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FRI HR 2 042123

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 22, 2023 12:19 am

FRI HR 2 042123

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Now we need 3,900. We need 3,900 right now. So that's where we're at through where we've got approximately 50 minutes left to do three, well actually we got a whole one hour left because we'll be here to midnight to do 3,000, what did I say 3,100 or no 3,900 right yeah. Alrighty folks we got that to do. Alright we're going to be taking a look at here with Ron Paul and RFK they're calling out the CIA coup.

More and more people are standing up and saying you know what we've had enough is enough and they're pushing back so let's take a listen to what they have to say. But I do believe there has been a coup and it's been taken over and if I want to if I can I want to just put the date in my mind and you anybody could pick probably any date in the last hundred year but I have picked November 22nd 1963. What happened on that day? That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government. Wow. You know by the CIA. You can go on YouTube and watch this tonight it's called event 201 and this is the fourth section of it. Oh and people knew about that you know who are looking at this like me and from almost the beginning but then I started doing a deep dive when I was writing the book and I found out that was not a one-off and I describe in that book I found about 20 of these that they had been doing since 2001 and they're all scripted by the CIA and all of them include top level officials like James Woolsey the deputy director of the CIA, Taro Tool all of them have senior CIA officials many of them have famous people who kind of give an imprimatur of legitimacy to what they're doing like Madeleine Albright or Tom Daschle or you know Bill Gates and a lot of them and Gro Brundtland from you know from the WHO people who are respected and all and they they end up drilling each one of them is drilling the imposition of totalitarian controls they're collectively they have names like Dark Winter and Crimson Contagion and all these weird names but collectively they're called Operation Lockstep and they involved hundreds of thousands of people public officials from little towns all over America health officials from the state police firefighters hospital systems public utilities and FBI, CIA, U.S. Marshals in Canada the United States all over Europe Australia and China they were all doing it together drilling here's what we're going to do when a pandemic comes and a lot of these people you can see are surprised about what they're doing but they're probably looking around and saying well everybody else thinks this is okay so I guess this is what we do when the pandemic comes so they got they drilled people in doing something that was clearly contrary their values but it got them all teed up to do it and do it all at once and say this is what you do when there's a pandemic the first thing you do is you end freedom of speech and you start gutting the constitution. Well I'm taking a moment right now to be thankful to God and thankful to all of you and our great crew and I'm not doing a victory lap here because we're in the middle of a war but I said two months ago my primary mission of identifying the new world order before it launched operations so people would know that they were the ones doing all these horrible things so they couldn't oppose the saviors that's been my primary mission for 29 years on air 29 years on air and I'm 29 years on air in a few days was to get people ready so that we'd have a resistance movement and an alternate to this new world order plan we have now reached that thanks to all of you and so I salute you and I thank you we're now not being caught flat-footed we are on our toes and we are in fighting stance and we are accelerating our resistance to victory you can feel it you can see it now that doesn't mean the enemy is going to launch a nuclear war turn off the power god knows what but we know they're behind it too they're going to pay one way or another they can back off or they can keep pushing it but either way they're going down they can do it the easy way or they can do it the hard way they will not suppress humanity anymore their new world order plan is dead on arrival so I want to play Robert Kennedy Jr coming out Singular's been a coup CIA new world order I want to play Ron Paul saying it I want to play Trump saying it I got a bunch of other Elon Musk world leaders saying it it's out in the open we have an illegitimate hijacked government and I'm going to put a compilation together there's dozens of these that are new but this is victory identifying you have a coup identifying it's a criminal bureaucracy and taking your government back instead of having a stupid civil war here is some of the clips there's been a coup that take a we don't have any resemblance to a government that believes in a republic we don't have honest money we don't have integrity we don't even have people in Washington that even pretends you know that you're supposed to tell the truth you know remember just recently there was a congressperson that won and he he won by putting on his resume just a bunch of lies and and and the other ones got hysterical the other congressman is telling lies like this and I got to thinking well how many of these people that were complaining by this guy telling lies how many of them lied when they raised their hand up and swore to uphold the constitution now that's a lie that really has consequences actually you could probably uh make fun and make a little joke because his jokes weren't everybody knew he was fibbing but uh the real lies are being told and and that is our big problem but I do believe there has been