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MON HR 2 082823

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 29, 2023 12:24 am

MON HR 2 082823

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back and uh folks do you know what the real problem the real problem Joe with the Trump indictment well let me tell you Michael Lesher he knows what the real problem is so folks and I think most of you do too but here it is Michael's gonna let you know the real trouble with the Trump endowment by Michael Lesher at the first thing we do says Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare's early history play Henry the sixth part two let's kill all the lawyers and Shakespeare's telling Dick the Butcher is a notorious bully and when he calls for the murder of lawyers he's playing a leading role in a revolt against the legitimate king so justice John Paul Stevens probably got it right when in a 1985 opinion he interpreted the line as an indirect defense of the legal profession Shakespeare insightfully realized that disposing of lawyers is a step in the direction of a totalitarian form of government well so it is and Stevens also realized that you don't actually have to kill all the lawyers in order to dispose of them least of all when the bulk of the profession appears more than happy to dispose of itself but I doubt whether Stevens or anyone else anticipated the insouciance of the Georgia district attorney turned totalitarian activist who by indicting Donald Trump and at least four of his lawyers on racketeering charges this month has devised a breathtakingly simple way to make lawyers vanish just send them to jail along with their clients for advocating a legal theory of which the Democratic party disapproves and yes that is the racketeering alleged in this so-called indictment the felonies of which Trump and his associates stand accused in Fulton County Georgia are the challenges they made to the results of the 2020 presidential election no bribes no hidden skullduggery no usurpation of political office for private gain no the alleged conspiracy is all about Trump's unsuccessful efforts to persuade officials that the election results were marred by irregularities and as a result should not be certified as a matter of law that is all forget the media frenzy about the details who spoke with whom and when which Trump advisor is being charged for which debunked claim and so on the important point about this indictment is that lawyers are being charged with felonies for doing legal work an American prosecutor is criminalizing the legal profession a business that can only end with this totalitarian form of government whose first steps Justice Stevens identified with the elimination of lawyers I really wish someone in the business would tell Miss Fannie Willis who is currently basking in her 15 minutes of media glory as the prosecutorial JL to Trump's this era that if you make it a felony to offer unsuccessful legal arguments you make it virtually impossible to offer original legal arguments at all but then I've often wished that mainstream media had the backbone to speak out against the prosecution of Julian Assange on the grounds that if Assange is locked up for doing what all investigative journalists do there won't be any more investigative journalism and yet our popular journalists clearly don't give a hoot about the destruction of journalism so long as it's done in the service of the powers that be and apparently they feel the same way about prosecuting lawyers for doing what lawyers have always done just think of Clarence Darrow's Nietzsche made them do it argument on behalf of Leopold and Loeb so long as it's Donald Trump's head on the block the New York Times has just printed a guest essay calling Miss Willis's 98 page travesty brilliant a2 brute but the real news is the cowardice of the nation's lawyers they should be rising up in mass to denounce the indictment just as all reporters and their editors should be shouting from the rooftops in support of Assange after all every lawyer has a duty to protect the legal system from subversion and whatever you think of Trump I personally think little of him this indictment is an unconscionable attempt to strip the electoral process of judicial oversight by criminalizing unpopular legal challenges to election results peel away all the flatulent rhetoric and the tedious repetition of details and what's left of the indictment is the claim that Trump and his lawyers are criminals because and only because they offered the government and the courts an unpersuasive legal theory for challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election if they can be convicted for that the rule of law in the US political system is at an end it's that simple and that serious mind you I hold no brief for the particular arguments these lawyers Kenneth Kisebro John Eastman Rudy Giuliani ate al actually presented their case was a makeshift assortment of dubious legal theories and sketchy facts and I'm not surprised that it failed in fact I wouldn't have been surprised if Trump and company had been required to pay the legal fees of their adversaries in court a remedy the law provides when lawyers arguments are more creative than credible but it's one thing for a judge to reject some lawyers last-ditch effort to protect their clients position it's an entirely different matter to threaten them with racketeering convictions because they offended a powerful political organization in this case the Democratic Party legal debates and defeats are part of a healthy democratic society criminalizing legal challenges to political processes is a weapon of the sworn enemies of constitutional government whether their names are Dick the Butcher Adolf Hitler Joe Biden or Fannie Willis does that sound too harsh well consider the paragraphs in Willis's indictment about the attempt of Trump's lawyers to persuade Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the votes cast for Biden by members of the Electoral College according to the indictment that effort because it contradicted elements of the so-called vote counting act was nothing