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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 9, 2023 12:02 am

WRWL/WED HR 2 030823

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 9, 2023 12:02 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we are back and I want to pick it up tonight for you folks. You know, when this program is replayed four times during the day and the first hour is played at 10 a.m. in the morning and the second hour is played at 3 in the afternoon. And so, the folks that only listen to the second hour, they won't know that I have the famous Mike Fodor from the, well, it's called the Sword and the Dove Ministries.

Sword and Dove Ministries. And they wouldn't know unless I told them, right? Yes. Okay, well he's here. I'm here. Okay, so now I'm going to pick this up where I left off. Thank you for having me on the show.

I hope that I'm worthy. Alright, so let me pick this up here. I asked the Intel guys why he wasn't apprehended sooner since we had a full description.

I was told the asset could not be compromised throughout the entirety of the day on August 26, 2021. We disseminated the suicide bomber information to ground forces. Abby Gate. He was spotted somewhere from noon to 1 p.m. by myself, then Sergeant Charles Schilling and another. The anomaly in the crowd who was clean-shaven and fit the description exactly traveling with an older gentleman. The individual was consistently and nervously looking up at our position through the crowd. The older of the two wore a black soaking head bag and was covering his face most of the time. They both had obvious mannerisms that go along with who we believed him to be.

They handed out small cards to the crowd periodically. The older man sat calmly and seemingly coached the bomber over the communication network. We passed that there was a potential threat that an ID attacker imminent. This was as serious as it could get. I requested engagement authority while my team leader was ready with the M110 semi-automatic sniper system. The response leadership did not have the engagement authority for us.

Do not engage. I requested for the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Brad Whitehead, to come to the tower and see what we did. While we waited for him, psychologically operations individuals came to our tower immediately and confirmed that the suspect met the suicide bomber description. He eventually arrived and we showed him our evidence, the photos we had of the two men.

He reassured him of the ease of the fire on the suicide bomber. Pointedly, we asked him for engagement authority and permission. We asked if we could shoot out our battalion commander said, and I quote, I don't know, end quote. Myself and my team leader asked very harshly, well, who does?

Because this is your responsibility, sir. He again replied he did not know but would find out. We received no update and never got our answer. Eventually the individual disappeared.

To this day, we believe he was the suicide bomber. We made everyone on the ground aware operations had briefly halted but then started again. Plain and simple, we were ignored. Our expertise was disregarded.

No one was held accountable for its safety. Let me ask you this, Mike. How do you think it would have been different if Trump had been in office? Well, I think he would have liked to have gotten us out of Afghanistan.

He doesn't like to be entangled in foreign wars or occupations. But I think he would have done it with a lot more, you know, respect for the military, our military and the Afghans and tried to make it work. I think he would have left a skeleton operation like special forces over there to help keep the government in place, you know, to come to their aid when they needed it against the Taliban, maybe 5000.

I don't know how many they would need. He would have done things a lot differently. Well, I think he would have probably allowed the shot to be taken to if it got to him as a decision. Well, the normal procedure would have been they would have hardened the forces until the people, our people were evacuated.

Right. So they would have not would have done exactly the opposite of what Biden did. I mean, you couldn't have messed it up any more than what Biden did. And it was like, well, you know, here the mindset of these people love death. They love death. And like you said earlier, they like the American military to have egg on their face, look bad, look weak. And that's what happened in Vietnam. The tragedy of Watergate wasn't Watergate itself.

Really, that wasn't that big of a deal when you really look at it. But it turned the Congress completely Democratic. And then they pulled out of Vietnam just like they pulled out of Afghanistan. They told everybody out and they just left them to die over there. All our allies in Cambodia and South Vietnam, they were butchered because of the Democratic withdrawal wasn't handled properly. Same thing happened in Afghanistan.

And they like it that way sometimes. Yeah, you're right. But that never would have happened under Reagan. That never would have happened. It would have never happened under Nixon either.

Or Nixon or Trump. OK. Yeah. And so. Already, there you go.

