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WRWL/MON HR 2 032023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 21, 2023 12:03 am

WRWL/MON HR 2 032023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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predictions back in in 2022 and he he was right on right on the money well let me tell you what he said the money supply him to year-over-year growth went negative for the first time since 1930 that was the great depression let me say that our night that our let me say that again 1930 this is the fifth time it happened and the previous four times since 1968 have all have been associated with financial panics so m2 is basically money and money is credit here we are the wall street journal is fermenting bank runs by reporting 186 of them are in trouble and so they're trying to keep it quiet i noticed did you ever notice watching that i i'm watching the um the pmsmac bank the uh money channel in the morning and i'm watching them and you can you can tell the looks on their faces is like how are we going to uh in this and and uh you can tell there's a worried look what let's let's listen to what uh doubt has to say because this is concerning everybody concerning all of us out there we could be right on the verge of a major major well um it's not just a crash a major we could be in a depression going into a depression go ahead and um go ahead and play that kyle this was a called shot by you brother a couple of months ago on this show and you actually said hey by the time we hit march i think it's going to be game over uh walk us through what you knew then why you projected out and and you actually think now it's worse than you actually thought it was correct sir uh correct so in november uh came on your show uh my team carlos and yuri the phd physicist to the uh report on the economy and economy showed a deep deep recession coming fast and furious in first and second quarter so here we are the other bad thing that happened in november in november of uh 2022 m2 the money supply year over year growth went negative for the first time since 1930 let me say that again 1930 this is the fifth time it's happened and the previous four times since 1868 have been associated with financial panics so m2 is just basically money and money is credit so credit's contracting and here we are and the ball street journal i guess is uh fomenting bank runs by reporting that 186 of them are in trouble so here we are and i don't know the speed of this i don't know whether they're going to be able to slow this down or it's going to actually hold it hold it what the what the wall street journal just said though i want to make sure it's clear they said hey it's not going to be a bank run because the the federal reserve they guaranteed they've now given implicit guaranteed all these banks that quite frankly the issue is that they've guaranteed these deposits so where does that what that that is going to be the most expensive we're ready we're going to see the most expensive bailout in history is these banks are insolvent the the silicon valley bank balance when you get in see the numbers it was insolvent last year it's got ed it's got leverage of 185 to one a bank should have leverage of three or four maybe five to one in in in the investment banks eight to one remember in the financial meltdown 2008 they were all over bear Stearns and Lehman and Goldman Sachs they had 20 to 25 to 1 leverage the silicon valley bank was basically a country club with a hedge fund attached to it it wasn't a commercial bank and they allowed that to happen there's dozens of situations out there and they say 186 banks are in that situation how do you not have a financial meltdown when the guarantor is the american wage earner sir so what they're going to do is they're going to try to put their finger in the dike and they're going to guarantee all the deposits end up nationalizing the banks effectively like you've been saying and consolidate and then there'll be suitors for these banks probably the six systemically important banks so we're going to consolidate the banks into six banks and whether or not this is a plan or not that's what's going to happen and if you think that's going to stop what's coming it won't it'll probably delay it but at by the end of this financial assets will be a lot lower there will be a global sovereign debt default somewhere we're watching japan we're worried about japan we're worried about what's going on in china so this is going to spread around the globe and quite frankly this is beyond everyone's control including the fad in the u.s treasury by the way just to make sure that ed dowd speaking the truth uh the supposed to be the best bankers in the world the platinum the premier guys are in switzerland you know that as we speak right now they're trying to jam their two biggest backs credit swiss and ubs union bank of switzerland they're trying to cram those together the swiss national bank which is their federal reserve their central bank is trying to cram those together over the weekend so they can open on monday and have a quote-unquote national champion essentially nationalize their banking system that is going on in switzerland as we speak as the federal reserve with the discount one is opening up and making sure that i think there's 186 billion dollars they shoveled into these insolvent banks when banks said they needed for liquidity that means they're insolvent okay and you saw in silicon valley bank with the lies and misrepresentations of the financial position of the bank and the clown show they had as a board of directors ed when you say it's going to get even worse what do you mean with that credit contraction they've just printed too much you have 300 trillion dollars of debt rubini's right there's no way this can be paid off so you're going to start seeing sovereign debt crises you're going to see these you're going to see a japan or a real a real big country just say i can't pay for this anymore like by the way remember the united states is the same thing this is this debt ceiling issue unless the fed keeps printing money unless we keep monetizing the debt there's no way that we can pay this off it's impossible ed dowd yeah so you know this the release valve for all this debt is going to be a currency issue and a global sovereign debt default so currency wars are coming there'll be