a coup and it's been taken over and if I want to if I can't I want to just put the date in my mind and you anybody could pick probably any date in the last hundred a year but I have picked uh I have picked November 22nd 1963 what happened on that day that was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government wow you know by the CIA because what I found was you know I saw this event 201 and raise your hand if you know what event 201 was okay for those of you don't know event 201 was a pandemic simulation a coronavirus pandemic simulation that took place in October of 2019 nobody had ever heard of coronavirus till January so that's four three months later in October we now know that coronavirus was already circulating in September so the months before in Wuhan but nobody knew about it and yet they had a coronavirus pandemic simulation in New York City hosted by Bill Gates and Avril Haines the deputy former deputy director of the CIA who did all of the Guantanamo Bay cover-up she is like the cover-up queen and they do a simulation and who else is there George Gayo the head of Chinese CDC so who obviously knows the coronavirus is circulating he is the world's coronavirus expert he's also the head of the CDC in China and then they had all of the social media platforms were there the big insurance companies Johnson and Johnson the big pharma companies and they meet for two days and they have four seminars and each one is faking this you know coronavirus is spreading across the world and they simulate they don't know what's going on they don't know what's spreading across the world and they simulate they don't say okay we got vitamin D to everybody and we got to make sure everybody gets exercise and gets out of their house and gets healthy and you know builds their immune system and and you know there's none of that and zinc and you know all the thing we got to figure out early treatments we got to use the computer the internet to connect all 15 million doctors frontline doctors around the world so that we know when they treat people what's working what's not and we're constantly upgrading the protocols that's what they should have been doing that's not what they're doing they were they were working on ways to use the coronavirus pandemic as a pretense for clamping down totalitarian controls globally and you know they talk about in some of these concentration camps and all of this stuff but here that the last simulation on the fourth day george gaio and april hanes from the cia are talking they have a soliloquy about how do we clamp down to stop people from saying this came from a lab leak so they're saying that this is october of 2019 and they say well we got to get the social media companies to censor them and deplatform them and all this you can go on youtube and watch this tonight it's called event 201 and this is the fourth section of it oh and people knew about that you know who are looking at this like me and uh from almost the beginning but then i started doing a deep dive when i was writing the book and i found out that was not a one-off and i describe in that book i found about 20 of these that they had been doing since 2001 and they're all scripted by the cia and all of them include top level officials like james wolsey the deputy director of the cia taro tool all of them have senior cia officials many of them have famous people who kind of give an imprimatur of legitimacy to what they're doing like madeline albright or tom daschle or you know bill gates and a lot of them and gro Brundtland from you know from the who people who are respected and all and they they end up drilling each one of them is drilling the imposition of totalitarian controls they're collectively they have names like dark winter and crimson contagion and all these weird names but collectively they're called operation lockstep and they involved hundreds of thousands of people public officials from little towns all over america health officials from the state police firefighters hospital systems public utilities and uh fbi cia u.s marshals in canada the united states all over europe australia and china they're all doing it together drilling here's what we're going to do when a pandemic comes and a lot of these people you can see are surprised about what they're doing but they're probably looking around and saying well everybody else thinks this is okay so i guess this is what we do when the pandemic comes so they got they drilled people in doing something that was clearly contrary to their values but it got them all teed up to do it and do it all at once and say this is what you do when there's a pandemic the first thing you do is you end freedom of speech and you start gutting the constitution what's happening is very simple our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know that we are the only ones who can stop them and i will and i will totally obliterate the deep state i will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system look at what they've done to our justice system what they have done to our justice system i will direct the department of justice to go after marxist prosecutors offices to make them pay for their illegal race-based enforcement of the law many racists are there and 2024 is the final battle that's it if you put me back in the white house the reign of the corrupt washington establishment will be over ladies and gentlemen we are waking up we are back folks we are back listen gotta tell you we now have approximately 45 minutes and we still have about 3700 we got a raise so uh again folks we really got to do it and here's why we want to stay on that station we want to stay on the station you're listening to us um we've been telling you all all of these things we've told you over the years we're coming down exactly the way we've