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MON HR 1 022023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 21, 2023 12:17 am

MON HR 1 022023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left on this 20th day of February 2023.

20th day almost going through the month of February already. And tonight we have our producer is none other than Courageous Craig. Good evening everybody.

And we have tonight none other than the parson Joe Larson. Glad to be back with you. It just seemed like it was just last week I was with you. Yeah. Yeah but you're a week older now aren't you?

Yeah at least. It's close it's closing in on you isn't it? It's working with you.

It's just me. All right listen we got. But we we won't tell people. We listen we got we got to quit fooling around because we got a lot of information to get out tonight don't we?

Are we ever. All right so let's start with the most important part of our information. The information from the greatest source of wisdom and knowledge and the highest source of authority in existence. God's Word the Bible huh? That sounds like a good place to start. So let's start there in John chapter 16 verse 29 through 36.

Would you read verses 29 through 36? Wait a minute before you do. We didn't give the title did we? The title is Pride. Go ahead.

Pride Anxiety and Worldly Cares. We're going to cover all three of those this week Lord's willing. So go ahead and read 29 through 33. His disciples said unto him lo now speakest thou plainly and speakest no proverb. Now are we sure that thou knowest all things and meetest not that any man should ask thee by this we believe that thou can camest forth from God. Jesus answered them do ye now believe behold the hour cometh. Yea is now come that ye shall be scattered every man to his own and shall leave me alone and yet I am not alone because the Father is with me. These things have I spoken unto you that in me he might have peace in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. Alrighty so here now they made a point look you're speaking to us now plainly so we know we know Lord that you know all things. Why would they say that? Why would they say we know that you know all things and you come from God? What was it they kind of finally figured out who he really is and they totally believe it. Well but if you have some examples when he said you know all things he remember there were a few things that took place there remember when he sent Peter down to the ocean and said cast your your line and you're going to catch a fish in that fish mouth will be a coin right and so that so what do you you've been fishing yeah what are the odds a coin yeah yeah coin yeah if I if I put a coin in a fish and put it in the in the ocean there and sent you down what's the um what's the odds you're going to catch that fish that's not very good even in a small pond it wouldn't be very good right it wouldn't and so so uh then he goes remember when he tells them and the triumph entry the transfiguration they saw him turn and have the shakana glory some of them yeah but here we're talking about know all things we know all things and so remember the triumph entry into Jerusalem he said I want you to go there to this certain place and you're going to find a cold tide up right and and uh right and you're going to you're going to go and take it and then go you they're going to give you instructions on where to go okay so so what's the odds of that what about what about the Samaritan woman at the well when uh yeah very good example he knew everything about her that well I mean even probably people that knew her didn't know all the things that he did let alone and he was a total stranger to her never been in her town that she knew of didn't know it wasn't related so yeah and uh he when when they asked her if you uh do you have a husband and she said no he said yes you've had five men five five men you've had okay uh you've been within that uh that kind of startled her didn't it it did well how about peter when he told peter the cock would curl three times that he would deny his lord and uh he didn't believe it but it sure turned out true absolutely that absolutely so all of these things is they understand here now well he hadn't at this point done that yet um oh yeah you know what i think in fact i think he did i think he he doesn't have by the time we got to this part of the scripture and so here now when he told him that uh he says behold the hour cometh now that now and yes is now come you shall be scattered well that was over in in mark 14 50 that's exactly what happened it says and they scattered when they saw when they came to arrest the lord jesus they all scattered all right and so here so now they're they're looking at this saying he knows everything he knows everything now uh then they says he goes out these things have i spoken unto you that you might have peace but in this world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer i have overcome the world uh you know it's an interesting thing because he was about to be arrested in those days when they would be arrested okay they're by the temple guards huh so what would what would the the hoi polloi what would the jews be saying about him what would they be telling the people here's a guy that's got arrested uh he's a lawbreaker right all right he's he's blessed for me he's claiming to be god the son of god i mean how bad can you get yeah and so now i remember joe being arrested and you've been arrested uh and uh for doing the lord's work several times i didn't think much about that did they the arrestees didn't really care and didn't think