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THU HR 1 041323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 14, 2023 12:13 am

THU HR 1 041323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 14, 2023 12:13 am

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coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Yeah. years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up. This is what's right, what's left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this thirteenth day of April, Thursday, 2023. And tonight, the guy on the dials has named his Stiles and he's with us tonight on the board, our producer.

Hey Stiles. Hey, good evening Pastor. Good evening.

We're right here live in the studio. We're going to be starting out with a prayer tonight. But I'll do that right after I introduce my guests because right here live with me, I have Pastor Hal Larson's daughter, Debbie Larson. Hi Pastor.

Hi. Happy to be here. And then our special guest tonight from Florida, oh I hope she's not around the water, the rain. Lori Cadoza Moore and Lori, welcome here with proclaiming justice to the nation. How are you Lori?

Amen Pastor Ernie, I'm doing very well, thank you. And no, I'm on the high ground in Orlando. I was in Fort Lauderdale, actually yesterday morning I had to drive back to Orlando, so I got out of town before the floods started to open up. My son and grandson just arrived from about an hour ago from Orlando, they just flew in tonight.

Oh, fantastic. And so, anyhow, we're going to kind of start the program off with kind of a sad note, but Pastor Hal Larson, who is part of Doers of the Word Baptist Church, my associate pastor, we had to rush him to the hospital, to the emergency room today, and we still don't quite know really what's wrong with him, and they don't know at the hospital yet. They're running a lot of tests on him, but he became into a whole lot of pain. Debbie, he just suddenly became in a lot of pain, right? Yeah, he got weak, and just knew that he needed to go to get checked out.

I could, he looked like he could barely stay conscious, and he didn't know. And so, anyhow, we're going to open up in prayer now. You see, we're a big, big believer of prayer here, we're always telling the folks out there, and we're always asking the people whenever we pray to join with us, because, you know, the Bible tells you, little prayer, little power, no prayer, no power, but much prayer, much power, and every single person listening to us tonight, if they don't need prayer tonight, they will need prayer soon, and so, scripture says those who show mercy receive it, and we're going to ask the folks to join us as we pray for Pastor Hal, let's pray.

Heavenly Father, Lord God, Father, you know, we don't know in the hospital what's wrong with Pastor Hal, but we know you do, Lord, and we know that us people, we don't have any answers, we got a lot of problems with questions, and very few answers, and you don't have any problems, and you've got all the answers, and so, with that, we want to hold Pastor Hal up, and ask this, Lord, that you would intervene on him tonight, that you would touch him, Lord God, and you would bless him in every area where he could receive that blessing, and Lord God, and that he might be healed, and get back to work, because we have a lot of work to do, Lord, you've given us a lot, and these things we ask in the name of the Lord, the Lord and King of Kings, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Amen. Lori, we're going to do some scripture reading tonight out of 1 Corinthians chapter 6, and then I'm going to have you tell us all about what's coming up on Sunday, the 30th of April here, and so let's go to, and as we go through this, you can join in, ask any questions, stop me, ask any questions as we go through this Bible study here, and Paul is saying, Dear, any of you having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints, and that word unjust is the same used for unrighteous, the unrighteous, now we have a problem today, we have an extremely corrupt government, and I've been preaching this stuff for 50 years, this is why we had the Ecclesiastical Council housed in the doors of the word Baptist Church, where we would bring people to the council where they could avoid the healing course, and if they agreed to abide by council's rules, we would hear their cases, and that would keep them out of the courts, and guess what, they would keep their money, it wouldn't all go to the judges and lawyers, and so for those that were smart enough to do that, well, he goes on to say, do you not know that the saints shall judge the world, and if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters, and how many times, you know, people, for years and years when I would be out in front of those bloody abortion mills preaching against that horrible, horrible America's national sin, you would have these women coming in there, Laurie, and say, judge not lest ye be judged, but they never would go on, and I would tell them, you know, if you read that, keep reading, and you'll find out that he says, but when you judge, judge with righteous judgment, and he's not saying not to judge, he's telling you don't hold other people up to a higher standard than yourself, in other words, but these girls, they didn't know that, they went with their sound bites, and you know, the Bible says the wages of sin is death, and so, he goes on and he says, know you not that we shall judge angels, how much more the things pertain to this life, now here again, we have to understand that Jesus said, he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world, but you know, so many Christians don't act like they believe it, and that was... You're absolutely right, you know, Pastor Ernie, you bring up a very important scripture, because you know, people, when you call someone out for doing something that is unjust, and then they throw that verse out at you, what they don't realize is that verse, in its proper context, if we are going to judge someone, the area that we are going to judge that individual must not be an area where we have a problem. When we judge one another, we judge righteously, and when we correct one another, we correct one another to bring them back into proper relationship, and how do we know?

