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FRI HR 1 052623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 27, 2023 12:19 am

FRI HR 1 052623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned, my radio broadcast, What's Right, What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media, telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 26th day of May.

2023 folks, this year is really moving fast. And we have tonight, well our producer is a fellow, young fellow who got into that job and has really grown into radio and done late. In fact, this year I think he's done an exceptional job with us and that is courageous Craig. Good evening and thanks Pastor. You're welcome. And tonight live with me, I'm being Friday night right live in the studio here with me is my tech guy and that is none other than the Ron Ritz. Good evening everyone.

And way out yonder in Texas with them 10 gallon hats and them high heel cowboy boots, none other than the John McKernan. Well thank you Pastor Ernie for the introduction and God bless you and all our listeners. All right, thanks Big John. Boy do we have a lot to cover tonight.

We really do so. We got to get right after it and we're going to start tonight in Hebrews chapter 11, in Hebrews chapter 11. So if you're ready with your mechanical Bible, Ron is going to read verses 23 through 29 and then you'll pick it up in verses 30 through 35, 30 through 35 and then I will finish the chapter here. And so go ahead Ron, take her away. Enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season esteeming the reproach of Christ's greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward by faith he forsake Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king for he endured as seeing him who is invisible through faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood lest he that destroyed the firstborn should be should touch them by faith they passed through the red sea as by dry land which the Egyptians a saying to do so were drowned by faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were compressed about seven days by faith the harlot Rahab punish not them that believe not when she had received the spies with peace and what shall I more say for time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barak and of Samson and of Jephani and of David also of Samuel and the other prophets who through faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouth of lions quenched the violence of fire escaped the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong waxed valiant in in fight turned to flight the armies of the aliens women received their dead raised to life and others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection and others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings yay moreover of bonds of imprisonment they were stoned they were sawn asunder they were tempted they were slain with the sword and they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins being destitute afflicted and tormented of whom the world was not worthy and they wandered in deserts and mountains and in dens and in caves of the earth all these having obtained a good report through faith received not the promise god having provided not the promise god having provided some better thing for us that they without us should be should not be made perfect so let's go back to verse 23 by faith moses when it's he was born was hit three months of his parents his parents feared god more than they did the king didn't they yes okay so you know here that fella uh benjamin rush once said where there is no law there is no liberty and when our law comes from god our law comes from god what is lawful comes from god there's often today there's a big difference between what is lawful what is legal we have a lot of legal things that are absolutely not lawful at all unlawful yeah very unlawful and so uh by faith when moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of pharaoh again he obeyed god rather than the government uh choosing rather to a suffer affliction with the people of god rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for his season we're living in a very perilous times today in america there's in my lifetime this country is more divided now than it's ever been what do you think john absolutely pastor ernie there's no middle ground in this how can we uh walk together with people that want to take little kids in school and teach them wicked sin and and mentally molest them and maybe even physically molest them and and turn little boys into girls and i mean there's and that's just that that's just the start of how we are so divided and that we can't reconcile to this pestering no we can't we have first of all we have our mission god gave us three very clear missions no stuttering there what we're commanded to do and those and all of those that went before us were commanded this nation was founded on godly principles on god's word the bible yes and so let me jump down here to verse 30 by faith the walls of jericho fell down after they were accomplished about seven days here joshua was a real soldier but you know who was the the greatest soldier that there ever was the greatest soldier the greatest soldier there ever was it's in the exodus chapter 15 verse 3 the lord is a man of war the lord is a man of war and then in joshua the captain of the host he's the captain of the host and then in revelation chapter 19 uh sitting on a white horse the lord of lords the king of kings king