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MON HR 1 020623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 6, 2023 11:44 pm

MON HR 1 020623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right What's Left, is coming up right now. Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio.

You changed your life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the un-barnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance on the sixth day of February 2023. And tonight our producers, none other than Courageous Craig.

Good evening everybody. And way out yonder, way out yonder in Missouri we have none other than the parson, Pastor Joe Larson. And I'm here ready to go to work and boy do we have a load ahead of us. Well this is why we're going to pray right now because the enemy does definitely does not want us to bring what we're going to bring to the people tonight. And that's why it's always us that gets taken down because they don't like our message. So let's pray. Heavenly Father Lord God as we come before you tonight Lord again Lord we would ask that you would keep us from the prince of the power of the airwaves tonight Lord the darkness. Lord let your truth, your whole truth and nothing, nothing but your truth reach the hearts and the minds of the people tonight Lord that they would be those who will not perish for lack of knowledge but that they Lord will be enlightened and understand what is coming their way and how to prepare for it and be edified and ready to fight the fight. And you know I and these things we ask we ask this in Jesus precious name amen. Amen. Joe I you know I get tired of people who always you know telling you all the reasons why you know we're gonna we're gonna lose and sometimes I just I get a little sarcastic and uh you know go off on it because they'll say well they start complaining they're everywhere we've already lost I mean they're in charge they're in charge they you know where can you you know you can't beat them they've got they're they've gotten into everything and and the education they talk about new waka and planned parenthood and and so I get a little sarcastic in the sense yeah who cares I don't care if we win or lose I just love to fight I just want to go out there make them miserable like they're doing who cares we don't have a chance you know in other words I turn it around on them okay and uh yeah when you do that the the suit the doomsayers stop and they get a strange look and they look at you with a strange like huh and so that you know well I kind of get a little bit with charge out of doing that anyhow we just we need to remind everybody that it is an opportunity for the believers for the children of God for the real church to stand up and lay up some crowns and treasures in heaven it's a it's an opportunity he we were made for a time such as this and instead of looking at it you know with fear and intimidation this is our chance to go out and show our faith absolutely if you're afraid it means you have no faith if you think that it's hopeless that means one of two things you don't believe that God can turn it around and it's his will and if you know he wants to it can be turned around and it's up to him not us he just tells us to be obedient and that's what we're supposed to do right absolutely the one thing is the victory the one thing is the victory will be his not ours the one thing more than any other thing in God's Word the Bible that God demands is obedience that's the one thing and from Genesis to Revelation he demands that um resistance to tyranny is always obedience resistance tyranny is always obedience to God failure to resist charity is always disobedience and so let's get started tonight the title of the message as you know is a counterfeit world and the counterfeit word a counterfeit world and the counterfeit word and so here we're going to start in luke chapter 8 verses 4 through 15 luke 8 verses 4 through 15 so uh go ahead joe and go ahead and read starting with the chapter verse 4 all right and when much people were gathered together and were come to him out of every city he spake by parable a sower went out to sow his seed and as he sowed some fell by the wayside and it was trodden down and the fowls of the air devoured it and some fell upon a rock and as soon as it was sprung up it withered away because it lacked moisture and some fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it and the other fell on good ground and sprang up and bare fruit a hundredfold and when he had said these things he cried he that hath ears to hear so let him hear and his disciples asked him saying what might this parable parable be and he said unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of god but to others in parables that seeing they might not see in hearing they might not understand now the parable is this the seed is the word of god those by the wayside are they that hear and then come with me cometh the devil and taketh away the word out of their hearts lest they should believe and be saved they on the rock are they which when they hear receive the word with joy and these have no root for which a while believe and then in time of temptation fall away and that which fell among the thorns are they which when they have heard go forth and are choked with the cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection but that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart having heard the word keep it and bring forth fruit with patience already so we go back and when we look at all of these and we go back to verse 10 and he said unto you it is it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of god but to others in parables that seeing they might not see in hearing that they might not understand i thought the bible taught that god didn't want any to come short of the glory that