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FRI HR 2 032423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 25, 2023 12:46 am

FRI HR 2 032423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we are back, and folks, our Constitution talks about money being gold or silver, okay? Gold coins, silver coins, that's what it refers to as money.

And of course, now we've gone into notes of debt, and that's exactly, and one of the things that I believe the main reason, one of the reasons that President Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to put us back on the Treasury and not take us away from the Federal Reserve notes and actually have Treasury, actually Treasury notes. Anyhow, it might be a good idea because you could wake up one morning very soon from now and find out that your paper dollars aren't worth the paper they're written on. But gold and silver would be a very good investment. Even a better investment would be dry goods, food, and especially things like natural medicines. Those are good investments, good things to have because your paper dollars could be worthless very quickly.

And so with that, we're going to go ahead and take a Reese Report here, and then we'll be back right after this. Signed in 1787, the U.S. Constitution states that no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. In 1791, to help pay for the Revolution, Congress established the first national bank of the United States. Within a decade, it became evident that taxes were being sent to the Crown and the bank was not renewed. A political battle ensued, which resulted in the formation of America's first two political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans.

The framers of the U.S. Constitution left out any mention of political parties because they saw them as corrupt relics of the British Crown's divide-and-conquer system. The second central bank was chartered in 1816 and shut down in 1832 by Andrew Jackson, who wrote that the bank was unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive to the rights of states and dangerous to the liberties of the people. For nearly a century, America thrived without a central bank until 1914, when the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system was quietly given power over America's wealth. In 1933, the U.S. government declared bankruptcy and the Fed shifted to a debt-based economy. And after the U.S. dollar was made the world reserve currency, the entire world became dependent upon debt. A currency backed by nothing but debt and IOUs was doomed to eventually fail from the start.

And that day appears to be coming soon. These big banks have funded wars and criminally profited off human suffering for decades. Credit Swiss alone has been fined over 50 times for over 10 billion dollars for money laundering, fraud, espionage, drug trafficking and stealing money from the people. Every person in the civilized world is now feeling the same financial pressure being subjected by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

Nations of the world are buying up record amounts of gold. Three-quarters of the world have joined BRICS to prepare for a new world reserve currency after the end of the U.S. dollar. Zimbabwe and Mexico are now joining BRICS. But it's important to remember that the Federal Reserve Bank is operated by BlackRock. BlackRock is operated by the Rothschild City of London banking cartel. And so even if the Fed collapses BRICS is most likely another proxy of this old banking cartel.

The idea for BRICS was born in 2001 from Goldman Sachs. The Federal Reserve Bank's digital currency Fedcoin is already hugely unpopular. CBDCs are being rejected upon arrival but that isn't stopping the federal government and the failing big banks from luring the population into their new nightmare system. This July the Federal Reserve Bank will be launching Fed now and managing practically every transaction made in the United States. Then all they have to do is what the Nigerian Central Bank just did.

Shred and destroy mountains of cash and stop filling the ATMs. But we're not slaves yet and if we want to have financial freedom then it's time to fight back against the CBDC concept and return to lawful constitutional money. Oklahoma has a law in the works that will protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC. And Florida is now working on a law that will expressly prohibit the use of a CBDC.

Florida's governor Ron DeSantis is calling on other state governors to do the same and fight back against CBDC nationwide. At least a dozen states have passed laws to begin accepting gold and silver as cash on the path to returning to a lawful constitutional money system. Several states have begun printing their own goldbacks, a currency shaped like notes made of thin layers of pure gold with a polymer coating making it easy to spend a dollar's worth of gold. And the free market has been busy figuring out blockchain banking since the bitcoin white paper. We don't need a central bank or a government to manage our money but we have to act now and prepare.

Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Rees. Alrighty, we are back. There you go folks. You know, again, I would convert what you have to gold or silver. Food's even better for you. Those are the things you're going to need because even during, there will be a time during the tribulation period where not even gold and silver, they'll be throwing it into the streets. It's only food and medicine that will count, right?

Well, when you're talking precious metals, don't forget lead. That's a good one to have too. Anyhow, a couple of quick announcements. That is that my old friend, Pastor Benny Mosley, will be buried tomorrow. He'll be laid to rest tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the Remedy Church.

