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FRI HR 2 063023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 30, 2023 11:59 pm

FRI HR 2 063023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 30, 2023 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alright, we are back and we have with us Mike Gill and John McTernan and my studio, my special guest is my researcher, Heather Copper. Now, let me ask you guys this, both of you guys. I'm absolutely convinced that this whole thing with these fires in Canada, that this is a false flag thing and it's got to do completely with control. So you tell me what you think.

Well, Pastor Ernie, I agree 100%. The vast majority of the fires all started at one day at the same time. I watched the report on it.

And there's no like urgency. I don't see anyone arrested for arson. I don't see massive, like we'll see the military involved in Canada. I don't see America. It's directly affecting us. I don't see America. Hey, we'll send you our fire equipment to come.

We're going to, you know, help you with thousands of forest. Nothing. You don't hear anything Pastor Ernie. Nothing. Zero. Well, here's something to this happened wrong. It doesn't add up.

Right? Well, here's something to Okay, first of all, you know, these this smoke doesn't smell like burning wood or leaves and it smells like burning plastic. Now, here's what I've seen. When the smog has lifted, you can hear planes more than usual flying above the clouds. You can hear them out there. And people are I'm hearing that they're spraying stuff up there that we're getting they're adding the chem trails to these to the smoke, which is causing who knows what the long term effects. I mean, one thing we know is that our government cannot be trusted anymore.

It's as corrupt as any government in the world. And we know this that I'm just amazed about how the people that would be involved in this don't realize they have to live here too. So what do you what do you guys think about that? Tell me how how that is working in with the the so called climate change and how they're going to work with with that. It's about control, is it not crisis. It's another crisis.

Yep. It's a crisis. Well, Pastor Ernie, the government has lost all credibility, medical profession over COVID-19 of the phony pandemic. The death shots mean a huge amount of us are all fully aware of what happened.

So Canada was right in on it with Trudeau. So to me, the sky's the limit with the criminality. That they would do. So who knows what they have planned with those fires, the smoke and and using chemtrails on top of the smoke. It's by highly possible.

Anything can go now with these people, Pastor. All right. Two other questions. John, you were in law enforcement for many years. I think that you have to be a very, very, very gullible person to think that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, took his own life.

You guys both of you care to comment on that? Did you say Epstein? Yeah, Jeffrey Epstein.

He was he was murdered. You know what they did? They found his kill switch. And the minute they did that, then he was dead.

I mean, you don't they don't compromise with a guy with those kind of secrets. Well, how many billionaires do you know commit suicide? How many billionaires did you know that can put them all in jail, commit suicide? I mean, he was murdered, which is also was the best example for Maxwell to be quiet because she saw what would have happened.

And believe me, they would have killed her and they would have turned around and said she committed suicide. And you know something? Who's going to investigate the FBI? See, here's the thing is the issue.

The issue really is this. Who do you report the crime to? Who does the whistleblower go to? The whistleblower goes to the FBI. They turn around and target the whistleblower and destroy him.

I know that because it did it to me. You become the target when you live in the land of corrupt. The whistleblower is the enemy.

The justice is the victim. So let me ask let me ask you both this, because, you know, you know, this is my 50 year doing radio. And over the years I've done I've had a number of fact, I did three programs with FBI agents sitting in the studio with me. I knew a lot of these FBI agents and they were good people.

Of course, there were some bad ones back there, but they were good, decent, patriotic American people. When did it all start going bad? And let me ask you this. I cannot remember. I can't remember an honest attorney general. Can either one of you remember when we had an actual honest attorney general, you know, that was honest, that was actually doing their job? And then when did it all start going bad?

So both of you answer. To be a things changed with him becoming president. Yeah, I could see that. Yeah, because Hillary was the mastermind behind all of that. And we know how treacherous she was. Well, who did he have as his attorney general? I'm trying to think of Clinton's Janet Reno. Oh, yeah.