less than a criminal undertaking in furtherance of a racketeering conspiracy but where would that leave those members of Congress who in January 2001 tried to persuade Vice President Al Gore to reject the Electoral College's votes in favor of George W. Bush that effort too was illegal because the petitions presented by the congressional representatives lacked the signature of a United States Senator one congresswoman actually stated that she didn't care whether her petition carried the needed signature to which the Vice President pithily replied well the law does care but no one in the press called the Democrats petitions fakes or forgeries no one accused the Democratic representatives of trying to steal the election and no one dreamed of charging any of them with felonies for making a doomed last stand against an election they thought had been unfairly decided but you can't have it both ways if Trump Giuliani Eastman and Kicebro are criminals because they urged Mike Pence to overlook the formalities of the law in 2021 then all those Democrats who presented anti-bush petitions on the floor of Congress in 2001 were criminals too and the next lawyer who considers a legal objection to some future election result will know that he may face arrest and a felony indictment if the prevailing powers later declare his arguments debunked can a democratic electoral process survive in an environment that punishes legal challenges to perceived irregularities I don't know of a single commentator who has claimed that elections can be trusted to govern themselves without any sort of judicial oversight and judicial oversight depends necessarily on the availability of private legal action so where are the throngs of angry lawyers denouncing the Willis indictment where are the bar association presidents who until now have had a public opinion on just about every subject where are the law professors publishing op-eds and mainstream periodicals to warn us of the threat this indictment poses to the constitutional structure of the republic one clue to this silence may be found in the Times guest essay I mentioned already the one that managed to masquerade 98 pages of political hack work as brilliant legal argumentation that essay links the impending legal battle in Fulton County to the show trial staged by the so-called January 6th committee a travesty I've written about before the comparison is instructive the January 6th committee publicized its conclusions even before its proceedings officially began and among those conclusions was the demonization of any effort to challenge the 2020 presidential election as an attack on the nation itself miss Willis probably intends to conduct her own show trial in similar fashion and the liberal press is clearly prepared to go along not many lawyers are eager to be pilloried in mainstream media as traitors or subversives but I think there is another reason and to understand it one needs to understand the political indoctrination of the U.S. legal profession a process that has only intensified over the last two decades as a glut of lawyers made finding legal jobs increasingly difficult bar associations and other lawyers organizations nearly all of which inclined to the left seized the opportunity to impose ideological tests as a way of winnowing out or at least marginalizing lawyers with undesirable opinions the effects have been all too obvious thus a recent panel discussion sponsored by the New York City Bar Association about authoritarianism and lawyers never mentioned the appending of representative democracy during the COVID coup or President Biden's flagrant violations of the Nuremberg code instead the speakers lamented the fact that some New York lawyers had actually supported Trump's re-election campaign this week the same organization is advertising an event premised on the idea that lawyers can and should play a greater role in combating climate change in other words wherever mainstream liberalism prevails lawyers are expected to be cogs in the machinery that is steadily pushing us all closer to totalitarianism and the indoctrination seems to be working few lawyers objected to the January 6th committee show trial and so far at least one can count on the fingers of one hand the lawyers who have called the Willis indictment what it is a blatant attack on constitutional government maybe some of those silent lawyers are privately displeased about what is happening and are hoping that if they wait a bit the whole thing will go away but I'm afraid any such hope is dangerously misguided the totalitarians are not backing down on the contrary they have gained confidence and momentum over the last three years all the terror tactics and democracy destruction we've witnessed since 2020 is likely only to accelerate under a series of new pretexts another virus climate change a purported rise in hate speech white supremacism the list can be extended almost infinitely so there isn't going to be a better time to register an objection if you care about the integrity of the U.S. legal system and especially if you're a lawyer yourself as I am now is the time to speak up if we wait until trump's lawyers are all in jail we may find we've waited too long yes today it is trump's orange head on the block but tomorrow we may all find ourselves threatened with prosecution for saying the wrong thing supporting the wrong cause or even thinking the wrong thoughts and when our modern equivalent of dick the butcher thunders let's kill all the lawyers where will we be if the prospective dictator he's advising can look back at him and say lawyers what lawyers already we are back now joe one of the places where uh where did michael lecher really where did he get it the most wrong when he made the statement that uh it was uh it was frivolous that l that mike pence that that yeah right but didn't have the could do it anyway he didn't have the authority to certify that's what he was saying now now who was it that just recently came up and made a fraudian slip and admitted that he had the authority to certify that it was well i was told by you that it was one mike pence himself