debasing of currencies which will lead to kinetic war i mean this is look i don't want to be a doomsayer but this is beyond everyone's control we're at the end and it's imploding on itself it just it just once money supply goes uh negative it's over this is like the great depression after the high the 20s and world war one in the late 20s early 30s it collapsed they tried everything they could possibly try by 1937 to 38 that even the united states they were out of the tools at the time and it led into a it led into a global conflict you think this is like the late 30s this is the end of the the world order that came up at the neoliberal neo-con world order is collapsing in front of us you you believe that and it's just it's going to have to crash and we rebuild some system a new system out of the ashes of the old yeah it won't be reported uh you won't see it on tv but it's going to happen slowly over time and uh we're looking at the end of globalization obviously peak globalization was a while ago and now we're going to go to uh decentralization that's just the nature of how these things work i mean we're going to have to figure out a way to get together as a country and come out on top of this because there's going to be kinetic wars i don't see any way around it i don't want to you know and will it be war this year i don't know next year maybe but it's coming unless we fix this problem and we need to get some adults well there's a connect there's there's a kinetic war right now in ukraine that's approximately i mean we're financing that if we cut off the money the war would end tomorrow that we're we're fighting it with we're going to fight the war in ukraine against russia and china now until every ukrainian's dead right we'll fight until as many ukrainians as they want to serve into the charnel house of ukraine and this is the great tragedy of it ed your book is a landmark book that yeah go ahead the kinetic war obviously in ukraine is a kinetic war but i'm talking about kinetic and that u.s citizens start fighting and that that one i don't want to see but i don't see how we get around it at some point ed dowd how do we get to the book that it's a landmark book about the uh about the death situation related to vaccines and then how do people get to all your financial uh analysis that you put up every day um the book is cause unknown the epidemic of sudden death in 21 and 22 uh our site with all the uh financial stuff and the humanity project with all the vaccine damage finance spelled ph instead of f and uh i'm on twitter at dowd edward and on getter at edward dowd i'd love to come back on and talk about the absence rates and work time rates next week all righty there you go biden's bailout joe i was going to say i've got a big ending for that go ahead world economic forum pushes end of cash admits banking crisis they are holding to you say that this is the opportunity the global banking crisis to advance the goal of a cashless society claus schwab believes the recent collapse of these banks has created the perfect ideal argument for the end of cash and now it's time for them to go to the great reset and uh there's just so there's quite a bit more but what is interesting to me uh they're all kinds of talk but going back headlines the fed now this is again the london daily mail london european papers not the american press folks fed raised concern about silicon valley banks risk management for years before it imploded and if you look at this article they had a warning in 2019 according to a presentation that was circulated to all the employees and was seen and posted by the wall street journal which most of us can't afford to take every day but uh the uh all their problems were laid there in a presentation and it was called matter requiring attention and uh but put the bank on notice that the fed was concerned about its risk management system particularly its portfolio securities its focus on venture capital and startup tech startups in other words loaning out too much money that it couldn't back and on and on and on the uh they knew they gave them several warnings and now this think about this the chief risk officer left the company over a year ago with 7.1 million dollars her name was laura iseritti iserita she was the chief risk officer there and uh very interesting because uh she left and they were without a risk officer for eight months and when she left she basically took with her seven million a hundred and fifty one thousand dollars she took sold company stock uh she was given not only her half million base pay but a 450,000 bonus sold all kinds of stock and then she for severance then she was given another quarter of a half million for severance pay and an extra one and a half million to stay on as consultant for five months while the bank looked for a successor all from the european news not here in the u.s but their chief risk officer walked off with seven million dollars and uh left them in a position they're in she caused the problem and i've heard no one talk about investigating or anything uh it for the why does that sound to you pastor to me that sounds like corruption corruption corruption that's you know that that here here i'll tell you about corruption biden's bailout of silicon valley bank saved chinese investors it saved it saved uh death the credit gavin newson is saved to buzzfeed and the vox and burn loot and murder okay yeah and all of the of uh what's his name is wineries too his wife's account gavin newson's wife had her account they had millions in there and they had three wineries that had all kinds of money so basically i told him last friday gavin newson was one of the first people to call biden and request a bailout why because he would lose millions of dollars himself here you go here you go joe biden's treasury secretary announced last week that the biden regime will not bail out every bank as they did with silicon valley uh bank only the banks they like and deem necessary they have not released a list of those big shit to the american public uh of course remaining big democratic donors pastor ernie yep that's exactly what it means understand the necessary ones you know janet yellen this this is she is a very wicked old woman and let me tell you why i heard her say and she was saying that abortion killing babies abortion is killing babies is good for the is good for the economy and you women that are out