How do we know what is truth, how do we know what is just? Well, it's very simple, we have the Bible, we have the first five books of the Bible, the Septuagint, or the Torah, that is the foundation of all truth, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, and unfortunately, people don't want to go back and they don't want to read that portion of the Bible, especially Christians, and this is a shocker for me because I have Christians who say, oh no, that's the Old Testament, I don't read that, I'm a New Testament Christian. Well, that New Testament scripture, there was nothing new in the New Testament scriptures, everything that was spoken of by the disciples, by Yeshua, was first declared in the Torah, the foundation was laid, so there was nothing new, and unfortunately, we have become a society that as believers, we don't know the word, we don't study the word to show ourselves the proof, and we look at what's happening to our country, we look at what's happening to our children, we should not be tolerating what's happening, and this is going to be, we're going to talk about what's coming up in Hudson on April 30th, this is the summit that we're hosting, to take back America's children, it is time, Pastor Ernie, and I'm so grateful for the work that you've been doing, your laboring in this field for all these years, for 50 plus years, there are many, many pastors who do not want to get involved today, they want to just stay on their path, they want to just everything be simple, we're not living in simple times, and we are in desperate times, and it is time that we, as believers, as people of faith, as people of the one true God, stand up and say, enough is enough, we have drawn a line in the sand, you can go no further, Satan, this is demonic, Pastor Ernie, we are fighting a battle, a spiritual battle, and we're not prepared for it, I'm so glad you talked about opening up in prayer, and praying for our brother who needs a healing, because we, the authority that God gives us in prayer to call forth that which isn't as though it were, we've been given that authority, we have that ability as believers to pray without ceasing, and to call in and to expose what is going on, and to hold leaders, ministers, elected officials accountable for their choices, and you know, just as Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, silence in the face of evil is itself evil, God will not hold us guiltless, not to speak is to speak, and not to act is to act, we don't have the luxury of not acting anymore, we as the body of Christ have set back, and we've said, oh somebody else is taking care of it, somebody else is fighting the battle, no it's not us, there is no Calvary coming, we're it, you know, in Hosea chapter four verse six, which is a familiar verse to everybody here, the Lord makes it very very clear, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, then he goes on and says, because you have forgotten my laws, then I will forget your children, America's children have been forgotten, they have, look what is happening, it's horrible, horrible things that are happening to our children in this country, but see here's what people don't understand, God's Word the Bible gives, God gives us three main missions, from Genesis to Revelation, Laurie, mission one of course is called the great commission in Matthew chapter 28, that's first and foremost, and that's to take the gospel out to all the world and baptize in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost and teaching, but mission two, from Genesis to Revelation, God's Word the Bible expressly teaches that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God, resistance to, now, failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God, and so, and then number three, he tells us to, over in 2 Thessalonians, to stand fast, hold our ground, not give up any ground, and hold fast to the traditions of the apostles, okay, meaning the books of the Bible, and so, I remember, I don't know, you're not that old probably, but I remember back in the early 60s when the German enlightenment movement came, and I was wondering, and I asked, I said, what is going on here with this, because if you remember the neo, what we call neo-evangelical movement started there, and when they came in and they were talking about pastors needed in America had to get in touch with their feminine parts, they had to get in touch with their feminine parts, and as a young man, I thought, I don't think I've got any of those feminine parts, okay, and here, but you had these preachers that wanted to be sweeter than Jesus, and the boldness was gone, there wasn't any testosterone, there was no manliness, and we had, and back in those days, when I was a pastor on the radio, I would get into conflict with some of these guys who were very feminized men, but it shouldn't have been, and I got to tell you, when they would tell their people not to listen to me, because I was too radical, or this and that, and I threatened to send them a pair of pink bloomers in the mail, and then I announced that I sent it to them, and boy, when I did that, quiet, no more, I didn't get any