much about well you wouldn't expect that but but what wouldn't in my cases most of them most of the time i was a much younger preacher back in those days when i was being arrested on a regular basis but for doing the lord's work i got my criticism from the prissy preachers the prison preachers in fact i remember having one actually on the radio program saying you'll never see him uh protesting abortion as long as it's legal right we can't get defile the government yes in other words well jimmy carter now uh is is going into hospice but remember when jimmy carter remember he said he's a born-again believer and i remember hearing jimmy carter say yes that cordon abortions is sin it's it's murder according to the bible but my constituents voted for me to keep it legal and so i'm going to support it so in other words jimmy carter says yes i'm a born-again christian but i'm going to obey man and not god huh that's pretty much what he said so people to this day oh he's such a devout believer he's such a wonderful man he teaches bible study but if he doesn't understand that we must obey god rather than men um afraid he's teaching a lot of people some incorrect doctrine is is abortion a very heteron hideous and a very very serious offense to god extremely yeah you're destroying the image of god yes yes special creation and so especially it's the most innocent thing a newborn baby is totally innocent you can't uh kill anything more innocent than an unborn child no you can't well joe uh i don't know if you ever met uh when when you were up here in ohio but um fellow that worked for me years ago he was an orthodox jew an older guy he was older than me uh but we had and he was quite a theologian we had quite a lot of conversations in scripture and um of course he he had the idea that he was not could not make up his mind if christ was the messiah or not and of course obviously i try to convince him and but he said look he said uh he's gonna keep it open but uh before the end before he dies he if he finds out he believes christ is messiah he'll convert okay and and you know that's maybe he was saying maybe if i get real sick or i'm not sure whatever that's that's not the smart thing to do is it because that's not the time yeah it it's better to you know we don't know that we're gonna have a tomorrow no that's guaranteed tomorrow's that's right you never know something can fall out of the sky and land on you and that's the end of you huh yeah out here you can run into a deer in the middle of night on the highway you can have a heart attack you can flip your tractor you can have all kinds of things happen to people and do every every week of the year well i didn't have the heart attack but i ran into dude the biggest buck i ever saw the biggest buck i ever saw did 5 500 worth the damage um to my my my car but you know you know it's it's a question whether i ran into him or he ran into me it was i wasn't going very fast but but he come right at me he came right at me right running right towards the headlights and so it's a good thing you weren't going very fast or it had been a lot worse yeah well it was a rainy rainy rainy i should say one o'clock early in the morning coming back from the radio station and it was uh dark very dark and rainy and boy he came out of no place but anyhow here my friend i was telling you about bob he he used to say he had to say all the time he would put his hands out you know like this and he would say what's to worry this too will pass whenever there was a tragedy whenever there was a problem or something like that uh he would he would say that what's to worry this too will pass and and that typical jewish mind well jesus is saying here these things have i spoken into you that you might have peace in the world you shall have tribulation well we have that tribulation but be of good cheer be of good cheer for i have overcome the world so is he's saying that look the world is going to do some bad things to you but don't worry about it because i'm going to undo all the bad things is that what he's saying no he's going to give you the peace and assurance that you have everlasting life that you will become a child of the kingdom that you will spend eternity with him in heaven but he's not saying you're not going to have any pain suffering or you know spend time in jail on this earth well no but isn't he saying look whatever the world can do to you whatever evil i can undo that evil that that and that evil when when the lord takes us home all of that evil is going to be undone isn't it exactly when he takes us home but it most of the apostles found out they found out they had to they paid quite a price most of them paid with their life uh for being followers but they still had peace and security in their relationship with the father and salvation through christ all righty well we're going to take a look at some of that tribulation that's in the world today so let's go over to romans chapter one all right and in romans chapter one 28 through 32 why don't you read that and even as they did not like to retain god in their knowledge god gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient being filled with all unrighteousness fornication wickedness covetness maliciousness full of envy murder debate deceit malignity whisperers backbiters haters of god despiteful proud posters on inventors of evil things disobedient to parents without understanding covet makers without natural affection implacable unmerciful through knowing the judgment of god that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them all right now so here he's making a point those they they hate god and