told you not because we had more information than nbc abc cbs is because our job was to get it to you as quickly as possible their job was to keep you from hearing them okay so they are government controlled they are government controlled media and um so there you go uh eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero now john what are you saying we go back remember what jfk wanted to do jfk ronald reagan and also donald trump all three wanted to defund the cia and uh this is why they're after trump the way they are aren't they well yeah i mean he wants to um like destroy the stronghold of the new world order in here pastor and the the uh deep state as we call it that's all one way or another uh tied in with that so uh in fact in fact i've heard a speech by trump in which he said when he's elected one of the first things he's going to do he's going to go after and destroy the uh the deep state so already we want to see uh gary and florida pledges 100 thank you and let's see who do we have here i'm looking at bnb and cleveland pledges 400 thank you thank you all righty folks we're done with we're down about uh what are we down about 3300 something like that we need yet we've got about approximately 44 minutes to get that 3300 in so again eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three john look when you're talking about all of this that we're talking about here uh tonight when you they were talking about this covet thing it had nothing to do uh with uh keeping people from getting sick and dying it had everything to do with two things one control control control control and the other to depopulate the planet the same thing if you apply look all of this stuff that they're pushing with the electric cars if we go to electric cars is that going to is going to take more energy it will put more carbon into the atmosphere more they know that i mean i know that you know that right and so impact barony where is the electricity going to come from from burning coal and and natural gas power plants because they don't want to go to nuclear and so to burn those power plants you're gonna have to burn more and more uh to charge these cars so you and i know that it's a big lie it's one huge huge lie promoted and and backed up by all of the mainstream what they call mainstream media but it's not about what it's about is control you see this way they can control when they can control can control what you drive they can control where you can go they want to control whether or not if you can have uh and how much electricity you can have they want to control that how much they don't want to have any more gas stoves or gas furnishes it's all about completely about control and uh we're going to push back aren't we we have to pass learning i mean at uh some point we have to be very careful that we can't that we can't we've passed the point of no return with them okay i mean they exactly what you're saying uh they want to and we're not making it up they're bolding out out in the open they want to depopulate the earth they call us a virus on the internet a virus uh they're after the food system now that's all part of starving the people they want world war three they do they want it if they're any they're gonna they're pushing russia and they're gonna push russia and russia and russia they're pushing russia into a corner well i think what they're going to do i don't really think they want to nuke they want to destroy america america's their bread basket for china and russia they know that too so but what you will see i mean austin and millie they're they're ready to surrender they'll surrender they won't they will surrender to the communist chinese and the russians they have no problem surrendering our freedom do they no they are all one world order people cast earning that's why you know there's merit to what you're saying i mean when you look at all of this together and then you look at the covid shots and all the covid and how it was all hyped and then the covid shots and then the boosters and they knew they knew exactly what we know now they knew before they instituted all this best they why why did they block uh the cures for it and like arbomechan and hydroxychloroquine they took doctor's license away because they prescribed uh ivermectin for in the hot that one doctor passed during the uh simian gold she was curing so many people that were coming in you know emergency with covid and she was using the right protocols for it and they told her to stop do you remember that pester oh yeah well they went after a number of people they they literally arrested they they went to her place and arrested her yeah yeah they they they told her to stop because too many people were getting healed from it and she wouldn't stop so they fired her so when we look at all of that what's going on what is going on the border is wide open the border is wide open now all the regulations that they're putting in now to make business uh more um you know you can't you can't just conduct business or it's so expensive everything that's inflation that's all planned they knew once they started to pump that funny money into the system that it would it would send inflation so when you put it all together pester ernie you see it it's clear right in front that we have the government is our enemy and they have an agenda that is not for us pester now john going all the way back before biden was even in office before the election of 2020 we told people about the biden crime family we told people actually played the clip where it was translated there about the chinese what they were saying that the high level chinese generals and that were saying we have our people in the highest offices in america okay uh the biden crime family we told people that the biden crime family uh was virtually