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MON HR 2 020623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 7, 2023 12:04 am

MON HR 2 020623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at That's when they're at their most dangerous. And of course, they've infiltrated so many facets of our lives. Big pharma, big tech, big business, governments everywhere.

NATO, United Nations, the Davos crew with the World Economic Forum, they're everywhere. And they're being dismantled and they're not taking it well. Right, and the Supreme Court justices, I think the majority want to do the right thing.

And I think what they need is support from the people. So people need to be aware of this and the power that the Supreme Court has. So we have a new website.

It's And it actually is an opportunity for people to do a docu-sign type letter to the Supreme Court. And then they can have their own personal information in there to their own personal note. And then the fulfillment company will actually print it and put it in an envelope and mail it individually. And this is available at And so we want to get as many letters as we can to the Supreme Court with this process.

And it also shows how to continue doing the letters, you know, by hand. So we're excited about that. Sure.

We'll put the link in down below so people can click on it to find out your website and go and send a letter. Because these we do we need and this is what I keep saying when I'm on tour in America. We need everyone to stand up. There's too many people that are sat down who are just waiting for other people to do things. And we all need to stand up against these people because they are in the minority. And they do need us to stand up against them. Whereas if it's just one or two people, it makes it we will win this. But it will just take a lot longer. Sure. And there's a lot of people that get minded. Yeah. A lot of people want it done quicker.

Well, there's an easy way to get it done quicker. And that's more people standing up for the truth. We're saying we're also seeing now in plain sight. How evil the bad side are even with the Emmys, I think it was yesterday. Everything was satanic.

The whole setup was satanic. And they're they're really showing themselves what they really are right now. And there's an arrogance there that is what they've net. They've never lost before. This is this is why they are so arrogant.

They've never lost. And you're right with it with these judges. They need they need an army of people here. An army of patriots that are going to stand up and say, we're with you. We're in the majority. But at the moment, they still think that they've got the power. Because they do have the power, even though they're in the minority, but they're telling everyone they've got they've got the control. Well, they're losing control.

We need to encourage them to lose control. What stage you at with it with the case right now? Well, actually, the conference date is set for the justices are going to go in on September and September the 17th of this month. So there's not a lot of time between now and then. They set something up quickly.

And also, I've met with a former member of Congress and we have this this super exciting idea. And that is to allow people to become a plaintiff on another identical lawsuit. And then my my lawsuit, my brother's is at the Supreme Court, mine that was started first is actually has not been dismissed. They canceled it out. They canceled the service of the summons and complaints by the U.S. Marshal Service.

The U.S. Marshal Service started doing that. Twenty twenty one and Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and a bunch of others were served as someone's complaint. And the federal court blocked it and canceled it. So we took them to the 10th Circuit and we took them to the state court. And then finally, they not only unblock it, but they filed it.

We filed it for me, for us, and actually ordered the court to issue three hundred eighty eight summons. So that's alive and well, and that's one step away from the Supreme Court as well. And this is going to help public awareness as well.

So everyone that does a letter will have that information. And at the right time, we'll invite them to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit. My goal is one hundred million plaintiffs could be a class action suit, but I think we can get a million at least.

And maybe we can get a lot more. And that would be a tremendous support for the Supreme Court justices and a great way to organize. I call it an educational army, sort of an educational militia showing unity and an organization of people that understand the Constitution and to enforce the binding oath of the Constitution in the form of a petition for redress of grievances.

Actually, a lawsuit. So so we're we're just gaining momentum is all we're doing. So we ask people to stay in there, share the website with people and talk about it and go do the letter writing and get ready for some some more action.

So what is the actual process? Is that how many judges is discussing this? There are nine. All nine justices will be discussing this. They've actually received the petition for rehearing is what it's called.

And that's been distributed to them for review. And then on the on the 17th of this month, they will nine of them will vote. And it would take six of them to keep it from moving forward.

We only need a minority, a large minority. So we only need four of the justices to vote for it to move forward and it moves forward. But I would like to also to mention that now that they have it, they really do have it in their arsenal, even without it, even after they dismiss it.