as we take a look at that it says here that to do those things which were not convenient yeah there's a lot of things that aren't very convenient for us but i think it means more like proper things that are not right with god well that's exactly what it means it means it's in in the english word it would be proper you're right and so here now uh inventors of evil things is is ai would would ai be considered an evil thing because it's targeted against us i believe so because we close it uh there are several articles where ai came out and uh did some really one uh revolutionary chatbot says men could menstruate that's artificial intelligence so i mean there were example after example they're going to use it to brainwash people because people are going to trust the science and the science is going to be woke okay so let's just let me yeah yeah well that's that's lunacy but it but don't those people those some of those so-called uh geniuses great minds those professing themselves to be wise uh they are having some worries because it seems like ai now these computers are actually communicating with each other and and with their programmer they're talking back they're saying they want things and it's like whoa wait a minute well not only that but they're they're looking into ways of being able to not to be shut down where they can't pull the plug and in other words where they can store up energy within uh through artificial intelligence means where they can store where if they pull the plug on them they can still continue and what can they can do some very strange things these these artificial these computers they can bring satellites falling on the sky they could shut down power stations they can bring airplanes down on the sky if they want right there's a world of possibilities of things that could go wrong and you gotta remember what the old thing when they first talked about computer programming was garbage in garbage out and those programs those ai programs have had a lot of garbage programmed into them and therefore there's going to be someday a lot of garbage coming out my car has been in the shop for a couple weeks is that the computer had a nervous breakdown i mean a real a real nervous breakdown and how's the therapy going well i'll find out i didn't hear anything from today but what's happening um it's a strange thing because virtually when i had called and talked to the fellow uh there he sounded like he didn't believe me when i told him what it was doing they you know it's trying to explain to what was happening in the computer what it was doing was you know but anyhow it's not supposed to do that right yeah yeah so when i took it in there it didn't take you but a few minutes to say well i've never seen this before okay and then uh a day or two later he told me well we got another one that's doing the same thing and then last week was pledge week and so i would ride in um with eric eric has got a car similar to mine okay and uh and so and uh it's one of those cadillacs uh uh escalates where i have a suburban but the a lot of the equipment's the same and so as we're driving in the doors lock and unlock lock and unlock lock and unlock and then the the mirrors yeah you've got the electric mirrors on the side like in my car too and the mirrors would fold in then they'd fold out they'd fold in well and so uh eric stopped you know he he you know he was not gonna drive until he get those mirrors to stop moving in and out okay and so uh that's all right if you're in a parking lot someplace you know but if you're if you're out there on the highway you can't just stop in the middle of the road all those people do that need your mirrors yes yeah yeah anyhow so so you have that artificial intelligence what about this is could be uh what he's referring to evil the where you're you're talking about inventors of evil things inventors of evil what about what about the jab jab what what about the jab no the poison poke but more than that well that kills a lot of people that was just a lie and deceit but creating an evil thing we've got they've been playing with poisons and bioweapons and they're you know worked with what about fentanyl yep okay the latest thing though is the uh little boys they can be little girls and little girls they can be little boys and you you can be uh asexual you can be anything you want to your little mind thinks you can be that's the newest invented evil really well a whole lot of those public schools are closing and there's legislation now our people are pushing i think in 20 states they want to they want to defund the department of education which i think is a wonderful idea i think we got to get behind that uh i think that's a biggie that's the story we need to tell everybody about all righty and we'll do that after you know the bible study okay what about the human trafficking that's been around since probably somewhere after adam and eve were thrown out after kane and able but not not like it is today what about election fraud yeah oh just anything uh mayhem the lies the deceit fraud we've got all these people that hack the internet they try and take your homes try and sign over a quick claim deed for your house uh try and steal your credit steal your identity i mean we could go on and on and on the evil things in this world our legion is i think a good word right what about a trick a drill what is it a drill icon the chemical they get out of scaring children half to death and yeah yeah that would be a big one out of their blood that is a real evil isn't it yeah did we see a real evil in the so-called grammy awards the kind of satan worshiping type thing