Butch Reno. Oh, boy. Yeah, that that was a bad one. So from there, we have And you remember the FBI went in to Waco. You remember? Oh, yeah, the whole and they murdered and murdered all of those kids. All those kids died and nothing, nothing, Pastor Ernie, nothing.

17 little children. We played that song. Yeah. In the current age, he was involved in the Oklahoma bombing. Yeah.

Also ranging everything so nicely. Yeah, also the Oklahoma bombing effect. Yeah. Back then. And it's been degenerated ever since now. Didn't it start with Cain and Abel? Yeah.

But no, I mean, in my lifetime, you know, I'm going back. Okay. We've had to deal with this.

John was for 26 years special US Treasury agent. So things weren't he dealt with a lot of the big bad guys. So things were not like they are today. They've gotten much worse today in my lifetime, much worse.

Okay. Much worse. But it also looks much worse. Because people are finally waking up.

People are seeing it. And and it's becoming worse because they have an understanding. Think about this.

I've been doing this for 16 years. Those first 5678 years, they didn't believe any of this. They didn't believe the FBI was corrupt. They didn't believe that the courts were controlled. They didn't believe this. They believe more each in the last few years. They believe more each and every day.

So in other words, it's a combination. Every Attorney General that I worked with that took this evidence was corrupt, completely corrupt. And and this goes back to Clinton. So does Bill Shaheen as being working with the Clinton then later to be her campaign manager. But I will take an exception of what you said, pastor that is good FBI agent. And I know on the surface is going to be well, there's got to be.

Well, how about this? They're not coming forward and telling you as a whistleblower that the FBI is filthy and corrupt from the top down. Wait a minute. I've seen about six of them that have come up come across and they've been and they have paid a heavy duty price for that. They have lost their homes, lost their jobs. And what I want to tell you is that more of them got to come forward. Six isn't enough.

Six isn't anything. Want me to tell you something? The argument of being complicit doesn't fall under being a good person, a good human being, being an American. Just as these judges don't come out and tell you your courts are corrupt, just as these, you know, because they were all controlled by their licenses, I hear them. You know why? Because many of them come to me as witnesses. That's how I built this organization and uncovered a lot of crime. They're not coming forward secretly.

They've met with me, but they're not coming forward. I had to come forward. I had to risk my life because they wouldn't. So for those cops, for those FBI agents, those DEA agents, those judges, knowing and thinking you're not involved and you are complicit, and if you're complicit, you're just as guilty as far as I'm concerned, you watch these criminals snatch lives away, destroy people and did nothing, and you were paid to protect us.

You took an oath to the people of this country and to this country, and you broke it. So I'm a little less sympathetic. Well, I've seen what's... ...lives that are ruined because they didn't stand up. Well, I've seen... This is really the secret.

You ready? Here's the secret. If they all stood up, it ends tomorrow. Yeah, I know, but it's always been that way. You know, there's a lack of dearth of courage in here.

But that doesn't make it right. Well, I know that, but what I'm saying is those whistleblowers that have come, I've got to say hats off because they have paid a price, and I can tell you this, too. Even those in the IRS, I was amazed. I didn't think there was anybody in the IRS that hadn't gone. But there's a few that have come forward, and of course that's going to cost... Well, how about this? Did any of them lose $400 billion? No, they... ...haven't seen their children in five years?

No, they... ...had three murder attempts? And you know something? I didn't take an oath of office or duty. I was an American who saw what was going on and what was happening.

So, to the few, we thank you. To the 99.9% of all of you, you're a traitor to this country and to the people. A traitor.

All right, let me ask you this, then. Chris Wray is telling Jim Jordan, we can't give you those documents. They've been redacted because if we give you the documents without the redacted, then it could cost somebody their life. Now, when they're talking about that, it could cost somebody their life. Who? The person that would have killed these witnesses would have been the FBI.