They've got it on the shelf, ready to go. And they can execute the full complaint at any time. Even when they've dismissed the petition, they still got that power to execute and remove those people from office. But like I said, we need public support. And that's what we're doing with the letter campaign.

Sure. So these letters go through to each each one of the nine judges, is that correct? They go to all the nine justices. The Supreme Court has to file them, receive them.

They have to organize them and document that they have them. And because we have a data system and because people are sending two letters, one to us, we have proof that these letters were sent to the Supreme Court. And of the nine justices that are in there at the moment, have have they been loaded up with bad judges or what? Well, actually, actually, of the nine judges, there are three judges that have voted in favor of Trump related Supreme Court cases. And the three the three conservative judges that did not, I think, are prime now since they voted in favor of overturning Roe versus Lake.

And those three justices that voted against Trump were the three Trump appointed justices, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch. And so those three could make them make the difference. But I think timing is everything. And I think I don't want to come down hard on them for denying it because the timing is so important.

And I really feel strongly and we all do that. The public support is the only missing element here. Once we have enough people writing letters, the Supreme Court, seeing that support there, then the justices can come go public and make the right decision. Perfect. Well, Lloyd, we'll put the link in down below and let's hope we can get enough signatures and enough letters here to make a difference. Great. Thank you.

All righty. We're back and we're going to have I don't know if all that information I think it's already up on the website I think it's already up there on our Web site.

But if not, I'll make sure it gets up there. Pretty ASP. And I want to remind folks that we we told folks that these are pictures of the mine in Congo where all those hundreds of thousands of people are being used as slave labor in the cobalt mines there. That link is up for you if you go to You can click on and see the pictures that were in the London Daily Mail and realize just this green movement, what the cost is.

And that every time you touch a lithium battery, you are contributing to the enslavement of literally hundreds of thousands of people and the death of thousands and thousands. Do you know that Waters showed that? He showed that clip, the same clip that we showed there. And he did put it on.

Good for him. Yeah, he showed the entire thing, the same clip that we played. And of course we showed that in the church. We played it here nationwide on the radio.

On the radio, yeah. We couldn't show it. We talked about it. We couldn't show it.

Yeah, well, we described what we were looking for. It's just incredible, aren't they? Yeah, it looked like... Unbelievably incredible in that sense, not wonderfully, just frighteningly.

Yeah, it was. All these little kids, women with their babies, pregnant women with their babies, and the cobalt being poisoned. And you know, Joe, they made 50 cents a day, just enough to buy enough food for that day, which is really, really horrible. Hey, some good news. Participants with Jesus shirts demonstrate at a Mall of America the response to men wearing Jesus Saves shirt being asked to leave the wall. Remember, we talked about this about two weeks ago, didn't we? Right, we did. We mentioned that they were going to let him in, but they threatened to call the police, the security. They called the police there and were ordering people out of the mall.

The story keeps getting worse here. This is called Mall of America, and these people were in support. They weren't making any noise. They weren't chanting.

They weren't singing. Just up to several hundred people walking around wearing Jesus-type t-shirts, Jesus Saves shirts. And there was a bunch outside, but they weren't doing anything illegal or offensive. And the mall security went into cancel, and Alpha News said that security was threatening to call the police and the marchers and gathered their own force to have the participants escorted out of the mall. The Christian marchers were threatened with arrest if they did not leave Mall of America. This is America today, folks, wearing a Jesus Saves t-shirt will get you kicked out of Mall of America. This is shame.

I am so ashamed of this country. Well, Joe, did you know that they stopped asking people to leave because they got a petition with 3,000 signatures on it asking the Mall of America to stop religious discrimination, and they were facing a lawsuit. So here, mall security as well as Bloomington police officers were on the scene and asked a group of demonstrators several times to disperse saying that they would be asked to leave the premises if they failed to comply, but then they got the petitions. And as far as Mall of America, is that a chain, the Mall of America?

It seems like I've heard that before. I can't remember. I think it was supposed to be one of the largest malls. That's why they call it Mall of America.

I don't know if it's a chain or not. But it's what, in Minnesota? I wish I could remember. Well, let me see here.