that's right mike and told the truth mike pence had said had i not certified that had i not certified it then it would have gone to the house of representatives it would have gone to in other words see that was the law supposed to have gone wait wait that's where it's supposed to go to the house that's the purpose the founders put that in expressively yeah so now here that was an admission that he had the authority to do that did if he had done the right thing because because he didn't do the right thing mike pence will be known again for the rest of his life he'll be known that when it when it when it really counted when the time came up he failed to have the courage to move he he did the very same thing on another occasion do you remember when he was governor of indiana and they passed that uh same-sex marriage bill mike pence said i will never never sign that bill and uh what did they do they put some pressure on him and mike caved in he caved in under the pressure and he signed the bill and so here now uh he he said that he he had the the authority now but let me ask you this so if he didn't have the authority if he didn't have the authority why was it then right after that the democrats changed the rules if mike did not have did not have the authority why did the democrats immediately afterwards change the rules so that the vice president would not have the authority you see uh yeah now pastor come on you're using logic and common sense don't you realize that's not allowed in this world yes but common sense are there verboten is the german word we mustn't go there well i'm one of those guys the christian resistance so that's exactly where we're going right that's right i'm one of those guys when joe biden says you've got to get the dumb shot by the way folks from now on from here on out that shot will be referred to as the dumb shot or the dumb vax okay remember this when when they tell you the poison poke we're going to change it from that to the dumb vax yeah because you got to be dumb to get that right you've really got to be done with all the people that have died they estimate that eight actually eight times as many people died from the vax that has died from died from the the covid and so that tells me you got to be dumb to get that right with all and the people that are still dying myocarditis and that what have we just did um we just did an article here just recently and what was it an amazing amount of 250 000 uh children died from or got came down or have died from myocarditis children and uh that wasn't happening before the vax came out joe no it was in fact there's some headlines that came out tonight 99 of covid deaths not primarily caused by the virus cdc data shows in the week ending 19 august covid was the primary cause and just 1.7 percent of virus deaths of all viral deaths covid was the cause in only 1.7 and uh so this is the cdc this they came out there was 324 covid deaths registered in the week ending and that had the coronavirus as the primary what they've done they've gotten a little more honest because now they're saying that let's say you went in the hospital with a heart disease and you had covid well covid would now be listed as the secondary cause of death because the virus put too much stress on a person with a pre-existing heart and it could have been the cold the flu pneumonia anything else that killed so the primary cause of death would be heart disease and covid would only be a contributing cause remember back they did not do that they listed anybody who had that one guy had a bullet in him and he died by covid remember and another car accident was death by covid they were recording anybody that tested positive to be to have died of covid so uh you know they lied to us now they're you can see where they're trying to sneaky change things so it doesn't look so bad they're um i just love the way the government just you never can trust them on anything well joe when they tell you look if if you die or uh you go to the hospital and you're they tell you that you're you have covid the amount of money the hospital gets to treat you is you know 20 times more than normal then guess what the hospitals are going to find out everybody's got covid okay and that's exactly that they had died did have covid right it seemed like anybody went in the hospital you died of covid yep absolutely the love of money is the root of all evil god says and he knows what he's talking about and so out of this whole thing what came out people lost all confidence in the medical they lost all confidence in the ama i was talking and there was a doctor referring to this the doctor couldn't look me in the eye okay couldn't let me in the eye because here you have the ama ama now when they tell you that they will no longer put male or female on birth certificates because they they're not sure that there are two genders male and female that you know everybody's binary joe okay now joe you know what if you go to say a christian school today and you ask every single third grader how many general genders there are every one will tell you there's two genders male and female they know that right uh you can't do that today so i want you in a public school because those kids they're they're not sure what what they're a lot of those kids aren't sure if they're boys or girls okay uh their poor little minds have been molested by these very very sick predator teachers out there today and so not not in all of them i'm not saying that all the all the public school teachers are that way a lot of them are in there trying to help the kids but but it's a it's a very there's an awful lot that are that are there that uh well we see i've got probably a stack of stories about teachers students sex we've talked about it over the years why pedophiles like children and whether they're school teachers nursery school attendance whether they're uh you know catholic priests you name it uh they tend to go and put themselves in places where the they are surrounded by their attraction we call them now they call themselves you know minor attracted people right well yeah that's what they want to