of kings and he leads his armies against the armies of the world okay so the lord jesus christ himself was the world's greatest soldier and literally fought in a lot more battles than people have any idea but here he goes on to say uh by faith rehab the harlot perished not with them that believed not when she had received the spies with peace uh let me tell you she was a sexual harlot but you know her uh god looked upon her heart didn't he and if you compared that to the whores today that are wearing three-piece suits i mean uh i think she does she fares a lot better oh yeah she's not riding in uh hell that's for certain right well she was actually ernie uh she actually ended up in the genealogy of the lord i know that i know he goes on to say what should i more say for the time would fail me to tell you gideon gideon uh he was a man let me tell you do you know what courage is courage is is not is not facing danger when you have no fear of the danger courage is facing danger when your knees are shaking and you're uh you're so scared i've seen i've seen men so scared they've thrown up okay that takes courage when you face the danger anyhow okay and gideon the lord found him where did he find him john wow i can tell you about gideon but i don't know where i don't know pastor ernie he found him down where they shucked the corn and the wheat corn and the wheat uh he was hiding and and the lord came to him and referred to him as a man of valor you know gideon says do you see what i'm doing what i'm doing down here uh he was threshing he was down there on the threshing floor uh hiding and god had given him instructions of what he was going to do and he said me you know i think he thought he was a slacker yeah he himself well yeah he wasn't up for the task the lord pastor ernie gideon did test the lord you know with that police he he needed a little proof that god really was wanted to use him yeah and then here you go ahead and uh and you saw how he ended up he ended up fighting 35 000 with 300 and uh and he won 300 yep and so he goes on he talks about others barrack and of samson and you know barrack he went and he fought against the the enemies as both of a judge and a general there of israel and here he goes on to say uh and samson well we know about samson right samson was a judge in israel and uh he he took out a whole bunch at one time too didn't he several times yeah he just got messed up with that woman yep that was the end of them yeah and uh so we go on here and of course david well you know volumes and volumes and volumes are written about king david and so through faith they subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire escaped the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong waxed valiant and fight turned to fight the armies of the aliens and so here today john you have well i know we had the with the neo-evangelicals one of the problems we have with neo-evangen neo simply means news is that movement that came in we're here back in the early 60s and really took over got into the seminaries and that was the feminization of the pastors huh it was a horrible thing wasn't it i remember that best earning uh so it to me it seemed to hit like in the mid-70s well it started back in the early 60s it was when it came from germany the german was called the german enlightenment movement and the idea was that they were talking about and i remember when you talk about back in about the 70s these guys would come on jim dobson's show uh and they were talking about it would it kind of made me sick in a way where they were talking about learning to get in touch with their feminine self in other words these pastors uh that they were they had to get in touch with their their feminine and i'm thinking to myself what in the world are they talking about i don't have any feminine self i don't have you know uh and and yet this idea they all they all sounded alike they would talk uh in other words we want to be sweeter than jesus you know jesus was very manly jesus was very manly okay uh you know the lord of lords and the king of kings and that that spread that spread and a lack of courage there was such a dearth of courage there in the pulpit a horrible dearth of courage in the pulpit um well we ended up with us a bunch of uh very well groomed uh and well-mannered effeminate men that we passed there any when you look at the big picture that was a prelude to the homosexuals coming in yes yeah yeah i know it goes on to say let me let me finish here uh when he says women received their dead raised to life again elijah others were tortured not accepting deliverers that they might obtain a better resurrection others had trials of cruel mockings and scourgings and moreover of bonds and imprisonment they were stone they were sawing the sunder that was isaiah was sawing the sunder they were tempted they were slain with a sword they wondered about sheepskins and goatskins being destitute afflicted and tormented now we're talking about these people and memorial day they that went before us and if we look about the early church and the early church fathers in whom the world was not worthy and wandered in deserts and in the mountains and in dens and the caves of the earth and all these having obtained a good report that's what it says over in uh in uh here chapter two verse five the reef starts out talking about a good report and so here i'm sorry that was uh no it's chapter 11 verse 2 if i remember right and all of those having obtained a good report through faith