Where does it say? It's the largest mall, you say? Minnesota.

Oh, okay. I thought, yep, in Minnesota, and it was supposed to be one of the largest indoor malls in America. It said it is the largest mall in America. Yeah, it's the largest mall in America, and so, but what they're going to do is they're going to find out that they keep doing that. This week they had one church, maybe there'd be two churches. I would encourage the people out there to take your stand, put on the Jesus T-shirts, and go let them know that you are, first of all, God's word in the Bible says we are ambassadors from God.

We're not second-class citizens. So the Mall of America, I would never shop in the Mall of America. In fact, I would go to the Mall of America. They're demonstrating you're wearing a T-shirt just telling them you're never going to buy anything until they allow Christians.

I would do better than that. I would go in there, and I would go from store to store and tell the people I would like to buy, but because of their stand, because of the mall's stand, anti-Christian bigotry, I won't purchase from you today. If they change their position, I'll change mine, but I would have 100 people going from store to store doing that in the Mall of America, because the bottom line to the Mall of America is the dollar bill, right?

Yeah. Wouldn't it be wonderful though, instead of hundreds, there were thousands? I mean, this is what America, we have to start fighting back. If Americans stood up in mass and said, No, we're not going to take this stuff. No, we're not going to let you indoctrinate our children.

No, we're not going to send our children to the public pool system to let the devil educate them. You know, things would change, but Americans have to stand up, speak out, and you have to encourage your friends and neighbors. You know, the more of us stand up and speak out, the quicker we'll put a halt to this. Well, we did that on January 6, 2021, and the true American patriots, there was a coup that took place by the Communist Party, by the Antichrist Communist Party, the Democratic Communist Party.

It was a coup that took place. After the election, what they did, the election was stolen, and the American people, and anyone and everyone that says it wasn't is a liar, and there's not a bit of truth in them, and you won't find one of them that will have the guts to come in here and sit across from me and tell me the election wasn't. I've asked this time and time again. You'd never get Brett Barron here to talk about that, or any of those, Neil Kabuto. Of course, you know, because they're supposed to be fair and balanced, they say they are. The others on PMS, NBC, CNN, and they don't even pretend to be. Well, at least they don't pretend to be, but it's even worse when you pretend to be honest and balanced that you've made many offers and sent invitations to come and discuss things on the radio, and you could tell how many of those guests we have that have a contrary opinion because they don't show up, do they? No, only the quacks, only the cuckoos, and I'm talking about the real cuckoos that they just want to be able to get on the radio, and you can't let them in because they'll start cussing and, you know, they're wackos there, but I'm talking about I want one of the talking heads, one of those anchor people, that's who I want. And so, anyhow, the ones that have gone on and said, there is no evidence that the election was stolen, those are the people I want on here, but I won't get them, I won't get them on here.

Because they know that if we get them on here, we're going to ask them questions. It's not softball like they get. You know, this is where Carrie Lake turned Bret Bear every which way but loose. I mean, she just turned him every which way but loose, and boy, I wish I would have got that opportunity.

God bless her, she is a little sweetheart. Now, you've got to remember, you mentioned what went on at the Grammys. This was one of the most horrendous things I think I have seen in the entertainment industry in my lifetime. Okay, let's not call it the Grammys, let's call it the Dummy Award, okay?

The 65th Annual Dummy Awards held in Los Angeles Sunday night and broadcast on CBS, that's fake news media, featured the Dummy's unusual tribute to the Prince of Darkness, this time apparently sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. These are the genocide, the genociders, Pfizer the genociders, the satanic performance of the 2022 hit song Unholy by Sam Smith and the transgender's Kim Petras, Mummy Don't Know Daddy's Getting Hot and The Body Shop. I was watching, they showed some of that, Carson, Tucker Carlson showed, it was pure filth, pure filth, pure filth, okay?