that was a big big evil and uh you know the that guy is continuing sam what's his name is continuing his uh craziness and stupidity and people are still following him and and uh those what is that line said they're worthy of death not only do they do the same but have pleasure and then they do it if you watch something like that take pleasure in it there is a problem right a big problem absolutely absolutely and so all right we're gonna we're gonna stop right here and uh we're gonna go to the break and then we come back we're going to listen to um this programming as you know the opposition likes to show you what they're doing before they do it they it's kind of like um and there's something more to it it's like if they tell you what they're going to do and you don't stop them then then as far as they're concerned you've agreed to it you've you've agreed to allow it if you don't stop them so we're gonna go to implied consent is not a lady's smile right and so let's uh let's go to the break and we come back we'll go to greg reese the pilgrims heard the sovereign words of god on the european shores then rose to flee the persecuting powers that held england in her throes in sailing ships they crossed the oceans wide to the land our god bestowed to plant the seed of christian liberty so that all the world would know their blessings in the wilderness increased with prosperity and health but the ancient powers that ruled the earth grew lustfully jealous of her wealth and sent the british armies to make war with his sons of liberty who placed their faith in god and by his grace fought and won the victory and proclaimed themselves we the people the united states of america shall be faithful and establish rights as americans we shall not bow down to our god reigns and proclaims liberty the mysteries of conspiracy unfolds in our nation's history as the ancient banking powers that rule this earth tries to steal our sovereignty and now this new world order marches in to make war within our land and once again americans it's time to rise up and take a stand and declare ourselves we the people the united states of america shall be faithful and restore our rights as americans we shall not bow down to tyranny the united states of america our god reigns and proclaims liberty we the people the united states of america in the movie knowing the news reported a major oil spill in the gulf of mexico triggered a fire which burned for three hours before it was extinguished officials don't yet know the exact cause of the explosion but believe a malfunction in the cooling system may have been at fault due to the prompt response of the rescue unit the structure was evacuated with no loss of life a year later the deep water horizon exploded six months before 9 11 a lone gunman episode showed us the world trade center being targeted by a hijacked passenger plane corner of liberty in washington and last year's film white noise was about a train wreck that poisons a small town in ohio this is the very same story now playing out in real life within a year of white noise's release the actual event occurs in real life in ohio in texas and in michigan this is known as predictive programming and its purpose is to psychologically trick the minds of the masses into accepting major traumatic events that would otherwise be resisted in the book secret societies and psychological warfare michael hoffman describes a mind control technique known as the revelation of the method and he writes that when the revelation of the method is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolic words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind rape sarah elkhaldi of the alchemist youtube channel channel does an excellent job of explaining all this according to elkhaldi there is a law of nature in this universe that compels the dark occult to first gain our consent before trespassing against us because they believe this protects them from the natural laws of cause and effect they offered and we accepted so it's all fair a lack of response to an action is often taken as an approval of that action and there is an old latin proverb that says he who is silent when he ought to have spoken and was able to is taken to agree silence is considered by many to be a form of consent and so it is through a veiled performance of the revelation of the method technique that these dark occultists believe they are gaining our consent what we know as predictive programming with predictive programming the minds of the masses are impregnated with visuals of a major event before it happens this is done through all forms of media and can be very subtle so that nobody notices but the subconscious mind notices everything and can easily be programmed through repetition and so these controllers repeat whatever it is that they want us to accept as reality because these images are delivered to us through entertainment they elicit no meaningful response of opposition or resistance and so we accept them subconsciously and when the event happens in real life it is already familiar and acceptable to us as if that's just the way it is it's a mind trick and it works by keeping everyone locked in a spectator state this causes what is known as paradigm blindness which is when a person is incapable of seeing any reality other than what they've already been exposed to by the media this paradigm blindness will cause a person to get emotionally triggered whenever confronted with an alternative point of view that they have not been programmed to accept it's a very powerful mind trick and the solution is quite simple we need to stop living as spectators of someone