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SUN 040923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 9, 2023 9:48 pm

SUN 040923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right What's Left, is coming up right now. Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio.

You change your life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance. Now on this resurrection Sunday, April 9th, and I'm hoping you're all having a blessed resurrection Sunday like I am. We had a great great church service today.

It was just really wonderful and I'm just so blessed. And so now tonight the title of my message is after that song we you ought to hear played on our radio program There Ain't No Skeleton in Jesus' Closet. And folks because Christ was resurrected because he rose from the dead all of us that believe on him we will rise from the dead too into eternal life. And so we got God's word on it and I got to tell you this that's the most sure thing in existence. In fact it's the only thing in existence that we could completely and totally trust in.

It's the most powerful thing in existence, the word of God. The universe was spoken into existence. And we're going to start tonight with the Lord's last words upon the cross as he said and when he had cried again with a loud voice yielding up the ghost. Now here the death of Christ was uniquely in a way volitional in the sense that no other man or woman can simply decide to die and then yield up the ghost but he did.

No man taketh it from him he said I lay my life down. Now here that loud voice was undoubtedly the great, great, great victory cry. It is finished in John 1930 in fact and he had not only suffered the terrible physical pain but also the essence of hell itself. He could now merely commit his spirit into the hands of his father.

He knew exactly when it was over when it was over when to end it. And so here as we read we go on and we read in verse 51 of Matthew chapter 27. Matthew chapter 27 verse 51. And behold the veil of the temple was rent and twain from top to bottom and the earth did quake and the rocks were rent. Now the veil was the barrier between the holies and the holy of holies. And here the holy of holies you would only be occupied once a year on the day of atonement the priest would be in there and that was the only time it was very holy. In fact while the priest was in there burning incense and ministering within the holy of holies he would have bells tied around his robe around his waist and he would also have a rope tied to his foot so that they could hear him walking around within the holy of holies.

And after a while if the bells weren't ringing they would give a little tug on the rope just to make sure he was all right. If he didn't tug back then they were instructed to pull him out because nothing dead could live would be allowed within the holy of holies. And so here this veil of this temple was it was massive it was about 11 feet tall high and four to six inches thick. And layer after layer after layer of materials made this huge veil and the very fact that it was rent from top down showed that the renting the tearing of it was miraculous it had to be miraculous it had to be done by unseen hands by none other than the God himself. Now this happened first and then there was this earthquake now here you have to understand when that veil was rent meant that the Christ had now opened the way for all to enter directly into the presence of God. Up till then you had to take your prepare a sacrifice take it to the priest and the priest could offer it to God. Now here because of Christ's substitutionary death on that cross that veil of that temple that was rent literally was symbolic and represented the flesh of Christ. In fact if we go over to Hebrews chapter 10 I just want to go to Hebrews chapter 10 and bear with me tonight folks as you know that I've got I'm kind of handicapped because I've only got one arm here one hand and I got to hold my place in the bible and at the same time turn the pages today I actually had for the first time while I was preaching I would have a page turner came up and would turn the pages for me and this was one of my deacons did this Randy but here now we want to go over to Hebrews chapter 10 and verse 19 having therefore brethren boldness to enter into the holy of holies by the blood of Jesus now because of what Christ has done for us we can come boldly well and now this means well it doesn't mean arrogantly or presumptually but it means boldly with absolute complete and total confidence we can have complete and total confidence now because of what Christ did having therefore brethren boldness to enter into the holiest of by the blood of Jesus by new and living way which he hath consecrated for us through the veil that is to say his flesh and having a high priest over the house of God let us draw nigh near with a true heart and full assurance of faith having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed in pure water let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful and promised and let us consider one to another to provoke and to love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves as the manner of some is but exchange in one another so much the more as you see the day approaching and so um again the ancient Greek tabernacle only the high priest was allowed to enter in the holy of holies to commune with God and that was again like I said just once a year now the will has been rent as the body of his flesh bore our sins and died first peter 224 and all who come through Christ can now come to the very throne of grace and so here again we don't have to go the office the official office of the priesthood ended right there when Jesus said it is finished that was a victory cry now we the church have become a nation of holy priesthood a nation of priests and we can go directly to God to the father and then going to verse 52 and the graves were opened and many besides of the saints slept and rose now uh this is the bible is not chronological order it would sound like boom the the earthquake the veil of the temple and and all of a sudden right now the graves were open but the graves weren't opening until after the the resurrection after the lord had descended into Hades if you Hades if you will and here you had that that uh division where uh you had where where as with Lazarus and the rich man where Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham and that was paradise and the rich man was well he was in the area of torment and so here now uh as as the saints have been resting in that division called Hades Abraham's bosom uh we see now as we as we go that when the when the lord Jesus arose uh these graves opened and they the saints and in Christ who had believed whose faith was there the old testament saints they arose with him and Kate came out of the graves after his resurrection and went into the holy city and appeared into many and when the centurion now again like I said they only appeared for a short period until he had ascended to be with the father in fact in fact I want to turn over to uh second Corinthians 5 16 real quickly and in second Corinthians 5 16 we read this wherefore henceforth know that no man after the flesh is though we have known Christ after the flesh yet now henceforth know him no more and so we judge men accordingly to worldly standards before conversion and then and well actually what they call further enlightenment by the holy spirit through the word even including Christ in our worldly method of evaluation now however our concern and judgment is spiritually motivated and guided Paul says that this was true of himself also now here again as we go back uh to Matthew and he came out of the graves after his resurrection and went into the holy city and appeared into many now when the centurions and they that were with him watching Jesus saw the earthquake and those things that were done they feared greatly saying truly this was the son of God and I think some of them right there would repented and prayed and asked for forgiveness and many women who were beholding afar off which followed Jesus well you say well they saw this they saw that the sky darkened and it become like like midnight there was an earthquake you could hear that God the father was angry and you saw the veil of the temple writ not and rocks were falling and these centurions were there and you know many of them had heard about what all and they knew that the things that Jesus had done they weren't ignorant of that they knew about his miracles and that but um you know they like a lot of the corrupt corrupt people we have today uh and they claim well I was just obeying orders I was just obeying orders like with a corrupt FBI and what they did with the January 6 people Mary Carlin well I was just obeying orders no uh you know he was getting his borders from Joe Biden no folks these centurions uh they were just doing that and when they saw this when they saw this then they say surely this was the son of God and folks you can bet that um many of them started coming to the apostles will say tell us about Jesus in fact what they did in those days on the Roman army when these soldiers would get saved they would be shipped out of the country out way out someplace to build the Roman road if you will and they didn't realize but they were sending missionaries out and here now he goes and he says among them which was Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph and the mother of Zebedee uh children well here you had uh three marries there and so when you look at that in fact see in fact see the mother of James and Joseph that was they were Jesus half brothers and then when the evening had come there came a rich man of Arimathea named Joseph and who also himself was Jesus' disciples I had seen a cartoon in the cartoon had a picture of Joseph and he was talking to his wife and his wife was saying how dare you let somebody else be buried in our tomb and Joseph was saying he only needs it for the weekend in other words folks and that that I think was a good clean cartoon I was in the tomb where they where they say 99 percent believe that was the tomb of the Lord Jesus where Jesus was laid the tomb of Joseph and it was interesting because they they met make these they're dug out of a soft rock if you will and uh they have three sections they have one section for the husband and wife and two sections for the children remember in those days they often would have six seven eight nine ten children and so here he goes on and when and he went to Pilate and and he begged the body of Jesus then Pilate commended the hope the body to be delivered and when Joseph had taken the body they wrapped it in clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb and when he had hewn out the rock which he had hewn out the rock and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulcher well again that was another prophecy being uh fulfilled that he would be buried in his new tomb Joseph was a rich man he lived in Arimathea so why would he build a new tomb in Jerusalem especially one in the rock on the hillside close to Golgotha uh with an easy earshot of the cities of the crucified criminals that could hardly have been planned for himself all indications point to having the prepared it ahead of time to receive the body of Jesus and we see that mark 15 42 through 47 in fact and also that fulfills the scripture here here Isaiah 53 9 and he laid it in in his own new tomb which he had hewn out of the rock and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulcher and departed and there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary sitting over against the sepulcher now the next day that other Mary was probably uh Mary the wife of and I'm having one of my my senior moments here I know who was Mary she was the wife of Cleopas Mary was the wife of Cleopas the other Mary and Cleopas and his wife Mary actually they lived in a mass they actually lived they had a home in the mass and so going back to here we read and now the next day that followed the day of the preparation the chief priests and the Pharisees came together in the pilot saying sir we remember that the deceiver said while he was yet alive after three days I will rise again command therefore that the sepulcher be made sure until the third day lest his disciples come by night and steal him away and saying to the people he is risen from the dead so that the last error shall be worse than the first and the pilot said unto them you have your watch go your way make it as sure as you can so they went and made this epicure sure sealing the stone and setting a watch I'm gonna have to grab a little something here to wet my lips because as I always say this is the third time I'm preaching this message today and and I'm gonna