Those people... The head guy was dressed in red leather with satanic horns and the other, well these were both trans men, or whatever, which way they go, I can't even remember, but they were both into that trans movement. And they were dancing in cages, wearing all kinds of, you know, very sexualized gear, fetish gear, and doing tweaking and twerking and all this. And basically a lot of people said it was nothing but Satan worship, and they were really just mocking the man that was the, what do you call it, the narrator of the show, he kind of, Trevor Noah I guess is his name, he was acting like, it was a big joke, he acted like he was on the phone to his mother, oh no mom, it wasn't really the devil, yeah you did warn me about Hollywood, he went on making jokes, and then at the end of it, he wrapped up the fake phone call and told the audience, he kind of hung up the phone, you know, turned around, well, she said she's praying for us all, you know, all of us. And you know when it got good and filthy, Joe, when it got real good and filthy right at the end, guess who shows up and makes an appearance at the end of the show, Jill Biden, Jill Biden. Jill Biden, that's right, she was all dressed up to the, in a real fancy dress, she kind of was trying to be very sexy and look like one of the Hollywood starlets, wasn't she?

Yeah, there you go. This is your Hollywood entertainment folks, if you bother to watch it, you know, I saw just a couple of clips on it, that was more than I could stomach, but Pastor Ernie, it's indicative of what's going on. Taylor Swift is a young lady that most everybody out there knows listens to her music, and she's- I've never heard one of her songs, you know, I've heard that name, but I've never heard one of her songs that I know of. Well, neither have I, but people have said she calls herself a Christian, and I guess she used to do some good stuff. Anyway, she's one of the most famous entertainers in the world, and she's now promoting abortion, she's now promoting the LGBT agenda, and she's gearing her music, in fact, she put out a thing called Lavender Haze music video, that was viewed by about 10 million times since its premiere, and she had featured a transgender man as her love interest. This video featured this male model, Laugh Ashley, as her love interest, he's a transgender, and you know, they're cuddling and all kinds of things, and so this is what is now happening all across America. She's, sodomy is good, protecting babies is bad, this is Taylor Swift, the most popular singer-songwriter in the country, and this is what's happening in the world of music.

And then the, remember what we used to say, the commoner rolls down the hill? There's a school out, the Davis Senior High School in California, and the Feminism and Activism Club is screening a film trans-live on screen, the film shows full frontal complete nudity, and has all kinds of words where they have one letter and then you have to put all the asterisks, you know, because you can't say it on the radio, or print it, and they're doing it during the children's lunch hour, so they're not sure if it's a school-sponsored thing, and parents weren't notified, but it follows right along with what the entertainment industry, and then you go to advertising, we have Burberry ads out there, and they were basically showing LGBTQ couples making out, and everybody's watching this stuff, and they were selling, oh, what was it they were selling? Nobody can really, oh, fashion! They were supposed to be, you know, the ad had nothing to do with fashion, it was sex, and people were going, I don't want my kids seeing this, it's disturbing, it's ugly, they're sexualizing everything, so even the ads going up advertisement, the movies at school, the whole entertainment industry, your children out there and grandchildren are not safe, folks, it's time you got very, very angry, if you don't, and don't do something, your children and grandchildren are going to be lost. I think that's too strong a statement, do you, Pastor? Well, do you know what a name is for people that say, well, you know, personally, I wouldn't do that stuff, I'm not into that, but I'm not going to judge those people to do.

Right, I won't judge that. Yeah, the name for that, the Bible refers to is really stupid, I mean like really, really simple-minded, stupid, yeah, so if someone says that to me, I'll say, well, I know a lot about you, because according to God, God always gets it right, you're really simple-minded, okay? You have to understand the fact that the Bible says, woe unto them to call good evil and evil, good and but bitter for sweet, but the last verse in Romans chapter 1, the very last verse, it tells you those people that say, well, you know, I wouldn't do it, but I'm not going to judge those to do. They've already done it, either they've done it either by, they've had an emotional, they've done it, you know, through thought and sin, or they've done it physically, but they've done it, according to God, they've sinned, and so there you go. Well, God can't lie, can he, so we know right there we've got a conflict going.

