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TUE HR 2 040423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 5, 2023 12:02 am

TUE HR 2 040423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at All of our special clarity as chief Ortiz is there a crisis at our southern border yes or no? Senator I'm very proud to work alongside. You refuse to answer let me ask you the next question has the crisis at our southern border made Americans less safe yes or no? Senator we are dedicated to the safety.

Has the crisis made Americans less safe I don't I don't want a discourse it's a yes or no question. Senator we have a challenge. You refuse to answer the question not sec mr. secretary let me show you how someone doing his job answers a question in a straightforward matter chief Ortiz is the crisis that is currently ongoing at the southern border making the border less safe for Americans and aliens alike answer yes one word one syllable three letters that's how someone answers a question and does their job you're being a politician misleading the American people let me give you a chance again will you show the same integrity chief Ortiz shows is the crisis at the southern border making Americans less safe yes or no?

Senator we have 260,000. You refuse to answer the question let's move on and security of the next question mr. Mayorkas has the crisis made aliens less safe yes or no? Senator we are seeking so you won't answer that question either if it is it's a yes or no has it made aliens less safe? Senator smugglers are exploiting. Has the crisis made aliens yes less safe are you willing to answer it? Senator the smuggling organizations okay you're you're filibustering again let me ask you this question how many migrants have died under President Biden? Senator your your phrasing of the question is actually quite misleading. How many migrants died in 2022? At our approaching our southern border?

Yes. Precisely why we are seeking to exclude this you know the answer do you know how many died? I do not. You do not of course you don't I know how many died eight hundred and fifty three that eight hundred and fifty three and by the way here's the numbers that have died every year you go back to 1998 you see it's consistently between three hundred and four hundred three hundred four to three hundred four hundred suddenly 2021 what happens you get in office and that red line are dead bodies I've been on the Rio Grande and I've seen dead bodies floating there who've drowned because of your refusal to do your job you don't even know how many have died what do you say to the Texas farmers and ranchers who find pregnant ladies dead on their property who find toddlers dead on their property what do you say to them? I say that is why precisely we are taking it to the smuggling organization.

But you are not that is simply not true. Let me read from the Wall Street Journal the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago ran an article entitled it's like great a graveyard record numbers of migrants are dying at the border the story begins with this chilling line quote Eagle Pass Texas local officials keep a refrigerated truck to hold the bodies of migrants who drown in the currents of the Rio Grande while trying to cross the border into the U.S. Mr. Chairman I ask unanimous consent that this article be entered into the record. Let me ask you a different question how many children have been sexually assaulted by human traffickers under the Biden administration? Senator this is precisely why we... I don't want a lecture it's a question how many children have been sexually assaulted by human traffickers under your administration? Senator this is this is exactly why on January 5th we again you know how many do you know how many children have been sexually assaulted? This is why we... You're gonna refuse to answer that question as well let's move on it's obvious you've been instructed to Stonewall so I'm not gonna let you you don't get to Stonewall and filibuster. Now one of my Democratic colleagues before said the Democrat talking point quote this problem didn't start under Biden.

That's I look I get if you're a partisan spinner you got to figure out something to say about the absolute catastrophe that has played out under the Biden administration. True or false secretary Marrakis 2020 was the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years is that true or false? It is certainly the lowest level of immigration in many many years and what was it okay fine 2020 what was it senator in 2020 that impacted the entire world including the United States? Okay so your testimony is the reason we had the lowest rate was COVID it had nothing to do with building the wall nothing to do with any catch and release nothing to do with remain in Mexico with all respect Mr. Secretary that answer is laughable and in fact if you look at illegal immigration let's look at CBP encounters you can see five hundred thousand five hundred thousand it drops to the lowest level and boom what happens you show up and that red line is you that red line is Joe Biden and you're claiming nothing happened oh gosh that this was here before us no you made the decision to allow this to happen let me ask you we now have over five point five million people who've entered this country illegally under Joe Biden how many murderers have you released into America? Senator I'm not aware of any murder so you don't know into senator let me say something if you know if you take a look at no no you don't get to give a speech do you know how many murderers you've released?