owned by the chinese government virtually owned here uh here's an article today john by ethan hough china issues new details on sanctions against rathion and lakid potentially cutting off all rare earth minerals to the u.s defense industry now again remember what we told you uh austin and millie have every intention of just surrendering for supplying weapons to taiwan united states war corporations lakid martin and raython technology have been sanctioned by communist china there's a conflict between it and the west escalates uh in a statement issued this week in china's ministry of commerce announced that the sanctions include a ban both on imports and exports of the two companies to the china in order to prevent chinese products from being used in their military bases so biden has he biden is his job but we told people over and over we got to keep repeating it his job was to keep the border open the chinese made sure look we're going to send uh methadone ethanol whatever into the fentanyl is what i'm trying to say we're going to send all of these drugs in we're part of the depopulation program and john our department of defense is heading up that depopulation program on a global scale our department of defense pfizer and moderna and johnson and johnson all these they have to report to the department of defense and and we've been telling people about this and you know it's an interesting thing because you know that they they have a saying in the media if you tell the people what they're doing the shock value is not there and they'll accept that they the resistance will be the least and so virtually they let the message get out of what they're doing um to depopulate the program through like um evidence like us right here but but that's that's what's happening uh they're wanting to depopulate the planet at the same time they're bringing in all of these nationalist chinese obama's bringing in so when they have the takeover when he gives the order to burn the cities uh you know do whatever they have to do voting fraud whatever they'll do it this is this is really high treason is it not it's the highest possible treason it's unimaginable it really is it really is the level that this is at and i they've been working at this for a long time pester a long time this is they have long range plans that are really coming to uh to ahead now yeah china has always planned way way in advance all right rosen and illinois pledges 50 carolyn illinois pledges 100 tony and parma pledges 75 thomas and lakewood pledges 40 and rose and pa has pledges 100 thank you thank you thank you thank you okay folks right now we are about 35 minutes away from the end of this night and i'm not quite sure where we're at but uh anyhow it's 888-281-1110 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 here's a here's an another article this is right on the right on the money uh here or williams censorship ramped up to the next level as eugenicus and the u.s government in the u.s government want to make it impossible for us to know that they're murdering our children according to the news story over at over at mercola and steve quill linked to his website saturday morning if we stay upon the same path we've been on for the last decade there will be nothing that can stop outright hell upon earth within the next seven years through much though much sooner than later as we'll explore within the story with the framework now put together to not only completely eliminate websites such as all news pipeline but imprison people for decades if they simply read the wrong websites websites which expose the endless heinous crimes of the globalist crime cabal now attempting to drive the final nail to freedom this is what uh what they're trying to do the the they want they're trying to shut us down they've tried it we're pushing back uh now they're do you think the opposition do you think and we're talking about the anti-christ communist party do you think that joe obama biden uh john we know he's not stable and we know he's simply a puppet for george soros and joe and obama and the others uh do you think he's going to go all out and say all right try to run put us under martial law oh that's their ultimate goal tester their ultimate goal is digital tie digital ties the currency uh collapse the banking system where there's only like uh a handful of major banks and then have the uh economic uh economic crash and then everything will be controlled everything so there i mean again that's not being me making it up that's them that's their plans and that's what it's all about it's all about having complete and total control over us huh yeah so once they have digital running like um no one will be able to uh give money to you to run the station they'll block it they'll block you or and and they'll block anybody that tries to donate it tester ernie did you hear where the car companies in in just a year or two they want to remove all am radios all radios are the cars yeah and it's funny but when i'm driving uh that's all i listen to is am i don't listen to fm at all or anything else but yeah they want to do away and because am is really where like you like you like you uh am is where you really find the truth it's sort of like a little hidden secret vista and he always shows on on am that are so conservative and telling the truth so would you say that joe biden is every bit as much a dictator as fidel castro uh here's the thing in my opinion the only thing that is stopping a real because they desperately want to bring down america desperately the only thing that's stopping it and stopping what happened with like castro is the second amendment tester you're absolutely right we know it you know it and this is their problem that is that is their real big problem that's their problem and so well you know we have