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TUE HR 2 050223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 3, 2023 12:02 am

TUE HR 2 050223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at the Next Step Patriot Act because now the technology is caught up. So it says it's open-ended allowing for penalties including up to 20 years in prison, a multi-million dollar fine, seizure of your property if you are deemed by this group, the Commerce Department, through with the approval of the President to be a security or safety risk to the United States or persons in the United States. And again this also it's basically government surveillance on top of government surveillance and then more than that it's a total control mechanism. So they're using TikTok you know as much as you have a problem as TikTok as like the reason for this TikTok is not mentioned in this bill.

Not mentioned. Okay so you got to remember that this isn't about TikTok and this is really about you know solidifying the total control over information because also it talks about VPNs and other things. So I have to tell you something Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson you know any of these people could be targets for their show running online. You know this is there is no end here this there is this is a very vague bill and it's very much about um and that goes along with the central bank digital currency the ESG score the HRC uh a corporate index equality index all of this all of these metrics would go together if this restrict act happened and they'd say here's all the proof that this person is a danger to our society or to our narrative or to our government current government the regime. You know go arrest them go get take all their equipment take them down you can imprison them you can find them you know and that's really what this is and um people should be really aware that that this is how far they're going and on top of that um I do want to end on uh Google is uh there's a global this so the World Economic Forum and these other people that are all involved in all of this of course because that was basically written by them a lot of this is written by them and I want to remind everyone all of the Five Eyes nations have all of these things. So it's the crown it's Australia, Canada, US, the NATO nations are trying to be forced uh and uh the EU um but again um Google jigsaw uh ran in a ran report said that they recommend infiltrating and subverting online conspiracy forums from within uh the best way is to uh planting authoritative messages whenever possible whatever that is um basically uh having people that are chiming in on topics pretending to be a part of the conversation or affirming what the people are saying we're really gathering information authoritative messaging um so that and then the other thing is that also swarming people in certain topic areas uh and picking apart their posts attacking them as illegitimate or attacking the person directly and then swarming them with their other friends connected to the World Economic Forum information 110,000 people and um and then they they're listing you know brand ambassadors for you know the Green New Deal and other things and um uh basically it's just an information war so you know for me it's just more a matter of we're going into 2023 uh with a lot of um you know just we we what we do is what we do and I hope people watching this get it but the information war is real and we have to double down too you know we can't start I noticed um I noticed a lot of people saying we can't go out and protest because they're going to infiltrate us well right now is a time for sacrifice and if our words aren't heard I just think that the best thing is to start local like you guys say all the time start local but you know have people understand that the info information war is being is is not it's gaslighting it's not a fair it's not a fair fight you're not a good guy because you're you know you're just going to stay out of it you're just not going to say anything I mean we are being deceived on a massive scale it's a propaganda campaign but it's a psychological warfare as well so you're thinking um everyone in the world must agree with this of the corporations and the commercials and and you know online you're getting attacked by 75 people saying that what you said isn't right when you know it's right say the world economic forum they say that that they want global governance as a conspiracy theory it's on their website you know it's on all their websites they all say it but um you know we got to fight I I just I I don't see I don't know I don't see and you guys we're in a group we're going to have our event soon in uh in Doral and we have to talk to everyone that's there and when we're doing our other events we're going to a bunch of them together and separate we have to start talking to people not just on uh in our group uh but outside and our family and friends and everything and have them realize that this is all they're creating a majority that does not exist by using advertising and the internet to make people feel demoralized to humanize something's wrong with them because they don't agree with this and then you know if forbid you speak up but these corporations I really hope that whistleblowers start coming out from them and what I was scared to see is that the HRC uh um you know uh rating is also all over law firms okay like Perkins Coie got like 200 law firms or something like that yeah yeah and Perkins Coie which is Mark Elias and all the people fighting