change that the democrats the democratic parties and i mean it is flush with pedophiles i mean anybody that's anybody in the democratic party today anyone who's anyone is a pedophile they're involved to that this is their um jeffrey abstein people now here joe twenty two thousand four hundred children are missing in a child trafficking cover-up that's right uh you know and we're talking about this thing with lahaina uh there in hawaii uh before the fire four schools in lahaina served over three thousand students a week after the area was devastated only 400 lahaina students were enrolled in other schools with more than 200 doing virtual learning that left at least 2 400 children unaccounted for and uh this is not good of course we know about uh you know the child sex trafficking uh cover-up there's just so much of that happening today this cannot you know that number again is over two thousand you know we've done how many stories like this of missing children large large numbers large groups and uh i don't know what's wrong with this country people used to get mad at things they used to stand up and you know speak out and take stands and seems like everybody now is uh ignorant or apathetic and they all want to go put their head in the sand well not everybody joe there's there's good at this everybody there's push back too many people there's a lot of pushback coming you know these lawyers okay out there that are afraid to stand out and be counted you know the ones that are afraid you know like if if they don't if these people like big fanny if big fanny uh gets away with what she wants to do big fanny willis then and those lawyers go to jail what's going to happen is to these other lawyers they're going to say hey you know what forget it i'm not going to stick my neck out because there's a problem you know within the association of lawyers like there is in the pulpits there's an extreme dearth of courage there's an extreme dearth of courage out there today now there will be some bold ones okay like j. secular and some of the others that are going to say you know what i'm not going to back down i'm going to i'm going to stick to my guns okay just like you know there's some bold pastors out there that said no i don't care i'm not going to be like the prissy preachers i'm going to do the right thing well one of the things that that i have noticed is recently it's not near not near what it should be not even close to it but there's been an increase an increase of pastors that are speaking out that are finally finding enough courage to stand up and speak out again like i said it's not nearly what it should be but there's an increase over what it has been recently and so joe i think you're gonna see you're starting to see a lot of pushback and within the collective within the collective within the deep state woke they're starting to panic out there they're they are really starting to panic out there uh they're they're feeling a drumbeat of the american people where enough is enough uh they're gonna have a much harder time i think this time trying to force people the masks on people i think a lot of your your what we will do we will organize any of the the grocery stores that go with that we will we will again pick at the grocery stores you know we did before we went after a number of them okay that insisted you wear the masks and what happened was as a result uh we picketed them when we after the pickets they they didn't change the their so-called position yet when we went in their stores without masks on they didn't say anything in other words they looked the other way because they didn't they didn't like the fact that they were being picketed by people and so i think what you're going to see there's a big pushback against the woke i think it's coming here the woke is going to have a stroke i think and so i think a lot of people may be finally they're they've had enough where they're getting angry they're actually getting angry and realizing the danger and uh i think it's become so obvious that they can no longer just hide this is what i'm counting on that it was what's the old saying the straw that broke the camel's back they pushed too far too fast and they were waking the uh sleeping giant yep you're right uh the kennesaw state university election hacks in georgia how the fbi never investigated and turned on the whistleblowers in other words instead of the fbi investigate uh the election fraud uh involved in the georgia ksu uh what they did is they went after the whistleblowers for for you know so why well because the fbi has been weaponized against the people but now they're starting to have a major but now they're starting to have a major revolt within the ranks of the fbi and uh chris ray is is becoming you know uh this is the time when it when it comes to a time like this where you have people like chris ray and mary garland when they to save their own skin they'll start turning over on each other won't they i sure hope so because it's normally that what happens that after somebody starts to really face some real punishment they start to do anything to uh avoid it and they get they make sweetheart deals by triggering everybody else so do you think if hillary puts the word out do you remember what happened to jeffrey uh what's the name ebbstein remember if hillary puts the word out usually where there's there's people become at room temperature like that uh hillary's somewhere around involved in that but uh so if she puts the word out remember ebbstein fellows you think that'll keep people like garland and people like ray chris ray from turning over on each other it's a good question somebody it's hard for me to comprehend somebody as evil as merrick garland and i worry just lies the wants the law constitution everything that he's supposed to hold sacred so i have no idea what an evil person like he would do if you were a lawyer a defense attorney and you had to prove that at some time in his life sometime in his life merrick garland had told the truth uh would would would you take the case or say that that would be it would be over what about a year or two uh