to move and we have to we have to move quickly uh we've got to take our country back again like i said a lot of a lot of counties are on the country uh the sheriff's departments are kind of preparing for possibly a battle against the feds all right uh joanne in new joanne in new york pledges 400 thank you joanne all righty eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero folks we've we've right now have 30 minutes left eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three we got 30 minutes left to raise enough to keep us on for next month and uh we're gonna keep fighting and depending upon the good lord to help us fight back against the deep state we'll be back after this i hear that train it come it's coming around the bend that train it's called judgment and it's here because of sin you made the wrong decision yes you rejected christ now that train is arriving and it's a terrifying sight there is no use in running there is no place to go now you know you're hurt you're reaping what you sow you turned your back on jesus didn't care why he died but now you're really caring just listen to you cry so i see those lost folks dying it's happening near and far they're waiting now for judgment and their sins as black as tar you know you had it coming you know you can't be free it's a horrible place to be in such torment and misery so now call on the name of jesus do it while there's time he's your only hope now you're at the end of the line you may not see tomorrow your time is running out once you're in that hellfire there ain't no getting out i'm ready we are back okay and uh folks we're living in the time the bible talks about the time of wallace the time of lawlessness in america it's exactly the way everything uh is not falling apart it's falling in place and and exactly you know the way guys word the bible says it would be now you can say woe is me look how bad everything is and um but again this is nothing new now for all those people out there when you take a look at joe bama biden you take a look at chuckie schumer you took a look at all of these the wickedness the ungodly these whoa corporate whoa corporate executives that just want to make money they want to control look this lifespan is very very short every day people are dying i can't believe how many funerals i preached in my life they're gonna die we're gonna die but here's the difference once they die things go very very very south for them that's a reality that's a real reality once we die things get better and better and better for us okay uh that's that's just the reality okay uh now there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell everybody in heaven and everybody in hell believes and so right now we have i believe we're down to about um we need let me see let me look at this here we need two thousand eight hundred we need two thousand eight hundred where we're at right now so we've got uh 25 minutes to come up with a two thousand eight hundred all we need john is three people to pledge a thousand and we're there aren't we that's right that's done already yeah go ahead um pastor ronnie this is a time for us to shine for the lord i mean it's so dark it is like heading towards the days of noah and this to stand up for the truth to witness to people about christ and and his coming and and all to hand out brochures things uh everything is accounted for by the lord that we do pastor ernie everything everything so i want to encourage everyone to now now is the time to not hunker down or not just to give up i mean maybe it is too late for america maybe it is but it's not too late for the gospel of jesus christ right tester well absolutely you know i don't care where you live if you you know you would lord look we we have our instructions we've got our marching orders right and and that's that you know here look john did god not give america did he not give america uh very clearly he didn't leave her in the dark he told her exactly what she has to do not just america but every country in the world uh to be healed the land to be healed let me read it to you ready second chronicle seven starting with verse 12 and the lord appeared to solomon by night and said unto him i have heard thy prayer and have chosen this place to myself for a house of sacrifice if i shut up heaven and there be no rain or if i command the locusts to devour the land or if i send pencillence among my people he's making a statement look i'm god who is it that's going to judge me if i do these things to you who is this going to judge me and i and i'm fully capable of doing that if you don't listen if you're not obedient to me right he says if my people which are called by my name here's the answer it's very simple if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will i hear from heaven and i will forgive their sin and i will heal their land now my eyes shall be open and my ears attend to the prayers that is made in this place there you go god says here's the answer here's the answer okay it's kind like being in a billion billions on fire and there's a door in front of you if you open that door you can get out you can get out but people do not want to believe that that they can go through the door it's and you know why john biblical literacy the vast majority of people in this country are totally biblically illiterate aren't they well i mean it all goes back to the pulpit it really does what's being preached from the pulpits or what not what's not being preached from the pulpit so judgment begins in the house of the lord yes it does that's what the bible says the judgment begin let it begin in the house of the lord so in go ahead i'm sorry the prophet daniel is talking about the very time that we live in and they that be wise now that's wise in the word of god because that's what gives us