he wanted all it was his will that all all could make it to heaven so why do you think it's his will but he forces no one to come is no one and you can tell people the truth and they will look at you yawn and walk away uh there are some that no matter what evidence of the truth you present they are going to believe what they want to believe and so it's god gives everyone a choice god sends no one to hell you send yourself there all right but there's there's another thing to that point uh what he's making here and to you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of god but to others in parables seeing that they might not see and hearing that they might not understand so he's making a point that he knows that they're going to reject his word so let me ask you this is it more merciful for them if they reject his word not understanding i'm not having a real understanding of what they're rejecting is is it more merciful than if they understood what they were doing and rejected his word what would be more merciful well it would be more merciful if they were ignorant right so the lord is completely merciful isn't he yes he is in that sense well he also used parables to help reach people so there's two or three things going on here at once sometimes a parable helps somebody that was simple see a truth and other times here he's teaching even though many of those that hear the parable will not see or will not understand so they can go both ways can it well yeah but see he understood that they which they didn't have an honest and a good heart these people did not have an honest and a good heart if you go to verse 15 but that on the good ground that's what i was good which have an honest and a good heart because often if you don't understand something you read a little farther in scripture and there is the answer right right let's go back to verse 12 uh but by the wayside are they that hear then cometh the devil and taketh away the word out of their hearts lest they should believe and be saved saved let me ask you this do you know how many words out of the bible the niv version or perversion of the bible has removed from the king james bible a lot more than you'd think i can't i know one time i've read it knew it but i don't remember it how about 64 576 words they have taken taken out of the word of god that's just almost unbelievable you could take that many words you forget how many words are in the bible that is a tremendous yeah well i'm going to do a little commentary now and probably repeat this commentary tomorrow night before we get all the way into the scripture but so set back and let me go from the moment of our birth we're thrown into an ocean of false circumstances those of us that are biblically literate know all too well the dangers of being unprepared to navigate the waters of truth versus the crooked path of woke and political correctness of today even as preschool children are subjected to the indoctrination into the abominable world of lgbtq and pedophilia often by means of esoteric messages that unsuspecting parents are oblivious to this is often accomplished by cartoons and children's stories yeah i want to stop here for a second one that comes to mind was the lion king when the lion king came out uh i was you know my son was young and we were watching that and whoa it hit me what uh what they did in this part when the little the little baby lion when he was thrust out into the wilderness here he comes across to a wild boar wild pig and some other strange thing and he was obvious that these two were engaged in uh an effeminate or homosexual lifestyle and so that was that was made i mean they really had to work at that and so uh i thought i i was the first one to discover that at first when i saw it then uh i read a lot of commentary from people were picking up on this and advising people to not to take the kids to watch that you know i wish i had known prior now the government-run so-called education system has been taken over by globalists and communists those people believe that the state or not the parents should decide the future of our children since 1962 when a extremely corrupt court expelled god from our public education system and replaced him with cultural marxism america has gone from number one in the world scholastically to 40 something i think it's 46 in the world and this counterfeit education system it's not an education it's an indoctrination system so the cold the so-called mainstream media is nothing more than a confederacy of six major corporations that are in lockstep with a globalist elite there are no longer journalists that report there are no longer journalists that report the news but talking heads that spin the lies and the echo chambers and then call it the narrative fair and balanced bret bear they and you are not the ama the fda the cdc are no longer in any respect considered to be legitimate government agencies they are now simply the horrors and the property of big pharma and the department of defense the fbi the cia and the nsa all of these by the way the department of defense has been become totally corrupted it's being run now by drag queens it's literally being run by drag queens drag queens the fbi the cia and the nsa are no longer legitimate intelligence agencies but are simply branches of the globalist communist collective they've all been weaponized against patriotic true christian america today most professing christians are not possessing of salvation uh they're not christians at all those that are professing most churches are really 501 c 3 corporations most pastors out there today are hirelings and today there are over 200 counterfeit versions of the bible and we're going to start tonight with this by going to first timothy chapter 3 so let's go joe to first timothy chapter 3 and read me uh verses well let me see in first