there in the workforce instead of taking uh a paternity leave kill it and stay working this is what she said kill it and stay working what it's a wicked woman i mean the entire democratic party has just become just horribly evil just terribly evil last week the main game again uh they bailed out the silicon valley according to the uh gateway pundit report on the connection between silicon valley and china's venture capital business silicon valley was the bridge for chinese venture capitals to get into the u.s dollars yeah well there you biden knows all about chinese chinese getting money from the chinese right sure does and let's see now millions and millions i haven't been able to keep good track of it but it's a lot of money when asked about that he squints and he whispers somehow he thinks by squinting and whispering uh i don't know if he thinks that intimidates people or what but uh to me it looks like an old man who's squinting and whispering but anyhow when biden bailed out the silicon valley depositors in full he bailed out china's venture capitalists these entities included companies that backed china's aerospace and defensive ventures also uh note that biden didn't bail out the shareholders the shareholders of the silicon valley bank only the depositors in full who before the banks collapsed the second largest bank in u.s history to fail were only guaranteed up to 250 000 dollars biden bailed out billions in account balances above the fdic insured amount but it was not just the chinese venture capital sector he rescued biden also bailed out numerous far-left causes that had large deposits in the silicon valley bank and so here he goes on to say uh again governor newson uh a trail of wineries and and you're right and then the buzzfeed online media company he bailed them out 56 million and then you had uh vox media uh the parent company of dozens of liberal news companies he bailed them out with with our tax dollars again you know this is you know pure anti-christ pure anti-christ tyranny it's treason is what it is so speaking of that that's what president trump says here's what trump says joe they're communist they're marxists they're rhinos and they're losers and they're losers trump rips animals and thugs destroying our country boy he's absolutely right president trump last night ripped into the communist marxists rhinos and losers for destroying the country in january the manhattan district attorney's office revived its criminal investigation into president trump who is the still the legitimate president of this united states president trump is still the actual legitimate president of this country uh trump's hush payments to porn star stephanie clifford aka stormy davis and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony first of all there's called something called a statue of limitations it ran out second of all cohen's own lawyer said that that never happened uh he never he never trump never uh told uh him cohen to pay any hush money i mean in fact both of his lawyers said that and so here i mean this is just unbelievable and so uh you know and now they're now they're trying to change that to a felony this is pure treason against american people if they get away with that with donald trump we will truly become a third world country will we not uh we certainly will we've got jonathan turtley and i want to remind folks he is a uh a law professor he's not a conservative he's uh quite a liberal actually and he's a criminal defense attorney but he said basically that the uh this case was totally flawed would fail and uh he brought up the year like you said brought up the fact that the only crime was really a misdemeanor that they're trying to get turned into a federal offense into a major felony charge and uh he can't see where they have a case or where they're getting this so you've got all the big shots coming out looking at this just going this is not going to fly but the one thing i want to bring up the people in margery uh taylor green said it you know we should be very careful the base wants to turn out and protest in fact uh donald trump's been calling for people to protest in march and everything but this is what they want like january 6th they're baiting the conservatives especially the trump base i believe that this is another they're going to fail at this but what they're hoping to do is people are going to get out there in the street and riot and they're going to create another situation similar similar to january 6th where they try to storm a federal building a courthouse or something and again it could be this is the uh you know insurrection and donald trump is leading an insurrection wants to throw over our great democracy you notice they never say overthrow the constitutional republic so uh margery green and others are warning don't get sucked up in this don't get out there you know if you're going to protest make sure it's very calm you stay in one place hold signs uh it's got to be very very peaceful or low-key at the best we would be better off to be calling all the congressmen and senators telling them how we feel to stand writing letters to the editor getting on talk radio doing things like this than massy protests because that's what the left is trying to get us to do something stupid that they can use against our side so i would warn everybody this is the time for patience calm and even a little quiet let this thing fail and hang on the democrats if we overreact to it to it they win we lose do you agree with that pastor well yeah that's that's what and you know that if they could get that first of all they will have their people they'll have antifa they'll have the fbi exactly rogue rogue dirty cops you know the the 30 the dirty 30 the ones they use to set up those guys in uh michigan about the so-called kidnapping to the governor uh than the very same ones they used there to raid mira lago so they would probably have the dirty 30 involved in that and because the fbi has gone totally rogue now on after saying that uh what's happening more and more fbi agents are coming out they're blowing the whistle they're saying we can't we can't take it anymore our our agency used to be reputable we used to have respect we could hold our heads up high and we weren't ashamed for our children to know what we did you know and for our families to know we were fbi agents and because of people like call me and chris ray and