Somebody's not telling the truth, and we know who is telling the truth, God's word is always truthful, and if you're arguing with that, you're denying the truth. Alrighty, well, do you know why Obama, the FBI, and the CIA orchestrated the takedown of General Michael Flynn? Sure, he was an honest, decent man, and he knew where the, what's the old saying, where the bodies were buried, what was going on, and so they had to get rid of him. That's absolutely right, and so here, the article included, and this is an article by Joe Hoft, part two of the post-series investigating why President Trump and the FBI and the CIA masterminded, why President Obama, not President Trump, Obama, the FBI and the CIA masterminded a plot to destroy the career of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Part one covers a period of up to and including Obama's decision to fire General Flynn as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency on April 30, 2014. Part two covers Obama's continued determination to ruin General Flynn's career. The part two resumes the analysis beginning with January 4, 2017, the day the FBI cleared Flynn of Russian collusion in the FBI's crossfire hurricane investigation.

Part two includes December 1, 2017, when Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI concerning his telephone conversations with a then Russian ambassador. He had every right to have any kind of a conversation he wanted with a Russian ambassador. That was his job.

Yeah, exactly. Regarding Russia, Svetlana Lakova, on the same day, Peter Strzok, oh, he was a dirty, dirty cop, wasn't he? Peter Strzok. Well, he was supposed to be an FBI agent, but he was basically a communist hack, a member of the deep state. I still undisclosed associate to keep the hurricane razor counter-intelligent investigation against Flynn open.

Strzok apparently realized that while the FBI had closed the criminal investigation of Flynn, the FBI could continue the crossfire razor counter-intelligent investigation of Flynn if a different predicate for the investigation could be found. So Strzok's handwriting notes disclosed that the next day, January 5, 2017, the Obama nation held a meeting in the Oval. Vice President Joe Obama, Biden, CIA Director John Brennan, we're talking, we're talking about some real criminals, some real morally, real morally perverted individuals here. Really, these people hate God.

I mean, these people really hate God. FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and the National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice attended the meeting. The cast of characters on January 5th Oval meeting included the chief conspirators in the Obama coup assembled here, and we had a prime movers of Obama's plot in the control of the DOJ, the FBI and the CIA together with Susan Rice, the person Obama relied upon to make sure clandestine schemes were adequately implemented and leaked to the press, the coup d'etente. Conspirators knew that the original plan to defeat in the 2016 election had failed. The new plan Strzok was suggested if the conspirators could find a way to reopen the Flynn investigation, the co-conspirators might prevent Trump from being inaugurated. At worst, the Flynn investigation is fruitful to boost the conspirators' development plan to remove Trump from the presidency for the 2020 election. The subject of the discussion was Strzok's proposal to reopen the Flynn investigation of a December 2016 telephone conversation between General Flynn and then appoint a National Security Advisor for the incoming Trump administration and Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the United States. I'm going to stop there.

It's a very lengthy article. But that whole thing was crooked. President Trump is still the legitimate president of the United States. He didn't lose that election. That election was stolen. Joe Obama was inserted into that White House. This was a coup, just like done in all Communist countries. I remember they didn't tell the general what was really going on. They kind of called him in for a talk and he wasn't aware what they were up to. They laid a trap and instead of working with the incoming government official, they were laying a trap to try and trick him and it was exactly what they did.

And this is not the way we're supposed to have the transfer of power in this country. Alrighty, we'll be back right after this. Don't go away. I hear that train a-coming.

It's coming around the bend. That train, it's called Judgment and it's here because of sin. You made the wrong decision. Yes, you rejected Christ.

Now that train is arriving and it's a terrifying sight. There is no use in running. There is no place to go. Now you know you're hurt. You're reaping what you sow. You turned your back on Jesus. Didn't care why he died. But now you're really caring.

Just listen to you cry. I see those lost folks dying. It's happening near and far. They're waiting now for judgment and their sins as black as tar. You know you had it coming. You know you can't be free.

It's a horrible place to be in such torment and misery. Now call on the name of Jesus. Do it while there's time. He's your only hope now. You're at the end of the line.

You may not see tomorrow. Your time is running out. Once you're in that hellfire, there ain't no getting out. All right, you hear that, Peter Strzok? You hear that, Jim Colmy?

