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May 2, 2023 12:45 am

MON HR 1 050123

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left on this first day of May, 2023, Monday.

And today we have the fearless one, none other than courageous Craig is our board op. Good evening everybody. And like always on Monday from way out yonder, we have that, that, well.

Good evening pastor. I'm having a little trouble hearing all of a sudden. Can you tell the engineer to check it out? Did you hear that engineer? Where is the problem?

Where does it lie? You're in real weak but I can hear him. Okay, he's working on things now.

I'll keep talking so you'll know better. Anyhow, while I was doing that, that prestigious man of stature, none other than the parson, Joe Larson. And that's who's with me tonight, that's the second, which is my long, long, long time co-host. And while he's working on that, am I getting any better Joe? Joe is the sound getting any better? Hear. Can you hear me now?

Good work boss. Huh? I can hear you now. Okay, okay. Let's get, alrighty.

We got a, yeah this is, this is, you know technology is wonderful isn't it? Anyhow, I want to right off the bat tell the folks tonight, I've got a little bit of a predicament. So now, I wanted to tell the folks that yay, hey, I'm back.

I've been gone for several days and the reason was I had gotten a really bad case of allergies and hay fever. Joe, did you ever see that commercial, it's a commercial on television with this monster, this huge monster, it's destroying the town. Right, right. Well, that's the thing I was fighting with, I've been fighting with that thing, okay. But anyhow, what happened.

It was bigger than you are. Yeah, but that wasn't bad enough, bad enough what happened, the allergies worked over into pneumonia. So I ended up going from hay fever to pneumonia and I'm still not over it, I still have it. Now, the problem I have with pneumonia is I do still have a tendency to cough but no problem, I have a cough button but here's the problem there. The cough button is to my left and I have to reach it with my left arm and I can't reach up there because the arm does not move that far yet, I'm getting there but not there. So folks, you're just going to have to hear me cough, that's all I can tell you.

Hey, this is live radio and remember we're not doing this for an income, we're not making a living doing this so folks I'm sure will put up with us. Alrighty, well with that we want to start out tonight, the title of the message was all of these are the beginning of sorrows, all of these are the beginning of sorrows. Now we're going to start tonight Joe and we'll take it verse by verse, verse by verse in Matthew chapter 24 starting with verse 3.

Three. So go ahead and read verse 3. And as he sat upon the mount of olives the disciples came unto him privately saying, tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world. Okay so here now the disciples Joe still were having a real hard time trying to comprehend what the Lord Jesus was telling them a fact about his upcoming death and resurrection, it wasn't registering with them. So now they had just gone to look at the temple and when he was telling them this amazing, they were really impressed with this big temple there and Herod had built this temple and spent tons of money on it trying to pacify the Jews. The problem with that is spending all this money on this luxurious temple, this huge thing, guess what was right at the front of that, right up at the top in the center.

It was the Roman eagle showing that the temple was, that the Jewish God was under the authority of the Roman eagle. But here now so, you know how I'm always a stickler on words and words have meaning and so they say here tell us then what shall these things be and what shall be the sign of the end of the coming of the end of the world. Now what do you think that word world means Joe? Well I would think they were talking as far as the world as they knew it. Well no actually that word in the Greek is aion.

It's A I O N, aion. And that word means age, age. And so yeah, what will come at the end of this age. Here Joe, they were in, this was when this was taking place, was the fifth dispensation which was the law, the age of the law, dispensation of law.

But they were days away Joe, only days away from the end of the fifth dispensation period and so the period that they would be referring to would be the sixth dispensation period. The end of the church, church age. The start of the church age and the start of the church age started when? It started when Jesus said upon the cross it is finished, the veil of the temple was rent.

Rent. Okay and so here now they're asking him what are the signs going to be? How are we going to know? And so he goes on, read verse four. And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you. Which oh, let me just say right now that is one verse that I think we need to be preaching across this land from one church to another on the radio, on the television, in the newspaper because men are deceiving this nation.

