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WED HR 1 083023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 30, 2023 11:25 pm

WED HR 1 083023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 30th day of August 2023 and tonight we have there in the glass cage our producer is none other than Kyle. Hey Pastor Ernie. There you go and way out yonder well actually tonight we have this is um it's Wendy Wednesday so we have with us Miss Wendy Wilson tonight. Hey Wendy are you there?

Where's Wendy? Pastor can you hear me? Yeah I can hear you now. Oh okay it was um choppy there I didn't know what was going on.

Oh choppy speaking of choppy we have that legendary legendary uh preacher Pastor Joe Larson. And uh you know I'm so valuable the one I was kicked off the show last night you didn't even notice. Yeah well it was it was a very interesting program we had last night but we we've been it was it was I just I just had to do that uh you're always coming up getting one of us with something so just a little chance to get back at the boss right Wendy?

Yeah even even tonight though we're still having some telephone problems. Kyle is there anything we can do with Joe's uh audio? Joe can you hear me now?

Yeah a little more power. Yeah now I can hear you you're much better. Okay okay good all right very good yeah he did did a switch over there too all right very good so we we boy do we have a lot to take care of tonight so we better get right after it. We need about a week to catch up. Yeah we do so it's going to be lightning rounds tonight for sure the message the title was you do err not knowing the scriptures and boy we we really went into that heavy over there on Matthew 22 15 through 33 and also second Timothy 3 5 through 7 and tonight we're in first Peter 3 1 through 8 and so let's take let's go over there and let's take it verse by verse here all right likewise you wives be in subjection to your own husbands that if any obey not the word they also may without the word be won by the conversion of the wives by the conversation of the wives all right now here's an interesting thing here because that that word conversation is not the way that we use it today it's translated it's the word is conduct we it's the same word for behavior another word would be behavior right so and the point that he's making is if you have a husband and a wife that are not if the wife's saved and the husband's not then he could be by her behavior it might be that it will bring him to the Lord now the situation is today do we marry people that are not you know if they're if they're both not saved will we marry them I don't no I don't either okay but there are people that do and you know pastor it's kind of like hired gun I'm a hired pastor I'll marry anybody for 200 bucks you know well Bible will travel type of thing but unfortunately that's what happens well you have other situations I know I've in my year in 50 years I've married a lot of people now I will have time sometimes when they'll come one of the two of them will not be saved but I mean you you you feel look this person have to talk to him because I never marry people without at least three we have to have at least three counseling sessions because the institution of marriage is a very very important institution if God thinks it's important it's important right oh yes and it's for a lifetime that's pretty important that's longer than how long you own your house or probably longer than a lot of people spend a job or career yeah I kind of say it's right up there next to uh you know being born again all righty so now here now uh but you can't always tell because some sometimes if they they really want to get married and I I find that it's in my cases you know the the ones that I've felt that were not saved but made the profession just to pacify me were usually were the women they uh and and the way I find out about that is we we discuss things in the bible we discuss bible verse we ask them um you know how do you think what does the bible teach here this and that and some of them you know have you know they're biblically illiterate yet they'll tell you they're they're saved and they got them and so but since you can't and I can't it's just like when they come to you for baptism uh they come and they make you you ask them why do you want to get baptized and if they say the right things what God's word the bible says you know that they that Jesus Christ is their lord and savior and they're pleased to trust in him even if you have if you feel that you know what I I think that these people are just trying to pacify me we can't read their hearts can we so we have only God knows what we're doing so we're obligated then to go by the profession huh exactly you know it's funny one of the things I get what do you mean you want to we have all this counseling you know we've got all these plans we're busy making plans for the wedding and I sit down and say that's exactly what's wrong you're going to spend months planning a wedding how much time are you spending planning your future together your marriage and they look at me like what uh-huh planning what your life together like you know your politics your religion your values your how you handle money do you believe in saving do you believe in gambling do you believe in you know go down the list of things and then they all of a sudden it takes them a while to realize I think it's more important to spend more time planning your life together than just you know this the wedding that lasts one day the marriage is supposed to last forever already in this country okay well we have to go on here while they behold your chest a conversation coupled with fear who's adorning let it not be with the outward adorning of plating of the hair and the wearing of gold or putting on of apparel but let it be the hidden man of the heart and that which is not corruptible even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of god a great price so here their beauty must come from within okay right who they are not what they wear huh it's the person within it's the spirit and if that person is born again it's guided by the holy spirit and that's one of the ways where it's talking about