else's reality we need to start creating our own reality and we need to remember how to say no because they offer it to us and we accept it reporting for info wars this is greg reese all right we're back hey joe you know what something something like that kind of just happened uh here local farmer sounds the alarm that's right uh why did that east palestine launch my id my id emergency service to surveil biometrics one week before the ohio train derailment tell me joe that's a good question uh you know they're trying to make it sound like well it was something planned uh but it's i'm one of those people i don't like coincidences and i'll use a story last week we told you about yoni park that young north korean lady girl that had escaped from north korea she and her mother had gone into china their mother into sex slavery they ended up fleeing china crossing the great govi desert the two of them somehow made it alive to north korea and she finally after several countries got to the united states well she went to college in columbia and when she told them the real truth about communism she said that the snowflakes had to run to their safe spaces they shunned her they could not handle her truth they mocked her they threatened her and it's just exactly what they were talking about in your clip here's somebody who had lived under communism who grew up having to go out and eat grass and grasshoppers and dragonflies and when they ran out of bugs to eat they were starving to death and yet when she tried to tell the truth of the students at columbia they wouldn't believe her because they've already been programmed uh kind of like the tavistock institute this was brain washing techniques it's uh they so believe their lies that even confronted with the truth they have to run and hide from it this is something frightening going on terribly frightening so then uh bob moore a 70-year-old farmer and longtime resident of east palestine initially ignored local news reports urging residents to sign up for the my id to receive a a new biometric tracking device that provides first responders updates about an individual health conditions amid an emergency or major disaster uh if this happens in your neck of the woods is that going to be a red flag to you it's sure going to be a red flag i know i guarantee you i'm president of the local fire department and uh board of directors and it's not going to happen here they can take their little you know toy and go somewhere else but uh it's one thing having people having a health record for an emergency but it's something else with this uh these ids were designed to collect this data and uh it begins monitoring your physical activity your heart rate respiration anything you're exposed to chemicals chemical exposure it's this id thing is really a monitoring device people don't understand that it's not just a collection of medical facts for your doctor if you get hurt in an emergency it is a monitoring device that monitors you what you breathe you know what you come in contact with and uh anything that the government has they can use against you this is what people have to understand everything they've done in china the more information they gather the more control over the people they've got that social credit score if you don't do the right thing say the right things uh all of a sudden you can't get loans you can't get a job you can't get a travel pass uh so all information nowadays is being used against us look at the uh silicon valley basically what's their product they're selling you the consumer out there they're selling you your information this is what they make their money on selling the american people all right one of the things we probably should let people know out there uh there's one of the one of the things that really can help uh if if you've taken in some of the toxic water or toxic breathing toxic air is bicarbonate soda or just called baking soda let me read this article here all right uh should probably include pennsylvania well let me see uh they they leave a line off but they go and they start here west virginia in the uh tile and the file i guess that means it should be word file there and perhaps points of further east the government and medical organizations have nothing to suggest in terms of treatments for exposure to the high level of toxins however or no it's or no it's dioxins dioxins however they should be recommending and rushing to the same tons of baking soda because bicarbonates neutralize heavy metals dioxins and furans in the body simple old baking soda detoxifies and cleanses the body and the environment there is nothing better for emergency medicine in the case of dioxin exposure from the highly toxic should they have truckloads and truckloads of baking soda out there if they say if you put it in the water put it in the ground dioxins released from the deliberate ignition of the ohio train wreck this does not mean bicarbonates will cure a person if their exposure is too high but it does mean that it will help the body detoxify detoxify and remain stay stable when exposed um so that is um folks get out there and get some baking soda um same thing now we've got that factory explosion in ohio just up the road yeah uh a metal factory exploded near what 12 13 people severely burned injury that's debris scattered everywhere smoke screen for miles it's only a few minutes from the from the radio station here just a few minutes well you know sodium bicarbonate the baking soda get it out because right next to the railroad tracks and guess whose railroad tracks those were you you're really norfolk southern maybe right and guess