timothy 3 i believe it 14 through 16 i think i i believe it would be but let me get there and make sure yeah yeah 14 through 16 these things right i under thee hoping to come under thee shortly but if i carry long that thou mayest know how thou ought to behave thyself in the house of god which is the church of the living god the pillar and the ground of truth and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness god was manifest in the flesh justified in the spirit seeing of angels preached under the gentiles believed on in the world received up into glory all righty verse 15 let if i tarry that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of god which is the church of the living god and the pillar in the ground of truth well uh one of this that that is a whole sermon and that one verse there's a whole sermon a whole sermon uh today as far as how to behave yourself uh when when you're over the target and you're preaching the gospel the enemy will attack okay and and so today you have with all of the news out there a lot of times people within the body of christ they get anxious they get very anxious and when we do and i know i teach a bible study fact three of them uh what happens is sometimes people get anxious and somebody may make a comment because i throw questions out once i'm teaching i throw questions out and someone may answer that and someone else may may not like their answer or and disagree the church is not a place to argue the church is not a place to argue and what happens when again when when things like when you're always under attack and sometimes people get anxious things go bad they they um well they they get angry and sometimes it's the righteous and indignation other times it's not it's just out of fear and uh the house of god is not a place to argue it's not and of course you know church polity covers a whole lot of area uh in there we have i know we've had people that have come into our church the first time and they brought with them one of the new age perversions of the bible a lot of times people just don't realize there's certain things that um in the house of god men are not to cover their heads not to wear a hat during the church service men are not to cover their heads women can they can have a head covering but um you know this is just church polity there's a number of things that we teach on that it's simply how to you know the be polite in the house of the lord and so here and then when he says this and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness god was manifest in the flesh and justified in the spirit scene of angels preached into the gentiles and believed on the word and received up to glory now um here that that verse there is the clearest joe the clearest verse in the bible declaring that jesus christ was god because would could that verse apply to anyone other than christ himself no we can't it could only be to christ i was looking carefully nope there was no way you could think of anybody else so if you picked up something that's called the bible and you read in there and it's not referring to him it's not referring to uh the lord jesus christ when if they take the word god out and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness god was manifest if they remove that and they simply say that he appeared in the flesh now um you know what i yesterday when i was preaching this message i asked how many men in here are he's how many are you are he's and they all raised their hand and i said how many are here today in the flesh and they all raised their hand and so that that verse could apply to all of them but the niv has removed the word god they remove the word they even capitalize the word he i can't remember uh yeah and so without controversy great and so they've taken they've removed god and they've simply placed it with he came in the flesh which complied to a whole lot of people huh yeah i came in the flesh at least that's what my mother said yeah i've got some pictures that i've seen but you know that's as close as i come to verifying i mean you're there right now tonight in the flesh do you think if you had the chance yep if you had the chance could you trade it in for some younger flesh we will have gonna let that happen we'll well he's got a glorified body waiting for me i've just got to be a little patient that's right absolutely well how about let's go on over to philippians chapter two and philippians in chapter two let us go to verse six and let me get there philippians two verse six well actually we probably should read verse five and six okay let this mind be in you which was also in christ jesus who being in the form of god thought it not robbery to be equal to god okay so he says who being in the form of god thought it not robbery thought it not robbery to be equal with god so when we take a look at the trinity the holy trinity and by the way we're triune beings we were made in the likeness the image and the likeness of god and so when we take so when we take a look at that the trinity so if we were that means christ definitely was made in the image and likeness of god right because he was made in the flesh and he looked like us well yeah we put those two together right well and that's right in colossians it says the in the the fullness of the godhead was found in him the fullness in other words um when it was asked when will we see the father he told him when you've seen me philip you've seen the father now here but here's here it is joe uh the niv has changed that to did not consider equality with god something to be used could not and so here it says who being in the form of god thought it not robbery to be equal so when you have you have uh the trinity uh in deity they're all equal the father the son and the holy ghost were all there from the beginning equal and their deity now there's a pecking