the hidden person the hidden man is you know also when the holy spirit joins with you you got a winning team wendy you're the only one here that's got any beauty tonight so you tell us what do you think well i have a question actually have you come across couples where they'll say you know uh i i married this person and i find that they're not the person i thought they were what do you how do you counsel someone like that well yeah well i can tell you i've done a lot of that what's happening it's always the bible says for the first time in history i've done a lot of that what's happening it's always the bible says for the husband to love your wife husband love your wife wife reverence and obedience and respect your husband and every time that we've had i've done counseling where there's been marriage problems it's always the same she always says he doesn't love me and he always says she doesn't respect me and gently say and so god has given us the roles the husband and wife the different roles um for a purpose okay and that goes along with our makeup and who we are and so uh what happens is the husbands tend to treat the wives like like when you would get a new car you know while it's new you keep it all shined up and you take you change the oil and so on but after it gets a little rust on it you don't you know you don't get the door like you used to do and all of that stuff and the wives you know even i noticed this that some of these these young women they're saying well uh he's he's got a lot of rough edges right now but once we're married once we i get that ring on his finger i'm i'm gonna smooth out those rough edges and it don't work that way does it wendy no there's that old saying you know that um reputation is what people know about you but character is what god and your spouse know about you absolutely you're right and so my question is you know uh the real problem i see a lot of times with people in counseling is maybe one person whether it's the man or the woman is a narcissist and they are very talented at manipulating even the person that's counseling them so i was wondering if you ever run into them i run into that oh yeah i sure have and and they're they're usually not as slick as they think they are okay uh-huh that you they usually give themselves away uh what that can happen if you get so full of yourself and not full of this is that new man here that the bible talks about the spirit of the lord but yeah if you have you see you have to they have to be willing okay to deal with that and and you have to be willing to admit that that's your problem if you don't acknowledge that you have the problem there's no way that you can treat it can you well sure isn't that's the problem with a narcissist they they they don't they don't want to admit that you know they don't want to admit they have this problem usually they're very controlling people right that goes back to the counseling you ask the people in counseling you know how well do you know this person and they're going you know what do you mean well you know how because i tell them well i love my wife not because of but quite often in spite of some of the faults yeah but it works both ways she loves me in spite of my faults not only just because of all my good points but also loves me in spite of we all have strengths and weaknesses we all have things that you know the other person those rough edges uh everybody has them and when the two become one you you accept those things in your partner in your life partner and you realize that's part of who they are and you love them anyway and really that's what it is you love them anyway knowing that they have flaws nobody's going to be perfect except jesus so you're never going to find a perfect partner without flaws well then what well then just tell us what were your flaws we don't have enough time all right okay even as sarah we got it we got to go on for after this manner and the in the old time the holy women also who trusted in god adorned themselves being in subjection to their own husbands even as sarah obeyed abraham calling him lord whose daughters you are as long as you do well and are not afraid with any amazement likewise uh you husband that word there amazement by the way is the same words we use uh for terror for uh terror okay terror right yeah likewise you husbands dwell with them according to knowledge giving honor unto the wife as unto the weaker vessel now there's a whole lot in this this here this verse right here uh as being heirs together of the grace of life and your prayers be not hindered finally be you all of one mind having compassion one another love as brother and be pitiful and courteous that word pitiful by the way uh is means to be tender hearted is what he's referring to yeah right tender yeah so here let me go back to that verse likewise you husbands dwell with them according to the knowledge you know when we go back see that's again we're going back where the enemy always disrupts the uh with the women it's in the area of discernment men is the area of pride right and i mean now that's not in every single human being some sometimes it's different uh sometimes you know uh there are men that that have a weak spot where it comes to discernment too but in general speaking generality yeah general speaking and this is where we see that starting in the in the garden of eden where the reason satan went after eve it was because he knew what her achilles heel would be it would be the the discernment and uh here we're seeing this today playing out in a huge huge way because today you know what an open marriage is right a lot of these a lot of these things just in the past few years there's things that are uh you never would have thought about before okay i mean did you hear about open marriages five years ago yeah i'm afraid i had yeah well different people but it was not a common thing no it was a it's a lot more common and in the news and people admit to it and stuff well it's basically even being taught in some of these these colleges and some of these so-called uh marriage counselors are constantly that you could try an open marriage it might if it might be good for you okay yeah it might be good for you