Well let's take a look at about, just in our time for example, the false prophets today and the false cults we have. Let's just look at this, we talked about that, do you remember that guy coming out of South America that did Jesus? Jesus, yeah. And he was, he made all of his rounds in all the apostate churches, all the liberal churches that he went to, they welcomed this guy because he had a message that they wanted to embrace and his message was this. And by the way you folks that don't know about this, the Jesus guy, if you remember this is about ten, twelve years ago and he had actually had 666 on his forehead and he had two whores, two whores with him, two women that were, young women that were just very scantily clad to say the least.

He looked like Hollywood hookers. Yeah, and so he would come in, right into those apostate churches that way and his testimony was that he had suffered and died upon the cross, he was crucified two thousand years ago and he suffered this horrible, horrible death and he did it so that we could live any way we wanted without any restrictions. There would be no such thing as sin, you could do whatever you wanted, okay, and this is exactly the message that the apostate churches, the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church, this is exactly what they wanted to hear. And so, but I understand from what I heard he came to a pretty brutal end and he wasn't around that long but then here with the Lord Jesus now he said this, for many shall come in my name saying I am the Christ and they shall deceive many. Now they're not coming in the name of Jesus, Jesus, okay, they're coming in the name of Christ. Now, Christ means what?

It means what? The Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Christ. So here, at our time, we had this fellow Obama, do you remember what Obama said about I am? I am, and he separated it distinctly, I am the one I've been waiting for, I am the one you've been waiting for. So he said I am the one, right, so he made it very clear who he thought he was. That woman who, and she is the one that's just now retiring that was working with him, his handler, she had come out and said he is not an ordinary man, he's a superhuman, a supernatural. And she said the office of the president was not challenging enough for him, so here.

It wasn't enough to be leader of the free world, it just wasn't much of a challenge. Not for his great intellect. And then we remember Oprah, Oprah said she is the source, she's her own savior, she doesn't need another savior, she herself is her savior. And of course George Soros, who said yes in fact indeed he is a god.

He is a god, yep. So you add to that the explosion of all the cults, the Age of Aquarius, the rise of the abominable church of Satan, in fact they just had this in Boston yesterday, Satan Con, they claimed it was going to be the world's largest gathering of Satanists. They claimed it was the Mariette Copley hotel there in Boston was sold out for a three day event, so a hotel like that would hold hundreds at least. Okay hundreds, let me ask you this, how many turned out for Obama's coronation?

Don't remember. Well, it was a lot more than hundreds. Oh yes, it had a lot more. So that would be the largest gathering of Satanists there.

Yeah in that sense you're definitely right. Well absolutely, okay. And so here, so go ahead and read verse 6. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of war, see that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Go ahead, next verse. For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places. Alright so Joe, right now there's an estimated of forty wars taking place globally. And so there's always, always been wars. For this, Joe, this is actually a prophecy that's been two thousand years in the making.

This prophecy has been two thousand years in the fulfilling of this prophecy. And so, remember when the real increase came in this, when we had that thing called World War I. Remember World War I? I remember reading about it, I wasn't old enough to serve in that one.

I may be old but not that old. It was a global... Conflict, yes. Alright, then here, then you had a follow up with World War II.

It got even more interesting. And then you had Korea. Well, Korea, if you would, you had the Chinese, the Russians helping the North Koreans. And you had United States and England and the allies helping South Korea. So that would be kind of like a global war too, wouldn't it?

Pretty much, yeah. It was by proxy, but yes it was. And then we could say the same thing with Vietnam, couldn't we? Yeah, it was China backing the communists there in Pathet Lao. And U.S., but basically it was U.S. versus communism. But we also had British troops there involved in Australia.

Australian, you're right, Australian. And South Vietnamese, of course. And then you had, well do you remember back in the 80s, the Russian-Afghanistan war.

That went on for a long time. And then, remember the Six Day War? Israeli, Egypt, that was an amazing war.

Visit Israel and see the pyramids. Yeah. And then you had Desert Storm, speaking of that. And then you had, of course, we just recently pulled out of Afghanistan after about 20 years there. And so, and right now you've got Ukraine and Russia. And there's some things taking place out there in Africa. And then the proxy war, I mean that's a proxy war. The U.S. and its allies in a way against Russia attacking and the Chinese are backing. And they're getting aid from Iran and Turkey, India.