What do you have there? I got one last article hot off the griddle. We know this week there's much physical and mental health problems for every single Democrat and RINO in Congress who were potentially in jeopardy because of the footage that was released to Tucker Carlson and Fox News. You know that Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters and others were very upset. Mitch McConnell.

What's wrong with that picture, Kentucky? But the two that were really upset were Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell of California, of course. Two of the dirtiest politicians came unglued when they realized that the lies they've been telling about January six for the last two years were about to be revealed. And it's interesting what Swalwell had to say. He's the one, if you don't recall, he's sleeping with Fang Fang.

Sleeping with the enemy had a Chinese spy girlfriend. Here's what he had to say. There's no good ending to this release of the footage. Tucker will distort what happened. And listen to this.

And you just gave the proudest boy of all. I guess Tucker a blueprint for the capital for the next insurrection. That's what Eric Swalwell had to say.

And then Adam Schiff is now running for U.S. senator in California. Right. He wants to take. What's your name? Is it is a box Einstein? Einstein. Boxer was the one before. But he had a Chinese spy as his chauffeur for years. Feinstein.

Yeah, that's right. There's a lot of leakage in California, isn't there? But now Schiff is very concerned about the footage being released on Fox News. He knows that his career is likely to go up in smoke to an abrupt end. So now Schiff is pivoting. Back to the old and tired election fraud denier accusations to deflect from the biggest story of all the January six lies told by Democrats and rhinos in Congress. You know what they called the select committee really were the liars club. You never had such a big that many such a group of liars get together as you had right there. And and it seems that that whole thing was orchestrated by the left and the Democrats.

Oh, it was a false flag operation from the very beginning. But I don't know why President Trump didn't put more teeth behind that. And, you know, he offered more security and Pelosi denied it that day. Right.

Yeah. And he should have maybe sniffed that out that something was up and he should have probably made sure there was plenty of security. I know he told them to, you know, be peaceful, be patriotic. But he was still president at that time. And so I think that was probably a mistake on his part. Well, you know, Milley had said had had Trump ordered the military, he would have stopped and he wouldn't have given the orders to go. But I mean, Trump still a commander in chief. He's still going to done it. Yeah, he should have Trump. Milley should have.

Yeah. You know why he didn't get rid of some of these guys when he had the chance. You know, one of his weaknesses is president. I don't think he had very many. I like just about every decision he made, but he couldn't seem to. They tricked him easily on his appointments.

He was duped by the global elite, the deep state and picking people for key positions. They're very good at this. They have their guys in place. They're George George Shultz's. They're George Bush's. They're Henry Kissinger's. They have these. They're everywhere. They've groomed them. They finance them, Republican and Democrat. They've got them coming up through the ranks and they they they're like Manchurian candidates.

When we need you, we'll let you know and we'll use you. You got to remember every day for eight years, this radio program right here was telling you, do you see what he's doing now as Barack Obama? OK, every time he would appoint one of the communists, I mean, he he appointed the worst people. It was almost like you went to the very gates of hell and knocked on the gates of hell and said, send me your worst. Send me your biggest liars, your your your biggest degenerates out to out here. And every time he would do that, he purged 11 four star generals because of their loyalty to the military, to the United States of America.

OK, 260. High ranking officers altogether. Obama purged for the military and replaced them with bootlickers.

People like million people like Austin. OK, and so there and they're in there to destroy our military. They're in there to destroy this military. We have now we've we've got to find a way getting them out. Meanwhile, what we have to do, too, for for the people across the country.

We played that clip a little while ago about Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 here in Ohio is called NAWAKA. The branch they're called NAWAKA. They're shadowy bureaucrats that lobby the politicians. They suck the life's blood out of the American people. In fact, they've got another meeting this Friday in the morning down there in Cleveland at their office. The last one, we brought about 60 people down there to let them know that we're all aware of what they're doing, who they are. They're their deep state.

They work directly with the World Economic Forum, which is anti-crisis, anti-Christ king yet. So that's what. Well, we always hear that elections are important and they make a difference.

