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TUE HR 2 021423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 15, 2023 12:06 am

TUE HR 2 021423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at We're going to play a clip here. Listen carefully to this because this is telling you that the DOD, our Department of Defense, is involved in a worldwide depopulation project. Listen to this. When pharma goes to court, they asked big pharma. They have the case dismissed.

Pfizer is what I'm talking about. And they're telling you that they did not represent a fraud on the American people on America. What they did is they delivered the fraud. They delivered the fraud that the military forced them to deliver. So go ahead and play that clip if you could.

Boy, I don't know that people understand this. You know, for the last year or so, we've been calling this whole episode military medical martial law for a reason. When I sued the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, and FDA, we came to find that this was a military operation. This was our DOD was the one perpetrating this genocide around the world in cahoots with other militaries around the world.

This was our DOD, not the troops, not our service members themselves, but our DOD. It was who contracted Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca to do this. And so what we now jointly collaborate on is revealing the structure, the pseudo legal structure.

It's not lawful. They made it legal on paper only of this criminal cartel of government, pharma, military criminal cartel, and it actually is operating all over the world. So in addition to that, and this is what is less understood by everyone, is that the Department of Defense in the U.S. ordered all these COVID products, which includes vaccines, but also includes therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, diagnostics, even masks and staffing. And so there was the whole huge spending ordering these so-called COVID countermeasures under this contracting framework. It's called Other Transaction Authority, and it was put in place in the 60s only for NASA, and now 11 federal agencies use it. The Department of Defense is a particular huge user of this contracting method because it allows them to contract without following any federal procurement rules and regulations with a lot of secrecy, and they can specifically order products from otherwise regulated industries such as pharma without following any regulations, and also without even disclosing IP and things like that.

So it's a lot of secrecy. They typically use this framework to order weapons from defense contractors, but now they're using the same framework to order what they tell us is a pharmaceutical product. And finally, all this structure clicks into place when HHS Secretary or the Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S. declares a pandemic or a public health emergency. And, of course, they declared that immediately after the WHO declared it based on 40 cases in 8 billion people in the world. So they just decided it's time to declare a pandemic, and in the U.S. they declared public health emergency. So when all of this comes in play together, what happens is there is this interesting law in the U.S., this particular U.S. code is cited here, which says that the use of emergency use authorized countermeasures is not a clinical investigation under public health emergency. That explains why they need to extend the public health emergency in perpetuity because that allows them to implement this crime. And the significance of this is that if a countermeasure cannot be a clinical investigational product, then no pharmaceutical regulation applies to these products.

So here's the lie that our government told to us and told to the world and the governments all over the world repeated to their citizens. They were claiming that it's a health event. They were claiming that they're producing pharmaceutical products to the good manufacturing standards when they perfectly well knew, I assure you, they were all aware of this.

They perfectly well knew that no pharmaceutical regulations apply to these things, countermeasures. So this word countermeasure is a very interesting word. It's a very fluffy definition.

There's no real definition. If somebody attacks me, I pick up a rock and throw at them, that's a countermeasure. So anything can be a countermeasure. They're just, it's just a category of things. And so, but once they designate them as such, they're no longer pharmaceuticals. They're just lying to you that these are pharmaceuticals.

They're actually not. In fact, when, you know, there was this famous case where Pfizer or, it was said that Pfizer or FDA didn't want to release clinical trial data for 75 years. Well, who was arguing in the court on behalf of Pfizer?

Pfizer lawyers were not even in the room. It was the Department of Justice. So why is U.S. government defending presumably a private commercial interest of a pharmaceutical company? So here you can see that the pharmaceutical companies are a third level down. They are not in charge, but they're getting tremendous amounts of money to shut up and follow the orders and do as they're told. But the whole operation is run by the Department of Defense and the U.S. government. I'm not absolving pharmas, by the way, of any responsibility. They're criminals in this cartel and they're collaborating and they're co-conspirators and should be prosecuted together.

But as Dr. Malone actually mentioned, and I completely agree, here we have an implemented model of fascism. This is how it's done. Government merges with private corporations. You can't even say who's wagging the dog, but they're merged.

And then they align. And then they're extending this liability to the private commercial entities from which they then extract commercial interest or whatever interest they want to extract. So what really happened here is that the vaccine development and approval, what were they doing when doing this? What were they doing?