worth of discovery to try and find that somewhere there might be you know that we could find out but i'd want a lot of time now this woman in dc if she pulls this stuff to take uh trump in there because we know that trump has got in dc if he goes to there he has got absolutely zero the dc district of crime is so completely corrupt it's totally corrupted it's totally corrupted so if if he gets that case there if they can't move that case out of dc and it would probably have to have the supreme court involved in that to do that uh then what do you think because i i don't think the american even even a lot of the even a lot of the democrats are saying it's going over the top now and we're seeing that for the the black and hispanic population uh trump is they're they're moving over to trump and so they're going to have a even a harder time even a harder time i think getting at the fun the others to riot but hang tight we'll be right back find this new age church of mine the service is laid back but still i know you refit so that i can't stop thinking about all of that well i remember when god was praised but that's not what the new age church is for the truth is fine but it's long gone the gospel's true but ain't wanted anymore i am he said you had better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died and he has risen on high and if you're lost then you had better know why believe him holy still did you ever read about a child who seemed to be a king and he became one well he's coming back to judge the world and he and the father are still the very same one but i've had a fearfulness deep inside and i've cried because i'm so afraid to know me and i'm not a man trying to be scared till i go to heaven or as i've feared below i am he said you had better care is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died he has risen on high if you're lost then you had better know why i am he said you had better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died i am he said that's right and that folks that and that was not you obama okay already hey guess what joe wendy wilson from apothecary herbs is having a sale from now a labor day sale on her real actual medicines real natural medicines that god gave us not that pharmakeia these are natural medicines that god gave us not the drugs that big pharma that gave us okay the pharmakea gave us so she's having this till september 4th and uh 25 percent off the regular price and you can find out more about it by going up to the power the power or you can call 866-229-3663 that's 866-229-3663 and you can look at her all real natural medicine real you know actually medicine joe that cures the ailment not treats the symptoms the symptoms what a thought what a development right yeah we're kind of living in a strange world today aren't we okay yeah all right come around oh the scripture says the old paths are the best let's open phone lines at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we'll have a chance to take maybe one or two maybe even three calls okay all right i want to do a quick thank you to my home state of missouri missouri law now banning gender changing treatments for minors takes effect today uh one law the state prohibits minors from starting puberty blockers hormones makes the surgeries illegal and the other law the student athletes from kindergarten through college are required to play sports on teams that align with their birth assigned sex thank you missouri i'd like to have other states follow suit and go and do likewise we have similar legislation here in ohio joe but it's the rhinos the rhinos that are blocking us on it okay and so you know in other words they're going to the side of those perverted individuals those evil wicked perverted individuals that want to mutilate these little children uh follow the money huh yeah follow them and so you will see who's getting rewarded for selling themselves in their vote the great reset joe you heard about the great reset well the globalist climate organization's goal is to ban meat joe dairy products and private vehicles uh and at least 14 the 14 major us cities by 2030 30 yep they sure are i mean no hey they want the world pristine for them for the rich for the affluent and they figure the rest of us will be happy with what we're allowed to have well what they want to do is give you the bugs joe they want joe they want you to eat bugs yeah we're supposed to eat the bugs right right and so i'll bet you klashuab and those very rich people on the uh world economic forum i'll bet they won't be eating bugs i bet they'll be eating lobster and oysters and you know fine things that's because to them hypocrisy is something to be embraced that's that's the way it is within the collective within the deep state in-depth abortion this is an article of the epic times the abortion transgender services communion and the transition of catholic church and leadership it looks like more and more within the catholic church is selling out they're selling their people out and going pro-abortion and pro-transgender and they're following the pope and so there you go yeah well speaking of something with uh religion uh story that didn't get any attention you know russia china india iran several other countries are forming bricks they're trying to set up a new world currency to replace the dollar and for buying energy for oil and natural gas and all this and we hardly ever talk about it but india sided with them now what's so important about that is a headline that i don't know if you've heard about and this was on the london daily mail and some other european we'll go with norma first what yeah well india's made history they landed on the moon's south pole for the first time beating russia china and the united states they were the first nation on earth to land on the south pole and they call it the cha chan drayen three the soft landing on that really hard place to get to and they were running experiments including an analysis of the mineral composition of the lunar surface and india you know this was a big deal they beat out the powerful nations now that says they have a