Right. And now in Africa things are heating up where they're just... Sudan. In the Sudan, yeah. I know that they're trying to pull Americans out there. We've got several thousand Americans there. Yeah, 16,000 Americans left. And I mentioned that last week. Four major countries managed to get their people out like Sweden, Norway.

I can't, my memory isn't that good anymore. But even the, what's his name, Reverend Graham's group, he came in and got all his people out. But the U.S. government got its embassy people out, but none of the civilians. But everybody else was able to get most of their civilians out.

So here again, we look like fools to the world. Even Franklin Graham got all his people out. And he's private. His ministry is private, and yet he was able to do what the U.S. government, with its military, couldn't do. Well, Joe, is that what they couldn't do? See, there's a difference between couldn't and wouldn't. Right.

Remember what he did... That's called a softball pitch. Remember in Afghanistan, the same thing. You're sending a message, remember, Joe Biden may be in the White House, but he's working for Communist China. Joe Biden is owned by Communist China. That's the reality. And so we call him China Joe. Alrighty.

Let's go back to here. For nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines. It's hardly even mentioned nowadays, other than programs like this one here about the famine that's across, in this world. The famine is greater than ever. But Joe, the worst thing about it is this famine is being created.

It's famine that's created on purpose. And right here in America, you've got Bill Gates, you've got BlackRock, and the Red Chinese Communist Party buying up all the farmland. They're buying up all the small farmers. And they want to create here in America a famine also.

A lot of the Americans are stocking up, but that is actually happening right now. They're working here in the United States of America to create famine here too. Well, they started first all over the world by the green agenda. They wanted to get rid of certain fertilizers because it was damaging the earth. And when they quit fertilizing, that cut the food production and we had several countries go into starvation.

Then we talked on the radio about all these food processing plants, even in Canada and the United States. Some of them had aircraft flown into them and crashed and they burned. Some of the others had all kinds of strange accidents. And then here the last thing was a big dairy down, I think it was in Texas, had 18,000 cows killed in an explosion and fire. That could only happen by something that was purposely set up and done by professionals, Joe.

There's never ever been anything like that ever happen, huh? Do you have any idea how much space it would take for 18,000 head of cattle? Yeah, that was done by professionals.

It had to be because we're talking something in the neighborhood of what, 40 acres to hold that kind of amount of cattle? Yep. And all of a sudden one explosion killed all 18,000 of them, but only one farm worker was injured? Yeah, like I said, that was done in purpose. You know, yeah.

And of course the cover up. But anyhow, we go on and it says, and pestilence, famines and pestilence. Now, if you ask most people, what is pestilence?

What would they tell you, Joe? Oh, maybe like the grasshoppers and Salt Lake City and the, you know, that kind of thing. Well, that could be a part of pestilence, that's right, the grasshoppers. But pestilence also, Joe, can be a disease like COVID-19. COVID-19, you said what most people would have thought was an invasion of insects, but you're right, it can be many things. Also, pestilence could be, well, they could be bioweapons and like the COVID shot. The COVID shot, we're seeing this flesh-eating bacteria and stuff coming up in waters, different places and creeks and ponds and lakes and all kinds of strange things, other strange illnesses starting in Africa again. Yeah, these aren't, you know, they said there was an estimated 600 of the food processing plants, everything from very large ones to very, very small ones, to mom and pop, that have been burnt down, shut down. This is happening and it's totally covered up by the fake news media.

You know, they'll do something locally, but the idea, people, except for programs like this here and some of the others out there that are bringing this stuff out, you know, that's one of the reasons I think they got rid of Tucker Carlson. He was talking about this stuff. Yeah, he brought up things he wasn't supposed to. Yeah. Well, then a verse, go ahead and read verse 8. All these things are the beginning of sorrows.