They were play-acting. They never had to follow those regulations by law that they wrote themselves. It's an illegal law. It's not lawful.

It's not constitutional. But they made it legal on paper that they don't have to do them. Yet they went ahead and did them in collaboration with the FDA and CDC and all other agencies. And that was just to convince you, the public, that it really is a pharmaceutical product where it actually is not. The clinical trials were never ordered.

The good manufacturing practice compliance was never ordered. And legally speaking, there were never even clinical trial subjects or investigators, because if you cannot have an investigational product, then there is no investigation. So FDA leadership and then global regulatory leadership, what they did, they impersonated the regulators.

So that you fall for this lie and go get injected. And finally, Pfizer already invoked this as a legal defense. If you maybe heard about Brooke Jackson's case in the U.S., she sued Pfizer under the False Claims Act that they defrauded the government. Well, Pfizer already filed a motion to dismiss. The case hasn't been dismissed yet.

But Pfizer already, in court, stated that please dismiss this case, Judge. We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.

So how does one figure that out? How does one stop the U.S. Department of Defense is really the question that it boils down to. And you would note, for instance, that Vladimir Putin is trying to do that. He is conducting war crimes tribunals right now in Donbas with evidence on how it was that these bioweapons were created, because some of the components were created in Ukraine. And he's already captured the factories and some people. And he has the ability to bring this case. I imagine that he will cooperate with the Thai royal family, because the only way we're going to get through this is another military tribunal. I think Bangkok 2.0, maybe, is how this happens.

I think it's more than that, Sean. It's, you know, nullifying the contract is one thing, but they have the jurisdiction. It's universal jurisdiction. Crimes against humanity. They have the ability to try Pfizer, their executives, and everybody else that helped.

For crimes against humanity, all they have to do is get one general in their military to open a war crimes tribunal, and they can extra-territorially apply these laws against anybody that was involved in it. This is also a big deal. Some government members are learning with us. Let's not forget that. There's still good people in government, in justice, all over the world, who are awake or are learning and are equally stupefied.

Stupefying, in French means, how do you call that word? Shocked what's been going on. What I tell also people in crisis, I told that ministers and heads of states in crisis in the last 30 years, always when there was a crisis, we have to stay calm, strong, and united, and then we the people will be free, always. And that's what we're doing now. We go step by step, use justice now as we can, because once the WHO IHR agreement is signed, it's over. One of the reasons why I sued the DOD was knowing full well that when the order comes from the WHO, the military would be tasked with undertaking the enforcement of that. Again, the DOD is now in control of public health in the United States. The order goes from Tedros Adnan to the Secretary of Health of the United States, where all constitutional rights are suspended and the military enforces that quarantine, that experimental treatment.

That's why there was no informed consent. It's a military operation. Since we did that, hundreds of thousands of service members stood up and said no.

It was them that stopped the DOD. There is no esprit de corps in the United States military. There isn't anybody that's going to enforce this.

So even if there's such an order that comes out, I think you will find that it will be unenforceable because nobody in uniform is going to enforce that order. We have the opportunity to opt out. We have the opportunity to take our planet back.

And this is planetary in every sense of the word. All right. We are back. Okay. We're back.

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Absolutely. And again, ask yourself, what if you have heard what you just heard? And what we just watched you was the facts, the truth. You will not hear that on NBC, ABC, CBS or any of the others. Well, those that are the conservative, like ourselves, yes, you'll hear that.

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888-677-9673. Joe, huge 100-page whistleblower document reveals that the Biden Pentagon suppressed concerns about COVID shots, side effects, and many, many soldiers suffered horrifying injuries as a result. In August of 2021, the Biden regime decided to mandate the COVID vaccine for all US soldiers, ignoring concerns regarding the side effects from the shot. A 101-page whistleblower document reveals not only, not only did they act to suppress these worries, but their decision also had devastating health consequences on our heroes. In August of 2022, the Gateway Pundit reported on the harrowing testimony from soldiers all across and all military branches who suffered significant injuries from being forced to take the COVID shot, which still remains under emergency use authorization.

Most wish to remain anonymous due to fear of being permanently grounded. If their injuries became known to their flight doctors, the report complied, compiled by, compiled by William P. Anton, who submitted dozens of members of the Senate and House representatives. Yet the response from Congress by and large has been silence. Many of our representatives who proclaim to care about our military have known about these injuries for months and have done little to help. The vaccine injuries include heart issues, vertigo, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath. One service member even suffered from four strokes hours after her shot and is now unable to work due to ongoing balance issues.