lot of advanced technology in space in math in math and rocketeering and they are now working with russia and china and iran this is very frightening and it has not gotten any attention and i hear nobody talking about it and i thought maybe we ought to mention it to our listeners um i wonder why the media is so silent on this what are they afraid of george sorrows they'll do what the george sorrows and they'll do what what they're told that's what the the so-called mainstream media does but let's take a call let's go out to norma norma you're in the air hello are you there hello yeah hello you're in the air go ahead yes um pastor anything i've been listening to you for like over a year um and you always give an invitation to give your life to christ how many times are we to do that is it every day or no once you do it if you're if you when you give that when you pray the sinner's prayer to the lord uh you only have to do it once you just have to do it once yeah okay because when i hear you i always once yes okay but i every time i listen to you monday through friday i always say the the prayer with you or with pester hell well that doesn't hurt you to do that to pray to the lord i mean uh god loves to hear your prayer and but that means that when you're doing that that you're being uh there's a movement within by the holy spirit to get you to do that so oh yeah i i often will will will pray i don't have to pray the sinner's prayer but i did pray to the lord continuously and thank him for all of the blessings thank him for that gift of salvation yes if we know somebody who's sinning or committing adultery and it's not right do should i keep silent or i don't want to point fingers at them but i would like to tell them i mean how should i tell them that this is wrong well what i always do is i tell them what god's word the bible says you know you just tell them do you know that the god's word the bible says that well abortion is murder did you know that to kill the children that you'd be better off yes and then i would tell them you know that the the sin of sodomy lgbtq according to god's word the bible is a horrible sin okay and people that promote that that promote that sin uh have are in danger the bible says they're in danger of hellfire yes because i heard you say you don't want to die in your sins so it's you should repent that's absolutely and then you can just add to that that there are many other sins like adultery that send people to hell and that we must all but repent and repent means turn from the wicked path and turn toward christ and start being more christ-like absolutely we gotta move on norma okay okay god bless you god bless you too let's go thank you let's go to timothy timothy you're in the air yes good evening pastor joe and uh pastor ernie good evening hi another great show to start off the week and uh you know that like i said the other day the truth is stranger than fiction i mean these fools and anybody that follows these fools uh it just makes me chuckle that what they what they pass on is their truth and i tell anybody right to their face when i see them in public you're entitled to your opinion but you're not entitled to your facts facts and uh you know the the truth is the truth and you can spin it any way you want but the truth is eventually uh it's going to set everybody free uh that stands out of truth and those that don't then uh you know there's going to be the reckoning and they're going to be the uh the dust when the when the dust settles they'll be part of the dust of the reckoning and it's definitely and it's definitely going to happen i just uh january 20th of 25 can't can't get here fast enough all right well you know the bible as we go through this lesson one of the things god's word the bible says is touch not my anointed touch not my anointed people that god has called them i can tell you many many times where people have have made the mistake and they have gone after god's people and and where uh you know it didn't bode well for them and i got a feeling that donald trump is that those that are going after donald trump big fannie and these others you know smith that they're going to run into some real problems and i think very shortly i think it's going to be that jack smith is going to uh get into way over his head but and i think it's just my opinion but i think donald trump is sharp as a tack and i think that uh he's doing a lot of reconnaissance since the uh the last four years he was in there and uh he's taking notes he's watching you know you'll know them by their fruits so he's getting to know everybody by their fruits he's adding to whatever arsenal he already had of what he knew being part of the democrat party and then when he left there and he you know there was all these foxes in the henhouse and then they you know the covid and he had so much stuff going at him and then all the attacks and you know he constantly mentions that during interviews i watched the tucker on uh the other night the same night as the debate and and he asked him you know about that he said that people are always asking him how do you do it and he uh he says i have no choice who else is going to do it so basically donald trump is saying they're uh as for me there go i yeah well here's what he's saying he said it many times and then we're gonna have to move on and that is all right he said they're coming after you meaning us he said i'm just in the way and that's absolutely true that's we saw that in january six about about ohio when you guys were talking earlier sherrod brown has got to go in this next election we got to get him out of there he sure does he sure does and jim ryan we uh jd vans took care of that but we haven't had in ohio i'm i just turned 60 in june we haven't had in ohio anything like we did when voinovich was mayor governor and senator during the reagan years yeah and then you know he was all the way up to 2011 okay we're gonna have a real battle timothy i mean for between now november 7th we we gotta get it's issue one issue one again but this time it's no on issue one and i'll tell you more about that as we go through