more, they stopped, they didn't want to have their name mentioned, receiving the pink bloomers, but anyhow, that's where our problem lies today, it's been a, you see, the Bible says judgment begins in the house of the Lord, but it begins in the pulpit, no place, no place, no place has our Lord been more dishonored than from the pulpits of supposed to be churches, because of a dearth of courage, the Bible says the righteous are as what, bold as lions, lions, that's right, bold as lions, and that's what we have to be, we have to be bold as lions for our children, you know, we're dealing with these, this demonic oppression over our children, and it's no wonder when we look at what's happening in the classrooms, and you know, my message to parents, especially parents with school-aged children today, is to pull your kids out of the school system, now I know that many parents, it's not practical, they can't do that, but if they're going to keep their child in the system, then they must be engaged, they must be aware of what their children have access to in their school library, what their children have access to in their curriculum, in the textbooks, what their children have access to on their iPads or their Chromebooks, because these kids are being subjected to every vile, evil, wicked thing we could possibly imagine, and on top of that, as if that wasn't enough, our children are being told by the education establishment that they don't have to tell their parents if they want to be a different gender, they don't have to tell their parents if they want to be, if they want to be called by a certain pronoun, they can keep all this secret, they are undermining the commandments that call for our children, for all of us to honor our mother and father, the school system is working against us, and they are destroying our children, and it's creating confusion in our children's minds. I was given 87 books, these are library books, that our children have access to here in Tennessee, that are pornographic, they are evil, there is witchcraft that is in these books, and these children have access to it, and we are going to be holding a press conference in the coming weeks, calling for the removal, for Governor Lee in Tennessee, to remove our Commissioner of Education, because the buck starts with her leadership, these books came into the library, they get, and this happens everywhere, this is not just Tennessee, this is across the country, this is in Ohio, you can go to an elementary school, a middle school, a high school, and you can look at the pornographic books that our children have access to, to check out, to read, and these kids don't have to, again, they don't have to tell their parents, our children are being sexualized in a way that is losing their vulnerability, these children, it's losing their innocence, and these kids are being groomed for this sexualized culture, that we live in, we are destroying our greatest resource, our greatest asset, our future, our children, and their future, and if we as parents do not get engaged, whether you are a home school mom, whether you have children in the school system, moms and dads, you must go to school board meetings, you must listen to what their plans are, what the curriculum is, you need to look at the textbooks, because if you don't look and see it, it won't be, it won't have the shock value, I was so upset after looking at these 87 books, I called one of our state senators and I said to him, do you know, have you seen what they're subjecting our children to, and I told him, I said, this commissioner of education must be fired, what happens with these library books, and it's not just in the library books, it's also the propaganda that they're teaching our children in the textbooks, but what happens with these library books is publishers like Penguin House, or Penguin Books, Random House, reputable name, Galactic, they drop off, they have a company that drops off books that go into the library, they give these books to the librarians in our children's schools for free, these books get placed on the shelf, and our children have access to reviewing them, to seeing this, not just the images, but also reading this degrading and sexualized content, and if we as parents do not stand up to them, they will continue to demoralize and destroy our children, we cannot do this to our kids, we have children that are suicidal, we have children that suffer from depression, this is crazy, we didn't, I grew up, I was born in the early 60s, I grew up during the 60s and in the 70s, we were never subjected to this kind of content, and I went through the public school system, and that was in Florida, but if we as parents and citizens, and it's not just for parents, if you are a tax paying citizen, if you are a believer in Christ, you are duty bound to stand up against the evil and the wickedness, we do not, if we do not obey his commandments, his decrees and his statutes, then he will pour out his judgment upon us, he gives us those laws and those guidelines, those boundary markers, so that we will be protected from the evil that will come upon the nation, that violates his laws.