That's the Remedy Church at 1700 Britton Road in Akron, Ohio. And folks, you remember you've had Benny on here many times. If you have any questions, you can call Elder Barkley at 216-214-5140.

And again, our most sincere condolences to Pastor Benny's family and friends. Now we have, a lady has asked us for some help. You folks out there in San Diego, Bonnie Anderson really needs some help. She's looking for it. She needs a good lawyer.

You know how, John, these people have had their properties taken over by these squatters that just come in and take over their properties, and they won't pay any rent, and the courts won't let them throw it out? Well, she needs a good lawyer. She's in San Diego. And if you folks can help her, her phone number is, this is Bonnie Anderson, her phone number is 619-264-6437, 619-264-6437. One more time. She's really looking for some help, folks, if you can help her out there. You folks in San Diego.

Now, Pastor Ernie, what's happening to her, this is planned. This is part of the Democrat destruction of America. It's amazing that you bring this up, because today I was just reading in Portland. In Portland, people are afraid to leave their homes, because the homeless, you want to call them squatters, the homeless come in, and they take over the homes, and they take over the homes, and the government won't throw them out.

I know. They're losing their homes by these homeless squatters coming in and taking over sections of the city, though. See, this is anti-Christ government. This is anti, it's what the Bible called lawlessness. Good example, in Oregon, Democrats seek to create sanctuary state for kids to get abortions and sex changes without parental consent.

So they want to turn all of Oregon into a sanctuary state where these kids can go, these young girls, without even their parents knowing it, go in and kill their grandchildren, where they can go and these young girls can get mutilated, they can have their breasts removed, and the young boys be castrated, without their parents even having knowledge of it. And so, here I know that the Republican Senate has passed a bill to stop that, but it'll never get through the Senate. We don't have enough votes in the Senate. But Biden would veto it anyhow.

Yeah, he would. But not one single Democrat, this is how corrupt, the Democratic Communist Party is completely corrupt. I mean, it's totally corrupt. There's nothing within the Democratic Party, nothing, nothing that is not complete and total corrupt.

It's as completely as evil and wicked and corrupt and unclean as you can get. And so, you're absolutely right. Because in the House of Representatives, they passed a bill which won't pass the Senate. And even if it did pass the Senate, Biden is going to veto it. But it says parents' Bill of Rights win zero votes from them to attack it as fascist, extreme attack on schools. So what they're doing is, folks, what they're trying to do, the Democrats are trying to do, is you send your children to school, that's the state's property now. They're taking control, they want to take control away from you. They want to take control of your children away from you. It becomes an indoctrination center. They can do whatever they want to the kids while they're in school. And you have, as the parents have no say.

Pastor Ernie, I mean, how far is the American people going to let this go with these people? Well, this is pure tyranny. But they can stop it if they have the will.

They have the power if they have the will. Again, we just mentioned Second Chronicles 714. That's where you start, right there in Second Chronicles 714. And then you go out, you put feet into the fire.

You go out and you start locally. Okay. First of all, that's one of the things that I'm going to be preaching on.

Just what is required, are we as Christians required to give any legitimacy to recognize the FBI, to recognize the Justice Department, to recognize any of these corrupt organizations as having any legitimacy at all? Okay. Now, just imagine what would happen if the pastors, if the pastors in this country had the courage, if the pastors in this country had the courage just to do, to stand up and be bold like they should. God never would have been kicked out of the public school had the pastors had the courage.

Okay. We would not have 150 million dead babies by abortion had the pastors had the courage. And to this very day, there's only a small remnant of us, a very small percentage of us that have the courage to stand up and fight. You know, do exactly, the Bible says, who will fight them on the Lord's side? You know, if the pastors had the courage to do. Yeah, who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Who will stand with me against those who shed innocent blood? That's Psalm 93. Who should I send?

Isaiah said, send me, Lord, right? Yes. Do you know, you know, you're talking about the Biden crime cartel. Do you know the Biden crime family has had 150 suspicious activity reports when it came to influence peddling, 150. They, people actually speculate the release last week of Trump's pending arrest was released at the same time that they released a report of over a billion dollars went to Hunter Biden, I believe his sister, his brother, and then an unknown Biden. Oh, yeah. So it was just a There was just a report just recently, 130 million, 130 million was paid to the Biden crime cartels through the Chinese government.