this well just like pat and said leave follow or get out of the way all right very good let's go to clifford clifford you're the last call for tonight yeah hi you there yeah go ahead you're on the air quickly quickly uh two things one is the latest sergeant reports it's important information and that uh that one of the doctors on is saying that they're intercepting regular vaccines like childhood vaccines and uh things like luciferase are showing up in that so that's pretty ominous so listen to that the latest sergeant reports podcast uh she's putting it under a microscope and other people on finding the these particles in it uh also uh one of the things i was thinking about is if you look at jeremiah chapter 9 versus 15 to 20 versus 19 to 20 it's the lord is speaking to woman but one of the things i was thinking about is how many woman now had the spirit of murder uh you see that in so many forms uh you so many examples of that uh uh two examples in canada stephanie green says she's uh uh euthanized 400 people as part of canada's uh euthanization campaign bragging about it she's a doctor another one ellen warby who's also an abortionist i know he's a doctor we're out of we're out of time for tonight clip we're out of time but listen thanks for calling you're you're right this that spirit is the jezebel spirit of control and murder out there today already uh we're at that time where we come to every night at this time with the most important part of the program as the lady has said earlier that invitation uh folks everything that we've just spoken about tonight will be forgotten someday well except for the scripture because we know that in the beginning the scripture jesus said heaven and earth will pass but his words will never pass away so those will remain but everything else will be forgotten tonight but the time will come when the only thing the only thing the only thing that will matter to you as you're standing with the lord jesus this is reality everything that from the very beginning of time there is nothing more accurate more absolutely completely and totally perfectly accurate than the word of god for centuries and centuries people have done tried to disprove it never been able to it's it's it's been perfectly accurate it's absolutely the word of god is actually spoken with absolute authority and so i said all this to say that because uh there will be no unbelievers in heaven or hell right now tonight there are no unbelievers whether they're in heaven or they're in hell they all believe now okay and you will too you're going to be a believer but you're going to either believe be a believer in glory uh in a place where it's beyond where things are better than beyond your imagination or you'll be you're going to be a believer uh in torment in a state of torment that's that's a reality that's going to happen uh there's there's absolutely no chance it won't so here's what you want to do you definitely want to go to the place of glory right and the way you do that is you do this you say heavenly father lord god i come to you just repeat after me folks heavenly father father lord god i come to you a sinner i come to you a sinner asking for forgiveness of my sins asking you for forgiveness for my sins lord jesus i'm asking you lord jesus i'm asking you to be the lord of my life all of my life to be lord of my life all of my life without any reservations at all without any reservation at all you took my place at calvery you took my place at calvery you paid the price for my sin you paid the price for my sin and a just and a holy god must punish sin and a just and holy god must punish sin must punish sin. My punishment was upon you Lord Jesus. My punishment was upon you Lord Jesus. You did for me what I could never have done for myself.

You did for me what I could never have done for myself. Thank you Father. Thank you Lord Jesus. I'm a new creature.

thank you Lord Jesus. I'm a new creature. I'm a new creature. A born-again believer. A born-again believer. An heir of the kingdom. An heir of the kingdom. A child of God.

A child of God. And I'll be indwelt with the Holy Spirit. And I will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Father. Thank you Father. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you Holy Spirit. I am now a new creature. I am now a new creature. Well folks I hope you said that that prayer because if you have said that prayer we'd like to know about that too. Now the phone lines still aren't up at Doers of the Word but after tomorrow sometime tomorrow the phones will be back up and if you threaten yeah or write us a letter or give us a call and let us know it's it's always good to know because those of you that have said that prayer every now and then somebody Joe will write us and let us know that they said that prayer witness and blah I'm going to tell you that's the most important thing we could do there is and just know that's just the beginning of a long road and the more you travel that road the closer you get to God the more you increase the knowledge and love and understanding amen well we're we're at the end of the rope again tonight we're at that time where we always start by saying good night night we always say God bless bless and then we always say always always always always keep keep fighting the fight you when I grow up I want to work for a woke company like super woke when I grow up when I grow up I want to be hired based on what I look like rather than my skills I wanna be judged by my political beliefs I want to get promoted based on my chromosomes when I grow up I want to be offended by my co-workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by HR words like grandfather peanut gallery long time no see no can do when I grow up I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long when I grow up I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd I want to be a conformist I want to weaponize my pronouns what are pronouns it's time to grow up and get back to work introducing the number one woke free job board in America red balloon dot work
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