knowledge and understanding shall shine as the brightness the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever so what we do now will affect us into eternity pastor is that i mean we don't want to miss that we have we only have a little glimpse of eternity uh in the scriptures just gives us a glimpse but what we do for the lord now will um affect us all through eternity daniel 12 9 and he said go thy way daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end many shall be purified and made white and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand the wise shall understand folks they're gonna go wicked to become wicked and worse and worse and worse but we understand we know what's going on god has given us his word and then the in the enlightenment through the holy spirit so we know pastor ernie where this is all heading and how it's going to end we absolutely do and let me let me tell you what he says because you when you said judgment begins in the house of the lord he says this we have renounced the hidden things we but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of god deceitfully but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of god but if our gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of christ who is the image of god should shine into them now here he says for we preach not ourselves but christ jesus the lord and ourselves your servants for god had commanded the light to shine into the darkness has shined into our hearts to get the light of knowledge of the glory of god in the face of jesus christ but we have this treasure and earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of god and none of us were the lord's will unless he changed i'm going to take a look because you're seeing creeping in more and more what are called churches and what are called mainline churches now are accepting they're accepting loot sodomy they're accepting sodomy they're accepting pedophilia uh then most of them haven't gone into bestiality but it's just a matter of time and they're they're doing this they've been little by little well god has just kept a remnant i just want to say that doers of the word baptist church we're an actual new testament church we are not a 501c3 corporation we hold literally to the word of god and we believe what god says where the the opposition out there where it says that and we are seeing more and more of these churches so-called churches with lgbt signs saying god loves everybody but god doesn't love everybody god's word the bible is very very clear on that the bible fact says god hates all those that commit iniquity the bible of fact refers to those that commit sodomy as reprobate and as abominable uh and so folks out there let me tell you there are very you know you you have to understand god is immutable he doesn't change that they have changed they have tried to change the word of god they've perverted the word of god and they've gone away from the word of god they no longer worship god like it says in the romans chapter one they were under delusion they become delusionary deceiving themselves they've become fools somehow thinking by misrepresenting and perverting god's word that god's going to accept that no god's immutable he's the same today tomorrow forever boy when you stand before him i'm going to tell you when it comes to judging sin there's no man that ever walked the face of the earth that's less tolerant of sin than the lord jesus christ himself amen john amen pastor ernie and yet uh he has that that love to draw people to eternal life alrighty we have lou in michigan pledges 200 thank you lou folks we're running out right now we have let's see 17 minutes left we we need for you to help help us keep you on the station we really do we want to stay on the station you're listening to us on the station right now and that's where we want to stay we want to stay on that station and so uh again we need about well we need about i think it's what about 2800 we need tonight uh we need three people to match a pledge three three people to pledge one thousand dollars or six people to pledge 500 and so we have one person to pledge uh about uh 20 plus three thousand we have one person pledge three thousand we're there okay so folks that's what we need to stay on the station that remember remember how we said over and over and over again if we don't hear from people we're going to have to go over off certain stations uh since we went off we went off six stations and boy we heard from the people saying we wish we had responded i wish i'd given i know it's late hopefully you would you can get back on and that's what we're trying to do we're trying to stay on all the stations but get back on the others um we need your help we can't do it airtime's expensive we don't take a salary john none of us take a salary in here everyone we're all we all volunteer we do this um because it's the right thing to do we do it because we we believe in god country and family we we do it because we want to bring america back to one nation under god okay we do it because we love our freedom like that i'd like to add something that the people may not be aware uh he has to do uh these uh events here for reasons for raising funds because of the topics that he speaks about the true topics that you don't and critical topics you don't really hear any other place or very very very few places because you can't have uh sponsors the enemy will go after the sponsors so that's why he has to do this uh he's solely on the air by your support and also pastor ernie i'd like to you you might have a running update or update on this but i know going back into i guess the mid right after roe versus wade you started pro-life and you've closed through your efforts there a number of abortion centers were closed and you have a pro-life