And that's true. But once you are elected, you got to vet correctly. You've got to vet your cabinet, your chief of staff. You've got to know who to trust. And I don't think Trump was ready for what he got into.

Well, you have to you have to remember this, that the CIA, he went against the intelligence agencies. And that's what they do. That's where their expertise is. They just use to infiltrate. This is, you know, the destroy countries.

And again, like I said, now they're using the Department of Defense to to try to depopulate the planet. To be honest, if Trump were to win again, I think that his only chance is surrounding himself with conservative Christians, whether it be Protestant or Catholic, but conservative Christians who believe not only in the country, but believe in God and believe in some values and let them help him do the vetting for key cabinet posts, even chief of staff. That's the only way he's going to do it. Otherwise, if he just relies on politicians, they're swamp creatures. Three fourths of them. They are. But there are people out there if he could bring in like Jim Jordan, for example, or Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz.

There are there are those people out there, but they already have jobs. Yeah. But do you want to take them away? He took a senator out of Alabama and we lost that seat. I thought that was a bad idea from the start with Jeff Sessions. Yeah. We lost that seat. He thought it was a sure thing. Right. Yeah.

And we lost that seat and we almost lost the Senate because of it. So you got to be careful who you pull in. He's got to rely on the church. Any any good leader, if you're going to go up against the global elite, which is the precursor to the anti-Christ regime. What we're seeing is Bible prophecy, right? Absolutely.

Stop by everything you see is the Bible is is revealing itself a little by little every day. Right. Yes. And it's a and it's a it's a tremendous tide that's rolling in that direction. We had a reprieve with President Trump and Daniel, chapter 12, verse three and four. He says when he tells Daniel to seal up the book until then, we're seeing the book piece by piece being unsealed.

Now, this this is the time that it becomes unsealed. And so. Boom, Dr. Redfield flips, this virus was unnatural, most likely came from a lab. No kidding. Why was it we knew this?

OK. The Republican led House Select Subcommittee on a coronavirus pandemic met this morning at 9 a.m. eastern time in Capitol Hill. The committee chaired by Representative Brad Winstrup, Republican from Ohio, focused today's hearing on the origin of the covid-19 virus. Why was it we told you this? You know, why was it you had that Chinese scientist out of China, the lady who came out to three years ago and told us right then we you know, we were we played clips of her talking about how that they let the virus got loose from the lab where she worked at.

OK. How courageous is she? Yeah. Well, she's here now hiding.

OK. Yeah. And so a majority of Americans today know the virus was leaked on purpose from the Wuhan biological lab in China in 2019. Dr. Robert Redfield, the Trump era director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Paul All waiter, a professor of medicine at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. We're witnessing at today's hearing for over a year now, the Gateway Pundit has reported on Dr. Tony Foushee concealing evidence on the Wuhan lab leak theory from the American public. Last week, the Gateway Pundit report on how Foushee bought off prominent doctors to keep the lab leak theory hidden from the public. But things are not working out so well for Dr. Foushee.

His dirty man's lies and secrets are being exposed. And on Tuesday, Dr. Redfield dropped a bomb during the hearing. Dr. Redfield clearly informed Congress the coronavirus was created in a lab.

Dr. Redfield, we weren't doing gain of function research. I'm a clinical virologist. I tried to explain to Dr. Foushee, who's an immunologist, that this virus, SARS and MERS, when they infected man from the intermediate host, Civet Cat in the case of SARS, and a camel in the case of MERS, they never learned how to go human to human. So the original outbreaks were less than 1,000 people and the epidemics died. And so when everyone thought that this was SARS-like, well, it was going to die, too. But this virus was immediately the most infectious virus. Not the most, I think, probably right behind the measles virus that we've ever seen infect man.

So I immediately said, wait a second, this isn't natural. And then you go back and look at the literature and you find that in 2014, this lab actually published a paper that they put the H2 receptor into humanized mice so it can infect human tissue. And then you learn that the new COVID, which came from bats, now can hardly replace it or replicate it in bats.