Another suffers from chest pains associated with pericarditis along with myelology, myelology, ongoing neurological issues and bilateral tendonitis. Last night, the Daily Caller reported that they acquired the document which was first provided to Congress in January 2022. The document is reportedly divided into four sections, which were the first containing testimony from service members injured by vaccine along with medical evidence. The Pentagon also actively ignored exemption requests, even future ones from individuals injured from the shot. The military members who spoke to the Daily Caller revealed there was a grand cover-up to protect the Biden regime from accountability.

I'm going to stop right there. There was a 101-page whistleblower document that they obtained that went under Congress on 2022. 101 pages of whistleblower, I was reading through some of them while you were talking. And one of the headlines that's out from the Daily Caller, the military mandated the JABs, then ignored all the adverse reactions. They would outright tell people there's no way the VAX caused their symptoms and then they did not report them to the VAERS, the medics. And they had this one guy, Pastor Ernie, had severe reactions and he'd had to many other things, shots and things he couldn't take. And he was told that he was the perfect candidate if anybody was given an exemption, it would have been him because he was allergic to so many things. And they made him take the shot. And he refused because he didn't want to die.

So they had a guy that was allergic to everything and even he couldn't get an exemption in the military. Wow. All right. We have Nigel in Georgia pledges 50. Bob in New York pledges 66.

Mark in Cleveland pledges 100. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. All right, folks, that number is 888. We're really running short on time. We got to hear from you now.

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You're listening to it right now on. We want to stay there. And we want to get back up on the one there, the ones in Georgia and Denver and Portland and Little Rock and Tampa and Orlando. We want to get back up on all those stations and some wouldn't be too hard. And in the next this newsletter that you'll receive in the next day or so, it will show you exactly how much we need in your area to get back on that station. So keep your eyes open for that newsletter. All right. In fact, those of you that get the newsletter, you could talk to your local churches and see if the churches wouldn't put us on their missions list of donations.

If you belong to a bowling league or a tennis group or whatever clubs or anything, if you have a bridge club, chess clubs, whatever you belong to organizations, you can talk to them to send a donation because, you know, if you had to hang around with other brothers and sisters in Christ, that would probably be Christians and the groups that you belong to. We hope so. Just some other things that you could look at doing. All right. Very good. New Biden guidelines put Target on gun stores. Joe, an article by Peter LaBarbera. I haven't talked to Peter in a long, long time.

I'd like to he's working on he's out there with the World News Daily now. But remember, Peter LaBarbera was the one that did that film film with Nancy Pelosi. Unbelievable. Boy, if we could have got people to see that around the country.

We tried to tell them what it was and it was so horrific. We couldn't even use some of the words on radio to describe the overt open sex acts in public with. I'll never forget that picture of a family with babies with children in strollers and they were sitting watching these sodomites do things in public that shouldn't have ever been done in private. Well, Nancy was standing pictures. Nancy was standing one foot away from two stark naked sodomites who were sodomizing each other right there.

She's standing one foot away. And then Nancy says Jesus would be pleased with the way you're showing love to one another. This, folks, I'm not kidding you. You talk about sick.

This was sick. But there was even some things that were even worse than that taking place. And there stood Nancy right in the midst of it. And believe me, if you were to watch that, you would not think of her as just a nice little old lady anymore.

She's a wicked, extremely wicked, nasty old woman. All righty. 888-281-1110. All right. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has launched a new zero tolerance policy that will make it easier to revoke gun stores federal firearm license. According to Second Amendment advocates reacting to a leaked copy by the guidelines, this is Joe Bama, our hardcore anti-Christ Joe Bama, taking orders from his Chinese masters. The internal document says the Bureau has zero tolerance for willful violations that greatly affect public safety and the ATF's ability to trace firearms. Well, you know, why don't you ask Eric Holder about some of those, right, Joe?

Okay. Recovered in violent crimes in the revocation of the federal firearms license. He is the assumed action with violations, reports Fox News Digital, which acquired a 12-page ATF document titled Federal Firearms Administration Action Policy Procedures. Among these violations for which a revocation is assumed action barring extraordinary circumstances are according, Joe, to the internal memo transfer of a firearm to a prohibited person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe the transfer is a prohibited person. I mean, you know, what is a reasonable? Is there a definition of a reasonable cause to believe the transfer is prohibited?

