keep not only do we work on this you know you know for all these years I mean and we really work hard please let me tell you something the people in this ministry work hard they do really do work hard and and so we need your help it's a to continue because the cause is the righteous cause we've got to do well let me tell you Joe and Mike you guys want to hear those words well done my good and faithful servant absolutely sure do that's what are the most important words you'll ever hear that's what we're striving for isn't it okay we need to do that and we've got to save the children we've got to save the children I would be so ashamed to stand before my Lord if I hadn't done everything that I could possibly do okay and that's what we're out here to do all that we can do to expose the darkness out here and by God's grace and I don't know I'm just praising the good Lord above he's the good Lord it seems like he's coming and sent us some some help but because it's been Joe over a month an hour to a couple of months since they've we've been under attack Mike every time we'd go on there we would have people would be jamming us you name it all kinds of things that would be happening to us it would only happen to us as soon as we in all the stations I would talk to they'd say it only happens when you come on so I take authority over that right yeah we want a spiritual warfare well and I know we have a lot of people praying for us everyone who sends us a donation we take their envelopes and we pray for them on Thursdays tomorrow instead of the morning we're not gonna have a morning prayer breakfast tomorrow it's gonna be in the afternoon we're gonna have a prayer in the afternoon because tomorrow we're going to be in court for one of our people they're going after one of our Patriots and so we're gonna show up and pack the courtroom let them know that we're we're gonna be standing with them okay we are the voice of the Christian resistance here folks you're listening to the voice we've never backed out we've always stood our ground and so we need to hear breakfast any time of day breakfast is always acceptable especially in Missouri all right Lulu and Krin that Krin Krin Lulu and Krin in Michigan pledge 50 thank you Lulu and Krin all right eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three okay rather give out that address to there's so many people that we forget to remind them where to send in their donation and you can send a check to WRW L ministries just WRW L ministries one four seven eight one that's one 47 81 Sperry Road S P E R R Y Road there in Newberry any WB you are why Ohio four four zero six five WRW L ministries one four seven eight one Sperry Road Newberry Ohio or four zero six five and if you're driving down the road and can't write that down just go to WRW L dot o RG and all that information will be there and you can even use PayPal to make your pledge your donation right all right Joe I got him Kenny cuz you're you're cutting in to Mike's time he's gonna give an invitation and all right and folks when you when you write and you send a donation put a little note and ask to be put on the newsletter everybody loves that newsletter might tell folks how they can go to heaven in the point hell well I want to say how I found the Lord five-minute testimony I try to train my missionary teams to give a five-minute testimony and I was a pretty good kid growing up I mean I was rebellious and I went to Presbyterian Church I learned a little bit about God there and my dad who father was a non practicing Catholic and his mother was a non practicing Jew he was a Protestant and he would start reading us the Bible he started in Genesis we hated it we didn't want to sit there but he would make us read it and I start to got interested in the Bible and I wasn't even saved at that time I still but in high school I started to become more rebellious and me and my mom would you know fight like cats and dogs I was the oldest of four and you know I started getting into you know smoking pot and skipping classes and getting in the rock and roll I know today that's all pretty mild but back then that was problematic and my parents always said we caught you smoking dope marijuana we're gonna kick you out of the house we can't have you influencing our younger kids well I kept it you know hidden for maybe a year or two and then one day I don't know how it happened I had a some marijuana in my pocket and it fell out and my brother younger brother saw it and he went he went tattling to mom and dad and somehow he knew and it became a big a big to-do at my house and my dad wanted to kick me out at 17 he wanted to kick me out of the house right then and there and I didn't know what I was gonna do or I was gonna go and my mom pleaded my case she said no you can't do that it's probably gonna make them worse and dah-dah-dah-dah we got to come up with another plan so my dad said okay these are the three things are gonna happen to you you're gonna you're gonna lose your car I'm a senior I had a 67 three-speed Mustang you're gonna lose your car you're going to be grounded for the next three months you're not going on anywhere and you don't want you hanging around with any of your friends anymore that you disassociate with every single one of them so needless to say I was very upset depressed and even at times suicidal and it was winter time on top of that and it was freezing in a while back then we had many many sub-zero degree days in the winter it was climate freezing time and I would hitchhike to school because my dad you know was minus eight below and my dad would I try to plead with him that you give me a ride to school because it was like two miles and I had to walk and he said I walked when I was a kid you can walk yourself you know I walked five miles you can walk to or whatever you know so I started hitchhiking and there was this young lady that would pick me up in this orange Nova I kept looking for this orange Nova she picked me up she was real nice real friendly she worked at the staff at my high school she worked with youth for Christ campus life and she would invite me to come and I would say now you know I don't want I'm not into that that's not cool but she had a bump she had a bumper sticker on her dashboard that that intrigued me not only intrigued me it frightened me and I started thinking about it and every time she'd picked me up I had orange Nova she'd always picked me up I kept thinking about finally I got the courage to ask her about her bumper stick you want to know where the bumper sticker said on her dashboard this is what say it got me to be saved this is what led me to the Lord and this is something that if you don't know the Lord it should lead you to know Lord it said caution driver of this vehicle may disappear at any moment and I'm like wow it like blew my mind I'm like this is sci-fi stuff what are you talking about what are you I was so afraid to even ask her she finally told me about this thing called the Rapture and I never heard about I was just fascinated I'm like I need to find out more about you got to show me where this is in the Bible and she told me where to look first Thessalonians 4 so I I studied it and you know what I said I don't want to miss this I don't want to miss this one flight out and somehow I knew that if you missed it you were gonna be stuck in the Great Tribulation if we think if you think things are bad now folks in America and in the West and in the world this is nothing compared to the evil that will tsunami that will be unleashed to those that are left behind in the Great Tribulation that's seven years so you know there's many reasons to come to the Lord but in our day and age that was enough for me I don't want to miss the Rapture so I got on my knees I asked Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and Savior to forgive me my sins and you know what my parents lifted my grounding at least to go to these campus life meetings and that's where I got saved going in here I'm talking about Jesus getting in small groups so one minute so I encourage you if you don't know the Lord you want to get right with the Lord you want to ask him he'll forgive you all your sins all your crimes even your evil thoughts he'll make you a new creation and that gets you ready so that you can be a candidate when the Rapture comes when he snatches away his bride his church and takes them up to heaven miraculously transforms us you don't want to miss that folks give your life to Christ now you'll never do anything that means as much and that's a fact now listen we want to say Debbie in Ohio pledges 250 Andrea in Illinois pledge 400 and Regina in San Diego pledges 1,000 thank you thank you thank you Wow thank you already all right we're coming into you you got to give me the countdown we're coming up to okay all right so we're at that point again we want to thank all of you folks we'll be here again till midnight and we want to say that as we do every night I want to thank you for being with us sitting and helping us tonight Mike and Joe we want to say God bless we want to say good night okay and then we always say and ready always always always get ready thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left well well well shopping for a car yep Carvana made financing a car as smooth as can be oh yeah I got pre-qualified instantly and had real terms personalized just for me doesn't get much smoother than that well I got to browse thousands of car options on Carvana all within my budget doesn't get much smoother than that it does I actually wanted a car that seemed out of my range but I was able to add a cosigner and found my dream car it doesn't get much oh it gets smoother it's getting 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