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MON HR 2 042423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 25, 2023 1:18 am

MON HR 2 042423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 25, 2023 1:18 am

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One of the most peculiar species in the Latin world is the father of the protectors, who live in the hands of their children like a child. Let's go with them to celebrate the 4th of July.

Momma, it's going to be good. But there is an instinct about protectors being extinct. Because State Farm is there in 24 hours if necessary.

So that the fathers are finally holding their children to nature. Look at these photos! Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we are back. And you know, this genderqueer thing, what they call transgender, is not something new throughout history like Solomon said. There's nothing new under the sun. It's just, again, being repeated. There's a special deviation and both of these current things explain way back, if you go back to... Well, we're going to go back all the way back to the Turkish Ottoman Empire. And so just listen and you'll learn.

Go ahead and take it away. Alrighty, we're having a little bit of a buffering problem right now, but it will be coming up. And we're going to be taking a look at the, going all the way back where this... Darren Beattie, which has, I think, one of the most fascinating news sites in all media, joins us. The Ottoman Empire and transhumanism.

Is this where we're... Darren, walk me through this amazing piece you've got up, sir. Well, not quite transhumanism, at least not in the sense that we ordinarily talk about it. This is about the trans phenomenon that we see in terms of men becoming women.

And it's, at the very least, I think we can say it's a bizarre trend that seems to have seized every aspect of public life and public conversation at the moment. And so I think it's interesting to look at this really bizarre but powerful antecedent that you see in the Ottoman Empire. Now, what is the antecedent? Well, the antecedent is the troops called Janissaries, and they were the elite soldiers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire who played a role in conquering the entire Balkans and Near East in the 15th and 16th centuries. And the thing about these Janissary soldiers is they weren't Turks.

They were recruited from conquered people as children and sort of indoctrinated into the Turkish elite. And the piece in question at Revolver News explores several fascinating parallels between the Janissary class as a sort of frontline foot soldiers for the Ottoman Empire. And what we would somewhat tongue in cheek call the Tranissary class describing the manner in which many in the trans community fulfill a similar function for similar reasons. So it's a piece that really uses the Ottoman example of the Janissary to inspire deeper thinking about the role that the whole trans issue plays in contemporary American society.

Well, I want to get into that. We actually know, we have a whole editor and we spend a lot of time on transhumanism and artificial intelligence, and you know, you've been deeply involved in that debate with Elon and, you know, Elon's really the Tucker, the great interview Tucker did with him on this issue. But as our experts say, the transhumanism, one of the predicates is this transgender ideology that, you know, comes up and you could be anything at any time. What are the direct parallels when you talk about, we got a couple of minutes, let me see the direct powers from the Janissaries who were known as fierce warriors, right, in the what you call the Tranissary class. Right.

I mean, the parallels that we explore are admittedly quite provocative. One of the interesting things is the overwhelmingly disproportionate role that trans people play in the military. There's an amazing amount of vets. This statistic is quite incredible.

I forget the exact statistic, but it's certainly disproportionate. We have the fact that the Ottoman Janissaries had an unusual method of recruitment. The Ottomans went and to the provinces, they took boys aged around 8 to 15 away from their families. They brought them back for training.

They were not taken from Turks. And so it's this kind of parallel to the fact that the trans movement seems to target the youth. And in many cases, we read about in Washington State, for instance, there are even legal protocols in place to ensure that the youth can convert into trans without parental knowledge or consent. There was a genital mutilation aspect to the Janissaries, and I'll spare the audience the gruesome details in that.

They can go to the article and read it if they're interested. Both are complete wards of the state. And that's another interesting aspect of the trans community is that, ordinarily speaking, they would be an entirely vulnerable population. They subsist completely on the fact that the regime supports them. They are totally dependent in this sense, and therefore they owe total loyalty to the regime. And therefore, in some kind of perverted and twisted way, they're the most vigorous patriots, not for America, but for this new version of the regime that I describe as the globalist American empire. And you see prominent trans people cropping up in senior government roles, for instance, in the Biden administration, which is an interesting testament to that. Both Janissaries and Tranissaries died young for various reasons. In both cases, they tended to have no wives, no kids and no families, which again means that there's no other domain in life to direct one's energies and intention. So one becomes a totally political animal. All of one's energies and focus are directed toward the state and toward the regime.