what that train that train that uh overturned there in east palestine came right through there right there there right where that steel company exploded now it seems like these things are happening with a more and more frequently you're having these train derailments all over the country now it's a little it's a little odd and then you're also having uh all kinds of fluid processing plants catching fire not the normal ordinary fires the fires that are meant pardon huge big fires where you can't write fires that they can't be put out kind of made by professionals huh you you get kind of suspicious they uh they haven't really put out a lot of information on them one of them there were two of those plants they said airplanes flew into them i mean this is kind of unusual a pilot in distress doesn't heads for an open field not a huge large building uh things just are getting kind of crazy have you noticed the first two days after the derailment in palestine that um and the what they call mainstream meat medium the first day you only heard one minute they had one minute of coverage uh so do you find that odd and by the way do you know who owns those all of the stations who owns norfolk west it's it's a guy named george pardon no i just said norfolk southern norfolk southern yeah george soros is an owner black rock is is an owner uh uh the bank what is it uh oh the big bank two names it's got two names the i'm having one of my senior moments right now i had written down here chase was it manhattan okay chase manhattan wow okay and and one other major bank they they own not only do they own norfolk south but they own many of those local tv stations wow well one thing i do know doing some research over the past several years especially because of the quote the covid in the backup and the supply chain they lowered the regulations letting trains uh pull far more cars with less people they quit having their caboose with a fireman on and even this big train there at uh new palestine a mile and a half long train had three people you cannot see going around corners and things you cannot see that far with three people on a train especially when two are up front uh they've relaxed rules they i've seen pictures of some of the tracks there in ohio they are badly in need of repair the maintenance has gone down and they're trying to haul goods and services faster cheaper and when they do that they cut corners and whenever you cut corners on something the big equipment you're going to have breakdowns you're going to have problems if you cut corners on an aircraft you're going to have crashes you cut corners on a boat you're going to have problems you cut corners on a train you're going to have wrecks yeah but joe joe you have to understand who is the head of the department of transportation oh yes old mayor pete no mayor pete budajaj now listen don't you you you have to understand something there the one who couldn't even fill potholes well joe joe there's got to be equity there's got to be equity and in other words we all have to have crappy roads highways bridges and railroads right that's right and we have to get rid of some of those some of those train tracks could possibly be racist uh you know a lot a lot of them what if what if some of those train tracks were laid laid by all white men then uh they've got some areas in missouri with some very nice rail tracks that haul coal and stuff back and forth they're in great condition there have been no reported accidents derailments troubles but it's a republican red state oh by the way joe did you know that in palestine east palestine 70 of the voters were registered republicans voted for trump did you know that yes i did that's why trump probably will be there tomorrow or is it tuesday or wednesday wednesday i think and everybody else stayed out because there's no voters there the pete didn't go there biden didn't go there because there's no democrat voters there to try and codify it's kind of strange that that would happen there like also we noticed here that um those the toxin when the coven shots the ones the the the toxic batches the most deadly batches were sent to red states 11 times more than they were sent to blue states and we talked about that a while back they had all these different levels and the really toxic powerful doses seemed to go to the most conservative parts of the country what a coincidence do you still believe in coincidences i don't no but you know here's here's some good news okay mccarthy actually did what he can you believe it he did what he said he he would do mccarthy did the speaker of the house mccarthy you know you know what uh those guys jim jordan and and matt the gates and these others must have they must have got to mccarthy okay because they did they they figured out a way that they can get him out if he doesn't do what they want and guess what he said program guess what he did he turned over 41 000 hours of the january 6th capital footage to tucker carlson and boy now now listen i was watching tucker and tucker announced but tucker had a look of deep concern on his face when he said we're going to review all of that this week we're going to review review that and we're going to show it next week in other words the look in his eye was a look that says if i survive if i'm still alive excuse me he's uh he's going places uh and it was amazing that got turned over but that's how you get the truth out sunshine well he's been doing on television television what we've been doing on radio for 50 years yeah exactly we have a little different medium the fact that one thing only before we go too far folks uh those of us that