I'm just trying to answer your question. How many rapists have you released? Senator I'm trying to answer your question.

You can answer I know or I don't know. Senator any individual who poses a public safety threat. How many child molesters have you released?

And removed into the United States from the United States. Oh so your testimony under oath subject to perjury is that you have not released any murderers rapists or child molesters among the five point five million is that your testimony? Mr. Chairman may I have the opportunity. No you may not you may answer my question.

Is that your testimony yes or no? Senator you're not allowing me to answer your question. I am allowing you to answer I'm not allowing you to filibuster. If you take a look at the the pace of immigration in 2018 to 2019. You're refusing to answer let's move on let's move on to got aways. Got aways are the people that get away that you know about. Now what happened under your administration got aways consistently down at this low line boom you get in and they go from below 180,000 to 600,000. Now I'll tell you this about a got away you don't know among those 600,000 a year you have no idea how many are murderers correct?

That is precisely why. Do you know how many of those are murderers? That is precisely you refuse to answer the question you know how many are rapists? Do you know how many are rapists?

This is a question you're a lawyer you know how to answer questions. Of the 600,000 do you know how many of them were rapists? Senator this is why. So again the answer is no let me ask you this do you know how many of them are terrorists? And I don't want to Senator here's my lecture on this do you know how many of the 600,000 got aways were terrorists yes or no? Senator we are focused on. You refuse to answer that as well.

What's the result of massive got aways? Well one of the results is drug overdoses and we now have last year over a hundred thousand overdoses who died the majority from Chinese fentanyl streaming across the border. Now you told Senator Cornyn you care but look what has happened under your policy when you open up the border to the worst illegal immigration our nation's history people die.

You claim you care. Mr. Secretary that is a lie you know some months ago Corrine Jean-Pierre stood up at a White House briefing and said people are not just walking across the border. Was she telling the truth? Senator you are. Was she telling the truth?

So profoundly disrespecting my 22 years. Was she telling the truth? Okay you get to answer questions you don't get to give speeches. Senator I served as a federal prosecutor. Alright you're refusing to answer if you look at she was lying and she was not lying on her own she was lying on behalf of the President of United States. Now the photograph people walking she was lying on behalf of the President of the United States this is a photograph from just one day along the Rio Grande of hundreds of thousands of people walking across the border.

You have allowed this to happen the photograph that was before. What are these wristbands? I don't know what they are.

You don't know what they are. Mr. Secretary you have just testified to the American people you're incompetent at your job because I've been to the southern border and if you go to the southern border along the southern border you see thousands of these wristbands because the illegal immigrants wear them the drug cartels every color corresponds to how many thousands of dollars they owe the cartels. You have turned these cartels into multi-billion dollar criminal organizations and these are modern-day leg irons because these are children being sold into sex slavery and you don't even know what they are. That is astonishing. Mr. Secretary how many children have been sold into sex slavery under your administration?