So how does this happen? Well, so I said that my view was as a virologist, again, my hypothesis, and I never discredited them for their hypothesis. This spillover was the most likely, was most likely to come from the lab and we need to aggressively investigate both.

And there you go. So in other words, he was saying, hey, guess what? It was set out there done on purpose.

It was done in a lab and it was loosed on purpose, right? I think we knew that, didn't we? We knew that two years ago, didn't we?

Oh, you know, isn't it amazing? Well, it perfectly fits the global elite agenda, right? Like you said earlier, one of their major goals not only is to make profit and to gain power and to catapult global government, but it's also to depopulate the planet.

The club of Rome said back in the 1960s they wanted population to be maybe a half a billion, which would be equal to maybe a billion today. That's plenty of people. So one out of, seven out of eight of us need to go in their minds. I said in their meetings back in the 80s without, they didn't know who I was. You had Sierra Club, you had Planned Parenthood, you had the World Health Organization. You were Forrest Gump. Yeah, I was Forrest Gump. I was sitting in there. You're everywhere. Yeah. But I didn't have a box of chocolates, you see.

No. But anyhow, and they were speaking openly, and they were talking about the different ways to depopulate the planet. They talked about starvation, they talked about wars, they talked about plagues, and then they talked about vaccines. And during one of those meetings when they had mentioned that Bill Gates' human papillomid virus had killed eight times as many girls.

The vaccine killed eight times as many girls in Africa than the virus killed. They applauded, you see. They applauded? Yeah.

Boy, that must have been creepy. Talk about evil personified. Well, yeah, they want to eliminate. I mean, again, see, it's very hard for most people listening to us right now, tonight, right now, to realize the opposition out there has got a mindset that we are no more than parasites on the back of Mother Earth, Gaia. Now, also, there's a mindset that they don't understand that only a very small percentage of the top two, just like the actual card-carrying communist members were only about 2% were actually of the party, but they had all the guns. These people out there, like those in the media that are so quick to sell their countrymen down, so quick to sell us down, and these people don't realize that they're not going to be, they're going to be a part of the fatalities, too.

They're also considered by the very top elite. Remember, if you take it down, because we're almost at 8 billion, let me ask you this, what do most theologians and historians believe the population of the Earth was during the flood? I've heard anywhere from 1 to 2 billion. 8 billion. Is it 8 billion?

8 billion. Wow, was I off. What does that tell you now? Were you there to count them? No, I'm not that old. I'm not that old.

Why is your nickname, Methuselah? Alright, there you go. Listen, God's going to give them what they want during the Great Tribulation. Unfortunately, they're going to be victims themselves, which they don't want, but at least three-quarters of the world's population, if you do the math in the Book of Revelation, and you need to take this literally, folks, at least three-quarters of the Earth's population will be killed or destroyed during the Great Tribulation. That's, what, 6 billion people.

Think about 6 billion. So, that's coming soon. That's coming this century, I do believe, the 21st century. I think all signs are indicating. Bible prophecy is nothing to take lightly, folks. And that's why we've got to stay close to God, and keep good fellowship with him, and stay in the Church, and stay in the Word of God, right?

All these have got to be priority. So then you don't believe Klaus Schwab, because Klaus Schwab said he was going to live forever. Right now, what they are trying to do is actually take, and make cyborgs, take right now, and they're working on taking the human brain and placing that into a machine, into computers, into robots. And Klaus Schwab said by doing that, he'll live forever.

Give him time? I believe they could achieve that, but he's been watching a lot of sci-fi movies. Yeah. But he is going to live forever. Every human being that's ever born, even the unborn, they're going to live forever.

Well, not really. See, when you're talking about living, those that are saved, that go home to be with the Lord. Right. Eternal life is a continual process of living, but eternal death, those that die, is an eternal process of dying. Okay.

You've seen people. But they're still going to be alive, so to speak, right? Yeah. We need to be clear on that. They're not going to be annihilated, right? Right. They'll have their senses, and they're going to wish they didn't. That annihilation theory is built on two verses taken out of context in the Bible, right?