others now you know people they're when the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the fbi is dirty cops and uh i do want to say look i i know there are still some good fbi agents out there i knew some of them they were good good people patriotic american people and joe just like the listeners and they're they're even more upset with chris ray and co and those guys than we are because you know they destroyed their their careers they've destroyed their reputations and uh and more and more of them are are coming out and they're blowing the whistles so the republicans are building a bigger and bigger case the problem is we don't have a justice department the justice department has been totally corrupted by the communist party taken over and so we've got to get uh we may have to use the military or whatever to remove eric maric garland and these people uh this is a crisis situation that we're in right now this is a a takeover of america by the communist party so yeah we've been telling people it's a authentic revolution revolution where you know and the trouble is most of the americans are standing by watching it happen you know for years people ask well how did the people of cuba how does it take over what happened in argentina and these other places exactly what you're witnessing here in fact we did that story of naomi park the north korean uh little girl that she and her mother escaped into china and then we're putting slavery in china across the great goby desert there to get into south korea trying to get asylum and she talked about how our college where she went to columbia was just as bad as the education in north korea we've had people warning us and warning us and warning us of what's going on and you and i are the only ones that i know that say look underneath this coup this takeover of america by the communist party the socialist the communist it is a spiritual battle and we have to start with the christians being on their knees praying repenting and asking god for forgiveness and help us with this battle that's why the last week we talked about all those active verbs that god told us that run to the battles fight the fight stand in the gap you know all those because this is our chance to lay up some crowns and treasures and serve him do his will and underneath this revolution it is the children of god against the anti-christ system that's what's going on and people better wake up before it's all over that's that's what you just said is reality the problem of it is in this country today you know the bible says all nations that forget their god will be turned into hell and exactly if you look if you look what's happened to our nation it's horrible what's happened to the children fentanyl baby killing i mean america has it's being turned into hell by the joe biden joe biden is a satanist to the core people need to understand this this guy uh he's evil to the bone and so we have to understand what the days that we're in are clearly defined uh in the accuracy of god's word the bible this is the last days that he's referring to uh how much worse can he get and let me tell you you know all of the prophecies that we have seen come to pass we're right there everything you know we're just wondering when is the next shoe going to drop and so and speaking of the fentanyl you know we've lost more young people to fentanyl than die to fighting in world war ii no i know and yet our government doesn't realize this is an invasion this is an attack on our country we're being attacked we're being overrun by hordes in the border we've had more people killed than we had uh through fentanyl than world war ii dust and combat uh i don't know what it's going to take for the people to wake up but i hope our listeners are out there trying to lead the fight in their communities and warn people that this is a communist revolution going on and if you love your children and grandchildren you better stop it you're exactly right joe and that's where where we have to start we have to take it back right from the beginning we have to take it back locally and the good news is that's happening around the country uh people are rising up uh and parents are taking back to school boards they've had it very enough okay i know out here we in our county we're a very conservative and yet the the filthy democrats these people are according to god's word the bible they're abominable they want to bring drag queens out of here and they want to expose drag queen little children to that that wickedness that filth i mean absolute filth and every parent that would allow their child to go see a drag queen should be arrested and charged with child abuse and the children taken away from those parents those parents are not fit and they're not decent to any of them that would allow their children to go to a drag queen show they're not decent they're not decent they're not decent show they're not decent they're not fit and to be parents and i'm going to tell you i think there's a hot place in hell for those remember what jesus said about the little children okay for the little children to come unto me not for theirs is the kingdom of heaven first yeah and then he said if they uh you know were to harm the little children it's better that a millstone be chained around their neck and they be cast into the depths of the ocean it was pretty severe to me it was the sea depth into the sea but the sea mill mill millstone weighs four thousand pounds joe four thousand pounds hang tight we'll be back right after this i'm satisfied with just a cottage below oh a little silver a little gold but in that city where the ransom will shine wow We will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest home. Too often tempted, tormented and tested, and like the prophet, my pillow a stone. And though I find here no permanent dwelling, I know he'll give me a mansion I own. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that bright land where we'll never grow old. And someday under, we will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest home. Don't think me poor, deserted or lonely, I'm not discouraged, I'm heaven-bound. I'm just a pilgrim in search of a city. I want a mansion, a harp and a crowd. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that bright land where we'll never grow old. And someday under, we will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest home.