Senator we are taking it to the cartels. How many children have been sold into sex slavery? Do you know how many children have been sold into sex slavery? To an unprecedented degree. Mr. Secretary I want to say to you right now your behavior is disgraceful and the deaths the children assaulted the children raped they are at your feet and if you had integrity you would resign and I will tell you the men and women of the Border Patrol they've never had a political leader undermine them they despise you Mr. Secretary because you're willing to let children be raped to follow political orders. This is a crisis it's a disgrace and you won't even admit this human tragedy is a this crisis. Well there you go Joe again I want I just want to reiterate that Obama's not Obama's Joe Biden's job is to keep a flow of children in making these children available for sex sexual use for sex crimes and also for working in factories slave labor there's a lot of companies that are hiring these children people don't even know it here in this country here and working these children but again Joe Obama's job is to make sure the Democrats have a good supply of children for their pedophilia also and folks I'm not see I know you don't understand this because you haven't heard it at NBC ABC CBS you're not used to believing we've been trying to tell you this for a long long time what is happening out there Joe Biden is as corrupt as corrupt can possibly get this is evil these people are satanic they're satanic to the very core and again we have to take our country back we have to rise up and take our country back away from these wicked evil people we start right there you started in your local county right there take your county first and then you take your state first you take your state back and folks there you go I know the rhinos are in the way and that they're a real problem sometimes I think I'm angry or more angry at them than I am the communist but anyhow Joe right now that number the latest number is six million since Joe Obama has been in office six million illegals have come into this country and their job is to burn the country to the ground there you go you know oh also I need dad tonight all this attention all day long they were focusing on the Trump convoy and the aircraft at the airports and everything else folks they are also trying to divert your attention and I want to do a couple of stories pastor real quick this is what the news is covering up with all this attention on Trump you're not hearing this you the other night I mentioned brick that's the enemies that's Russia China Brazil it was the enemy version it's the opposite of rg7 Russia media announced that Iran and Argentina have filed official applications to join bricks now along with that Saudi Arabia Turkey and Egypt are in the process of making applications and our neighbor to the south Mexico has they were considering but now they have actually taken the step to apply for membership in bricks that's Brazil Russia India China and South America bricks Brazil Russia India China and South America and now joining them think about this Saudi Arabia Turkey Egypt Turkey supposed to be a NATO member and our neighbor to the south Mexico what's happened all these countries are fleeing to the Russians and the Chinese because they have seen what is happening to America they are watching the collapse of our constitutional republic they see the corruption they see the wickedness in government the deep state and they have no more faith in America they are fleeing picking aside they're going well I think we'll be better off siding with Russia and China will be safer more protected that's one of the big things in foreign policy how about on the local front article out from the Daily Caller yes the Chinese spy balloons did collect Intel on America's military sites the pastor and I told you that but here they have out from two current US officials and a former senior administration official told NBC that yes the balloons were picking up electronic signals especially those submitted from weapons systems communications at different military bases and on and on the balloon remember they kept saying it was a weather balloon it maneuvered in a figure eight pattern around US military sites sometimes repeatedly while they were collecting these electronic systems your president not my president the country the man who claims to be president came out and lied to the American people oh we're tracking it it's not doing anything we're we've got it controlled when you have a weather balloon doing figure eight sometimes repeatedly around a US high information military base that is not a weather balloon they do not have that kind of capacity so you were lied to lied to lied to when you know as a nation we're going to realize the press lies to us the mainstream media are a bunch of liners they just parent whatever the Biden administration says is the narrative of the day and here now the truth came out and again the National Security Council Department of Defense these people have worked with it they finally revealed it flew over these bases and blah blah so then on the VAX front 100 million Americans may now have seriously seriously damaged hearts according to a top US cardiologist serious is the word he used after receiving the mRNA shots dr. Thomas Levy the COVID VAX are causing heart injury at a large percentage of the people that receive it he warns that at least seven million Americans now have hearts that have been severely seriously damaged he fears that over a hundred million other people have some degree of heart damage and that a lot of this injuries are not myocarditis but heart damage that will be detectable with a troponon test and he goes on and on and starts getting a little more complicated but he's even talking about soaring heart damage among the pilots has gotten so bad that the Federal Aviation Agency had