received not the promise so that good report what we're referring to is a good testimony before god like approval well yeah it was there before almighty god yeah god having provided some better thing for us that they without us should not be made perfect do you know what he's referring to john that bitter thing um that is the the gospel in the new testament well they were looking ahead of calvary actually it's calvary they were looking ahead to to the cross we we received that promise when the messiah came he had not come in their lifetime and uh and that was the the uh the promise of eternal life huh right right that's the gospel yep all right very good i think we've got to stop right there i got to make a quick announcement here and that is that um this coming uh may 29th memorial day here i'm going to make this local because in ohio we're on four times a day and here locally where they're having we john you've been out here where we live it is it's it's country and i hope that keeps that way although boy you're seeing more and more uh little shopping centers popping up but uh here newberry ohio is like um well you know it's a little it's just a little country township but the american legion post 663 to officiate the newberry town township memorial day activities itinerary for memorial day activities follows the participants will be american legion post 663 the newberry fire department a bunch of us local uh church pastors and you know just the local businesses the volunteer participants for the parade official officiated by dean eppley as the parade marshal uh there will be a community picnic and that is free open to everyone and that's right across the street there post 663 so it starts off there at eight o'clock at post 663 right there on run 87 and newberry newberry's not that big so no you can't miss it it's only one post there so and then at uh 9 30 they go to south newberry cemetery uh which is it's right down the road on around 44 and then at 10 o'clock they go to the mun road cemetery which is in the other direction and down on mun road and then at 12 o'clock i will be speaking they've asked me to come and give an invocation at the newberry veterans park service and that's right at the corner of right 87 and kinsman and so you'll see us and you'll see a bunch of the doers of the word there okay and then at 12 30 there's going to be a parade to center cemetery from oval and park and then at one o'clock there will be a center cemetery service and that's right next to the newberry town hall and so though that's all the itinerary for did you say the uh grand marshal is dean epley yeah okay i think i know him okay a long time ago good guy all right very good all right very good pastor ernie you were talking about living in the country yeah i'm sure you never forgot that night i was uh i stayed over your house and i i went to sleep oh about midnight or so and about 12 30 that cannon went off do you remember that pastor ernie i sure do i sure do i i leaped out i was standing like i was sleeping and i was awake standing i think that explosion but then he was that neighbor was fired it off i don't know i like it was all night long yeah they would do that and uh but i i helped them stop doing that because well you see out here we didn't we had no noise ordinance we you know so where we live out there and which is even smaller the newberry novelty there was no noise noise ordinance so you could do that and uh as long as you had a fire pit you could have a big fire and so we had some bad neighbors that would like to they wanted to uh they would have a clam bake in the summertime and they would uh blow off the cannons and and it was it was really bad uh and what happened was they would they would bring in a beer to a drink and they would get drunk and some of them in the summertime would pass out uh they'd be out all night well and they would be laying down and and it was not good because uh you have all these drunks okay and you know men when men have to relieve themselves they go behind a tree or something and but you don't usually see women doing that but down there you actually saw women doing that and um so what happened was i thought they needed some spiritual guidance so uh i would in the morning at about five o'clock in the morning just as the sun was coming up i i put one of my cds in and i had that big boom box okay it was loud and i would go down there and i would play that music about five he had all these drunks laying laying around they'd be setting up holding their heads you know don't fall into the burning lake of fire okay i would be playing these songs and uh it kind of ruined their days because they always did this on a saturday night that would be sunday morning they'd be that laid down they're drunk well what we did is uh we bought the property to keep that from happening again we bought that property so that we could never get another neighbor like that but that neighbor uh who i had really i had helped him out and then he turned and did this i didn't realize at the time but uh one day uh a couple years later he actually called me out of the clear blue and he said you know what i'm calling you and asked to ask you to forgive me for the for the the way i've been the kind of neighbor i was i've been listening to you on the radio and um i'm sorry for what i what i did and uh the way we acted and i want to apologize i hope you forgive me and so i said all right and then i find out later on he not too long after that he died of cancer that's