All right, you folks out there, imagine we, you know what, in order to get that mansion, you got to get saved. But I'll tell you, Joe, what's happening out here? Do you remember back, and I believe it was the late 80s, Joe, Phyllis Shafley called us and asked, we needed, she needed our help.

They had what they call the Equal Rights Amendment. I remember. And they were saying, there's no way you'll ever stop that, it's on a fast track, you'll never stop that. And Phyllis said, well, no, we're gonna, we're gonna fight, we're gonna fight.

And when she asked us to help her, I said, count me in, I'm ready to roll. It was a horrible, horrible piece of legislation. And now, and we stopped it, we stopped it. And now another one, even worse here in Ohio, has come out. And this, they're calling it the ballot initiative. It would neutralize all of the pro-life legislation we passed.

And it would literally allow anybody to kill a baby, you know, an abortion for any reason. But even worse than that, let me read you the article here, because we're a part of, I'm a part of this operation. A new pro-life, pro-para coalition protect women, Ohio, that's called PWO launched a multimillion dollar television and digital ad campaign.

Remember, we were, we were on top of this first, you know, soon as they, we talked about this about two or three weeks ago already. Multimillion dollar television and digital campaign statewide today aimed at defeating an extreme amendment to the Ohio constitution. And it will spend $5 million in advertising in the state. And over the next four weeks for the first phase of its efforts to defeat the amendment and moms and dads will be cut off on the most important and life altering decisions of their child's life. If this passes said Molly Smith and board member protect, I'm women, Ohio, I'm working with them on this here. The extreme amendment eliminates any current or future protections for minors required parents be notified and consent before their child undergoes a procedure like an abortion or sex change surgery.