Failing to perform a background check, failure to respond to firearms, trace requests within 24 hours after receipt of request, and make any false or fictitious written statement on the FFL's required records or apply for firearms license. Come on, you know they just simply want to disarm the people. Let's get cut to the quick of it.

That's what they do. They have always wanted gun control. They wanted a disarmed population because they fear the unarmed people. They can't complete the revolution as long as the people have arms. The founding fathers made that very clear that the right to keep and bear arms was not for duck hunting. It was to protect against politicians who would take away our rights and freedoms from the Constitution.

That's why they want to control guns because they're trying to destroy the Constitution, take away our God-given rights and freedoms. All right, Phyllis in Brooklyn pledges $10. Thank you, Phyllis. 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

I'm looking through both windows. I see these folks just sitting there waiting for the phones to ring. Well, there's a couple that are on the phones now.

Yeah, we got to hear from you. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Don't forget, remember, if you want the booklet How to Survive Forest Facts or if you want one of our CDs for a donation of $25 or more, you got to tell us.

You got to tell us that you want it when you send in your donation, folks, because if you don't tell us, then we will not send it to you. Phyllis in Brooklyn, 10. Joanne in New York, 200. Thank you, Joanne. Thank you. All right, folks, again, Associated Press, Joe, urges use of anti-abortion instead of crisis pregnancy centers.

That's right. The guidebook states that the anti-abortion counseling centers instead of crisis pregnancy centers that oppose abortions, so the anti-abortion centers are all acceptable. You know, whenever I read this, anything by the Associated Press, I'm going to say the lying Associated Press, the lying Associated Press.

Do you know why, Joe? You know, because they don't have any problem with calling those that want to kill a baby, those that want to kill a baby pro-choice, see? Right. They don't want to call us pro-life. They want to refer to us as anti-abortionists, but they've got no problem. And this is called hypocrisy. When you define the terms, you control the debate. You control the narrative when you control the words.

Right. So words have meaning, and the Associated Press has no, absolutely no credibility with this pastor here, I tell you what. I don't acknowledge any credibility with those people at all. It's, you know, just unbelievable, the hypocrisy, isn't it? It is worse than that. I mean, it's, they're doing it.

It's not just hypocrisy. They are part of the revolution. They are doing their part to control the words, the narrative, and to bring about the, oh, Barack Obama said it, the total transformation of America.

And we look at what's going on in the government right now. Biden, did you know he is going to sell another 26 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? He's trying to get more oil out there to what?

Make sure that the gas prices don't rise as the weather gets warmer and people start doing more traveling. He's trying to avoid a summer gasoline price spike, so he's risking national security to protect the administration, his, you know, voting public, keep them enamored with him. And at the same time, you notice, he hasn't spoken out on the problem there in Ohio with poisonous gas, the train derailment, the burning of the chemicals. And also we've had, you know, China's spy balloon.

He hasn't talked to the people. We've had four objects shot down that our military is saying they can't identify at this point. They really don't know what they are.

I think I know. We'll be back right after this. By God have been lost somewhere in history, in the fine print and the. Once a man and his religion was protected by the law in America, the Constitution formed a verbal wall.

Now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached. Now the worried watchman on the wall is crying, Heaven's under siege. Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now, Heaven's under siege.

When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets. When the gentle lambs of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs. You know, corruption reigns in government, but Heaven's under siege. Heard the watchman sound the warning call back in 1992 when they murdered Vicki Weaver, just like they'll murder me or you. When they stormed the church in Waco, women and children burned alive.

And now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive. Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now, Heaven's under siege. When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets.

When the gentle lambs of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs. You know, corruption reigns in government, but Heaven's under siege. Now a voice cries in the wilderness as the Lord prepares his church.

Will his called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth? Will we pass the test of Heaven's quest, never counting earthly loss? Will we fight like Christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross? Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now, Heaven's under siege. When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets. And when the gentle lambs of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs. You know, corruption reigns in government, but Heaven's under siege.

I said corruption reigns in government, when Heaven's under siege. Alrighty, I want to thank you, Joanne, and New York for the $200 pledge. Folks, we're running out of time. We've got about 15 minutes left tonight. And we're still 4300 short.