terrible yeah wow wow and uh wow i remember pastor ernie you sent me an affidavit to sign about the explosions going on all night long and couldn't sleep i mean these were these weren't firecrackers no that was a regular cannon it was an actual cannon it was and and the funny thing was because what we lived in our little township being so small there was no ordinance against it noise they had no noise they had no noise or novelty it's so small they couldn't afford a noise ordinance right that's pretty small yeah so that way i can play my music as long as i wanted to yep they had anyhow those were some interesting times but and i and i didn't know i you know if you'd ever had that experience you had quite a few few experience when you stayed here with me didn't you but uh we had we had some good times anyhow hey we'll be back right after this if i could send a simple message to our troops at home and far away i would make so you are forever heroes we won't forget you we know the sacrifice you've made forever heroes is Here it was to all the fans of our troops We share pride and pain with you You are like stars shine on forever Forever red and white and blue You are forever heroes, we won't forget you We know the sacrifice you've made Forever heroes, God bless and keep you For the you, in the you Oh beautiful, for heroes through In liberating strife Who more than self their country love And mercy more than life America, America God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea Forever heroes, we won't forget you We know the sacrifice you've made Forever heroes, God bless and keep you For the you, in the you of faith Alrighty, we are back and you know every general we had, every great general starting with George Washington and American history were men of great faith and General MacArthur would be a very good example of that and today if they were here today with the war that what they call a culture war in this country they would be doing exactly what we're doing fighting it with everything they have and so today Bud Light, Target and the Dodgers launch a religious war and it's time to choose sides editorial warns corporate America has lost their religious war against members of faith across the nation and along add the FBI to that I see Merrick Garland got grilled again today Josh Hawley really went after Merrick Garland he went after him big time and here so now Did you see the Los Angeles Dodgers that program that they had about the nuns it was the most repulsive thing I've ever seen. It was very repulsive and guess what folks listen to you you know I gotta tell you if you would attend the Dodgers game there's something wrong with you I would I would yeah I wouldn't think very much of you. You know that that means not just for the next couple of months but just for years yeah I mean that this what do you think John what do you think about anyone that one would go to would shop at Target okay anyone that was sharp at Target my Budweiser see what they did is they they virtually stuck a rebellious fist well they did worse than that they they gave you the middle fingers what they did and they said look we're too big you don't worry us okay we really don't need your business well we'll Budweiser's and Eyser Bush they're over 11 billion in losses so they maybe they feel different now but well I don't drink their beer but it but if I had drink beer I would have stopped it with them they came up with a camo cans to get the crowd back on board and as soon as Target John as soon as Target started up with the same-sex bathrooms in their stores that was it we we actually we held a couple protests out in front of the Target stores here in the Cleveland area but well you know Pastor Ernie they were one of the really first ones to go woke like that and I can remember I haven't heard of any lately but there have been a number of men arrested for assaulting uh uh ladies in in the ladies room not just that but they got caught uh they got caught taking pictures of little girls little girls in the girls bathroom at Target stores these are pedophiles and they were in in there they went in dressed like women these wreck these trans things and so I mean that is sick that is very sick I would never shop at a Target store in fact not you know in fact if I was to see somebody coming out of there with with with a package I'd say you know what you don't have any morals or values you've got very uh you're you're you're morally challenged aren't you no principles no principles yeah this is an ideology that is driven from hell and they're willing to absorb literally billions of dollars in loss uh for their ideology that's a that's a good point yeah but they're they're uh stakeholders aren't yeah but for some reason they they've been taking uh the wrong side of just about every issue for the past 10 15 20 years losing they've been losing yeah but they're still around though is the point it's like they do not they've de-linked economics to the product they do not care because it's more of an agenda yeah yes well let me talk about that agenda here it is I have an article here Target this is the article partners with controversial education group listen promoting gender transition in schools without parental consent right yeah target funds well there's a paragraph here let me read it well the title is target partners with organizations pushing for kids genders to be secretly changed in school without parental consent all right quote target corporation is partnering with a k-12 