Ohio wins must vote no on this dangerous proposal. Smith explained the amendment language clearly prohibits the law that any law that directly or indirectly would burden the heat or interfere with any reproductive decisions. These are specific legal terms, which would, which have been interpreted by courts across the country to strike down parental notification and consent laws here, uh, uh, your worst fear pushed to shape push to change your sex or get an abortion. You have some right to help her through this, but activists want to take that all away under the proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution. The state shall not interfere with individuals getting abortions or sex changes, meaning you could be cut off out of the biggest decision of your life.

Uh, any legal analysis of the extreme anti-parent amendment from Carrie Campbell, Severino and Frank J. Scaturro are available. So folks, anyhow, there you go. We're going to be hearing more about this because they're sending people out now to get it on the ballot. They got to get to a lot of signatures. So we will let you know where they're going to be because when we go out there, if we see them out there getting signatures, I'm going to confront them. I'm going to go over there and preach heaven sweet and hell hot to them about what they're doing.

It's an evil, wicked thing. And then of course everybody will know about it. And I want the people's names who are wicked and evil enough to go out and get those signatures. Let's take some calls. Phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673.

Let's go out to San Diego and Jack, Jack, you're in the air. So let's go back to the financial crisis of 2008. Sheila Bair was the head of the FDIC and, uh, they closed over 400 banks during that, uh, great recession. And what she would do is she'd close them on a weekend. Sometimes it'd be just one bank, sometimes three or four banks.

And then by Monday morning, they reopen under new ownership. She would almost always find a bigger bank to buy these failing banks. A lot of small banks went under. Now they are trying to find a buyer for Silicon Valley bank. And the FDIC has not been able to find a buyer. So they're going to break the bank up into pieces and try to sell the pieces. The FDIC doesn't really want to have to bail out, uh, Silicon Valley bank because their losses exceed the amount of funds that is in the FDIC reserve. The FDIC doesn't have that much money.

I think they have 120, $130 billion, something like that. So they really have to find other banks to buy these failed banks. And you're just getting started in the financial crisis with the banks and they can't even find a buyer for the first bank. Wasn't that what that meeting in Switzerland today was all about with all the presidents of those big world banks?

Okay. So Credit Suisse, uh, they did find a buyer, which was UBS. So UBS now has bought Credit Suisse and, uh, I think that's a done deal, but here's why we have a even bigger problem in the United States because two things. One Congress has yet to raise the debt ceiling. Remember that?

That was about three or four months ago. And, and, uh, the, the head of the treasury department, Janet Yellen, she was saying, Oh my God, we're going to default. Well, they haven't defaulted yet. Uh, she's been filed in ways to pay the bills, but in a couple of months, if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, uh, you're going to have a default on the interest and principle on treasuries. So how can you have the government, uh, bailing out banks when they can't even raise the debt ceiling? And the other thing that Congress needs to do is codify with legislation, any kind of a bailout for the banks. There's nothing, you know, it's only an implicit guarantee that they're going to, um, fund all the losses for the banks that have failed so far. And somehow people have gotten the impression that all the deposits now are insured.

That's not, that's not true. Congress hasn't written any law to that effect. So we're in big trouble with the banks. What I find interesting though, if you like conspiracy theories is look at who's benefited by the outflow of cash from the bank. Cryptocurrency.

I've seen Bitcoin go from 17,000 to 28,000 a coin. Now what's interesting about that, here's people complaining that their deposits are not insured. And now they're putting their money into cryptocurrency, which, uh, is neither insured or regulated.