And this is intensified by the fact of utter dependency that I described earlier. Put up the article. Revolver is still one of my go-tos. How did they get to social media? How did they get to Revolver?

And how did they read? The weekend reading assignment is this article. Where did they go?, it's white hot at the very top, very fascinating historical exploration. We've got a fascinating and really important piece. All right, we're back. And Joe, so he took you all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. That's even a little further back than I can remember.

Right, even further than I can. But I did want to bring up, you go back quite a few years, there weren't very many of these people that had this gender dysphoria. But by the year 2021, all of a sudden, the number tripled to about 45,000.

What happened? Well, something happened around 2019, 2020, where this became socially cool, in-crowd. People, the girls were getting special attention. And like the doctor said, it looked like peer contagion. And we talked about it when it came out, there were several papers written about it. And all of a sudden, those papers were a peer-reviewed scientific journal plus one. And all of a sudden this year, they've all been removed from the different websites. So here we have proof on two levels that these were mental illnesses, these were problems with illness, and because of money lobbying, the psychologists and psychiatrists have all caved and have joined with the dark side. And it goes back to, for the love of money, they've been bought off, paid off, and again, America is selling itself out spiritually, mentally, we're selling ourselves out for money on almost every front. And what you need to know also is in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the list of mental illness.

And in 2019, the World Health Organization stopped recognizing it as a disorder. Alrighty, I've got an article right here, let me just say, this is a 42-year-old trans thing, and he's dressed, he's a little, he's dressed in a little dress, like a little girl's dress, and he's got pigtails, and this Democrat was in the little girl's bathroom. He went into the little girl's bathroom, taking pictures of little girls going to the bathroom, and he got caught. And there's pictures of him, let me just go ahead and read this to you. 42-year-old man who allegedly identified as transgender was arrested by police after he was caught dressing as a schoolgirl filming inside the school's female restroom. The incident took place at Rosa De America Women's College in the city of Honokayo in Peru.

Okay, there you go. But this is so typical of these Democrats, isn't it? Yeah, and there's another one here, you know, in Wisconsin, that a trans woman was showering with four of Wisconsin's high school girls, violating their privacy. And I'm sure that these teenagers are scared to basically report. Well, you had another article there where you had, I don't know if you did that one, where, that trans thing, where he was saying that he was going to beat up.

No, I still have that, it's here. But it was basically... This one is one of those trans things, and he said he's going to beat up, you're just trying to stop me. This trans person is saying they're planning a mass shooting and nobody's going to do anything about it. And one of the chief complaints of women who say they don't want trans women, also known as biological men, infringing on their private spaces. But bottom line is, the statement was made, if you back a wild animal into a corner, they're going to become a dangerous animal. And you have to understand that these individuals are basically operating off of subjective feelings.

And with absolutely no control by way of their frontal lobes, they've been hijacked. But according to this trans person, they are making threats now. Jay is the person who made all the threats, and she said something about, she warns women who try to stop her that it'll be the last mistake you'll ever make. And I'm looking at a picture of this thing, it is the ugliest male-female... It's a man. The violent trannies are just ugly looking people, they're evil looking. Don't color her, because it's a man who's delusional.

You can say, look... But he's got a face of evil. I mean, just pure, almost, you know, gothic color type of, gargoyle type looking.

So many of the violent ones are really strange looking. If Biden finds out about him, he'll be on the White House staff. Almost probably. In a sane society, if somebody would file charges against him, you know, with the county sheriff, because he's made an outright threat that he intends to do violence, you know, restraining orders should be able to be gotten, and there should be a justice system. But depending on what county you live in, it's not going to happen. That's not right, it's not going to be, you know, today. Now, out here in our county that might happen, but you're right, none of your big cities would that happen. Well, I think this is why you have to get active verbally, and meet your mayor, meet your city council, meet your representatives, and let your wishes and your beliefs known. How can individuals who supposedly we elected, and they ran on belief of God, family, and country, and they're putting up with this, and they're condoning it by their absence of denial.