Right now, we've got to raise 4300. We've got about 15 minutes to do it. And so, I tell you what, I'm not going to let this... We're going to fight. We're fighters. We're doers of the word. We're fighters. We don't quit. There's no quit here.

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I need someone to help me. Match me. Match me. In fact, I need about, right now, I need about three more matches of a thousand between now and the time we go off the air here tonight. Alright, here. Valentine this. We spoke a little bit about some of this earlier now. Students are getting porn lessons.

That's right. Pennsylvania University unveiled a new course to its Gendered Sexuality Women's Studies program, which focuses on digital pornography, according to a Tuesday Newsreel alert. Now check this out. Temple University will offer social perspectives in digital pornography. The other sex education during the spring semester to discover how internet porn influences students and their relationship. Did they critically about its role in their lives? Joe, I think I know how internet porn influences students, don't you? Yeah, I think it leads them away from God and into the hands of Satan and into sex before marriage and all kinds of things that God says thou shall not, must not, cannot, will not. Alright.

It's kind of an abbreviation there of the scripture. Now Joe, before we went off the air, you talked about the balloons. Let me tell you what the balloons are, okay? The balloons are the toilet paper and the trees. Do you remember during the Vietnam War, the toilet paper and the trees?

Right. What was the toilet paper doing on the trees? Distraction. It was just distracting people.

To keep your mind off of something else they were doing, right? Right. And so that's exactly what you're having with all of these things. All of a sudden, here, here's more added to it, more BS. John Kirby says Chinese balloon program operated during the previous presidency, but they did not detect it.

But we did. We detected it. Yeah. The State Department spokesman, John Kirby, was dishing out the best, the BS today at his press briefings on numerous Chinese balloons and UFO attacks on the country. Yeah.

It's a good thing we got Joe Obama Biden there, right? Well, the headlines are reading White House tells governors, they called all the governors, there are thousands of objects in the skies, aren't aliens, could be used to call out balloons, the flying objects number in the hundreds, if not thousands. And it goes on and the headlines of people are all talking about UFOs and aliens and you're right, it is a great distraction, but it was one thing I found quite interesting was Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL and he let out something. He said, you know, like these balloons, they haven't been detected. He said, quote, newer technology has allowed for more detection in recent years and it's not what you think. These unidentified objects weren't detected before because our radar systems were not adjusted for slow moving objects. You know, when the Chinese sent this balloon over, they were probing our defenses, they were doing all kinds of things at once. But the interesting thing was this technology we've been using was looking for missiles and jets and airplanes and would not pick up balloons. And now they have upgraded our new technology to detect slow moving objects. I found that here was a huge gap in our national defense and it's been hidden and finally the truths come out that for years, they couldn't find small balloons floating around. They could be carrying what?

Biological warfare weapons, all kinds of things. So our government has not been taking very good care of us. Pastor Ernie, as far as the main job is what? To protect, defend America. That's the main job of government, isn't it? To protect the people. Absolutely, Joe. Maybe it's because we've got the wrong people in government here. Hey, you know, I was just thinking that myself.

Maybe we've elected a bunch of people who are more concerned with power, making money, gaining wealth than they are with actually protecting America, taking care of you, the citizen out there, your children and grandchildren. Yeah, I'm going to get to that in a minute, but right now I've got to say Dale in Ohio. Our Dale in Minnesota, 100. Mary Lou in Texas, 35. Lou in Michigan, 300 folks. 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110, 888-281-1110. Help us stay on the station you're listening to us on.

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Or four people matched with $500. Yep, that would work. Okay. Alrighty, folks. We can still do arithmetic, can't we?

Yeah, we can. Now, Joe, I told you before about that video that shows the Norfolk Southern train with its axles on fire before derailment. Evidence says at least 40 minutes that they were being filled for at least 40 minutes before derailment that the axles burning on fire on a moving train, okay? Yeah, with containing hazardous chem, with hazmat material on board.

I mean, that's got to be breaking all kinds of rules and regulations, right? Well, what they've been doing is they've been, it's been a common practice now amongst these, because of fuel costs and everything, they're adding more cars to these engines. Probably fewer personnel. Remember they used to have a fireman on board. All the trains that rode the fireman rode in the caboose. They got rid of the caboose, and I think they also got rid of the fireman, didn't they? Right, they're cutting corners.