So there's, there's a real problem here. Uh, people don't understand, uh, finances that well, and they get themselves into trouble every time. And these banks are no different. Um, now I was in a branch of first Republic bank today, so that's, that's the bank right now that's in the hot seat, right? And, um, the stock I think is down to $12 a share. But, um, anyway, as there's several branches of first Republic bank in San Diego, I went into one of them today just to see for myself. They had no customers. And so I sat down at the desk and I'm talking to one of the managers and I said, so tell me what's going on here.

And he said, well, uh, there's a lot of false information. We're a very conservative bank. We haven't had a bank run. I says, well, what about the $30 billion that, uh, the 11 banks have put up to bail you out? Well, you know, that's just a line of credit. We haven't even used it yet. We have $70 billion of liquidity that we haven't even used.

We're not having a withdrawal problem. There's no run on the bank here, but if you, if you look at the way this is being played, it's the end of the world. So what I see is happening here, this is the Biden administration at work again, and part of their agenda is to destroy capitalism and what better way to do it through the banking system.

And Oh, by the way, how do you go to war when your banks are failing? This is just another link in the chain is why I believe Biden is going to surrender this country. Yeah, I, I, I agree.

I think he will too. Uh, he's owned by China. Uh, Millie, uh, has done everything he can in Austin to weaken our military, deplete our military, our militaries. And it's worse than shape it's ever been in it's they're depleting it rep very rapidly. And I got a bad feeling that, uh, if we come under enough threat by China and Russia, they'll say, there's no way we could win a war.

We, we better off just surrendering. Uh, and so I'll leave you guys with this, just remember where this bank run got started, got started on Twitter with rumors. And Oh, by the way, Elon Musk and your cancellation team, uh, I see you didn't cancel anybody's spreading rumors about bank runs. Did a good job there. You allowed panic to set into the banking system, false rumors to spread.

Uh, there was, there was no problem. Look, let me put it another way. No bank, the healthiest bank in the world cannot withstand a bank run because the money they have is invested. And they're the money they have is invested. They don't keep that much money aside for withdrawals, et cetera. And so if it's a self fulfilling prophecy, if you get enough people to make a run on the bank and Oh, by the way, they can take their money out of the bank in seconds with their telephone.

If you run on a bank with enough people, you will make that bank fail no matter how healthy it is. All right. Very good. Thanks, Jack.

Let's go. And I want to remind, we did, we did mention the world economic forum likes this. I think what happened, we had some corrupt banks and, uh, we talked about how Silicon Valley bank had given millions to black lives matter. They were donating money to all kinds of causes. They had given a large chunk of money to, um, Gavin Newsom's wife's foundation as they were doing stupid things. And they've taken a few bad banks that should have collapsed. Like in any capitalist society, they're doing stupid things.

They should pay the penalty. And they're using this, I think, to promote the idea of the cashless society for government to come in and, and take over. And they need to fear and panic.

I've talked to several small banks around where I live and they deal with farmers and ranchers and different things. And none of them are having any problems or nobody's excited. Uh, they have plenty of money. And like you said, it's only if there's a panic and everybody runs in the bank, but this is like everything else that's being hyped up overblown. There were a few bad banks, but they should have been allowed to collapse and pay the price.

And, uh, that's the way the system works. When you run a bad business, do stupid things, your business is going to fail. You lose your, well, there's, there's, there's other things happening to Joan, uh, that in this country right now, there are people have been, one of the things people have been, been stocking up on merchandise. Uh, there's been a tremendous amount of people taking excess cash and turning it to gold or silver or just, well, they've been, you know, divested in things like even lumber and things because the price of these things are going up so high. And so that's where they're, they, the people are repairing because they, they don't have any trust in the government.

The only thing they trust Joe Biden to do is to, to, to destroy the country. Let's take one last call. Let's go to cliff cliff.

You're in the air. Yeah. Hi guys. I hope everything's okay.

Uh, the, uh, one quick thing and then one scripture, uh, the David Knight show podcast has, uh, today's episode or tonight's episode for a minute, about 10 to 30. There's kind of a lengthy detailed discussion on remdesivir, but, uh, somebody, uh, got information, freedom of information, got information that, uh, several thousand people in the Massachusetts area got, would die from renal failure from this remdesivir. And, you know, that's the whole kidney system.