You hear that, Mary Garland, Chris Ray? Not only will you be in that lake of fire unless you repent, but listen to this. You'll be in there with Hillary. With Hillary! She'll be telling the devil himself what to do. Right? That's a wicked woman. All right, there you go.

Hunter Biden's. I've got something we need to tell the folks. Remember how you had been mentioning about all the food processing plants being burned this past year?

About a dozen of them. Yeah, about a dozen have been burned to the ground. Well, all of a sudden they're calling there an epidemic over there at the Western Journal, because the food processing plant in the Canadian province of New Brunswick went up in flames, and of course it happened in the middle of, you know, about two o'clock, and they said it started by an explosion in an oil drum. You know, I live in a rural area, and I've got some people I know that have a chicken farm or a turkey farm, and we called around and, you know, turkey farms, chicken farms just have never gone up in flames, like that last one that we talked about.

Never. And now the cause of the fire here in Canada is unknown, but next there was another fire that we didn't hear about. There was an animal feed and fertilizer plant went up there in Canada also. And again, it was one of those huge, big fires that took many departments to put it out, and it says the fire was the fourth fish plant fire in the region, and it's taken place since 2021. And they're saying these incidents were very unusual because it's all in a relatively small area, that these four food processing plants, I guess they processed fish and some other things, have been set on fire.

I think this is arson, you know, an oil drum just exploding in flames, not a very normal happening. Joe, the World Health, the World Economic Forum and Davos, a fellow named Joe- Obama, Joe-Bama Biden, Joe-Bama Biden was speaking there, and Joe-Bama Biden, I guess this wasn't supposed to hit the news, but Tucker Carlson put it on, and Joe-Bama Biden said, we've got to cut the food supply, we've got to cut the food supply. What do you think he meant by that, Joe? Yeah, cut the food supply, that's pretty clear. We've got to try and create a problem, a crisis. And the government often, when they're trying to consolidate power, they create a crisis, then they come in and solve the crisis through one means or another. And in this one, they've been trying to what, push artificial meat, artificial food, they want to get rid of cows and, you know, chickens and pigs, instead they want factory-made, laboratory-raised meat.

It's not meat, it's- You go ahead and destroy the food chain, then you create the food, you create the problem, solve the problem, and enslave the people. You do that, and so what did Bill Gates do? Gates needs to be arrested and charged with genocide. He needs to be arrested and charged, but he has so much money, he can buy every judge, he can buy those judges, he can send his people in and say, go in there and buy that judge, and if you can, buy him, intimidate him, blackmail him, do it. But that's the way they work. There's corrupt- You know, he was so corrupt that he was actually too corrupt for his own wife, Melinda. She actually come out and said- Yeah, she left him. She said, yeah, that got too far, it went too far for her. And so, there you go.

That's how bad it is, but yeah. You see, that's the whole point, to control the people by controlling the food supply. And so, this is why a lot of Americans, a lot of them- I mean, I know a lot of people now, in the church that I pastor, are raising gardens.

They did last year, and they're going to do another one this year. And all across the country, individual people, like out in California and that, they're raising gardens. And all across the country, Americans, they know that they have to stand and they have to fight back.

And they're resilient people. And so, this is what we're doing. We're going to push back against the forces of darkness of evil. That's what God has told us that we're required. Remember, resistance. Not only that, we get rewarded. And I repeat what I said earlier.

God said that's one way we lay up crowns and treasures in Heaven, where there's no rust and nothing eats and ruins our treasures. So, this is an opportunity, right? What kind of reward do you think Hunter Biden's going to get for his Metabiota Labs, received tens and tens of millions of dollars in Department of Defense contracts, Department of Defense run by drag queens, experimented with bat viruses, and at least one bio lab. This is another article out here by Jim Hoft here. According to, a database of spending of the US federal government and the Department of Defense awarded tens of millions of dollars in contracts to Hunter Biden's Metabiota Labs. Metabiota is a San Francisco-based health startup for tracking epidemics. The company is mentioned on the – that's their affront – the company is mentioned on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Hunter Biden's investment firm, Rosemount Seneca, invested $500 million in Metabiota, and the company went on to raise several million more from investment giants like Goldman Sachs. Sachs, uh-huh. The firm Bio Labs – It's amazing what you can do if you're a crackhead, right?