That's what... The FBI would have told the cartel, would have told the corrupt, because that is exactly how it is. They don't want to tell them the names of these witnesses because they don't want those witnesses standing before Congress and finding out that the FBI is the one that ran the cover-up. I dealt with the FBI. I did with the DOJ. I am telling you, and I did for years telling you, not just now, but for years, they are the protection network.

They are what protects their minds. Well, we know that now for sure that they're the protection network. I went in and told you. I put it up on signs across highways for years. Signs.

I've put 500 videos telling you exactly the head of the deep state is the FBI. Okay, well, then tell us this. Tell us this. I put the corrupt judge of the week up on those signs.

Those signs across the highway look like a drive-in movie cinema. All right, well, tell us this. How can we get, how can we take down Merrick Garland? How can we take down, obviously, we know what happens. Find their money. They don't all, they don't, none of these people, you had mentioned it briefly, they all get paid. By finding their money, you find them all.

You find the whole roadmap. You find the politicians are corrupt, you find who protected them. You find out that the IRS and the Treasury was involved in the laundering, as I proved. I have the Inspector General of the United States on tape saying they had plants in my office. I had them running an operation for three years, intercepting my communications and mail. All of which is with U.S. Attorney Lellen, who gave it to AG Sessions and Barr. All verifiable, all in writing, for proof of that corruption.

So, in other words, that's the domino. The secret is their money. Listen, I built the largest volume brokerage firm, the largest racing stable in the world. I did it with a plan, I did it with a strategy.

I did this with the same mindset, a plan and a strategy. I met them at the laundry. I knew where their Achilles Heels was ten years ago, when they offered me that $50 million.

Here, this is how to look at it, ready? Morrison Mahoney was the attorney that said that they represented me. They committed fraud. They were a multi-billion dollar company.

Who were they working with? Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, okay? They committed fraud. Meaning, again, they traded it up. They protected something greater than themselves. So, you've got to ask yourself, those two multi-billion dollar businesses, what was bigger than them? What was bigger than them was on the releases of that $50 million settlement offer. The releases was Shaheen and IRS and the Banking Commission or Department of Revenue. What it was was the laundering network that the money from the Pandora Papers tracked in New Hampshire. What was bigger than them?

The corrupt politicians and cartels across this country. That's exactly what it meant. So, at that point, in 2013, I knew I had found their laundry. I knew it was the roadmap to everybody. And now, in 2023, Trump's standing in New Hampshire going to Pandora, boxing its secrets up to the corruption to the gills.

Why? Because he knows, because I told him, and he's standing on their wallet right now. So, what I've been trying to tell each and everybody, for 10 years, we are here. We are at that precipice. If Trump's going to be president, he's going to pull that trigger.

If he doesn't, he's either going to resign from running for president or they're going to indict him. So, we have it all on the table right now. We are in the middle of history. If we win or lose in these next months to the next year, and don't think this changes in weight for the presidency, stop thinking that we're going to elect them out. We've got to turn around and win now in the eyes of the people across this country. What will unite us is to see this evil, and it's not corruption, it's evil. If you see who they are and what they are and what they've done to you and to all of us, you're going to realize that we're not the enemy. We're not each other's enemy.

They are the enemy. If we can't agree that this kind of corruption and the corruption in our courtroom and selling protection to cartels and traffickers, if we can't stand up and say, you know, we love our children, that's a commonality. We want justice, that's a commonality. Let's stand on what we are common with.

Let's see these people for who they are. And at one time, we unite as a country and we target them. We seize the assets of these criminals.

We won't have bank failures. We'll seize their money. We'll seize their assets. All right, well, let me ask you this.

Here, let me ask you this, then. Who are we going to get to arrest Mary Garland? Who are we going to get to arrest? I'll tell you what will happen real quick.

You ready? Yeah. What you have to understand that this corruption is that their strength is in their shell.

Consider in the neck. The size of this corruption is their protective. And they're built like that. But once you crack that egg, OK, once the people see the truth, that minority will crumble. The nature of these people are criminal.