Yeah. But we told you before, before he was even in office, we told you the Chinese government, they had, we played a clips of it, where they were speaking to the officials to a huge group of a massive group of Chinese students. And they were telling them that we have our people are in the highest place in American government. We have the people in the highest offices there.

There are people and it was referred to the Biden's they had bought the Biden's. Yeah. Okay. Already. So just one thing I can say, it's kind of a prophecy from one of our founding fathers, but it was John Adams. And he said, our constitution was made only for moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. I think that's where we are right now. All right. Okay. Do you want to, I think we're going to open the phone lines and take some calls. Okay.

So the phone lines are now. Okay. Switch my, what's your headphones going off? Okay. All right. That's, that's, that's gotta be Ron.

All right. It's he's going to switch headphones. He's fooling around over there.

I see him playing with him with the machine. Anyhow, eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three, eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three. We're going to open the phone lines early tonight.

And, uh, the measure is the reproductive health and access to care act would allow any person without regard to age to, to have an abortion. Mine. Okay. Oh, Oh yeah.

Pastor Ernie. I wanted to add to what you said to Oregon. Okay.

Go ahead. Yes. There's a serious move on now where I think approximately 70% of the counties and land area in Oregon want us to see to Idaho and it's past the county that they, they, they took referendums on it and it's past and the people want out of Oregon as fast as possible and to get into Idaho. Well, I think it's what, four or five counties, right? Oh no, no. It's way more than that. It's way more than that.

Okay. And there's counties in Northern California that want to join what Oregon's doing to get into Oregon. So, uh, to get into Idaho. So what we've got is Idaho and then a huge percentage of area in Idaho and Oregon wants to join Idaho and Northern counties in California now wants to join, but the counties of California haven't, I don't think really moved on this, but Oregon has, they've had less two elections. They've had votes and all the counties that put it up in Oregon for election have passed. They want out.

They want to start the legal process to secede from Oregon into Idaho. All right. Very good. All right.

Phone lines are open. Are we doing any better over there in the, okay. I might, we're still having problems here, huh? Okay.

Uh, he's, he's, he's trying to fix it. Okay. I have my, how am I coming through with you? You better pass there, Ernie. I was having trouble hearing you in the beginning. Okay. Uh, what did you say about John?

About the beginning? Uh, you were, your voice was very, very low. I had to scream to hear you. Well, that's not my voice.

It's your ears. All right. Yeah. I think it's something that, uh, Ron's trying to figure out over there.

What's what he's doing. So, okay. All right. We're going to go and take some phone calls. Let's start out with AC AC.

You're in the air. Yeah. Hello, pastor and, uh, Kaplan, John, and anybody. Last night you had a guest on, uh, this Mike Gill. And I had heard him, you had him on a previous time and he was telling us that Schumer was an agent of Israel. And, uh, I found this to be very disturbing because Schumer is not, he's not an agent of Israel and Israel is our best ally in the middle East.

And the fact they warned us about, you know, what was going to happen on nine 11. And he also made this comment about the bank failures, that there were all these Israeli startup businesses on that bank. So, uh, and he also made some comments. Let me just tell you, AC, listen, you know, if I was out there listening, uh, to him just on the radio, I would say, boy, this is some, some pretty over the top, uh, things he's saying, but guess what? If you watch the video and, and you look in the things he's telling you, and he's showing you the documents right there with the people with the signature on them. And then in the videos, when he was talking about that truckload of fentanyl. And then if you see him out there and he's directly, uh, directly confronting the, uh, with the ATF, uh, officials out there and they're seeing this.

So when you watch the video, it's, it's a whole, you'd get a whole different perspective, just instead of just listening, uh, you know, to it, because like you said, if you just listening, you think maybe this guy seems like he's over the top, but when you're seeing it before your eyes and you're seeing the documents, you're seeing the signatures. And let me just tell you about Israel. Two kids. Israel is like this country, but Israel AC is even worse in a lot of areas morally.

Okay. Israel has always been a stiff necked people. They've got some very good people like we do in America, but they have, they've had the world's largest sodomite parade was held, was held in Tel Aviv.