Yeah. And have no real obvious talents. Well, you can sell information. If you're living in the house where Obama has all the government, his secret government documents in the house there, and you have that, you can go to Alcoa Aluminum and offer them whatever information they want from people for $55,000. That's what he did. But you see, what the communists are doing now is they're going after – remember, always accuse the opposition, right, from Karl Marx. Always accuse the opposition of doing what you're doing. So now they're setting up – they're going to start attacking anyone who's willing to testify against Hunter.

They're attacking them, okay, for racism and discrimination and all of these things. They said he's got a whole team of – they found the most corrupt lawyers they could find. The most highly paid in the nation, by the way. Jesus said, woe unto you lawyers, woe unto you lawyers. Well, they found those that are going to get the woes, boy.

They're woe-down lawyers is what they are. And so here Hunter bragged that they had done more than just get it financed for the company. They also helped to get the new customers, including government agencies, in the case of Metabiota, according to Daily Mail. So here, Metabiota was one of 46 Ukrainian biolabs that the U.S. government partnered with.

That's why Russia was – that was one of the main concerns in Russia, is all of those biolabs. So there you go. Who's going to be in control of them, right? Yeah. But I've got some good news, if we can squeeze it in. You know, ever since Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk, there have been some changes made.

Not totally perfect, but a lot of good changes. Twitter flags Biden tweet accusing GOP of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. No kidding. Twitter flagged this tweet from Biden that claimed – Wonders never cease.

My gosh. This is the first time it's been totally refuted like that, and it was put out. They put in a contextual note. They gave Biden's tweet, and then it said, you know, that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said in a meeting with President Biden that cuts to Medicare and Social Security are off the table and talks about raising the debt limit, and they went on to quote some other stuff. And actually, they let him have his tweet, and then they said, nope, there is another side to this, and the Republicans have not said they are going to cut Social Security and Medicare.

They're going to – the opposite, they will not even put it on the table. I heard McCarthy say that. I heard McCarthy say that himself. We're going to take a couple fast calls here real quick because we don't have much time, so let's go out to Minnesota and take John. John, you're in there.

Hey, guys. You know, the Mall of America, I live like a half hour from there. It's an evangelist.

It's an evangelist's dream. I mean, I've gone there multiple times, and we just mainly walk around the mall and then engage people in conversation, put out some tracks, and almost always it's very fruitful, and it's a massive area. It's owned by a big conglomerate, and the mall security are known for being pretty stupid sometimes. Like, they arrested one guy who was an Iranian Christian, and they took him down to the basement, and they handcuffed him to a chair and interrogated him, and that became a big issue with the mall. It was just absolutely ridiculous. I think he ended up maybe getting some money from them. Sounds like a lawsuit time, maybe.

Yeah. They violated his rights, but the thing that's happening lately is that this is like police by the Bloomington City police, and they're much better, and when Paul and his several hundred people came there the other day, the Bloomington police wouldn't arrest them. They refused to arrest them, and they said they could go about their business as long as they were peaceful. Oh, that wasn't put in the news reports. The one, the report I read said then the mall cops forced them out, pushed them out, got together, and kind of like four or five would get on a Christian or two and escort them out, threw them out, but the local police had nothing to do with it then.

Well, I think they have a little different philosophy. Like, we were protesting in the same city a couple of days ago, the Walgreens doing the abortion pill, and one cop came up to us and said, I'm for you guys. Thank you for being here. I'm a Christian, and we're not going to stop you at all. Okay.

They were great. Praise the good Lord. Sometimes there's differences of opinion even among the prosecutors and stuff. So it's one of those areas there's a lot of good, some bad, and the battle goes on forever, huh? Yeah, we've been going there for years. When they first built the place, my dad said, he was right about most things, but he said, boy, this is going to be a big white elephant. It's a massive place, and unfortunately my dad was wrong, because it's been a multi-billion dollars of revenue. But it's an evangelist haven, you know, lots of people go there.