order from genesis to revelation god the father gives the marching orders god the son always carries them out and the holy ghost always provides the power power but but in deity now he made he's made us we're we're after the trinity we're body soul and spirit and the family the father is the head of the house okay and the wife is and the children are subjected to the father and the children are subjected to their in subjection to the father and the mother mother okay so here's what the niv has changed it to did not consider equality with god something to be used and a number of the um the new age versions have used that they've they've changed through not to be used in other words he's not to use that that is totally the opposite of scripture exactly the thing jesus is not god so what has it done it perverted his deity doesn't it if he's not god then he he could not be risen to sit on the right hand and be given all power in heaven and earth by the father so okay we got it the bible is wrong we got to stop right there we're going to pick it up tomorrow in luke chapter two okay so we'll pick it up we'll be back right after this the pilgrims heard the sovereign words of god on the european shores then rose to flee the persecuting powers that held england in her throes in sailing ships they crossed the oceans wide to the land our god bestowed to plant the seed of christian liberty so that all the world would know their blessings in the wilderness increased with prosperity and health but the ancient powers that ruled the earth grew lustfully jealous of her wealth and sent the british armies to make war with his sons of liberty who placed their faith in god and by his grace fought and won the victory and proclaimed themselves we the people united states of america shall be faithful and establish rights as americans we shall not bow down to tyranny our god reigns and pro-flames liberty the mysteries of conspiracy unfolds in our nation's history as the ancient banking powers that rule this earth tries to steal our sovereignty and now this new world order marches in to make war within our land and once again americans it's time to rise up and take a stand and declare ourselves we the people united states of america shall be faithful and we stole our rights as americans we shall not bow down to tyranny we the people united states of america we the people of the united states of america folks get a couple announcements to you folks to get the newsletter um in the newsletter those six radio programs that we had to go off in those six states uh the amount of the amount of money that will take to get back on the station will be in that next newsletter so as it gets to you look it up and some of you it would not be uh it's not that hard it wouldn't be that much i could get back on some of the stations uh it wouldn't take too many donations to do that others it would take quite a bit more but anyhow if you don't get the newsletter you really should get the newsletter uh and so tell them how they can get the newsletter joe newsletter joe do is write to us at w r w l ministries the address is 1 4 7 8 1 1 47 81 sperry road s-p-e-r-r-y road the city of newberry n-e-w-b-u-r-y ohio 4 4 0 6 5 and be sure name and address and even include your phone number just in case your writing isn't clear sometimes things are smudged or we're not sure what a letter or word is so and just ask please be you know to be on the newsletter list and we will do it it's free it doesn't cost you anything now or you can email i do when i get my copy i go to my copy machine and i run off a bunch of copies and hand out at church hand out the family friends you know you can hand out people at work and uh you know that will help many reach lots of people and save money yeah many people are just going upon they're just emailing us and giving us their name and address and everything and asking us to to send it to them and we do that too if you just go to w r w l dot org and our email is is w r w l ministries at that's our email is w r w l ministries at uh you can just go up and you can just email us or you can call four four zero three three eight one three six seven but you have to be very clear before you call before you call sit down and write your name and address out very clearly and even a phone number and then and when you call just read it because what happens is people will call and they'll and they'll give their name and maybe the street number and they forget to tell us what state they're in or zip but you just write it out first and then just read it off and make sure that we have the whole thing and then joe do you know what i'm getting with what takes place every year uh around the 10th 11th of march we have bring america back to life uh conference it's the largest pro-life conference in the country now every and it's right by the radio station where we broadcast from and in fact it's going to be from the 10th you're going to have speakers from all over the country there molly smith who comes on prior to before me here on this flagship station she always heads that up and they're always a great great conference there i've opened up in prayer and a number of them but you have speakers from across the country and that's march 10th and 11th friday and saturday march 10th and 11th and that's at the that's the bring america back to life conference now you can go up on your internet to bringingamerica back to life dot org that's bringingamerica back to life dot org and all all of that all the speakers and everything will be up on the website or you can simply call four four zero six five three five two four five that's four four zero six five three five two four five for more information that's the largest pro-life many years ago i spoke a number of times at the the uh national pro-life national pro-life conferences usually