the election uh trying to put everyone that questioned the election in prison and taking their law licenses uh they're a perfect score you know so all I'm saying is all these companies that are proudly announcing that they have a perfect score from the human rights campaign the question is who are you who are you manipulating your customer or or the masses in general or or what who are you appealing to who who is controlling you really because I believe this all goes to the global public-private partnership of the World Economic Forum and the elitist class and it's no different than the ESG score but there's an equality score going on too which is the social credit score and it's taking people down actively and it will get worse if we don't start countering it bravely so so what's the call to action Mel what should people be doing right now well I think first and foremost we have to stop being afraid and realize there's sacrifices in this battle we we both have friends and family and people we love that have been caught up in the January 6 Fed's erection and uh you know we got to keep pushing um what's a little disappointing is I'm not sure that um listen I I'm at a place where I think all these hearings and everything that's going on with uh you know the investigations and this and that I it's we the people that have to do the work I really I really think it's more us doing the work and like I've said to people in your local community you know look up who who agreed to be scored by these people and you know and and also please stop spending your money on companies that are gaslighting this nation straight into a communist one one party system because I will tell you I've done quite a bit of work lately a lot of people talking about well you know Putin and G and all them maybe Putin G and Trump and everyone had something going when before they destroyed Trump and took him out of office and and took away his power and all these people turned on him that were supposed to be on the inside helping him and I believe when Trump is back that he will be able to re-establish that but not if we don't make sure that 2024 is a legitimate election right everything that they're doing right now is setting up for 2024 okay and they're gonna indict Trump again and again I'm I'm watching what's going on like the lady from L is a total lunatic that never happened if you ever been to Bergdorf government it's actually impossible that it happened but on top of that I can't even remember what year it was no no no but I'm telling you the women's store is separate from the men's store so you're telling me 6.2 famous Donald Trump is walking down an aisle pushes her into a tiny dressing room on women's floor nobody sees this nobody hears there's no I mean it's ludicrous he was very famous in New York at the time so this is an impossible story yeah but like we're seeing the southern district of New York let this go forward with Stormy Daniels yet we have seen not one person arrested who was a client of Ghislaine Maxwell okay because she got convicted but no client so and last week of course the same day that Trump this ridiculous so embarrassing and I hope the Stormy Daniels pays for the rest of her life for her arrogance and her interview I heard that she's in Vogue any woman out there that is buying Vogue still or even going to their website you are betraying yourself you are playing along but I will tell you that that same day or shortly before a bunch of people were subpoenaed the one of the Pritzker family members I know what's his name one of the founders of Google Mike Ovitz a bunch of a couple other bankers were subpoenaed in the Virgin Islands Epstein case and Jamie Dimon was told the same day oddly enough that the SBB Bank went down that he would have to sit for a definite deposition in the Epstein case so you know things are happening yeah Diamond yeah from Chase Bank yeah the guy who's telling us right now that we should trade in all of our personal belongings for wind and solar power that of course will not be able to work without Chinese Communist Party running it and you know so again you know we really have to pay attention to the manipulation but I'm very worried that we the people that love this country and are the real patriots aren't strategizing together and coming together and like you said Stacey when we're watching it you're like well why aren't we doing that I don't know why we're not doing that because it's very obvious anyone that saw RFK Jr put his hat in the ring and God bless him because I wouldn't want to go up against that machine but within 24 hours you had the entire left-wing media basically calling him a quack a loser an embarrassment to his family you know Daily Beast wrote a total hit piece Atlantic all of them and what that says to you is by any means necessary the Uniparty will keep power and his voice is not welcome and the plandemic folks you know I'm sure everyone here saw Fauci last week in an interview kind of situation somehow with Jim Acosta saying there will be another pandemic in about a year I'm assuming right before the election so we got to double down and strategize and hand and you know if this is what they're doing we should be doing something similar to counter it and we're not at least I don't know about it and um and I would like to know about if people are watching this and and you are doing anything to counter what they're doing but what they're doing is a well-oiled machine funded to the billions of dollars it is all the globalist public-private partnerships at the top of all