to lower their guidelines for pilots they quietly changed the electrocardiogram parameters for pilots so they could accommodate people with cardiac injuries we have such a shortage of pilots we are now having to let people fly who have heart problems who 20 years ago would have been grounded immediately they're now having to give them wage waivers because there aren't enough pilots to fly the people then another big study came out and researchers looked at data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the Cleveland Clinic data that Pastor Ernie talked about and a couple large insurance companies their risk assessment data they took all these three things and put them together and they came up with some very horrifying news you've been lied to you've been had in fact some of you have been a lot of Americans have been killed and a lot more of you are gonna die the damage to your health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time it appears to continue indefinitely in fact the CDC all-cause morality that data showed each vaccine dose to increased mortality by 7% each year so the more doses you have the more likely you are to die and but if you were not vax you are not more likely to die at all and it finally said if you're fully vax you're going to lose 25 years of life expectancy according to this data the issue is not isolated to the United States they say it is impacting nations around the world recent government data out of Australia shows excess deaths of 22 were five thousand one hundred and sixty two percent higher than previous years double-vax the Australians were ten point seven times more likely to catch the virus and now there are 20 times more likely than the end vax to have heart problems and goes on and on and on so the study that shows someone who's had four or five shots in his 30 years old can now expect to only live to 55 years old this is the stuff that is not being put out there in the news instead you're seeing pictures of Trump's convoy going to the airport and all this fascination on Trump Trump Trump in the meantime there's some really horrible thing is going on caused by the Biden administration the deep state and they're leaving you in the dark they've lied to you they have deceived you they've murdered some of you they will kill more of you by what they've done they are destroying our standing in the world the nations are fleeing to Russia and China because we're collapsing but everything is fine according to Biden we've got it under control like the border there's no crisis at the border it's completely under control the world situation is completely under control our energy situation is not at all under control and will be getting worse you watch your gas prices they will be going up within a few days and they will continue the rest of this year and all by the way we can't refill our strategic petroleum reserve because one the inflation we don't have the money to all our enemies have reduced the supply of oil so there will not be excess oil to buy up to put back in our reserve if he he used our our reserve to keep the price of gas down for the election so the Dems could elect more Dems and power but now you're gonna pay the price of their vote by so this is what's going on while you're focused on everything else but what you need to know for your survival and health as a nation do you think I've understated it Pastor Ernie well no let me go make it take a little further first I'm going to open the phone lines we're going to take some calls so the phone lines are now open and now open and by the way from now on we're going to make sure that whoever gives the invitation gets a good five minutes every night and I wanted to say this to Joe Salem has said if we can come up with and we mentioned this many times an additional hundred thousand by June 1st we can they will knock an additional fifty thousand off our bill and we have a couple states like like there in Arkansas and also in Oregon where these states are both under 20,000 I mean it would take only $20,000 to get them back on the air and so people in those states are listening to this would like to because we've getting a lot of letters from people out there especially from Oregon saying you know wishing we were back on the air they're listening to us on the internet but they would rather be able to listen to us on the radio all it would take is 20,000 marked and we would be back on the air in your two states but anyhow there you go Joe here governor Joe Lombardo blast Biden for unilaterally locking up 500,000 acres of land in Nevada including rare earth mineral mining projects he's under orders from China you make sure that they have to buy their to get all of their their mirror the things that we need in our computers and the things we need in the electric car the chips make sure they have to buy all of the chips from us Joe Biden like to land up by the way make sure that there's no no drilling for oil we don't want America to become independent again you've got your orders from your communist dictators from your communist handlers Joe Biden your owners anyhow Nevada governor Joe Lombardo Tuesday blasted Joe Biden for a unilaterally locking up mineral rich land in his state Biden is based in buying on Tuesday enough he is establishing two new national monuments Ava qua and arm and Nevada and Kastner range in West Texas to preserve more than 500 think 100,000 acres of land and again you know the reason for that phone lines are now open want to rely on China for all the rare earth minerals that make the batteries that make the solar panels so we're going to rely on our greatest enemy for all the things we need to make his green dream come true now that sounds like national suicide to me doesn't it to you well it is it's we've been taking over the the American people have to rise up we've got to take we can't survive another two years we