was held in washington dc you know i had had i'd have to travel all the way to washington dc now i just drive right down the street from the radio station and i'm there okay and so oh that couldn't have made it any easier could they no it's it's right there i'll tell you what else is is right there and that is tomorrow night tomorrow night we stand up we're really fighting back now joe you know that um there's about seven states that people that are they're leaving the blue states they're leaving the blue states the communist controlled states like minnesota massachusetts new york california they're leaving those states and they're coming to the red states and one of those seven states that they're coming to is ohio right here in ohio in fact it's gotten to the point where we're at because we're very high very large tea party movement here in ohio we have a very strong tea party group and we have a bitter enemies of no waka or no wacky if you will these are the agenda 21 these are very sinister sinister shady and what they are they're involved with the world economic forum the world health organizations they're their deep state extremely completely totally corrupted i mean just there's nothing nothing at all about them that is not corrupt it's like planned parenthood well like everything like the entire democratic party they're completely and totally corrupted but we we battle and we push them and we push them back because of the strength of the tea party but because so many people from the blue states are coming here you can hardly a house goes on the market joe used to be a house to be on the market for six months today they barely last six hours they're gone and and they keep talking about how the housing market is bad most places people can't afford the loans and it's slowing down and sounds like you guys are blessed well we have we have a constitutional carry here we have like i said a large tea party we have constitutional counties here and so that's that's some of the things that are bringing people in they're tired of communism in massachusetts in new york and new jersey they're tired of the communism but anyhow after i said all that tomorrow night at the tea party meeting here in chesterland ohio at the metzenbaum center on cedar road is on cedar road just west of route 306 about a a quarter mile west of route 306 on cedar road is the metzenbaum center in chesterland they're going to we have our tea party meeting i always open the tea party meeting up in prayer i'm the official teacher up in prayer i'm the official chaplain there i was the president for four different terms but leave that up to younger people nowadays anyhow tom hatch is going to be speaking tom hatch and that's on we're going to be talking about here uh ohio network and we're networking now guess what's happening the ohio pro-life action committee is doing the very same thing we're they're working together and we have something like 80 different christian organizations that are coming together we're doing like what george sorrows does he comes up with all these communist organizations and it looks like you know they're all they're all really one of the same but it looks like a majority they got this majority of people are for evil for wickedness for abortion for murder for everything that god's word the bible calls it abominable sin uh this is what the left does well we're we're not working with christian organizations conservative organizations and to gear up to fight the very good fight against the forces of darkness and evil and so the meeting starts tomorrow at 6 30 and it goes until it's finished and so and like i said i'm always there to open it in prayer nowadays and so tomorrow we're going to have uh tom hatch tom hatch is going to be spoken speaking on networking in ohio so you folks out there i would not miss it i would come on out run to the battle be a doer of the word not a here only be a doer of the word not a here only deceiving your own selves and you know what uh uh in fact we want to hear a little clip from a fellow uh well yeah there's a fellow named victor davis hanson you've heard of him and let's hear from him history professor and he is brilliant and conservative and christian well let's hear from him recently written a piece called the establishment is the revolution i thought this is a particularly brilliant piece the establishment is the revolution what do you mean by that well i mean if you look at in the 60s people were marching on the campus president's office to demand change now the campus president is the one that's suppressing free speech norman mailer wrote a novel armies of the night that were going to march on the pentagon for social change etc but the pentagon's inaugurating you know everything from subsidized transgender surgeries to hunting out supposed white rage and white supremacy in the ranks on its own by its own volition i could go on mark but i guess all the institutions themselves whether it's disney or american airlines or where i work stanford university they're agents of revolutionary change and they have enormous wealth power reputations influence so it's a top-down woke revolution the establishment against us the people so the establishment the words are almost contradictory but it makes sense the establishment is the revolution in other words these are the people who are upending our society these are the people who are promoting uh i'll call it anti-white racism these are the people who are stereotyping minorities these are the people who have the borders open in the most outrageous immigration policies this nation has ever known these are the people who reject capitalism and embrace socialism these are the people who are brainwashing our children and going after the parents and going after pro-lifers and they never had to raise a finger in violence