these corporations that are going along with this are Blackrock and Vanguard and um and we have to really realize that um they're already done with America I'm sorry you know and if you don't get it and you're still like you love Joe Biden and everything you think is good I am telling you right now to go look at their own words uh look at what's going on and uh anyone that's saying that the multi-polar world that they're creating is including America please know that the rest of the world right now is questioning what does America offer us and right now because of the 50 years of the Kissinger Brzezinski Rockefeller all these multi-national billionaire class people America isn't offering the world very much because the American people aren't doing it and um and you look I think that we still have a window of hope and uh of but we got to get out there and we got to start remember go support your local businesses it's not about your local business anymore it is about funding these people that are creating a false majority to make you feel demoralized and dehumanized so you do not participate when you're that way when you try on country music television and it's got a drag show you know and you see it on the school stuff all the time you feel like man I know are we the last one standing in the whole world if you know you're like it makes you start to feel that way yeah I mean you know we're also watching msnbc dnc you know and you talk to people and they say that they still watch uh cnn and and all of that and you're thinking oh I mean I don't even watch fox news because I can't I if they're not telling what I'm talking about and I can show the receipts and you know it's funny all the all the uh ones that the government funded um ned program and all that said we're the most risky they're the ones that are really telling the truth it's very easy to see I wish more people on fox were brave enough to do it but look at what's going on murder is turning his own people he has a foreign national running running that uh billionaire his both of his sons are fully on board with the globalist movement uh as is as is the parent company and and again a lot of these elite billionaire class and they're of all races religions backgrounds sexuality there's lgbtq plus and black people and jews and christians and whatever all in there um oh and speaking of I hope you guys saw and you guys will probably want to check this out um because you have great shows on uh prophecy and the bible uh jim jordan put a letter out today that they have found out that the fbi has sent undercover agents into catholic churches all over the country to find extremists so that'll be a story probably that's going to be uh pretty big in the next few days um but uh we are being infiltrated but if we fear being infiltrated and what happened on january 6 happening to us again then then we're not fighting the battle properly there will be sacrificed but um that's what they want they are they are running a communist model here and uh this information stuff and i'm telling you right now anyone involved in the restrict act is a globalist communist sympathizer and and i see that read the act everyone out there read it i know tulsi gabbard put out a a post about it i believe tucker talked about it so a couple other people really good people talked about it and again i would say to anyone i have to start over and i try not it's hard not to get involved it's bad for my i'm not i'm not good at any of the social media but i have to say right now i i i would hope that people out there that do have influence will ask for proof that the uh spying and manipulation operation underneath uh the social media platforms is dismantled because what i just read you today is only ramping up more so yeah we gotta gotta stay on it you guys go to the male case register for the email all right we're back uh there you go and everything she said is what we've been telling people and again you know i guess you gotta repeat it over and over joe but um but she's right well everything they're doing uh look at the economy we have the bank failures today and they say more and more of these mid-sized banks are going to be going down why well we had the serial interest monetary policy you know a very very bad thing it wasn't a capitalistic system that was a socialistic type of system that's causing banking failure we're going into a recession we look at what they're doing with the border i'm looking at headlines you know some headlines that say there's a million people waiting for title 42 to end here it's going to end about what may 11th and they say up to a million people are waiting for this to happen and there's going to be a rush well biden's expecting trouble so he's going to send 1500 military people to the border but well all they're going to do is that's a rose that's an absolute rose yeah it is it's because they're going to do administrative tasks which means they're going to be desk-bound doing paperwork and what it means is the border patrol agents will be out there busy processing all these people into the country and all it's going to be is an invasion a peaceful invasion because there won't be any shooting killing stabbing and not until they get here purpose not until they get not until they get located then then they'll get on the streets yeah yeah well you know it's like what this lady's saying about the you know if we're in the middle of a revolution these people are fomenting a socialist comma communist revolution and they're doing it through the economy they're doing it