are outside that local area there in ohio you don't there's not much news about what happened in uh palestine there ohio and if you want to know you go to the daily mail it's called the it's the london daily mail but that's the web address they have the best news of what's going on they have all kinds of pictures and the headlines of what i'm looking at from today's news drone footage captures east palestine waterways being treated as lawsuit claims fish and livestock are dying 20 miles away erin brockovich prepares to visit and i looked at some of the pictures and they're damming up stopping the water from flowing certain places there are people out spraying chemicals but nobody's talking about what are they spraying but they're spraying the waterways with some kind of chemicals they have drone footage and yet the nobody there in ohio or the federal government has explained who's doing the spraying what they're spraying uh pastor any i hope it's just uh baking soda but uh who knows but anyway the the truth is you want to know what's going on you have to go to a foreign newspaper and you will see fabulous photographs and you will understand just how bad it is there in north palestine east palestine ohio i was looking at that drone footage i was watching it now here you should know this too because joe east palestine is very very close there's uh right across very close to that across the pennsylvania border is another very small town and on the other side over there across the west virginia border is another small town so here i just wanted to give the congressman there are four congressmen out there and from ohio one of his names is uh bill johnson that's bill johnson bill johnson from ohio and his office number is two oh two two two five five seven zero five that's two oh two two two five five seven zero five now also in ohio is mike kelly mike kelly two oh two two two five five four zero six oh wait that's right no mike kelly's in pennsylvania uh and then what about chris uh deluzio's in pennsylvania too chris deluzio two oh two two two five twenty three ten two oh two two two five twenty three ten twenty three oh one okay i got it backwards it's two two five twenty three oh one and then uh also and i believe alex moon is in west virginia is he not okay right there that little tip there are two oh two two two five twenty seven eleven two oh two two two five twenty seven eleven one more time two oh two two two five twenty seven eleven for you folks out there in those area those your congressman who you need to call and say you know what you're my congressman and i expect some answers from you guys you guys are the ones supposed to know what's going on here and help us out here right and so uh because i you know i saw we we saw with those drone films uh a lot of dead animals things are happening there we saw uh chemical spills in the water rainbow covered pools of water and so uh there's some very bad things happening out there with this stuff and and i'm hoping they do get yes sir you and i were the only ones that i know i went did the research vinyl chloride produced one of the things that produce uh when it's burned is that phos gene and the london daily mail said it's a chemical released during the explosion and uh but it was one of the gases they used over in the world war and the trench warfare and killed what was it the 85 000 i think if i remember right 85 000 men were killed by that poison gas used in war so one of the uh gases that comes off when you burn vinyl chloride is really really dangerous and deadly and i think this radio program is the only place i've seen it mentioned and i think that's one of the things that people need to be questioning and asking how much phos gene was released you know how big of a problem is it you know there's just nobody talking about joe joe the last the the worst thing they could have done is have a controlled burn there that was the worst thing they could have done is had that control burn uh they there was there was chemicals a lot of different chemicals you could use to neutralize the those chemicals that spilt you could neutralize them uh and it would take a while but to try to burn that controlled burn was the worst thing you could do and that's they claimed they were trying to prevent an explosion but i saw what have those pictures of that burn that it looked like a pretty bad explosion to me just from that uh controlled burn they had a mushroom cloud fire going hundreds of feet up in the air uh i don't think an explosion would have been much worse no all right we're going to be coming up to a break and then when we come back we got a whole lot of stuff to talk about and what about you talk about uh incompetence does the names when when you talk about incompetence does the name austin and milly come to mind so laurie lightfoot i can think of all kinds of people pete buddha jay we just we could go on and on and on all right well so so when we come back we have a whole lot now when we come back also we're going to be showing a clip too joe and this clip is going to be doing talking about uh the war in the ukraine what we're hearing joe is not exactly what is happening in ukraine so hang tight i will be back with a whole lot more don't go away more to come thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speery road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word cleveland dot com the word cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next 92 of households that start the year with peloton are still active a year later 92 because of a bike not just bikes 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