You're right, and again the Lord said, what you've done to the least of mine, you've done it to me, and it's very very clear, for 50 years I've been telling people, if you love your children, get them out of the public school, if you love them, get them out of the public school, and I was attacked by, I was actually attacked by some of the older pastors that really should have known better, and I remember one of them who was a friend of mine, and he told me, well if we don't send our children in there with a gospel message, how are those kids in the public school going to find Jesus, and I said look, you have to understand something, okay, you sending your child in there where all the authority figures are anti-Christ, where they're totally against everything that you've taught your child, your children are not going to bring change to those, they're going to change your child, and that's exactly what happened, and I remember I had two ladies that I've known, and they attended our church, and when their children were small, they did have them in a Christian school, but when they got bigger they put them in a regular secular high school, but then they paid for them to go to secular college, and one of them called me, she's a very well known woman, written many books, and she called me and she just cried and cried, and she said I wish I had listened to you, I wish I had listened, both her son and daughter, they went to two different, turned completely against God, and they took the indoctrination process, but there's some good news Laurie, I've seen since, and Debbie if you want to jump in, I've seen since, last midterm elections everybody said there was a big big loss for us, well maybe it wasn't Congress, but let me tell you where we won, and that there was like over 300 school districts in this country that the parents took the school boards back. That's right, that's the positive, because they weren't, most everybody was paying attention to what was happening in Washington DC. No one was paying attention to the local level, and this is what we said, this is what we focused on over the last two years, is going county to county, state by state, as many counties as we could speak to parents and citizens, telling them you have to flip your school board, the key to taking back our nation is by starting at the bottom, you've got to flip the school board, take back local control of your children's education, and ultimately we will take back control of this country. It's going to take a long time, we didn't get here overnight, we're not going to get out of this mess overnight. You're absolutely right, we've got a hard break, hang tight, we'll be right back. There arose across this nation, people thinking one and the same, and they awoke to find their freedoms and all their liberties had gradually been taken away, and when they realized the danger to their posterity, I heard those patriotic people say, we want this country back, we ain't just joking, Jack, we want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored, we want this country back, she's been driven way off track, we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't going to take it anymore, no we're not going to take it anymore. Remember golden days, when the stars and stripes forever symbolized her glorious name, America. But now it's all been changed, and when we gaze upon old glory, it's hard to fight back feelings of shame, we're fed up with lying politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again, and we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win. We want this country back, we ain't just joking, Jack, we want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored, we want this country back, she's been driven way off track, we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't going to take it anymore, no we're not going to take it anymore. Now we know our cause is right, and our victory's on the way, and we won't give up the fight till we hear two hundred million say, we want this country back, we ain't just joking, Jack, we want our liberty, and our dignity, and our freedoms and our rights restored, we want this country back, and we ain't taking anymore back, we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now, and we ain't going to take it anymore, no we're not going to take it anymore, that's right we're not going to take it anymore, that's right we're not going to take it anymore. We said we're not going to take it any more, that's right we're not going to take it any more, some of us haven't been taking it at all, we've been fighting from day one and it ain't over till we win, and we will win, because the Lord said that we would, and he he's he gets it right every time right all right we're back with laurica does it more and you know what she's taught she's all about she's she's all about proclaiming justice justice in the nation and she's got something big coming up here on april 30th sunday and that's i believe is in hudson ohio tell us about it laurie yes absolutely it's gonna be at the rivers life community church on sunday in hudson and we've got about 300 seats to fill and so we're encouraging everyone in the northeastern really across the state of ohio to join us at the one-day summit we are going to equip the parents and citizens who attend to flip their school boards we're using the model that we used in williamson county tennessee back over a decade ago and we had a mom whose son and this was a homeschooling mom homeschooled her children like i did we homeschooled our kids together and we homeschooled them through elementary and through middle and then we put some of our kids in private private christian schools some of us put our kids in a public school because they had activities extracurricular activities that their children were interested in participating in well this one mom who was a member of our organization her son came home from school one day this is the first year that he is in a public school he's in ninth grade three months only three months into the year he comes home and asked his mother who has legitimate rights to the land of israel and she says what is the bible he say and he said to her he said i know what the bible says mom but tell me the truth who has legitimate rights to the land again this was a child that had received received a