through the border they're doing it through the green movement the green new deal the you know climate or their climate change problems everything they're doing is to amass government power government control which means less freedom for you less rights for you less control of your life and uh this is the way you establish a socialist state and they usually turn into a hardcore communist state in which the government rules with an iron fist and i think tomorrow night we ought to do some stories i've got several stories by different people from different parts of the world warning us about socialism communism and what they live i've got one right here joe i've joe i've got one too chinese chinese chinese defector warns american democrats listen to this chinese defector warns american democrats prepare to be the victims of your own destruction a survivor of formal former communist revolution mao's zidong's regime of terror in china is speaking out about how she fears the very same oppression she was fled is taking hold in the in the united states uh on fleet who describes herself as chinese by birth american by choice survivor of most miles cultural revolution defender of liberty is making waves on social media for some tweets she fired at the desecratic party recognizing that today's democrats are cut off are cut from the same cloth as mao ban fleece shared a bit of history about louis shukou the former president of the people's republic of china who laid the tyrannical groundwork of bomb mao and staged the cultural revolution when surrounded by the red guards mobs allow to go try to reason with them i am at least a citizen why am i not allowed to speak this was lou speaking at the time when he was being purged by mao prior to this himself was persecuting countless people that fleet said ruining or ending people's lives and by the time mao came along lou had become a victim of the very tyranny that he helped create the leftists are so committed to the destruction of the rule of law in our constitution van fleet warns they need to prepare to be the victims of their own lawlessness one day we've been saying that for years joe especially those in the media huh for a long time and we've also mentioned it along the way the enemy almost always tells you what they're gonna do how they're gonna do it they go right ahead and do it and somehow the media the mainstream media always misses anything like that that they had to say those who go against god's law and oppress god's children will one day become the subject of their own tyranny it is similar story to the one outlined in the biblical book of ester heyman an official within the court of the persian empire under king ezeraras commonly identified as xerxes came up with a plan to destroy the jews of persia only to end up on the gallows that he himself built for mordecai and the rest of the jews these are stories that today's democrats would do well to consider as they build the world's largest surveillance state initiate their plans for global genocide it just might end up being the cases that fleet is also promising that these villains of modern day america will end up succumbing to the very fate the very fate that they have planned for all of us i am deeply thankful the fleet tweeted about how her own experience today 35 years ago my dream came true i was granted a student visa to come to usa no longer feel this is the america that i arrived in she had been under attack by marxism communism that i thought i had escaped from that's why i am fighting to save her all throughout history there's a pattern of wicked people who after spreading their wickedness for a time end up becoming the recipients of the very wickedness they sought to inflict in others it happened with lou with mal took over it happened to hayman in the book of ester and one day and it will one day happen again to the uh tyranny the globalist who seek to destroy all that is good and normal as if the republicans are not just as bad as the democrats one commentator noted that about how those two political parties are just opposing wings of the same bird i might remind everybody it was the republicans that gave the tsa which shredded the fourth amendment it was the republicans that kept us in war in afghanistan for 20 years it was the republicans that murdered millions of civilians in iraq republicans are just as controlled opposition as the unit party well that's true all that's true except for the platform is not one of complete and total sin uh at least they've got a good platform all right we're gonna open the phone lines the phone lines are now open and eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three that's eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three the phone lines are now open let's go out to san diego jack you're in the air well pastor ernie there's some interesting things going on in the so-called banking crisis yeah i heard first of all the news media is reporting that first republic is the third bank to fail it's actually the fourth for whatever reason they want to forget about the first one which was silvergate referred to as the internet bank i have no idea what an internet bank does but that was the first bank to fail and then it was silicon valley bank and then it was signature bank and now it is first republic bank that's number four not three so i know some people that work at first republic and they told me exactly how this is operating so far is that jp morgan chase has told them to continue for now to operate as first republic bank all the first republic branches