They, they pronounced it the largest sodomite. They got a huge high abortion rate and prostitution in Israel is, is over the top. They're not, they've got their own democratic party, the communist party in Israel. They've got their own communist party. And so it's, it's just like here in America. There are a lot of people think Israel can do no wrong.

Others think they can do no right, but they're, they're a lot like us. And, and you know, where it comes to nine 11, let me just tell you that for several days prior to nine 11, several days prior to nine 11, they showed there, there was a Israeli news team set up on the top of a building across from the world trade center several days prior to nine 11. So what was it that they, they knew?

And, uh, there, the Mossad is every bit, the Mossad is every bit as corrupt as our CIA and FBI. So anyhow, uh, yeah, he's got it off. He, he's, he's, he's got it. Yeah. Just my mic. Yeah. Okay.

Well, no, he's, he's got it. You got everything turned off, right? Everything's turned off. So now, so my mic is, is, is not coming through now too. So I don't, that's all right.

See if you can adjust that over there in the back. Okay. I don't, I don't know what's wrong. I could try to go on a different one. Okay. Hold on a minute. Plug me up a good one there. Hang on. I'm going to switch. Go ahead. And while he's getting that ready, AC, go ahead and finish what you're saying.

And then we got to move on. Well, I just, like I said, Schumer is not the, an agent of Israel. I just, that statement bothered me, you know, I'm just being honest. So, um, you know, I, I know there's foreign infiltration, but I don't see the Israeli government as, as, uh, being an infiltrator of our, our problems, our government. So, um, you know, access my kills, got access to a lot of things that you and I don't.

And if you see in the videos, if you see him there with Flynn, with general Flynn, if you see him there and the things that he's telling you all of a sudden, now they become believable there. Uh, you know, like I said, it had just some of what you were, he was saying, it sounded like it was over the top, but, uh, okay. We're having, okay. So I'm going to switch over right now. So hang on. Go ahead and turn it.

Is this, is this any better? All right. Well, it doesn't seem like we can get anything done here tonight, so, uh, but things are still going to be working pretty good.

I don't know what's going on here. Okay. Well, we'll just have to finish it the way it is. So that's all I can tell you. Okay.

What about McTernan? John, you just got to keep talking. All right. Okay. Does that sound better?

To fulfill the long held promise of a new world order where brutality will go unrewarded. Just in case you don't remember, let me jog your memory. In a church they called the Waco compound back in April, 93, 17 little children also helpless and so small died a senseless death of gas and flames. How many names can you recall? 17 little children. Don't it make you wonder why 17 little children. How could they deserve to die?

Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves if we become so blind. 17 little children. Finally open up your mind.

How did you sleep last night, Bill Clinton? Tell me, did you feel their pain? 17 little children cried out and perished in the flames. Attorney General Janet Reno, I accept your offer to resign.

How can you stand for law and order now when you won't answer to your crimes? 17 little children. Also helpless and so small. 17 little children.

How many names can you recall? Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves if we become so blind. Will 17 little children finally open up your mind? I've heard it said the Branch Davidians only got what they deserved. Yet no one seems to know what laws were broken, what was in the warrant they never served.

Yesterday I sold my TV set, stopped my subscription to the Times. To me it's plain to see the media was an accomplice to these crimes. 17 little children. Don't it make you wonder why? 17 little children. How could they deserve to die? Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves if we become so blind. Will 17 little children finally open up your mind? All right we are back and the reason we you know we played those songs tonight because we're talking about the corruption in government that we have today and so let's go out and take Bruce.

Bruce you're in the air. Yeah pastor I want to uh I want to tell you better watch out the Merrick Ireland and the FBI don't come and visit you and say you're anti-semitic because I hope they don't. Well you know they throw it like it is brother that's that's what we're gonna do yeah and you know you're not the only one that feels that way people wondering how I'm still here okay and so it's by God's grace. Well you know you know what uh number one nobody ever brought this up but what about Ukraine how come I'm the first one saying that even before you guys uh isn't there a chance that the that this whole COVID thing and the vaccines are being made over there because they're so evil and they have all those bio labs and maybe they brought it over to spread it faster I mean who knows what the belief. Yeah well I think what we've we've come to the conclusion it's pretty clear they've admitted that the uh department of defense is ahead of this whole thing the our department of defense here in America is really behind a world working with the world economic forum and the world health organization to depopulate the planet and then that's reality and this is not a new thing we've been telling people but but Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are contracted directly under the department of defense that's why they're that's why they're getting away with murder.