homeschool education a foundation a solid foundation was laid for this child academically and it only took three months for him in the public school system to start questioning his faith so you're right pastor ernie we've got to try to pull our kids out of the system but what happened was she brought me a textbook her son came home with a textbook that basically challenged who had who the legitimate owner of the land of israel belonged to well we all know as believers god gave that land to israel that land is part of an eternal covenant that incorporates the land we're told in the bible repeatedly do not move the ancient boundary stones and unfortunately this child questions whether israel had legitimate rights to the land and the book also had quotes accusing israel being occupiers and not only did we find that anti israel content in anti-semitic content the content that was anti-semitic was legitimizing a a palestinian terrorist blowing themselves up in a jerusalem restaurant because they were waging a war against israeli government policies and army actions as i reviewed that book not only did it have that content but there was anti american anti-judeo-christian and i was saying back then if we don't get these books out of our children's classrooms we are going to lose our country because they're our children even a decade ago we're being taught to hate america and so of course we went through the proper channels to try to remove that textbook because it did it was inaccurate it was biased and it did not reflect the values of our community well we couldn't get rid of the book so the state let some of our state legislators started holding hearings at the state capitol in the education committees and we reviewed the textbooks and that they saw the content that we showed them we were able to change laws in the state of tennessee requiring that books use history books geography books social studies books have to be accurate unbiased and reflect the values of the community we were able to change those laws but that but there was an election year it was the year that the elections were up and the school board races were up the even years there were 12 members on that school board six of those members were even numbered districts they were up for re-election when when there was a hearing a school board hearing and we asked them to to remove the textbook we mobilized the community to show up at that school board meeting we had standing room only and parent after parent citizen after citizen got up and said get rid of this textbook it does not reflect our community's values Williamson County Tennessee is the belt buckle of the Bible belt it's one of the most conservative wealthiest top ten Republican counties in the country and to think and we've got five we've got churches on every corner and to think that this garbage has made it past us the gatekeepers the parents and the citizens the believers in that community well that night the school board voted to keep that book and said instead we're doing what the parents and the citizens that had asked and I said when I got up to speak to ask them to remove it I told them I said this is an election year and if you don't remove this book at our request we're gonna remove every one of you from office well that was in April of that year come August election year we went to work those four months we had four months to flip the school board we found six candidates to run we found people to volunteer we found people to raise money to support their campaigns and come August on Election Day we took down every one of those school board members that were up for re-election the model that we use has worked in other school districts across the country we've done it in Florida we had several during this last election we had several counties that we were involved in and have been involved with for the last decade that splits their school boards as well so ladies and gentlemen this is a winning opportunity for us to take back control of our nation it starts with the classroom it starts with our children it starts with our families it starts with you and I and so we are going to we've got organizations that are coming in to help us with training we've got the turning point USA is going to be one of the sponsors they're going to be participating moms for America they're sending someone to participate the national religious broadcasters is one of our sponsors we've got the protect Ohio children they're going to be participating as well they're one of the sponsors Dan Ramada with Citizens for Free Speech he's another sponsor they're going to be with us the Ohio school board constitutional coalition they are going to help with the training SOS Ohio with with Jim Renate see he's going to be there talking about what they're doing to help find candidates to run for school board so we've got this power packed meeting to help parents and citizens run for school board to flip the school board to take back the control of our state and so we can't do it without you this is an opportunity for us to get engaged it's not asking for a lot this is a school board race but it's a way that we because pastor Ernie you know this better than than most that we have a duty to impact our society to be to influence our community as believers and we stand as gatekeepers were reminded in the book of Ezekiel about the watchman and the duty of the watchman to sound the alarm to warn the inhabitants when the when the sword is coming upon the land we are supposed to speak up and this is the way that we're going to equip parents and citizens to show up pastor Joe Del Torrio is going to deliver a message that morning about our biblical duty to engage in the culture to not be silent like Dietrich von Hopper said and Stephanie Meyer she's going to be coming to do a training on how to lay out the strategy for victory to take back local control of our community so we've got people from different counties that are going to be participating that are coming in from Ohio from across the state of Ohio and we expect that we're going to have some participants from some of the surrounding states as well all right anyway here's what I need for you to do what you what you sent me on the text message I need you to email me that where I can print it out and we will continue between now and then to remind