The nature of these people is that they will turn on each other in a second to save them. You start offering immunities. These pieces start falling, falling, including they'll start falling from the top. All right. And at that point, you bring in a military tribunal, then you try them for treason and traitors.

You may be giving certain people immunities that you don't want to, but it's the cost of, let's say, doing business. It will come to pieces. How are we going to bring in a military tribunal when you've got Milley in there running things? I mean, these guys here is corrupt. They have the strength in part of this military. Listen, I can tell you this.

There's a large, large group of generals within the military that forced Trump to run. I know that. It's true. Yeah. And in that group, it is still solidified and they're still moving forward. OK, so that is in place. And they are what was behind Trump.

Trump didn't want to run for president. Now, listen, now I'm speaking as a second person, getting this information from very reliable sources, for instance, sources that want me to be careful of who I bring up. All right.

Even even recently. So I'm going to be respectful to that. But I can tell you that there is part of the military that is behind Trump.

And I and and I know where that would come from. So already it is possible and we are still the majority. And those people remember that and they will crumble. Listen, the one thing about this people that I found one, they're not as smart as you think they are. And they're cowards. I mean, they are cowards. What?

To rape children isn't a coward. That's what these people are. I mean, yeah. And they find strength in their numbers.

They will crumble with ours. What do you think about all of that, John? I think it's truth. That's the truth. That's the truth. That's burning.

That's all right. So and you know, they they almost have a test or any. It's really kind of now or never for us.

I agree. The longer this goes, the longer this goes on and the more high tech they bring in line, the more it will become like impossible to break them. Already.

Already there. You know, all the chatter there amongst the deep state is there in the high tech boys as they're preparing again for more and more election fraud. I mean, that's what they're all talking about out there already. The Republicans seem to be a little stupid where it comes to a lot of this.

And of course, they get into these courts. What do you think about that Supreme Court ruling where the states, they said, don't have total power over the the election of their state? What do you think about that? How do you feel about that? This recent Supreme Court ruling on the election. Are you asking me this, Ernie?

Yeah, both both of you. Well, a little bit shocking. But, you know, it's the Supreme Court test, Ernie, that we won kind of nice things today.

But if you don't win about the election, you know, you've got a loss. So I don't know. It was a little shock. I didn't read it in detail.

It annoyed me. So but if we can't win the elections legally, you know, they they win in the long run. They'll they'll get in power. They'll get entrenched in power. The corruption will get entrenched.

And that's it. But wouldn't that very same ruling, if we were if the Republicans were in power, that same ruling would be would benefit them then. But right now, with what you have in the White House, the federal government, which is just it seems totally corrupt. I mean, it's it's like there's no department of the government that's not been corrupted now.

It's like it's completely corrupted. Well, every ruling, it seems that the Biden administration doesn't like from the Supreme Court. They just coming right out, say, well, we're not going to listen to you. It's like, what? You know?

Yeah. When have we watched that happen in our legal system? Total lawlessness.

It is total lawlessness. And so you know what system of election fraud is complete and foolproof. Don't give you an honest choice. Don't give you an honest candidate.

That's where her election fraud starts. Right. Think about this. If you get past Trump. Who do you necessarily trust? Well, can you turn around?

Well, how about this? Who's yelling and screaming from the mountaintops of how corrupt our system is across this country? Who's turning around and pointing fingers at senators and congressmen?

I'd start there. For instance, when you look in New Hampshire and Sununu, the other regime is Shaheen. It's the Shaheen crime family, the Sununu crime family that has to control the money.

You you lose no matter who you vote for. Exactly. That's where it starts. Exactly. That's the big problem. Exactly. You just fill that cabinet back up with a bunch of other corrupt people. Well, I mean, I want to hear a little bit quickly about what's going on in Texas and the attorney general.

Oh, yeah. He's a good man, as far as I could tell. And they have this guy here. He's the speaker of the House. He's a Republican. And you could tell he's not a real Republican.