Okay, so. Sounds like the title of your message. Yeah, well, the beginning of sorrows he's referring to, it's also referred to two other places in scripture the same as travail pains, travail pains or birth pains, birth pains. So, here, when he says all of these are the beginning of sorrows, these are like birth pains, travail pains, when you have birth pains or travail pains, what comes next? Some kind of birth comes after birth pains. So that's what he's telling them, that these things are coming, that means that something is about to be born. Something is about to be born. And what that something is, is the seventh dispensation, the second coming of Christ. The millennial kingdom. Kingdom. Yep, but we're up against the break, let's pick it up right here in verse 8 tomorrow.

We'll be back right after this with more, don't go away. Everyone will have a number, it'll all be done with ease. The world will think it's wonderful, but they will be deceived.

In Revelation chapter 13 it tells about a mark. You can't buy or sell without it, you'll take it or you'll starve. At the checkout now they scan your medicine and food.

It won't be long and they'll be scanning you. The numbers run the system, they have for quite a while. Look at the numbers we have on the cards we carry now. Let this all be a warning, it is wisdom listed well. The number coming from the very pits of hell. In Revelation chapter 13 it tells about a mark.

You can't buy or sell without it, you'll take it or you'll starve. At the checkout now they scan your medicine and food. It won't be long and they'll be scanning you. Then in chapter 14 it says those who take the mark. On their foreheads or their hands are gonna drink the wrath of God. It says they'll be tormented, they'll have no rest day or night. How close are we to the rapture when the number is in sight? In Revelation chapter 13 it tells about a mark.

You can't buy or sell without it, you'll take it or you'll starve. At the checkout now they scan your medicine and food. It won't be long and they'll be scanning you. All right, that was Danny Ray and yours truly old pastor, I think we need some practice on that song. That was a while back we did that, a good while back I think. Anyhow, we've got a whole lot to get to tonight so before I go any further tomorrow night I want to make an announcement that for the folks here in northeast Ohio very quickly we're going to have a jail county tea party meeting. Jonathan Broadbent is going to be speaking, Jonathan runs a ministry that heads up to protect the children and he's going to be speaking on defending the children and that's tomorrow night at the jail county tea party and that is held at the address, where's the address? It's on Cedar Road, it's the Metzenbaum Center on Cedar Road and I will find this here. They don't have it, she didn't put the address in here, I can't believe it.

But anyhow folks, it's the Metzenbaum Center and I think it's at 2000 Cedar Road and that is, well wait a minute, I think I can find it real quick here by going over here like this and doing this and doing this. Yeah, no it's not 2000, boy it's 200 Cedar Road and that's right there in Cheslin, Ohio, 200 Cedar Road and it starts at 6.30, it's 6.30 tomorrow and they're going to be talking about we really have to, we really have to get prepared to save the children, they are after the children. These are Satanists folks, believe me when I've told you, we've been telling you about this for a while, we've been warning you that the Democratic Party which has become a party of Satan literally is flush, it is flush with pedophiles.

The leadership up there, it's amazing. Joe, let me ask you, do you see any Democrats at all, and even on a statewide, that will sign on to any kind of a bill that will protect the children? No, everything I have seen, they are always against anything that would protect the children. Not one time have I seen them fighting to protect children from anything. I mean, they wanted to give the little children three months or six months and up the kill shot, so no, they definitely are anti-children, they are pro-death. And they want to legalize pedophilia. And they want to make pedophiles a protected class of people, like the sodomites. And that is what you are all about today, if you are a Democrat, if you tell me you are a Democrat, Joe, if you ran into some people and you didn't know, and you sat down, let's say there was a table, and they said, well can we sit here?

Yeah, I'll show you, go ahead, sit down there. And you start talking, and they tell you that they are Democrats. So, here is what I would say. Right now, from what you just told me, you just told me you are Democrats, so if I don't know anything about you else, I'll believe, I'll suggest that one, you are probably homosexuals, sodomites. Two, you are probably in favor of transgender, you probably embrace pedophilia, you probably would encourage these young people to get mutilated. You just told me that you are a Democrat, these are all the things that you stand for, what would you say? How the people would scream and complain, oh no, I'm none of those things, but yet they vote for all the people that promote that and more, the drugs across the border, all the gangs and terrorists and garbage that are flooding across the border, but if you would just confront a Democrat, they would claim none of that is what they do or believe.