The entire theory. That's what Jehovah Witnesses and I think Seventh-day Adventists believe that too. Believe in the now.

But it's really not hard to... The lost will be given a special body that will be fit for hell. Yeah.

Let me read this to me, and then you tell me what this does to the annihilation theory, right? And so, we start over in chapter 20 of Revelation. And I saw an angel come down from the heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which was the devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him, that he should see the nations no more till a thousand years should be fulfilled.

And after that, he must be loosed a little season. And I saw thrones and those that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them, and the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus. For the word of God, which had not worshiped the beast, neither the image, neither received the mark upon their foreheads.

And now this is that one fourth that you're talking about that's there. And in their hands, and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. But some of the rest of the dead lived not again until a thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection. On such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever.

How does that deal with the annihilation theory? Is that talking about Satan or is it talking about the Antichrist and the false prophet there? It's talking about actually all three of them that are going to be tormented. And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away, and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God, and the books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged out of those things which were witnessed in the book according to their works. And the sea gave up their dead which were in it, and death and hell delivered the dead which were in them. And they were judged, every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.

This is the second death, and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. So let me ask you this. Why should I believe this?

Why should you believe it? It's the word of God. It's the book of Revelation.

It's pretty clear. I mean, you can't come up with the idea that the devil is some kind of concept or institution, or same with the beast or the false prophet. These are personal beings. These are individuals that God judges and casts into the lake of fire somewhere out there in the universe, probably. So you need to believe this, because if you don't know Christ, he's our only ransom.

He's our only hope. You end up the same place the devil does. But God doesn't want you to go there.

That's not his perfect will. So in this book that you have in your hand, right now there are over 1,800 prophecies, over 1,200 in the Old Testament and 580 in the New Testament. Now, what is the record, going back 6,000 years, what is the record of fulfillment, the accuracy? Well, so far I think at least half of them have been fulfilled.

Way more than half. I know a lot of them have to do with the very end of time, but yeah, majority of them have been fulfilled. God always comes through. He says, I'm going to prove to you that I'm the one true God. I'm going to tell you the beginning from the end.

I'm going to tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. No other religious book does that. The fulfillment of these, if we go back and look at this, we see inaccuracy for centuries. People have been trying to disprove it. No one has ever been able to disprove one passage of the Word of God right now. I mean, they can't do it.

If they could, they would have, but it cannot be done. Because Jesus made it very clear, heaven and earth have passed, but his words would never pass away. So you have this in your hand right there, the Word of God. Now, the only chance that Satan would have, if there was any chance at all, avoiding what we just read, the pit of lake of fire forever, he would have to break scripture. If he could break scripture, then God would cease to be God. Like annihilate the Jews.

Right. That's why he tries so hard, because if he could annihilate the Jews, he would. He would annihilate all of us, especially the Christians, too. But so much prophecy revolves around the Jews.

Hang tight, we'll be back right after this. He said, I am the way and the truth and the life. So they hung him from the tree till he was crucified. Then they carried him and buried him in a tomb three days and three nights long. And where the bang and the clang and a great big boom, the angel removed the stone from the tomb. And when they all went looking inside, well, Jesus, he was gone. And now you know there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet, the Father to cause it for the Son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now as the Spirit moved and the church caught fire and the gospel spread through the Roman Empire, that old devil's old world order was turned upside down.

It seemed the more that he martyred and he crucified, the more the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ was multiplied, until the gospel of the saving grace of Christ was finally spread the world around. All because there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet, the Father to cause it for the Son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit.

Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now the Muslims say it's down to all you bow. The Hindus pray they'll come back as a cow.

The Oriental say only boot is the way. But what are they gonna say on resurrection day? Now the world's got leaders that are trying to lead, but the truth of the matter is they're all deceived, because they've all got secrets in their past they're trying to hide.

So when Satan steps up to make his deals, he threatens to tell all the other big wheels, so they all conspire together to save their own hands. But you know there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet, the Father had caused it for the Son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet.

Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Alrighty, we are back and the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673. If you have a question or comment, if you've got like a really hard question, ask Mike. If you've got a comment or something about how good the people that sing in this program are, let me know.

Well listen, who would have ever thought Clifford's, Clifford is on, Clifford are you there? Yes, yes, I do have a question, but briefly, the articles on LifeSiteNews, I'll just give a brief synopsis of a couple. One was talking about how much money was routed to the media to support these shots, so-called vaccines. A lot of it was from Bill Gates.

One, Tracking had him giving about $250 million to places like the BBC, NBC, and top media outlets in 2021. And they cited two other billionaires, the one I wasn't familiar with, that put additional monies in George Soros. And Matt Hancock, who at the time was the Health Minister of Britain, they leaked something where he was joking. He said, yeah, we got to get these nanoparticles into people from Bill Gates.

He was actually joking about it. Then the second one was about how Grey's Anatomy depicted a woman that was having a healthy pregnancy, but she was depressed. And their remedy in the show, this was a week ago it aired, was an abortion.

And that everything was hunky-dory, you know, that got her out of her depression, the abortion, according to the Grey's Anatomy, that soap opera. And a third article talked about Gavin Newsom that wants the Walgreens in California out because they're not distributing this RU 486. And he's going to go after Walgreens, according to him, his statement, and 20 other states where they backed off against the distribution because the AGs in these 20 states said that they would prosecute Walgreens if they went ahead and did that. So that was the third one. The fourth one actually was about the superstar tennis player. Biden's not letting him in the country so far because he refuses to get the shot. But yet the borders are open to anybody and everybody.

You know, this guy's the top tennis player on the planet right now, a number one ranked Djokovic. But my question for Michael is, you know, if you look at Zep and I at chapter 1 verses 8 to 12, it brings in that word crash, which is interesting. You could relate it to the book of Revelation, how people were going to crash from the hills. But that term would not have been as, you know, maybe in vogue at that time.

You know, you didn't have car crashes, you didn't have plane crashes. You know, I'd ask about that, and also that the one angel, the strong angel in that passage you read in the study, you know, that idea of one angel having so much strength. And then one other thing would be Psalm 90 verse 7, the only psalm attributed to Moses verse 7 talks about the wrath of God spelling some sort of trouble for wherever it's going to be.

It's going to involve trouble, so it's definitely going to involve trouble. What was your verse in Zephaniah again? It was chapter 1 verses 8 to 12. It's not an easy book to find out quickly, you know.

Or crash. And King James says crash? Yeah.

Okay, I'm just looking through 8 through 12 verse chapter 1. Yeah. And you're just wondering what that word means there? Well, in a great crashing from the hills.

Okay, I see it. I never remembered seeing that word in the Old Testament, that word crash, you know, that seems more like a 20th century term or, you know, like someone crashed and burned, you know, that old concept. Yeah, you won't find that many places in the Bible at all. That's one of those few words that you may find no more than actually one time.

There's several words that you'll find only like, for example, potentates found one time in the Word of God and the word of Reverend as far as a name for God. But anyhow, thanks. We got to move on. Let's go to Harold in Illinois. Hey, Harold. Hello. Hello, Pastor Sanders.

Always an honor to speak to you. Listen, you've got that thing coming up this weekend. Yeah. Okay, I've got an idea, and I just want to see if you'll consider it. Roe vs. Wade was overturned on September 28th of last year.

Okay? What I was thinking is this. Can we take the month of September and make it a celebration of life for those people saved from abortion and just make that all over the country a time that we dedicate those people that were saved from abortion because of the protest at these bloody abortion mills and just bring out those people to present how their lives were rewarded by having that child. And then on your pledge week in September, just bring out those people to make a witness. We make this a national thing, a national thing throughout the whole country. Well, I know it would be a lot easier on the marchers to go out there in September other than January.

I went for like 40 times to D.C. I went to the March for Life about 40 times, and boy, we had some pretty bad weather, but we did it. It would be a lot easier in September.