He's a rhino. And he got the House in like three days. The attorney general came out and apparently behind the scenes, there was a fight between them. And he was saying that the speaker of the House is a drunk and he was on the in the House. They're drunk and they should remove them. Well, like the next day, they got impeachment charges against the attorney general. And three days later, on a Saturday, they held a vote to impeach him. This is Republicans doing it to Republicans.

Yeah, these are rhinos. Like you say, that's the problem we've had here in Ohio. Exactly.

Exactly, Pastor Ernie. That's exactly what we have here in Texas. Exactly. You have corruption on both sides of the party. How about this?

It couldn't operate or function if you didn't. You see what I'm saying? If one party could point at the other party and say they're all corrupt.

But the problem is, there's corruption on both sides. I mean, Sununu is the keeper of these secrets and he's a Republican. Now let's take a look at Sununu real quick. You know who his daddy was? John Sununu. You know who John Sununu was?

He was the chief of staff of George Bush Sr. You know what John Sununu was in charge of? The Fast and Furious. The Contra. The guns. The money laundering. The drugs. You know what his son is in charge of?

Let me see. New Hampshire. Number one in money laundering. Number one in opioids. Number one, we manufacture more guns than any place in the country.

The small, rural state of New Hampshire. Now you think about that. The son is in charge of what the father under George Bush Sr. was in charge of. Guilty of the same crimes. Well, you know, there is a little bit of good news, and that is in Idaho, the GOP unanimously passes a resolution calling for the abolition or the violation of the corrupt FBI if it cannot be reformed.

So here is one. Now what if this was to take place and other states were to pick up on what Idaho is doing? Again, Idaho unanimously passes a resolution calling to abolish the corrupt FBI if it can't be reformed. So what do you think? Do you think other states might pick up on this?

Man, I would hope so. Listen, the Boston FBI, a lot of people don't know this. The Boston FBI jurisdiction and control is all of New England but Connecticut, okay? That's how powerful the Boston FBI is. That's where a lot of your AGs have goes back to the roots of Boston FBI. Do you know what John Durham's last job was that I gave him evidence? He was investigating the corruption of the Boston FBI. The subject was mob types. Do you know what the truth is? The FBI, Boston, are the mob.

How's that? The same John Durham and the Russian investigation. Listen, I think we should abolish the FBI completely.

Completely. They are the enemy of this country. And then we should look the same thing with the CIA. Listen, the intelligence agencies in this country have turned against us.

Our greatest enemy is not China, is not Russia, it's them. Alrighty, hang tight, we're up. Hold on, we'll be back right after this.

Music And now the end is near. If you're not saved, then you're hurting. It's him that you should fear.

And that's the truth, I know for certain. He gave me life, that's eternal. He kept me from going astray. He's God, and this I know, he did it his way. Regrets, he's had none.

Not even one that I can mention. He saved you and I. He brought us through without exemption.

He planned each charted course, a guiding light along the pathway. For sure, not more or less, he did it his way. Throughout ancient times, I know it's true, there was never anything that he couldn't do.

But faith in him never was any doubt. What he said, he carried out all in all. As I recall, he did it his way. He lived, he suffered and died. But he arose in power and glory. In him, I now abide. For history is just his story. His word is where life's at. And may I say, not in a shy way.

Oh no, no not me. He did it his way. For what is a man? What has he got?

If not his award, then he has not. A broken heart, he can heal. And in his word, the truth revealed. His word shows what we all know. He did it his way.

A broken heart, he can heal. And in his word, the truth revealed. His word shows what we all know.

He did it his way. All right, we got a couple questions. One, we have a caller wanting to know about the relationship, the confederacy there with Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street. You know, are they all one and the same? Mike, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here. You know what? I can't tell you that I know that for sure. Okay, let me ask you, I just lost my train of thought, I had a question. Oh well, it was a question about the FBI and now I've lost my train of thought on that one too. Anyhow, and you had that prosecutor there in Texas because they're trying to bring him down. And this thing with the... He's been going into the pharmaceuticals. All right, that's why they're trying to bring him down and the word is out.