educational group which focuses on getting districts to adopt policies that will keep parents in the dark of their child's in-school gender transition providing sexually explicit books to schools for free and integrating gender ideology at all levels of curriculum in public of curriculum in public schools and this is uncovered by fox news and then the uh the organization is called uh g l s e n g l s e n and they are targeting children and they are into also the um uh you know turning children into transgenders and this is who target is donating they're big-time supporters of this group yeah they they donated what three million or more it doesn't say the article I didn't I didn't uh pick it up how much it was but why of all the organizations you could donate to why would you do this other than you're a hard left ideologue woke well with god it's in your face it's you know it's shaking a rebellious fist in the face of god and uh again so this has given us an opportunity after the children pastor ernie i know about that's the rub about this they are targeting children i think like john said earlier it's straight from the gates of hell it is and so we have to resist into death we've got to we've got to fight back i mean and we are fighting back everything and this is why we're calling calling people to boycott target and you know to go to a dodger's game if if i were to see somebody and they were telling me they were going to the dodger's game if i didn't know anything about them i would know i would say these people are morally challenged huh yeah you would know a lot about them actually oh yeah yeah what about pastor ernie uh people that still go to uh disney world yep yeah well they're they're losing more and more people are awakening to that but i would say the very same thing yeah we had uh friends growing up that were reported you know under to give you the impression they're very pious very religious but sure enough they're off to disney we actually had a preacher at the church we went to about five six seven years ago did his spiel on we can't boycott this we can't boycott that we can't boycott everything and then packed his family up and went to disneyland or disney world i mean it the hypocrisy is you know what i would i would have said i would have said i can boycott this church well that's what we did we actually that's a pretty good one pastor ernie yeah in texas they have uh grocery stores called crogers now i don't know if they're out of texas but they used to be here in ohio but i haven't seen any in years yeah yeah and uh there i found out that they were big time supporters of all of this uh going after the kids and so i asked to speak to the manager of the manager of the store and i ended up speaking to her and i i read what they're supporting i written she knew it she knew it and i said um to her i why are you targeting kids like this well we're inclusive we're we're an inclusive store i said well you're inclusive yes i said do you support pro-life centers or uh put people that are helping uh mothers in need and she looked at me and she gave me this little smirk a little smirk in her face and i said no you don't and i said you fit in crogers i said you're a hard left ideologue that's what you are and we just we just glared at each other and i said i have no more to say and i left let me tell you go ahead never i i would never give you a penny because your profits are used to to molest little kids that are sexually confused that's what that's what you do here at the crogers well yeah i know that i know about crogers and i would never shop at crogers this is why you know i've always tried to do the and even if it cost me more money uh ron knows i always go to the the mom and pop stores yeah that's i'll always go to a mom and i won't go to walley mart i won't go to any of these yeah look at walmart they've closed how many stores now are they because they gave 300 million dollars to burn loot and murder yeah and or what they call black lives matter and and some of the very same people the burn loot and murder there's some people wallace they just want our stores down they robbed them blind yeah yeah robbed them blind where they've had to close and close a lot of the stores down uh but i i wouldn't go to walmart because mr ernie they just closed five of them in uh chicago because they they couldn't function anymore so much was being stolen from the store yeah they just did it and uh black lives matter just declared bankruptcy did you see that no yeah we covered that last night huh they stole all that money the the people that were in charge stole all that money yeah i mean i don't know how many millions was it the other thing i found really ironic when they were burning down the cities in 2020 they would burn down a walgreens and walgreens would come out the following mortar morning we support the cause we're gonna you know you know help with the social whatever the program was it was amazing that you can actually destroy something of someone and then they support you for it yeah they were so afraid to stand up to them that was extortion yeah yep exactly you know who was a big extortionist pastor ernie was jesse jackson yeah jesse jackson i mean he would go to these corporations and say you know you have to donate to what was it then the rainbow coalition rainbow collision yeah yeah and if you don't you're gonna have a strike here we're going yeah you know we're gonna he went after anheuser bush and uh yeah he he would shake him down that was they