Right did you see where Fauci was pushing it with the mayor of Washington the other day in the streets of did you see that yeah he was you know and the people were telling them to get lost. Yeah well people are starting to wise up and like I said we've been telling people from the very beginning even before the very first person took a shot we were telling you it's not a vaccine it's not a vaccine right so and we've been on top of this thing from the very beginning and now more and more people I'm noticing I recently had a hospital stay and in the hospital I noticed that those people in there are all all agreeing with us they don't they you know when they tell you the look on their face when they ask you if you've taken the shot and you say no and then you know it's like you can tell that they're losing credibility just like the FBI with all the whistleblowers I think the FBI is going to implode upon itself what do you think John? Yeah Pastor Ernie I'm having a little trouble hearing you but I got the gist of what you're saying yeah I'm heartened by the number of whistleblowers the FBI Pastor Ernie I'm heartened by it I mean I'm really encouraged by it I hope more come out and I hope the FBI criminal element in it is disrupted and exposed it's too much I think to ask for the justice department to put them in jail because the justice department is that this they're operating the same as these corrupt the scrub part of the FBI. Well the corrupt part of the FBI is working under the justice department so yes it is yeah yes it is it's it's under the justice department. All right so but the the heroes you fellas out there in the FBI those that have kept your honor and the same thing if there's any of you left in the justice department that have any honor any integrity any decency any patriotism left then you need to blow the whistle you need to become you need to do the right thing and just imagine if uh Mike Pence had done the right thing if he had done the right thing today we wouldn't be in this condition we're in we would not have a hardcore pedophile communist in the White House and so and personally I'm sorry yeah Pastor Ernie I personally have more hope in the FBI than I do the justice department. Yeah all right you think you think Zelensky wants to become the do you think Zelensky wants to become the head of the European Union and that'll really usher in the anti-Christ system? Yeah I wouldn't doubt it I mean it's I mean they're worshiping this guy he he's evil I mean this guy's evil and I feel it I feel like he's really evil and something's got to be done about him because this guy's bad news. Yeah I know that I know that he I mean yeah I see him do some things I can't even mention on the radio program here and so they're Western Europe is kissing this guy's butt it's it's it's out of control I mean and this guy of course is biting they're giving them all this money what the heck I mean you know think about this 128 billion in the FDIC they've given them 20 or 30 more billion so far billions so far than those as in our FDIC can you believe this oh yeah not only that but New York City I'm sorry New York City wants to give free college tuition not to Americans but to illegal aliens coming into this country so you know they want to give New York City right they gave the rioters over twenty thousand dollars each right yeah to burn loot and murder and then then the patriots and by the way they want to go after 1200 more Christian patriots this is why we really have to fight back see I think all this is being done if you want to go back decades to the same people who replaced Iran's leader in the 50s so I found I end up finding out just recently that he was in exile they didn't kill him but it's no different than them replacing Kennedy they replaced him with the shah and they replaced Kennedy with LBJ yep you're right just to change this whole country you know whatever they're whatever they want they they do I hear the results they want you know thanks Bruce I gotta move on let's go to Jeff Jeff you're in the air hey guys uh thanks for having me on can you hear me Jeff very well because yeah I can hear you okay I want to make sure go ahead yeah uh pastor John crew everybody I salute you I pray for you I say god bless you you're all heroes brother well we appreciate that thank you thank you very much um I I fear for our country I mean look at what we have let happen look at the brave people in France what they do they rise up and have their voices heard you guys you're telling the truth you really are I seen something a picture of a B-52 that was nuclear capable with six fighters from NATO surrounding it and they're calling out Putin what's going on why are we doing this I mean we're we're calling out China we're telling Mexico we're coming to get them we had an American killed today and five injured by Iran yeah and they what's going on they responded I don't know if you know that but uh they responded and killed eight Iranians yeah and so in a rain I heard rain uh shut another one off yeah it's because they because Joe Biden's job is to destroy America that's what he's there for and he's doing it they pour down the evidence down in Georgia where the number one thing on them guide stones what it said yeah take out 95 of the population of the world that's exactly right and so they love death that's what the bible says all of those that hate god love death all of those that love death yeah when you have a man so revered like and so knowledgeable like Jill Gates he's stands in front of a camera in front of an audience and tells them that we're going to give you something that's going to reduce the population by 10 to 50 percent and they applaud