What about this? Do you know anything about the Brunson brothers? I haven't gotten any updates on them recently with the suit that they were bringing against Congress and all of those people that were involved in the January 6th thing. I have not heard any more about their lawsuit. Are you guys familiar with that? Again, I know about it but I know from reading and talking to certain people but I don't know and I can't tell you directly what's happening.

They were staying in touch with me for quite a while but recently I haven't heard anything from them. I can tell you this, I believe January 6th was a setup and the people forming it and certain people I know directly and worked with, I believe that that was done intentionally to finally get rid of Trump and have him not stay in office, have him not run for re-election. We never found out what happened to Nancy Pelosi's laptop after January 6th.

I haven't found out what happened to it but I heard the same thing about it. But I do know about the planning. Listen, I worked with military intelligence all of December of 2020 with General Flynn and I believe Flynn was part of the setup which he took my evidence and used it as insurance and Flynn himself wants to run for president and if Trump isn't running, he is. And who's more likely to take the Trump people than Flynn at this point? Not Christie, not DeSantis.

Actually, they're saying RFK Jr. is. Well, I think what's happening right now, the consensus is amongst the American people, what they did to Trump they did to us. When they stole his election, they stole our votes, okay? And the American people, I've talked to a lot of them and I'm saying we have to, we have to get Trump back into office on this because, again, they stole that.

They stole that from him. The Russian investigation is proof that they stole his term of the presidency. They tied his hands in investigation and innuendos in all of his four years and even the year prior. I mean, you want election fraud?

Holding back evidence, giving up false evidence, saying knowingly and, again, coming from the FBI. That is treasonous. That is election fraud. Consider they're the ones the DOJ's prosecuting election fraud.

Are you kidding me? They are the essence of election fraud, holding back the laptop till after the election, turning around and using their own agents to make Trump look like he had connections with Russia and so forth. That's fraud. That's election fraud. And it also tied the hand while he was the president.

Listen, when you're playing defense in the manner that he had to, you're not playing offense and don't think that wasn't the plan. These people are experts in extortion. And they are. Now, Hillary has said publicly, if Trump gets reelected, we are all going to hang. If Trump gets reelected, we're all going to hang. That wasn't even reelected. That was elected in the beginning. I remember that. Yeah, okay, so now let me ask you. They will all hang.

And you know what? They should have hung. You know why they didn't hang? Because they were on Trump's throat the whole time. Trump was fighting for his own life rather than going after the swamp. And ask yourself, who from that swamp got drained? Who went to jail? I mean... Only Republicans.

Only Trump's people. Well, it had to identify how corrupt the system was. If you were to look back at when Nixon resigned, he didn't even have to be impeached.

He just stepped aside because he knew it wasn't going to look good. I mean, imagine today... Well, it was also guilty. Well, James Comey has been going around now saying, if Trump gets in... Now, this to me is an omission of his guilt and a guilty conscience. And I heard him say on the talk shows, if Trump gets back in, he is going to retaliate against all of us.

Now, I think when he was doing that, he was sending... If he doesn't retaliate now, he's not getting in. And, oh, something, they're setting it up just for that. They're not giving Trump the position to get in there. They're going to take him up before.

Listen, you know what's happening right now that people should pay attention to? They gave Giuliani, it's called, in a term, they're called King for the Day. What that is, is they give you a deposition. In that deposition, you have immunity for anything and everything that you say. Now, if you lie, they will imprison you.

If you leave something out, they will use that against you. King for the Day. And the prosecutor who would prosecute, what is it, Dennis Smith, is it? He's the one who's doing it. Now, listen.

Jack Smith. If you want Giuliani to agree with this, you've got to remember who Giuliani is. Giuliani was that prosecutor. He was that U.S. attorney.