got to take the country back all right let's go out into Pennsylvania we got neck neck you're in the air oh thank praise God thank you so much for taking my call you know what I'm going to be saying first of all this administration is responsible for the death of my brother John when Country Larson was at Parson was talking about shortened life expectancy he was a prime example of health in his 60s strong as an ox and all of a sudden he's dead because he got all for the vaccine that being said I'm hearing from talk show hosts all over we found a new guy we're listening he's called as the officer tape program he's out of Arizona and after he aired what Trump you know Trump speaking to the people and he said when is something going to get done and everybody out there that hears my voice know what I'm going to talk about and I'm going to give you verses to back it up my wife and I are doing a study in Nehemiah so you're looking Nehemiah and the King James in chapter 1 and verse 4 it says and it came to pass when I heard these words that I sat down and wept and mourned certain days and fasted and prayed before God of heaven that's one next verse you flip over to Matthew chapter 4 and you look where it says in Matthew chapter 4 this is Jesus then was Jesus led up of the spirit unto the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he had what fasted 40 days and and 40 nights he was afterward hungered and that's been it then you know the rest and then another verse mark 9 29 where Jesus says and he said unto them this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting America Christians everyone out there that knows Jesus as your Savior if this at this country if those that know Jesus of their Savior would get on their heart and pray and fast and know God and get acquainted with God it works it works that's why we're that's why I'm and I have this home that we have it worked for dr. Jack Hiles when he had a church that went with what no one was getting saved he found the common denominator these great men Spurgeon Moody they prayed and they fasted a church in Marshall Texas went from 49 to over 3,000 it works we need to pray and we need to fast not just pray prayer and fasting it works oh all right you're you're right we've been telling people for a long time you know they say what are we gonna do what are we to get a second chronicle 714 we've been telling people this was such a long time guys where the Bible gives you the answer he tells you it'll work if you'll do it we'll be right back after this once a man's home was his castle only his foes would violate and the border of his property was the moat round his estate all these kingly rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by God have been lost somewhere in history in the fine print and the fraud once a man and his religion was protected by the law in America the Constitution formed a verbal wall now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached now the worried will watchmen on the walls crying heavens under siege heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the street and when the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heavens under siege heard the watchman sound warning call back in 1992 when they murdered Dickie Weaver just like they'll murder me or you when they stormed the church in Waco women and children burned alive and now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the street and the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege now a voice cries in the wilderness as the Lord pairs his church well it's called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth will we pass the test of heaven's quest never counting earthly loss will we fight like Christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets and the gentle lambs of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heavens under siege I said corruption reigns in government when heavens under siege and boy does corruption reign in this government boy alrighty let's go out to New Jersey and take Susan hey Susan you're in the air hello hello here in the air go ahead oh okay yes I just I had wanted to call last Thursday but I didn't get on this on the call but um yeah I agree with the last caller about praying and fasting but also last Thursday I think you had talked about the topic of the last incident that happened with the school at the school and that we have to remember that just like many others this last one there are some citizen investigators online that have shown some proof that it probably was like a fake one you know it was like staged because that same school the news people themselves were saying how like probably a year before they were doing drills and it seems that every school that they've had a drill in you know prior to that suddenly so-called actual shooting happened and so what these um what this particular investigator showed you know how we didn't see a lot of children you know in certain video footage when they were showing that person going around you didn't see children even when the police stormed you didn't see children inside the building or outside and then also he indicated how the shoes that the person was wearing the shooter were like black sneakers black and white but then when the police you know is over the body that they just shot suddenly the sneakers were yellow and yellow and red sneakers well I wouldn't doubt that that they had staged this but don't pick there were people there were children that got killed there were there were six people that got killed and they did have if you watch the children coming out of the school that you saw hundreds of them coming out of the school there then lined up they had each of them had their hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them there and so I know what you're talking about a lot of this stuff we see it's called false flags but not in that