So, okay, here is, to show you what we are at, the days of sorrows that we are at at Diamond. Federal judge makes compelling ruling on after school Satan Club. Here, a federal judge today ordered that a Pennsylvania school district must allow the satanic temple to use school property for its clubs, according to the ruling. The ACLU filed a lawsuit against this Silicon Valley school district. Now the ACLU, again, is satanic to the core, it is filth, it is absolute filth. After allegedly denying an application from DST to host it, after school Satan Club, despite having accepted the request earlier, a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued a preliminary injunction money requiring the district to allow the club while the lawsuit continues according to the ruling. Okay, so our judicial, you know, if I was to run into that judge, let me tell you what, if I was to run into that judge, and judge, if you're out there listening to this, while I could, you would hear the gospel, you would hear God's word preached about hell fire, because judge, you need to know where you're heading right now.

You would hear that, this gospel preached about hell fire until your hair caught on fire. When confronted with a challenge to free speech, the government's first instinct must be to move forward expressing rather than quashing it, the ruling read, here although the Satanic temple objectors may challenge the sanctity of the controversial name organization, the sanctity of the First Amendment protections must prevail. No, there are rights and wrongs, there are limits. Indeed, it is the First Amendment that enumerates our freedoms to practice religion and express our viewpoints on religion and all the topics to consider. Lord's willing, Joe, this next Sunday I'm going to be preaching a message of the benefits of being a Satanist, all the benefits that God's Word, the Bible, talks about for those that follow after, and those, okay, that not just allow but give in to Satanism.

Well, there's a key underlining thing here. If you look at this Satan Con that happened, the people in charge say, oh, we're not a religion, but the ACLU, you know, that Satan after school clubs, well, because it's a religion, and we're supposed to have freedom of religion, but if you go through and look at that Satan Con, they had things like, they ripped up a Bible because it's a symbol of oppression. Their speakers were far-left activists. One speaker, his name Eric Sprinkle, Sins of the Flesh, Satanism and Self-Pleasure.

He teaches sexuality at some college. They have, one of the speakers talked on reclaiming the trans body, a theistic strategy for self-determination, empowerment. Then they had a talk on biopic body modification in Satanic culture, Satanism and the biopic experience, reimagining Lilith as an archetype for reproductive justice, that Lilith was, in ancient mythology, a she-demon, a night monster, messed with children, pregnancies, all kinds of bad things. But if you look through all this, they claim on one hand not to be a religion, but everything they do says they're a religion worshipping Satan, you know, their father Satan, and that's kind of the underlying theme. It's the new religion that's the fastest growing religion is Satanism. Well it is, but the interesting thing too is their leaders claim that they really don't believe in Satan, okay? Right, so it's a lie. But yet when they started their conference, you know, their opening was Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan. Oh, we really don't believe in him, but we're doing Hail Satan. Right, okay, yeah I'll believe that. Yep, there you go.

Poll says 60 per, go ahead Joe. I would just think in that Bible study we were talking about, you know, pestilence and things. I just realized in the past two months there were stories out. Bird flu has led to the deaths of 50 million birds, sickened dozens of mammals. Bird flu is killing sea lions. Bird flu is killing thousands of pelicans in a protected area. CDC chief, ex-CDC chief came out and was warning that the great pandemic is yet to come. It's going to come from the gain of function that they've been doing around the world. The Chief, you know, has been financing. Dr. Robert Redfield, I do believe that the next pandemic, and it's going to be the great pandemic, the great pandemic is going to come, period.

So it goes on and on, but it gives you ideas. When scripture says that this will be happening from some of the stuff that we just saw in the past two months, we're getting very close to that, aren't we? Yep, we certainly are. And then that Marburg virus broke out in Africa, it's extremely deadly, kills what? Over half the people that contract it, they're trying to keep it contained. They're not talking much about it, but there's a big outbreak of the Marburg, very, very dangerous plague. And there's been almost a news blackout on it.