He is the one that offered the King of the Day immunities to major mafiosos there in New York who brought that mafia down by using the same mechanism that he just agreed to. I'm telling you, you will never see Trump as the President of the United States if he doesn't get their money. Remember, innocent or guilt in the court, they own the court. It's all corrupt. There's no chance of innocence. It is the same mission and plan. This is just a dog and pony show for the country.

The bottom line here is that verdict is in. Trump's got to get their money, which is why he's in New Hampshire, which is why you mentioned Pandora's box, which is why he's turning around and Biden's daring him to find the money. Who's got the Pandora box right now?

Who's got the Pandora's box? The guy who's got the keys right now in control is Governor Sununu of New Hampshire, which is why he was the first one to scream Trump's impeachment after January 6th. He is the one who, I mean, out of all the people who have targeted Trump, including Biden, Sununu's number one in the line.

He turned around and said he's not running for president to spend his time not going after Biden, but going after Trump. He knows Trump gets the money to be able to move forward. He knows if Trump gets the money, he's getting Sununu, the keymaster.

That's who it is. Sununu's partners with the cartel, it launders through the same thing. If you Google Sununu right now, you know what you're going to see? That he took money from three terrorist groups to finance a family ski resort, front page of Breitbart.

Here's something else that we all should be concerned about, a guy who was abreast to be president. Ready? There's a thousand cases in the state of New Hampshire, the small state of New Hampshire, a thousand cases of rape and abuse of minor boys, seven, eight, nine, ten years old.

Ready? At the Sununu Youth Detention Center. And we don't have to guess because there's a thousand person class action suit of all those young boys suing the state. They are, no one's saying they are lying.

They're trying to cut deals. The same AG's office that covers up for the cartel covered up over a thousand victims of rape and abuse. These young boys were sold to pedophiles. That is human trafficking. That's why I'm telling you New Hampshire is number one in cartels and human trafficking. A thousand cases of minor young boys beaten and raped.

I have videos too and I have evidence. I have them and they would strip these young boys naked. They would put them in a room and these pedophile guards would bet on who would win.

And the fight would start until one was either knocked out or incapacitated. What kind of human beings are there? I think of those young boys praying for someone to come and save them and help them. And for those thousand, no one did. Well, you know what?

I'm here now. And when they one day look back, they're going to know that somebody stood up and fought. And that is Sununu. And that guy had the audacity to run, to consider to run for President of the United States.

I mean, if this guy might just be the Antichrist. Well, you know, there's a film coming out on the Fourth of July and it's talking about all of that. It's Freedom's Voice.

Okay, what is it? Sound of Freedom. Sound of Freedom with Jim Caviezel. And they're going to be exposing a whole lot of that. There's another film coming out doing the same thing by Mel Gibson. He has another film coming out doing that. Well, it's interesting that, you know, when you think of trying to get them into a court, trying to prove where the money is and do all these things, there was something that came out that Trump was just basically going to take their money because of the executive order that he signed to be able to do that.

That's exactly correct. Trump's going to seize their assets like I said what to do. You turned around and you grabbed these assets across this country and banks.

We're talking trillions. You could turn around and start paying back victims. You could start building real recovery centers and helping people across this country. You could solidify our banking system. You could send a message to the rest of the world that we're a beacon of freedom again. See, Trump set this up, but he's going to have the courage to have to pull that trigger.

That's what I'm doing. Why do you think I became so, again, in people's faces in public? You know why? Because I'm pushing Trump to pull the trigger and Trump's going right to that direction in a weird sense. The more they go after Trump, the more he goes for the money. So you pray they keep going after Trump.

You pray that they turn around and put him into a corner. That he has to go for that move. I do.

Kyle, how much? Okay. Well, we're at that point. John McTernan, you asked for seven minutes to give the invitation. I want to, before you, Mike, do you want to have a message for anyone or do you want to get, I don't know. Last word? Yeah.

I got it. Boy, that's hard for me, a last word. But what I would tell the American people is that there is a plan.