Here's some more news. After disastrous debates in 2020, Democrats have decided not to hold presidential debates in 2024. As a note here, former Vice President Joe Biden was a disaster. He looked lost at times, and it was embarrassing during the Democratic debates early on. It was clear that he wasn't going to be able to take on President Trump. After a short time, it appeared that none of the Democrats running for office could take on President Trump.

And so here, this is why they put him in a basement down there. Now they're saying they don't want to have any more debates. No, they don't really want to have elections.

They don't. They just want to take over and rule. In other words, they want to do like all Communists in the... The Democratic party is a Communist party. They're exactly the Communists in their satanic party. And they just want to say, look, we've chosen the candidates, and that's who we will install. That's the reality.

You know, I've got a thought behind that. I think they're banking on the fact that they're hoping more people hate Trump than are anti-Biden. They're thinking this is going to be a Trump-Biden rematch, and there's more voters going to be Trump haters than there are those of us that are just totally fed up with Biden and his transforming America.

And I think it's called cynicism. I think that's why they're running Biden. Well, you can see all the fake news media already in a mode against the anti-Trump mode. I mean, just outrageous, and that includes Fox News. I noticed how, again, Bret Baier, there he goes again, you know, fair and balanced, yeah, really fair and balanced.

Bret Baier is an anti-Trumper to the core along with that. They're already talking about how unpopular Trump is in the country today. Yeah, you see, he's so unpopular. He is so unpopular that when he goes out and holds his rallies, 60,000, 70,000 people come out.

He's so, yeah, he's so unpopular that no matter where he goes, he's so unpopular that he's way far leads in the polls, and the media can lie and lie, and that includes Bret Baier and Fox News can continue to tell you this, but the American people are so tired of having their intelligence insulted by the fake news media. Well, here's one thing, I couldn't get a lot on it, but Cornell University law professor Bill Jacobson is coming out, and he's saying that the diversity, equity, and inclusion, the entire DEI curriculum is now pervasive across the veterinary schools in America, and this is a radical equity training as pure ideological power play, but they're forcing people who want to be a veterinarian to go through all this diversity, equity, and inclusion training to take care of animals, and when it gets to that point, it is all about power. Everybody has to accept this is truth, everybody has to bow down and accept DEI as the law of the land, or you will be attacked, you will be destroyed, you will be, you know, whatever the term of the day is. Cancel is the cancel culture.

But it's even worse, I think, though, when you lose, you're forced to lose jobs, careers, so canceled isn't as bad a term as, you know, destroyed. And just as a point of information related to veterinarians, there is an American Holistic Veterinarian Association, and there are holistic veterinarians across the country, and if you have dogs and cats and even horses, before you use any kind of vaccinations, you make sure you get a listing of what is in there, because they are putting the mRNA DNA altering stuff in the shots for your pets, and the whole idea of these vaccinations. Putting it in for shots for horses and dogs? Yes, and cats. Yeah, they are. Yes. They announced that at the last fall, all right, in 2022.

Oh, boy. And so in the way of, because they administer heartworm 365 days a year, all right, well, you can do a search on heartworm incidence in where you live, and bottom line is if your animal is not hunting in the woods, all right, your chances of coming down with heartworm are only about 1 to 2 percent. So you can have an annual heartworm test to check your animal every week and not being administering him insecticides and pesticides, which is what these heartworm pills are. So bottom line is investigate American Holistic Veterinary Association, and there are vets out there who basically work with more natural approaches. Remember, for every medication out there, there is a natural counterpart.

Is there a medication, do you happen to know for animal? I mean, where we live, it's all rural. The other night I had to go out and chase a bobcat off the top of my chicken coop.

I mean, you know, walk out the door and take a left turn. There are natural things that you can put out. There's plants that, you know, animals will still clear up, especially the deer eating your garden.