center and how many babies have been saved through your ministry the last count was 24 000 well it was a combination of our ministries we headed it up but um you know we worked together with the other pro-life groups so and we combined we yeah right so so i mean what radio shows do that folks again very few um so pastor ernie is tremendous integrity stands for many things especially you know for the babies there and tens of thousands have been saved uh tells truth and not holds back and pastor ernie through the years i don't know how many well we've known each other since about 1995 and i've been with you on the air for uh i i don't even know how many years now but i know through this radio show truth has come out days weeks maybe months before it comes out really any other place you really um have been able to bring out information that few uh few have been able to so that's another reason for here for this show to support it is the information that he's giving tremendous information that sometimes it takes months to come out we don't spin it we don't pervert it we tell it to you the way it is our job is to get it to the people our opposition the mainstream media their job is to spin twist them and and give the state line to whatever the government wants them to say that's what they do they'll call it a naya narrative and that's what they do but they they look pretty while they're doing it but that's exactly what they're doing but you know john you've got about five minutes can he can he give an invitation in five minutes um pastor ernie uh could i like kind of repent for the uh sin of the nation yes absolutely yeah because you you mentioned it in second chronicles chapter seven yep so yeah uh father we're before you in the name of jesus and we acknowledge your holiness lord the angels in heaven that are before you they're saying holy holy holy lord god almighty and from that holiness comes the true fear of you and in fact if you look the definition of holiness up it's unapproachable fear that that's you're holy but you said in love you sent jesus christ to die for us and pay the penalty for sin so we could stand in front of your holiness now lord nations can be defiled nations and they have been judged through the ages for we know especially in the old testament what has happened to nations but america has is doing all the sin all the sin that demands your judgment all of it it's listed there in the scriptures leviticus 18 in particular so lord we repent of it we repent of the supreme court of sin with the audacity to attack marriage which has never been you have to go back to the days of noah and declared that sodomy is equal to your institution of marriage that was in june of 2014 or that's nine nine years ago coming up look at america since then we're it's we're being inundated from every angle and especially to going after our kids lord these transgenders seem to be transgender seem to be everywhere now with the kids lord they're going after them we're we're repenting before you we're asking for an outpouring of the holy spirit what would i bring before you june which is going to be gay gay pride month whatever they call it biden's going to sign off on it no doubt and we're going to have big parades across the nation all promoting sin um at the and then lord we could have tremendous judgment as a result of that we could lord economic judges military judges natural judgments as your curses just hover over the nation so we're crying out to you in repentance and asking for a great outpouring of the holy spirit a tremendous outpouring that will beat back this sin and arrest it in your name lord because so many souls have come to you and it's affected all areas of society that's what we need for a tremendous outpouring of the holy spirit so i thank you lord we've come to you in jesus name you've heard our request you've heard the repentance lord and we're asking now that for a great great tremendous outpouring of the holy spirit thank you for pastor ernie thank you for the show thank you lord that his shoulder is uh is coming around there it was very painful lord it seems to be coming around that one minute thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you i feel that that was the repentance that was needed yeah i do too i wanted to say this very quickly norma in illinois pledges 100 michael and philly pledges 200 patricia and new jersey pledges 81 uh and t and in what did you say jt in illinois pledges 30 and you know what i'm not going to you know we you know we fight like all to stay on and we've already pledged twice but i'm going to tell you doers of the word is going to pledge one more time one more time we're going to pledge another thousand and i'm going to ask two more people to match me if i'm going to pledge another thousand right now and i'm asking two more people to match me tonight you've got eight minutes to do that eight minutes to call in here and match that pledge so i need two more little pledge a thousand so there you go how much time do i have all right john thanks for being here tonight again the bible says he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world folks and and god's word is the only source of information and the only source of none's fact that you can completely trust it's the only thing on this planet you can't even completely trust yourself but you can trust the word of god and it's the only thing that cannot be broken and so do what we've said call upon the name of the lord do it tonight go to the gospel john chapter 3 chapter 3 read it and do it nope we're out of time for tonight we'll be here waiting so until tomorrow good night god bless and always always always let's do it big john keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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