spice up your marriage because it's dull and boring and you do err not knowing the scriptures you do err not knowing and so here what they're saying is today uh a woman can have an in this day a woman can have her cake and eat it too where she can have a career she can have the security of marriage and children and at the same time have variety uh in her sexual life okay sexual partners now this is this is what they're they're teaching and even some of these so-called marriage counselors are teaching this now okay why because it creates dissension mistrust fear all kinds of things sexually transmitted diseases i mean it's right there verse 8 be ye all of one mind the scripture says a man and a woman are supposed to the one the two become as one you are joined together you become almost as one you become almost as one you function as one unit one person two and one in a way and god is three and one in a marriage the man and woman are supposed to have be like-minded in their purpose and and what their plans are what their goals are going back to that verse though joe going back to that works where it says likewise yours is dwell with them according to knowledge knowledge right you see the point that i'm trying to make here joe is this that when it comes to this they took a poll and it's a night i was amazed that women want to open their marriage by 70 over the men's 30 to open a marriage he used to be honored you know used to be men men would want the divorce before the women years ago it would be the man that would usually want to initiate the divorce now women want to open their marriage seven you know seventy percent more than the men with thirty percent now let me ask you this okay what percentage of those open marriages do you think end in divorce over the most of them over 90 almost all of them over not yeah over 90 of them well so let's go back to something way back do you remember helen girly brown she outed the feminist movement with her book well come to find out it wasn't her idea she didn't write most of the book it was her husband that came up with the idea and did a lot of the writing and suggested all the things helped her uh edit the book and everything but it was his idea so all this stuff in feminism that they go back to her and her famous book was really the creation of her husband of a man and not of the woman so the whole premise of feminism was based on a bunch of lies deceit and uh garbage well i i was listening to david rockefeller when he was doing um he made a video and he they were talking about starting the feminist movement the n.o.w starting this goes way back uh in the 60s and they were talking about promoting and it was and all of the people there that meeting were men talking about how to use these get to get these women what did we read yesterday they sneak in the houses leading captive silly women with diverse sins yeah diverse lusts right the whole idea was it broadened the pool that you could have sex with women that wouldn't uh you know complain about your being married women that wouldn't uh you know run to your wife all kinds of stuff but also with the men well yeah but it was the the purpose these these were men who were like satanic the purpose was to destroy the family the whole purpose was remember everything that the god's word the bible talks about the very first divine institution god gave us was marriage in the family so what do they do they want to destroy that divine institution the very first okay we've got a whole lot to get through tonight so we're going to stop there kyle are you listening okay do you have that clip the one on dr merle mass when she spells it out for the un uh and you'll you'll have a volume situation there so could you play this little clip for us all right go ahead and take her away we're undergoing a soft coup and the idea is to create a whole new set of laws and ignore the existing human rights laws and other laws under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda the who is developing through all its nations but with the who directorate in the united states in charge a pandemic treaty and amendments to the existing international health regulations that will remove the human rights protections currently embedded in the ihr will enforce surveillance censorship get rid of freedom of speech require governments to censor and only push a single narrative also we will be subject if they can make this work to vaccines developed in a hundred days which the organization cepi is planning to do and one of the people who founded cepi was jeremy ferrar who is now the chief scientist at the who to bring this forward um other things that the amendments do is to bind the state so they have no longer recommendations but enforceable edicts provide a liability shield get rid of intellectual property rights move supplies from one country to another enforce digital passports and the director general of who can demand that a pandemic or a potential pandemic exists he can just declare it with no standards and then countries around the world will have to obey also the who will tell you what drugs you can and can't use in your nation once a pandemic is declared obviously the budget will increase um one health is another part of this one health is a concept that was created to enable the who with these documents to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change animals plants water systems education systems ecosystems are all central to health also embedded in this concept is a peculiar notion that humans are no longer of greater value than animals all righty there you go uh this is the mindset that's coming out now she was talking to the un okay now we're going to do another clip here and uh remember we got it we got a uh that clip's gonna run for about three three minutes and 30 seconds we got to stop it there uh this is about what you're talking about tonight wendy this is going to kind of be a a lead-in for you so go ahead and play the game and remember something i'm going to interrupt a sec joe biden already said he wanted will sign on to this world health organization uh world health uh plan to root be you know we'll submit to them he's already said he was going to do that