So there are always natural approaches to everything. Related to ticks and fleas, they don't like, basically there's supplements out there at their press tablets, and it's a composition of garlic, yeast, and vitamin B vitamins. And for whatever reason, you start giving your dog that, and they don't get any more flea bites or tick bites. Hey Joe, the next time you go chasing a bobcat off the chicken coop, have Harriet film that because I want to see it. No, she just yelled and told me to get the gun.

She didn't want to watch. Well, I had a neighbor that put one of those eagle horns up and had a kind of a, I don't know whether it's a trip wire or whether it was, the circuit was broken somehow, and the animals that went off, and then as soon as the animal left it turned off, and it didn't take two or three times before they just stayed away from the property. Some years ago, Joe, some years ago I was there in Missouri, up in the old Ozarks, and it was kind of a cold morning out there, and I had me a cup of coffee, and the sun was out, and the sun, the only thing was it was heating a big rock, it was a big rock there in the sunlight. So I went over there and I kind of was sitting on this, leaning up against sitting on this rock with my coffee, and actually kind of taking a couple, a little bit of sleep at the same time, just standing there kind of drowsy early in the morning, and I opened my eyes and a bobcat had jumped up on that rock and was sitting right next to me, Just looking at you. Yeah, and I couldn't believe it, you know, that was something, yeah. Well, they figured you were too big to eat. Well, they probably smelled that coffee and wondered what it was because it was so sweet.

Yeah, it could be. All right, here we got here. Law suit filed against DOJ, used to be Department of Justice, now, well, I'm going to tell you, for records on appointees installed in the department to advance Biden's radical agenda. That's right, America's first lawsuit has filed against the U.S. Department of Justice for records on political appointees installed into the department to advance the Biden regime's radical agenda, just exactly like we were.

See, all these things we told you about before, now, little by little, it's coming out, I mean, much later. The lawsuit alleges that the DOJ has violated the Freedom of Information Act laws by failing to provide not-except records related to their request. The AFL said a Freedom of Information Act request FOIA Act to the Department of Justice to obtain resumes and basic records on political appointees, including names, titles, positions, salaries, ethics, pledges, and more, so that the American people can know exactly who is behind the scene at the DOJ. And the AFL said in a press release about the lawsuit. Little by little, all of this stuff is coming out.

The problem of it is, who are we going to have to do? If they can get this stuff into the courts, they can, Merrick Garland is a crooked, crooked, crooked cop, very crooked. He's lied under oath, he's as crooked as crooked can be, and there's got to be a way they can get this into the courts, because that guy belongs in jail.

There you go. That is one of the truest, I mean, it is so obvious, he has lied to the people, he has lied to Congress, he has ignored the Constitution. It's unreal what the people are putting up with. You were, last week, you know, why aren't the people angry? Where is the rage? I'm still waiting to see the American people get mad, they're hurting, they're child abuse, the boys and girls are being, you know, crippled for life. And I'm just wondering, where is that righteous indignation? When are people going to get mad?

They're destroying women, they're destroying our economy. There's a small percentage of us that have already. I mean, there is, you know, and that's why they fired Tucker Carlson. Well, there's some counties here in Northeast Ohio that are rocking, you know? Yeah, there are.

What do you have there? What I have here is talking about cancer, and the so-called war on cancer is fake. Basically, cancer cells develop because your body isn't getting what it needs to stay healthy. And so, you've got to stop drinking tap water with the fluoride, it's a carcinogen. The top ten fuels for cancer, number one are the spike proteins from these COVID shots. They clog the vascular system, deplete oxygen and nutrient supply. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the mining industry, and it's not necessary for your teeth. I know.

At all. And fluoride diminishes mental capacity of children, and they actually are marketing in the grocery stores water with fluoride for babies. Thirty years ago, we did a radio program on that. Thirty years ago, we had a guy, a scientist, who had done a long study on there.

In fact, we did more than one radio program on that. Yeah, and so cancer can only grow in an acidic environment, and what that means is in true health, your body should be alkaline, 7.3, 7.4. But because you're not hydrated, you need to be drinking half your body weight in ounces, so if you weigh 180 pounds, you should be putting away 90 ounces of purified water, not tap water.