There is hope. So not to give up. The one thing that this evil wants you to say, I know it's corrupt, but what can you do?

And believe me, I've heard that a million times. I'm telling you, they want you to give up without fighting. And remember, you can't win a fight unless you're not in one.

And we are in a fight. But there's no chance of that here. You won't find any. Generations even to come. You won't find any quit here.

Don't think this is impossible. Okay. Well, you know, the one thing that has never been gone after, at least in my lifetime, is this whole business of pedophilia and what they're doing and the, you know, satanic ritual. Because it's the cartels that do it. The cartels and their doc money puts these politicians in office. Those people have paid for protection. And it's the one thing they've covered up to the point where they just don't want it out no matter what.

It's like the one thing that they'll almost blow up the earth to keep it from coming out. So that's the excitement. Well, think about this.

What American drug cartel has ever been taken down? Right. John, you've got six minutes. You've got five minutes now.

And I will tell you when there's a minute left. You're welcome. Okay. Pastor Ernie, I'm going to, in light of everything that was said, I'm going to pray for the nation. All right.

All right. Father, we're before you humbly, Lord, in the name of Jesus. And Lord, we have heard it's true.

Everything is true. The corruption is so deep. It is so overwhelming, Lord. The nation at every level is corrupt, and I believe that's because we've died spiritually, Lord.

Now, there's pockets that happened, but as a whole, like corporately, we've died. And that's why these criminals are rising to the top like this. So we're asking for mercy. We are confessing all the wickedness that's out there, Lord, all the corruption. And now we ended, Lord, with the pedophiles, how bold and how the numbers they are and power they are in New Hampshire. And I'm sure we know it around in Pennsylvania, Lord, with Sandusky and all that. We know what went on there.

And it's not limited to these two states. So, Lord, we need a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for it. A tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

This is way, for a long time, this has been way beyond politics, Lord. This is spiritual. Hell has opened its mouth here in the United States and is spewing out all this evil. In Jesus' name, we are asking for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We're asking for repentance, Lord. We're asking for power in the pulpits. Fearlessness in the pulpits, Lord.

Not cowards that are afraid of the government. We need preachers with boldness in you preaching the truth. So, Lord, we're crying out now in repentance to you. We acknowledge the depth, Lord, the penetration of the woke and going after the children, Lord. They're bold.

Lord, they're saying, we're queer, we're here, and we're coming for your children. Lord, we need you. We need you to have our back. We need patriots standing up, Lord, in all areas of the country. We need it, Lord. We need boldness in preaching the gospel. Thank you that we can come before you.

Thank you. Lord, we may not have much time, but thank you for the time we have and that you would work mightily in the short time we have now. I ask for the protection of our guest here and how bold he is for you, and we thank you.

Have you used him so far? Thank you for protecting him, Lord. I ask that you continue to protect him, and he continues, Lord, to reveal truth like he did today. I ask these things in Jesus' name, amen. Amen.

Amen. Yeah, we're definitely living in perilous times, and folks, remember, the time will come when the only thing that will matter to you, even none of what we talked about tonight, but your personal standing with the Lord Jesus Christ, because you're going to die, and when you die, you're either saved or you're lost. You're either going to go to heaven or hell.

You don't want to go to the ladder. So right now is the time you call upon the name of the Lord. Go to the Gospel of John chapter 3 and read it. Go to Romans chapter 10.

Read it and do it. We're out of time for tonight now. And so, again, thanks for being here, Mike. You keep yourself safe, and Big John, you do the same. I want to wish you guys, all of you out there, a very, very blessed, patriotic, and Christian Fourth of July. Thank you, Pastor.

Alrighty. Thank you, Pastor. Well, you're welcome. And, Heather, it's that time where we get to, every night at this time, we do a ritual, right? That ritual is, we say, Good night. Then we say, God bless. And we'll say, Happy Fourth of July. But then we always say, and always, always, keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.
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