case and here's the proof of that the queer cabal really really really does not want the public to see the manifesto of Nashville transgender shooter Audrey Hale which begs the question what damning information does it contain linking this tragedy to the hateful brainwashing rhetoric of the cult of LGBTQ John Jonathan but Jordan but executive director of children of lesbians and gays or sodomites told Newsweek that it should not be published because the focus should not be on this but on how this was able to happen in the first place in other words they don't want this whole thing was planned and here that Audrey Hale what she was going to go to another place first all this stuff is in in her statements that she had but when she realized and I can tell you what's happened since then Christian schools across the country have been really manning up and hiring security that is happening there they're all putting on because we know the Christians are being targeted now and so anyhow thanks for calling let's let's go to Jack in San Diego yes if you were able to listen to Trump's speech tonight I did you'll know that what happened today is the tip of the iceberg he went over some of the criminal cases that he will be indicted on he also mentioned one civil case from Letitia James out of New York she's another extremely wicked wicked woman New York government is wicked to the core I mean it is it has been that way for years there's a lot of good people in New York but but the government is right but what he didn't really cover is the mountain of civil suits that are coming his way the Capitol Police have been given the green light by the Justice Department to sue Trump on the individual basis for any damages or injuries they suffered on January the 6th he could be facing hundreds of lawsuits just from that he has one woman suing him for defamation of character because he denied having an affair with her and he has another woman that's suing him for rape I I thought the most interesting thing he said tonight was that when it comes to the classified documents is that they plan on charging him with espionage and he said under the Espionage Act what they're going to claim is what he did is that this is Trump speaking is a death penalty offense now can you imagine if a jury finds Trump guilty of espionage and the federal government puts Trump to death that I'm sure they would be dancing in the streets right but it's not going to happen they're using all this stuff to scare the American people away from Trump they're gonna just keep at him keep at him keep at him and the idea is they fear him get Trump is the mantra of the left right now they have to get Trump stop Trump because we are right in the middle of a communist revolution a coup of our constitutional republic if Donald Trump can stay standing they lose the revolution is over but if they can destroy Trump they believe in their hearts that they can take over America control and the constitutional republic will be gone the socialist democracy will be installed it's an all-or-nothing battle they're not good they're gonna not pull it'll hold back on anything they can come up with to complete the revolution you know Joe do already there you go looks like we lost him first of all what he what he doesn't you know apparently doesn't realize the American people have had enough see America is different than many other nations because many other nations have really never known the freedoms that we've known and a lot of us especially we have a lot of us old veterans you know what we've lived our lives we've raised our families and you know we raise our children and grandchildren we've been here and we realize that when we were in the military we took that oath to defend America the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic Joe Biden is the American all the Democrats all Democrats are enemies of America they're the enemies of freedom and they're pushing for a shooting war somehow thinking that well they can win that because they'll have the military on their side well a whole lot of people in the military see a lot of those people have their family members are us and you know what they're gonna turn around and they're gonna shoot the guy that gives them the orders to shoot you to shoot us that'll happen and that's what they want it's not what we want to happen we don't want that to happen but that looks like oh unless unless we have intervention from the Lord and I mean that's it unless again God has given us the answer but we don't have enough people out there I don't think that believes it and that is like we read second chronicle 714 prayer and fasting if enough people would do that repentance we have to realize that we have so many people don't understand that they've sinned because they have not done the things God asked them to do when he said get out there and run to the battle to stop the innocent that were to save the innocent being led to slaughter those people I'm against abortion but they did absolutely nothing God is saying I can bring judgment for the things that I've baked pleaded with you to do that you as a nation have not done our greatest sin in this country is we did not do the things that God commanded us begged and pleaded with us to do and that's where we've got to repent and change and start to get active and become doers of the word right yep all righty we've got time to take a couple more calls eight eight go who do we have okay let's go with Cliff Clifford's in the air go ahead hi a couple of things the sergeant report posted episode 512 today or yesterday parts of the document you know 25 minutes of a documentary on the 5g I thought it was very informative of the additional radiation and the consequences of that of 5g that's such a report podcast episode 512 another informative piece was life site news today has a very long article on the persecution of monks and