When you're drinking tap water, you're drinking the fluoride, you're drinking the bacteria that the fluoride and the chlorine killed, all right, and then you're also drinking somebody else's pharmaceuticals like Prozac, and that's interacting, if you are in any medications, with what you have. When you talk about purified, you happen to, you sell water purifiers. Yeah, I'm a consultant with an international wellness company, and if people are interested in water options that are affordable, you can give me a call at 440-478-4073. It's 440-478-4073.

I can send you information regarding it. But going back to staying away from cancer, you need to put your body into what I call a human greenhouse. When it plants not well, you look at sunlight, so get out in the sun, take your vitamin D3, support the cleaning of your liver with a good milk thistle supplement or milk thistle tea, dandelion root tea, et cetera. Stay away from any kind of vaccine shots until you investigate what's in the ingredients list. A good number of them still have mercury, it's called thimerosal, and MSG. There's actually MSG in some of these vaccines, including the ones for your pets. Stay away from white processed sugar. If you need a sweetener, just use natural.

Molasses, organic maple syrup, honey. I have a client, I told him to put molasses in his coffee, and he said, are you crazy? And I said, no, just try it a couple of times.

He said, I love it. So it's a matter of doing something that you're not used to. Blackstrap molasses, my brother. How about stevia plants? We were raising stevia, it's real easy to propagate and make a bunch of them, and you can dry the leaves and crush them up, or just occasionally take a stevia leaf and chew it, and it's like eating a piece of candy. Yeah, again, you have to look at the ingredients label, because what the food companies have done- I'm talking about growing the plant. Right, you grow the plant, which is fine. But you've got to read the label, because the other ones are not pure, like Purevia and some of the other ones are artificial, but you've got to read that. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, a good number of them are banned in Europe, like aspartame, and your MSG, it causes neurological process, and then your nitrates, your sulfites, those are all chemicals that are being put in the food. Alrighty, we're coming up- And now they want us to eat Bill Gates' meat that is made in a 3D printer, right?

He's literally growing cancerous tutors in a petri dish. And stay away from any plant-based meats. Tumor, oh sorry. Plant-based meats, you want to stay away from those impossible burgers and all of those other things? Look at the ingredients list, it has junk in it. The good news is that Bill Gates' artificial meats is going down, he's not selling it, people will not buy it.

Oh good. It's literally made up, like you said, of cancerous tumors, that's what's in that. He's growing these things. And some of the plant-based burgers, they have wood pulp. Yeah, and now they're trying to make a- Sawdust, they actually put sawdust in it. Wood pulp is just plain old sawdust. Right, exactly.

And now they want to make a milk out of wood pulp, and so this is really something- Well you already have the salmon that was grown in the laboratory back in 2007, so stay away from all fish that is not wild caught. Alrighty, we're going to be back right after this, so don't go away, there's a lot more to come. A little girl lay dying, she was only 8 years old, she said, I want to see the future, so they left that alone. Will you make me a promise, she said, as you are.

He said, tell me what I can do, she said this to me. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, and all the pain that he had to bear. Tell mom and dad about heaven above, heaven they can see me there. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, tell them what he's done for them. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, please, so I'll see them.

She said, I know I'm dying, but that's not why I'm sad. I know I'll go to heaven, but what about mom and dad? I told them about Jesus, but I could not make them see, so when they come to my funeral, would you do this for me? Tell mom and dad about Jesus, and all the pain that he had to bear. Tell mom and dad about heaven above, how they can see me there. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, tell them what he's done for them. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, please, so I'll see them. She said they dropped me off at Sunday school, and I'm so glad they did, but how great it would have to be in a church service with them. He said, promise me you'll tell them, as she faded off to sleep.

He said, sweetheart, don't worry, that's a promise that I'll keep. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, and all the pain that he had to bear. Tell mom and dad about heaven above, how they can see me there. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, tell them what he's done for them. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, please, so I'll see them. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, please, so I'll see them again. We're back. Tell mom and dad about Jesus, and that was little Samantha Dana, who's all grown up now. Samantha Dana.