Bible study groups go there and evangelize and witness to people, and it's a great place to go. But it sounds like the people that own the mall would just assume you Christians weren't there, right? Oh yeah, in general, but there's a lot of people that are very fine with it, too. One security guy told me one time, well, we don't mind if you just keep walking as long as you keep moving, so you don't like blocked traffic.

That's one of their main concerns, that people, they don't want to see huddles of people talking, you know, and they want people shopping is what they want. Yeah, but this one guy, they went after him, just wearing his, my understanding, he was just walking around wearing a Jesus Saves t-shirt. I guess he had preached before, done some soul saving or something, so they apparently didn't even like it when he just was quiet with his shirt, so it sounds like a little revenge happening. Well, you know, yeah, and with the Iranian guy, and then Paul is a larger black fellow, and so, you know, I think there's an element of racism there, too, that I've noticed over the years, and I think there is an actual kind of a racist attitude somewhat, because the Iranian guy obviously was Middle Eastern, you know, or Eastern, and Paul's a pretty big black dude, and he's a great evangelist, he's a good preacher, so yeah, they don't want someone that sticks out there. They like everybody to be black. That's interesting, because the news did not mention that Paul was black.

Isn't it amazing? Another thing, if there's anything, the first thing they want to do is yell the race, right? They like to throw the racist card when it's convenient for them, you know. If he wasn't a Christian, if he would have been there for LGBTQ or something, they would have mentioned he was black right away.

They would have used the race card right on the spot. We're out of time. Thanks for calling, John. Joe, you've got four minutes. Can you give an invitation in four minutes?

I sure can. I was looking at the different invitations that the Lord has given out, and going clear back to Isaiah, Oh, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money, come ye, buy and eat. And he's talking about the bread of life and the living waters that come from the Lord. Scripture, I think it's in John, seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. The Lord said to Jesus, come, now let us reason together, saith the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be wool. And all through Scripture, he's calling us to what? To repentance, calling us to come to him to repent. The first word that Jesus said in his ministry was repent. Jesus also said, what? I am the resurrection and the life, and he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

The Lord cannot lie, but there is a little more to that, believing in him. As Jesus told Nicodemus in Scripture, ye must be born again. You must be born again, and really, being born again is just a simple act of calling upon the Father, and repenting of your sins is the start of it. Repenting that your sins are what put Jesus on that cross.

Your sins, my sins, put Jesus on that cross. And he took our place, a substitutionary death, so if we ask the Father to forgive us for those sins, then we can ask Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus, to come into our life, to be Lord of our life, that we commit ourselves to him, we give ourselves to him. And he will give us that spiritual baptism, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, where we become our own temple, a holy temple. We become, in a way, our own priest, because now we have direct contact with God himself. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, I am in the Father, the Father in me, and I am in you, if you're a born-again believer. When this happens, you become a child of the kingdom, a son or daughter of the living God. You become a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life.

You have the Holy Spirit to direct your ways, and you will find joy, peace, happiness, that you have never, ever known in your life as one of the gifts. That's just the start of everything good and wonderful, but it's your choice. You must make it. No one can make it for you. No one else can save you.

You have to decide to become born-again and become a child of the kingdom. Man, it's like the song that says you've got to walk that lowly valley. You've got to walk it on your own. No one else can walk it for you. Walk it on your own. Amen. You've got to walk it on your own.

That's right. You must come by faith. And you need to do it now.

If you haven't done it, don't wait until you run out of tomorrows. Because this very night, by this very time tomorrow, hundreds and thousands of people, maybe millions, that are in the world right now are not going to be in the world anymore. Look at that giant earthquake in Syrian Turkey. They said there could be tens of thousands dead.

They'll never know for days or weeks. And they say that the Euphrates River might dry up. Do you know what happens then?

Well, you have the Red Chinese Army marches across. So, you know what, that could happen. That might be the time. Anyhow, we're out of time for tonight's show. So, until tomorrow, good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight! And for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

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