There's my new vessels in there. So, uh, that's what that does. So that's, again, David Knight show podcast, uh, tonight at the beginning, it's a pretty long discussion about the history of remdesivir. You'd be interested in that. My scripture question would be on, um, habiture chapter two, verses nine to 12. It seems to be saying to the, uh, people that they think they're getting away with it, but they are not.

What's your opinion on that? Uh, go ahead and read it to me. I'm tonight. I'm heaven.

I've got, uh, I'm handicapped because I can only get the use of one arm in the show. Have it. No. What was the chapter? Yeah. Habiture chapter two, verses nine to 12. You're talking about Habakkuk. Yeah. Yeah.

Habakkuk chapter two, verse 12. Yeah. Nine to 12. Yeah. Those stones do 12. Right. Woe to them that covers an evil coveness to his house that he may set his nest on high. Is that where you are? Yeah.

Yeah. Set his nest on high that he may be delivered from the power of evil. Thou has consulted shame to thy house by cutting off many people and their sins against thy soul. So the stone shall cry out of the wall and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.

And, uh, I'm not sure you're trying to get used. This whole chapter was talking about, uh, starts out the just live by faith. And this is judgment of the unrighteousness. So it's a warning to those that are unrighteous that, uh, they're going to suffer loss. They're going to lose their homes. They're going to lose their nests, their safety.

And even the building materials that they build with will cry out against them. All right. What, what I just now finally got the Bible open. What was that scripture Habakkuk?

What was it? Chapter two, nine through 11. Oh, uh, well into him that covet an evil covetousness. So I see, uh, yeah, exactly what you said, Joe.

You hit the nail on the head. So there you go. Okay.

Good analysis. Okay. Thanks. Okay.

Thanks, Cliff. I'll talk to you later. Okay. How much time do we have there? Okay, Joe, you got three minutes.

All right. I was looking, we all know the, uh, John three 16. But some of the other verses that go along with that verily verily, I send you, he hearth my word and believeth on him that sent me half everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death into life. Jesus talks a great deal about eternal life. And he says, I give unto them eternal life and they shall never be saved. And I say unto them, I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish.

Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. And then, uh, again in John, he said, I am the resurrection, the life he that believeth in me, though he were dead yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. And this is the record that God has given to us eternal life. And this life is in his son.

But all those things are true. But to totally understand, we know that, uh, Jesus, his first words in his ministry were repent. To get there, we have to repent of our sins to get this gift of eternal life, to be saved. We have to become a born again believer. As Jesus told Nicodemus, you must be born again.

You must be born of the Spirit, not a new earthly birth, but a spiritual birth. And to do that, one must call upon God the Father, must confess their sins, that your sins, my sins as a sinner, my sins put Jesus Christ on that cross. And he paid the penalty. The wages of sin is death. He paid the price for my sin. But I have to go and ask for forgiveness for those sins with a truly repentant heart. The Father will forgive. And then I can ask Jesus Christ, the Savior, the one who died for me to come into my life, to be Lord of my life, that I give myself to him freely without reservation.

Without hesitation. And he will then send me the Holy Spirit of God. And that Holy Spirit of God will take residence in me.

That is my down payment on everlasting life. When that happens, that phrase about no one can take me out of the Father's hand, I am then a born again believer. I am now a child of the kingdom, a son or daughter of the living God, spiritually, a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life, an heir of the kingdom.

Thirty seconds, Jill. All the things, all the promises of God are now true. And I begin a transformation.

I grow in knowledge and love and wisdom, getting closer to God the Father, getting just happier, more content, more at peace. And the same will happen to you. All right, Jill, we're out of time. We're out of time for tonight, but thank you for folks out there listening. Again, I want to thank all of you again. Until tomorrow, we want to say good night, God bless, and always, always, always keep fighting the fight. Have a good night, Kyle. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at

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