But I'm just thinking focusing on the people that gave birth to a child that they were going to abort because of the work that you've done. And we make the month of September that month where we push that. We go to these abortion mills and have the people stand up and say, you know, I've been saved from abortion and then the date of their birth. I second the motion. All right, there you go.

Mike seconds the motion. We need to get a number of those people. Over the years, we have had those survivors on the air, but we need to go and look them back up again, abortion survivors, and start putting them on. Yeah, dedicate September when that ruling was made.

Dedicate your, when you do your pledge week, dedicate that in September. Just really let people see, but when they're going over there to have an abortion, see the result when they see a five-year-old that the mother said no. You see a 30-year-old man standing there who was saved from abortion. You know that song that we play, that song that we play, The Preacher, that's a true story, where that baby got saved. That's a true story. The baby's name was Adam.

You know, that song that we sing on a cold, winter. But I think it's such a powerful statement when somebody's going to have an abortion to see children there. They say born at this day. They were that the mother was going to have an abortion, but because of people like you, you stopped it, and here's the end result. Here's the fruit of their womb. Well, thank you, Harold. We have to move on.

The lines are all lit. Let's go out to Leonard in New Jersey. Hey, Leonard. Hi, is this Ernie by any chance? Yeah, this is Pastor Sanders. Yes, sir.

I was writing a book, as a matter of fact, about five months ago. I was actually I sent it in to you, but it wasn't really ready. As a matter of fact, it's still not ready. And I didn't make you an offer. That's if you wanted it. You know what I mean?

You know, but here's the thing. Okay, did you send this in a manila envelope with about 20 pages or so? No, it was 100 and it's 200 and something pages.

All right. Yeah, well, I don't even know if it will all print it out. I sent it in such a rush because China was saying they're going to attack the U.S. in three months. So I'm afraid of having a Biden in there and I don't trust him.

Don't worry about it. They'll just surrender. Austin and Millie, they would. They would surrender. They would simply tell you, we're not strong enough. And this is what all their generals have been telling them.

We're not strong enough to win a war. So it's better off if we just live by their demands and it's better off for us to surrender. That's why they're there to begin with. They're owned lock, stock and barrel by the Communist Chinese Party. Yeah, I understand that.

I've been listening to you, you know, for a while now. But anyway. Well, good news. The good news is Bible prophecy doesn't indicate that China is going to come this direction. Bible prophecy indicates that China is going to make a move to the Middle East.

Going to go another way, aren't they? Yeah. All right.

Well, listen, thanks Leonard. The point I wanted to make is Cliff brought up a verse yesterday about pure language. Now that was in my book. I brought up that verse. Now, I had written next to it prophecy. Now, would prophecy be pure language? Now, I don't know whether I got that from the internet or not.

I don't think I'm smart enough to think of pure language as prophecy. All right. That would take me a little more time than we have to tell you. So we're going to have to move on. Just one more verse.

Just let me give you one more verse. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Now, what's the foundation? The foundation is the word of God that we are to stand on.

That's that rock. Yeah, but when that prophecy was made, we didn't have the New Testament even. So the foundation, as far as we're concerned, is the Constitution. No, the foundation is the word of God that we're built on. Christ is the rock of our salvation. He's the cornerstone on which the rest. So in other words, it's what God's word the Bible teaches us. It's every word that proceeded forth from the mouth of God.

That's the foundation right here in front of us, the word of God. But we're out of time, but thanks for calling. And now, in fact, how much time do we have there?

Okay. We're going to put Mike to the test. We're going to give him six minutes to give an invitation to tell you folks how you can avoid a burning like a fire. Because see, listen, I got this inside track. I got this information, and it's verified that every one of you listening to me out there someday will die. It's verified. Unless you're raptured.

Okay. Well, even then, you actually do die. This whole body is left behind. The whole body is not left behind.

It's changed. So we're changed in a minute, okay, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. So even that, that way, you're still going to die to this world. And so you've got six minutes to tell folks how they can make it to heaven. Make it to heaven, huh? Yeah.