really quickly that really tastes good well my throat's a bit parched folks and here so now I want to jump over to uh Matthew 28 and verse 11 now when they were going behold some of the watch came into the city and showed into the chief priest all the things that were done and when they were assembled with the elders and had taken counsel they gave large money into the soldiers and say and say yay his disciples came by night and stole him away while he slept now listen when they say large money this had to be very large money because folks for a roman soldier to be caught sleeping this he could if he lost the prisoner he could pay a horrible price one of the punishments I've read in some of the old history books were that they would take a soldier that fell asleep on guard wrap him in all the clothes that he owned soak it in oil and burning to death this was a horrible horrible punishment and so these soldiers had they had to have offered them huge amounts of money to do this and to say that his disciples came by night and stole him away while he slept and if it comes to the governor's ears we will persuade him and secure you so they took the money and did as they were taught and this saying is commonly reported among the jews until this day now that was two thousand years ago and guess what here now two thousand years later it is still commonly reported among the jews and I find that interesting now here I want to go back over to where we were just a minute ago over to luke over to luke and in luke chapter 24 if you will I wanted to start with verse 13 and behold two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus which was from Jerusalem about three score furlongs about seven and a half miles well actually that if you measured that out by today's measurements it would be 120 football fields the length of 120 football fields and so people say well that's it's quite quite a walk and we were discussing that this morning in the bible study class and here some of us old veterans remembered when we were young in the military and we would go on 20 mile 20 miles marches and so when you look at it in that regard in fact often a lot of that was through the sand and that that would really wear you out but so here now we see that the two of these and the two of them was Cleopas and his wife Mary and they talked together of all of these things which had happened and it came to pass that while they communed together and reasoned Jesus himself drew near and went with them but their eyes were holding that they should not know him well that word holding is the same word we use for restrained he he restrained their eyes they could see him but they couldn't recognize him they couldn't recognize him and he he had done that in other times too and he said unto them what manner of communications are these that you have one to another as you walk and are sad in other words it would be just like if you're you're walking someplace you're walking someplace out maybe in a in a park on a trail and and you're talking loudly and somebody's walking close and over here as you can ask you what what's what's going on here now and one of them whose name was Cleopas answered and said unto him art thou a stranger in Jerusalem has not known these things which come to pass there in these days in other words he's making a point man you know don't you know what's been happening you must be a stranger here and and he said unto him what things Jesus said what things and they said unto him concerning Jesus of Nazareth which was a prophet mighty indeed and word before God and all the people and how he and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and have crucified him but we trusted that it had been he which should have redeemed Israel and beside all this today is the third day since these things were done yay and certain women also of our company made us astonished which were early in the sepulcher and when they found not his body they came saying that they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels which said he was alive and certain of them which were with us went to the sepulcher and found it even as the women had said but him they saw not then he said unto them now I you would have wanted to see this because our lord says unto them oh fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken ought not Christ to have suffered of these things and enter into his glory okay I need to just stop here this on these two verses you can have build a complete uh complete message you could write a book on these two here you got to remember all of the prophecies going back as far back as four thousand years genesis 3 15 concerning the lord jesus christ all the old testament prophecies they knew they knew that he would be writing coming in writing on a cult they were all aware of isaiah chapter 53 and christ's crew of crucifixion was you could not be any more precise uh in description than isaiah 53 all of these songs all of these prophecies so many throughout the old testament of the coming of the first coming of our lord jesus christ of our lord jesus christ and so even though they were all there they were not looking for the suffering messiah they didn't that didn't fit into the program they they wanted the conquering kings what they were looking for and like they said here and we trusted that it had been he who should have redeemed israel and beside all this today the third day since these things were done so now another they're making a point look all these things happening the tomb is empty christ has risen and we we we we believed he's going to be the redeemer and now again the lord jesus is remember when he told the disciples three times he told the disciples he described his death burial resurrection he told them that he would be crucified he would die and on the third day he would rise again and it was like it was going right over their heads they did not want to hear anything about their their messiah their king dying they knew that jesus could work miracles they knew that that he could overthrow could overthrow the roman empire had he wanted to do that judas had decided he was going to try to manipulate the lord jesus christ into doing just that but that failed when he realized that he had failed it caused judas to commit suicide and so now the lord is telling him how often how often well let me read those verses again oh fools and slow heart to believe all