people and we'll have you back between now and then again to remind people to that this is very very important see back in about the mid early to mid 70s there was a lady named Martha Lippett and Martha was actually a teacher with a one one room schoolhouse the little one room schoolhouse Ten Commandments on the wall a Bible on her desk with that one little schoolhouse and I think I think it was grades from from one to six I think it was there would you know that the ACLU come in wanting her to get rid of that Bible she called me wanted to know if I could help her we started the homeschooling movement back in Ohio back then and we you know when she called me and she said what they were doing it's let's fight let's fight let's get let's take it to them and and so what happened I started out at that time Laurie there wasn't any well there was some but very little curriculum but now it's just amazing how it took off how homeschooling took off here in Ohio it's just in fact not only that but every day in this country there's roughly three new Christian schools open now we have some of the clothes too that's for sure but but that is growing the people are learning but here's the thing Laurie as you know I've been to a number of these school board meetings and these these are Antichrist Communist Party and the the school boards they are totally taken over by this the so-called woke which is Antichrist and and here Merrick Garland is a is corrupt as corrupt and yet he is the most corrupt Attorney General we've ever had that's just the truth I've got a history of this guy that would just make you sick on how corrupt he is they've sent people within the school board coming after the parents trying to harass them trying to intimidate them well when we have one our county sheriff's deputies are there and and they won't put up with any of that because you know we have a constitutional county out where I'm gonna put up with that they won't have thank God thank God for the sheriff because we are we're trying to get a hold of Sheriff Zukowski I think I believe his name is and he's in Portage County but we have tried to reach out to him because the sheriff is critically important in all of this as we are attending these school board meetings you're right Pastor Ernie Merrick Garland has labeled us parents and citizens who show up at school board meetings as domestic terrorists we have to we have to take back that control from them and our sheriff guarantees our right when we go to these school board meetings it is the duty of a constitutional sheriff to ensure that our constitutional rights are not infringed upon that our mics are not shut off that we are not carried out that we are not put in handcuffs because we are communicating to the representatives who were elected to represent us they don't serve at the pleasure of the NEA or the ACLU or any of these other liberal organizations they serve at our pleasure and they need to be reminded of that and if they can't if they aren't willing to listen to us we the people and our concerns and make the changes that need to be made in our children's classrooms then it's time for them to go and about three years ago about three years ago I spoke to 250 County Sheriff's and Liberty University in Lynchburg and well I'm going to tell you these these people these guys they they were like us they wanted let's take our country back and and I know out here in our County with our sheriff Scott Hildebrand he is he he is with us in fact he's been to our church twice to speak and telling us in fact he said virtually every man in this in this church should be armed because if they come after you you have to defend yourself and there's this Antichrist movement the days we're living in right now where you've had Antifa on that and burn loot and murder have said that they're going to start shooting white children man and so yeah you know what amazes me is that they try to villainize the the parents and the people trying to protect the children when if we all were watching a playground and the children are playing and just being children and people come at them with scalpels or people come at them to harm them it would be the common sense thing to do to cause a scene to protect the children to sound the alarm to say hey get these people off the playground but yet when people do that in a forum or a school board setting then they they change the rhetoric to make them seem like they're the the villains the ones causing trouble when really it's for the love of the children that people are standing up and saying things and if you look at you look at the testimonies of children who've grown up they say I wish that somebody would have stopped me I wish somebody would help me work through what I was feeling or or try to understand rather than just push them along this agenda line and so it's crazy because the very the very people are stepping up to love the children to genuinely fight on behalf of the children are the ones that they're trying to get everybody to think are the crazy ones you know causing scenes and and just hateful people it's really really something when you when you observe that we know I want to some years ago I'm going all the way back into the 90s we had when you know these computers started in all the school the libraries all had computers I had three ladies three women who worked for the National Library Association and they were being silenced because what they had done is they had refused to look these kids get on this look of pornography on the computers in the libraries and so they they called me and they said they didn't is that a terrible thing but people need to know what they're doing so so I put him on the radio and see back in those days I was not really familiar with these computers and you know to me they were they seemed very complicated so I said I don't know I says I don't know how can these ten-year-old boys access this stuff I said I mean I can't even do it they said well it's really not very difficult difficult they said give us one word and that words the slave word you know well I guess we could say it now because with the feminists had their gaps remember they were all wearing their and and their outfits but that's the word they used they said watch and guess what they put that one word in the computer they hit it and they came over 