called him shakedown jackson but but here now uh what had happened do you remember uh tim and beverly la hey yeah oh sure okay well when uh there was a chain of stores that used to be called lawson's okay oj the big orange juice yeah okay 48 hours right well anyhow they had gotten into uh carrying like playboy and hustler and there and there are small stores and the racks you know where kids could see this stuff well they came here uh they came up here i had him on the on the radio program with me we spent some time and we went out we got a group of people together and we went out to picket some of the stores but what had happened was and i'm trying to remember because it wasn't just the losses there was two or three chains but one woman wrote a letter to the cei ceo of one of those big chains and then this letter talked about why she would not come to the store how she was offended because of the pornography well it seemed like what happened it was like the ceo was not even aware that his store those their stores were carrying this it just took one letter from that woman and he made a phone call saying i want all of that all of that pornography out of all of our stores on one letter one difference is number one you had a responsible citizenry basically the i would say at least 60 70 percent of the adults at that time were world war ii generation they would simply boycott stop buying but the reason that guy responded is because number one he did the right thing but it's also an issue of profits like we were talking five ten minutes ago these corporations now they don't give a crap they've linked the economics to their agenda they do not care well we can make let me tell you the board of directors the shareholders they care stockholders do care and we're seeing uh in fact uh target just took a big hit over a cost them over a couple billion dollars okay and losses already uh from their stocks are dropping the value of the money their stocks have dropped so anyhow and again folks it depends on what kind of what's your standards you folks out there listen to me i mean if you've got no standards if you've got no morals if a place like targets good enough for you then go ahead if a place like uh you know going to a dodger's game man you might even want to dress in your drag outfit if if you're gonna go there you might as well go all the way dresses your drags you know and go there if you don't if your morals and your standards are so low that you would attend a dodger's game okay i would have you know you wonder why things are the way they are yeah we keep uh supporting it on a whole if you look at the same way because i won't well not not us but uh the general public look at all the things that sports figures have done the agenda that they've done they've they're lgbtq mounds they've got it every professional sport doing it uh they've faced some backlash but they continue to do it because people keep going to the games they keep watching them on tv they keep supporting them well you know if people are degenerate then you know maybe that's what they're supposed to do those well if they've got no values no decency no integrity then go ahead i mean uh you know in fact you know if someone was telling me that they would be attending that i'd say we uh you're really not much of a person are you i mean you're not really the kind of person i'd want to be you know yeah now let me tell you what is this you've heard a guy named abraham lincoln right abraham lincoln you know what he said he said for men to remain silent when they should speak out makes cowards of men and destroys nations what do you think mccurnan oh i've absolutely passed the earning um if you get if we closed ranks here and there was a huge percentage of especially the men but you know women are needed to in this but the men are really should be out front this whole thing couldn't move it would come through a grinding wall faster but there is a just um a lack of fire in the belly lack of conviction how holy god is a lack of uh the fear of him that he would move to destroy us we don't believe in a nation or the church for the most part doesn't believe that god would destroy us for what we're that god would destroy us for what we're doing well you know it seems like the catholics and uh real christians of that kind are a little upset with dodgers i don't uh they've they've they have called together a permanent boycott okay uh and a whole lot of those people that used to attend those same thing uh i've noticed that the people are starting to fight back uh you know burger king took that position you know of a woke and now they're closing 400 stores down okay uh that might be maybe let let himself destruct because what's happening uh where we live out here you're seeing a whole lot more of the mom and pop stores opening now we we're seeing that corporate america the anti-christ satanic corporate america satanic corporate america uh their goal is to close down uh the churches in fact there's um you know is that in the church but to have corporate america squeeze the small guys out to squeeze them all out put them out of business to where uh everything the media and all your retail is owned by a few few super large chains but i'm seeing it start to work in the office direction right now going in the other direction see out here where we live you have a lot of small mom and pop stores and when i mean small i mean i'm not talking about real small but i'm talking about uh grocery stores that are opening that are the