Orthodox Christian and Kiev specifically and throughout the Ukraine very detailed article I would click at the bottom of the article and have them read it to you if you click at the bottom of life site news articles it reads those articles to you when a woman's voice but that really shows you how Zelensky's team is going headlong after Christians and and in the Ukraine and then I just want to ask about two verses one would be some 10 verses 2 to 4 and some 55 verses 10 I think they're both giving militarizations of the wicked and what's your opinion on that all righty you said so and then the first one versus four to the four where we could correlate that with the behavior of what we're seeing how exactly the wicked in his pride persecute the poor let them be taking it devices they have imagined yeah God saying let the wicked be taken by the things that they're doing let them be the their punishment let that be the seal upon them to show what they're doing because they're boasting everything here that through their pride yeah pride goes before the fall you're exactly right and that blessing in other words they're helping their helpers they're basically giving them like you said money you know like that secretary's probably has his pocket stuffed somewhere yeah but you saw they give jobs they give well have you ever noticed that there were some people that did some really dumb bad things instead of getting fired they got promoted they got moved out of that job but they got promoted to a higher paying job for their loyalty loyalty in the Democrat Party gets rewarded yeah well those woman that were head of the BLM one of them has a mansion in Toronto for like I think it's like 10 million approximately so to have a mansion like that you need 20 million by the time you have maintenance and everything well sure see this is a communist using the capitalist system to get rich and famous by what promoting communism in America and taking advantage of our capitalistic system and all the donations those founders and leaders got filthy rich but yet if you read marks that's not the intent but hey who's paying attention to minor details right all right go ahead what was the other okay all right there you go we lost him all righty we are coming up on how much time do I have left right now all right Joe you got five minutes to give an invitation tonight all right one of the hymns that I love it's called almost persuaded almost persuaded now to believe almost persuaded Christ to receive seems now some soul to say go spirit go thy way some more convenient day on the I'll call almost persuaded harvest is past almost persuaded doom comes at last almost cannot avail almost is but to fail sad they had that bitter whale almost but lost salvation is a choice you make God doesn't send anyone to hell we send ourselves anyone that goes you send yourself to hell God has well given us free will he's given us the choice to accept him and become part of his kingdom become his children or reject him and suffer the consequences live a life of sin and the wages of sin or death eternal death in the book of Romans it makes it clear for as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God you see if we live in the spirit we walk in the spirit well how do we get that spirit it says for ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear but have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry Abba father the spirit itself beareth witness with our own spirit that we are the children of God do you want to become a child of God well it's a simple process but it takes a repentant heart to become a child of God Jesus the first word in his ministry gave the clue he said the word repent for the kingdom is at hand we call upon the father and repent of the sins that we have done the sins of the things that we didn't do that we should have been doing for him you know and ask forgiveness with a truly repentant heart I think there was something I learned from my grandmother we've sinned by thoughts words deeds we sinned by things we've done and things we have left undone I don't know where it came from but I remember she taught me that when I was young and with that repentant heart when we talked to the father we will be forgiven if we're truly repentant and then we can call upon Jesus his only begotten son the one that took our place in that cross died paid the price for our sins and he will if we call upon him to be Lord of our life will answer we tell him we want to give ourselves to him completely without hesitation without reservation that we want to become a son or daughter of a living God and we will be given that spirit that new spirit within us we become that new creation that new person in Christ and then we become a joint we become a real son or daughter of the living God a joint heir with Jesus in that everlasting life and you will have a change come over you you will find a peace a joy you will find a part of you that is fulfilled that has been empty for a long long time but only you can make it like the song you can be almost persuaded there are going to be a lot of people tonight that will not live through the night you have 40 seconds to attack 40 seconds left go ahead and you know it may be your last chance to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior do it now before it's too late absolutely you don't want to run out of tomorrow's tonight do you right but that's going to happen all across this world that will happen all across this world tonight and you don't want to be one of them and you say well I'm not sure listen go and go to the Gospel of John chapter 3 read it and then get on your knees and ask the Lord into your heart until tomorrow we want to as we do every night at this time say good night good night God bless God bless and always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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