yeah i know well guess what we're not going to submit to him but we're not going to submit to him or them all right let's go to greg reese and um he this is the second big push for the the new vax this this new vax that they have which uh well go ahead and take it away fda and cdc uh they've made an announcement on the new vaccine uh so certainly uh they said that they will have an there'll be an updated vaccine september mid september i believe so uh we know that as you all know vaccinations against covid-19 remains the safest protection for avoiding hospitalization long-term health outcomes and death which is why we are we are going to be encouraging americans to stay up to date on their vaccine the criminal governments of the world are about to attack we the people again with the masks lockdowns and deadly vaccines and people are already masking up as a weimar judge was just sentenced to two years in prison for trying to lift the last mask mandate germany is set to mandate the masks starting again this october corporations are announcing mask mandates colleges are announcing mask mandates and threatening to disenroll students if they don't get the clot shot the cdc admits the masks are useless and the nih published a study saying that the n95 masks can expose people to toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer but mainstream media like cnn has been brainwashing these people to be like just under like a spell of democratic stuff and it's making them wear these masks they are unnecessary and making them lose oxygen and it's bad it's so bad for community and we need to fight back i know i'm a kid and to be honest we need to be like power rangers we need to fight back we need to fight back against evil because cnn and the mainstream media are evil they are trying to make us under a spell and we need to resist it we need to resist masks we need to resist all of it okay and we need to fight back the strange blood clots are still being found in the dead bodies of the vaccinated the vaccinated appear to be shedding the spike proteins and the nanotech that we know is in these lethal cocktails nanotech that is growing inside the hearts and brains of the infected the shots have made millions infertile and we know that Pfizer aggressively campaigned for pregnant women to get the shot even after knowing it could kill their babies it is estimated that the shots have murdered millions conservatively according to the cdc's data the more covid 19 vaccine doses in an area the greater the increase in mortality and death the hordes of unchecked people being flooded into our country through the open border are not required to be given a covid vaccination lucky them but joe biden says a new vaccine is coming for every american whether they've gotten it before or not we are being given a second chance to say no already there you go wendy tell us about the new vaccine um say that again pastor you were breaking up a little bit all right tell us about the vaccine the new vaccine here oh right okay yeah so um uh this was a group of scientists um i've written a report this is griffin university in australia and they said they had a new breakthrough in vaccine development and the research did get published in the august 2023 ssrn electronic journal the report did state that the new method for making the vaccine is considered proof of concept stage and all that means is it's a very early stage of development and they really haven't you know nailed down proving the hypothesis that this is um the right way to go with vaccine manufacturing so this is a new concept pastor and and the more that i read about vaccine studies the more i realize that a lot of these products are not only risky but scientists have really no idea what the long-term effects are going to be and they have not really reported how you know such serums are going to affect dna and your future generations so the one of the lead scientists was bernard arim and dr uh saihong ken they were both of griffin institute they work in the drug discovery cell biopolymer factory there and they said they have a new way of making a viral particulate vaccine and so here's a quote from these two men they said the tests that we've run so far show a the vaccine is safe and introduces a very strong immune system response against the virus now that statement's premature because they haven't even tested this on humans yet i know you can't even say this yeah it's amazing they are uh guessing or projecting that this is what it will do right but that's all projection well when i read stuff like this my brain goes to okay what the heck's in it you know what's in this thing um so this new concept in this vaccine manufacturing is the scientists are using synthetic pathogens which they reprogram so they are taking bacterial pathogen e.coli they re-engineer it and they want to make a vaccine particle that has a high yield and so what they do is this bacteria now e.coli normally this would multiply in the right environment and colonize so what they do is they take this biopolymer particle of e.coli and they coat it they wrap it on the outside with strep virus a and they claim they using they're using strep virus a as an antigen in other words the strep a virus is a toxin that attempts to induce an immune system response for antibody production so an antigen means toxin and um and according to the research the strep a antigen also they say prevents uh of infection it prevents it it safeguards you from infection which i find interesting however numerous virology reports are showing that toxins don't prevent infection and the immune system does not make antibodies for non-infectious agents so and since a new vaccine has not been tested on humans uh all this is premature speculation that it's safe and effective and here's what pacific immunology says they say the immune system neutralizes infection now how many times have you guys heard um well this vaccine this viral vaccine doesn't have any live viruses it's attenuated okay so no live viruses what's to kill what would the immune system be killing can't kill dead viruses right right so you don't get an immune system response or do you okay so also medline said this an