They've been cutting corners. Mikey in Minnesota pledges 20. Thank you, Mike. Okay, folks, we're down now. We've got about seven minutes of airtime left, so we need to hear from you like right now at 888-677-9673. Help us stay on your station.

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And let people know things, how things are actually happening, the difference between what you're seeing on the George Soros controlled media, and what's actually happening. Big difference. I mean, a major difference.

A couple of big stories that have to wait until tomorrow night. Yeah, you're right. Absolutely.

But I do have a quickie I can throw in. Everybody knows Dianne Feinstein's been around forever. In fact, way too long. Kind of like a female Joe Biden, she's got dementia. And we've known for a couple of years that she wasn't quite with it. Well, today, she was telling a group of reporters, she apparently was unaware of her own retirement announcement today.

She told reporters at the Capitol that she hadn't made a decision on her future, despite announcing just a few hours before she wouldn't be seeking reelection in 2024. And when it was pointed out the mistake, she apparently seemed very confused. Here's the picture of her. She's a very, very old lady. You can see in her face the confusion.

And if you've seen anybody with dementia, there's a certain look, a blank look. And her picture online was scary. She's still a U.S. senator. She can't even remember that she announced that she's going to not run for reelection for an hour.

She's 89 years old. For years and years and years, she had a Chinese spy. And everybody in D.C. knew that her driver was a Chinese spy. Okay. And everybody was talking about it, but it didn't seem to matter to the Democrats, right?

Yeah. It didn't matter to her. It didn't matter to the Democrat Party. The only thing that matters is power. That they have power, that they stay in power, and that's all that matters.

They don't care how they get there. Remember the motto of the Communists? The end justifies the means.

It's all about the end, not how we get there, but only the fact that we stay in power matters. That's it. All right, folks, it's 888-281-1110. Joe, you've got four minutes to give an invitation, so get after it. 888-677-9673. Folks, we need to hear, while he's giving an invitation, we need to hear from you. Call in. We've got five people sitting here waiting to take those calls, and we're way behind. We still need about 2,000.

Still need it. 1 John 2, 16 and 17. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God will abide forever.

That's interesting, because what is the will of God? God's told us many things, but he made it very clear to the Pharisee, the rich man Nicodemus, that if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven, ye must be born again. Jesus made it quite clear. Nicodemus just couldn't quite figure that out. He said, do you mean, how can I come back in my mother's womb and be born again?

He didn't catch on that the Lord was speaking to him. Spiritually, ye must be born again. You must become, as Scripture says in 2 Corinthians 5, 17, therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, a new creature. Old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.

And even in the Old Testament, God's talking about how a new heart will I give you, a new spirit will I put in you, in Ezekiel chapter 36. All this happens by becoming born again. Being born again is your spiritual rebirth, and when you are born again, you become part of the family of God.

You become a son or daughter of the living God. Jesus said the first words in his ministry, repent, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, repent. So to become born again, you must call upon God the Father.

You must confess that you're a sinner and need a Savior. You see, it was your sins, my sins that put Jesus on the cross. He came to Calvary to take your place, my place, pay our sin debt for us, so that we would have a chance to be covered by the blood of the Lamb, and by His shed blood can we be forgiven of our sins. His sacrifice pays our debt. So we pray to the Father to forgive us with a really truly repentant heart, not just words, but realizing He had to die for us.

He shed His blood so we didn't have to die. That we can be born again, and then Jesus, we have to call upon Him when God will forgive us. Then we ask Jesus to come into our life, to be our Lord, Lord of our life, all of our Lord, all of our lives.

If we put Him first place, then He will give us the down payment. That's the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. That Holy Spirit means we become our own high priest, we become a living temple, we then become that born again believer that is a new creature, a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life, and you will find you have been changed.

It starts to take a while to really catch on and learn and grow, but you will find the peace and joy and happiness that you've never known. Jesus said cast your cares upon Him, and especially when you have the Holy Spirit guiding you, directing you, helping you. Ah, life is so different, but you must choose to accept His offer of mercy and grace, or go your own way and find out there's only two places you can go for eternity, heaven or hell.

Jesus tells you how to get to heaven, and you'll find your own way to hell. Alrighty. I want to thank you.

Mike in Illinois pledges $500, Paul in Akron pledges $200, Leslie in Texas pledges $50. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We're going to be here for the next seven minutes, folks. The phone lines are still open. People are waiting for you to call 888-281-1110. Good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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