Ask him about the state he oversees. And yours truly, Pastor Ernie. I'm still talking. And somebody had said that that little girl's voice was John McKernan. I don't know what we're going to do with you.

Well, McKernan said he was destroyed by that. Anyhow, ok, so, alright, I've got to know this. We have to know where we can get the stevia seeds, because there's no place around here that we know of. So where do we get stevia seeds? Ok, I'll find out. Our local nursery carried them.

They just cut the plants, and you just take a cutting of a little leaf, a little branch off the plant, and put it in dirt, and it'll start another plant, put it in water, it starts another plant. So, I'll just find out our local nursery, Adam. Yeah, yeah, you got something started here, so we got to find out, because we got to get our stevia, right?

Yep. Alright, very good. Should we take some phone calls? We've got about 15 minutes we can take calls, so let's open the phone lines at 888-677-9673. If you have a question or a content, if you have one about medical stuff, ask Elaine.

And if it's about the bible, ask me, unless it's like a real hard one, you can ask Joe. So, phone lines are open, 888-677-9673. Now, here Joe, before we take a call, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, LGBTQ, the lewd, gross, belligerent, transgressing, queer organization, cancels this Florida sodomite parade, sodomite pride parade, over bill banning children from lewd adult performances. So here, the organization was canceled, or was concerned that the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, would sign Senate Bill 1438 into law before the event took place.

And if the bill was signed into law before the event took place, then it was all, for all ages, the venue risked losing its liquor license, and organizations could have lost its non-profit status. Anyone doing a lewd performance in drag in front of children would have been at risk of fines or jail time. So they're admitting to the evil lewdness and the profanity here.

Yeah, they did, they are. And so the legislation which DeSantis is expecting to sign does specifically state that drag performances in front of minors is banned, but defines adult live performances as any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience which is in whole or part depicts or stimulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, specific sexual activities, lewd conduct, or the lewd exposure of prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts. Again, you know, apart today, I would have to say, in order, you have to be lewd today to really be a part of the Democratic Party. I mean, if you're going to, by the definition today, you've got to be pretty much just a reprobate, right? Everything that God's Word, the Bible calls unclean, reprobate. The Democrats today, the Democratic Party is flush with pedophilia.

From the top down, it's flush with pedophilia. And Satanism. Well, speaking of Satanism, here you've got prayer warriors will attend the Satan Con in Boston next week, an event being called the largest satanic gathering in history. A large group of Democrats will occur on April 28th through the 30th, 2023, to celebrate the Satanic Temple's 10th anniversary. A group of Christian warriors will be attending the Satan Con in Boston next week, an event being called the largest satanic gathering. So you're going to have prayer warriors, Christians there, praying against these now.

Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray will probably arrest any Christians out there for praying against Satanism, because they would do it. The Satanic Temple promises on its website that the convention will be a weekend of blasphemy and remembrance in Boston. That's how sick they are. And Boston is sick, isn't it? Oh, yeah.

Really sick. This event is dedicated to Boston Mayor Michael Wu for her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston public spaces. The organization stated the TST Satan Con 2023 will be in historic downtown Boston, Massachusetts from April 28th through the 30th. With the theme, hexanotic in Boston, attendees will be lecturers and panelists presented by Democrat campaigns and congregations as well as evening entertainment and satanic marketplace. Remember we told you the Church of Satan is now the official church of the Democratic Party. Right.

The Church of Satan. All right. Okay.

Who do we have there? I can't say that again. We have April out in Texas. Hey, April. Yes. Yes. Can you hear me, sir? Yeah, I can hear you. Sure. Can you hear me?

Go ahead. My question is relating back to Daniel. Yeah.

The fourth chapter, I believe I can't put my hands in that chapter. I thought reverse. God doesn't always raise raise up a wise team. So relating that back to his head of state.

And then in the second chapter to 21, he rises them up and he sets them down. Right. And we all say God is in control.