antigen is any substance or toxin that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against it so this has got to be so toxic that it's hoping your immune system will see it but we'll get into that in a minute um so we're also told the vaccine does not have um so we're also told the vaccine does not require refrigeration so it's it's really a good manufacturing process if you want to stockpile a vaccine um then i that's good for the manufacturer right good for business yeah and then i wanted to look at the high risk yield on this thing uh so the research is saying that your vac this vaccine is going to be low cost to manufacture and effective and safe uh but they don't have any human trials to prove that therefore that statement is purely for their investors and the naive public okay now we're going to take a look at the strep a virus they're wrapping this e.coli in and see what your potential side effects could be so a pathogen infection offers a wide range of infection so this strep a can give you laryngitis impantigo which is a contagious skin infection causing sores and blisters it could give you necrotic fasciitis which is an aggressive skin and soft tissue infection causing necrosis or dead tissue it could give you cellulitis a bacterial infection of the skin causing a staph a virus also toxic shock syndrome which is life-threatening it's a bacterial infection that increases your risk of death so those are the risk potentials with a vaccine that has an e.coli re-engineered bacteria that's wrapped around with a strep a virus now apparently the risk from this type of pathogen when it's injected into you could also cause some serious tissue infections or person you know i wonder if these human volunteers they're going to get science is going to test this on eventually on humans i wonder if they're going to get full disclosure you know because last thing anybody would want to have is their skin dying and falling off and the skin is the organ's largest organ and a severe tissue a severe tissue death of this organ could produce unforeseen circumstances like death so and you know to determine if their theory is right they well they need to have test subjects which you know they're going to be taking the ultimate risk so here is a quote from dr chin he said the next steps are to produce vaccines and to evaluate their performance in clinical trials so but they've already declared it's safe and it's going to work but they haven't even had any clinical trials yet um so the next question i had is why are they taking this approach why are they changing the way they manufacture stuff okay well science is admitting that the current treatments do not adequately address strep a viruses so a pathogen is highly resistant the strep a is highly resistant to current drug treatments and you got like half a million people globally that die from it and according to the university of wisconsin madison april 20 2019 it revealed that viruses often mutate during the vaccine manufacturing process and the public is told that viruses mutate on their own in just a few short months actually naturally mutating viruses take much longer than that so here's what the article from um university of wisconsin said they said a common problem is that the virus is chosen for vaccines often mutate in the process of production creating mismatches between seasonal flu viruses and the vaccine in any given flu season and this has been a particular problem okay how long has that been going on that's been going on for years then right yeah they got in and the science science you're not supposed to know this science gives us these kind of vaccines a name so what science does not explain is the viruses mutate due to the vaccine manufacturing process and they call these leaky vaccines now this is a real problem for science stating that they are you know we're using these things to prevent disease with vaccines which in fact are creating stronger mutated diseases in the vaccine um healthline and the public library of science biology said this researchers have proven the theory that more virulent viruses can evolve from so-called leaky vaccines and there is potential risk using leaky vaccines to prevent disease putting people at great risk of severe illness end of quote and then i just i read that and i turn around and then they wanted to give us the perfect definition of the vaccine so hold on to yourself here's what it is the perfect vaccine science says this is their definition this is a dr andrew reed professor of biology biotechnology penn state university says a perfect vaccine prevents vaccinated individuals from being sickened by the disease and it also prevents them from transmitting or shedding the virus to others uh-huh well i guess covid is not a perfect vaccine no not by a long shot no i dare say viral vaccines in general are not a perfect vaccine they're all leaky vaccines which means all the vaccines with viral agents in them are mutated virulent diseases making people sick and this is really highlighting that scientific vaccine research and the medical community is really not disclosing this to the public what the vaccine really is it's really highlighting that disease is their main focus for the health care and scientific research communities offering people an illusion of wellness so well people as we know they don't make the drug companies any money they don't create a demand for medical doctors nor do they help to pay for and build and maintain major hospitals so we're back to money answers all things well you know the interesting thing is this because they did the survey and we're talking to people finding out that if people think that it's planned and even close swab and these people are coming out and they've and they find this out that when they tell you it's it's planned this is something people accept even the depopulation because this was a long-range plan it's it's crazy i know it's absolute but they've been conditioned to they've been so dumbed down they've been conditioned to say well if this is a long-range plan then it's not so bad rather than in other words i've been planning for a long time to kill you so uh i'm gonna go ahead and kill you okay other than