him yeah I know that I know that and when they talked about having that the uh what is it human papillotes virus had killed the vaccine killed eight times as many girls as the disease did there was a standing ovation there you go those that hate god love death I mean the democratic party today in America is totally it's completely evil it's their church literally is the church of satan today and their greatness yeah absolutely evil all righty well thank you thank you god bless let's go out we got another jeff uh oh thank you very much fastest andrews how you doing i'm doing okay jeff how are you first i'm looking at the michael gill website i'll tell you that guest you had on your broadcast is spot on i'm looking i'm looking at his corruption risk report card right now it's 35th in new hampshire but that's not the main reason why i called up the main reason why i called up is we're never going to get this country back until we have old school paper ballot voting as long as we have electronic voting and as long as you have illegal aliens coming into our country we will never get this country back again especially in the blue areas they are doomed doomed doomed unless those two things are done i hear you yeah well one of the things no matter what you do that the democrats are going to find a way uh to cheat where it comes to elections they're they're again they're totally corrupt uh you know joseph stalin said it's not who votes that counts it's who counts the votes that matters and uh as long as they have anything to do they they're totally the party has become totally criminal completely you're exactly right and as kind of a wrap-up uh the thing is is that is that the only way in the natural we can get this country back is if you had a right-wing republican wave in both the senate congress executive branch of the presidency and you had a house on unamerican activities to route out these communists that have infiltrated this country if that's not done forget about any kind of renewal coming to to america it's not happening i don't want to be dark but i'm a realist pastor i'll hear your response off eric god bless you do have a good one bye-bye all righty bye-bye uh maybe you could just uh pick up one and just turn on the the headset the volume so you can listen because ron's still trying to trying to figure out how to to get sounding much better okay so what he's going to do just keep everything off except for your heads your the volume you can hear okay very good so he says we're sounding much better all right uh let me see yeah well wait a minute i gotta respond to what he said up here if in fact we got rid of all of the communists today in this country what do you think or how many federal employees would we have left be a whole lot less wasn't there what do you think mcturnan if we got rid of all the communists we would only have half the congress huh all right right pestering in courts and what about the uh corporations the wolf corporations the uh the well it'll be good we wouldn't have all of these colleges which are breeding grounds for we'd have no no uh mainstream media there would not be any nbc abc that's correct they would be gone huh that's correct and boy there you go and the abortion mills will all be closed uh and all the the the dope stores would be closed there would be no more drug cartels boy if we could just get rid of those communists already let's go to jack in san diego jack you're in the air no that's the 64 000 question how do you get rid of the commies i tell you what i'd like to do if it was possibly coexist yeah i i tell you what i would love to do i would love to be able to when congress is in session somehow get in there and lock the doors so they couldn't get out and i wouldn't even need a microphone believe me uh when i would preach to those people i i've dreamt about being able to get into there where they couldn't get away and preach them heaven sweet and hell hot i mean just really what they've got coming to them and uh i so on the the clip that you played tonight about the federal reserve note and the currency can you tell me what cbdc stands for uh central bank digital currency it's central bank digital currency go ahead and try to turn your volume on is that working or no okay i can hardly hear you okay central bank digital currency turn it up a little louder you're coming in a lot better now okay so um yeah i thought that that clip you played that was right on the money uh it goes to what i say is the federal government doesn't have a currency it belongs to the federal reserve which is a private institution created by congress in 1913 and it's why they um answered to congress and not the president you notice twice a year they the fed has to testify before the senate and then the next day they testify before the house of representatives how is that done when they took a dilemma right now when they took a vote on that present the dilemma and then ask you what you think they will do so here's the dilemma of the federal reserve um the fed wants to continue raising interest rates to stamp out inflation because their only source of power is the currency they don't want it to see it become worthless so they're defending it with higher interest rates but it's presenting a problem for the banks um the the bonds that the banks had bought when rates were at zero um and they're having to sell the bonds to meet the withdrawal levels the bonds are worth about 70 cents on the dollar at current interest rates and the more the rates go up the less the bonds are worth so does the federal reserve lower interest rates to save the banking system or does the federal reserve continue to raise interest rates to stop inflation