you're saying they just do it they just do it i mean the last four directors in succession of the fbi have one thing in common they've either misled congress or they've lied under oath to to a federal investigator or they've claimed amnesia and when you look at lois learner and the irs or you can look at i mean it leaves it reaches the level of absurdity we have the duchess of sussex and manecido lecturing us on white microaggressions against black people and we've had this tragedy in memphis it was a horrible beating where five african-american officers in rogue fashion killed an innocent african-american and yet the the police chief is black the assistant police chief is black sixty percent of the force is black nearly seventy percent of memphis is black and yet we have van jones a recent recipient of a hundred million dollar bezos prize lecturing america that this is proof of racism so these are revolutionary ideas that come from the people who are very very wealthy already very good well do you know you know joe why do you understand with when those five cops beat that black man to death and the police chief and they're all black do you know why joe they say that it's racism well they say that the world is run by you know white privilege and that we set up the systems of government and everything so anything that stems from anything that was done is as a result of white privilege so well there's that's what they're saying well they're saying it's the white people that made the law and and made the this is what the communists are saying and these aren't just black communists these are the white communists or you know the real the sorrows and the others that is it's the white people made the law and the white people made the police force and that's why they're responsible you know we the white people established the country made the government made to you know put in the constitution so it's uh racism no matter what that's that's what they fall back on well stupid is as stupid does it does yeah that's that's what's happening okay uh we've got a bunch of things we want to get get said tonight so let's get some of them said uh one of the things right off the bat here is treason uh waltz department of defense told china spy balloon crossed the u.s during the trump years but general madis did not tell trump thought uh though he he thought it was too that trump was too aggressive so mad dog madis they say did not tell trump but that's not what mad dog's saying and uh here uh again this is this is well let me just read it stewart varney and monday morning on fox news network by the way this is an article by mike waltz okay representative mike waltz representatives waltz says current pentagon officials briefed him over the weekend and said chinese spy balloons crossed over texas and florida during the trump years that's a lie told by a liar no that is a lie told by a liar waltz then dropped this bomb representative waltz said that general madis was secretary of defense at the time decided not to inform president trump because the pentagon thought trump was too provocative and aggressive this is treason if true madis puts this the u.s in danger and offered the comfort of to the enemy allowing chinese spying on u.s installations and then hid this from his superiors including the president of the united states house republicans must call on general madis to immediately testify under oath this is also quite a statement if true since president trump is the the first u.s president in over 40 years not to start a war now here's a very interesting thing because somebody that now this representative mike waltz okay uh i'm not i'm not sure how much uh i don't know that much about him so i don't know how credible he is but i do know that john ratcliffe john ratcliffe is very credible and um john ratcliffe was the director of the national intelligence under president trump who is still the legitimate president of the united states because he never lost an election he was he was taken down in a coup on saturday the biden regime admitted the china spy balloon was the first spotted a week earlier in alaska back on january 28th flew from there into canada and down into the continental u.s on tuesday the balloon entered idaho and crossed the u.s border for the next four days the chinese spy balloon was then shot down after it left u.s territory and collected all the data from the chinese communist party this was an unprecedented event in history the fake news is hoping to convince americas that these china's china spy balloons cross the u.s all the time in fact the fake news media nbc abc cbs cnn pms nbc and npr uh that's the fake news media folks uh insisted that this happened during the trump years that is three times that's a lie told by liars that is a lie well here's the final proof of you know so to speak they went and contacted the head general at norad north american defense command right and he said no balloons flew over this country before this one and anybody would know it's north american defense because they said they knew this balloon launched when it happened they followed it not from the illusion islands when it entered our airspace they tracked it from when it rose above china and left china they knew when it was launched so if they knew when the balloon was launched i guarantee if it had happened under trump norad would have known so absolutely believe the head of the north american defense command over anybody in the biden administration well first of all they would have never said it when trump was in office uh you know they would have launched it that's they would not have launched it that's exactly right they knew better uh trump was an actual president and uh here you know you know what biden has done he's brought so much shame to america so much shame he is such a wicked man um he's