That's where you want to go. Well, you have to have two birthdays to get to heaven. That starts with that, right? Bible Sunday school, lesson number one. So Jesus said that you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of heaven. It's that simple.

It's that clear. So we have to just figure out what does he mean, born again. Of course, Nicodemus was a religious leader, a God-fearing man, who eventually did believe in Jesus. But he couldn't figure it out himself. What does this mean, this spiritual born? He thought, how can I climb back into my mother's womb?

That's a good question, really. So Jesus said, you don't understand. It's a spiritual thing. The Holy Spirit will regenerate you, will make you a new creation. See, the old Jew, you're born into sin, even a baby. They're innocent, but eventually they're going to sin, right? Eventually they reach that age of accountability.

So even a newborn baby is born with sin that comes from Adam. And so we need to realize that we can't save ourself. That's the main thing. We can never be good enough. We can never be religious enough. We can never jump through enough ritualistic hoops, so to speak.

And some people, that's the thing that'll keep most people out of heaven, is they think they'll be good enough. See, why was it that the tree of life was there? If you ate of the tree of life, you'd live forever. But the one thing that God commanded Adam and Eve not to do, of all these trees, one thing, do not, one commandment, do not eat of the tree of good, the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil.

And they couldn't even keep that one commandment. What is so wrong with the knowledge of good? Do you think about that? We understand the knowledge of evil. We think of Hitler. We think of the Holocaust.

We think of murderers and rapists. I say, oh, well, those are really bad people. I could see why they would go to hell. They deserve to go to hell. Yeah, God, judge them.

But the knowledge of good, God knew would be even a greater hindrance to people making it into the eternal kingdom with him. And that's because they're relying on their own merits to get them there. They're relying on their own religion, the religion they were born into, whether that's Protestant, Orthodox, Christian, Muslim, Jewish. They think, my grandparents, my parents, this is what I got to do. You see, they get into trouble.

They make some bad decisions. Well, I just need to get back to church. Well, that's good. But you need to know going to church doesn't save you, doesn't make you born again anymore than, as they say, walking into a garage makes you a car, right?

You have to be transformed into a new creation. You've heard the song Bulldogs and Butterflies. Well, I think bullfrogs, not bulldogs, bullfrogs and butterflies, right? Remember that? Mm-hmm.

McGuire. Bullfrogs is really not a good picture because that's a gradual transformation from a pollywog or a tadpole, depending on what part of the country you're from, into a bullfrog. But a butterfly is a great picture of being born again because you know what happens to that caterpillar? When it goes into the cocoon, that caterpillar melts down into a soup. It doesn't retain its shape.

It melts down into a soup. And God, inside the cocoon, makes it into a whole new creation. And out comes a beautiful butterfly, usually, not a moth.

So you want to be a butterfly, a creature of the day, not a creature of the night, a moth, right? So when we're born again, old things pass away, and behold, all things become new. And the only way you can do that is through the person of Jesus Christ. You've got to believe that He is the Son. It's not enough to believe that He was a good man.

It's not enough to believe He's a good rabbi. It's not enough to believe that He was even the Messiah because many believe He was just a human Messiah. No, you have to believe that He was the Son of God. He was the second member of the Godhead, the Trinity, that came down to earth, right? So you have to believe that He was eternal. And you need to know that He paid the price for your sin that you could never pay on your own, that He died on that cross. And His blood is what changes you, cleanses you, transforms you into that new creation. So don't hesitate.

Don't put it off. Today is the day of your salvation. Receive Him. Open the door of your heart and let Him in. Let Him be your Lord and your best friend.

All right, and you can do that by going actually Gospel of John chapter 3. Read it and do it, right? Amen. And folks, don't run out of tomorrows tonight. Don't do it. A lot of people will. Most people will.

You don't want to be one of them. So until, well, we get to this place every night. Until tomorrow, we want to say this. Good night. God bless. God bless. Always, always. Let's do it. Keep fighting the fight!
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