Yeah, well these are the times to settle. People keep asking me, what's wrong with the Democrats? Don't they know that they have to live here too? And there's a mindset amongst the elite that the top 2% that Mother Earth, Gaia, should be preserved and pristine and kept for them.

This is what the whole idea of Agenda 2030 is, where the rest of us should be moved into cities and out of the countryside. And of course those people there in the mainstream media, what they call the establishment media, they will bow down to whatever the commands of their masters are. In other words, it's like certainly when the masters prepare things for themselves, they'll make a place for us too. That's not what history says, huh? No, like history, especially Adolf Hitler went out and got a bunch of bad people to go out and commit crimes and do different things to create the chaos that he needed. And once they accomplished the task for him, he knew who they were, and all he did was then have them all killed, was a reward, right? Right, absolutely. Not just Hitler, but Stalin did the same. Hitler had a lot of the college professors and people behind him and promoting him, and when he got empowered, guess what he did with them?

Absolutely. They went bye-bye, weren't heard from again. So people like Morning Joe and what's that, Mika with him, or some of the others on their, what is it, Rachel Madcow, and these people, they're not going to get a piece of that, are they?

What about Sally Stahl? No, they're not going to get a piece of that. They're not going to get that, what they think by betraying their people. Remember what Hitler said. Hitler said that if they would be so quick to betray their kinsmen, they would be just as quick to betray me.

Right, exactly. There was a question people asked, and I think I've thought of it too, are a lot of these Dems out there, are they just blinded from the truth, or are they pure evil? And my explanation is, there's a handful that are pure evil, and then there's the ones like these media syncopaths that are, I think they're blinded by the truth.

They become evil, they think they're going to be rewarded for their obedience, and I think they're so stupid they don't see that, like you just said what Hitler said, if you will turn against your countrymen, you know, you will turn against me. So they seek truth in history, they cannot see, can they? No. Breitbart took a poll, and the poll said that 60% of the people in this country say that the established media is to blame for all of the misinformation.

You hear that? Not us, but the fake news media. And Joe, 79% of Americans say that President Donald Trump would have won the re-election, he actually did win it, he was stolen from him, in 2020. If Hunter's laptop had been known to voters, 71% of Americans believe accurate reporting of Hunter's laptop would have altered the 2020 presidential election. Yep, exactly, well there was a story out, I don't think we got it on the air, they looked at Kerry Lake's election there in Arizona, and they looked at the exit polls, and according to all the exit polls, she won handily, and yet, oh, officially she lost. Well yeah. All the exit polls said she won big time. Hmm. And everything that was counted up after it was all over with, they found 8,000 ballots that were never counted. Yeah, never counted, and then there were a whole bunch of ones that were counted that never should have been, right?

Yep, yep. Hey, I've got one story that ties in with all of this that I want to get out. The AP, the Associated Press, has come out, issued a fact check alleging that various outlets, that's news outlets, misrepresented conservative outlets, information presented in a recent report known as the Eight March Principles, written by the International Commission of Jurists, endorsed by members of the joint United Nations program on AIDS and research for social development, all kinds of stuff. Anyway, the AP came out and said, the Eight March Principles do not call for the decriminalization of sex with children, nor do they call for the abolition of domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex. And it goes on, it's a big story how all of us conservatives have been lying about what the United Nations did, and there's a long article, but when I read through it, you know, it did not call for the, you know, they say it did not, but it did.

What they did was, you know, you were talking about how they use weasel words. Nowhere in this report is any reference made to consensual, non-exploitive sexual activity between adults of similar ages. Instead, the report said that the adolescents' capacity to consent, in fact, if not in law, when they are below the minimum age of consent, if they are, you know, maybe consensual, these young people, if it's consensual, in fact, if not in law. Nowhere in the document does it say anything about parties of similar ages, so it has nothing to do with adult child. They claim that this is what it is, but when you read through all the little details, you know, the devil's in the details, nowhere does it say anything like they say. So, to make a long story short, the more I read through this, everything that they're claiming it does, nowhere can you find it written in words that anybody can understand, you know.