just i just decided to kill you now if they just decided well then that's the wrong way to go that's insanity kidding it's like why don't they just tell us to go you know read the rosetta stone and learn chinese because they're coming yeah yeah yeah unreal it is really devastating um but you know what you know the silver lining is uh the holy bible says herbs are here for the service of man the healing of the nations and god can't lie and there's natural herbs that have inhibitors to a lot of these types of things i mean a lot of what the diseases you've seen in the last hundred years are all man-made pretty much you've got ebola dengue um h1n1 these were all manipulated uh controlled pathogen creations in the lab they they they made sure these were zoonotic viruses they took from animal kingdoms bats camels you name it and they made sure with a protein switch they could infect humans so these weren't designed for us but they made them designed for us if you get my drift so these are the these are the diseases uh we read in leviticus that are not mentioned in this book absolutely that's you're right that's exactly what it says that they are not mentioned here yeah yeah so so but you know they're you know gentian root has a natural inhibitor to hemorrhagic fevers like ebola um so you've got you've got herbs out there that are very strong against these things um you know i don't think god wanted us to be defenseless during this time in history well no we're not and and you know we saw this thing when when they started pushing all of these drugs on us and uh especially uh rendez-sevir and that uh people on our side people like you wendy and others who were warning people first of all not to take the vax but here uh to avoid the covet hydroxychloroquine or the other things that we were telling people you know go ahead and be you know and and stock up we used the natural herbal the medicines the natural things that um to avoid that and yet so many people and it seems like all of those that wanted got the shots uh you know they got they were the ones that that four times more likely once they got the the vax to get the uh covet and if you're four times more likely to get the covet how many times more likely are you to die from the covet well well getting getting back to that point we were talking about how the immune system makes antibodies um i've mentioned this before dr anthony norris was the chief urologist of the fda during the 70s and i had a conversation with him in the 90s and um he was kind of educating me on how the immune system functions and so basically when you come in contact with an infectious agent a pathogen you're either going to ingest it breathe it in or absorb it in through the skin and when that happens the body sends chemical messages about this invaded invading disease to your immune system through the nervous system chemically and so then your body's going to get as much information about it and then make an antibody so and you've heard doctors say the incubation period is seven to ten days you've heard that right yeah okay so it'll take that long for the body to get the information it needs to manufacture an antibody and when an antibody is released this is when you start to feel awful because there's this war now going on inside your body your your immune system's fighting this invasion and uh so that's how your immune system normally works now uh if you inject somebody with a pathogen an infectious agent into your muscle and then there's lots of blood flow in the muscle and then what happens within two hours is whatever that pathogen was in this in the injection is now in your bloodstream in two hours now you have patrol antibody uh cells immune system cells kind of patrolling the blood system like security guards so when they see that infectious agent in your blood system do they react well yeah no they don't they don't react because they didn't get any chemical signature messages to prepare for an invasion they didn't they didn't get the memo mine do mine react well they think it's supposed to be there they think it's supposed to be there no if you have a reaction to a vaccine you're probably reacting to some of the other ingredients in it all right maybe it's yeah maybe it's the the aluminum or the heavy metals or the preservative agents no i i avoid vaccines like the plague yeah so basically that was dr anthony norris telling me that and he's the one that warned everybody in 1976 when he was on phil donahue live show warning people the swine flu was fake okay he said uh i remember that i remember that right yeah so he was immediately fired from the fda but he helped save thousands of lives because he said if you get this thing you're going to get gillian beret syndrome and as a as a as a you know uh counter agent they rolled out gerald ford and walter conkite on tv getting the shot remember it's safe blah blah blah but but basically uh he said the swine flu serum was made for pig farmers it was killing the pigs the pig farmers didn't want it so to recoup their losses the drug companies created with the help of the media and other agencies this fake pandemic so they could sell it to humans yeah i know it's i remember that very very well yeah so so basically um when i was having this conversation with him i said well okay so why are they making vaccines he said there's a million reasons why and he made he he was referring to money that's exactly reason that's exactly right yeah and so um even vet clinics if you look at veterinarian clinics they can make half a million to a million dollars a year just on the vaccines they're pushing um so uh you know and then when i asked him um about booster shots because i was trying to wrap my brain around well why are they giving booster shots and he said they give booster shots because if they gave you all the serum in one shot it's so toxic it would kill you now and i said how do you know this and he says well i have access to all the raw clinical data on all these vaccines that is stored at the fda now they don't store that stuff they don't even keep it they destroy it so it's not even available so he was exposing what vaccines were designed for and he said they're designed to feed