that the prophets and spoken ought not christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory and beginning at moses and all the prophets he expounded into them and all the scriptures and all the scriptures the things concerning himself and so here now again another they're starting to think and i'm trying to turn the page here and they drew nigh unto the village whether they went and he made as though that he would have gone farther but they constrained him saying abide with us for it is toward evening and the day is far spent and he went to terry with them now you have to understand it was in in that culture of the middle east in that time it would be a major if you did not show hospitality had they not invited the stranger to stay with them at their place uh then that would have been a real dis show of disrespect but in this case here this was meant to be and and they did what they were supposed to do and it came to pass that he as he set up meat with them he took bread and he blessed it and break and gave to them now remember they would remember this they would remember being told all about what took place at the lord's table in the upper room uh they remember they they were familiar with christ they didn't see him just at his crucifixion they were they were his followers they were very familiar with his teachings okay and now their eyes were open and they recognize who he is now just imagine this for yourself you're sitting there and you're telling this so-called stranger who you've been walking with and all of a sudden you're sitting there at dinner your eyes are open and you realize all of this time you're with god god the son you're with the messiah and here and their eyes were open and they knew him and he vanished out of their sight well god had a way the lord jesus had a way of doing that just appearing and disappearing and we know that it's it's a dimensional thing uh and we see this throughout the bible and they said to one to another did not our heart burn within us while he talked with us by the way and while he opened uh to us to scriptures now just imagine can you imagine that here uh they're sitting there another they're contemplating this now think about this they had just walked seven and a half miles and wetting my whistle again they had just walked seven and a half miles right now listen to this and they rose up the same hour and returned to jerusalem and found the 11 gathered together and them that were with them now can you imagine they had just walked seven and a half miles now they're walking another seven and a half miles and like i said i uh we were talking about that this morning some of us old veterans and we remembered how uh when we were young in the military you know we would often we would do 20 uh we would march 20 mile marches and now here when they went saying the lord had indeed risen and appeared into simon and they told what things were done in the way and how he was known of them in the breaking of bread and as they spake jesus himself stood in the midst of them and said unto them peace be unto you but they were terrified and a frightened and supposed that they were they had seen a spirit and he said unto them well can you imagine look uh remember with the climate the teachings of those days especially of spirits most of those spirits without the exception of the holy spirits were were the enemy you had demonic spirits out there those demons that possessed people and things and just like they still do today and now here they're looking and there's jesus who the last time they saw him he was a bloody pulp now he's standing he's in front of them and he's got his glorified body now going back to what we read over there in matthew jesus was the first fruits and when he had resurrected those who had believed the old testament saints who had believed that were in abraham's bosom were resurrected also they were the first fruits jesus were the first fruits you and i those of us that are saved uh when the rapture of the church takes place will be the main harvest and then the and then the tribulation saints are going to be the gleanings and so here jesus said why are you troubled and why do your thoughts arise in your hearts behold my hands and my feet that is i myself handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as you see me how and when he had thus spoken he showed him his hands and his feet and while they yet believed not for joy and wondered he said unto them have you any meat well apparently folks it was believed in those days that spirits don't eat now obviously they know that he was flesh and blood because they just handled him and they saw the nail prints the spike prints uh but now he's asked for some meat and they gave him a piece of broiled fish and a honeycomb and he took it and did eat before them and so and he said unto them these are the words which i spake unto you while i was yet with you all the things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of the moses and in the prophets and in the psalms concerning me and here uh what he is referring to is john 10 verse 34 to 36 let me just jump over there very quickly and we read this and jesus answered and said is it not written in your law i said you are gods now here's what he's telling them these are not these are gods with a small g meaning judges these are judges if he called them gods unto whom the word of god came and the scripture cannot be broken say you of him whom have the father have sanctified and sent into the world now blasphemous because i said i am the son of god if i do not the works of my father believe me not but if i do though you believe not me believe the works which you have that you may know and believe that the father is in me and i am in the father and this is what he was referring to here he had spoken that prior and so now the lord is saying again to them these are the words which i have spoken into while i was yet with you and all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of moses and in the prophets and in the and in the songs concerning me now when he made this statement the scripture cannot be broken listen folks uh the most powerful thing in existence i know a lot of and the vast majority of people completely are oblivious to this is the word of god now it is the one and only thing that we can completely and totally count on we can we can trust completely without any reservations look we