he he wants more and more abortion more and more babies killed he's he's like uh a satanist biden is evil boned deep he is an evil man i know the prison preachers are saying that pastor uni he's a mean man he's not supposed to talk to that so what the prison preachers don't understand is the word of god the word of god makes it very clear you do not respect wicked evil people because that's a sin to call the wicked good and the evil god that's that's a sin to do that but the prison preachers they're afraid they're afraid they're afraid and they're afraid and most of them are effeminate too and so anyhow you brought up friday night that this balloon was probably a dry run for an emp attack and when i first heard about it that was about the first thing i thought of because for years we've been warning people our electric grid has not been hardened trump tried to he was in the process of hardening it trump was in the process of hardening the electric grid was trying to set it up when the when the coup took place we've been warning the people way back for years about this electromagnetic pulse and how an airburst shuts down all of the electronics in the country throwing america into the dark ages and quite a few of the intelligence people gordon chang and others experts on china all came out and are saying that this was a test and a lot of our foreign intelligence people this was a test to see how the u.s would react and what they do and it was about putting fear in the american people you know showing our weak leader and it was they said that the payload was the weight of two school buses this was not some little thing the weight of two school buses can you imagine what could have been carried in that kind of cargo this was a gigantic balloon that cargo two school buses that's an awful lot of weight to be carried by a balloon right it is but first of all you have to understand something you know i have a little dog here at the house the name scampers that's his name and when i call scampers he comes and he's he and if i say jump up here scampers he jumps right up there and that's the way joe biden is with china when china calls joey he does whatever their bidding is he's he's done that to the tune of billions of dollars and that's just reality now do you know how i know that it's because the high chinese officials have come out openly and laughed and mocked that they own the biden family they own the people in the highest positions in american government gee i wonder who that would be and then the other is by biden's actions the bible says you judge by the fruit well biden kim's has he been preaching climate change is a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war the climate is going to be our real problem we've got people threatening a war with china to take over taiwan threatening world war three the increase in the ukrainian war with russia the world is scared to death that somebody's going to push a nuclear button that we're going to be in world war three but biden's not worried about any of that he's just worried about climate change so right there we know uh he's doing china's bidding because where he's putting his uh attention where he's putting the money and the resources and what he's not looking at by what he's not doing tells us as much as what he does all righty also i wanted to say that um uh tomorrow night too and jim mcneil the who's uh attends our church he's one of my men uh he is going to from the jog county tea party he is going to make a presentation on the science of climate change the absolute science of climate change tomorrow evening that's tomorrow evening at 6 30 and so that'll be done too and so that'll be done too uh joe uh a lot of us people have you know we've been under the impression that the uh the bronson case that was went to the supreme court was dismissed it was never dismissed it was set aside it was set aside uh for for certain reasons so we just we you know found that out and they've been working on and bringing it back now they did not dismiss the case that means that they're going to hear it now but they're i think you know the courts this is this case this case could mean a whole a lot of very very crooked democrats are going to go to jail and uh and so here they're asking you to continue to write those letters to the supreme court because now there's two cases they've got coming up but we're going to hear from the bronzons themselves uh we when we come back we're going to become uh we're going to be going to a break here in a minute when we come back from that break we'll be hearing from the bronson themselves on that and then joe we saw something that was very satanic ungodly unholy at the grammy grammy performance uh unbelievable uh so-called presented by pfizer pfizer there's nothing about pfizer nothing about pfizer that is not corrupted not dirty and people need to tell you that when when they offer you a shot when they offer you the vax tell them there's nothing say you know what you ought to know something that there's nothing about pfizer nothing at all about pfizer that is not dirty that is not corrupt that is not evil that is not wicked we'll be back right after this and you'll hear from the bronson case be right back don't go away thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speary road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word cleveland dot com the word cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next let's see if something costs less but people are happier with it that sounds like something to look into and that's meta share maybe you've heard switching to meta share to pay for health care can save the typical family 500 bucks a month and that's huge but it's also true that people are way more satisfied after making the switch to 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