Yes. So now the way I look at it, sir, is that all of this cesspool and topsy turvy amongst or since he's been in office has flipped. But Trump is out and he's in. And now a lot of people that was supporting that wanted Trump out. Now you're flipped back over Trump has so many people following.

They don't understand it. And I also heard two prophets because I don't follow a lot of prophets. They said Trump is going to get back, but he's going to be the last president before this. They didn't say before the Antichrist.

But I do a lot of studying and fasting. He's going to be the last of it. But we got four more good years. Oh, yeah. So it's like I'm saying, like, God is allowing all this stuff to flip topsy turvy and like, you know, you know, how say you? And what is our Congress doing passing all these six debauchery file laws? All right.

Let me look. Let me ask you, first of all, here, God gives us three main missions in scripture. OK, when he gives these things out there, number one, mission one, very clear. Matthew 28, verses 18 to 20. That's the Great Commission.

That's job one, mission one. We go out and preach the gospel, baptize the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, teach the gospel to from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis to Revelation. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. So we have we have an obligation. We have an absolute obligation to resist charity unto blood, as it says. And then God has expectations of us to do that.

The problem of it is there's only only a remnant, a few a smaller percentage is actually doing that. Then number three, he is telling you that we are to hold fast to the traditions of the apostles to stand our ground and not give up any ground, not back down. OK, so there. So, yeah, God has allowed these things.

We're being tested as a people, as a church. And so there that's the answer to your question there. So. All right.

Thank you. On the Antichrist. You think that he's a gay boy? We absolutely go to the Book of Daniel, Chapter 11, and that answers that question there. I can't hear you.

You got to talk it to the phone. He's not going to have a desire for women. Right. You already have a lot of Antichrist here already. If you were to ask me what would be, in my opinion, the best candidate as far as fulfilling all of the specifications in our day of Antichrist, I would say Barack Hussein Obama. He has, as far as I can see, even his name is even in the scriptures, in fact, in two different places. So he would be my I would say, you know, I'm not saying he is the Antichrist.

I'm saying he would be the best candidate as far as my opinion goes. Go ahead. Thank you. What do you have next?

Vince, you're in the air. Go ahead. Good evening. Thank you for taking my call. You guys were talking about plant based foods and I agree that, you know, I won't eat plant based food.

This is my stomach too long. Whatever they put in it, I don't like. But I think one of you then said something like they put tree bark in the plant based foods. And you guys taught us. Yeah.

You compliment that as you make a comment saying that's a bad thing. But, you know, if they put tree bark in plant based foods, that ain't bad. And pine bark, that's one of the best things for you.

Oak bark is good at times and slippery elm. Well, they make peas and stuff out of bark, but just cutting up sawdust to put in a filler and things to give it body of sawdust. This has got, you know, it might be plant based, but it's not really healthy.

That's what Stalin did during World War Two. And it's processed. Well, again, I don't understand. Don't you take, sometimes you take capsulated tree bark?

I do. Well, yeah, but you know what you're taking. We're talking about just manufacturing sawdust off the floor of a plant. Well, like pine bark? Manufacturing plant. You saw it make sawdust and put pine bark in.

That can't be all that bad. No, what I'm saying is you should know where it's coming from. In the plant based burgers, you don't know what their source is for the wood pulp that they're putting in it. You don't know the source. I agree with you. I agree with you.

You have to know where the source is coming from. Yeah. Alrighty, well thanks for calling.

I think. Bye bye. Bye bye. Who do you have next there? We've got Radford. Okay, Radford, you're in the air.

Hi, my name is Radford Fulton. I was calling for the book he had for the toxic food that people are eating and stuff like that, like the ingredient stuff that she mentioned, but I missed the name of any books that she had for toxic foods. Well, if you can, do you go on the computer? I go to the library.

Okay. I think he's referring to Attempt to Cure. There's two books we have right here. In fact, Everybody's Sick and I Know Why and Attempt to Cure. And in Attempt to Cure, Dr. Peter Glinton lists 12 foods that you should, according to him, absolutely not eat and they will make you sick.