Who would have ever thought, Joe? Yeah, the whole thing is, it would take an attorney, it would take me 10, 15 minutes to explain the minutia, but they changed the wording so everything had a vague meaning, but it never says what they say it means, it kind of opens the door to the opposite. So, here again, the whole United Nations is opening the door for adult child sex, lowering the age of consent, but it doesn't give a figure of when, just, it depends on the child, the maturity of the individual, blah blah blah, you know, all kinds of garbage. But it goes right along with the Democrats and people in this world order to love pedophilia because, here again, they're trying to sexualize children younger, younger, younger, take away any protections, you know, and always pushing the idea, well, the minors, a lot of these young people have a right to consent.

It's their body, right, I mean, that's what the Democrats, right, it's my body, it's my right to choose, and now they're trying to force it on the children. Yeah, well, the time of sorrows, exactly like what we're talking about, where, see, here's the problem, the vast majority of people in this country, they all know things are not right, they know things are going in the wrong direction. But the vast majority of them are trying to figure out why they're looking everywhere except for where the answer is. Now, what we just read you, we showed you exactly where the answer is, God's Word, the Bible is extremely, it's, you know, perfectly, extremely accurate. Everything it says will happen will happen exactly in accordance with the time, the place, the duration, everything will happen as it has now for the last 2,000 years. Well, actually, since, for the last 6,000 years, everything that is said has happened now. You know, we've taken a look at the New Testament almost like a commentary on the Old Testament show, and all of these things we've seen happening accurately, you know, the historic records are perfectly accurate throughout the times, and how much have we seen in our lifetime, you and I, we were alive when the fig tree bloomed.

So all of these things are happening now. What we've seen since we were young, but I remember the words of Jesus, I can't think in my brain sometimes after I got my head scrambled, Jesus said, I will also forget thy children. And what we're seeing is the whole world turning on the children, taking advantage of them, and using them for working in fields, working in factories, child labor, they're using them as child sex slaves, they are allowing them to mutilate their bodies. They're even allowing them in Canada, there was a thing where children can ask to be euthanized without their parents' consent if they have an illness or something.

Well, they've got a very high ratio now of these children that have been mutilated, have been castrated or had their breasts removed, and now they're committing suicide in large numbers. We're going to a break. Before we do, I just wanted to invite the folks out there, folks listen, there's a way to get away from some of this sanity, or insanity. We are doers of the word Baptist Church, we are a church of the same. I want to invite you, if you want to get into the world of reality, we're a church that, you know, we, every single person, well first of all, we only have two genders in our church. We only have men and women and boys and girls, there's none of those trans things there.

It's not a freak show. We hold, literally, to the word of God. Now, we, biblical literacy is one of our, is our top priority, and also, we really have a grip on common sense.

We think common sense is a great thing, is a good thing, okay? We believe in being clean and decent and honorable, things like integrity still mean a lot to us there. And so, if you're looking for a church where the teaching and the word of God, and we believe in taking, again, the teaching of God's word to a higher level, these days require it. They demand that people be more biblically literate than they've ever been, because we're living in a world that is almost totally biblically illiterate.

So, our address is 14781, that's 14781 Sperry, S-P-E-R-R-Y Road, Newberry, N-E-W-B-U-R-Y, Ohio, and the zip is 44065. And we're a church family, we're a very tight-knit church. They're very good people, they're down-to-earth people, we don't have people in there that, you know, are full of themselves.

These are people that understand that we all have a lot to be thankful for, a lot, but we don't have anything to be proud of because every blessing that we have, every good, everything that is meritable is by God's grace. And so, again, we want to invite you out, you go to our website,, and you'll find out more about the church there. So, we're coming up to a break, when we come back from the break, we're going to have lightning rounds because we have a lot of information, a whole lot of information to get out to you tonight, and Joe and I are determined to do that, aren't we, Joe?

We are, I have a story I want to start with because it just goes with everything you just said about the church. Alrighty, well, we're coming to the break right about now, so don't go away, we'll be back right after this. Be right back. Be right back. Be right back.
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