are open and they are going to honor the cd agreements and other deposit agreements for now but they're going to be revised and you see at some point the existing customers that are still with first republic are going to have to agree to new deposit agreements with with chase and this is not the end of the banking crisis there was no no no no it's just the beginning right today there were several baking stocks that plunged in one day as much as 30 i'm expecting this weekend to be one maybe possibly two more banks that will be failing this weekend and more to come but the main reason for my call tonight is there's nothing wrong with the bank this is all being caused by a run on the bank by a run on the bank no bank can sustain a run on the bank because the banks keep the money invested and they have a certain amount in reserve to handle withdrawals but no bank not even jp morgan chase has enough reserves to handle a bank run so the banks were forced to sell assets to accommodate the bank run and the assets were prematurely sold okay i'm running up against the clock but let me just tell you this this is being done on purpose the whole purpose is to for the larger banks to gobble up the small banks they want the smaller banks are the ones that are going to close and and that's why they'll have runs they'll do this stuff is not just happening by chance the whole point is the woke the the larger banks to gobble up the smaller base too and it's all about that one world babylon coming into being but we'll be back after this back after this and now the end is near if you're not saved then you're hurting it's him that you should fear and that's the truth i know for certain he gave me life that's eternal he kept me from going astray he's god and this i know he did it his way regrets he's had none not even one that i can mention he saved you and i he brought us through without exemption he planned each charted course a guiding light along the path thing for sure not more or less he did it his way throughout ancient times i know it's true there was never anything that he couldn't do him never was what he said he carried out all at all as i recall he he lived he suffered and died but he arose in power and glory in him i now abide for history is just his story his word is where life's at and may i say not in a shy way oh no no not me he did it his way for what is a man what has he got if not his lord then he has not a broken heart he can heal and in his word the truth revealed his word shows what we all know oh he did it his way a broken heart he can heal and in his word the truth revealed his word shows what we all know he did it his way why that's a fact did it his way doing it his way and at the end of the day uh-oh you democrats you better understand okay god is gonna have his way there ain't no stopping him and again you've got an option one repent or perish democrats your option is repent or perish all of you unsaved people out there all of you unsaved people repent or perish repent or perish god is he's given you an out he's giving you an opportunity and boy i'm going to tell you it's a long long time in in hell for those of you well eternity is a long time for those of you that are not smart enough that are not smart enough to repent and call upon the name of the lord i'm telling you already we're back let's go and take steve steve you're in the air pastor sanders pastor joe again got to compliment you guys that you're the best at night during the day and you're the best tag team on radio tag team have you thought about that one thanks yeah i never watched wrestling i never believed it's like this sometimes you got to turn on it's like if people remember baseball they houston astro as i said won a couple world series because they had garbage cans and they were hitting garbage cans making noise and they can hear the different when the pitch was coming or it's it's like one of the most ridiculous things in the world that you can think of they want to they want a world series so when you take the multi-million dollars and all of that now they come through and they put a pitch clock in there they change the game of baseball by taking the mental part out of it and the owners are basically thinking oh we're going to make the game faster we're going to save a whole 30 minutes all the money they'll lose in concessions and everything else but we want to get the younger generation's attention and then you have word salad kamala that comes around and i saw a clip and she was basically talking about how 18 to 24 is just a stupid generation that's why we keep them all in dormitories i mean if that would have i mean if if if mtg would have said that marjorie taylor green i mean they would have been calling for her like you know lock her up lock her up but yeah uh dr jeremiah said something that made me totally see someone understand light shines through darkness and when biden puts on his glasses his sunglasses because there's two aneurysms and his eyes can't take it outside because the sun is basically our eyes and our ears our brain has all the senses that that's another story but he hides behind his sunglasses but his pearly white teeth shines the light that beautiful fake evil smile but everything's got to get done through an organization and i think that's called um the who and i just basically labeled them where hell operates it would be a very good one yeah and uh cdc's can confuse to confuse divide and conquer and um you know they're telling how china they got the art of war and all that i'll make this fast and trump