size of grocery stores that the way they used to be say back in the 50s and 60s where they weren't huge like walmart but they weren't real small either so so i'm seeing that happening here i don't know what's happening where you're at but i'm seeing it happening a lot where i'm at it happening a lot where i'm at all righty let's switch over to this one officer bryant williams identified as the dc cop who pushed trump supporter derek fargo off a three-story ledge on january 6th what appears to be attempted murder and so here four trump supporters were murdered they were murdered on january 6 2021 by very very dirty cops by very dirty cops uh in the district of columbia derek fargo is a look is lucky he was not the fifth on january 6 2021 trump supporter derek fargo was pushed off the ledge of the u.s capital by a very dirty dc cop bargo told the gateway pundits pundits kara castronovia in an exclusive interview that he was climbing a wall to fly his trump flag after being inspired by another rally goer flying an american flag from a high perch capitol police tried to murder me said bargo i'm stepping forward to be the voice for those that were killed on january 6 that were murdered like ashley babbitt rosanna boylan and others who no longer have a voice uh there will not be justice to those to those dirty cops and remember that january 6 committee all of those those crooked politicians sitting on that john uh they all yeah it's like a blur to me section maybe it's like seriously i i i can't i can't tell you anything about it in my mind it's a blur like it never happens well it's not a blur to me i've been watching it and there will be no justice until that entire committee and those dirty cops are in that very same filthy dirty dc jail and i mean a filthy dirty jail where the christian page committee was liz cheney i remember her well she was a wicked one oh you had oh my pastor ernie she was she's in a class by herself of of evil she reminds me of uh pelosi yeah you had mostly pelosi was was there she was a big part of that but you had mostly all democrats there were two rhinos and mostly all democrats they're involved in that uh you have a quick article there yes memorial day uh this is an article uh by reese lloyd but memorial day is a day to remember what should be remembered every day the service and sacrifice of more than 1.3 million american veterans who have given their lives in war so that we their posterity might live as free americans but memorial date 2023 differs from past memorial day observances our nation is more divided on this memorial day than perhaps any time since the civil war indeed the country has been experiencing accelerating transformation from being one nation under god into a divided nation without god resulting in seething increasingly violent animus and mutual distress there's a general that had a great quote on this major general patrick h brady medal of honor recipient is considered to be america's most decorated living veteran he said we have no titles of noble nobility under our constitution american's nobles are our veterans a memorial day what is most important indeed most vital is that we remember honor and are grateful for the courage love service and sacrifice of america's veterans in defense of our freedom especially those more than 1.3 million veterans who have given their lives defending our country they are the soul of freedom the guardians of our constitution and the vault for the values of our nation we as americans this memorial day must honor those veterans who gave their lives for our freedom and we must ask ourselves are we americans still a people willing to die to preserve freedom as did those 1.3 million americans who gave their lives for us very uh i think he hit it right perfectly well yeah okay what's there's no point in life without liberty right yes our rights come from god not from a government okay whatever any government that's so big that can give you all your rights and take them away right and so uh folks in our government has become so corrupt that we have no obligation to recognize it with any legitimacy at all there is no obligation uh to do that and so anyhow we're coming up to a break and when we come back from the break i'll we're gonna have a quick clip john uh and this is the on the reese report with david martin exposing demo side be right back with more don't go away one thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 speary road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next let's see you've applied for our open position for account representative yeah that's the one great i see you went to uc berkeley it was a really awesome we had several sit-ins to protest oppressive capitalism oh and uh how about your skills for this position oh yes i know all about how to spot microaggressions and root out privilege uh we don't really do that here we do accounting and finance consulting do you have any safe spaces safe spaces yes where people can go to get away from the colonialist mentality as long as there's a diversity equity and inclusion policy we'll be fine life's too short to waste your time on bad hires i'm andrew crapshutz the ceo and founder of red balloon dot work every week tens of thousands of reliable career-minded job seekers visit red balloon dot work without all that woke nonsense post your open jobs at red balloon dot work and if you put in promo code salem you'll receive 10 off your first month's job postings
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