That's probably what he's talking about. Dr. Peter Glinton, right? Yeah, Dr. Peter Glinton. So you'd have to, if you'd want that book, if you'd send, if Attempt to Cure, if you would send a donation, we ask a donation of $40, it's a big book, to WRWL, that's WRWL, 14781, 14781 Sperry, S-P-E-R-Y. You got your address off the internet, so can I put it that way?

Just send there. Yeah, because I got a number of books. There's a doctor by the name of Dr. Joel Wallace. He has a book called Dead Doctors Online. In 2013, I talked to a doctor and he told me that the medicine don't work. You know, he said he used to literally cry because the medicine never worked. Any medicine that he would give his patients, he would literally cry because the medicine wasn't working and the pharmaceutical companies would give them all kinds of kickbacks and stuff like that.

I have a book here that talks about how the pharmaceutical industry got started and they practiced witchcraft. You're not kidding. In fact, I got a clip here, but I don't have time to play it tonight to talk exactly about that. The Bible refers to that, but I have to go. Better yet, can I see you? Can I give you my email address and you send the information to my email address? No, I can't do that. Nope, I can't do that. I'm out of time right now tonight.

Go ahead and who did you say there? We have one more. Contact the office.

You can contact my office at 440-338-1367. How much time do I have? Five and one call. Okay, this is the last call for tonight.

Dane, you're in the air. Pastor Ernie, I'd like to ask Elaine about elodipine real quick. How bad is it for you?

How bad is what? Elodipine, it's a calcium channel blocker for blood pressure. Is there anything else that you can do besides taking stuff like that?

Yes, there is. There's a lot of research on the Bonita fish peptides. There is a supplement called Peptase. It's comprised of peptides from the Bonita fish and you can obtain it from the vitamin shop. You can check the vitamin shop that is in your area or online and it does very nicely to help with blood pressure issues.

The number one thing that you need to do is make sure you're drinking enough water because your blood pressure will elevate if you don't have enough fluid in your system and circulating volume in your body. So make sure you're drinking water. Beyond that, Peptase from the vitamin shop works very nicely.

One last quick thing. What about grape leaf extract? What have you heard about that? Grape leaf extract is very good for you. There's a lot of health benefits related to it.

Again, hydration, support your liver for cleaning and a lot of times the blood pressure problems will go away. All right, we're out of time. Thank you. You have approximately about three minutes, Joe.

Do you think you can give an invitation? I'll tell you when you're up to a minute. Go ahead. Can you hear me?

I'm losing contact with you. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. I can hear you. Okay. All right, because I wasn't able to hear most of you. All right.

Let me know if there's any problems. The most important decision in life is not who you marry, where you live, what kind of job you have, how many children. The most important decision you'll ever make in life is whether or not you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The Lord created a need in all of us, inside of us, to search for our Creator, to search for our true Father.

And the world fills that void with all the wrong things. Desire for money, power, sex, gambling, sin, you know, a multitude of things. Jesus came to pay the price for our sin. And He would have come if only one person would achieve salvation by His sacrifice because, well, Scripture said, For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son to the end that all who believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. God also made it very clear that He hates sin. And Scripture said the wages of sin are death.

God cannot tolerate sin. So He placed His Son on the cross to take the sins, your sins, my sins, all of us who would accept Christ. And He died a substitutionary death. He died in my place, He died in your place, and paid that sin debt.

He's been called our Advocate with the Father. He, because of what He did, we can stand in the presence of God sinless in all. We can, because only a sinless person can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that's why Jesus paid our debt. Like He told Nicodemus, ye must be born again, must be born of the Spirit of God, and to do that you have to call upon the Father, repent of your sins, and then ask Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life. Forever, without any reservation, you become that born-again believer, joint heir of the Kingdom with Jesus. All right, thank you, Jill. The greatest decision you'll ever make. Yeah, thanks, Jill, I didn't have to shout, but I didn't know if you could hear me. So, we're at that point where we get every night at this time where we say, Good night, God bless, always, always, always, keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content.
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