knows all that stuff and they know that but the whole thing isn't front everybody how socialism i just want to really feel this yesterday the the other day dr jeremiah was on 12 20 a little bit just saying a few things but as he said it how socialism is right in front of us we don't even see it how it's blinding our eyes and light shining through darkness but the biggest thing is is channy ellen saying june 1st we're going to be out of money and now they're talking about how fast ai is going and they're even afraid of the guy from google just left you know though and it's just how all of this stuff just so happily becomes it's coming together like a either a big crash or it's going to be a big big party and so falling in place exactly exactly the way god's word the bible said it would happen it's happening i mean it's there but the the problem of it is steve is only a very small percentage of the people in this country are biblically literate enough to understand that the vast majority of the people are totally oblivious but i gotta move on but thanks god bless you guys you too let's go to ac you're in the air hello pastor ernie and pastor joe hey ac say hi you have been uh covering one of my favorite chapters matthew 24 the beginning of it and there's a verse here uh you've mentioned verse five for many shall come in my name saying i am christ and shall deceive many now if i would ask the question question who is christ there could be a number of correct answers but if we go over to ephesians chapter 5 verse 23 paul defines christ as the head of the church right so if we do a little bit of spiritual algebra here and plug in paul's definition from ephesians into this verse look at how it comes out for many shall come in my name saying i am the head of the church and shall deceive many well since 312 a.d there's been a succession of people coming down one right after another claiming that they are the head of the church and they have been deceiving many and this verse has been going on since that time and jesus warned in luke 21 that the time it's almost identical verse over in luke and he says there that the time draws near that this would happen so people are being deceived that there's one man in charge of the whole church of jesus christ and we know that's not true each each church is supposed to be locally governed by a pastor who has been given the rule who has been given the rule over that congregation and that it's a a local government not a not a group government and so this is a warning to people not to be deceived by somebody claiming they're the head of the church well over the years there's been a number of those that have claimed that they were the head of the church not just the pope remember hitler himself said he was the head of the church and he was the soul of the church but uh yeah you have a number of them soul of germany yep absolutely well to go along with what you both said uh chapter five in ephesians one of my favorite lines let no man deceive you with vain words and the only way you're going to know if those are vain words is if you're into the scripture and understand it that's how you spot all those vain words lies and falsehoods right there absolutely absolutely and jesus gave us seven words of warning just right before that in verse four a key that no man deceive you and i'm telling you that needs to be at the forefront of of what people when they study the word of god they listen to a preacher they need those seven words of warning to be in front of them we have today the the apostate church which is out there again uh with just spewing their lies talking about you know the apostate church how god is love love love god is a god of tolerance and non-judgmental this is throughout the united church the anti-christ the world national council of churches you've got the prosperity church talking about how uh god is a god of prosperity that he wants us all to have all those physical material things okay uh you've got all of these false teachers out there today uh more than ever more than ever now you got now you got all the new age uh you know all of these new age teachers coming up out of out of everywhere and so it's exactly the way the bible said it would be but there's a very small percentage of remnant ac a remnant you know the ubf unregistered baptist fellowship i would say would be the best case of that that are holding literally to the word of god and you know they're they're staying with it they're not going away from it they're they're uh in this world but not of this world and i think in the future i've been talking to some of the other pastors we happen to have a lot of unregistered new testament churches here in this area and i think we're going to probably get together uh and you know because we've had a number of national conferences but i think we should have another state conference because we have enough of us out here especially now because the time is coming where as as ben franklin said we're either going to stand together or surely we'll hang separately so there you go well god bless all righty thanks thanks for calling already all right uh we got a couple good ones coming up here joe uh no i can't i always hate to say this this is unbelievable joe unbelievable look into this the fda joe approves his first oral pill joe do you know what it's made from yep i do why don't you tell the folks it's not as bad as it sounds it's made from human poop that's right uh that's right um the wednesday the u.s food and drug administration revealed that it had authorized the first