can't even completely trust our own selves we don't know many of us we don't know how we might react under certain circumstances when things happen and we don't know you know we we can assume but we we can't really totally even trust our own selves much less anybody else less anybody else but here the one thing the one and only thing in existence that we can trust completely is the word of god and so here as we continue we read then opened he their understanding that they might understand the scriptures and he said into them thus it is written and this is thus is behooved christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day and repentance and the remission of sin should be preached to his in his name amongst all nations beginning in jerusalem and you are witnessing of these things and behold i send the promise of my father upon you and tarry you here in the city of jerusalem now we're going to jump because of this verse here in a minute over to uh to acts but let me just go through this but terry here in the city of jerusalem until you be endowed with the the power from on high and so with that i want to turn to john chapter 14 very quickly and just read here a couple verses in john chapter 14 verses 16 through 21 and i will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever even the spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeeth him not neither knoweth him but you know him for he dwelleth with you and you shall be and shall be in you and i will not leave you comfortless i will come to you yet a little while while the world seeth me no more but you see me because i live and you shall you shall live also at that day you shall know that i am in my father and you are in me and i in you and he hath and that hath my commandments and keepeth them he it is that loveth me and he that loveth me shall be loved to my father and i will love him and will manifest myself in him and so here when he says here because i live well he's talking about the future resurrection of the body of each believer is assured it is absolutely unequivocally completely uh assured by christ own bodily resurrection from the dead and again uh you know this is this is what god has said this is what this is what god has said he said that now we're living in turbulent times today uh we're we're ever more closer to the lord's return we're seeing the rise of anti-christ we virtually have an entire political party in this country whose god is satan more and more every day uh the uh the democratic party is is embracing or receiving accepting satanism is their religion and so here now we're seeing this uh being fulfilled before our very eyes and and we go back to where we left off in luke 24 and in verse uh 50 we read this and he led them as far as to bethany and lifted up his hands and blessed them and when it came to pass he blessed them he he was departed from them and carried them up into heaven and they worshipped him and returned to jerusalem with great joy and they were continually in the temple praising and blessing god amen and so here i want to turn now over to acts chapter one chapter one verses one through eleven and in acts chapter one i'm going to take another uh acts chapter one uh starting with verse one the former the former treaties treaties have i made on theophilus of all that jesus begin both to do and teach until the day in which he was taken up after that he through the holy ghost had given commandments to the apostles of whom he had just chosen of course i just read that here and so what he's referring to there what he's saying here that word theophilus by the way means lover of god and here uh what the lord is is is saying is that luke had seemed to have a special interest either seeking to lead him uh to christ or to build him up in his newfound christian faith and jesus began where it says jesus begins luke's gospel contains the record of what jesus began to do and teach and of course the implication is that luke's supplementary treaties treat us tells what he continued to do and and uh teach through the apostles by enabling the power of the spirit whom he sent to and dwell and guide it then at pentecost and here now we read now we read until the day that he was taken up after that he thought the holy ghost had given commandments into the apostles whom he had chosen to whom he had showed himself alive after his passion and many infallible proofs being seen of them 40 days and the speaking of the things permitting or pertaining to the kingdom of god now he was seen by thousands and thousands of people in that time here that word infallible proofs that he was referring to in the greek that's one word tech mirian and it occurs only this one time right here is the only time that you'll find that uh in the new testament it emphasizes that the evidence for christ's resurrection we're not philosophical if you will speculations as some would say but certain facts absolute positive uh of course it was the appropriate that the the word occurs only once for no other event of biblical history has ever confirmed more certainty than the bodily resurrection and folk that throughout centuries uh for the last two thousand years the devil's crowd the opposition has been trying to disprove starting the very day of his uh resurrection trying to disprove his resurrection but folks again there was an empty tomb amen nobody's got the remains of christ he's alive and sitting at the right hand of the father and he goes on and he says him being assembled together with them commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem but wait for their promise of the father which saith he he you have heard of me this is what we just referred to here just a moment ago back over there in john 14 16 through 21 where john truly baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the holy ghost many not many days hence and when they therefore were come together they asked him asked of him saying lord wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to israel and he said unto them it is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the father hath put in his own power but you shall receive power after that the holy ghost has come upon you and you shall be witness unto me both in Jerusalem and into Judea and into Samaria and into the other most parts of the earth now the admonition here when he's talking about times and seasons uh is still appropriate today