the body with disease so that the drug companies and the medical complex have a steady line of patients customers yeah and he said it will react to you in a different way than somebody else because wherever your weakest genetic area that's what's going to happen you're going to corrupt it in that area so it's the perfect cover he said because drug companies can say well it couldn't have been the shot because everybody would have had that response it's an amazing thing isn't it you know again we've been doing everything we can sound any alarm uh about these vaccines and i and i praise the good lord we've had the opportunity to do that because we've we've got a lot of feedback from a lot of people that said they would have got the shot had they not been heard about it here on this radio program oh yeah i mean and there's lots of statistical data that shows that a lot of these common childhood illnesses were on um the downslope they were they were they were not as prevalent even before vaccines were made public so you know um we got you know refrigeration and we had frozen foods year-round we didn't have horse manure in the street so people get tetanus and all this stuff okay so um we had you know sewer systems we have better hygiene well you know here's we're going to be playing uh of course you're going to be getting your beauty sleep because you've but we're going to be playing a clip on uh why so many people are dying from certain vaccines why the others aren't on this uh and it's all about the they're showing you how they distribute uh different vaccines they've got oh yeah yeah they'll do that they'll test a different uh batch in different areas of the country that's why you'll see like a a burst of you know chronic disease from kids that you should have gotten no no what i'm talking about they're purposely sending the lethal doses to red areas where you have red voters yeah i get that i get that but i mean they do that a lot they'll take they'll test different versions of a serum you know what i mean yeah and then and that's why you know you'll you'll see these hot spots in the news from time to time where you know all these kids came down with um measles and it was a more virulent strain kind of thing yeah but um but i did want to say that um we're having a sale uh labor day sale apothecary herbs it's 25 off orders of 55 or more details are on our website at or if somebody wants to give us a call and request a catalog they can also do that toll-free numbers eight six six two two nine three six six three eight six six two two nine three six six three great time to stock up on the cold and flu stuff pastor i know it's good time for you to send joe and i some of that that that herbal medicine that makes us look young and youthful oh my version of the holy grail all right hey if you can make my face beautiful you'd have to be up there almost equal to the creator all right there you go that's the truth we uh no i better i better leave they go we're coming up to a break and then after the break we have this but you know what wendy i'm going to be preaching on the king james bible why the king james bible is superior to the over 400 other english bibles that are written in the english language bibles today uh why god did not give us 400 different bibles why he gave us a bible one bible and the difference a lot of people that don't know uh the difference between that and the niv oh there's so much you wouldn't believe yeah and so how about 64 000 words to begin with that is that has been removed but we will i'm going to be because and the reason for that is uh i'm getting so many questions from people why do we promote the the king james bible uh and but i'm not going to preach on this 100 times you know over the years i preached on this many many times but i gotta say i haven't done it recently but we're going to go into real depth on it this coming sunday uh doers of the word baptist church and then in fact in both services i'm in the morning and the evening we're going to cover two different parts so uh that's the doers of the word baptist church this coming sunday and so and i look forward to getting that sermon that you post up there very good well listen i know i'm going to be good dude on the radio part of it because so many people out there have never heard of that written down well we will be doing it piece by piece all next week lord's willing oh good all right yeah so and of course i'll be doing the entire thing on sunday night we do i'll be doing the entire thing sunday night as we always do so anyhow we're coming up to the to the break and when we come out we're going to take a look at the batches designed and targeted for different groups and it's a uh about a 12-minute message there from a former Pfizer scientist who is telling you what they're really doing and and how they look like i just told you how they actually have some batches there they send the lethal batches they know where the lethal batches are it's all part of the depopulation and they want to depopulate starting with conservative republican voters but uh anyhow we're coming to the break wendy thanks for being here oh you're so welcome thank you you have a blessed evening you do the same be right back don't go away more to come thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speary road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next when i grow up i want to work for a woke company like super woke when i grow up when i grow up i want to be hired based on what i look like rather than my skills i want to be judged by my political beliefs i want to get promoted based on my chromosomes when i grow up i want to be offended by my co-workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by hr words like grandfather peanut gallery long time no see no can do when i grow up i want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long when i grow up i want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd i want to be a conformist i want to weaponize my pronouns what are pronouns it's time to grow up and get back to work introducing the number one woke free job board in america red balloon dot work
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