30,000 pictures and I said I don't believe this they said yeah this is what the kids are looking at you understand I said now I do now I understand I can't you know this you know and so and then that's the way it's been in here today it's it's much worse because of the smart alec phones these smart alec phones that you I what what was I just showing you just before we went on the air today Debbie you showed me the a lot of a lot of videos and stories of women who have been that you basically we said that back in the day when you would hear about people running around oftentimes it was the man that would leave it was the man that would desert the family but then you showed me like all these videos and stories of the women being the ones that ran there was infidelity when I was when I was growing up you know it was almost always the men and and there were certain words you would never hear a woman say okay yeah so we we took a look at this because these were all the divorce court that did the cases they had in a divorce and here it was who showed you that these were all women who were cheating on their husbands and because Laurie the these smart alec phones give them access a new freedom to cheat on their husbands and with it the texting things yeah but unfortunately but for them their husbands weren't always that stupid they could figure out when they when they would put the phone down or you know when they come in but it's turned around everything is turned around the opposite from what it used to be and here you went when I was a kid in school the teachers were a positive influence I mean we we started out our day in prayer and what I remember in middle school of grade six seven and eight we would go you would have a prayer over the loudspeaker in the morning and then when you went to your first your homeroom that teacher would lead in another prayer okay it changed when I was got to high school they they still had a morning prayer with thee but today you'd be arrested in the public school system you'd be arrested and the children would be a mocked and abused if they got caught praying huh it's unfortunate that that's the reality you know our one of the greatest honors that we've been able to be involved in with PJ TN is working with Governor DeSantis Department of Education and we were invited to review textbooks and that's one of the things that we offer to state departments of education is reviewing textbooks instructional materials supplemental materials library books to vet them to make sure that the content is in alignment with state statutes state standards well we have we were involved in helping to draft the civic standards for Florida and in the standards in Florida the only state right now in the nation we're working on trying to get this introduced in the standards for civic standards for Tennessee because we're getting ready to review civic standards in Tennessee and God willing in Ohio as well but we were able to put into the standards and this becomes law this is required for all children K through 12 to learn about the role that the Hebrew Bible played in the founding of our country the role it played in the drafting of our founding documents the role that it played in our form and structure of government our Republic our form of government came out of the Torah of Moses out of the Septuagint the first five books of the Bible Florida is the only state in the country that has that as the requirement now we started reviewing the textbook because once the standards are adopted by the Department of Education they go into law then the textbook publishers have to publish textbooks with this content we could only find one publisher that had the Judeo-Christian values that our nation was founded upon in their book in their civics textbook only one so we have to sit as gatekeepers once we once we review the textbooks and the instructional materials the job is never over because every year or every six years a new set of books or a new set of digital content because now the problem is is that they're not printing textbooks anymore so we don't get hard copies they are digitizing the textbook so now the textbooks are online and you have to have a login you have to have login information you have to have a passcode and how do you know that the book that you're looking at is actually the real book that is being used in the classroom so these people this whole industry is so corrupt and so vile and so wicked when we found that textbook in Tennessee when we were able to get the state legislature to address getting rid of that textbook and they did they told the publisher Pearson publishers that if you want our business then you get you pull that quote out of the textbook the anti-semitic anti-israel quote out of the textbook and you'll get our business well they took the quote and they stuck it on another page we went through the book cover to cover to make sure it was completely gone no it wasn't it was just on another page this is how they operate so shiesty so important you know for us to be involved in the process of we of vetting our school board members well they're doing that now with critical race theory they're just changing the name they're calling it by different names but they're teaching critical race theory again and in schools and we catch them every now and then here but we know but they they've got to learn you let me tell you when somebody says school boards get sued when before and what they're doing this is child abuse and what they're doing undermining the family enough of them get sued and and for doing that for molesting and that's that's what it is it's mental molestation we're coming up to a break here Lori when I come back I'm gonna play a play a clip with what's taking place today this is Matt gets and he is going after secretary Austin and general Millie and and I'll tell you why we're gonna play this clip afterwards because what what is it has to do with our military especially but hang tight we'll be back right after this with a whole lot more so don't go away more to come right thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 4 4 0 6 5 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word Cleveland comm the word Cleveland comm once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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