no human being no not no angel not even jesus and the limitations of human that that were placed upon himself in incarnation in that of his human incarnation i can know the date of his return uh to set up his kingdom now we we know that that's true because the lord has spoken it now when he says but you shall receive power after that you the holy ghost come upon you you shall be witnessing to me both in Jerusalem and to the Judea and Samaria and it to the uttermost parts of the earth now the power associated with the coming of the holy spirit on a believer is more than dynamic preaching style it also involves boldness boldness this is why i often tell you uh and great grace and witnessing centered in the wisdom of god rather than one of wisdom of men and manifestation of the fruit of the spirit who wins life look just like recently in Canada Canada has become a very anti-christ um country like America today and just recently in Jerusalem they tried to outlaw the communists in Israel the communists in Israel have tried to outlaw they wanted to try to legislate and outlaw Christianity and here and these are these are communists these were not orthodox jews doing this these were the anti-christ atheistic communist jews in Israel and Netanyahu stopped it he put a put a hold on it and uh here that it's coming here you can you can bet that they're going to try to outlaw us now well we just read here the power what he's referring to look if god raises up people and folks if you're saved the bible says this the righteous are as bold as lions the righteous are as bold and lions and this is why we're telling people one of the reasons that America has turned her back on god forgotten her god is because judgment belongs begins in the house of the lord and in that house it begins in a pulpit and today we've had so many pulpits are filled with people that god has not placed there we've seen the anti-christ world system right here in cleveland and the national headquarters of the anti-united church of the anti-christ they call themselves the united church of christ but they're apostate as apostate gets uh this is where you just had with that community church uh that satan that that fellow who's uh the apostate pastor just recently out in geauga county all across the country folks that the anti-christ satan knows his time is short the world national consulate churches has totally apostatized you don't look upon them with with very few left within the episcopal church that have not apostatized but it is gone these are exactly the days that the bible talks about now here again going back the righteous are as bold as lion and jesus is telling them that they're going to be given this power now when he had spoken these things while they beheld he was taken up in a cloud and received out of their sight and while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as they went behold two men stood them in white apparel stood by them in white apparel now here as elijah had long ago in second case 211 in his physical body ascending into heaven where he then said at the right hand of god the heaven must be a real place right in his physical universe created by god not only uh either real dimensions of time space and into through a black hole or something of that sort right so we're looking here these two men witnessing the ascension may will have been the same two men at the empty tomb and even the two witnesses who will prophesize in the last days and this would be uh moses and elijah and so here he go on to say and while they look steadfastly toward heaven as they went up behold the two men stood by them in the white apparel which also said you men of callowly why stand you gazing up into heaven the same jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall come in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven then return they into jerusalem from the mount called alavet which is from jerusalem a sabbath's day journey and when they were come in they went up into the proper room where abode both peter and james and john and andrew philip and thomas parthalimut matthew james the son of alpheus simon is a zealot zealotus and judas his brother of james all these continued with one accord and prayer and supplication and the women and mary and the mother of jesus uh and also his brethren and so we're out of time for tonight but folks this you know this resurrection sunday uh again i'm i'm hoping you all had a blessed resurrection sunday and i know that many out there are talking about the bible being a book of fables let me tell you something it's the most real thing that ever existed it is the most real a lot of people don't understand that but they will and i've spent a lifetime studying and researching and folks i'm going to tell you there is nothing there is nothing never has been never will be anything that even come close to the assurity is the word of god it is what you can trust in and that is why it is so so very important for you out there listening tonight out there many of you have heard this story many many times many of you out there may have said well you know one of these days maybe i i should say that's in his prayer well folks if you're listening to me right now when that preacher gives the invitation he's just the messenger the invitation is coming from the lord himself and you don't want to run out of tomorrows the time will come when you won't have you won't get another invitation and again it's appointed to all men wants to die and then the judgment and we're all going to die that's not the tragedy but to die unrepentant in your sin unsaved well there's nothing nothing worse than that there's just nothing worse than that so lord jesus he did all the heavy lifting he took your place upon that cross all you have to do is pray to the father acknowledge the fact that christ died took your place a substitutionary death on that cross ask the father for forgiveness of your sins ask the lord jesus christ to come into your life to be the lord of your life all of your life without any reservations completely and totally now if you do that you will become a new creature a born-again believer an heir of the kingdom and i can tell you this you have got god's word on it and there's nothing as sure as that well until tomorrow good night god bless and always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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