and preserve the value of the currency well what i would do is this here's what i would do i want to know what you think the fed's going to do i got no idea what they're going to do it's uh yeah i know so far they haven't been doing much right have they well i i think a lot of this banking crisis is um was started on twitter it's engineered i think it's phony and uh and they're doing it um in the coordinated effort to force the fed to stop raising rates and they actually want the fed to drop rates they um and i i want to enter into evidence what nobody has talked about before if you had a legitimate banking crisis and you had a legitimate banking crisis with regional banks and community uh banks then it would include the credit unions and nobody is talking about the credit unions because they're not having a problem so why are the banks having a problem and the credit unions don't have a problem only mcdurden knows the answer to that tell us john well pastor ernie i can only surmise uh the control that they uh over them and the they're regulating the banks and the commercial banks and they have really not they've cut it loose i mean the the bulk that bank there in uh silicon valley it was a woke bank it was it was not profitable they were doing like the caller mentioned uh they were doing things that well some of it wasn't their fault the the bonds they held were way below the value of uh now so because they were higher interest they were supporting every homosexual thing every climate change they were the big green probable yeah and they ran it right into the ground and that's happening in many sectors many banks across the country but i don't think it's happening in those uh uh those um credit unions credit unions yeah well janet mullen said that they were going to look just let the little banks go i only bail out the big banks that were worthy of being bailed bailed out right this is so yeah so i just i wanted to present that dilemma to you guys to get it on the air that that that is the dilemma that the fed faces do they raise rates to stop inflation and preserve the value of their currency or do they capitulate to the banks and lower interest rates to save the banking system well the answer to that but i'll give you the answer you have to ask yourself how come the credit unions aren't having a problem well i don't know that that tells you to well tells me that this banking crisis has been ginned up and it's phony and and it just started with the bank run on twitter and like i've said before no healthy bank can stand up against the bank run well they've already your your answer is right before your eyes they've already raised the the interest rates they just did it was yesterday the day before yeah we're out of time apparently they're going to defend the currency we're out of time so john you've got four minutes can you give an invitation in four minutes yeah pastor ernie um in listening tonight i really feel the that we need to pray uh for the the cure of this and the cure of this is god has to send a move of his holy spirit on the nation um politically uh there's really no way out of this we're drowning and coming apart every way we look we need a move of god's holy spirit a broad move across the country to change the direction we're going in peston and where we have not dealt with what the supreme court did in 2014 when it legalized the homosexual marriage it's an oxymoron but they legalized it which highly offended god do we uh pastor any we have to be humble before the lord and confess this and ask for him to have mercy on our land because what they did in 2014 the supreme court of sin you have to go back to the days of noah i don't i know if they did that in at sodom and gomorrah if they it doesn't say it but the days of noah obviously they did it because we're living in the days of noah so i'd like to offer up uh repentance and crying out to the lord pastor earning for mercy on the nation and the any revival from the pulpits we need you know ten thousand pastors like you from the pulpits so father there is i don't see any really political solving this except maybe stop gap for a while we have highly offended you uh although there was a recent decision uh supreme court decision which helped uh lower the number of abortions lord it's still high and they abortion they kill the babies right up to being born and that the shedding of innocent blood brings judgment on the land and then lord the supreme court decision that legalized uh homosexual marriage how offensive that is to you you created the institute of marriage between a man and a woman before man fell into sin you created the institution of marriage it's holy lord and marriage is between a man and a woman is how you build societies and that's mocked now that is attacked from every angle and from that we're attacking the sexuality of children in schools kindergartens lord we're going after and trying to mutilate literally mutilate little little children cut breasts off the girls and want to alter the boys lord we cry out to you for a move of your holy spirit lord a mighty move the government is rotten from one end to the other it's like it's like sin has permeated everything now we're crying out to you for a mighty move mighty move of the holy spirit to fire up your people with a godly fear in them of judgment on the land that the pulpits would be filled with the fire in the belly of the preachers amen john we're out of time for tonight i want to thank you for that prayer and so uh as we say at this time every night we want to say god bless good night and always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content you
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