pill taken orally made from donated human feces uh an enema based medicine was cleared for us and was cleared for use in december 22 making this the second treatment produced from human feces to receive approval the fda is also approval of pills vows to be made by adults aged 18 and older we have a history of repeated infections uh well i i just don't even want to read any more of this because it's well it sounds i read through it earlier today it sounds bad that there's an internal infection that can be severely i mean horribly uh devastating can cause death and it's like they can take somebody's blood uh and make a serum out of a blood that's blood that's had antibodies well there's a missing microbes or something and that uh what they've come up to this way to take somebody who's recovered or has antibodies against this uh i guess it's a bacteria type thing and it can help save lives but it's using a natural thing it's not like the covid um you know where they're messing with the dna altering body chemistry this is using something that happens naturally and they're using healthy people to help the sick it sounds bad that it really wasn't after you read all the details all righty well i think it's time how much time do i have there okay joe it's time to go for the invitation tonight so i'm gonna go for it tonight many men many men have been given the name jesus in bible times the naming of children was more serious than today today parents named a child after a loved one or a friend or a perhaps even a name they think is pretty in bible times children were given names which related to certain things especially those in reference to god the apostle paul warned in san corinthians 11 4 about the possibility of a another jesus being preached and we desire the present unto you the jesus of the bible no person except jesus christ could fulfill the meaning of his name jesus because of who and what he is the holy ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of god luke 135 for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son whosoever believed in him believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life for god set not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved john 3 16 and 17 he also is god and the son in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us john 1 uh john 1 14 and the controversy great is the mystery of godliness god was manifest in the flesh and of course first timothy 3 16 he is the only god that would accept the old testament sets forth the principle that the only means of acceptance with god is through sacrifice we're sacrificed or we're sanctified through the offering of the body of jesus christ once and for all and every priest standeth daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices which can never take away sins but this man after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever said at the right hand of god hebrews 10 10 through 12 this implies that his work as priest is accepted and his sacrifice is complete now when our first parents willfully obeyed the lord they lost their position and privilege of relationship with our first when our first parents willfully disobeyed the lord they lost their position and privilege of relationship with him thus adam brought the consequences of the disobedience upon himself in all of his lineage for adam was created in the image of god himself in genesis 1 27 but adam's lineage was begotten in his image in the image of the disobedient the offender genesis 5 3 therefore something or someone who must suffer the consequences of the disobedience in order to in order for restoration to the stand prior to the act of disobedience it could not be them first parents because they were guilty guilty and the consequences of that guiltiness was death the sufferer for the offering over the offense must be innocent if any offense before it he could suffer in behalf of another he said of jesus who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth but he was at all points tempted like as we are yet without sin well the name jesus means salvation of god or god our savior and when the angel informed joseph that he could that the child his espouse wife was to give birth to was to be named jesus matthew 1 2021 more was involved in the mere naming of a child for for he jesus shall save his people from their sins every person from whom god saves he saves through the name of jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by me neither is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among the men whereby we must be saved folks i i gotta tell you all of that is god's word the lord jesus did the heavy lifting he made it easy he's telling you right now tonight if you're listening out there if you have not done this don't run out of tomorrows tonight call upon the name of the father pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins believe me your sinner ask for forgiveness of your sins if you'll do that god will honor that then ask the lord jesus to come into your life to be the lord of your life all of your life without any reservations put him first if you will do that he will honor that you will become a new creature a born-again believer an heir of the kingdom and you will be indwelt by the holy spirit you have god's word on that we're out of time again tonight so until tomorrow we want to say as we always do good night god bless god bless and always always keep fighting the fight fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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